D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman: Document 238 – Request for Judicial Notice of Dean Fougere Declaration in Steele vs. Goodman lawsuit

On April 8, 2021, Document 238 was filed with the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 238  (12 pages)  Plaintiff’s FOURTH Notice of Motion (with Memorandum of Law in Support of Motion) for Judicial Notice of Documents and Facts

Sweigert v Goodman Doc 238 408 2021

The “WHETHER” VANE of Jason Goodman – Part 2: Social Engineering at its best – Crowdsource the Truth “Researchers” are Duped into Shutting Down a Port

To grasp what YouTube channel operator Jason Goodman envisioned when he named his show, Crowdsource the Truthit is necessary to peer into one of three  active lawsuits against him.

On September 4, 2020, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Inc., et. al. sued Jason Goodman’s corporation, Multimedia System Design, Inc. d/b/a/ Crowdsource the Truth for copyright infringement, trademark dilution, trademark infringement, and libel.

Excerpt from the NATAS complaint filed with the USDC for the Southern District of New York on September 4, 2020

The NATAS lawsuit has waived jury trial, which will allow a timely resolution of this dispute. But that said, Jason Goodman is known for being able to throw a kink into any well-oiled system.

Crowdsourcing legal discovery?  The only method Jason Goodman can hope to access justice?

When the October 13, 2020, Document 12 was filed a month into the NATAS lawsuit, I began to feel compassion for Jason Goodman’s attorney, who had to contend with the peculiar defense strategy of crowdsourcing Discovery and counterclaims that included the accusation that the Emmys had launched a “lawfare” attack on his client.

On page 4, footnote 7, we read:  Mr. Goodman is not a wealthy person.  He understands that discovery is the most expensive aspect of litigation.  He cannot personally afford to fund the large-scale document review that this case will generate.  Accordingly, Mr. Goodman plans to “Crowdsource” the document review process, enlisting thousands of volunteers to comb through produced documents and identify important items.  This method is the only way that Mr. Goodman can hope to access justice.

On November 30, 2020, Document 32, was filed, in the form of a letter to Judge Valerie E. Caproni from the defendant’s attorney, John H. Snyder, who commented on the disputed discovery issue, by saying, “Mr. Goodman has limited resources.  In the event this litigation involves very large amounts of electronic discovery, Mr. Goodman may solicit volunteers to assist the review of non-confidential evidence.  The Television Academies want an order prohibiting this.  Mr. Goodman believes this issue is premature, as we don’t yet know whether such an approach will be necessary.”

I am trying to imagine how this crowdsourcing by hundreds or thousands of volunteers would work.  Would they deluge the Plaintiff’s attorney with mailed in documents, emails, or twitter comments linked to a pdf file?  Probably, since Crowdsource the Truth made internet history in 2017 when they shut down the Port of Charleston based on a spurious claim made by a hidden source, that resulted in a Twitter Storm of 8,000 messages to the US Coast Guard 7th District Headquarters.

In 2017, as Jason Goodman and George Webb were impressing upon their audience the legal concepts of clear and present danger and misprision, Crowdsource the Truth researchers failed to consider the implications of 18 US Code §35 on Imparting or Conveying false information, sometimes referred to as the bomb hoax statute. The Department of Justice Archives show the following graphic. 


After the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax incident, Donie O’Sullivan of CNNMoney wrote an article on June 16, 2017, called How a Conspiracy Theory Closed Part of a Major US Seaport.


The June 14, 2017, Crowdsource the Truth video titled, Clear and Present Danger (Calm Before the Storm) is almost 2-1/2 hours long. In today’s article, we will be considering how this broadcast led to the shutting down of the Port of Charleston for eight hours.

Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron, and George Webb. Spaghetti Against The Wall Journalism?

Jason Goodman is the Premiere Social Engineer

It is interesting to compare the present day Crowdsource the Truth philosophy of Jason Goodman with that in 2017, when Jason Goodman teamed up with George Webb for joint reporting, after their first interview together on April 28, 2017.

The 2020 Philosophy of Crowdsource the Truth

In NATAS vs. Multimedia System Design, we read in Document 12 [Answer, Affirmative Defenses and Counterclaims by Jason Goodman and Multimedia System Design], that “Counterclaim Plaintiff Jason Goodman is an independent investigative journalist who prides himself on exploring stories and ideas that the Legacy Media won’t cover.”  Footnote 8 explains, “Legacy Media” and “Corporate Media’ refer to the small number of television and print news outlets that dominated the distribution of information from the early 20th century until the mid-2000s.

“Mr. Goodman disseminates his content through a variety of platforms with YouTube being the most important.  Mr. Goodman’s Youtube channels have about 140,000 subscribers and 568,000 views in the last month.  Mr. Goodman’s guests have included U. S. Senator Blackburn, Former Acting U. S. Attorney General Mathew Whittaker, Retired NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Attorney Alan Dershowitz, and Attorney Sidney Powell.  Mr. Goodman’s more popular videos received hundreds of thousands of views.”

“Defendant/Counterclaim Plaintiff Multimedia System Design, Inc. is a corporation owned by Mr. Goodman that performs back office functions that support Mr. Goodman’s online media business.  Mr. Goodman makes no direct revenue from the videos he posts to YouTube, as his content is not monetized.  Crowdsource the Truth is funded by subscribers and supporters who value the content that Mr. Goodman creates.”

Crowdsource the Truth is based upon a fundamental proposition – that ‘top-down’ systems of information control are obsolete.  The explosion in available data, coupled with accelerating technological progress, have greatly increased the complexity of our social and political problems.  Top-down institutional structures cannot meet the needs of the 2020s.  Our modern world needs to develop a ‘bottom-up’ system for making sense of the world.  That is what Crowdsource the Truth is all about.”

“Mr. Goodman is using social media, mobile data and smartphone technology to produce broadcasts that until only recently would have required large crews and costs thousands of dollars to produce.  Mr. Goodman is working to bring about a world in which individuals have access to the information and technology necessary to break free from mob mentality and think for themselves.”

The June 14, 2017 version of  Crowdsource the Truth entailed the audience “breaking free from the mob mentality”  only to place themselves in the hands of Social Engineer Jason Goodman, who boasted of being able to ‘turn on the switch” of a “gigantic machine”. 

At the 14.28 mark of the Clear and Present Danger video, Jason Goodman comments on George Webb’s discussion, saying, “Wow, that’s pretty amazing, um so I just real quickly…”

George Webb:  I had that. Just to show you the power of crowd source. Joe Napoli had that within five minutes of us talking.

Jason Goodman:  Love Joe Napoli.  Joe Napoli, let’s get a round of applause.  Really,  it is amazing. I am amazed. It’s like, you know George, you and I were having this conversation where, you know, I didn’t invent this.  I saw you doing it. I had thought of it. So it’s sort of like it came to me. I didn’t like, sit down and say hmm, but I feel like it’s like turn on a switch, and it’s like turning on a gigantic machine, and we don’t even know the power of it.  We don’t know where it will go and I want to come back to that later in the conversation…”.

26:39 Jason Goodman:  “Here’s the idea we had, because somebody else emailed me this.  We do get people emailing us asking how they can contribute money and things like that, and we really don’t want to do that. You know this isn’t about earning money, we’re not trying to earn money.”

“I have pointed out that there are people who are downloading and repurposing our videos and monetizing them. We expressly prohibit that. You are not allowed to do that. And whether or not it is a violation of YouTube’s Terms, these videos are our intellectual property. Trish, George, and I; our likenesses are our property.  You’re not allowed to reuse someone’s likeness without their permission, and you’re certainly not allowed to use it to slander them.

[Those words above have come back to haunt Jason Goodman because he is currently contending with 3 federal civil lawsuits involving defamation, likenesses, and intellectual property.]

“So somebody emailed suggesting that you know, he said he knows we don’t take money, and we’re not asking for money, but he wanted to contribute frequent flyer points. and that was an interesting idea because I think we would be willing to do that and here’s what we’re going to put out there. If, if the crowd wants us to go…”

(139:24)  Jason Goodman: “It’s really amazing; the power, this is like Batman stuff right here that we can be looking at.  I mean George, it’s astounding and when we think about the power that each of us have when we come together in a crowdsource community like this, thanks to social media, thanks to the Internet…

(145:06)  Jason Goodman:  “We’re building a community here of people who realize what’s going on.  People who realize that this is real, this is not a TV show, this is not me trying to get a movie contract…(145:20)  This is us trying to save people’s lives,  save the country, expose corruption,  get people like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and lock her up, yeah, because we believe we have evidence of crime. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, I hope you’re watching this broadcast because I believe you have engaged in obstruction of justice. I believe you may be complicit, I’m not saying, I’m not saying, you’re complicit with conspiracy to commit murder, but there sure are a lot of lawyers dying in the Miami area…”.

(147:28)  Jason Goodman:  There’s no other news broadcast that I’m aware of it’s even talking about the Awan brothers. George Webb, George Sweigert, whoever he might be, whatever he may have done in the past, he’s bringing us intelligence.”

“He’s using his incredible mind, his incredible investigative process to connect the dots.  Now I’m not saying I have no idea what’s going on over there in South Carolina; was it or North Carolina, where was that?  South Carolina.  South Carolina. I have no idea what’s going on, on the Maersk Memphis, other than what we see right here on this webpage which allows us to track it….the Coast Guard is aware that’s the best that we can do.  Let them know no misprision over here, no intelligence operatives that I know of anyway.  Thank you everyone for your participation and now we will be back as soon as we’re able with some more information for everyone.  Thank you very much.  Good Night.  Have a good night.”

[And with those final words, Jason Goodman ended his June 14, 2017 broadcast, satisfied that he would not go to jail for misprision, after shutting down the Port of Charleston with false information.

An astrologer examines the charts of the Crowdsource the Truth co-hosts

On June 30, 2017, the astrologist Edith Hathaway, wrote a coherent and detailed article on the Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron, George Webb triangle, headlined, ACCIDENTAL JOURNALIST & FRIENDS: The Rise of Citizen Journalists. 

Hathaway comments on the quieter member of the Crowdsource the Truth co-hosts, Patricia Negron, saying, In Jan. 2017 Negron formed the U.S. News Corps, where she says: ‘I’m a passionate purveyor of content that informs, excites and engages those who want to get at the truth in a world of coordinated deception and propaganda.’ Coalescing with Webb’s formidable investigative skills and intelligence contacts, Goodman’s organizational skills and expertise using technology to bring people together, Negron’s mission statement coincides closely with that of Webb and Goodman:

Our mission is to shine a bright light on the news stories that need to be told. We seek to break through official narratives and escalating censorship to find truth, supported by solid evidence. [We present] research, analysis, curation, publication & distribution of award-winning journalists and their content. We are the antidote to #FakeNews’.”

The June 14, 2017, Crowdsource the Truth video

In the beginning of the Clear and Present Danger video, Jason Goodman keeps bringing up the name of Dave Acton, who in the days before, was alleged by Nathan Stolpman of Lift the Veil, to be George Webb. In reality, Dave Acton is the internet moniker for Dave George Sweigert, the brother of George Webb Sweigert.

Interestingly, Jason Goodman also brings up Robert David Steele, who was a guest on Crowdsource the Truth the day before.  Two months later, Steele sues Jason Goodman for defamation, and a year later Dave Sweigert sues Goodman on RICO allegations. Both lawsuits key off of the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax of June 14, 2017.

During this broadcast, Goodman continually plays off of his audience, and encourages their interaction with the show’s call for research or action. In the case of Goodman’s obsession with the identity of Dave Acton, at the 8.52 mark, Goodman says to Webb, “While you’re pontificating, I have to tell you I am amazed at the power of the crowd source system because the second you said that, it started multiple people, started popping up mother’s maiden name (of the Sweigert brothers) and that, I was like, this is amazing!”

Misprision of treason or a felony

At the 6.08 mark, Goodman encourages his audience to tweet Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  As will be seen by any objective reviewer of the video itself,  throughout the broadcast, this prompting of the audience to action is a factor in triggering the Port of Charleston incident. And throughout, both Goodman and Webb push the concept of misprision, which legal dictionary.net defines as “the deliberate  act of hiding the awareness of a crime.  For example, misprision exists when someone has knowledge that a crime is about to occur, and yet does nothing to stop it.”

For further reading, a 1941 article by Raymond Huevler in the Marquette Law Review on Criminal Law-Misprision of Felony, provides an historical use of the concept of misprision.  What is interesting is that one cannot be found guilty of misprision, if you are the one committing the crime.

In viewing the 2017 Clear and Present Danger video, it is wisdom to ask two questions: (1) Did Webb and Goodman provide evidence that clearly showed that a crime was about to occur? and (2) Did Webb and Goodman commit a criminal or civil act according to the bomb hoax statute of 18 US §35 by deliberately conveying false information originating from a former FBI informant with a reputation for lying?

Webb and Goodman have claimed to not know the identity of the hidden source, but to have based their trust solely on his predictions coming true. Professional journalists know the identity of their sources, so as to avoid “imparting or conveying false information”, in order to prevent defamation lawsuits.  

What is interesting is that Goodman and Webb provide an alibi for their actions in the 2017 Clear and Present Danger video by repeatedly justifying themselves as complying with the legal definition of misprision; yet in reality, no crime was shown to be in actual process, other than their own conduct of imparting or conveying false information.

Overall, it is George Webb who displays the ability to keep the Crowdsource the Truth broadcast from becoming dead air space, although Goodman’s constant fiddling with computer buttons and juggling the audience’s comments comes in close.

Both Webb and Goodman repeat certain keywords continually to imbed in the minds of their audience that the speculative scenario they present represents a clear and present danger and that failure to act on opinions provided by unidentified sources represents misprision. The effect is to create a moral dilemma which the audience must resolve by either adopting a blind trust in Jason Goodman and George Webb, or turning off the broadcast.

In the quote below, Jason Goodman deflects the question of his loyalty to the United States by discussing Israel and the Mossad, thereby avoiding his own personal history with Communist Russia and Sputnik News.24:08 Jason Goodman:  “That if someone is, you know, making public threats or if someone is accusing me of being an agent of a foreign intelligence service or engaging in espionage, these are, these are potentially if not criminal you know false accusations, certainly libel per se. And I would ask anyone who wants to make an accusation of any kind, I will answer it honestly but please have evidence. Don’t make wild ridiculous accusations.”

“I have never been to Israel.  I have never interfaced with anyone from the Mossad that I’m aware of.  I certainly have never operated under any name other than my given name at birth, Jason Goodman.  And I am NOT an agent of any foreign intelligence service and I’m not I am not engaged in espionage.  Trish,  George, and I are fighting for the United States of America.”

Patricia Negron:  “Heh, yeah yet you don’t, you don’t, jump into this with both feet um expecting not to be sort of have people try to marginalize you and call you a conspiracy theorist.”

Jason Goodman:  “And I’m alright with that, but I cannot be accused of crimes that are punishable by death or imprisonment that you gotta have some evidence, if you want to come with that nonsense.”

Further into the video, Webb discusses the controversial  Robert Mueller investigation, and whether or not certain persons have been granted immunity. This leads to discussing the “investigation” that George Webb had been conducting on the Awan Brothers.

(44:59)   Jason Goodman:  Wow. You know I mean this is really astounding, George, because you know you turn on, um you turn on CNN, you turn on MSNBC, Fox, any of these major corporate owned, advertiser driven, news stations.  Not only they’re not talking about this; they haven’t even acknowledged the Awan brothers, they haven’t even acknowledged the initial crime that they’re all getting immunity from! So, Adam…”

George Webb: Well that’s that’s why I actually had you call this Clear and Present Danger.

Jason Goodman: Yes.

George Webb:  Now there’s a lot of  people out there go, so clear and present danger –  That’s Supreme Court.  That’s Learned Hand– That’s Oliver Wendell Holmes– That’s interpretation of the First Amendment.  That’s the counterbalancing force to prior restraint.  You’re, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

[For background on the clear and present danger test, here is a link to the First Amendment Encyclopedia.]

Jason Goodman: Uh-huh.

George Webb: Okay, there is a reason why I had you name it clear and present danger, because if you go to a congressman or a senator like Rand Paul on the Senate side; which I did the day before the shooting or the day after the shooting, Weintraub, and that’s why I’m heading in that direction right there to Weintraub’s uh uh district, you can say, I believe as a citizen in the United States there is a clear and present danger to the United States…

Jason Goodman:  Right.

George Webb: … a treasonous plan is coming down.  There’s a trigger, and I don’t know what the trigger is in the Constitution for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Jason Goodman:  Uh-huh.

George WebbBut there’s a trigger for high crimes and misdemeanors that you can pull, that will trigger a security event; a security review by the National Security Adviser….”. (46.28)

(46.35) George Webb:  You know it’s kind of like you run into a wall there. The other remedy is a judicial remedy which is to say that abuse of power.

Jason Goodman:  Well that’s clear isn’t it? Isn’t this a clear abuse of power? (46.47)

(47:04) Jason Goodman: Also yesterday we saw, of course, Robert David Steele said that he felt that Pence was orchestrating all this, and that was my initial instinct when Michael Flynn got pushed out. and everybody’s saying like, oh, they spoke to the Russians.  Well, what if the Russians were saying, hey by the way, we know that you’ve got all these criminals with a spy ring in Congress, and they’re trying to do all this.

So people are, people are saying, we should talk to Larry Nichols. Who has Larry Nichols phone number? Or somebody tweet Larry Nichols and asked him to call in. You can call me on Skype NYC Jason and we can get you in there. George, the question that I have,  sorry Trish, please go ahead.

A coup underway…right now!

Patricia Negron:  Sorry, someone just um texted me and said I’m not sure exactly what this means, but a deep state chat was intercepted, and that it confirmed a timeline, um which I think has to do with I mean, Robert was talking about the coup being underway.

Jason Goodman:  Yeah. absolutely.

Patricia NegronRight now I mean.

Jason Goodman: It absolutely is.

George Webb: I talked to, I talked to  him just before the show and he still -he had a session on Defango today where Defango was trying to bait him and with all this stuff.

Jason Goodman:  Robert David Steele did?

George Webb and Patricia Negron:  Yeah.

(48:17)  Jason Goodman:  On Defango?… We just raised $10,000 for that guy!

(48:27) George Webb:  What I said was, hey Robert I just want to make sure we’re okay. I heard you defended us on, you know, Defango.  He’s trying to go at you know, whatever. I don’t know all the stuff he said, but but we’re still good right, and he anyway, I was, I said this clear and present danger thing.  We want you to go to the, to the office of Louie Gohmert with us.  We’d like you to go to Chris Collins office. We want you to go to some of the other people.  Everyone I’ve gone to…

Jason Goodman:  Uh huh.

warning for the next 9/11

George Webb:  Every place, you and I, Jason went and every place, I went by myself, we recorded the fact that we were giving the warning for the next 911…

Jason Goodman:  That’s right.

George Webb: …to members of Congress, so they are now forewarned; so now if they don’t act on the Awan brothers, it is they are the, the senator or the congressman that slept while 9/11 happened.  There is a plan underfoot right now.

Jason Goodman:  Yes.

a dirty bomb planned for a major US city

George Webb: Again from the intelligence community. dirty bomb is is being thrown around quite a bit.

Jason Goodman:  Yeah.

George Webb:  Is a dirty bomb plan for a major U. S. city.

Jason Goodman:  Well, I’m sitting in one right now.

Memphis is the target

George Webb:  I believe it’s gonna be Memphis.

Jason Goodman:  Whoa.

(49:38) George Webb:  I’ll say that right now. I believe it’s going to be Memphis and I think there’s going to be a big cleanup and FedEx will benefit but I don’t want.. I’m not. the only reason I believe it’s Memphis.

Jason Goodman: Why do you believe it’s Memphis?  I have family in Memphis. Why do you believe that?

unnamed intelligence sources

George Webb:  Because of my intelligence sources, this guy talked to five different sources, he had to drive there that without cell phones he went to five different sources. he’s been right every time.

(50:00) George Webb: You know what I’m talking about.

Jason Goodman:  Yes I do.

George Webb:  And, and you, you’ve met him as well.

Jason Goodman:  I haven’t met him.  I’m aware that you’re talking to him. And I’ve come to trust his judgment because he’s been right about so much stuff.

George Webb: But there is a fear of the make the 911 be the, and Pearl Harbor be the, second and third place worst days in American history. And it surrounds this dirty material coming from a Iranian reactor.

Jason Goodman:  Oh my God.

George Webb:  Uh getting in through the, the border of Mexico. so uh you know.  I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s true or not.

Jason Goodman:   When is that expected it to happen? Shipped by people are talking about diplomatic pouches and maybe some…

the clear and present danger test

George Webb:   Clear and present danger is a doctrine that says you must weigh the danger with this source. If the source has evil shown to be an evil source, that reduces the probability of the source, the credibility of the source, but you also must consider on the other side of the scale, the gravity of the threat, right.

Jason Goodman:  Right…hey

the unnamed source has credentials and is a hero

George Webb:  So even a very incredulous source, not, not nearly as well credentialed as this guy, this guy has credentials that he can present in Congress that we will present.  So I’m not saying I want a meeting with my conspiracy theorist friends. I’m talking about a credentialed individual that saved 2,000 lives in a terrorist incident that’s documented, okay.

Jason Goodman:  Yeah.

George Webb:  So this isn’t, this isn’t someone without credentials to go to Congress, present his credentials, and then call and trigger a meeting of the Joint Staff to, to look into the severity of the dirty bomb attack in Memphis, or it could be Little Rock, is going to be the other city, and to look at this; this is the Awan brothers; this is a dirty bomb attack either Memphis or Little Rock.

Jason Goodman: Wow!

a ship named Memphis Maersk

George Webb:  Now I can’t vouch for the source, but you know who I’m talking about, Jason.  He says he will present credentials. now this Memphis Maersk, I don’t know if you remember back a couple of issues that I did, but this Memphis Maersk is all the ship name, is Memphis

Jason Goodman:  Ohhhh…

George Webb:  Its Maersk line

Jason Goodman:  So it could be, doesn’t mean that the dirty bomb is on a ship named Memphis, but it could be in some other city, like a port city, is that what you’re saying?

George WebbI’m saying watch the Memphis Maersk because it could be that the bomb is on a ship and not the city, see what I’m saying? (52.26)

Jason Goodman:  Yes, yes, yes. I do. I do,  I see what you are saying,  so it could be Los Angeles, it could be Miami, it could be New York, but on there

George Webb:  Yes, and that’s what, that’s the first thing I thought of the city too initially and then he reminded me said now remember the Memphis Maersk or the Maersk Memphis, so that the the danger here is that there was also a shipping lines –  Awan  brothers, had that shipping line out of Florida, and I went to auto train yesterday and showed where the start point of those stolen cars were. the Alpha Joe law of  stolen cars and I what I talked to an attorney at you I think spoken to a couple times on the end point down where Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is

Jason Goodman: Yeah, yep.

George Webb: It’s either going to be Port Canaveral or it’s going to be the one in Broward County.

Jason Goodman: Oh My God. That’s terrible.

check the ports of call of the Memphis Maersk

George Webb: But that thing has been running back and forth to Pakistan, okay, so check the Memphis Maersk.  Check its ports of call.  Check its ports of call in Belgium.  People can go online right now and check that.

Jason Goodman:  How do, where do you go to check that, George?  What’s the website to check?

George Webb:  There’s some, there’s some kind of site that allows you to do that.

Jason Goodman:  Joe, who knows?  Who out there knows what the site is, to check the movements of the ships, Newark ports?

George Webb: You just will check, check ship location, geo locate, ship location anywhere in the world and you’ll have like six sites because all that data is provided by the US Geological Survey I believe, or else Naval Intelligence O&I, or one of those NOAA national…

Jason Goodman:  Okay.  Let me, let me get something in here, George.  Let me get something in here because we have been, someone today did, I won’t name who, did  accuse us of being guilty of some kind of crime for not bringing these things to the attention of Senators…

the magic word MISPRISION of TREASON

George Webb: Misprision of

Jason Goodman:  What’s it called?

George Webb:  Misprision of treason.

Jason Goodman:  ( 54.21) Misprision of treason,

George Webb:  Misprision of treason

Jason Goodman:  So right.  So that’s what we were accused of, and again someone is trying accused of, and again someone is trying to, that’s, that’s not,

George Webb:  Well,  I’m what, I, do you want me to you know…

(overtalking by Webb and Goodman)

Jason Goodman:   Let me get out, let me get out my thought here so that I can say it. You know someone accused us of THAT,  meaning, they’re trying to set us up for a crime, an actual crime, that we could get in trouble for and what I’m saying is every day that we come on this broadcast we’re calling on our crowdsource people to take this information that we are putting out. We are trying to tell President Trump. We’re trying to tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions. We are trying to tell every member of Congress, every senator, tweet at them, tweet this video. Angela knows who it was, I’m not going to say it, because people are asking me not to say it. But these are liars who are trying to tell you that we’re doing something wrong. We’re trying to inform people okay?…(55.02)

*******  Clarksburg, where the former FBI informant resides, the hidden source of Webb

(56:53)  George Webb: …the reason why I went to Clarksburg is that’s the deep dive stuff, that’s the stuff that’s been drawn off the kettle and that’s being focused on, that though everybody is figuring out, how do I get this person, what do I get them on? there’s about 30 different selectors child molester, orange pizza…

Jason Goodman:   George, George…the Maersk Memphis container ship is four miles off Charleston South Carolina, is coming in, from the comments and multiple people are saying that so the instant frequency analysis says that it’s off of Charleston, South Carolina by four miles! this IS clear and present danger! we need..

(57:32) George Webb:  Where has it been been over the last four years?….

(57.43) Patricia Negron:  So is did you know in I think January of this year the EPA it was still under the Obama administration, eliminated their reporting, the reporting requirements for radioactivity in the water, the drinking water system, around the country.

George Webb:  Well, the, this person seemed to be thinking that they were stockpiling a radioactive waste that could be used as a dirty bomb from Iranian reactors, you know, it’s it’s one of those things where, why do you turn off the cameras in all of the ports? You know, the UAE now manages Port Canaveral in 43 different US ports?  why would you turn off cameras?

*******could George be wrong?  Oh, no…

(61:39)  Jason Goodman: George, I really hope this is the first time you’ve told me something that isn’t correct.  So it doesn’t seem like Memphis, Tennessee is the target city based on, you know, I mean again, this isn’t a prediction.  We’re not saying this is going to happen.  We’re saying intelligence is being gathered, information is being gathered...(61.58)


(63:16) Jason Goodman:  I’ve just put out my email. It’s truth at crowdsource the truth dot org., okay? Port Kareem is fifty kilometers from Karachi which sounds like about 20 miles. Why does the UAE control our ports? Well, probably they bought them and it’s you know probably…

George Webb:   They did.

Jason Goodman:  They control..

the dirty bomb is going to be on the Memphis 

George Webb: ..it started with Port Canaveral but they now have rights to forty three ports.  The dirty bomb is going to be on the Memphis in one of our ports, I’m telling you right now.

Jason Goodman: Jesus, that’s terrible.  Sorry I said that.  People get offended sometimes and I say that this is shocking, this is shocking. George, what can we do to prevent this? We need everybody to tweet this at AG Sessions and President Trump.

George Webb: that’s why it called clear and,  that’s why it’s called clear and present danger. I have nothing to gain by going driving to West Virginia and and with four hours talking to an intelligence expert that went to five different homes, over a long weekend, and gave me this information. So other than I’m an American, I have nothing to gain here. I’m an American that’s just saying, I’m connecting what I know.

Jason Goodman:  Right.

George Webb:  about the Awan brothers

Jason Goodman:  And that’s our legal duty. We have to do that or we’re, what’s the term, that we would be in, if we fail to instruct people this and try to and didn’t try to get out to senators?

(64:32) George Webb:  Misprision.  It’s like miss and then you would think it’d be miss prison but it’s miss prision with an H SH – misprision.

Jason Goodman:  Right, right. So rather than going to Congress which we already tried and nobody would really speak to us there, we are now speaking through 1536 people and we’re asking each of you to help us use this social media platform. We’re sharing the best information that we have with you guys, so if you, if every single person watching right now, if 1541 people would tweet at President Donald Trump; would tweet at Donald Trump Jr.; would tweet at who else, we want to tweet at, AG sessions, Trey Gowdy, who else? Senators, your representatives, your congressional representatives.

George Webb:  Tell them to make a pitch.

Jason Goodman:  Yes.

the attack will be in the Norfolk area

George Webb:  I’m going to make a prediction.  The attack won’t be in South Carolina.  It’ll go up; it’ll go up, to Norfolk area.

Jason Goodman: Uh-huh.

George Webb:  Now most people don’t know that Norfolk is really like five different ports.

Jason Goodman:  Uh-huh

George Webb:… so it’s, they’re all controlled by a Special Forces Command, I believe it’s Little Creek.  Little Creek special and there’s an amphibious assault, a  unit there, I think, but I I think there’s some holdover vestige of command center stuff there, but from that you can, you can, you can tap, you can get into the communications system.  So it’s going to be one of the five ports. It’s gonna be one of the five ports of Norfolk.  How do I know that? Cindy Grange!  She manages the ports for the state of Virginia.

Jason Goodman: Uh-huh.

George Webb: So you know her husband is the one who did the Iraq takeover…(66.18)


(66:27) George Webb:  This is what I’m saying is, if you let this stuff go and these are, go back to my earlier things. If you let this stuff go, then it’s just going to happen only worse. It just gets worse. So at some point you know, what has to blow up? you know, Norfolk? Well then, what’s next? New York?

the making of a dirty bomb

Jason Goodman:  Well, don’t say that. well well well is saying, what’s the toxic range of a dirty bomb? I think the concept of a dirty bomb is, it’s sort of an improvised nuclear pollution device, so we really don’t know the range, but I don’t think it’s going to be good.

George Webb:  All you need is a stick of dynamite and, and, the fission – the material waste, material.  Think about the panic that that would create, if you had an LNG source.(67.12)…(67.16) liquid natural gas, very explosive. All I have to do, all I have to do is run that LNG into anything. A rock or whatever, Exxon Valdez style.

Jason Goodman: Uh-huh.

George Webb:  Then if I was carrying spent nuclear waste as a part of a government program to rid the world of fissionable material; we were just trying to keep Iraq from, Iran from, developing a bomb from fissionable waste.  In a breeder reactor you can use that fissionable waste, or the radioactive waste to create a nuclear weapon.

Jason Goodman:  Right.

George Webb:   to to hybridize, hybridize the uranium into plutonium…(67.52)…  And oops, you know, and you know, we had an explosion and, and a 150 mile area is now covered in radioactive waste. I want to stress to people that these things are not generalized. I have names.

*******the attempt to bring Dr. Corsi into this unfolding drama

(69.45) Jason Goodman:  So George, I just want to let you know I am texting Dr. Corsi right now, asking him to tune in, because I believe he may have the ability to reach some people well beyond what we could.  And I also have a good question. I’m sorry to interrupt you guys. Good question here from K. E. Saxon.  What’s the wording of the tweet you should all be sending so that it’s like a Twitter storm and they can..

George Webb:  Twitter clear and present danger

Jason Goodman: We’re at clear and present danger but that doesn’t tell them enough. I mean a senator is gonna get that and what will they say?

wording the Twitter message

(70.17)  Jason Goodman:   How about this?  how about this?  And before we put it out, what if it says hashtag dirty bomb clear and present danger and then a link to Dr. Corsi.  He says okay, he’s going to tune in right now so Dr. Corsi

George Webb:  How about?

Jason Goodman:  Yes, George.

George Webb:  Okay no, no. I was just going to say Memphis, Memphis Maersk a dirty bomb

Jason Goodman:  There you go.

George Webb:   That says it all somewhere

Jason Goodman:  All right so let me type this up, Memphis,

George Webb:  Maersk Memphis Maersk squares for FS M A E R S K space Memphis dirty bomb dirty because see now that the, now that the Maersk is blown, now that the cover’s blown on the Memphis, you have to blow it up!  What, the only other choice is to sink it, but if you sink it, somebody can recover it,


(71.11)  Jason Goodman:  But wait you blow it up, isn’t that going to set the thing off?

Patricia Negron:  Yeah, you do radioactive material into the atmosphere…(71.19)


(71.29)  Jason Goodman:  Hang on one second, guys I’m about to put into the comments the sequence that we would like to tweet to as many government officials as possible and it’s going to say, …71:46 that’s how you spell it? Maersk Memphis dirty bomb and a link to this video…. Maersk Memphis dirty bomb link to this video and what and thence this video is called clear and present danger.

so that will, that will do it, right there.

Patricia Negron: Now you got it..

this is getting a little late for bad intel!

George WebbEven if this is bad Intel it puts the pressure on DHS…

*******Paul Czar is levelheaded, so forget his sensible advice

(72.36) Jason Goodman:   So George, Paul Czar says, Paul Czar says, he doesn’t think this is going to help our credibility.  Well Paul, l, here’s what I have to say. George has intelligence sources I am unaware of.  But George has told me many, many things that have come true.  I do believe we have Dr. Corsi listening to our broadcast right now, and I’d like him to vet this information to the extent that he’s able to; but I asked him to join us because I take this very seriously.

George has told me things in the past that I found impossible to believe, but then they happened.  So if George says that his primary intelligence source is telling him that the Maersk Memphis is expected to have a dirty bomb on it, and to create an event that is more significant than 911, AND earlier today we had someone telling us that we are miss creation,  what is it, George?

Webb and Negron:   MISPRISION.

Jason Goodman;  We don’t report this. We’re reporting it.  We’re doing our best, okay.  All we’re saying is, you check it out.

George WebbI’m not saying it’s fact.  All I’m saying is Imran Awan did work at the Port of Karachi.  He, they, The Awans have known ties to Ibrahim. Ibrahim did the bombings. Ask any intelligence so nervous did the bombings in Mumbai.  The ship is in both Karachi and Mumbai.  We’ve had other intelligence sources say they’ve moved product between the Pakistan to Antwerp, then to the United States for the NATO connection. Yeah I,I, maybe it’s not the threat,  but at least it heightens the threat for US ports, rather than worrying about something you know some dud that North Korea is gonna, can’t get out of their harbor, can’t get out of Haiphong Harbor.  Sorry that’s a Vietnamese port.  I couldn’t think of the Pyongyang Harbor so

Jason Goodman:  You know George, I couldn’t help but thinking to myself and I know nothing about nuclear physics. I know nothing about military stuff. But you know when everyone was like North Korea; they can’t do anything, they can’t launch a missile or whatever, I mean, I was just thinking well you know they send container ships here all the time.  What’s to stop them from doing exactly what you’re describing? So look, George isn’t the Great Karnak. George isn’t peering into a crystal ball and George certainly isn’t making this up.


(75.30)  George Webb:  I only need, I only need one container with diplomatic immunity under diplomatic pouch

Jason Goodman: That’s so scary.

George Webb:  So it didn’t clear, it didn’t clear customs in North Korea. I only need one container to do a dirty bomb attack. I don’t even need the whole container. I can do it in a suitcase, right? So but if somebody should check the Maersk’s manifest right now and see if there’s any containers on there from nor, from North Korea…

*******oh, that unnamed credible counterintelligence expert and hero.  wow.

(77:10)  Jason Goodman:  Okay,  I’m going to share this because you know Dr. Corsi doesn’t want to be getting all in the comments with all this nonsense, but he’s telling me that he doesn’t specifically know about this threat and there’s no way to know if it’s credible.  But he has written about container delivered nukes in atomic Iran and he wrote that in 2006. So again George is not talking about Elvis and space aliens coming down and doing something crazy.  This is a very plausible scenario and we’ve got intelligence that George has coming from a credible source. A source,  I mean, I don’t know this person’s name.  I can’t tell you anything beyond the fact that this person has told George things in the past that have then later..

George Webb:   I could tell you, I could tell you, he’s a credentialed counterintelligence expert over 30 years in the business and he saved 2,000 lives during one terrorist attack. he also saved an attack on George Bush in 2004…

Jason Goodman:  Wow.

George Webb:  …attack on the President…

*******guilty of misprision again.  write that on your headstone.

(78:54)  Jason Goodman:  The point is earlier today we were specifically accused of misprision, and uhh Austin Tyler, you know

Patricia Negron:  It’s just absurd. I mean, really.

Jason Goodman:  We’re accused of misprision, so be telling me that a credible source has told us things, I’m not going to get into the details of what the sources tells.  You don’t believe us, then turn off the channel and don’t do anything.  But if you think that it’s possible that a dirty bomb could be placed in a container,  if you don’t think it’s true that diplomatic pouches have gone from being a pouch carried by a diplomat, to something as large as a container, a ship container, that can be carried on an 18-wheeler, then leave.  That’s fine.  But if you think that what George is saying is plausible, and if you think that George has ever said anything in the past.  Yes, I did, Dr. Corsi. I did get your text and I understand that’s all you can say.  So we’ve got 1,700 people watching here.


(80:48)  Jason Goodman:  … quickly with the comments, Dr. Corsi has left.  He was watching briefly. He heard what we had to say.  He sent me a text.  He says he can’t corroborate this, he doesn’t have any specific information on this intelligence. George has obviously sources that are different than Dr. Corsi’s sources, but Dr. Corsi does confirm that he wrote about this type of threat in 2006.  It’s a very plausible scenario.

the comments are exploding (like a dirty bomb?)

Jason Goodman:  There are, I could easily, I don’t even know how the system works, but it’s certainly conceivable that whatever nuclear detection system is there, could be switched off, whatever it is. And also someone is saying that the Maersk Memphis was in New York City on June 12th.  That was two days ago.  Radiation shielding, that’s another thing I was thinking.  Couldn’t the container be lined with lead or something that would block it from being detected?  We’ve got over 1700 people viewing now so the comments are just exploding…

*******Tweet, tweet….until it creates a storm at the US Coast Guard

(85:24)  Jason Goodman:  … Michael Brown is telling us the Maersk Memphis is entering the Port of Charleston.  So we’re reporting all of this intelligence.  We’ve got our Crowdsource community researching to the best extent that we can and so that we are not guilty of misprision, we are encouraging everyone to tweet this at your representative, at the senator that represents your state, to tweet it at President Donald J. Trump,  to tweet it at Donald Trump, Jr., Jeff Sessions, Attorney General,  Ron Rosenstein, assistant attorney general.  Tweet it out.  Tweet it out everybody!  Thanks.  We don’t care even if it isn’t..

George Webb:  Even if it doesn’t come to pass at least we have light on a potential where, who’s been talking about dirty bombs? I don’t think anybody’s been talking about dirty bombs since Corsi did in 2006. I mean you have to go back to you know the old books of go ahead…

Jason Goodman: Angela Ebert says that Boston Harbor is on highest alert for upcoming Tall Ships event tweeting it out to the localities.  I don’t know if they can do anything what about the Coast Guard.  Should we tweet this Coast Guard in these areas?

George Webb:  Sure, sure, so Coast Guards are part of DHS.  Coast Guard’s a part of DHS.  They’re the primary on that, I think…

*******Fort Sumter –

(88:43)  George Webb:  About Fort Sumter,  that’s Fort Sumter,

Jason Goodman:  What does that mean to us, George?

George Webb:  Well I mean, the first shot of the Civil War was fired at Fort Sumter.  So these are going to be almost exactly at Fort Sumter.

Jason Goodman: Peter Brown in all caps is yelling that it’s going to be in Newark, New Jersey.  And remember the nuclear disaster drills they held there.  When was that, Peter Brown, nuclear disaster drills?   Newark, New Jersey is about 20 miles from where I am right now.  First bomb of World War 3, sorry Will Hoffman, the first bomb of World War 3 was a plane that crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, in my view. (reading) Need to get this to the Coast Guard command.   I agree with that so tweet that at the Coast Guard…

*******Yikes, now a Crowdsource researcher has discovered a DDoS attack on Texas

(91:22)  Jason Goodman:  Wendy Teresa is telling us there’s a DDoS a directed denial of service attack hitting Texas.

*******George, George, George.  if I’m wrong, blame him.

(93:04)  Jason Goodman:  This is not the most efficient method for me to receive information.  Confused and overwhelmed by all these texts here they might have already unloaded bombs in New York City.  Well I mean certainly anything is possible Bob Burton I don’t want to get into too much speculation.  George is not speculating. George is not making things up.  George’s sharing intelligence with the crowdsource community that comes to him from law enforcement professionals. He said this I’m only repeating what he said.   


(100:16)  Jason Goodman:  Let’s do a review, because we’ve got 1760 people watching right now and not everyone has been with us since the beginning.  Infowars live is working.  So that appears to have been false information put into the chat here…

*******Jerome Corsi wants nothing to do with this conspiracy theory

(101:10)  Jason Goodman: Okay, so Dr. Corsi is also saying he has zero confirmation on Maersk Memphis dirty bomb threat.  He wrote about the generic threat of a container nuke and atomic Iran in 2006.   George can you hear me?

will this be the first shot of the second Civil War?

(101:49)  Jason Goodman:  Let me recap okay.  So I’ve been embedded with George for what George, three weeks, four weeks something like this, George and I’ve been working together for just a short while but in that time I have come to even, at times when I have first doubted what George has told me, I have now come to really have a great deal of respect for the things that George says because so many of them have come true.  And what he has now said is that his one of his most trusted sources …(102:28) okay, George is safe.  Just got a little bit of a connection problem there.

One of George’s most trusted intelligence sources has told us that there is a credible threat of a dirty bomb aboard a container ship called the Maersk Memphis, and that ship according to our crowdsource investigators who have gone to let’s put up the site that you can go to to track the ship the Maersk Memphis is about four miles off of South Carolina current position is 32.7 I’ll give you the exact coordinates from somebody run Google Maps, and see how close that is to Fort Sumter because I seriously believe that if it’s there, it is symbolic as the first shot of the Civil War and I hope this isn’t the first shot of the second Civil War, okay

(111:53)  Jason Goodman:  Okay we’ve got it showing results for live camera, Fort Sumter let’s see what we’ve got…

(112:55)  Well,  we’ve got a live map of the position of the Maersk Memphis right here up on the screen right now oh wait someone just had a comment about the webcam let me get back to that it’s so much information for me to be processing from so many sources coming in right here this is our makeshift newsroom okay.

(113:47)  Jason Goodman:  …so I’m zooming in I believe on the position of the ship right here on this map, if everybody can see that on screen.  Can I please scroll, what, whoa!  The comments are going crazy. I mean this is basically too many.  We’ve got 1,919 people watching right now, and there’s a lot of comments coming in.  I’m going to politely request that if you’re making jokes or irrelevant comments, please refrain.  We really would like, okay, yes we’ve got the ship here. We’ve got the Maersk Memphis and you can see where it is relative to Charleston.  This is the Maersk Memphis, okay…

call the Port Authority in Charleston

(114.51) Jason Goodman: Please call the Port Authority; that’s an excellent idea.  Someone called the Port Authority; they’re in Charleston let’s see if we can find that number…(116.25) yeah, okay.  So wait a minute now, okay. Main office for the ports and it’s eight four three seven two three eight six five one. I believe I can place a call right from here and we’re going to try it right now.  Okay. calling eight four three seven two three eight six five one.

Patricia Negron: What, are you to try and confirm that the ship is coming in there?

Jason Goodman:  I’m just gonna call them and tell them what we know.

(117:38) Jason Goodman: Trish, do you have a phone there that you could use to call? Patricia Negron:  when it’s sure, I don’t know what I’m going to say.

Jason Goodman:  Okay, so do you have a speakerphone that would be able to hear my voice if you call and I’ll do the talking?

(117:510  Patricia Negron:  Yeah.

Jason Goodman: Let’s do that.

Patricia Negron: Well I can do okay.

Jason Goodman:  So you’re gonna dial eight eight four three seven two three eight six five one. Joe is calling. Wait a minute, all right?  But Joe we can’t hear you.  So Joe hang up the phone please. We’re gonna call from Trish’s phone so everyone can hear no no no no no no let’s do one call. let’s do this in an organized way please. let’s allow Trish to call okay? okay thank you. Joe Trish please dial …(118:33) South Carolina Ports Authority our hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday…(118.38)…they’re closed…(118:58)…so how do we call the Coast Guard?  Fakers what kind of an idiot is in the chat, saying that? Who knows how we can call the Coast Guard there and alert them to what’s going on?

Local police. Coast Guard, I think, is the right move.  We’ve got 2112 people watching right now.  Someone should be able to find the number for the coast, the US Coast Guard….

(120:09)  That’s the Coast Guard.  Okay,  I’m going to call them right now.  And it’s going to be eight four three seven two four seven six zero zero.  We’ve got two people giving us that number, so the instant frequency analysis tells us that that is a number that we can use.  This is ringing.

(120:37)  US Coast Guard:  Thank you for calling Coast Guard Sector Charleston.  If this is an emergency…(120:42) emergency’s hang up and call eight four three seven four zero seven zero five..

If the office is closed, call the Emergency Number

(120:53)  Jason Goodman:  Okay. we’re gonna call the emergency number. it’s eight four three seven four zero seven zero five zero.  This is the Coast Guard emergency number in North Carolina.

(121:13)  US Coast Guard emergency number;  …can I help you?

Jason Goodman:  Yes,  this is Jason Goodman calling.  I am a reporter with an independent news agency called Crowdsource the Truth and we have received information. I am, I am NOT making this up.  We have received yes

US Coast GuardIs this the dirty bomb?

(121:28) Jason Goodman:  Yes, you’re aware of it?

US Coast Guard:   I just off the phone right now. I have absolutely no information whatsoever.

Jason Goodman:  Is there any way to you know somehow detect it on the ship?

US Coast Guard: Oh I gotta do my job here first, and then we can call you back.

Jason Goodman: Okay so okay please don’t mention the number but caller ID has given you this phone number?

US Coast Guard:  yeah.

Jason Goodman:  Please don’t mention it, but call me back, please, if you learn anything.  My name is Jason Goodman and please record it. we’re giving you the best information that we have. And we were informed by someone that if we don’t share this. we’re guilty of Misprision, so that’s why I’m calling.

US Coast Guard:  Okay.  Thank you sir.

Jason Goodman:  Could you tell me your name again please? beep.  Okay anyway, he’s got it.  The information is there.  Everyone this is what we’re doing.  We’re not getting on camera and joking around and putting stupid comments in there.  We’re trying to solve a problem the best way we can up there.

Patricia Negron:  We’re just reporting anything that we’re told.

Jason Goodman:  Right, okay so to update people who who may have just arrived on the stream, if you can see what we’ve got right here, this is a map of the current position of the Maersk Memphis.  Well where did it go? Hey, what just happened to the ship?  What would happen, what’s going on there? Why did that go away?

I don’t really know how to operate this interface very well,  but to recap what’s happening is, (reading comments) they’ll be there to arrest you for being connected to this soon.  Maybe, well I don’t think so, because we’re being very honest.  We’ve received information from a person known to me through George, as someone who is in the law-enforcement community or the whatever, intelligence community, I don’t know this person but I know that George frequently tells me he’s spoken to this person… George tells me he’s spoken to this person and such and such is going to happen…

Twitter the US Coast Guard:  Suspected dirty bomb. Please investigate. Maersk Memphis

(123.54) Patricia Negron: …the US Coast Guard southeast has a twitter handle USC USCG southeast

Jason Goodman: I did give them sorry Trish the name of the ship is the Maersk Memphis okay so Trish please say the Twitter handle that we want people to tweet at because if I say it that’s one thing, if 2117 people start tweeting this someone will notice. So what’s the Twitter handle please, Trish?

Patricia Negron:  @ USCG southeast that’s from Fireman John (124.28)

Jason Goodman:  Fireman John. thank you. @ USCG southeast,  okay and return.  And we’re gonna say “suspected dirty bomb. please investigate. Maersk Memphis”.

Now you want to stop the CSTT audience from calling the Coast Guard?  Too late.

(124:57) Jason Goodman:  Currently we have 2114 people watching according to my iPad, so Coast Guard emergency number has already been called.  Please stop posting the number.  The Coast Guard is aware of it. we just heard the person who’s working there on the phone tell us that they’re aware of the dirty bomb, so I’m not guilty of anything. I’m just another person calling, and I am a diligent citizen, doing my best.  Someone told me this was happening.

I have no reason to believe that, that person was lying to me, so I’m calling the Coast Guard to alert them, so that they can investigate.  That’s what we’re doing here.  And if you see this map right here, this is a live update here.

George Webb:  Yeah, I think I call it that probably the viewers will not be happy.

Jason Goodman: That’s all right, let me add her back.  Hang on so George, we while you were away there, we contacted the emergency number for the Coast Guard and the person that answered the phone, the operator for the Coast Guard, was already aware of this situation and told me that he would call us back George. Can you hear me?

more bright ideas from George Webb

George Webb:  So they called me.  Somebody called me from so I’ve got the shipment date for the Awan brothers now…yeah new information.  It’s called, if you go into a site called import genius…

*******we just connect the dots

(132:30)  George Webb: .. I just try to avoid 911 it’s not you know

Jason Goodman: We’re talking about these things in a sensible way. we’re connecting the dots, we’re pattern recognition..

*******Someone just called the FBI to give them the “threat information” 

142:36  Jason Goodman: …someone has written to me about the dirty bomb, I just spoke with the FBI and gave them threat information.  That’s good.

In Part 3, we look closer at George Webb and his hidden source. 




The “WHETHER” VANE of Jason Goodman – Part I: Inquiry into the Port of Charleston Dirty Bomb Hoax Incident in 2017

“WHETHER” VANE OR WIND SOCK? The Host of Crowdsource the Truth routinely changes  direction to escape accountability for his own actions.

On February 17, 2021, Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth filed Document 204 [see Sweigert v Goodman Doc 204 217 2021] in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman defamation lawsuit, providing us further insight into how he deals with his past associations.

It is Discovery time in this lawsuit, and on page 5, of the Defendant’s Response to Interrogatories,  Goodman stated, “For a brief period of time, Defendant also had an encrypted email address jasongoodman72@protonmail.com.”

“This email address was created at the urging of Plaintiff’s brother Webb and Webb’s associated (sic) Oakey Marshall Richards.”

“Richards repeatedly comes up in Plaintiff’s pleadings regarding the incident in the Port of Charleston.  At some time in 2017 or 2018 to the best of Defendant’s recollection, Defendant terminated the use of jasongoodman72@protonmail.com.  Proton mail offers encrypted email that purports to offer the user an extreme level of privacy and security.  The tradeoff however is less convenience for the user.”

“At some point after halting communications with Richards and Webb, Defendant forgot the password and could no longer access to jasongoodman72@protonmail.com.  When a user forgets their Proton Mail password, they can no longer access the account unless they initiate a password reset process which deletes all existing messages in the account.  Defendant cannot recall if any communications related to Plaintiff took place over Protonmail, but all proton mail communications are no longer accessible to Defendant.”

I feel a Cold Wind Blowing…

The subtle word whether is interesting, as it is used to express a doubt or choice between alternatives in an inquiry. Jason Goodman’s Whether Vane is always changing direction, as he adjusts to the legal pressures to justify his activities.

Although middle-aged and experienced in life, Jason Goodman claims that he is naive, and therefore easily suggestible to the influence of his co-hosts and guests, who seem to place him in awkward or unsolvable quandaries, where he is then “set-up” by trolls and conspirators which he calls “social engineers”. 

The naming of Jason Goodman’s YouTube channel show,  Crowdsource the Truth has been problematic from the very beginning. As was explained on his Clear and Present Danger show on June 14, 2017, which precipitated the shutting down of the Port of Charleston based on false information, Goodman at the 06:38 mark, remarked, “And you know I’ve left my Hollywood career and I’ve decided to get into journalism here with Trish and George and we’re trying to do something new.  Lionel said the other day that we are combining investigative journalism with social media and reality television and that is exactly right, and that’s not to say that we’re making it up.  This is all real.”

However, this crowdsourcing technique is a sly method of producing an internet show to avoid personal accountability for the contents. [see Tracking the Leopard Meroz,  June 6, 2018 article, “Jason Goodman and Crowdsource the Truth:  The Fallacy of No Fault Journalism“.]

Crowdsource the Truth has proven to be a faulty business model, for it appears that what is real is that soon Goodman may be facing yet another lawsuit; his fourth since 2017.  This possibility was disclosed by Jason Goodman in the exhibits presented in  Document 189 in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.  And as with the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences lawsuit against Jason Goodman’s Multimedia System Design corporation, he would be required to hire an attorney to represent his business entity.


Suggestible Jason Goodman is a Whether Man, always misreading the signs of legal and moral accountability, no matter where he stands.  Here is a screenshot of Goodman in his February 1, 2021, Ghost Town NYC Snow-blind Edition-Blizzard 2021 Stops New York In Its Tracks video.

A perusal of this blizzard scene reveals a hit and miss discussion of the June 14, 2017, shutdown of the Port of Charleston due to Goodman’s associations and YouTube channel program.  In the screenshot above, Jason Goodman references double agents, which is interesting in light of the Russian Sputnik News features on Goodman, which I comment on later in this article.

(13:22) Goodman:  “So we’ve got this Vice Media, Vice TV, whatever the hell it’s called; they’ve put together a little documentary mini series.  They’re trying to tell people about the 17th letter of the alphabet and what it is, where it came from, you know they’re gonna figure it out they’re serious journalists, accomplished documentarians.  They know what they’re doing there you know everything else is fake news and a conspiracy theory.  But they have the answers.”

“So we’re focusing on this woman Marley Clements because she’s the one who presented the information in the broadcast and the thing that’s really disconcerting about it is, they’re essentially promoting the same narrative as Robert David Steele and a variety of other people who have tried to sue me.  People will recall that there was an incident on June 14, 2017.  You can go back on the Crowdsource the Truth, you know, the main Jason Goodman Youtube channel because Crowdsource the truth 2, the backup channel was not around in 2017, nor was Crowdsource the Truth 3; the secondary backup channel…”.

(18:01)  “So let’s see if we can get some of this information about Vice News out because it is important you know, there are people who watch the show who are fans of the 17th letter of the alphabet – I need to reiterate, I fully reject the entire operation and I know there are honest, well-meaning, people who want it to be true who like it who point to certain things that it says and posts that they think are important or relevant or proof of something, but I mean please keep in mind we don’t know who created it.”

“We don’t know what their objective is, and in my view it right now seems so clearly to be an operation, intended to entrap people, to associate them with that 17th letter of the alphabet movement and then to make it appear not only ridiculous, but to classify it as a terrorist organization you know, or whatever the FBI did, they said it’s inciting violence, it’s inciting terrorism.”

“Now anybody associated with it is you know considered a terrorist and this is exactly what Robert David Steele, and his associates including George Webb, and members of George Webb’s family who we’ve spoken about before.  This is what they’re trying to do to convince people first that I had something to do with an alleged terrorist event at the Port of Charleston.  I was just having George as a guest on the show.  He provided me with information people should go and watch that video for themselves.  The FBI has conducted an investigation; obviously me, they they questioned George when he was incarcerated…”.

(20:01)  “Anyway I was just receiving information from George.  I knew nothing about this whole entire thing before George called me and said, “All right I got information, we’re gonna go live”.

“One of the things that super annoyed me about him is that he was just always so frantic like let’s go live, let’s go live, now.  And I think people have been watching the show for a while realize that my style is not to just pop on a camera and run out and go live.  The shows are planned, the time is planned.  The equipment is complicated, getting it set up properly I usually like to take some time.  Now this is a style that’s developed over the years and obviously in the first couple of months, I was doing this when I was working with George.”

“I was just trying to accommodate him and you know do whatever he wanted to do, so he would call me and say oh well, here’s the, here’s what we’re going to call the show, and so he came up with that title.  The reason I’m even mentioning it is because Vice News brought it up in their documentary, the title was you know, uh, Calm Before The Storm Maersk Memphis, Calm Before the Storm, something like that.  But you know George had called and said, name it this, um you know heading here or there and I’ll call you back and we’ll go live and we’ll talk about what’s going on.”

“He then proceeds to spend over two hours convincing me (oh wow look at how fogged up that is), huh he then spends nearly two hours attempting to convince me that there could be an incident of real serious danger and destruction and that if uh, nothing were done, you know what he said was that it could be more dangerous than 911. So this obviously, you know caused a great deal of concern, or you’d hate to be living there tonight or any night.  People can go back and watch that video.”

(22:06) “By the way all these social engineering attacks on Crowdsource the Truth, if they work and have the net effect of deleting Crowdsource the Truth from the internet, many aspects of evidence that are uh basically being scrutinized in a variety of different federal cases will be destroyed;  so that’s problematic. I don’t want to see that happen.”

(23:38)  “In retrospect, it seems really like somebody planted this information on Crowdsource the Truth. They wanted to create this incident where I or the audience or whoever responded to this information and created what they would categorize as a panic, and have an event that they could say was a terrorist event. Remember it was proliferated through the mainstream news. Uh, Donie O’sullivan the CNN, well Donnie O’Sullivan from CNN, you know,  he reported on it.  He interviewed George and myself and basically uh his report did not really accurately reflect the content of the interview but that’s a separate story.  It was in the New York Times it was all over the place and it’s interesting that was that was June 2017…”.

(32:52) “The Vice documentary shows me, shows my name, shows a clip from one of my videos that they didn’t ask me to use, it’s not necessarily a problem it’s newsworthy, it’s in the public domain they can use it.  The problem becomes when they defame me by saying something that’s untrue.  I’m not going to go into the specific details of what we said that was untrue, but many things were and it was a look, it was basically an effort to associate me with that letter with that movement with that thing that’s now being widely regarded as a you know a terrorist organization, an extremist organization it’s closely linked to the events of uh January the 6th at the Capitol building.”

At the 35:37 mark, Jason Goodman approaches several persons shoveling snow off the sidewalk.  A male voice is heard offscreen saying, “You!”  Jason yells back “WHAT!”  The man with the snow shovel, yells, “Pay attention!”

Jason Goodman then yells, “I am paying attention!  Don’t tell me what to do, asshole!  I saw you standing right there!  Stick that up your ass.  Hey, fuck you buddy.  Mind your own damn business!  See that is why I got to leave New York city.  I was fucking looking right at that idiot. I saw what he was doing.  He’s pissed off he’s got to shovel the sidewalk so he’s got to have something to say.  I  try to avoid that but you know you get morons like that.  It’s really unpleasant in New York folks.”

This show was published on February 1, 2021, but a few days earlier on January 28, 2021, Jason Goodman had filed his Defendant’s Answer to Supplemented Second Amended Complaint with the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.  [see Document 189.]

On page 7 of 86, Item 10 of Document 189, Goodman explains, “Plaintiff even references the hoax activities in the port of Charleston in which his brother played the key role.  Attached (Exhibit C) is a publicly released, redacted version of an FBI official report into the events of June 14, 2017 at the Port of Charleston.  The report goes into extensive detail about Plaintiff’s brother George Webb Sweigert and his arrest in Zanesville Ohio subsequent to the event.  The report discusses the You Tube broadcast in question, but it does not mention Goodman because the FBI knows as Defendant has stated, Goodman did nothing wrong and acted only in good faith out of an abundance of caution…”.

The Whether Man arouses the curiosity of the Port Police by standing in the rain outside the Wando Welch Terminal in Charleston

In a February 12, 2021, broadcast, Crowdsource the Truth guest, John Cullen, suggests that Goodman retell the Port of Charleston story for those in his audience who are unfamiliar with the 2017 story.

THE VERY NEXT DAY on February 13, 2021, we see Jason Goodman standing in the rain in front of the Waldo Welch Terminal in the Port of Charleston, South Carolina, and he claims that he is there at the suggestion of John Cullen!

In this video, he discusses his version of events, and when a Port Police car pulls up to inform him he is standing on private property, he moves, provides identification and suggests the officer view his 2017 video on the hoax incident on Crowdsource the Truth.

Russian Sputnik News Connections

In the Clear and Present Danger video, Jason Goodman claims that before he met George Webb, he happened to be watching a George Webb video where Webb stated he was going to Washington D. C. and wanted to meet Lee Stranahan. Then at the 18:16 mark  Goodman says, “I’ve been friends with Lee Stranahan for well over 20 years and so,  I sent George, Lee’s phone number and they got in touch and that put me in touch with George.”

This raises the question of the long relationship between Goodman and Stranahan and their connection to the Russian website Sputniknews.com

Back on April 24, 2018, attorney Ken White, who writes about free speech legal issues at Popehat.com, commented on the Brennan Gilmore defamation lawsuit against Lee Stranahan, which arose “after the neo-Nazi murder of Heather Heyer at the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia”.  Ken White, is impartial in applying the law, and sided with the legal arguments of Lee Stranahan’s lawyer.

However, Ken White is no fan of Stranahan, and had begun his article, saying “Earlier today, in my angry mood at Tewksbury, I had Twitter words with one Lee Stranahan, self-styled journalist currently seen on Sputnik and Infowars.”  At the end of his article, he observed, “I note that today Stranahan posted a video of himself ranting about me as he walked down the street…”.  Ken White also said, “I think Lee Stranahan–who currently works for Sputnik, funded by a hostile foreign power seeking to undermine our nation and its values–is morally responsible for the threatening response to his bizarre and contemptible speculation predictably generated from his scary audience.  But he’s not legally responsible.  His speech is protected by the First Amendment, and should be.  His consequence is to remain Lee Stranahan, admired by the sort of people who admire Lee Stranahan and scorned by everyone else.”

Walking down the street ranting, is also the style of Jason Goodman. And like both Lee Stranahan and Charles Ortel, Jason Goodman has close connections to the Russian Sputnik News website.

As an example, Jason Goodman and Charles Ortel were physically present in Washington D.C. at the Capitol Building, viewing the crowds gathering on January 6, 2021.  Goodman videotaped this event for Crowdsource the Truth, and in an article dated January 15, 2021, by Ekaterina Blinova for Sputniknews.com, titled ‘Trump Supporters’ -Why All Capitol Hill Protestors Can’t Be Painted With the Same Brush, we can read of Goodman and Ortel’s report to Russian based Sputnik News.

The  screenshot below is a sample of this article.  Use the search function on the Sputnik News website to read other articles involving Jason Goodman, Charles Ortel, and Lee Stranahan.

Clear and Present Danger

The video facilitating the dirty bomb hoax on June 14, 2017, was titled Clear and Present Danger, and throughout, George Webb kept referencing that phrase and had noted that it involved the Supreme Court, etc. For background, see The First Amendment Encyclopedia at mtsu.ed on the Clear and Present Danger Test.  

In common parlance, Merriam-webster.com defines clear and present danger as “a risk or threat to safety or other public interests that is serious and imminent – especially one that justifies limitation of a right (as freedom of speech or press) by the legislature or executive branch of government.”

After the hoax incident which shut down the Port of Charleston in 2017, the internet buzz displayed an overall concern over whether that event had been planned to clamp down on internet free speech legal protections.

After the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the Capitol building, some are now suggesting that there has been a subtle domino effect stemming from the 2017 hoax on the Port of Charleston, the appearance of Q shortly thereafter, culminating with the arrests of QAnon followers who violated various laws, which led to the shutting down of Twitter, Facebook and other such internet social media and YouTube accounts related to the Q movement.

In Part II of The “WHETHER” VANE of Jason Goodman, I will  review the 2017 Clear and Present Danger video in more detail, and will follow that up in Part 3 to comment on the FBI report, George Webb and the credibility of his source “Deep Uranium”.












Robert David Steele vs Jason Goodman: Document 11 Plaintiff’s Memorandum in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss

On November 27, 2020, Document 11 was filed in the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division in the Robert David Steele, et. al. vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 11  (21 pages)  Plaintiff’s Memorandum in Opposition to Defendant’s Omnibus Motion to Dismiss

RDS v Goodman Alexandria Doc 11 1127 2020

Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman: Documents 9-10 Motion to Dismiss

On November 13, 2020, Documents 9-10 were filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division, in the Robert David Steele, et. al. vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 9  (4 pages) Motion to Dismiss

RDS v Goodman Alexandria Doc 9 1113 2020

Document 10  (8 pages)  Defendant’s Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss

RDS v Goodman Alexandria Doc 10 1113 2020

Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman: Document 6 Affidavit of Service

On November 2, 2020, Document 6 was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division, in the Robert David Steele, et. al. vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 6 (1 page)  Affidavit of Service

RDS v Goodman Alexandria doc 6 1102 2020

Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman Alexandria lawsuit: Documents 4 & 5 – Dave Sweigert Seeks to Intervene

On October 19, 2020, Documents 4 & 5 were filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division, in the Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 4  (20 pages)  Motion for Leave to Intervene Pursuant to Rule 24(a) by Intervenor-Applicant D. George Sweigert

Steele vs Goodman Alexandria lawsuit Doc 4 1019 2020

Document 5  (22 pages) Memorandum of Law to Support Intervenor Applicant’s Motion to Intervene

Steele vs Goodman Alexandria lawsuit Doc 5 1019 2020

Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman: Documents 216 & 217 Second Amended Complaint & ORDER

On September 24 and 25, 2020, Documents 216 and 217 were filed respectively in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of  Virginia, Richmond Division, in the Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 216 (57 pages)  Second Amended Complaint

RDS v Goodman Doc 216 924 2020

Document 217 (2 pages)  ORDER

RDS v Goodman Doc 217 925 2020

Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman: Document 213 ORDER

On July 28, 2020, Document 213 was filed with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division, in the Robert David Steele, et. al. vs. Jason Goodman, et. al. lawsuit.

Document 213 (1 page)  ORDER

RDS v Goodman Doc 213 728 2020

Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman: Documents 211-212: Dismissal Without Prejudice-Stayed For 45 Days

On July 27, 2020, Documents 211 and 212 were filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division, in the Robert David Steele, et. al. vs. Jason Goodman, et. al. lawsuit.

Document 211  (4 pages) Defendant’s List of Proposed Witnesses and Exhibits

RDS v Goodman Doc 211 727 2020

Document 212  (1 page)  Minute Sheet:  The venue will not be transferred.  Dismissal without Prejudice.  The dismissal will be STAYED for 45 days.  The parties are to review actions before filing a Second Amended Complaint.  No sanctions to be imposed at this time.

RDS v Goodman Doc 212 727 2020