Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman: Documents 85 & 86 representing Judge’s Memorandum Opinion and Order

On March 31, 2019, Documents 85 and 86 were filed in the U. S. District Court Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division in the Robert David Steele/Earth Intelligence Network vs. Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron, and Queen Tut aka Susan Lutzke lawsuit.

Document 85 (39 pages) Memorandum Opinion

rds doc 85 march 31, 2019


Document 86 (3 pages) Order

rds doc 86 Order March 31 2019

Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit: Documents 83 & 84 representing Kevin Marsden Declaration and Sweigert Notification to Canada

On March 28, 2019, two documents were filed in the Robert David Steele, et. al. vs Jason Goodman, et. al. defamation lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division.

Document 83 (14 pages) filed by Kevin Marsden: Statement in Response to “Defendant’s Opposition to the Motion to Intervene” by Non-Party

rds doc 83 march 28 2019

Document 84 (13 pages) filed by D. George Sweigert:  Preliminary Notification to the Government of Canada

rds doc 84 march 28 2019

THE POINT OF NO RETURN: David Hawkins Bores into the Weather Underground Tunnel and Discovers Jewish Communists who are “psychopaths and sociopaths and unindicted killers”

Keep your tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.  Psalm 34:13

In the poignant song, The Point of No Return, songwriters Jeff Limbol, Hank Sherman, and Pete Steiner capture the end result of the dangerous seductions of the Phantom of the Opera in these words, Past the point of no return, the final threshold, the bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn.  We’ve passed the point of no return.”

There is a point of no return which is real and identifiable in the life of the individual who engages in sin, justifies it when reproved, and tries to turn the tables upon the messenger who warns of the final threshold.  One characteristic of someone who goes from telling a lie to becoming a LIAR is banality.  Banality is lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.

So I was interested in what Jason Goodman said to David Hawkins, as he related that Kevin Marsden had called him up one time to warn him that Hawkins was lying to him. Goodman reiterated his support for David Hawkins’ banal stories, and now both men work in conjunction to attack the man who tried to turn them back from the path they are treading.

One is not a conspiracy; it takes at least two.  And Jason Goodman and David Hawkins show us how it is done.

Jason Goodman produced another video on March 22, 2019 featuring the strange musings of David Hawkins, Can Split Tunnels & Broken Chains Allow EVL Teachers to Attack Federal Bridge?  With David Hawkins. This 49 minute preview of a Patreon show for subscribers only, features once again another absurd photo collage aimed at disparaging Dave Sweigert, who is portrayed as a janitor cleaning up evidence, and presumably disposing or “spoliating” it.  That Sweigert is the main point of this collage is highlighted by the caption Jason Goodman has assigned it, calling it Tri-Tunnel-SweigertYet the underlying theme of their show has nothing to do with Sweigert, but has much to do with modern day Jewish American domestic terrorism.

What does Jason Goodman mean when he references his Jewish heritage?

I recently posted Document 78 of the Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit, and on page 10, line 1, the author, Jason Goodman, states, “Defendant Goodman is not and has never been associated in any way with Mossad…”.  He asserts, “The rumor was started by the co-conspirators in order that their network could spread this information to earn money on Steemit and through other methods, and to play upon rampant, hateful, anti-Jewish sentiment among their fans and viewers.  The Campaign has allowed them to persecute Defendant based solely on his Jewish heritage, denying him of his constitutional right to presumption of innocence, retarding his financial and psychological well-being and inciting hate speech and foul threats in live comments from viewers.  The Campaign leverages this totally false claim to defame Goodman and engender hatred for Defendant throughout the world via the internet.”

Since I was named as one of the third-party co-conspirators, without any evidence provided by Goodman, I have to state at this juncture that I have never posted anything on Steemit, my blog can be read for free, I have never asked for monetary support ever, and I have never asserted that Jason Goodman is employed by Mossad.  I have always felt that the Israeli Intelligence agency, Mossad, was too professional to risk employing unstable personalities.

I have no idea what Jason Goodman considers his Jewish heritage to consist of.

As noted earlier, in the photo collage shown below, Jason Goodman targets Dave Sweigert, who he continually insults in an unrelenting campaign of lies.  Also inserted in Goodman’s image is a photo of an affectionate couple, sitting together in embrace, who were once leaders of the now defunct Weather Underground terrorist group in the sixties/seventies era of student activism against the Vietnam War.

March 22, 2019 Jason Goodman CSTT video, showing collage labeled Tri Tunnel-Sweigert

That history, which is brought to our remembrance by Hawkins and Goodman, represents the out workings of the American Jewish privileged class that exalted Communist domination and oppression over millions of persons,  during the Vietnam era.  Since its takeover of Russia in 1917, Communism has slaughtered millions, and destroyed the lives and hopes of the citizens of Russia, China, North Korea, and other nations.  It represents the Marxist/Leninist/Trotsky elitist socialist philosophy that when radicalized becomes Communism; for once the promise of freedom for oppressed working class citizens is put into place, these radical leaders turn and steal the fruits of the labor and the land and possessions of these very same persons.

The Vietnam War was a troublesome era, when military escalation by America attempted to stem the tide of Communism sweeping across Asia.  This is a very complex story, as some of the most interesting first hand stories of Vietnam veterans  relate.  (As an example of a Vietnam/Laos narrative written by a very fine man, I reviewed in 2016, The Expendable Elite:  One Soldier’s Journey into Covert Warfare, by Lt. Col. United States Army Special Forces (Ret.) Daniel Marvin,  here and here.)

Bill Ayers looking like a wimp and Bernardine Dohrn, the radical Communist agitator

Returning to the topic of Jason Goodman’s March 22, 2019 video, David Hawkins made several remarks beginning at the 1.5 mark, referencing “the woman who is an un-intercepted, unindicted terrorist leader by the name of Bernardine Dohrn“, followed by, (2.11)  “I would allege that this woman never stopped being the leader of the Weather Underground organization because the Weather Underground organization was never dismantled, it just went into a different level of camouflage  which can be described by the evil (EVL) teachers’ community…”, concluding that,  (3.26) “they’re psychopaths and sociopaths and unindicted killers.”

The Vietnam War shed the blood of my generation

I KNOW this era, although I was a few years younger than Ayers and Dohrn. When I was in high school, my father, who published the weekly newspaper, The Outlook, took me to see Timothy Leary, the Harvard lecturer in Clinical Psychology who promoted LSD. We sat cross-legged on the floor, listening to him speak nonsense.  In hindsight, the influence of these uncaring intellectuals on my generation, which had no previous experience with drugs, was unconscionable.  At some point in his career, Leary was jailed, and one of the groups which helped him to escape to Algeria, was the Weather Underground terrorist group.

I began freshman classes at the University of Washington in 1968.  It was during the Vietnam student demonstration days, and often various radical speakers such as Susan Stern of the Seattle Liberation Front lectured the students outside of the common area called the Hub, on the “revolution”. I can recall sitting in a classroom listening to Michael Lerner and I think I also heard Mark Rudd, who was one of the major leaders of SDS.

I was familiar with the faces of what became known in 1970 as the Seattle Seven; in fact, my father and stepmother were close friends with a Jewish couple whose son was in the Seattle Weather Underground, and indicted as part of the Seattle Seven. Another recollection I have is two members of this group justifying to my father why the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara was their idol.  Looking at FBI reports from that time period, I see that Bernardine Dohrn, was one of those who visited not only Cuba, but the Vietnamese communists.  I was working back then as a clerk collecting parking fines for the campus police, when one of these violent agitators placed an ill constructed explosive device in a pile of UW student newspapers on the counter top. By the grace of God, that device failed to explode.

Although Bill Ayers provided the Gentile face of the Weather Underground, the group was overwhelmingly Jewish radical communists. Before Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn became the affectionate couple seen in Jason Goodman’s photo collage, Bill Ayers’ girlfriend was Diana Outghton, and Bernardine Dohrn’s boyfriend was John Jacobs, considered to be the founder of the Weathermen.

In an article published November 15, 2017, on The Occidental, titled A Forgotten Revolutionary:  John Jacobs, Founder of Weatherman, Karl Nemmersdorf writes, “Bernardine Dohrn, the new ally and lover of Jacobs, was a twenty-six year old, half-Jewish radical with a law degree.  She was ‘brilliant, cool, focused, militant, and highly sexual.’  She had thrown herself into the antiwar movement and hit New York in the fall of 1967 in a miniskirt and high leather boots.  In June 1968 she won election as one of three SDS national officers; during the election a suspicious member asked her, ‘Do you consider yourself a socialist?’  She ‘eyed him evenly for a moment and then answered:  ‘I consider myself a revolutionary communist.’  She won in a landslide.  Well, well, well:  two Jewish communists suddenly spring up like dragon’s teeth out of the foam of the New Left.  Together she and Jacobs began planning to take over SDS and lead a revolution.”

When the Weathermen accidentally set off one of their bombs in an apartment, Bill Ayers’ girlfriend, Diana Outghton, died when she was shredded to pieces. Bill Ayers’  Fugitive Days:  Memoirs of An Antiwar Activist, recalls the phone call he received giving him this dreadful news.  It was Bernardine Dohrn, calling as a friend, and Ayers remembers hearing,  “You’ve got to leave now.  Tomorrow at the latest.  We’ll meet up in a week at the shore.  There’s been a terrible accident.”  Bill Ayers was in shock from the news of Diana’s death.  He says, “I am running for my life, but I don’t know where I’m going.  In a minute I’ll be making lists-ditch the cars, they’ll say, hide the evidence. In a minute I’ll be panting to repair, struggling to understand where things went so awfully wrong.  But not yet, Now my mind is exploding and I’m running all alone, virtually on empty.  That was March 1970, and the American war in Vietnam was half done, though we didn’t know it yet.  The woman on the other end of the phone, would save me soon, and soon after that we would plunge together into a subterranean river, the strong, swift brown god of life pulling us forward for decades to come, but we didn’t know that yet, either.  All that was certain was this:  Diana was suddenly dead and I was-in a flash-unhinged and going under.”

What is interesting is this statement taken from Roots of Radicalism:  Jews, Christians and the New Left, by Stanley Rothman and S. Robert Lichter, published in 1996. They state, “…the early SDS was heavily Jewish both in its leadership and its activist cadres. Key SDS leaders included Richard Flacks, who played an important role in its formation and growth, as well as Al Haber, Robb Ross, Steve Max, Mike Spiegal, Mike Klonsky, Todd Gitlin, Mark Rudd, and others.  Indeed, during its first few years, SDS was largely funded by the League for Industrial Democracy, a heavily Jewish socialist (but anti-communist) organization.  SDS’s early successes were at elite universities containing substantial numbers of Jewish students and sympathetic Jewish faculty, including the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Brandeis, Oberlin, and the University of California at Berkely.  SDS leaders were not unaware of their roots.”

Quoted elsewhere in this book is a statement from Alexander W. Astin’s “Personal and Environmental Determinants of Student Activism”, which says, “At many schools, Jewish predominance continued into the late 1960’s.  In a national survey sponsored by the American Council of Education in 1966-67, the best single predictor of campus protest was the presence of  a substantial number of students from Jewish families.”

One of the notable things about radical activists is that they often take an existing organization which has a comparatively moderate orientation, and enter into leadership positions to either take it over, or splinter off a group using the resources others have provided.  It not only happens in political organizations like SDS, which floundered after suffering internal turmoil created by the radical activism of Bernardine Dohrn and her former boyfriend, John Jacobs, but I have seen the same process at work in church take-overs when a few persons enter in covertly and get the church by-laws changed, to give them unparalleled authority.

So why didn’t David Hawkins and Jason Goodman enter into a deep discussion of American Jewish domestic terrorism?  After all, they are the ones bringing up the Weather Underground philosophy…

So at the ten minute mark, Jason Goodman says to David Hawkins, “But why wasn’t she, I mean, I don’t understand why she’s not in jail (a), and even if she’s not, we need to look into why she’s not, but like you know, there’s cases of course where, uh, technicalities related to evidence or whatever, someone who should be in jail maybe is not, but why would a respected university then hire that person and doesn’t it allow us to question virtually anything that, that person is doing at the university and be suspicious of what they’re doing as you said these are Marxist subversives who are now educating the youth of America and there are some people on the internet who want to criticize you and I for asking valid questions about this.  They don’t seem to be criticizing anyone else, they’re very, very focused on you and I, they’re very focused on discouraging people from participating in our weekly subscriber only show on slash…….”.

Now, that is banality par excellence!

I  have just illustrated the reason why Ayers and Dohrn have been employed at universities, despite their violent background.  Jason Goodman says he asks valid questions, but then he fails to get to the heart of the answer. He despises anyone who does provide answers. Why does he not post source references in the show description, like Kevin Marsden does, so we can understand those technicalities related to his evidence and all that? 

It’s always Patreon dot com.  Patreon dot com…Patreon dot com….signs of a paid conspiracy.





Recipes For Disaster from the “Worst Alibi of the Week” Cookbook Club: Part I

(I dedicate this article to three of my subscribers who hide anonymously behind their Fake Cookbook blogs.)

I am reading Recipes for Disaster, and trying to figure out what Jason Goodman and David Hawkins are cooking up this week.

I might as well confess it now, before it comes out in a courtroom.  I am a Housewife.  I make meatloaf, I dust off knickknacks, I take out the trash, I plant vegetables and flowers, I paint walls better than Picasso, I sew “gifts” for friends, whether they want them or not.

More importantly —I see things as they really are. I see cobwebs, that piece of gum somebody stuck under the dining room table, greenish mold on that refrigerated leftover, cat hair floating in the sunbeam coming through the front window, and Jason Goodman talking with his oily voice to that dithering old man …no, no, no, I am not talking about Charles Ortel—it’s that other one, David Hawkins!

The prize for The Worst Alibi of the Week goes to Jason Goodman’s Document 78;  so what will he be cooking up next from his Recipes for Disaster?

Look at the consternation on Jason Goodman’s face as he attempts to squelch any rumors going around about his ability to wield his soldering iron in the world of circuit boards.  You see, the last time he tried to explain why he was waving his instrument in front of young women on Tinder, Queen Tut forced him to come up with a flimsy alibi for his behavior.

March 15, 2019 video of Jason Goodman describing how he developed “a number of different stereoscopic camera systems”.

So on March 15, 2019, Jason Goodman published a video, Grounded Truth of Max 8 EVL Teachers Pension Fraud with David Hawkins.  At the 6.03 mark, Jason Goodman explains, “Many people know that before I had created Crowdsource the Truth, I ran a 3D production company called 21st Century 3 D, and I’ve developed a number of different stereoscopic camera systems.  Now I don’t currently hold any patents on these things because when I went through the traditional route of applying for, and obtaining patents, there was a huge cost associated and I ultimately didn’t do it.”

Note first, Jason Goodman’s continual use of the word “traditional” throughout his dialogue; a word he holds in disdain.  Secondly, the huge cost associated with the patenting of “his” camera systems would probably have arisen from being countered by the patent lawyers for Panasonic and Apple.   

“But I did with a small team of non-engineers at our office in New York City.  I reverse engineered curiously enough some Panasonic DVX  100 cameras and some Apple Mac Mini computers to create this Frankenstein-like conglomeration of electronic equipment that resulted in what is now an internationally famous stereoscopic motion picture camera.”

What is a small team of non-engineers?   

“And I can tell you, David, that when I sought out to do this first I did consult experienced engineers at Panasonic, experienced engineers at Apple Computers and all of them told me that what I was proposing was absolutely ridiculous, and would be impossible that reverse engineering and human soldering  these eight layer printed circuit boards that were designed by computers and automated factories, would just simply destroy all the components and would never work.”

Sounds reasonable….

“However, five of these cameras were ultimately built, deployed around the world and have shot many four-four-four- RGB uncompressed stereoscopic motion pictures.”

“So again, I think that you and I asking questions that might defy traditional engineers in these fields or I should say might defy their understanding of how these things work-well, it doesn’t matter until you actually ground truth, your hypothesis, by actually slicing in half two Panasonic DVX 100 cameras, cutting open two Apple Mac Mini Computers, de-soldering all the components you don’t want and wiring this stuff together to actually make a functional video camera.  Well, no engineer could deny that this works and it did exactly what I wanted it to, even though that’s not what it was originally intended to do.  What do you think of that?(8.24)

Well, apparently something worked as Goodman became a 3D cameraman in Hollywood for a time.  But are we to believe Jason Goodman’s story that he defied skilled electronics experts when he sawed into an existing electronic instrument and rewired it so that it functioned as a more complex unit?  What kind of saw did he use?  How did he know just where to cut and re-solder?  Has anyone ever heard where and how he personally gained those skills?  For  now, let’s just say that  Jason Goodman had  developed a recipe for transforming cameras and computers into 3D Shish KaBobs.

So next, let’s slice and dice the first few minutes of the Crowdsource the Truth video which followed on  March 20, 2019.

Jason Goodman: (.50)  “…good to see you David, so you know, I want to start off just by reiterating there is a small group of very vocal people who seem to dislike the process that you and I are engaged in here, [ I think he is referring to those named as co-conspirators in his Document 78, filed in the Robert David Steele lawsuit] and I want to remind everyone that there’s a traditional crime scene investigation process that is employed by police departments and investigative bodies around the world and I’m sure there are variations depending on where you go and what the nature of the investigation is, but I think we could all agree that there are pretty traditional ways in which crimes are investigated and those methods have a certain degree of success.  I think it would be inaccurate to say the traditional crime scene investigation has a 100% effective rate.  They’re not solving 100% of all the crimes and when you and I about a crime like the JonBenet Ramsey murder, David, that’s certainly a cold case that remains unsolved, wouldn’t you agree?” [Well, traditional CSI might not solve 100% of all cases; but so far, Jason Goodman and David Hawkins have solved NONE.]

David Hawkins: (1.53)  “Yeah, totally, and in fact I would say that these traditional law enforcement or crime scene investigation techniques where you’re talking about high-value target mass casualty events with an implied organization behind them, I would say they have a 100% chance of failure.  Over to you.”

Jason Goodman: (2.11  )  “Well, they certainly don’t have a 100% success rate, so what that sort of invites is the prospect at very least that someone could introduce an alternative to traditional crime scene investigation and what if one of those methods was simply to take all of the unsolved or let’s say, a large group of unsolved crimes and put them together and start comparing them so if we took a series of two, three, a dozen unsolved crimes from the past 50 years and started looking at them and comparing  what they might have in common, there are certainly comparisons we could draw.”  [By concentrating on “unsolved crimes” which can also be viewed as “the perfect crime”, Goodman and Hawkins seem to be looking at how others have committed crimes and gotten away with it, by having a perfect alibi.  After all, it is not as if these two men have discovered new evidence, in which a DNA analysis might reveal the perpetrator of a crime.]

“Now, I don’t suggest that we take every shoplifting case of the past 50 years, but certainly if we’re to look at let’s say murders that involved EXTREME cruelty, I mean not someone robbing a bank and firing a gun.  We know the motive for that, but  the torture and murder of a 6-year old girl, it’s, I mean particularly when we’re talking about the JonBenet Ramsey murder as you have pointed out and others have pointed out, it just demonstrates such extreme cruelty, such extreme lack of respect for human life and anything that any sensible person would consider normal or moral. It’s so beyond the pale, it’s difficult for normal humans to even conceive of and think about this so if we were to look, David, only at unsolved crimes that involved extreme cruelty, extreme violence and were to compare any possible similarities between those crimes, perhaps that might reveal some element of evidence that could help solve one of those crimes and if you and I, or anyone, was to apply this non-traditional crime scene investigation technique to unsolved crimes, if that technique were to solve even one of these crimes there would be a benefit to it, don’t you think?  [Should we be concerned that these two men are attracted to extreme cruelty?  Especially when their defamation of others has crossed the line of extreme malice?]

David Hawkins:  (4.22)  “Yeah, totally and what’s interesting is what category of groups of people sort of crawl out of the woodwork to basically try and sabotage this novel-, actually in many ways it’s not so novel because if you go look at the fiction of Sherlock Holmes, that’s what he proposed….(7.04)… going back to there are very few people in the world who can give you the circumstances that led up to event, I think we can link the JonBenet ransom note to the massacre at the New Zealand mosque...”.

So David, anyone who questions your methods can be likened to a cockroach-like saboteur crawling out of the wood work? 

It is important to observe just how important it is to Jason Goodman that he “prove something- anything, really”, that standard evidence gathering has “failed” to do. For example in Document 78, he wanted to prove that a conspiracy exists against him.

But if you read D. George Sweigert’s letter in Document 81, filed March 18, 2019, it was pointed out that Jason Goodman failed in Document 78 to identify all the facts that he, as the responder, disagreed with; also he failed to authenticate his exhibits, which rendered them a legal nullity. He was also advised to demonstrate logical relevance, and the chain of custody for electronic authentication of his evidence.

These standard, or “traditional” procedures are to ensure the authenticity of evidence in a court of law; but this is of no consequence to Jason Goodman nor to his guest, David Hawkins ,who purports to be able to link the JonBenet ransom note written years ago, to the recent massacre in New Zealand.

In several interviews with David Hawkins regarding the JonBenet ransom note, it appears that Jason Goodman has lifted some ideas from the author of that note, as he also has identified a small foreign faction within his named group of co-conspirators who he claims are opposing him with legal impunity, from Poland and New Zealand.

But why is this note so coveted  and enshrined by Goodman and Hawkins?  

Just because no one has ever been prosecuted for the JonBenet Ramsey murder, does it really follow that this represents the perfect crime, and the ransom note was the perfect alibi of misdirection?

Let’s see what a traditional law enforcement opinion on the ransom note has stated at a blog called, written by  Garry Rodgers, a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police homicide detective and forensic coroner.  In addition, Rodgers claims to have also served as a sniper on British SAS-trained Emergency Response Teams, and he lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, where interestingly David Hawkins resides.

In an April 16, 2016 article, Who Really Killed JonBenet Ramsey?, Rodgers addresses the ransom note. In brief, he says, “The first thing that comes to my mind when reading the note is that it’s nonsense.  It’s complete and utter bullshit and here’s why: (1) It’s very long with a lot of unnecessary, redundant information.”  Later he observes, “…another principle is that people expose their psychological profile in their writing.”  To which he asks, “So what does the JonBenet Ramsey note say about the author?  It’s clearly a deceitful attempt to distort the facts, using unrealistic, bizarre, and unbelievable demands to shift attention from the reality of the situation.”

That latter sentence perfectly expresses what a number of persons have been stating about the crime scene theories of David Hawkins and Jason Goodman.

In Part II, I continue discussing this video, picking up on Hawkins’ obsession with Bernardine Dohrn, and the implications this theory has for Jason Goodman and his Crowdsource the Truth platform.








D. George Sweigert Gives Notice of Intent to File Amended Motion to Intervene

On March 18, 2019, Document 81 was filed in the Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit representing a letter written by  D. George Sweigert to Jason Goodman and the Clerk of the Court, Richmond, Virginia.  This 5 page letter is a Notice of Intent to file Amended Motion to Intervene and can be read at this link:  rds doc 81

Of interest in this letter are the 14 points stated which afford Goodman to take the opportunity to correct deficiencies in Document 78.

Jacquelyn Weaver, Author of Tracking the Leopard Meroz, Responds to Jason Goodman’s False Accusations of a Co-Conspiracy

On March 15, 2019, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division docket for Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman posted Document 79, 79-1, and 79-2 as the Declaration of Jacquelyn Weaver with two Exhibits.

These documents represent Jacquelyn Weaver’s response to Jason Goodman’s allegations in Document 78 that he is being harassed by a campaign of co-conspirators who have committed felony crimes in conjunction with the Plaintiff, Robert David Steele and  Intervenor Applicant, D. George Sweigert.

Document 78 Defendant’s Opposition to the Motion to Intervene filed 3/8/2019 describes the conspiracy   rds doc 78   (If you want to read Document 78 including the exhibits, the entire documents are posted here.)

The following documents represent Jacquelyn Weaver’s response to Document 78 allegations:

Document 79 Declaration of Jacquelyn Weaver   rds doc 79 3 15 2019

Document 79-1  Exhibit A  rds doc 79-1 3 15 2019

Document 79-2  Exhibit B  rds doc 79-2 3 15 2019

Titus Frost Responds to Jason Goodman’s Accusation of a Co-Conspiracy

On March 15, 2019, Titus Frost published a Steemit article, There is No STEEMIT Conspiracy Jason Goodman.  I am NOT a Co-conspirator”. His affidavit can be read at the link shown in this post.

Titus Frost’s Affidavit was filed on the Court Docket 3/15/2019 as Document 80 and can be read here:  rds doc 80 3 15 2019

Steve Outtrim of Burners.Me Provides A Statement to the Court Concerning Jason Goodman’s Co-Conspirator Accusation

On March 14, 2019, Burners.Me published an article titled Jason Goodman’s Conspiracy Theory which provides a view of Steve Outtrim’s submission to the Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit called The Statement In Response to “Defendant’s Opposition to the Motion To Intervene” by Non-Party. Click on the link above to read the article and statement in full.

Steve Outtrim’s affidavit was filed in the Robert David Steele lawsuit as Document 82 on March 18, 2019.   rds doc 82

Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman: Document 78 Defendant’s Opposition to the Motion to Intervene

On March 8, 2019, Document 78 and exhibits were filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division in Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman.

Document 78 (17 pages) Defendant’s Opposition to the Motion to Intervene

rds doc 78

Document 78-1 (19 pages) Exhibit A:  Transcript of Multi-Party video chat between D. George Sweigert, Tyroan Simpson, Manuel Chavez III, Nathan Stolpman, Cheri and Hoaxwars published on You Tube  rds 78 exhibit 1

Document 78-2 (55 pages)  Exhibit B: transcript  rds 78 exhibit 2

Document 78-3 (3 pages)  Exhibit C: Threatening Voicemail from Tyroan Simpson  rds 78 exhibit 3

Document 78-4 (2 pages)  Exhibit D: Sweigert contacted Barden’s attorney with intent to harass  rds 78 exhibit 4

Document 78-5 (2 pages) Exhibit E: State Bar of Arizona letter to Jason Goodman    rds 78 exhibit 5

Document 78-6  (2 pages)  Exhibit F: letter dated 2/22/2019 from Sweigert to Captain Tama USCG  rds 78 exhibit 6

Document 78-7 (1 page)  Exhibit G: envelopes  rds 78 exhibit 7

Document 78-8 (1 page) Exhibit H:   envelope  rds 78 exhibit 8

Document 78-9 (103 pages)  Exhibit I: Manuel Chavez and George Sweigert live stream YouTube 11/25/17  rds 78 exhibit 9

Document 78-10 (1 page)  Exhibit J: images  rds 78 exhibit 10

Document 78-11 (1 page) Exhibit K: Brain Trust message  rds 78 exhibit 11

Document 78-12  (1 page)  Exhibit L: Chavez Instructions for Money Laundering Via Steemit  rds 78 exhibit 12

Document 78-13  (2 pages) Exhibit M:  letter dated 12/21/18 Notice of Intent to Sue, addressed to Jason Goodman and George Webb Sweigert  rds 78 exhibit 13

Document 78-14 (10 pages)  Exhibit N:  990EZ 2017 Earth Intelligence Network        rds 78 exhibit 14

Document 78-15 (7 pages) Exhibit O: Personal Meeting, Text and Email Communications between Plaintiff Steele, Intervenor Applicant’s Brother Webb One Day Prior to Alleged “Dirty Bomb Hoax” rds 78 exhibit 15

The Ouroboros Effect: JASON GOODMAN of Crowdsource the Truth with DAVID HAWKINS of Reverse Engineered CSI Storyboards

The words of a wise man’s mouth are gracious; but the lips of a fool will swallow up himself.  Ecclesiastes 10:12

In the occult world there is a symbol that correlates with King Solomon’s  pronouncement that the lips of a fool will swallow up himself. As seen in this Wikipedia image of the Ouroboros as a snake or serpent swallowing its tail, we also find a similar image in the infinity loop snake used by the NSA to represent its GHIDRA  reverse engineering hacker tool.

Ouroboros Judaic styled symbol on the door of a Budapest Theosophical Society.

An Ouroboros as an Infinity Loop to represent a reverse engineering NSA hacker tool

GHIDRA is an open source tool released last week at the RSA security conference, representing an advanced hacking tool that is a Reverse-Engineering Platform used to take “compiled”, deployed software and “decompile” it.  In other words this tool can take a program’s binary coding, and turn it back into a “human-readable structure, logic, and set of commands”. According to WIRED, in a March 5, 2019 article, The NSA Makes Ghidra, A Powerful Cybersecurity Tool, Open Source, “Reverse engineering is a crucial process for malware analysts and threat intelligence researchers, because it allows them to work backward from software they discover in the wild–like malware being used to carry out attacks–to understand how it works….”.

Today we are going to consider how Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth is swallowing his tail, or perhaps we should say, the Tale of Reverse Crime Scene Investigator David Hawkins.

The description of their March 6, 2019 video asks, “Why were Lockheed Martin security procedures stood down in both the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey and the explosions at the Pentagon on 9/11?” If you believe the assumptions on which that question is asked, you will like the question posed in the title of their video, “Did a Lockheed Bit Spread Hit Squad Take Out Jonbenet & The Pentagon The Same Way?”  Welcome to the nonsensical questions of two men who find themselves fascinating in their vainglorious attempts to avoid accountability for their words and deeds.

March 6, 2019

Jason Goodman begins this show, saying, “David, our show today promises to be one of the most fascinating, most in-depth that you and I have done yet…”. To which David Hawkins replies, “…I’m fascinated to see where this ends up, we always discover on the fly, right?”

The first four plus minutes consists of advertising their wares, but Jason says at the 2.42 mark, “… so what you and I have attempted to do here David, is to create a new form of investigative journalism and rather than finance that through the traditional means of advertiser driven sponsorship by gigantic corporate owned new entities which are beholden to wealthy individuals and wealthy corporations in a way that you and I are not, this is an entirely new approach to investigation and dissemination of news where we invite people to participate and we certainly want them to do that by joining us on CSI Storyboards and the Truth.”

Pay to participate? Is this Karaoke Night? Nah…this is more exciting, like a Safari Club. If you want to join these two vigilantes who are hunting down  dangerous criminals, there are membership dues.

The Making of a Hunter’s Blind

This photographic collage, or as Goodman calls it, his “political cartoon”, is a HUNTER’S BLIND by which Goodman and Hawkins pretend to crowdsource an investigation as their cover for sighting Dave Sweigert “in the crosshairs”.  Notice the exploitation of a murdered child,  Jonbenet Ramsey for this purpose, as Hawkins and Goodman compare an unrelated serial murderer’s MO with the shocking manner of death of this child.

“All is One” Alchemy

At the 4.35 mark, Jason Goodman adds, “…there’s nothing wrong with you and I speculating about possible motives, methods, perpetrators who would be involved in this murder (i.e. JonBenet Ramsey)…”

Alchemical symbol “The All is One”

Continuing at the 6.37 mark, Jason Goodman introduces a Canadian serial killer who was a military man, saying, “…fascinating as we delve into the mind of a serial killer and I want people to understand the differences between a mass murderer and serial killers.  Now again this is all going back to the use of open source tools, certainly David, myself and you, we haven’t been trained as crime-scene investigators…”. And then Goodman justifies the use of amateur crime scene investigators by which their unique talents can be utilized to observe “open source publicly available tools that allow a crowdsource investigation into this type of thing to have such tremendous power that it can’t be overlooked...”.The man chosen as their serial killer model just so happens to have been an Air Force Colonel for Canada who is totally unrelated to the Jonbenet Ramsey murder. As seen in the screenshot below, the purpose of this choice is to produce a psychological transference of the crimes committed by one Air Force murderer onto their most recent prey who is an Air Force veteran, who is totally unrelated to all of the facts of the crime scene storyboard which Hawkins is inventing.

Jason Goodman is referring to Dave Sweigert, who is that “certain other Air Force veteran”, while the image shows the Canadian military Air Force serial killer dressed in women’s skimpy apparel.

At the 9.24 mark, Jason Goodman says, “the other thing I want to point out David, is that there are a number of military veterans who have taken to criticizing you ( i. e. besides Dave Sweigert, there is  Kevin Alan Marsden, who is investigating the credentials of Hawkins), criticizing me, seizing on individual’s statements in a way that’s intended to disparage us or discourage people from participating in these Crowdsource investigations or the financing of them by becoming subscribers on CSI Storyboards or the Truth.”

“But I  want to reiterate my personal opinion that the simple fact of being a military veteran does not afford someone an automatic pass, it does not earn them respect automatically because it is a fact that there are psychopathic killers who join the military and even when they are veterans may have evil tendencies, so we must scrutinize each person equally and that is with the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, but of course Russell Williams’ confession to multiple rapes, torture, and brutal murder certainly supersede any accolades he would have earned as a distinguished member of the Canadian forces.”

“So I want to talk a bit about this today David, and there is a certain other Air Force veteran who may be disappointed that we have not included his, uh, well his likeness, let’s leave it at that in today’s image but quite frankly I’ve become bored with this individual in his persistent attempts to shut us down so I just want to point out a few things in the confession of Russell Williams and then I’ll turn it over to you and stop talking,  David.”

Jason Goodman is confessing that he replaced his usual mocking image of Dave Sweigert in his photographic collage, with a cross dressing Canadian Air Force serial murderer.

Jason Goodman continues his discussion later on, and at the 13.09 mark says, “…and of course David, you have speculated, I would underscore that a lot of our investigations begin with speculation based on technological signatures at the crime scene, evidence at the crime scene connecting that to methods, things, individuals that would have access to this technology etc. and there are remarkable connections between Russell Williams and the way in which the Jonbenet Ramsey murder was perpetuated.”

Not all of the accused are corrupt, but just vulnerable to hackers

At the 20.25 mark, David Hawkins is looking at the collage image of four of the largest defense contractors in the world, and he remarks, “…just to clarify it, I’m not saying that the Lockheed Martin Directors are corrupt, or the Boeing directors are corrupt, I will say they are vulnerable to the kind of man-in-the-middle attack or hacking attack allegedly executed by people such as the ethical hacker, Mr. Sweigert.”

Cause and Effect of The Port of Charleston dirty bomb incident

Jason Goodman at the 33.15 mark says, “These are all extremely valid questions David and it seems that the more you and I ask these questions, the more we come under fire so that’s a curious set of circumstances in and of itself.  You’ve referenced this contact that’s been made to the Coast Guard.” (the screen shows a partial return address of Sweigert with the date February 22, 2019).

“I don’t know if people are fully aware of this.  I think we’ve spoken about it in previous shows, but of course there’s an individual out there who’s taken it upon himself to contact Captain Jason Tama of the United States Coast Guard Sector, New York, with a rather alarming letter indicating to the Captain, (reads from letter) “As you may be aware, the true target of a dirty bomb hoax appears to be the Port of New York, in New York and in New Jersey.”Continuing to read from the Sweigert letter to the Coast Guard, Jason Goodman relates, “New evidence available via open sourced intelligence (in social media) provides indicators about the true intended target of dirty bomb hoax of June 14, 2017…”.  Goodman stops reading in mid-sentence, but the screen shot of the letter shows the sentence is finished with was not the Port of Charleston, South Carolina.  The apparent terrorist-style controllers of the event (alleged to be Jason David Goodman and George Webb Sweigert) were misinformed about the position of the MEMPHIS MAERSK container ship and executed their “cyber-attack” a day late.  Based on the totality of newer OSINT evidence it appears Goodman/Sweigert learned that the MEMPHIS MAERSK was underway to the Port of Charleston, that port became the new target of opportunity.  Therefore it may be prudent to reopen the investigation by the U. S. Coast Guard, which…(the rest of the letter is not shown).

The use of the legal phrase “limited purpose public figures” as it relates to defamation liability

Jason Goodman continues to say, “And I think everybody knows the author of this letter is a certain individual who we have depicted in previous shows in a rather comedic political cartoon.  I definitely consider my photographic collages to be political cartoons and when people inject themselves into public discourse that we’re having here, they may be inadvertently be making themselves into limited purpose public figures and when they make certain statements whether that be that it’s their belief that NASA has a colony of slave children on Mars (Goodman is referring to Robert David Steele who has a federal civil defamation lawsuit against him), or commentary on the investigations that you and I are doing, those individuals become defacto limited purpose public figures, not to mention the very act of sending such an alarming letter to the Captain of the Coast Guard here in New York alerting him to a potential bomb hoax threatening his area of command.  I’ve been instructed by the Coast Guard Counterintelligence here in New York that of course a letter like this would automatically trigger an investigation..”

In a similar manner to casually equating Air Force veteran Dave Sweigert with the Canadian Air Force serial killer, Jason Goodman conflates two different men who have filed separate federal civil lawsuits against him.  Without distinguishing by name, he discusses Dave Sweigert and then inserts a remark about a Robert David Steele interview on Infowars, as if they are the acts of the same person.

Goodman adds, “Certainly I knew nothing about,  until Mr. David Sweigert wrote this letter which in and of itself seems like evidence that he has planned this alleged bomb hoax much in the same way I suspect he had something to do with the planning of the alleged dirty bomb hoax on June 14, 2017.… (36.22)  I certainly had nothing to do with the planning of that.  This was information brought to me by a guest on Crowdsource the Truth.  That guest’s being David Sweigert’s brother George-George Webb Sweigert, and George’s associate who is now known to be a former contract FBI informant named Okey Marshall Richards.  Curiously, Mr. Richard’s identity was revealed to us by David Sweigert, so there’s a bizarre connection between all of these individuals sharing this information with me that they now attempt to attribute to me, but of course David, any guest who appears on Crowdsource the Truth and shares their evidence or information, I don’t necessarily agree with them or support them…”.

We do not know the entirety of the Sweigert letter to the Coast Guard, as it was not shown in this video. Based on documents Sweigert has submitted to federal courts, I have to believe that he has exhibits to back his statements. If Sweigert had been involved in the planning of the dirty bomb hoax, why has not Jason Goodman documented the evidence of that connection?  After all, Goodman is the one claiming there IS a connection.

The problem Goodman has is that when George Webb came on CSTT on June 14, 2017, Jason Goodman supported this “live-in” regular co-host/guest’s storyline by actively encouraging his viewers to flood the Coast Guard Twitter account with a dirty bomb warning. Goodman’s warning is reported to have been retweeted 8,000 times. He cannot now backtrack and say he doesn’t necessarily agree with his guest’s opinions, when he actively participated in the dirty bomb hoax by allowing CSTT to publicize this hoax and spread it on the internet via social media. 

In a recent CryptoBeast interview with Queen Tut, she disclosed that she is the source of the discovery of the identity of Deep Uranium.  Thus Dave Sweigert was not the source, but someone who passed along this information in his report on the Port of Charleston incident.

Spoliation of Evidence:  Has Jason Goodman ever sent a “preservation of evidence” letter request to Dave Sweigert?

Near the end of this video (1.03.10), Jason Goodman comments, “…but against this is how we are conducting our investigation; this is crowdsource investigative journalism.  We ask questions, and the vast knowledge of the thousands of people who view our videos helped us get to answers, so it causes me to question the motives David, of people who would seek to stop us from doing that, you’ve spoken quite a bit about Spoliation of Evidence and how it affords us a, what is the word that you use, a presumption of guilt?

David Hawkins responds, (1.03.42)  “An aggressive inference of guilt you see, and, and again I mean this clown Mr. Sweigert, I hope I don’t seem disrespectful, I’m sure he’s got other talents, I just don’t see a lot of them, but why would you put an email address, Spoliation-Notice @ and then send messages to the Coast Guard there’s a hoax when your email address that you’re probably spoliating evidence of a hoax that has been generated by your brother?  Over to you.”

What does Jason Goodman’s commentary on Dave Sweigert’s videos prove?

Jason Goodman in response to David Hawkins:  (1.04.08)  “Or himself.  We don’t know who’s generated the hoax but certainly there is a lot of  evidence that points to him.  One last note on the  spoliation of evidence, David, and I apologize, you, you won’t be able to see this but Mr. Sweigert has also been aggressively spoliating evidence from his own YouTube channel.”

This seems to be Jason Goodman’s Bitchute account where he preserves video evidence on “Crazy Dave”

“He made a video at the Mesa, Arizona post office on December 1, 2018, where it’s my understanding that he presented himself to, with the cooperation of the owner of P. O. Box 152 in that post office- he added himself officially as a recipient of mail at that post office and he’s used that address as his official address of record with the United States District Court in the Southern District of New York, where he’s brought a frivolous lawsuit against me in what I believe is an effort to stop Crowdsource the Truth from moving forward with these types of investigations.”

“So again it raises the question of why does Mr. Sweigert delete this video.  You Tube certainly does not charge to store videos…(1.05.27)  Unless it is some sort of attempt to send a message and then remove it from the internet so that I cannot refer to it in answers to his lawsuits indicating that he is present at the post office on December 1st when I allege he met with the owner of the post office box and conspired with that owner to add himself to the box, which I believe is a furtherance of a fraud on the court…”.

If Jason Goodman presents his opinions without proof, then indeed it will be up to the court to judge whether there is a fraud on the court being committed. I am unable to understand Goodman’s reasoning here without reference to the law which he thinks applies to his accusation.

Back Doors, and all that

David Hawkins, discussing Dave Sweigert as an ethical hacker:  (1.08.31) “…so how do we know that ‘not as smart as he thinks he is’, left a back door into the continuity of government on 911…?

Again Hawkins asks leading questions without having a factual foundation to even hypothesize such a situation.

Speaking of the GHIDRA hacker tool just released to the public, NSA cybersecurity adviser Rob Joyce said, as quoted in the WIRED article, “There’s no backdoor in Ghidra,” he said.  “Come on, no backdoor.  On the record. Scout’s honor.”

Perhaps David Hawkins should investigate the connection between Dave Sweigert and the Boy Scouts…wasn’t he one of those, too?  What kind of badges did he get that led to the 9/11 disaster or the shutdown of the Port of Charleston?  It ought to be easy for Hawkins to get Goodman to swallow THAT TALE, since it is all just part of Crowdsource the Truth investigative journalism.