The Jason Goodman Peep Show: A Patreon Exclusive

And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter:  should not a people seek unto their God?  for the living to the dead?  Isaiah 8:19

Speaking of Wizards that peep and mutter, on January 18, 2019, the Jason Goodman YouTube channel produced an 18.29 minute irreverent conjuration of spirits to mesmerize their audience into paying for an exclusive Patreon program starring those two Master Illusionists:  Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth and David Hawkins of Reverse CSI Storyboards. 

The link to the advertisement for this show:  Red Line Death in Zulu Time:  Did Ramsey Use George Sweigert Patent to Call Police with David Hawkins.The description byline says,  “David continues his deep dive into the patent officeDid George Henry Sweigert’s patented tech play a role in the Jon Bennet Ramsey murder or subsequent call to Boulder, CO police?”

What possible meaningful connection could there be between those two unrelated events? To find out where the lurid imaginations of David Hawkins and Jason Goodman end up, you must first prove your loyalty as an active financial supporter through their Patreon accounts.

Or you can make an educated guess completely free of charge by reading this Tracking the Leopard Meroz post.

And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them, and said, Cry aloud: for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or PERADVENTURE HE SLEEPETH, AND MUST BE AWAKENED. (I Kings 18:27)

A Classic Example of Real Time Discovery?

At the 1.48 mark of this video teaser for the Jason Goodman Peep Show, David Hawkins says, “Today is a classic example of what I think people who follow you and I can discover is that we are involved in real-time discovery so this morning I wake up, I know you’ve been getting a lot of harassment from this guy Sweigert, and I know that his father invented in, was patented, was granted a patent in 1966 for this cordless telephone.  And I thought, well, wonder if the Ramseys used a cordless phone which would obviously be vulnerable to what is known as a man-in-the-middle attack.  And incidentally I don’t say the Brits invented man-in-the middle attack, but I do say they are very good at it and one of the earliest man-in-the-middle, very well-known one was… (and Hawkins presents a story)…spymaster for Elizabeth the first, Sir Francis Walsingham who intercepted a message…”.

Hawkins uses this historical note to illustrate the work of a man-in-the middle attack, to explain that after the message was intercepted, a postscript was added that looked like Mary Queen of Scots was planning to have her half-sister assassinated [3.28]. This repeated use of the phrase “man-in-the-middle attack” by Hawkins throughout the video, causes one to wonder if this is some kind of veiled threat, a conjuring of a spell by Master Illusionist David Hawkins. What else is a reasonable person to conclude, given the joining together of unrelated historical facts to support the creation of  absurd insinuations?

The real Crime Scene is the Jason Goodman Peep Show where an Illusion of stopping time to accommodate it to the Wills of David Hawkins and Jason Goodman’s fantasy world is created to drive the not so secret intent of their hearts.

Further into this Peep Show teaser, Hawkins at the 4.10 mark discusses that Mrs. Ramsey “put the call in, but apparently the 911 dispatcher police, they all heard voices on the phone after the Ramseys said it had been hung up so then I thought of your friend, George Sweigert”.  Jason then corrects him, saying, “was David, David George Sweigert.”

And at the 4.52 mark, David Hawkins mentions the “fascinating paths of a patent granted to George H. Sweigert.” Continuing on, [5.08 mark] Hawkins relates, “All of these patents are subject to what are known as some combination of submarining frauds or continuation frauds where a slight change is made in the core of the patent that buys them another 20-25 years.  Now of course these patents can be very lucrative; that is to say, the benefits of a patent of 1966 can be passed through the estate of the late George H. Sweigert through the estate of his sons who may then be receiving periodically checks for the use of either the original patent or the continuation or submarine components of that patent.  Now here is the sinister thing…[5.48]….Serco…man-in-the middle- attack on the U. S…  911…


I will tell you where the sinister thing is:  the province of a video showing two men, who for filthy lucre, target Dave Sweigert  by maligning the memories of his father.

Note the comment, “I value the money that you send us equally.” Also note that 2 Peter 2:3a replies, “And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you…”

George H. Sweigert fought in World War II,  and according to War, Radio, and Me:  The War Story of the Portable Phone, Sweigert recalls, “When the Marines shipped out of Guadalcanal in December of 1942, some Army units started getting moved up to relieve them.  We thought we might get moved up, but then the word came down that we would remain on Fiji.  Horror stories of Guadalcanal started filtering back to Fiji of all the hardships the Marines had there.  I was especially interested in the stories about which radios worked and which ones didn’t in battle conditions.  I found out very quickly the walkie-talkies had failed frequently, and the guys with pack radios had to go stand in a clearing or on top of the hill at times to get a good signal in the jungle conditions.  This is not what I wanted to hear.  My worst fears were confirmed in that these radio men  were favorite targets of Japanese snipers.  And yes, the Japanese really were using triangulation devices to triangulate on patrols and drop in mortar attacks on them.  It was great motivation for developing my radio repeater further for jungle fighting conditions.”

Does that excerpt sound to you like George H. Sweigert, who was attempting to support his family in the years following his survival of the deadly World War II Pacific arena by acquiring a patent on his invention, has blood on his hands for the death of Jon Benet, because Mrs. Ramsey might have called 911 on a cordless phone? Hawkins fails to mention that the cordless phone has been used to call 911 countless times to protect helpless persons who need medical aid or police protection.

There is no moral connection whatsoever between the Sweigerts and a horrific child murder committed 30 years after Sweigert applied for a patent on May 2, 1966. 

There is, however, a moral connection that was  created by the merchandising of the malicious evil surmisings of David Hawkins and Jason Goodman.  For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. (Matthew 7:2)




Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who’s the Greatest govLARPer of all?

by Jacquelyn Weaver

A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it; and a flattering mouth worketh ruin.  Proverbs 26:28

The hidden in plain sight former  Insider of Crowdsource the Truth, whose name is  missing on the roll call of govLARPers, is none other than QUEEN TUT!

On November 29, 2018, Steve Outtrim of the Burners.Me  blog interviewed Queen Tut in a YouTube video titled, CryptoBeast #16, Queen Tut Spills The Beans.

In the description of this video Steve Outtrim provides a list of 15  #govLARPERS discussed in this episode, which include  George Webb aka Truth Leaks, Jason Goodman aka Crowdsource the Truth, Michael Moore aka Truth Pundit, Okey Marshall Richards, Jr. aka Rock Hudson aka Deep Uranium aka Hudson Intelligence Group, Quinn Michaels aka Korey Atkins, Pete Santilli, Robyn Gritz aka Valiant Defender, Jenny Moore aka Task Force, Patricia Negron aka Trish the Dish, Frank Bacon aka Tyroan, Lee Stranahan, Robert David Steele, Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, and Alex Jones.

Not all of these named individuals fit the criteria of Steve Outtrim’s own definition of #govLARP involving how the new psychological operations use live streaming, chat, social media, crowdfunding, and channel networks to: manipulate alt-media narratives, disseminate propaganda and alter reality.

Missing from this roll call of govLARPS is Queen Tut, herself, as Steve Outtrim flatters this key former Insider of Crowdsource the Truth, while she weaves a false narrative designed to avoid responsibility for her own actions.

As displayed below, Steve Outtrim has listed 20 signs which he considers to be the elements of a govLARP.  This CryptoBeast interview, as we shall observe, meets the first sign of a govLARP in action, as it Provides cover, attacks targets, or both. 

Defending Queen Tut in the video comment section, Steve Outtrim replied to wormwood69, saying, “I know who she is and have independently verified her information as accurate.  I understand why she chose to share information on the Internet under a pseudonym, a common practice – I mean you’re doing it here.  I note that none of her information has been denied by Jason, George, Trish, or anyone else.  It’s only the Kool Aid drinking Cult supporters who can’t accept that their favorite YouTube LARPers are feeding the audience breadcrumbs of disinformation from FBI informants.”

One wonders at the inability of Outtrim to discern between persons who use their anonymous handles to post innocuous opinions and persons who create pseudonyms for the purpose of making defamatory accusations that are beyond the reach of civil remedies. Steve Outtrim does not address in this video that Susan Lutzke aka Susan Holmes aka Queen Tut aka DeVivas, aka Albert of Finland, aka Bissel (Chief Counsel RDS), aka Harris, aka HaJiWan, aka Grace, aka Avery, and aka Robert David Steele routinely uses sock puppet accounts reinforcing narratives and attacking counter narratives, and is a character not using (her) real name, or have little background information. Those are two of the signs which Outtrim says are characteristic of a govLARP.

In another comment, he reiterates his position, but with a qualification explaining, “I have never met Queen Tut so I can’t vouch for her, but all her research so far has checked out.  I think she has presented enough information here that people can decide for themselves.” Since Steve Outtrim supports Queen Tut’s narrative and does not counter it with evidence which is in the public domain, the viewer of this video who has not followed this story on a regular basis, is left to flounder in the muddied waters of  sign #3 of a govLARP.

There have been several YouTube commenters who have questioned the soundness of Queen Tut’s research and conclusions.  Following the Port of Charleston incident I began to watch various persons associated with the never ending Crowdsource the Truth drama. Because of the accusations against Robert David Steele which had been made in 2017 by Queen Tut and Jason Goodman, I studied the Earth Intelligence Network tax records, Steele’s blog, and his book reviews. While I do not care for Steele’s hubris, nor for his political and philosophical beliefs, I found Steele to be quite open about what he thinks.  The application of his #UNRIG donations was also open to scrutiny.  Thus it is my opinion that anyone funding his nonprofit corporation could easily know what it was that they were supporting.

The primary awkwardness of #UNRIG was that the nonprofit rules disallowed Steele and McKinney’s direct influence upon election matters, and therefore #UNRIG was merely a public educational service for potential “election reform”.  Steele probably should have clarified the presentation of his views so that there would be no confusion as to what results were reasonably attainable by his nonprofit organization.

In this link to my September 29, 2017 article discussing one of Queen Tut’s Trello Boards on a 2001 NATO handbook connected to Robert David Steele, I noted a subtle dissimulation which she employed to replace the actual facts with a false conclusion. After Robert David Steele filed a federal civil defamation lawsuit on September 1, 2017 against the three defendants seen in the photo below,  Susan Lutzke, posing as Queen Tut’s daughter, filed false documents in this case and has since tried to cover over her actions by diverting blame to the the Judge and the plaintiff’s attorney.

The handle Queen Tut was created by Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth to hide her real identity as a “researcher” who was brought on to expose Robert David Steele. On June 13, 2017, the day before the Port of Charleston was shut down due to a false report publicized by George Webb and Jason Goodman on CSTT, Susan Lutzke donated $25 to the Steele nonprofit Earth Intelligence Network. Steele had been a guest June 13, 2017 on CSTT for fundraising purposes. Two weeks later Susan Lutzke posing as Queen Tut was on CSTT “exposing” Steele as a “fraud”, causing some to wonder if her donation had been the means to set up Steele for attack.

Steve Outtrim displayed his application of the catchy term #govLARPERS in a previous YouTube video published September 19, 2018, CryptoBeast #13-#govLARP. In that thought-provoking 4.5 hour video, Outtrim  examined several closely related broadcast journalists to illustrate his thesis. The term govLARP appeals to the modern ear in the same way that shill was once the favorite Alt Media slang accusation. However this acronym suffers a serious defect in that it downplays the serious nature of what is being described as a covert government psychological operation.

LARP is an acronym for live action role-playing, and is now a contemporary slang word found in English dictionaries to describe a form of consensus gaming for entertainment purposes,  involving roleplaying that often employs costumes and props. Examples are Dungeons and Dragons, Renaissance Fair or Civil War re-enactments, etc. that are a form of group entertainment that does not involve criminal wrongdoing, actions which might ignite a civil lawsuit such as defamation, or political or government Intel groups that engage in propaganda warfare.

When Outtrim and others in the same YouTube circle of friends take an  entertainment word such as LARP and transform it into the nonsensical combination  govLARP to replace former words used in common parlance such as entrapment, undercover sting operations, agent provocateurs, or LIARS, one must wonder WHY? What kind of fish are they attempting to catch in this new net?  And who are they attempting to quietly let slip through the loop holes in their broad reaching and ambiguous definition?

If you have not viewed the CryptoBeast video, I have linked it at the beginning of this post for easy reference. Because of the two-hour length, I have transcribed selected portions of this dialogue between Steve Outtrim and Queen Tut in which to address several issues. The comments of the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog are noted below in maroon italics. Any bolding within the interview dialogue is mine, and is meant to highlight a point of interest in which I provide a rejoinder.

Introduction to “Queen Tut Spills the Beans”

Steve Outtrim [.14]: …she started collaborating with Jason Goodman, George Webb, Crowdsource the Truth, and then that’s led on to her own independent research, separating from that group, she’s been named in a number of lawsuits, including as a target of a lawsuit from Robert David Steele for which she says she’s never been served, so very pleased to have you on…”.

A number of lawsuits? What are these other lawsuits about, and why is Susan Lutzke aka Queen Tut named in them?

Steve Outtrim [1.20]:…so we’re going to be hearing an Insider perspective from Queen Tut having worked with these people and seeing what’s going on behind the scenes, but in particular we’re going to be talking about an FBI informant who plays a central role in connecting many of these figures together in the Alternative Media. You could almost call it the govLARP section of the Alternative Media and this even includes the recently departed Jenny Moore who was also in contact with this FBI informant.[1.49]

The FBI informant in question worked undercover more than 20 years ago in a criminal investigation of a militia group.  I have not seen anyone show that he continued to work for the FBI after that. Often such informants lose their value after they are named and cross examined in a court of law and they sit on the shelf. The person referred to was noted to be a pathological liar throughout his life, and it appears he earns his keep in that manner. It is possible that he was working undercover for some other organization when influencing George Webb.

It must never be overlooked as to what it means when Queen Tut aka Susan Lutzke is referred to as an INSIDER.  We first see her entering the Crowdsource the Truth (CSTT) scene when she, as Susan Lutzke, donated $25 to Robert David Steele’s nonprofit Earth Intelligence Network on June 13, 2017.  On that day George Webb was meeting Robert David Steele in a restaurant when Jason Goodman allowed a fundraising interview to be conducted on Crowdsource the Truth.  This fundraiser for Steele’s #UNRIG campaign was monitored and encouraged by Jason Goodman.

The next day George Webb and Jason Goodman were involved in a CSTT You Tube publicized promotion of a false report by someone named Deep Uranium, a hidden source of Webb’s.  This resulted in the closure of the Port of Charleston for 8 hours as several government agencies investigated the false rumor. Steele had agreed to a second interview, but he cancelled when the Port of Charleston incident occurred.

Afterwards, several persons who donated to Steele’s fundraiser asked for their money to be returned. On June 26, 2017, Jason Goodman published on YouTube, “Queen Tut call re: Robert David Steele #UNRIG Fraud Claim”. We have no understanding as to why Susan Lutzke donated $25 to Steele and then two weeks later was accusing him of fraud. 

While Queen Tut may not have known the identity of the hidden source of George Webb initially, she was fully aware that Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth, was involved in the Port of Charleston shutdown and provided the platform by which the false report of a dirty bomb aboard the Maersk Memphis was spread.  That fact did not deter Queen Tut from enthusiastically joining Jason Goodman’s business enterprise, and working to build up his subscriptions.

One of the odd things in those days was that Steele was careful to protect his interest in George Webb as a potential broadcast journalist for his #UNRIG campaign, by overlooking Webb’s involvement in the Port of Charleston incident.  There are no clean hands in this scenario, and outsiders looking in should note that these initial relationships bear further scrutiny.

“Deep Uranium” emerges from his hiding place behind George Webb to star as an Insider called “Hudson” on Crowdsource the Truth.

Queen Tut [1.52]:  Yes, Steve, you and I had talked and, about doing the show and I had thrown out to you that I felt it was very timely for me to just lay out as much information as I can about my contact with Deep Uranium/Hudson/ak, I should say, ak Okey Marshall Richards, who was the identified FBI informant that was basically running behind the scenes at Crowdsource the Truth um the whole time that I was there. Uh, that was back starting in spring 2000, or more towards summer for me, 2017.

Um and yet what’s important I felt and I wanted to share some of the back story of my contact with him uh because it provides kind of a context for a lot of people that we now currently- just what you just mentioned. Now one of the overall context for me that’s very, very important that I want a reason why I wanted to share this information. Cuz uh this FBI informant um is still running an operation on YouTube.

Why not identify what YouTube channel(s) you are referring to, when you state that Okey Marshall Richards is still running an operation.

And I feel that it’s very important cuz I’ve been named, I’ve been named in the RDS lawsuit, you know, I’m a possible federal witness in the RICO lawsuit against Jason Goodman and you know this FBI informant you know because I was one of the few persons who’ve had contact with him and talked with him a number of times but um there’s a larger context here that I wanted to get into this because it’s very, very important for all of us to really know who are running the sources of information that’s being uh, uh, you know filtered or spread on YouTube with various channels.

On May 28, 2018 I wrote the article “The Unusual Telephone Calls of FBI Informant Okey Marshall Richards, Jr“.   At the time I had observed that the source of the identification of Deep Uranium aka Hudson appeared to be Queen Tut, but until now, this was not confirmed in the public domain.  I am glad that this interview definitively identifies Queen Tut as the source of the disclosure of this formerly hidden source of first, George Webb, and then of Jason Goodman of CSTT.

I was able to write the May, 2018 article solely because of the generous assistance of the man behind the “SchoolPlay Rehearsals” You Tube channel who, in conjunction with Queen Tut, researched the true identity of Hudson aka Deep Uranium. As part of their investigation, they talked with Ray Looker, one of the members of a militia group which had been convicted in part because of secretly taped conversations with FBI informant Okey Marshall Richards. I am indebted to School Play Rehearsal’s identification of which court transcript contained the cross-examination of Okey Marshall Richards.

Queen Tut [4.01]:  We all know RDS has just been uh you know all over the place for years running programs you know in running on all kinds of channels putting all kinds of propaganda out there. He says one thing one sentence, another thing in another sentence um and it wasn’t until I mean a number of people identified his issues but, it wasn’t until I came forward with the expose on the fact that his UNRIG program was a fraud and was able to prove it, uh that things kind of really got heated in related to RDS in the inner- in the internet and YouTube and then without knowing it, didn’t know it but there was an FBI informant operating behind Crowdsource the Truth during all this period. So it’s really important for all of us to know WHO are running these channels you know and it’s very key, the, it’s real key for people to understand that they haven’t gone away.

Steve Outtrim [5.03]:  That’s right…

RDS destroys govLARPer Alex Jones credibility?

Steve Outtrim [5.10]..who RDS is, we’re talking about Robert David Steele, he’s a former Marine and CIA case officer, possibly a spy, that seems to be involved in an enormous number of government connected LARPS and one of the most effective things that I saw him do propaganda wise was he went on the Alex Jones show and completely destroyed Alex’s credibility at a time when Alex was in the middle of a custody battle for his kids and a fairly messy kind of court situation. RDS came on and said that there are slave children being trafficked to Mars and completely discredited the entire Pizzagate and paedogate research, all Info Wars, everything, and has never really apologized for it being able to explain himself although I have heard him say he was misunderstood. It is interesting when you look at what he said.

Robert David Steele’s embarrassing interview which mentioned the Mars slave trafficking did not destroy Alex Jones’, nor InfoWars’ credibility. Alex Jones destroyed his own credibility over the years, without the assistance of anyone.  When Outtrim asserts that this Steele interview was an effective propaganda move, does he believe that Robert David Steele is really in truth a humble man who was willing to sacrifice his own reputation on the altar of a govLARP cause? The result of that interview was that Robert David Steele was mocked in the Alternative Media News and by NASA.

According to the Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert politics (ISGP), Alex Jones had admitted that he comes from a family with CIA ties. The ISGP site, which is written by  Joel v.d. Reijden, a European, provides an interesting look at Alt Media radio propaganda which later spilled over into the internet. ISGP displays graphs of the former guests of  Coast2CoastAM and their influence on the quality of Alt Media News Reports. We see familiar names such as Jerome Corsi, Steve Quayle, and of course there is  Doug Hagmann of the Hagmann Report, who at one time worked as an undercover FBI operative. From the beginning, Alt Media has always been about propaganda.

Queen Tut [5.58]:  Well, correct, Steve. I mean that’s their, that his role right? That was his role. This role has been to go on to YouTube and just completely disinform everywhere he can you know and , and um then we’ve got an FBI informant behind Crowdsource the Truth doing similar kind of things creating this Port closure, you know, the Port of Charleston being closed.

Did “Deep Pocket” Jerome Corsi really flash those $$$ in front of the wide eyed innocence of Webb and Goodman?

Steve Outtrim [6.25]:  …summary of that as well, so these guys Crowdsource the Truth, a channel with Jason Goodman and George Webb pretending to be journalists, they actually got a port shut down based on complete fake news and false information. There was a boat coming in called the Maersk Memphis, a large container and they created a hoax story that there were four containers on the ship that had diplomatic immunity and contains dirty bombs made from uranium.

Now if you go to the Wikipedia page for dirty bomb you’ll see quite clearly you can’t make the dirty bomb out of uranium so it’s very easily debunked but what I’ve discovered recently and you know following a lot of Queen Tut’s research on this is that prior to this entire Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax events happening you know one of the worst things that I’ve ever seen happen on YouTube or the web since the internet was born, two weeks prior to that these guys had met Jerome Corsi, and Jerome Corsi had offered to pay them $9,000 each per month for 3 months for some sort of operation and then two weeks later this, this cyber terrorist even happens where Homeland Security get involved.

Now suddenly, are all these people under investigation by the FBI and because they’re under investigation by the FBI is that another hop or another two hops where they can get from George Webb and Jason Goodman. So now listening to the phone calls and intercepting the emails of Jerome Corsi, then one more hop to that to Alex Jones to Roger Stone then to Trump himself, and we know that the intelligence community has been playing games like this with the crossfire hurricane Spygate affair and this is the nature of everything that Jerome Corsi is, and Roger Stone stated facing the Special Counsel.”

Sign #17 of a govLARP- Revelation of the Method!

Queen Tut [8.34]:  We’ve got a field of players operating here and they all know each other and all connected even if they act as antagonists.

Note that Queen Tut’s statement is an example of #17 Revelation of the Method on the 20 signs of a govLARP. 

The Revelation of the Method is a phrase which Michael A. Hoffmann II employed in his “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” book, first copyrighted in 1989.  I am quoting from the 2001 edition, page 53, which is discussing, “…the current unfoldment in “Must Be”, an alchemical (cant language code) term Mr. (James Shelby) Downard translates as “the Revelation of the Method”.  This alludes to the process wherein murderous deeds and hair-raising conspiracies involving wars, revolutions, decapitations, secret archaeo-astronomic deity cult-worship, and every manner of horror show are first buried beneath a cloak of secrecy…and then, when finally accomplished and secured, slowly revealed to the unsuspecting populace who watch…deep frozen…as the hidden history is unveiled….Downard is acutely aware that in exposing the conspirators he is probably serving the final dictum (in their alchemical formulation)…”. 

Hoffman further notes that “the reputation of the cryptocracy’s invincibility is heightened by the revelations”.

So Queen Tut is claiming that the field of players she is identifying as operators are working together, even when it appears they have become antagonists. She was also an Insider, so why should we believe that she is exempt from that same style of operating?

After all, she was a willing Insider on CSTT despite knowing the story of the Port of Charleston shutdown and how it was PUBLICALLY accomplished,  and now she demands that we treat her as a special exemption to the rule?  How was she not complicit in the sins of CSTT? 

As a side curiosity, Hoffman’s book also mentions Burning Man and the cryptocracy, which Steve Outtrim writes about on his Burners.Me blog and under his CryptoBeast YouTube channel.

If it weren’t for SUB BUILDER Queen Tut, where would Jason Goodman be today? Maybe roaming the streets of New York, begging for a handout!

Queen Tut [9.22] (speaking of her claim that Okey Marshall Richards sabotaged her show, so she quit CSTT on 10/11/2017):  …that was a big deal because I’ve been bringing in, I’ve been bringing up the subs (i.e. subscribers) there with a lot of the programs I was doing. I helped build that show you know I had brought people on, I was doing stuff in the background. Every show I did I supported with research you know Trello boards was all backed up, it was never just vague oh you know theories and you know secret intel messages, it was nothing like that. It was all backed up by research and I helped build the subs on that show so at some point you know we had a conflict because I told Jason you know that during the show clearing during one of the shows this person, the FBI informant named Hudson at that point had sabotaged my work, he was starting to use my work in the show that I had laid out to him in the morning, …

Steve Outtrim [12.50]:  At that time, Queen Tut, who was Rock Hudson to you, in fact maybe you could back it up for us to when did you first start working with Jason Goodman and what brought you together with him and then how did you first get introduced to Rock Hudson-Deep Uranium or whatever else he went by at the time?

Queen Tut [13.05]:  OK, well let me just finish a couple more lines of that and then let’s get into that, basically this was a key point because this is my exit from Crowdsource the Truth and basically what happened after that I told Jason I was done but what happened is that he and this Hudson-Deep Uranium-Okey Marshall Richards went on and had a couple shows, and each one of the shows they discredited me after I’d been on that show for months, they started talking about how emotionally unstable I was you know the same old good ol boy thing you do when you want to, you know, spin somebody as being a disturbed individual and how could she, how could she protest this, she’s so disturbed, she’s so unstable and they did that and, and, it was pretty you know, that was a very like in you can tell, it was a very unfair situation what they did, because they immediately just stomped all over me and you know were discrediting me to everybody.

There were a lot of accusations flying back and forth between Jason Goodman and Queen Tut after she left. Both sides used personal facts to discredit the other person.

Steve Outtrim [14.11] Had you ever been paid for your work with them at that point?

Queen Tut: [14.15] Never! It was all voluntary…[14.32] I did it voluntarily too, just because I wanted to provide truth to people.  That’s really was my motive always was to be able to share information, provide truth, real, backed up by real research.  So anyway, how he got involved you know I met Hudson, you know he was Deep Uranium on that show and I wasn’t on the show during the time he was Deep Uranium. That’s when Jason and Webb and Trish were doing the show- Trish Negron- and he was the connection Deep Uranium. Eventually I went on the show with my information about Robert David Steele and his UNRIG fraud.

And eventually I found out that you know, Jason was having contact with this person that worked with George and, and, and Jason said he was gonna bring in Deep Uranium as a character called Hudson. He was letting me know that. I said, OK, great. He said he’s gonna really come on with you know so he brought Hudson and he had that introductory program, right? Where Hudson’s first intro and I remember that very strongly because Jason asked me what my opinion of the show was afterwards. He was all excited. And I said, well you know it wasn’t that impressive considering all the information he shared was on the internet for years. [15.54]

Steve Outtrim [28.02]:  Were you ever physically with Goodman or you guys were on Skype?

Queen Tut:  We were on Skype calls. [28.40]…Once again I’m gonna keep revisiting that theme-they’re all connected. They just all like antagonists. I didn’t understand that at the time. I understood it much later, OK, that this was just generating the drama to keep the subs up.”

Steve Outtrim [28.52]:  Yeah, it’s kind of the LARP pretend to attack each other because that generates more drama. [28.58]

Queen Tut [29.02]:   It didn’t make sense to me at the time because I don’t function like that. Normal people, normal people don’t function like that, OK? So anyway, so getting back to most, a lot of my contact really started being generated during the Laurel Web thing. [29.17]

Queen Tut [29.36] (discussing Hudson): And then we started to do some shows together too at the same time so we were connected; he called me sometimes I’d call him…[31.23] Hudson told me stories about his life. He uh you know told me the story about the church… [34.02]Okey Marshall Richards most likely still FBI [34.47] voice matched Hudson [37.51]Ray Looker knows who Okey Marshal Richards was…

Steve Outtrim [43.33]: (Hudson) initiating this govLARP and shutting a port down and nobody gets in trouble.

Several government agencies were involved in investigating the Port of Charleston false report of a dirty bomb; yet the public still does not know after 19 months of silence, whether or not the government had seriously considered pursuing a criminal investigation in that incident.  It is hoped that the RICO lawsuit filed by D. George Sweigert will proceed to the discovery and the  jury trial stage, in order to bring to light the true story of how the Port of Charleston incident occurred.

Queen Tut [45.30] (regarding Rock Hudson): …there are two things he did talk about when you say that one, he’s the one he explained to me that he’s the one who suggested to Jason to have Robert David Steele on the show.

Steve Outtrim [45.34] Rock Hudson was.

Queen Tut: Yes.

Steve Outtrim: Interesting though…

Queen Tut [45.38]: Yeah, he explained that to me. I actually asked him the question. I said, whose idea was it to have Robert David Steele on the show and he said well that was my idea. You know.

Steve Outtrim [45.46]: Interesting.

Queen Tut’s hearsay story of her conversation with Hudson on the introduction of RDS to CSTT does not line up with statements made months earlier by Frank Bacon, who at one time was the administrator for Robert David Steele’s Steemit account. 

Allseeing Ewe uploaded on her YouTube channel on December 24, 2017, “(Mirror) Hoaxwars Christmas Spectacular 2017!”.  In that video (now removed), at the 1.23.41 mark, Frank Bacon remarks, “Can I be honest with you?  I started talking to George (Webb) in the beginning of the year and that was my indication of what I even told Defango this, I, I’m a bit psychic or psycho or whatever, but you know I was kind of prompted to reach out to George and reach out to a few people, but George especially, and I was working with George all the way up until that June meeting where I put him in touch with Robert David Steele and then they had the Memphis Maersk and then all that shit the fan and then I just watched in amazement as George retracted his responsibility.  I have texts from George saying that he had told Jason to leave RDS alone like 50 times and he doesn’t get along with them.” [1.24.20]

It is apparent from Steemit comments between Queen Tut and Frank Bacon that they have a contentious relationship. Steve Outtrim has listed Frank Bacon as a govLARPer, although there are no facts presented that support that assertion.  In fact, Tyroan Simpson, creator of the cryptographic novel  of Frank Bacon, is known as a SciFi author who enjoys Steemit as a platform to support his LARP form of creative writing about Benjamin Franklin Bacon. (The use of the word LARP in this context is the original sense of the word, as described in modern English dictionaries.)

Queen Tut is accusing Frank Bacon of being a govLARP without any evidence, as will be seen further down in this post. 

It is highly probably that Queen Tut has written Frank Bacon out of the story of how George Webb and Robert David Steele  were first introduced and jointly did a CSTT show with  Jason Goodman, in order to present her hearsay story to insinuate a  direct link between Hudson and Robert David Steele.

Queen Tut is a defendant in the RDS lawsuit for defamation, who chose to lose by default rather than have her side of the story bound under oath and legal rules of evidence. This hearsay story of her conversation with Hudson needs to be tested by cross-examination in a court of law and under oath, unless Okey Marshall Richards wants to confirm it in the public record. 

Susan Lutzke aka Queen Tut submitted false documents in the RDS lawsuit under a false name; that of Queen Tut’s daughter, a fact which is not discussed in the CryptoBeast interview.

At the 51.01 mark of the CryptoBeast interview, Queen Tut claims that she was given a Summary Judgment in the RDS lawsuit, and at the 1.3 hour mark she assets that this Summary Judgment against her is a badge of honor.  In fact she does not have a summary judgment against her, but rather a default judgment because she has dodged her responsibility to stand behind her own research and defamatory remarks.  She continually states that she has never been served. After she had in fact been served, she still refused to answer the complaint.  She lost by default.  A definition of what a Summary Judgment is, in comparison, is shown here.

Queen Tut [47.21]:(regarding Hudson) …all the connections with these players, this field of players, that is surrounded that he’s connected to, he’s connected to Robert David Steele, the FBI Informant, he’s connected to George Webb, he’s connected to Jason Goodman, he was behind the scenes for almost the whole show, he may still be talking to him, I that would not surprise me at all OK, I’m sure they’re still talking, he’s connected to, um, there was somebody else said he was connected to.

Steve Outtrim [47.48]: Jenny Moore?

Queen Tut: Yeah, he was connected to Jenny Moore. [47.50]

Steve Outtrim [47.51]: Yeah, he was in fact, George said that he was appointing Jenny to be his liaison to Deep Uranium just as he appointed Jenny to be his liaison to Robyn Gritz so you know these two people seem to be representing more than just themselves. They seem to be you know in the case of Gritz is connected to this London group which is full of ex or current Intel people and then Deep Uranium has this military group that’s there and in the shadows but this is sort of how I guess the sausage gets made of Crowdsource the Truth, right?

Why Queen Tut claims Frank Bacon is a govLARP

Queen Tut [1 hour.13]:   I never felt that Defango was that important…[1.13.45] I do know that he’s friends with Frank Bacon. He had him in his room, I saw a video of them talking with Frank Bacon together. Frank Bacon is completely tied into Robert David Steele. That’s Ty Simpson, Tyroan Simpson. He’s on his website. He’s tied into this, there’s no—his father, Frank Bacon’s father is a DynCorp person for years; his mother runs MUFON in Colorado and I believe they have been involved certainly in some kind of ratline activity and intelligence stuff. And of course if they’re connected to Robert David Steele, it’s all dirty.

First we see Frank Bacon named on a list of govLARPers discussed in this video. Then Queen Tut ignores his existence entirely as being the one who facilitated the meeting between George Webb and Robert David Steele, although Frank Bacon had been RDS’s Steemit Administrator at that time. Tyroan aka Frank Bacon no longer has an active role in promoting the work of Robert David Steele.

But since there is acrimony between Queen Tut and Frank Bacon, she asserts that not only is he involved in govLARP ratline activity, but his parents as well! And all this ridiculous conjecturing is based on his father’s employment and his mother’s interest in UFO research via the MUFON group. This is not proof of anything, and Queen Tut is engaging in slander. 

Queen Tut [1.25.30]: “They” don’t like intelligent single individuals who bring new information or a new perspective…they want to control the narrative…[1.25:46] and if you come out as an individual with your own intelligence, your own intuition, your own abilities, your own insight, then they’re going to slam you, they want to just silence you because that’s what I feel RDS’s role is, that’s what Jason Goodman’s role is, that’s become clear.

Queen Tut is a first class hypocrite in condemning “they”, when she herself commits the same actions. This CryptoBeast interview took place on November 29 ,2018, two weeks after I protested her attack on one of my readers.  She has created a total of nine false personas to write comments on the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog.

I addressed her assertion that she had never been served in the RDS lawsuit by writing the November 13, 2018 article, “Who Shall Plead for Queen Tut?”.  After that, Queen Tut under a different pseudonym accused me of being Deep NSA. When she made a comment in the name of Robert David Steele, which was entirely misleading and a false impersonation of a real person, that was when I became finished with the antics of Queen Tut.

Here is what Queen Tut posted on her Twitter account about this blog, almost 3 weeks after she did the CryptoBeast interview. Apparently if an independent writer of a very small blog does not kowtow to the manipulations of Queen Tut, she begins a slander campaign. Maybe I should ask for a gag order from heaven and see what happens… and just because I have countered certain false assertions made against Robert David Steele, it does not follow that he runs my blog.  For four years now I have been writing on the topic of the Alternative News Media, and I have long stood for the right of all individuals to be judged on their own merits, rather than on the basis of slanderous, unfounded accusations.



D. George Sweigert Document 74 regarding Cyberstalking and Harassment by Jason Goodman

On January 15, 2019 Document 74 was filed in the D. George Sweigert v. Jason Goodman federal civil lawsuit.

Document 74 primarily concerns a letter written to Jason Goodman dated January 11, 2019 by the plaintiff concerning the videos which had been published by Jason Goodman on his YouTube channel, especially the January 9, 2019 video titled, Question for Legal Experts-Has D. George Sweigert Committed Mail Fraud?

sweigert doc 74 1 15 2019

Mindless Loitering Under a Gas Light: Jason Goodman and Michael Barden Attempt To Reverse Engineer Their Legal Problems

On January 9, 2019, Jason Goodman published three videos on his YouTube channel featuring Michael Barden Targeted Individual at the Maricopa county (Arizona) courthouse, as well as at Barden’s residence. In these videos Jason Goodman uses his personal visit to Arizona  to attempt to reverse engineer the context of various facts which are described in filed documents in the RICO lawsuit, D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman. In addition, insinuations are made regarding the relationship of the author of the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog and Dave Sweigert. This issue was addressed in November as an update to the article I had written on Michael Barden in October 2018.  However, since most readers are not aware of that lengthy update, it can be read in the second half of this post.

The last time I viewed a Michael Barden Targeted Individual video was on November 28, 2018.  Titled, Gangstalker caught gaslighting at work Targeted Individual Michael Barden, the viewer sees an example of Michael Barden targeting for harassment an employee of a fast food restaurant. This 2.25 minute video has background distractions and the words of the employee as well as Michael Barden are difficult to discern clearly, but it begins as follows:

Michael Barden:  So I’m in Freddy’s and uh this guy doesn’t know how many people can see this.  I’m at Freddy’s Hamburgers-steak burger place, and this guy back here behind me, I give me my food, ask me if I want everything on it, I said, “No onions”.  So give me a burger with onions and no lettuce so I very nicely went up there and said, “Hey, could you, could you put, please put the-could you please make this last and make it please take the lettuce or tomatoes off”, so he said, “Yeah, I’ll bring it out.”  I said, “”No, it’s OK, I’ll just wait.” So the guy sets the tray back on the counter, picks it back up and sets it right in front of me and uh doesn’t change anything, just stared at it.  So I explained to him that he was messing with me, I don’t like that.  So alright, so anyway this guy’s name is Brandon.  Hey Brandon, did you want to give me your manager’s information so I can I can file that complaint?

Fast Food employee “Brandon”:  Come here!

Michael Barden: Come here? What am I supposed to walk back there?  Everybody!  This is Brandon.  He likes to gaslight people.  You know what that means, Brandon?

Brandon:  You like to get attention.

Michael Barden:  You like to gaslight people. (Brandon’s voice in background is muffled). If you’d like to see Brandon on Crowdsource the Truth…so hey you guys are in a video that’s going to get a million people seeing it.  Seriously, check it out Michael Barden, B A R D E N, I’ve got hundreds of videos on YouTube.  Yeah, it’s about organized stalking and harassment and this guy Brandon right here likes to do it….

The video proceeds with Brandon saying something like Barden had thrown something across the counter.  And Michael Barden replying “I threw it, I threw it in the trash can and I actually was very friendly to you and you just stood there and stared at me, so I was trying to get your..”.  And Brandon in the background says, “You’re retarded”.  He also mentions that Michael Barden does not have his name right.

This is a typical Michael Barden video, but what I thought was interesting is that he is using Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource the Truth YouTube channel as the means of threatening people like “Brandon” with the prospect of a million viewers.

Speaking of threatening behavior, Michael Barden’s legal troubles concern his arrest for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Disorderly Conduct with a Weapon. And since he had been explaining his side of this story to Jason Goodman on CSTT, as well as on his own YouTube channel, and I follow similar stories on the two Facebook groups I am a member of, I wrote an article on October 6, 2018 called Another “Woe Is Me” Jason Goodman Guest, “Targeted Individual” Michael Barden:  An Illustration of the Dangers of Reframing Reality Through Social Media Videos.

So what happened on November 24, 2018, was that Michael Barden linked to my story on his Facebook page, and the Facebook Administrator for Jason Goodman/CSTT began to lie about the authorship of my blog. The Updates to my article are shown below. I was intending to let this addition to the Barden story rest in peace; however, the January 9, 2019 videos of Jason Goodman and Michael Barden who were attempting again to attribute my written works to Dave Sweigert in some manner needs to be reproved once again.

The only link I have to Dave Sweigert is that I post the legal documents of his lawsuit on my blog. It costs considerable money to download numerous court filings from PACER, and by placing these documents in PDF format, I am providing free access to these court filings to my readers.

Here is what I had written as an update on the Michael Barden article, which I am reposting because Jason Goodman and Michael Barden are insinuating that an organized gang stalking campaign exists against them, based apparently on the fact that Tracking the Leopard Meroz publishes public court records which involve them.

Update 11/25/2018

Yesterday Michael Barden posted a link to the above article on his Facebook page. Comments which were made, have obliged me to respond.   Other than the two Facebook groups I am a member of, I rarely post comments to other Facebook pages.I have never commented on YouTube or Twitter.  As shown below, comments were made attributing the authorship of this blog to Dave Sweigert, thus denying the true author of the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog as being Jacquelyn Weaver, who is identified in the copyright notice.

Numerous persons who know me personally can attest that this blog represents my writings.  WordPress has the unique identifying features which authenticate my authorship of this blog.  Thus I felt compelled to correct the record on Barden’s FB page, and have screenshot several comments to document that fact.

Near the end of the comments, the following was asked and this Update comprises my answer.

Near the end of the comments, the following was asked and this Update comprises my answer. So let’s begin at the beginning….

To begin with, Michael Barden rhetorically asks who wrote this article which he claims discredits good people.  He calls it is a huge article about him, in spite of the fact that half of the article concerns an incarcerated felon named Shawn Stuller who made the mistake of listening to the advice of a couple of men with Sovereign Citizen beliefs.  When he rejected a 5 year plea deal on the table, Stuller was given a sentence four times longer for his crimes.  Fortunately for him, the Court later had mercy on him and allowed him to accept the original plea deal.

This blog is a Christian commentary, thus this article is tied together with a Scripture quote which serves as a sound warning to those involved in legal matters.  I transition what I wrote on Mike Barden’s situation in early October to the Stuller story, by stating that cautionary advice was necessary BEFORE “we attempt to override the legal counsel of a person facing a criminal conviction”.  In this case, Mike Barden was discussing legal options in a YouTube video with Jason Goodman, who is not an attorney.

I displayed verifiable public documentation on Barden’s aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct with a weapon charge, and I gave the opinion that these were serious charges. I also displayed some screenshots to reflect that both Jason Goodman and Mike Barden repeatedly play the theme of his claim to be a Targeted Individual, which implies that his troubles are the fault of others.  I quote from a Jason Goodman interview of Barden, where the interviewer is asking whether it is a bigger risk to take the plea deal.  The title of this article emphasizes that this cautionary piece involves the dangers of reframing reality through social media videos.

As I understand it, after this article was written, Mike Barden pleaded guilty, and now desires to reverse that and try a different approach to his case. He is not helping himself in that effort when he videotapes himself in his everyday life, or when he discusses his case in detail on the Jason Goodman show. “Evidence” relevant to his case is something that needs to be examined in accordance with the established rules of evidence and in a court setting which is under oath.  This cannot be properly done in videos, where the viewer cannot prove the soundness of the testimony of witnesses, and hard facts and evidence.

Immediately after Mike Barden posted my article on his Facebook page, the Facebook Administrator for Crowdsource the Truth (CSTT), Casey Whalin claims without any evidence,  that Dave Sweigert wrote the article.  He says he can tell by the way the words are put together.


I write a blog which is presently being read by 3 categories of persons: those interested in the Christian Alternative Media; those following the Port of Charleston dirty bomb incident which is now referenced in 2 federal civil lawsuits; and those who are interested in antigovernment/sovereign citizen/ tax protestor issues.  The article I posted involving Michael Barden addresses two of those general categories of interest.

I state in my blog under “history and foundation” that I write a commentary to encourage readers to think critically about what they read and hear so that they are not deceived by deceivers. I also state that I use information found in the public domain which anyone can access, and my point in doing this exclusively is to demonstrate that reasoned judgments can be made by analyzing the face of a topic, without knowing all the hidden details. I am not a professional investigative journalist, although I came from a family that published a weekly newspaper for over 50 years. My blog/commentary is free and does not ask for donations. A professional investigative journalist seeks out original sourced material, which requires both time and expense. I have never claimed to be a professional investigative journalist, but rather someone who writes a Christian commentary, which is a different standard of writing. However, I do document everything I comment on, from video transcriptions, screen shots, links to the written works of other authors, etc. Thus Mike Barden has lied about the substance of the article involving him.

It is readily apparent from the Facebook comments displayed above, that the content of this article was not addressed by Michael Barden, nor Casey Whalin.  Rather, the main focus of Mike Barden and Casey Whalin and Jason Goodman was to use this article as an opportunity to create a false accusation against Dave Sweigert.  I routinely post the public domain court documents of the lawsuit which Sweigert has filed against Goodman, as a courtesy to my readers that follow that case.  I also did the same in the Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit.   Dave Sweigert has never written anything on this blog, and from what I have observed, when he desires to publicly comment, it is through his own YouTube channel, or through commenting on a social media site.

It is wrong for anyone to attribute the writings of this blog to anyone other than the real author, and these men are fools to promote falsehoods which can be easily overturned in any court room.

In conclusion, those who follow Jason Goodman and Michael Barden should carefully consider the full context of the public record before accepting their narrative as representing a fair and valid analysis of the evidence.







Merry Christmas to Jason Goodman! Plaintiff D. George Sweigert Files his Reply to Order to Show Cause

For awhile I thought the Grinch was the cause of a glitch which occurred at the United States District Court Southern District of New York, when I went to take a peek at Document 72 entered December 18, 2018 for Plaintiff’s Reply to Order to Show Cause.  What a surprise when the document displayed was a court filing by an incarcerated Murder for Hire felon! How did that happen?

The Grinch trying to steal Jason Goodman’s Christmas gift!

Well, the Court Clerk interceded to exchange gifts, and now Jason Goodman can unwrap the Plaintiff’s legal arguments in reply to the Judge’s Order To Show Cause.

If you want to see Document 72 unwrapped, go to this link:  sweigert show cause response dec 2018

Steve Outtrim’s Burners.Me Webpage Publishes 2 Insightful Articles on Jason Goodman

On December 11, 2018, Burners.Me published two fascinating and insightful documented reports on Jason Goodman’s past business ventures. Both are a great read and give the reader a tour of  Goodman’s background experiences which lead up to his latest business venture into broadcast journalism under the YouTube channel name, Crowdsource the Truth.

Insane in the Ukraine-J. Go Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Insane in the Ukraine Part 2- The Spin Begins

Prepper Kitty to Miss Ippi: Red Bubble Is Burst… Jason Goodman is On The Road To Poverty As Cup Sales Plummet!!!

Tracking the Leopard Meroz’s  black panther kitten,  Miss Ippi, receives an alert from Prepper Kitty!

Apparently no one is at home in this critical moment, as Dave Sweigert has left Prepper Kitty to fend for herself while he sits in his undisclosed Arizona location, watching his toes wiggle.  And then Jacquelyn at Tracking the Leopard Meroz is busy making a Christmas present, and paying no attention to anything else. So this breaking news is brought to you by Prepper Kitty and Miss Ippi. 

Hear ye, hear ye,  Jason Goodman’s Red Bubble has burst, leaving him in a state of impending poverty as his meme cup sales plummet to zero, just prior to the holiday season!

The Alert was signaled by this secret message indicating that Red Bubble is no longer selling the Deep State Dunce line of products designed by Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth.

Sweigert sends this secret message with the misdirection title regarding Defango.

Actually, the real mover and shaker in bursting Jason Goodman’s Red Bubble is most likely Document 69 (35 pages) filed November 20, 2018, in the U. S. Dist. Court for Southern District of New York as Memorandum of Points and Authorities to Support Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction per NY CPLR sec. 6301.

sweigert doc 69