Why Is Thomas Schoenberger Accusing the Tracking the Leopard Meroz Blog of Hiding Court Exhibits?

On November 6, 2020, Document 48 was filed with the Circuit Court of the 15th Judicial Circuit, in and for Palm Beach County, Florida, in the Gabe Hoffman vs. Thomas Schoenberger lawsuit.  This document represents the Plaintiff’s Motion for Contempt Against Defendant Thomas Schoenberger. [Hoffman v Schoenberger Doc 48 1106 2020 Motion for Contempt].

Item 4 of Document 48, under the subtitle, A Frivolous Motion to Vacate, states, “Instead of complying with the Order, Schoenberger filed a frivolous Motion to Vacate the Order.  The Motion, filed on October 15, 2020, claimed that Schoenberger was unable to attend the hearing due to “tecnical difficulties,” and alleged that he received a “death threat phone call” prior to the hearing.  Schoenberger had failed to appear at a hearing in this case on October 8, 2020.”

Item 8 adds, “Schoenberger’s claims regarding the death threat he alleges to have received plainly conflict, are highly inconsistent, and Schoenberger has produced no evidence whatsoever to substantiate his claims of “technical difficulties” and alleged death threats.

A Hearing has been set for December 8, 2020, to deal with the Plaintiff’s Motion for Contempt Against Defendant Thomas Schoenberger.

As soon as Thomas Schoenberger’s “Motion to Vacate Order Entered October 9, 2020 and Motion to Re-Schedule Hearing” was posted as Document 47 on the Palm Beach, Florida, Court Site,  I published the entire document, as a convenience to the readers of Tracking the Leopard Meroz.  Document 47 consists of 3 pages WITHOUT EXHIBITS.

Earlier today, Thomas Schoenberger posted two videos, one titled Marin County, and the other What can I say, Dave Achtung?  Either really shitty research or your comped.

Dave Sweigert responded with a video, linked here, on his  SDNY ORG You tube channel, shown below with the Thomas Schoenberger/True Blood video titles.

SDNY ORG, Dave Sweigert’s You Tube channel addressed Schoenberger’s video complaints on 11/29/2020

Thomas Schoenberger states at the beginning of the What can I say, Dave Achtung? video,”(0:00) I see that Leopard Misled and uh Dave uh they don’t quite get it they’re not really doing their research very well so these are some of the exhibits that I’ve already put into my Motion To Vacate.  His team now that Dave is buddy buddies with Gabe you know to show you guys here’s the death threat from October 8th 407 a.m. uh you know right around the corner from the hearing and you know if David done his research..(31 second mark)”.

Schoenberger adds at the 4.03 minute mark,  “so this is all public documents right.  I filed this [ __ ], I put it into a public uh document and of course it will not it will not make Jackie Weaver’s post..(04:19)”.

A couple of the documents partially shown in Schoenberger’s video appear to be part of a 22 page document.  Tracking the Leopard Meroz did not post those documents, because they are NOT part of the Palm Beach Court Record. I post all official court documents that are filed by both the Plaintiff and the Defendant. I do not tamper with the court filings.  I am not an employee of the Palm Beach County, Florida Court Records Department and have no control over what or when they display documents on their docket system.

I will not publish documents that Thomas Schoenberger has displayed on his videos or his Twitter account, that he claims have been filed with the Court, when in fact the Court Records do not display them.  

Thomas Schoenberger’s hearing for the Plaintiff’s Motion for Contempt is coming up on December 8, 2020. He should be coming up with better excuses for his failure to respond to Court Orders than that Tracking the Leopard Meroz is hiding his documents.

A Reminder to Thomas Schoenberger:

I apologize that the screenshots below are barely discernable, but they are displayed here to remind Thomas Schoenberger that he has NOT posted any other documents since October 15, 2020, in the Gabe Hoffman lawsuit.  I have documented the docket status for my own records, by these two screen shots of the Court Docket which also display today’s date and time on my computer.

The Palm Beach Court often posts documents several days after they have been e-filed, and when they do, they display the e-file date, and not the actual posting date to their public records docket. 

However, I have verified with Gabe Hoffman that he has not received any documents e-filed by the Defendant since the October 15, 2020 Document 47.





Robert David Steele vs Jason Goodman: Document 11 Plaintiff’s Memorandum in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss

On November 27, 2020, Document 11 was filed in the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division in the Robert David Steele, et. al. vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 11  (21 pages)  Plaintiff’s Memorandum in Opposition to Defendant’s Omnibus Motion to Dismiss

RDS v Goodman Alexandria Doc 11 1127 2020

Gabe Hoffman vs. Thomas Schoenberger: Document 52 Plaintiff’s Supplement to Motion for Contempt

On November 24, 2020, Document 52 was filed in the Circuit Court for the 15th Judicial Circuit in and for Palm Beach County, Florida, in the Gabe Hoffman vs. Thomas Schoenberger lawsuit.

Document 52  (6 pages)  Plaintiff’s Supplement to Motion for Contempt Against Defendant Thomas Schoenberger (Scheduled for Special Set Hearing on December 8, 2020 @ 10:30 AM)

Hoffman v Schoenberger Doc 52 1124 2020

D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman: Document 169 Supplemental Pleading

On November 25, 2020, Document 169 was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 169  (9 pages)  Supplemental Pleading to Augment ECF No. 168, “Notice of Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunctive Relief Pursuant to New York Rights Law Section 50 & 51”

Sweigert v Goodman Doc 169 1125 2020

The Defiance of Denise Matteau, Who Declared “Sue Me, Jacqueline Weaver! Come On!” Or Was That, “Sue Me JACQUELYN Weaver!”?

Denise Matteau: “He lives by lies, Sweigert, Professor Jacqueline Weaver; they live by lies. She can be maybe as honest as I’ll get out when she’s talking to her own people in her ivory academic tower, but then she turns around and publishes that filthy, filthy, obscene propaganda terrorist blog alongside these disgusting terrorists, and she’s right down the street from where Port Neches was blown up, and I’ll bet you she was consulted by those cops. I’ll bet you she was on every little government, look into it, committee. They’ve got them and she was right there with Sweigert,  setting it up. GO ON, YOU’RE A LAW PROFESSOR JACQUELINE WEAVER, AND THIS IS TEXAS AND WE’RE BOTH IN TEXAS, WE CAN GET TO THE SAME COURTHOUSE, SUE ME, I DARE YOU!!!

Today’s article is an enlargement of the short post written November 19, 2020, titled, Denise Matteau Wilfully Misidentifies a University of Houston Law Professor as the Author of Tracking the Leopard Meroz.

The November 19th post was a notification to my readers that Denise Matteau had deliberately fabricated a lie that a University of Houston law professor who spells her first name Jacqueline and shares the same surname as my married name, is the same person as Jacquelyn Weaver, the author of Tracking the Leopard Meroz.

Today’s post will explore Denise Matteau’s motive for upgrading my bona fides from Thomas Schoenberger’s unproven allegations that I work for the CIA Mockingbird Project to a law professor with an interest in economics.

Tracking the Leopard Meroz displays the following Notice of The Poor Man’s Copyright:

Denise Matteau violates this copyright when she claims that persons other than my self write the articles for the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog, or as she had before suggested, that my legal name is a pseudonym.

In the meantime, Matteau has created six videos between November 17-20, 2020, to amplify her falsehoods against numerous persons, in which she inserts her vicious attacks against the strawman argument she invented involving my name, resume, and residency.

Just below Tracking the Leopard Meroz’s blog heading is a link to my Contact Page which provides the following information:

Matteau falsely claims that she contacted me privately before publicly asserting that I am another person named Jacqueline Weaver of Houston, Texas.

Denise Matteau published a video called Desperate Men See Blackmail Efforts Backfire on November 20, 2020, which discusses an email she received from Dave Sweigert,  addressed to several parties, including Jacqueline Weaver, Law Professor at the University of Houston. I am not addressed in Sweigert’s communication; however, he displays a link to my blog with tags for Denise Matteau noted.

In the Desperate Men video, Denise Matteau says at the 4.10 mark, “…and he puts the address of Jacqueline Weaver, the professor at University of Houston.  He puts the address of her blog which is obviously attacking me since you know I’ve begun to openly address what she’s been doing.  And by the way there was private contact before I began speaking about her.  I made private contact to ascertain who she is to her private contact to her.  That’s all I’ll say about that.”

Denise Matteau NEVER contacted me at my email address, jacquelyn113@hotmail.com.  She lied.

It seems that I have to continually stress that my blog is copyrighted and written under my legal name.  Over the past 6 years or so, I, JACQUELYN WEAVER, have provided personal information within my articles that identifies me as a real person living in Mississippi, employment information from my resume, references to my husband of 36 years and various personal anecdotes. This blog is tied in with my personal email account and also to the IP address of my Mississippi residence, which a  Court sanctioned request to WordPress.com would establish.

One of the two articles that I have written on Denise Matteau, mentions that I currently live in Mississippi. The other article is a compilation of various writings that Denise has left on forum sites, etc. over the years, that provide insight into her personality.  Both articles are a year or more old.  I do not use Twitter, or leave comments under YouTube videos or engage in live stream chat rooms. So I had to wonder what force was driving Denise Matteau to do several live stream rants against me.  It is notable that she recently had contacted Thomas Schoenberger, and that one of her lies originated with  Schoenberger’s reputation defender, the New Zealand multi-millionaire Steve Outtrim.

Prior to Denise Matteau’s recent slander against me and Jacqueline Weaver, a law professor at the University of Houston, I had never heard of this lawyer and economist.  No doubt this innocent victim of Denise Matteau had never heard of me either, until this false association was fabricated by Denise Matteau.

At the 5.48 mark of the Desperate Men video, Matteau quotes Dave Sweigart’s email which commented, “‘Ms. Matteau has accused Professor Weaver allegedly of participating in this child murder ring that seeks out students for violence.”  Then Denise Matteau adds her own comment saying, “Well, she’s certainly participating through her blog.”

What was the force driving Matteau’s false allegations about Sweigert and Weaver? 

The background:  I do not subscribe to Dave Sweigert’s YouTube channel which has undergone various name changes and is presently called SDNYORG; however, Denise Matteau does.  I do subscribe to his most recent blog website. I am busy with several projects and so have a limited amount of time to spend on YouTube videos which run longer than ten minutes.  It was Dave Sweigert who contacted me and advised that I look at a time mark on a 2 hour Truth Convoy video.  I was astonished at the allegations that Matteau had said, and responded by writing the short “denial” post on November 19, 2020.

It seems that after Denise Matteau claimed that Sweigert was connected to the Port of Neches explosion on November 27, 2019, he spent his own funds to obtain the full official report of the investigation on that explosion.  Sweigert publicly noted that the Port of Neches explosion WAS NOT caused by terrorist activities.

Denise Matteau remarks on this in her Truth Convoy video They Will Plead Insanity published on November 17, 2020, at the 157.19 minute mark where she states, “Dave Acton (i.e. Dave Sweigert) produced a video bragging about getting paperwork on Port Neches that they’re going to use in their continued efforts to frame me up for what they did and he actually bragged, this is how ridiculous these nut cases are. He actually bragged about having pressured Paxton to get those papers to prove that there is no, that there is no one ever said there was a terrorist blowing up the chemical tank…”.

I wrote one article on the Port Neches explosion on December 3, 2019, called Talebearers Denise Matteau and Marcus Conte “Ignited and United” Campaign to Bring to Justice Their Mythical Monsters.  That article is self explanatory.

However, in the November 17, 2020, Truth Convoy YouTube video, Schoenberger’s Insane Attempt to Blackmail Texas A. G. Paxton, Denise Matteau discusses a video which had been posted on Sweigert’s YouTube channel on November 25, 2019, that I was unaware of until several days later, when there was an explosion at the TPC Group plant at Port Neches on November 27, 2019.  Matteau stated at the 98.59 minute mark, “…but when I googled it up while the thing was blowing up, that article that Jacquelyn Weaver published in her blog and Sweigert published in his blog; they’ve both taken them down you bet, they did, with my picture on it, was published naming that port, the company that owned that tank, that they blew up and that was published 48 hours before the explosions and that psychopath Sweigert is bragging that they’ve been blackmailing Ken Paxton…”.

The only articles I posted in November of 2019, were informational posts on different lawsuits which I follow. If Matteau says that I published something 48 hours prior to the Port of Neches explosion, she should produce the evidence.

I cannot discuss the allegations that Matteau makes specifically against Sweigert, because I was unaware that there was a ‘terrorist” issue with his video(s) and his blog until later.  The only thing I published in regard to the Texas explosion was the December 3, 2019, article which quoted public videos made by Marcus Conte and Denise Matteau and news articles.

I do not work in conjunction with Dave Sweigert, although our interests often coincide  because we independently were covering the Port of Charleston “dirty bomb” incident on June 14, 2017, and we also share a similar interest in the topics of internet defamation and cyberstalking.  I regularly post the documents for the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit, which I do as well for other lawsuits that are of interest to me.

It seems that my modest resume does not fit Denise Matteau’s false criminal allegations that she is building against Sweigert; so she had to insert the impressive resume of another woman as a substitute set of facts to establish the credibility of her defamation  narrative!

The November 19, 2020, Truth Convoy video, Texas Developments 2020at the 82.14 minute mark, Denise Matteau stated, “Just as I was shocked that, that  Acton (i.e. Dave Sweigert) didn’t get arrested.  I didn’t know that (the) Acton connection in Houston is with a Houston law professor, professor of law, particularly in gas and oil law.  Okay, she’s a professor emerita, which means she’s not really on the faculty.  She gets, it’s it’s a it’s the kind of paycheck the CIA arranges for people honorary, and she gets to throw her weight behind people when Port Neches did start looking at Acton and his drone plans.  She had published that article and put her weight, so all they do is they quietly back down.”

Continuing this narrative, Matteau says, “Acton recently published some papers and you can ask him about it, because he thinks he’s got something going on there.  He got something like 46 or 62 or some big number of pages of the research the investigation material from the attorney general’s office on the Port of Neches stuff, which I’m not even sure how much of it really should be public, who knows what it is.  It might be I think possibly these officers have garbage files that they have ready to hand people like Acton when they start making their FOIA requests, but Acton’s whole thing was it did not contain the word terrorist.”

“Well you don’t have to contain the word terrorism to look into somebody who blows up a chemical plant, especially in my discussions with the authorities, I used the word blackmail and extortion and Professor Jacqueline Weaver, the oil and gas professor in Houston used her weight behind making intimidating the authorities from going very far in their investigation, which doesn’t mean that they’re really that intimidated, it just means, okay, I’m gonna keep this quiet.”

So because I, Jacquelyn Weaver, am retired from banking and have spent a number of years raising two daughters, and taking care of a husband and my in-laws, it would appear that I am not a sexy enough scapegoat for Denise Matteau’s false narratives.  Thus, she hand picked a Houston law professor with my name who had economics and law degrees to accuse of having the clout necessary to cover-up a so-called terrorist plot against the Port of Neches!

And after fabricating this story line, Denise Matteau challenges this monstrous perversion of her own imagination to sue her!!! Jacqueline Weaver is NOT Jacquelyn Weaver, and Jacquelyn Weaver is NOT Jacqueline Weaver. In all of my six years of writing on the Alternative Media, Denise Matteau is beyond bizarre. 

Further Elaborations of this Bizarre Fantasy

In the November 17, 2020, video called They Will Plead Insanity, Denise Matteau says at the 150.24 minute mark, “Jacquelyn Weaver is supposedly a pseudonym.  Funny, funny, ha, ha.  Well I went looking for her folder; I saw about four pages of highly academic and I could tell by the writing in that blog, she’s a highly academic writer.  She’s a college professor PhD level writer, not your average newspaper written for fourth grade level AND I FOUND HER!”

“She is a professor of law, environmental law, and she has got at least four pages of small print citations of articles that she has written which are all highly left-wing take down the industrial infrastructure.  None of these people in their academic ivory towers are going to get their hands dirty.  She wasn’t there when family’s doors and windows were blown out at Port Neches and they all had to stay in a shelter for four days.  Four days before it was pulled under control.  She wasn’t there.”

“She was in her ivory tower in Houston churning out academic PhD level articles, eco-terrorist articles, Marxist articles, but all in highly respectable academic language with one hand while putting out a piece of crap blogged attacking me and making fun of the murder of my daughter with the other hand. And when I saw that and I put it together with Schoenberger’s actual genuine military background, and his actual genuine military reject friends who run have a gun and ammunition business…”.

At the 153.58 minute mark Denise Matteau continues, “Weaver is another one who’s giving them, giving the brainwashed cult terrorists their justification, their, their Marxist eco-terrorist justifications to go out and spill blood.”

Earlier at the 143.13 minute mark, Denise Matteau had stated, “The CIA runs both sides…They’re connected with gun running here in Texas, grooming when they first came into my chat when (redacted) and Brian Birmingham, two ex-Army nut cases came into my chat marking my daughter’s death.  It was in celebration of Guy Fawkes Day, and as I was saying earlier, Jacquelyn Weaver; these are the people who murdered my daughter.

[I apologize for mentioning the names of other victims of Denise Matteau, for they have suffered much trouble over the years in this long-running false narrative.  I would like to remind my readers that others have tried various avenues of countering the slander spoken against them.  This style of defamation is indeed egregious.]

Matteau drags the reputation of  Esteban Trujillo into her pigsty

Then Denise Matteau lies again about the authorship of Tracking the Leopard Meroz, in that she alleges that Esteban Trujillo has written articles under my name. Trujillo was an Army Ranger who received a silver star.  But see how these simple facts are altered.

In the They Will Plead Insanity video of November 17, 2020, Denise Matteau says, “Esteban Trujillo, it’s another fat little pudgy meatball.  Here’s a Navy Seal, right, that guy nobody with that physique has ever been a Navy Seal.  I mean Navy Seals do work with other people in the military and they do photo ops with them.  Trujillo has written articles for that Jacquelyn Weaver character who I thought was a pseudonym.”

“There is a Jacqueline Weaver; I found her very serious eco-terrorism right there at Port Neches, and isn’t it strange that a Houston eco-terrorist would publish the same crap that Schoenberger partner-in-crime Dave Sweigert was publishing in his SDNY and, and Outtrim their foreign agent there- we are looking at a massive ring of spies and terrorists, some of whom really do have military background.”

She adds at the 129.26 minute mark, “And it’s possible that Esteban Trujillo also at one time did, but I don’t think that Esteban Trujillo if he had ever actually been Navy Seal material, he wouldn’t be willing to do photo ops in his present pudgy state”.

[129.56] “Trujillo has outed himself in the Jacquelyn Weaver blog, Tracking the Leopard Meroz.  He forgot that he was pretending to be Jacquelyn Weaver in writing an article because oh, you know those articles are written by different people, but they all have her name on them.  He talks about himself in one of them, and I’m reading his blog or her blog and then oh, it was her blog, but it was him talking about himself and then he goes back to being Jacquelyn Weaver.  Like okay, so I was thinking Jacquelyn Weaver has got to be a pseudonym.”

Esteban Trujillo is a fine writer and publishes content on his two blogs.  He has never ghostwritten anything for Tracking the Leopard Meroz. Trujillo lives in Thailand with his beautiful wife; he has his own projects and interests which he pursues.

Millie Weaver and Steve Outtrim

Another bizarre twist in this narrative comes out of the play book of New Zealand multi-millionaire, Steve Outtrim. A woman named Millie Weaver was arrested in Ohio on August 17, 2020.  Apparently she had been a correspondent for InfoWars.  I do not know this person. Millie Weaver is not related to my husband’s side of the family. But right after her arrest, Steve Outtrim put this misleading question on his Twitter account.

On his burners.me blog, Steve Outtrim wrote the day after the arrest, an article dated August 18, 2020, Millie Freed & Cashed Up; Illuminati Defango MAGA Coalition’s Biggest Donor.

If you look at the subtitle below, Steve Outtrim implied by this innuendo, that I am a meddling mother.  My two daughters, who are both married, would disagree with that statement, and it is offensive that a total stranger to our family life would make that insinuation.  Outtrim says, as shown below, “There’s a rumor going around that Millie Weaver is related to Tracking the Leopard Meroz’s Jacquelyn Weaver, which would be #BigIfTrue.

Denise Matteau who recently contacted Steve Outtrim’s friend, Thomas Schoenberger, who falsely claims I am CIA, suddenly took off with this innuendo and embellished it in her recent video rants.

I ignored Steve Outtrim’s utter nonsense until this showed up on Denise Matteau’s November 20, 2020, Truth Convoy YouTube video called Le Cochon Fou.  

At the 10.37 mark, Matteau says, “I found out some more interesting stuff.  Some of these people that are related that are part of the A858 thing, uh, had been emailing one of my accounts that I never checked because I have like some old craft channels and I had you know set up Gmail accounts to go with them.  And I just generally I don’t use those accounts, so I rarely ever check them.  And I stumbled across something very, very interesting.  One of Schoenberger’s correspondence is Mrs. Alex Jones.  She’s also one of Jacquelyn Weaver’s correspondents, your name Erica Wolf w-u-l-f-f-.  Mrs. Alex Jones.  And I stumbled across these emails that have been sitting in that account unopened.  I can see why they’re getting nervous.  The entire blackmail, the, they’re attempting this, this all these whistle-blowings on Ken Paxton…”.

I have never corresponded with any of Alex Jones’ wives.  Who is Erica Wulff, anyway?  But I do know Thomas Schoenberger who falsely claims that I am part of the CIA Mockingbird program, and one of his primary defenders, Steve Outtrim, enjoys putting out innuendos with no basis in the facts. 

Denise Matteau continues at the 12.55 minute mark, “…not only did another Infowar correspondent that was just recently arrested for violently throwing her own mother down on the floor and along with another member of the Infowars family holding the woman down while they stole her phone from her.  I’m talking about Millie Rue.  The Weaver family Jacquelyn Weaver’s family, her relatives up in Ohio…”…[15.00]  It was Millie Weaver, Jacquelyn Weaver’s relative, Mrs. Alex Jones’s friend, a former correspondent…”.

And then at the 34.50 minute mark, she adds, “and as far as the blackmail on my daughter’s oh that’s just Dave Acton, well you know what, Alex Jones’ wife and Professor Jacquelyn Weaver’s relatives.  Jacquelyn Weaver the professor, the blog writer, both one-and-the-same Jacquelyn Weaver and they’ve both been involved with the same blackmail on my daughter’s case.

Wow, here’s a rumor going around the internet – One day Denise Matteau got into a hot tub with Thomas Schoenberger and Steve Outtrim and she created a tidal wave that was recorded on Richter scales around the world.  #Bigiftrue!

Denise Matteau called Thomas Schoenberger up recently, and after she let her hair down, wore a revealing neckline, and spoke French to Thomas in a November 22d  video, he removed all of his videos from his Trueblood YouTube channel. (That channel identifies its location as Australia, although Schoenberger was discovered residing in Provo, Utah.)

Just prior to this, he sent me an email with a link to this video: 

Prior to the TrueBlood YouTube channel going dark, I had obtained a transcript of a video which had been published on November 19, 2020, in which Schoenberger says at the 2.28 mark, “I don’t like Jackie Weaver.  I do think that she’s definitely involved with the CIA and I make no, no secret of that I think that she’s not a nice person, and uh but it’s not like you can dictate who um who other people’s friends are.  If Dave likes uh Jackie, he’s an adult; that’s his business.  I mean between us there’s probably you know 190 years, right.  Dave is around 61.  I’m 60.  Well, let’s make that 210 years because I figure Jackie’s probably mid-eighties so she would have started probably with the OSS prior to the creation of the CIA in 1947.  I don’t think she writes beautifully.  I think she makes a lot of mistakes.  I loved uh how Steve Outtrim uh, I called her a leopard mislead, that was a great article.”

Yet the very next day, on November 20, 2020, he alters his story about my age in his video, Tooth and Meatball.  The connection is clear.  Thomas Schoenberger said, “So Denise…Denise, Queen of the Bad Dox, you got the wrong Jacquelyn Weaver.  You misspelled her name.  If you would have looked at Purvis, Mississippi, you might have uh found out uh that you know she’s um 70 years of age, and uh you would have found out a lot more but you didn’t do the homework, did you?  That’s not what you do best.  What you do is you throw out allegations without support, so there we go…”.

Whereas Thomas Schoenberger lies to live, Denise Matteau lives to lie. Think on that for a while.









National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences vs. Multimedia Design: Documents 27-28 Proposed Discovery Plan

On November 20 and 23, 2020, Documents 27 and 28 were filed respectively in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences vs. Multimedia Design (aka Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth) lawsuit.

Document 27 (9 pages) Plaintiff’s Proposed Joint Discovery Plan [note:  the Judge has written an Order dated 11/23/2020, which is displayed at the end of this document]

NATAS vs Multimedia System Design Doc 27 1120 2020

Document 28  (1 page)  Letter to Judge from Defendant’s Counsel

NATAS vs Multimedia System Design Doc 28 1123 2020

D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman: Document 168 – Notice of Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunctive Relief

On November 19, 2020, Document 168 was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 168  (19 pages)  Notice of Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunctive Relief Pursuant to New York Civil Rights Law Section 50 and 51

Sweigert v Goodman Doc 168 1119 2020

D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman: Document 167 – Objection to Report & Recommendation

On November 19, 2020, Document 167 was filed with the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 167  (84 pages)  Objection to Report and Recommendation

Sweigert v Goodman Doc 167 1119 2020

Denise Matteau Wilfully Misidentifies a University of Houston Law Professor as the Author of Tracking the Leopard Meroz

On November 17, 2020, Denise Matteau published a 2 hour video, Schoenberger’s Insane Attempt to Blackmail Texas A. G. Paxtonon her Truth Convoy YouTube Channel.

In this video rant against a number of persons who Denise Matteau claims are connected to Thomas Schoenberger, Shadowbox Strategies, Inc., the Lincoln Group and the Lincoln Project, etc., Matteau tells her audience at the 25 minute mark to “Google all the names.”

At the 26.19 mark, Matteau mentions the Iraqex group as connected to Schoenberger, Joseph Burkett, Brian Birmingham, the Sweigerts and Professor Jacqueline Weaver in Houston, yeah I’m going to get to her.”

Around the 52.19 mark, Denise Matteau goes into more detail, stating “Jacquelyn Weaver was a name that I thought was a  pseudonym.”

At the one hour mark, she moves to her computer to bring up the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog. Matteau declares, “…But this is a trash blog that’s put together by a central Houston law professor.  Umm, she’s promoting the fake law crap, the counterfeit websites.  SHE PROMOTED the article that was put up before.  This is the one who published Sweigert’s article that was also published in his blog 48 HOURS before Nueces…not Nueces, Port Neches was blown up, NAMING THE TCP company that owned those tanks…”

Matteau remarks, “Jacquelyn Weaver, I’m going to pull her, her file up very quickly.”

What Denise Matteau proceeds to do is pull up an internet post on Jacqueline Weaver, Professor Emerita, at the University of Houston Law Center.  She then continues her slander against both Jacquelyn Weaver, author of the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog as well as against a completely unrelated innocent person who has a similar name, but with a different spelling!

Note that Jacquelyn Weaver is my legal name, and I have lived in Mississippi for 9 years.  I have never lived in Houston, Texas, and my name has never been spelled Jacqueline. In numerous articles discussing legal concepts, I have stated that I am NOT an attorney, but rather that my career was in banking.

Although I am flattered to be regarded on an equal level with a lovely woman who obtained her B. A. in Economics at Harvard, and her J. D. at the University of Houston, I AM NOT THAT PERSON.

It is highly objectionable that Denise Matteau should recklessly include in her lying rants, an innocent person who has nothing to do with her continuing defamation against various individuals.  In a past video, Matteau has called me a terrorist, and in her usual manner, provides no evidence to substantiate her allegations.

Jacqueline Weaver of the University of Houston, and the General Counsel of that university have been contacted by another person slandered by Denise Matteau.

I will also be contacting these same parties in regard to Denise Matteau’s unwarranted defamation against the respected law professor.