ALL RIGHTS RESERVED vs. ET CETERA: Incarcerated Sovereign Citizen Mike Parsons seeks an injunction to prevent future medical tests and injections

Frater I*I recently sent me a copy of Mike Parsons’ latest pro se lawsuit filed September 8, 2020, in the United States District Court for the Western District of Tennessee, Western Division at Memphis.  [Parsons doc 1 908 2020]

Michael Wayne Parsons

It is a lonely day for Michael Wayne Parsons when the only ones who take the time to read his dried up civil lawsuits are Frater I*I and Tracking the Leopard Meroz.

Rudy Davis’ prison ministry used to feature the jailhouse phone calls of Mike Parsons on his LoneStar 1776 YouTube channel, as a self-proclaimed “innocent”, (yet “guilty as hell”),  American political prisoner. 

Those were the good ol’ days, when Rudy Davis would rant against  Robert Baty’s Facebook group,  Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare!, calling us devils and hyenas from hell.

In recent months, the Bureau of Prisons has cut off  Rudy Davis from communicating with certain inmates.  However,  he still continues to publish jailhouse phone calls from Mike Parsons’ wife,  Pat, who was “sentenced to sixty months in federal prison for aiding and abetting solicitation to commit kidnapping”, as explained in this  December 12, 2017, United States Attorney’s Office, Western District of Tennessee press release.

Mike Parsons has titled his latest complaint as, “By Special Appearance Only & By Right, Ambassador Mike Parsons-A Live Man Tsilhqot’in Nation, Country of Chilcotin All Rights Reserved vs. United States of America, Corporation, U. S. Department of Justice, Corporation, U. S. Federal Bureau of Prisons, Corporation, Federal Correctional Institute in Memphis, Et Cetera, Et. al.”

As you can see in my title for this article, I have shortened this to All Rights Reserved vs. Et Cetera, which captures the essence of the Sovereign Citizen legal reasoning of the plaintiff.

Despite previous court rulings that overturned Parsons’ claim that he had diplomatic immunity on the basis of his fake ambassador credentials, he still demands to be referred to as Ambassador Mike Parsons-A Live Man, Tsilqot’in Nation, Country of Chilcotin.

Jurisdiction:  The Absurd interpretation of Sovereign Citizen legal reasoning

According to an August 1, 2019, Montana Law Review article, A Legal Response to the Sovereign Citizen Movement, by Caesar Kalinowski IV, Sovereign Citizens maintain a  distinction between the identification of what they call a “legally fictitious person” and that of a “natural person”.

On page 158, under Jurisdiction, the author says, “In short, Sovereign Citizens believe that the ‘U. S. citizen, is a legal fiction that has been created by the federal government, via the social security application, and is a corporate employee of the United States by virtue of being a U. S. citizen.’  This artificial person alone ‘is subject to the jurisdiction of the federal government and of the state government and subject to the corporate income tax.’  Accordingly, only by consenting to a Fourteenth Amendment-based federal citizenship is an individual governed by the United States Government.  Additionally, if an individual ‘renounces’ his or her federal citizenship and divests the ‘legally fictitious person’ through a series of complex steps, then the government has no power over the ‘Natural Person’. ”

Michael Wayne Parsons has stated under oath that he is not a citizen of the United States of America. But proof that the government has power over his natural person is the simple fact that Parsons now lives in a federal penitentiary.

Michael Wayne Parsons insults his mother by claiming he is not the fictional person shown on his birth certificate

Parsons claims to be an ambassador for an (unrecognized) nation that he has never resided in. It appears the only time he ever desired to move to the Chilcotin nation was when he was fleeing the law in the United States.

According to his birth certificate, Michael Wayne Parsons was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 5, 1961, as noted on page 15 of Document 11-9 (2/11/2020) In the Court of Criminal Appeals of Tennessee at Jackson re: State of Tennessee vs. Michael Wayne Parsons.  As an aside, Document 11-9 is an interesting read for anyone who wants to see how the Court overturns sovereign citizen legal arguments.

The September 8, 2020, Injunction lawsuit, in Document 3, shows that the Court has shortened the title of Parson’s Injunction lawsuit to MIKE PARSONS a/k/a MICHAEL WAYNE PARSONS v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ET AL.  Document 3 directs the  plaintiff “to comply with 28 U. S. C. §1915(A)(1)-(2) or pay the $400 civil filing fee”.  In addition, the Court reminds the plaintiff of the stark reality of his identity and location by addressing him as “Mike Parsons, a/k/a/Michael Wayne Parsons, Bureau of Prisons register number 30237-047, who is incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution in Memphis, Tennessee“.  [Parsons doc 3 910 2020]

Why Parsons wants an immediate restraining order that circumvents notification to defendants and/or holding a hearing

Parsons explains the goal of his lawsuit, saying, “this emergency petition for a temporary restraining order and injunction baring the defendants, who’s[sic] employee includes Mr. Boykin from threatening or attempting to commit any act of injecting me with any vaccine or chemical or any other contraindicated form of test to prevent further injury to me is necessary.  Failure to provide this relief for an immediate restraining order will result in irreparable injury and time simply does not permit notification to defendants and or holding a hearing. (Fed R. civil p.65).”

He adds, “Efforts seeking an administrative remedy have been delayed now for over a year and a review of write-up and responses to my grievances reveals application of policy that does not exist in an attempt to cover up the assault on me…”.

I have confidence that United States District Judge Mark S. Norris will properly address all of the issues which Michael Parsons lays out in his lawsuit.

The Backstory on why Michael Wayne Parsons is a Felon

Tracking the Leopard Meroz has at least 6 articles referencing Mike Parsons; four of those contain relevant legal documentation and commentary on sovereign citizen legal theories:

Sovereign Citizen Mike Parsons Demonstrates How Not to Make a Citizen Arrest (6/30/2018)

In Defiance of Jesus Christ, Rudy Davis’ LoneStar 1776 Prison Ministry Promotes the Whitewashing of Sovereign Citizen Michael Parsons’ Crimes and Contentious Behavior (7/9/2018)

Michael Parsons’ Dream Trial of Escaping the Law Through Diplomatic Immunity turns into a Defensive Nightmare for His Court Appointed Attorney (4/17/2019)

Michael Parsons’ Petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus (2/18/2020)

Going back 14 years, we see the beginning of Mike Parsons’ troubled interactions with government authorities. Parsons had been a candidate for the office of Tipton County  Executive in the August 3, 2006, general election; but having lost, he filed a lawsuit on August 14, 2006, to contest the election results.  This complaint was ultimately dismissed for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted, among other things. The Appeals Court affirmed the trial court decision, which Joseph H. Walker, as Chancellor in Tipton County, Tennessee had presided over.

For Parsons’ version of events, see his website,

Years later, we see Judge Walker’s name reappear in the news, when Mike Parsons’ wife was arrested for conspiring with Suzanne Holland, a self-appointed Chief Justice of the Universal Supreme Court of the Tsilhqot’in Nation in Canada, for a kidnapping plot of that Tipton County judge, as well as a Nebraska sheriff.

About a year after the election dispute, an incident occurred on September 24, 2007, which set a bizarre series of events in motion.  It began when some of Mike Parsons’ wolf-hybrids escaped, and Barry Laxton, who was mowing the neighboring property, responded by shooting one of the wolf-hybrids. This incident unfortunately escalated; consequently, a jury later convicted Parsons of two counts of aggravated assault, one count of burglary of a vehicle, and two counts of theft under $500. According to the Appeals court opinion for the State of Tennessee v. Michael W. Parsons, “the effective sentence was seven years on the felony convictions.”

On February 11, 2014, published an article by Ashley Crockett, explaining that Mike Parsons had been arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm, after his property was searched due to a complaint by PETA for possible animal abuse.  However, Parsons’ 70 wolf-hybrids, roosters, horses, rabbits, cats, turkeys, and chickens were found to be healthy, fed, and with adequate shelter.  The downside for Mike Parsons was that investigators discovered a “Remington 700 .308 rifle with scope, a loaded Smith and Wesson 357 revolver, magazines for an AR-15, over 850 rounds of ammunition for various calibers of weapons including .22, .308 and 357 and a bayonet for an AR-15.” He claimed they belonged to his wife. (What housewife doesn’t keep a spare AR-15 bayonet in the kitchen knife drawer?)

In January of 2017, we read in a U. S. Court of Appeals Opinion on United States of America vs. Michael Wayne Parsons, that “Parsons absconded while on pretrial release awaiting trial on Tennessee charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm.  A warrant was issued in Tennessee for his failure to appear.  On January 11, 2017, Parsons piloted a small plane to the Arapahoe Airport located in Furnas County, Nebraska.  It appears that Parsons was en route to the Tsilhqot’in Nation in Canada. On March 22, 2017, officers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation searched the plane pursuant to a warrant and discovered an AR-15 style rifle, three fully loaded 30 round magazines and additional ammunition.”

In December of 2018, Michael Wayne Parsons, age 57, was sentenced to 84 months in prison, for being a felon in possession of a firearm,  to be followed by three years of supervised release.

So now, both Michael Wayne Parsons and his wife, Pat, sit incarcerated in federal prison cells, when once they enjoyed freedom on a lovely Tennessee farm with numerous animals. Both are professionals and able to provide for a comfortable life. All that was destroyed by the hubris of Parsons, who thought that by a strange form of legal magic, the U. S. government cannot claim jurisdiction over him.

Discipline Hearing Officer Report- U. S. Department of Justice-Federal Bureau of Prisons 

Michael Parsons filed Document 1-2 ( pages 5-7) in his Injunction lawsuit, displaying a three page Discipline Hearing Officer Report for an incident on August 20, 2019, involving Parsons’ refusal to provide a DNA sample, and refusing an Order.  The Hearing was held on January 16, 2020, via video conference. [With regard to “refusing an order from staff”, “The DHO determined Section 11 of the incident report does not support Code 307, Refusing An Order, and has both expunged and removed it from the Summary of Charges”.]

Under Section VI. Sanction or Action Taken, six actions were taken in response to the refusal of Parsons to provide a DNA sample.

It is logical that there can be no exceptions to the DNA sample rule in a prison environment, because to do so would create discontent among other prisoners that might endanger the staff and other inmates.[Bureau of Prisons DNA procedures]

FraterI*I has uploaded several Parsons’ court audios; in one, the Judge orders Parsons to submit to a DNA sample procedure

For those who have not heard Michael Parsons’ spoken testimony in a court room, I recommend listening to the court audios uploaded on the FraterI*I Youtube channel.

By way of illustration, here is a short audio (19.35 minutes) of a Parsons’ court hearing on December 18, 2017, and,  uploaded April 8, 2018, on the Frater I*I YouTube channel titled, Michael W. Parsons, SovCit of the Pop-A-Squat nation in court, pt 1.

A short excerpt of the audio court hearing on December 17, 2018 

The Judge begins this Hearing, saying, “We’re on the record. We’re on the record in case number 4:17 CR 3038, United States of America vs. Michael Wayne Parsons.  Counsel,  please enter your appearance.”

Counsel:  Good afternoon Your Honor, Jan Sharp, Assistant United States Attorney, appearing on behalf of the United States.

And John Vanderslice, on behalf of Mr. Parsons.

Court:  Are you Michael Wayne Parsons?

Michael Wayne Parsons:  Are we on the record?

Court:  Yes we are.

Parsons:  Good morning, Your Honor.  Good afternoon.  Let the record show that I was just brought in here by force, against my will, and officer directly  behind me assaulted me, threw me to the ground, drugged me in here. I’ve got broken ribs, broken arm, multiple injuries from previous assaults, and I just sustained another one by this gentleman behind me. I want that to be on the record, first of all. Also the, the fictitious person in the birth certificate have been surrendered to the court.

Court:  Please stay seated.  You must stay seated.

Parsons:  Birth certificate there.  Let the record show that by special appearance Ambassador Parsons of the Chilcotin nation, country of the Chilcotin, the beneficiary, I’m here and I reserve all of my rights without prejudice UCC 1-308 the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations and the Montevideo convention having already surrendered the fictitious person and birth certificate into the well of this Court.  This court lacks jurisdiction and I have no business with this court.  Am I free to go?

Court: No.

Parsons: I will instruct you as the Trustee to dispose of the charge, pay off any debts, and compensate me for the damages.

Court:  Are you Michael Wayne Parsons?

Parsons: I am NOT the fictitious person that you seek. You’re seeking, according to this affidavit, a corporate entity, Michael Wayne Parsons. I am NOT  that person. I’m not the fiduciary, surety, or trustee for that corporate entity or trust.

Court: Alright.

Parsons: I’m a live man.  This Court is not an Article 3 court.  As an ambassador of another country according to the Constitution, Article 3 section 2, all matters pertaining to ambassadors, the original jurisdiction and sole jurisdiction is with the article 3 section 2 Supreme Court.  This is not that.  This court lacks jurisdiction.

Court:  All right.  Are you saying you are not Michael Wayne Parsons?

Parsons:  I am not the person in the indictment.  That is a fictitious person.

Court:  What is your name? what is your name?

Parsons: I am Ambassador Parsons of the Chilcotin nation, country of the Chilcotin.  I am not the person, the fictitious person that is in this indictment.  That is not me..

Court:  All right, now ambassador Parsons what is your first name?

Parsons:   I’m referred to as Ambassador Parsons for the record.

Court:  All right.

Parsons:  I do not consent to this forum. I do not, I do not understand this forum. This gentleman just approached me in moments earlier and I tried to ask questions.  He could not answer any of the questions.

Court:  All right. What I’m going to do is first of all, we’ll have to have an identity hearing.  And interestingly, my understanding is that you have refused to be processed by the marshals which would include your DNA, and your fingerprints.  You are hereby ordered to submit to processing by the marshals.  They will go ahead and do that even if it’s necessary to do it involuntarily.

Parsons: I would like to be heard on that matter.  I don’t consent to that under the United States Supreme Court ruling under title 42 2000 BB, the Religious Freedoms Restoration Act, it is against my religious objections. I do not do TB shots or I do not do any unknown foreign substances into my body and they’re trying to force a TB test upon me as a violation of United States Code and Supreme Court rulings that say that if I’m not symptomatic, they can’t force me against my will.  I’ve never done TB tests. I don’t consent to those now. It is against my rights as a human being given to me by my Creator not to give up my DNA which is in violation of the fifth amendment also, and it’s in violation of the Universal Supreme Court Act of the Chilcotin nation. I am not subject to the jurisdiction of this Court.  This Court does not have jurisdiction over me.

CourtThe Court does have jurisdiction over you.  You are hereby ordered and the marshals are hereby ordered to process you, which would include the DNA and would include the fingerprinting and any other matters and photographing, I assume.

Parsons:  I do not consent to this.

Court: It doesn’t make any difference.

Parsons:  I do not consent to this offer. I do not accept your offer.

Court:  It is not an offer.  It’s an Order.

Parsons:  An Order is an offer….

Document 3 for Parsons’ latest lawsuit is stated as an ORDER to pay the civil filing fee or fill out an application to proceed in forma pauperis. The Judge, in footnote 2, noted that “Even a voluntary dismissal by Plaintiff will not eliminate the obligation to pay the filing fee.”

We await the outcome of whether Document 3 will be viewed as an Order or as an Offer in the lawsuit I have termed,  All Rights Reserved vs. Et Cetera.






A Dinosaur and a Free Range Chicken Sue the United States of America for $536,041,100

On May 22, 2020, Kent E. Hovind and Paul John Hansen, as Trustee for Creation Science Evangelism (CSE), a non-statutory  trust, filed a civil rights lawsuit in the U. S. District Court Northern District of Florida (Pensacola) against six defendants: the United States of America, Margaret Catharine Rodgers, the Estate of John David Roy Atchinson, Michelle Heldmyer, Scott Schneider and Alan Stuart Richey.  [see Kent Hovind vs USA]

Dr. DINO we know; but who is this Free Range Chicken?

Meet Paul John Hansen,”a free inhabitant of the land”, who has a notice on his website explaining,

“WHERE AM I.  I Paul Hansen, get arrested occasionally for standing up against intrusive government.  If you are not getting a response from my email it is highly likely I am in jail.  There are two main reasons people go to jail in the United States: -one is for violating US written law, -the other is for holding fast to the God given right to live independent of such corrupt institutions (empires) as the United States has become.”

Paul Hansen: “If you are not getting a response back from my email, it is highly likely I am in jail.”

Paul John Hansen describes himself as having “been in court over 250 times. -I have received numerous death threats that appear as to come from NEBRASKA STATE agents. -I have been arrested an estimated 8 times.  Always bogus false warrants, misdemeanor charges..”.

“I file no Federal Income taxes (form 1040) since the year 2001. (No filings in any form.) -I pay no State income taxes. -I do not pay STATE sales tax on major purchases. -I pay no COUNTY property taxes with out a judicial challenge…I currently use no State drivers license, carry no vehicle liability insurance, do not register my vehicles…I am a ‘free inhabitant’ pursuant to Article 4 of The Articles of Confederation. (Not a US citizen)…I believe that a free inhabitant has the lawful standing to choose to live independent of the constitutional corporate US governments, and its statutory courts in the vast majority of his daily life, and to be forced to do otherwise is slavery…”.

Believe it or Not, Nebraska took notice of his unauthorized practice of law…

Paul John Hansen forgot to mention that the Supreme Court of Nebraska in State v. Hansen, decided on June 14, 2013, that it was necessary to file an injunction against his unauthorized practice of law.

The Court stated, “it appears that Hansen believes that he is not subject to state law and is free to practice law without a license so long as he does so on ‘land not owned by the United States.’  He is mistaken…We conclude that Hansen’s conduct is deceptive and poses the type of risk of harm to the public that our unauthorized practice rules are intended to prevent.  Accordingly, by separate order entered on June 14, 2013, Hansen is enjoined from engaging in the unauthorized practice of law in any manner, including but not limited to holding himself out to another as being entitled to practice law as defined by section 31001.  Injunction Issued.” [State v. Hansen]

On his website, Paul John Hansen provides a mailing address of 488 Pearl Lane, Repton, AL 36475-1108, and describes it as a post location without the United States, not a resident address.  That location is none other than Kent Hovind’s Dinosaur Adventure Land in Conecuh county, Alabama.

Dinosaur Adventure Land, 488 Pearl LN, Repton, AL 36475-1108

When I last looked in 2017, former IRS Appeals Officer Robert Baty, author of the website, had a screenshot of the Conecuh county, Alabama, property data on Dinsosaur Adventure Land, showing Creation Science Evangelism, as legal owner. Three parcels were described with a land value totaling $273,440, a market value of $530,140, and improvements of $256,700.

This large estate is tax exempt property, meaning that the taxpayers in that county have to carry the burden of expenses for Dinosaur Adventure Land’s  proportionate share of county services provided. Many of those citizens bearing that tax burden have not the ability to own land with improvements valued in the $787,000 range.

Kent Hovind, the multimillionaire evangelist with no income and no assets

On March 1, 1996, Kent Hovind filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy.  As debtor, Hovind represented “that he is an evangelist employed by God and that he receives no income, has no expenses, owns absolutely no property, and has no creditors except for the IRS with a claim of $10,602.31”.  Apparently at that time, the IRS had seized an unspecified property and he wanted it returned.  In response, “On March 25,1996, the IRS filed its Motion to Dismiss alleging that this chapter 13 case was filed in bad faith for the sole purpose of avoiding payment of federal income taxes.”

The Bankruptcy Decision concluded, “The debtor having failed to file his federal income tax returns for at least the years 1989 through 1995, having resisted collection efforts by the IRS, and having provided false information in his schedules and statement of affairs in connection with this case, I find that the debtor filed this petition in bad faith and as such the petition is subject to dismissal for cause under the provisions of 11. U.S.C. 1307(c).”

Paul John Hansen reproved by a Chief U.S. District Judge, who he is now suing 

In another case, Paul John Hansen is reproved in a Judge’s ORDER dated June 27, 2012, filed as document 7, in U. S. A. vs. Creation Science Evangelism, Creation Science Evangelism Foundation,(USDC for the No. District of Florida, Pensacola Div.) .

M. Casey Rodgers, Chief United States District Judge, stated, “Pending before the court is the plaintiff’s motion for default summary (doc. 6).  The defendant entities have been served but have not responded to the complaint, which was filed on March 26, 2012.  Neither have the defendants responded to the plaintiff’s motion for default summary judgment, which was filed on June 11, 2012.”

Also, although an individual, Paul John Hansen, attempted to file documents in this case, he was twice informed that the papers would not be accepted because he was neither an attorney nor a party (see docs. 4 & 5).  On June 4, 2012, the court entered an order directing the defendants to secure counsel, advising them that an artificial entity cannot proceed pro se, and requiring them to show cause why a default should not be entered against them (doc.5).  The defendants have not responded to the court’s order, and the time for doing so has expired.  Now, having fully reviewed the plaintiff’s motion and the record, and having provided the defendants with time to respond, the court finds that the motion for default summary judgment is due to be granted.”

Notice that in this most recent lawsuit filed May 22, 2020, against the United States of America, Plaintiff Paul John Hansen is suing as the Trustee for Creation Science Evangelism (CSE), a non statutory trust. Apparently Hansen has learned to avoid at least one error which the Judge noted in the lawsuit quoted above.

This time, pro se  Paul John Hansen is representing Creation Science Evangelism, as a common law trust, rather than as a statutory trust.  Common law trusts are created without public officials, and the individuals of the trust are eligible to legally sue, or be sued—provided they do so in their own name.

Rule No. 6:  Never confess that you are the successor to that crook Glen Stoll

The Judge’s ORDER noted above, on page 5, says, “In the fall of 2011, Paul John Hansen, representing himself to be Glenn (sic) Stoll’s successor in interest as director of the defendant entities, filed liens against the properties set out above and initiated, in state court, an action entitled a Quiet Title Action…the United States removed it to federal court.  Ultimately that matter was dismissed.”

“Because the ‘Hansen liens’ remained on the public records of Escambia County, thereby creating a cloud on the title, the United States filed the instant action, seeking their removal and the entry of an injunction against the defendants prohibiting the defendants or their representatives from filing new ones….The United States has filed a motion seeking a judgment declaring the ‘Hansen liens’ to be null and void from the inception…”.

Also the Judge stated, “The court found on July 27, 2007 in Case No.3:06cr83-MCR that the defendants have demonstrated no rights superior to the rights of the United States other than the right to receive whatever property remaining after satisfying the $430,400.00 forfeiture judgment.  As that order was final, it is res judicata as to the defendants and if the ‘Hansen liens’ are founded on the belief that the defendants’ have a superior interest, they are precluded from asserting such an interest. Res judicata bars the filing of claims which were raised or could have been raised in an earlier proceeding…”.

One of the conclusions of this ORDER is that “Defendants are hereby permanently enjoined from interfering with the rights of the United States of America in and to the property described above in any manner including filing or attempting to file liens, claims or other encumbrances in any manner whatsoever without a prior order of this court…”

More stories of Hovind’s tax troubles involving that Mastermind of illegal tax schemes, Glen Stoll

On July 29, 2009, M. Casey Rodgers, United States District Judge, issued an ORDER in United States of America vs Kent. Hovind and Jo D. Hovind, case number 3:06cr83/MCR.  This Order contains insights as to why Kent Hovind ended up in a federal prison for 9 years.

“Kent Hovind and his wife, Jo Hovind, were the owners of Creation Science Evangelism (‘CSE’), a nondenominational religious organization advocating the message of creation science and opposing the theory of evolution. Located in Pensacola, Florida, CSE sold videos and books, hosted debates, and provided lectures across the United States.  Kent Hovind established CSE in 1989 and merged it ten years later with the Faith Baptist Fellowship, an independent Baptist church in Hawthorne, Florida.”

“In 2002, Hovind wanted to create an independent structure for CSE, and to that end he sought the services of Glenn Stoll, director of a corporation known as Remedies at Law and, according to the company’s literature, its general counsel.  Stoll and Remedies at Law promoted the formation of religious-based business organizations through pre-packaged plans that established ‘personal ministries’.  Stoll claimed such ministries could be created by completing a one-page Declaration of Status asking the declarant to answer several questions about his or her purpose, loyalties, and function in life.”

“According to Stoll, answering these questions was a faith-based political statement that gave rise to ‘a lawfully established unincorporated association of pure trust’.”

“Kent Hovind took advantage of Stoll’s services by creating his own personal ministry through a Declaration of Purpose on May 12, 2003.  A formal written trust agreement was executed on May 21, 2003, creating a trust name Creation Science Evangelism Ministry (‘CSE Ministry’) with the corporation sole, Director of Ecclesiastical Enterprises, as trustee. Stoll issued it a business license from the ‘Kingdom of Heaven.’  Stoll and Hovind also created a second ministerial trust the same day, named it the Creation Science Evangelism Foundation (‘CSE Foundation’), and also issued it a Kingdom of Heaven license. As the conveyance deeds noted below show, Stoll’s corporation sole, the Firm Foundation, acted as trustee for the CSE Foundation.  With these entities in place, the Hovinds began a complex process of transferring nine of the ten real properties at issue in this forfeiture proceeding to various ministerial trusts.”

By the time they began transferring the five individual trust properties and the CSE Foundation properties to Stoll’s trusts, the Hovinds had already engaged in serious criminal conduct.  On July 11, 2006, Kent Hovind was indicted…”

[Tracking the Leopard Meroz wrote an article dated November 10, 2017, on Glenn Stoll’s sovereign citizen illegal tax schemes.]

The $536,041,100 Question

Kent Hovind and Paul John Hansen live in a tax exempt dreamworld where they do not shoulder their fair contribution towards supporting the cost of  government.

Should by some remote chance, the lawsuit known as Hovind and Hansen vs. the United States of America come to trial, one wonders how their egregious sense of superiority over the simple minded law abiding taxpayer will be regarded by the jury, once they grasp that these two men are coveting a half billion dollars representing tax payer funds?

In a separate case which Paul Hansen filed this past week on June 3, 2020, against the state of Nebraska and the city of Omaha regarding a traffic violation, Hansen was granted permission by the Court to proceed in forma pauperis, allowing him to file his pro se lawsuit without payment of fees.  [see hansen v nebraska]

Peruse the screenshot below, and notice the audacity of our forma pauperis  free range chicken, Paul Hansen.  Let us hope he never causes a car accident, and injures or kills others, since he considers himself to be above purchasing liability insurance.

A Rude Awakening

Thirteen years ago, the Hovinds received a rude awakening when they were arrested, and this was described in the May 22, 2020, Complaint filed in Hovind and Hansen vs. the U. S. A. 

The plaintiffs state in Item 26,  “That on July 13, 2006, at 7:30 A.M., after CSE was operating with no known legal nexus with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a S.W.A.T. team, led by UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Federal Agents, representing themselves as acting officially, in official uniform, consisting of more than twenty (20) individuals, all brandishing UNITED STATES OF AMERICA issued assault rifles, surrounded the house with a post address 29 Cummings Rd Pensacola, Fl 32503*, where HOVIND and his wife were sleeping, which was property/land owned by, CSE Trust Ministry.”

The Hovinds chose to appeal their convictions and sentences in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.  The Court on December 30, 2008, concluded, “The convictions and sentences of the Hovinds are AFFIRMED.”  [usa vs kent hovind appeals]

There appears to be little change of heart in regard to Kent Hovind, and it shows in yet another scheme mentioned by Ernest Land, CSEM Director, in an interview with  CPA Peter J. Reilly, a few years ago. ( quote excerpted from a December 29, 2017 Tracking the Leopard Meroz article ” Ernest Land:  Designer of Black Budget Tax Shelters for the Self-Anointed, Self-Professing Man of God.)

Kent Hovind reminisces about the good old days when the fruits of evangelism was Money 

Item 34. in Hovind and Hansen vs. USA, notes,  “In the year of:

i.  2004 CSE revenue was approximately $2,000,000.00

ii.  2005 CSE revenue has approximately $2,250,000.00

iii.  2006 CSE revenue was approximately $2,500,000.00

That totals $6,750,000 in revenues for three years + a claim that the CSE properties present value is $3,000,000=$975,0000

In Document 1, page 51, Addendum 1, Kent Hovind claims that the loss of revenue between then and now would be about $70,000,000.  In Addendum 2, Paul John Hansen quotes the ten commandments written in Exodus 20 which was addressed to Israel, as a theocracy.  He then attempts to apply Deuteronomy 13:11 as applying to Americans, a Gentile nation which is not a substitute for the ancient nation of Israel. There seems to be no end to the absurd interpretations of American and Biblical laws by Paul Hansen.

Back to Genesis:  How will Kent Hovind aka Dr. Dino explain to God his occupation of  a tax exempt property called Dinosaur Adventure Land, which claims to be “without the United States of America”?

On June 4, 2020, the Judge ordered Kent Hovind and Paul John Hansen to “promptly, and by no later than five (5) business days of the date of this order, present the requisite summons(es) to the clerk…and asked the court clerk to notify Chambers on 6/9/2020, if summons not received. As of this morning, nothing is on the docket as yet.



The Day of Diminishing Capacity: Thomas Schoenberger Threatens and Marcus Conte Makes False Allegations

And he said unto them, Take heed what ye hear:  with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you:  and unto you that hear shall more be given.  For he that hath, to him shall be given:  and he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hath.  Mark 4:24-25

The following is a quick commentary on the threats Thomas Schoenberger made against me and my family, as well as the false allegations of Marcus Conte.  Both men have a history of defaming others with reckless abandon, and this is just another example. Both men seem unaware of the spiritual implications of their words and actions.

On May 8th, I noticed on my blog stats page a referral link to Marcus  And then hours later, I saw that Thomas Schoenberger had posted a video.  Both commentaries share the commonality of incoherence, a sign that the authors lacked understanding of their topic.

Marcus Conte titled his article, Conspiracy Brothers George Webb Dave Acton are Schizophrenic by Nature.  Thomas Schoenberger’s Corona Virus Updates video is called, Exposing Jackie Weaver and her CIA tainted “Leopard Meroz” blog.

Let’s take a look at both, as an example of the day of diminishing capacity; the silent judgment which comes upon those who fail to heed the seriousness of truth.

Marcus Conte

Marcus Conte’s article attempts to charge two brothers with schizophrenia, and to characterize the words and actions of two independent men as being equivalent in motive. He fails.  Then he attempts to bring in four unrelated individuals into his allegations that all are part of a network of “stalkers”, and to claim that they share the same mental disability and criminal motives as the two brothers.  Again he fails to prove his assertions, and particularly in regard to the author of Tracking the Leopard Meroz, displays an inability to read and understand simple English and basic moral principles.

I am going to refrain from commenting on most of the article because Dave Sweigert generally deals with such allegations through litigation.

Marcus Conte’s last paragraphs say this:

I have no idea what Marus Conte thinks a Christian extremist is.  I assume he is attempting to falsely label my writings in order to cause others to think that I should be placed on the FBI’s ten most wanted list of domestic terrorists. The facts of my life stand in silent witness against this accusation.  I do not belong to any Christian identity, sovereign citizen, white Nazi, or any other such groups that use violent rhetoric under a Christian pretense.  I do not have a criminal record.  I say what I believe, but I always provide the basis for my commentary and display evidence.

Last year a number of persons were referring to Marcus Conte as a whistleblower, which is how he wants others to perceive him.  So on July 4, 2019, I wrote an article called Marcus Conte;  Clueless in New Yuck City.  That article was used by Thomas Schoenberger, who I have written against, in his war of words with Marcus Conte.  Marcus Conte in turn promoted a vile anonymous YouTube channel called Dopey Dave.  I protested the content of that video channel in a December 3, 2019, article, Dopey Dave’s WHEEL of MISS FORTUNE.

Other articles which I have written in respect to Marcus Conte included the September 14, 2019 post, Crowdsource the Court Jester Marcus Conte:  Too Lazy to Sue Dave Sweigert, He Attempts to Intervene In a Lawsuit Unrelated to Him!  And also the  December 3, 2019 article, Talebearers Denise Matteau and Marcus Conte “Ignited and United” Campaign to Bring to Justice Their Mythical Monsters.

It is clear in all of my articles why I felt compelled to critique the words and actions of Marcus Conte.  It is also clear, if one reads my articles on Schoenberger, Cromer, Outtrim, and Webb,  that I am not in league with any of these men.  When it comes to Dave Sweigert, I have been supportive of his efforts to deal with the ongoing defamation which he has suffered, at the hands of several YouTube channel operators over the past three years.

I have published the court documents for D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman on an ongoing basis. This was a natural outcome of following the Port of Charleston dirty bomb incident on June 14, 2017.  Subsequent to that event I began to publish the court documents, as a courtesy to my readers, of the Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network vs. Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron, and Queen Tut aka Susan Lutkze Holmes.  I also have published other lawsuits that involve defamation or criminal cases of sovereign citizen or anti-government persons.

Thomas Schoenberger

I do not have a Twitter account, do not comment on YouTube videos and do not have any anonymous social media accounts, whatsoever.  Thomas Schoenberger uses numerous anonymous names and accounts to deflect responsibility for his actions. He has had several YouTube channels struck because of defamation complaints.

On May 8, 2020, Thomas Schoenberger published a blackened video of an audio recording he did called Exposing Jackie Weaver and her CIA tainted “Leopard Meroz” blog.  I have shown below a partial transcript produced by YouTube, leaving out his comments on Jimmys’ llama.

Schoenberger makes several baseless speculations, that he has also stated on Twitter.

These include the following lies:   (1) that my family’s local weekly newspaper was connected with the CIA Operation Mockingbird project.  He alleges that my blog is also connected to the CIA.  No one in my family, including me, has ever worked for the CIA.

(2). He speculates that English was my major.  Not true.

(3) Schoenberger says that in all probability I am a paid operative of “you know Palm Beach area of Florida.”  He is referring to Gabe Hoffman who had filed a defamation lawsuit against him on October 28, 2019 which has yet to be served because Schoenberger is in hiding.  I do not work for Gabe Hoffman, and he has never offered to pay me for anything that I have published on this blog that references his various lawsuits.  It is an insult to suggest that Gabe Hoffman needs to pay anyone to provide commentary on issues which affect him. His defamation complaints stand on their own, and he openly provides his own commentary on his Twitter accounts, and through interviews, audios and comments on other internet platforms.

It is an insult to me to falsely allege that I have ever received payment from anyone for the commentary and documents I post on my blog. My blog is a free WordPress blog and I have never asked for or received donations. In my personal life, I have done years of volunteer work for which I never received any compensation.  I was a volunteer receptionist for 7 years at a food pantry, was a Texas volunteer ombudsman for a large nursing home, and volunteered at church and school activities.  It is an offense to suggest that the profit motive is high on my list of priorities.

(4)  I find it bizarre that Schoenberger talks about my obsession with Seth Rich, when it was a story I never followed, and only knew the bare essentials of.  In the first blog post I did regarding Schoenberger, it was his own video that centered on Seth Rich.  See June 26, 2019, In The Company of SHADOWBOXers.

There was nothing bizarre about my interest in the two civil defamation lawsuits against Jason Goodman after the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax incident on June 14, 2017.  The issues that were raised after that centered on free speech and the responsibility of  internet journalism.

(5)  I have not invaded the privacy of Thomas Schoenberger.  He first contacted me in 2018, and in 2019 started obsessively sending me emails.  My commentary which mentions his name deals with defamation and threats made against Manuel Chavez III, and similar issues concerning persons which he routinely lies about on YouTube and through various anonymous Twitter accounts.  All of those statements are being preserved by several parties who await the ability to serve legal papers on Schoenberger.

(6)  I have never had any psychological problems and threatening to contact my family is out of bounds.  If anyone has a problem with my blog commentary, they can address me directly to complain about specific comments and facts.  Should anyone contact any members of my family or friends, I will file a criminal complaint for harassment.  Thomas Schoenberger likes to use intimidation tactics.  In fact, his Delaware corporation Shadowbox Strategies was formed as a reputation defense business, employing similar intimidation tactics.

[The following are excerpts from the video using the automated transcription page of YouTube.  It is in need of editing for punctuation, etc. and I have left it rough for the time being.]

Thomas Schoenberger:  “Some of the things many people like Jackie Weaver, Jackie’s a blogger she’s got a little bit of a legal background and she knows how to turn a fancy phrase you know I would assume that English was her major and in her world she’s there with Wordsworth and Keith’s and Coleridge but what she puts out its garbage.   I’m gonna leave a link to tracking the leopard mislead which is an article by Steve Outtrim that basically exposes Jackie and I think she’s in all probability and operative getting paid maybe from you know Palm Beach area of Florida that has not escaped me everything about her obsessiveness with the Seth rich and Jason given and you know all of it it just seems strange and then which talks about me she’ll make up things out of whole cloth she seems to protect the video he puts out false emails and she’s deliberately not catching it I’m pretty you know as far as Jackie well they know a bit about her there may be some people reaching out to her family saying why they have session and can you weigh in on any issues she may have had psychologically in her past so I think once your violation of privacy is proven to be through animus you know that once you find that the people violating your privacy are doing it for malfeasance reasons then you are allowed to find out as much about who this person is and if you need to contact other family members are theirs to say what’s the deal well you can do it you can’t do it if your privacy is not being eviscerated but once you’re a target and once your privacy is being thrown to the Wolves deliberately then by all means fight back so where the jungle.”




The Surety of Victurus Libertas for Pentagon Insider ANON’s unverified credentials

A man void of understanding striketh hands, and becometh surety in the presence of his friend.  Proverbs 17:18

FBI ANON was introduced to Victurus Libertas by Pentagon Insider ANON

This past week, on April 30, 2020, Thomas Schoenberger in his Corona Virus Updates “Random Thoughts” video stated,  “I got a phone call from my friend Jim.  He runs the channel Victurus Libertas with his wife Angie, and Jim’s a pretty smart guy.  He’s definitely a creative thinker but also a guy who observes things.  We’ve had a long friendship; we’ve known each other since maybe 2016, and he’s always been a straight shooter…”.

The day when a mysterious Pentagon Insider ANON showed up at Victurus Libertas 

On July 27, 2016, posted an article, Pentagon Insider Leaks Info to VL. Co-host Angie Blake wrote, “A very intriguing insider, who just left the Pentagon contacted VL today with very interesting and important information.  We promised to keep the insider anonymous.  Here is some of the information he gave us permission to release:

Three years later, Steve Outtrim in his June 22, 2019 article, Latest Weapon in the Infowar Data Maps, stated, “It has now come out that Cicada 3301 was founded by Bruce C. Clarke, Jr. the former head of the CIA’s research division, and co-founder Thomas Schoenberger previously worked for the Pentagon, possibly on remote viewing projects such as STARGATE or GRILL FLAME.”

Thomas Schoenberger caught in a mirror reflection

Esteban Trujillo has challenged these statements, because no one has produced forensic evidence to support these claims.

Thomas Schoenberger purported to work for the Pentagon, and some have suggested that he made inroads into Cicada 3301 via Pi Mobi.  He has also claimed to be friends with CIA’s Bruce C. Clarke, Jr., Jim and Angie Blake of the YouTube channel Victurus Libertas, and is associated with attorney Steven S. Biss’ law firm, and  former CIA officer Robert David Steele.

Exposing False Flags?

So how deep is the pit which Thomas Schoenberger aka Pentagon Insider ANON  dug in 2016 for his friend, Victurus Libertas, when he asserted that “white hats are using a segment of Cicada 3301 called Pi Mobi to expose false flags…”?

Below, the ANON, in a thick gangsta accent said, “I share with nobody I was with Pentagon, and now left.”  That would have been enough for me to start running in the opposite direction, but apparently Victurus Libertas wanted an exclusive story which only Thomas Schoenberger could invent.

The end note on the screenshot says that Cicada 3301 was near completion with a software called CAKES, which would “allow whistleblowers within the US. government to report corruption”. A Reddit thread from a year ago discusses this topic.

The next day, July 28, 2016, Victurus Libertas reported, “Our Pentagon ANON (PA) directed us to another insider – an FBI Insider (FA) who has more information on the Clinton scandal (or should I say the latest scandal).”

At the end of this article, VL said, “FA and PA both predict that Bill Clinton will die this year.  PA claims Bill has Parkinson’s Disease.”  (It seems that the predictive powers of the Pentagon ANON  and FBI ANON were somewhat lacking, as Bill Clinton is still alive four years later.)

On August 10, 2016, Victurus Libertas provided more information from “our Pentagon Insider ANON, this time on the murder of Seth Rich.”

The involvement of Thomas Schoenberger with the  Seth Rich story has been documented in part in a February 18, 2020, Daily Beast article written by Will Sommers, titled,  Right-Wing Activists Discussed Wiretapping Seth Rich’s Family, Three People in the Room Say.

Also, Thomas Schoenberger and his associates interacted with Robert David Steele, and his attorney Steven S. Biss, and apparently was influential in providing direction, as noted by in a March 4, 2020 article, It’s Actually Not A LARP  Update 2.

An email exchange between Thomas Schoenberger and Robert David Steele dated August 13, 2017, published in the article, showed Steele remarking in part, “The lawyer is ready to file.  We have four solid targets…Jason Goodman, Tish, Queen Tut and Ralph Davis…We would like to have two more targets based on their pervasive appearance across social media where I appear and they seek to trash me, e.g. at Victurus Libertas.”

Enter Victurus Libertas as a platform showcasing Robert David Steele and the Pentagon Insider

Robert David Steele on his webpage displaying his audio/visual interviews, describes what appears to be his first interview on Victurus Libertas in February of 2017: 

What we see are three capitalized red bolded phrases, Censored by YouTube.  This raises the question as whether these videos were individually censored for content, or censored because the Victurus Libertas YouTube channel was struck as a whole in early 2018.

Exposing False Flags

Recall that the Pentagon Insider ANON claimed in 2016 that Cicada 3301 was connected to wikileaks, and that “white hats are using a segment of Cicada 3301 called Pi Mobi to expose the false flags being committed in US and Europe.”  Six weeks prior to that statement, the June 13, 2016 Orlando, Florida, Pulse Nightclub massacre occurred and not long after that, Victurus Libertas uploaded  three videos regarding the use of crisis actors and false flags

On a June 27, 2016 article posted on, Robert David Steele posted an undated complaint that had blocked his Orlando Pulse Shootings booklet, after a year of it being a “bestseller”.

Robert David Steele claimed that “Orlando was a false flag planned months in advance by the Obama-Biden Administration, and in my judgment, specifically by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with the full complicity in advance and to date of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under the “leadership” of Director James Comey.”

Under the subtitle, Anomalies in Orlando – Clearly a False Flag Attack?, Steele stated, “I have no direct knowledge, only the breadth and depth of mind that come from a blessed life replete with both educational and real-life experiences including my CIA experience, my deep look into the US political cesspool during my brief run as a candidate for the Reform Party nomination for the presidency in 2012, my quarter-century of working with 7,500 other mid-career intelligence officers across 66 plus governments, and perhaps most usefully, my broad non-fiction reading across 98 categories, with over 2,000 reviews posted at Amazon.[5]“.

He added, “In this publication I offer a catalog of indicators that Orlando is a false flag and that the FBI is a co-conspirator in enabling this false flag.”

On June 29, 2016, published a Christopher Mele article, After Orlando Shooting False Flag and Crisis Actor Conspiracy Theories Surface.  That article began, “After the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., on June 12, Twitter brimmed with news reports of the carnage.  But some posts on the massacre that claimed 49 lives also included a curious phrase:  “false flag.”  It was a code used by conspiracy theorists to signal their belief that the government had staged the massacre and the information the public was reading and hearing from the mainstream media was untrue.  The victims in the shooting?  They were “crisis actors” hired to promote the story as a pretext to impose tighter gun restrictions, the theory goes.”

Strike 13

About 20 months later in March 2018, Victurus Libertas was shut down by YouTube. Social indicates that Victurus Libertas had created a backup channel two years prior on May 18, 2016, which has been operating since 2018. What is curious is that the YouTube message which Victurus Libertas displayed on Bitchute said in part, “We have carefully reviewed your account appeal.  We have decided to keep your account suspended.  You won’t be able to access or create any other YouTube accounts. Account terminations do not expire.  Users whose accounts have been terminated are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube account.”  Yet Victurus Libertas continues on.

On March 4, 2018, Robert David Steele responded to the Victurus Libertas shutdown in an article, Is Zionism Over? at  Endnote #12 explains,

In the body of Steele’s article, Victurus Libertas is discussed as a victim of Strike 13, known across the USA as “the purge”.  The offender is identified as a Zionist-controlled social media network.

On March 2, 2018, Victurus Libertas published on “the 3 Videos from 2016 that YouTube Terminated” under the dramatic title #GoogleGestapo Digital Book Burning 2018. Considering that Robert David Steele has described Google as Zionist-controlled, it is an odd juxtaposition of images to also refer to Google in terms of the Nazi Gestapo.

The so called banned Victurus Libertas videos apparently were uploaded subsequent to the Orlando Pulse Club shooting massacre in June 2016, with Jim Blake discussing  Craig’s List advertisements asking for extras to facilitate emergency medical drills, in different localities.

I looked up the phone number and name of the person who placed these advertisements, and a legitimate business enterprise was involved.  This type of business, while odd, is similar to a temp agency hiring persons to play Santa Claus at the mall during the Christmas season.

The YouTube message displayed by VL stated, “Your account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines on Harassment and Cyberbullying.  YouTube is not a platform for things such as predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, bullying or intimidation.”

It is probable that the business owner himself flagged these three videos after he discovered that Victurus Libertas was falsely associating his legitimate business with a future false flag event, similar to the allegations which Robert David Steele had made about the Pulse Nightclub shootings being a false flag using crisis actors.

Recall that Robert David Steele declared in his Is Zionism Over? article that the YouTube shut down of the  Victurus Libertas channel “is certain to support a federal lawsuit”. Apparently that envisioned lawsuit never materialized. If anything, the owner of the “crisis actor” business could have sued Victurus Libertas for defamation.

Caught in the Crossfire

Interestingly, on March 8, 2018, a few days after the Victurus Libertas channel was struck, Tracking the Leopard Meroz received an email from Jim Blake, the channel owner, accusing me of censoring comments on the January 19, 2018 article I wrote called The Context, the Whole Context, and Nothing But the Context?  So, Douglas Hagmann, What is the CONtext of Your Promoting Victurus Libertas as they Unveil the Freedom Revolution?

I was unaware when Jim Blake emailed me,  that the Victurus Libertas channel had been struck just days before. The focus of my article was on the Hagmann Report’s promotion of the  Victurus Libertas YouTube channel, when this platform had been  pushing the sovereign citizen ideology of fake judge Anna Von Reitz and others. [If you are unaware of the legal scams of the sovereign citizen movement, see Virgo Triad’s exposes of Von Reitz.]

It was one of Anna Von Reitz’s supporters who was first involved with Sacha Stone’s  International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) in their formation period.  That person later was removed from those initial planning efforts, and a looser form of a sovereign citizen-styled tribunal was put into effect.

Robert David Steele has been a “chief counsel” for ITNJ, and some of those participants providing testimony have also been represented by attorney Steven S. Biss. As seen by the recent incarceration of Field McConnell after he got involved in sovereign citizen legal ideology and Timothy Holmseth, this type of scamming causes irreparable damages to the lives of its victims.

[For background information, see Tracking the Leopard Meroz articles: THE OATH Above All Oaths of Robert David Steele, Chief Counsel for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.  Also Operation WHIPLASHAnd DR. STRANGELAW or How I Learned to Strategically Avoid Authenticating the Evidence and Became an Intergalactic Witness.]

Anyway, Jim Blake had challenged me, six days after his channel was struck, to come on his show to discuss what he called my hit piece on Victurus Libertas.  I declined, as I do not do internet interviews.  I am a writer of a blog with a small subscriber base, covering 2 or 3 primary topics.  However, former IRS Appeals Officer Robert Baty agreed to come on Victurus Libertas, in my stead.

That offer was not taken up, and if you read my January 19, 2018 article , it will be patently clear why VL would not want to document in a video interview what an expert on sovereign citizen ideology and federal income tax law would have to say about their (former) channel content. (At that point of time, much of the content I wrote about had been struck, when the original channel was terminated by YouTube.)

Contrast that with the fact that in 2016, Victurus Libertas had no qualms with striking hands with, and being surety for, Thomas Schoenberger, the man who will not provide evidence that he was ever employed at the Pentagon.  Ponder the legal and moral consequences of that situation for awhile.






The Measure of a Man: Part III -The Provocation of Steve Outtrim’s “Freak Out” Cybernetic Art

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry…I Samuel 15:23a

In Part II, we took a look at A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace which Steve Outtrim referenced under the Cybernetic Art section of his rebuttal to Jan Irvin.  Our focus today is on Steve Outtrim’s comments on the tarot-styled artwork seen in his office in  a number of his Cryptobeast videos.

Steve Outtrim explained, “The art on the walls of my office is Hexen 2.0 by Suzy Treister.  I like that it freaks some people out, art is supposed to have a provocative effect.

Steve Outtrim’s display of the Hexen 2.0 Tarot Art of Suzy Treister on the walls of his office

In February of 2019, Steve Outtrim challenged Jan Irvin, saying, “Have a look through the cards, there’s nothing evil there other than aspects of the subject matter itself.  It is all about the Macy Conferences, cybernetics, the counter-culture, DARPA, the Internet-that is, all the things I talk about and research.  There is nothing occult or Satanic in the artwork and I do not use the posters to play Tarot cards or do any witchcraft.  The internet is a net, and we all got caught in it.  Suzy spent 4 years researching and illustrating the same complex, intertwined shadow history that I did.  We came to many of the same conclusions, and I still learn things from her work.  It is awesome to sit surrounded by 78 of these amazing artworks, very inspiring.  I commissioned the installation directly from Suzy…”.

Steve Outtrim claims to be a Christian, yet he regularly participates in the annual pagan Burning Man sacrifice, and has 78 tarot-styled art posters which he commissioned the installation of, directly from the artist. He claims that these artworks are very inspiring to him, yet disclaims that this set of art posters, which are intricately related by a tarot card organization of symbolism, reflects a deeper foundation of Satanic inspiration.

Knowing that Christians in general would perceive this artwork as occult based, Steve Outtrim revels in the thought that he is provoking these persons to “freak out”.  There is a perverse streak in Steve Outtrim which has been observed, whereby he enjoys accusing others of being Satanic, occultists in the military tradition of Michael Aquino, faux Christians, and other such allegations all the while flirting with the occult world himself. The cover story used by Steve Outtrim for his paradoxical actions is that he is simply a researcher of shadow history.

Steve Outtrim claims that he does not use the posters to play Tarot cards.  Of course not.  It would be impractical for anyone to do a reading of oversized tarot cards attached to a wall. He also uses the word “play” as if the tarot is a child’s game. The truth is that the tarot represents a serious occult tradition and is a philosophical machine.

He also claims that he does not do any witchcraft.  As any serious Bible reader knows, rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.  Steve Outtrim is the poster child of rebellion, simultaneously playing the Christian card to a targeted audience, while behaving as the cool guy to the rebellious crowd.  He enjoys playing a passive-aggressive game of entrapment, using a clever form of sophistry to frustrate those who question his motives.

But as I Thessalonians 2:3-4 says, “For our exhortation was not of deceit, nor of uncleanness, nor in guile:  But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak; not as pleasing men, but God, which trieth our hearts.”

Mouni Sadhu Unmasked

So let’s delve a little bit into the major arcana of the Tarot.  I have an online 2014 book review called Mouni Sadhu Unmasked, covering the 1971 edition of The Tarot, written by Mouni Sadhu as a book of instruction for White Magicians. This book was first published in 1962, and the author’s life was from 1897 or 1898 to 1971. Thus his influence was concurrent with the research focus of the Macy Conferences and the resultant sixties hippy world of  Suzanne Treister’s Hexon 2.0 tarot based art works.

I have been meaning to update that website to correct the layout, and perhaps add more commentary, but that task has never made it to the top of my To Do list. Even so, that blog addresses the real world of Tarot and reproves the  coyness of Steve Outtrim’s avoidance of addressing the impression he makes that he has gone past flirting with the occult, and is now in bed with this false mistress.

Mouni Sadhu means “Silent Wandering Holy Man”. A  website,, provides a ten page biographical letter on Mouni Sadhu by Bruce W. Du Vé.  He begins by saying, “Mouni Sadhu was to my knowledge, the last practicing master in the great European tradition of occultists and White Magicians.  He was thoroughly versed in the history and methods of these covert arts and when I knew him lived two parallel lives.”

As I summarized in my article, The Man Who Called Himself Mouni Sadhu, “I have found much confusion with regard to the details of the life of the man behind the Mouni Sadhu mystical name.  One source says that he was born on August 17, 1897 whereas the headstone says 1898.  One disciple testifies that he died in 1966 or 1967, but another source gives the date, December 24, 1971. There are several different birth names, and maybe he was Russian, maybe Polish. Apparently at one time he was a prisoner of war for about 2 months. He had been raised Roman Catholic. He had been married, but later had many mistresses.  Highly educated in mathematics, he was a ballistics engineer after World War II at Cape Canaveral. He traveled the world, including India, both in learning and teaching occult knowledge. In his latter years he lived in Australia.”

In the Introduction to my website, Mouni Sadhu UnMasked, I begin that January 13, 2014 article, In the Name of God, saying, “Mouni Sadhu tells us that the great central idea of the whole construction of the Tarot is the Tetragrammaton. Further if we know the meaning of the fixed ideas of the letter-symbols, we can operate as a Mathematician,and employ algebraic formulas to operate the Tarot as a philosophical machine.  In this scheme, the Tarot is neutral; neither good nor evil.  While the Tetragrammaton represents the Name of God, Jehovah and his will, in the Tarot system, this name represents the “Law”, a Universal Principle which manifests itself in every sphere of life. The sister to the Tarot is the Kabbalah, which views the Hebrew alphabet, figures, and numbers as three veils for three worlds.  The Great Law, the Tetrad is the same for all three worlds.”

“Creation is manifestation in time and space. The four letters of the Tetrad and the Tetragrammaton have as a first element, Yod, as an active power, or Initiator. The second, He’ is passive and serves as a fulcrum for the active.  The third is Vau which is neutral, and the result of One acting on Two.  The first three are as “thesis-antithesis, synthesis.” And the fourth is the second He’. which is active, being the Yod of the next triangle.  Thus the Tarot with 22 cards, each representing a letter from the Hebrew alphabet, can be drawn as a schematic of seven triangles incorporating seven Tetragrammatons.  The highest Initiator moves down each triangle to the lowest realm, the physical.”

“The Swearing or ‘Sevening’ of Oneself in the Name of the Tetragrammaton is not neutral, for the Tarot is constructed to produce magical powers by blaspheming the Name of Jehovah.  What is this but the Will of Lucifer, who said in Isaiah 14:13-14, “For thou hast said in thy heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God:  I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:  I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” The Magician is as God, the Creator, speaking the world into existence.”

“Jeremiah 7:8-11 sternly warns, “Behold, ye trust in lying words, that cannot profit.  Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal, and walk after other gods whom ye know not; and come and stand before me in this house, which is called by my name, and say, We are delivered to do all these abominations?  In this house, which is called by my name, become a den of robbers in your eyes?  Behold, even I have seen it, saith the LORD.”

Thus, from reading just the Introduction to my website, Mouni Sadhu Unmasked, one should be able to grasp the concept that the Tarot is not child’s play, but a serious philosophical rebellion against God.

No more neutrality.  Is this the point of no return?

Although some people regard Steve Outtrim to be a great researcher, these same supporters do not question his motives when he deliberately defames anyone who does not bow to his will.

I have tried to stay on neutral territory with regard to Outtrim’s research, as initially we were both following the same story of the 2017 Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax.  Jason Goodman at one point drew up a list of third party co-conspirators which included my name, along with Steve Outtrim.  We have never been co-conspirators and have never communicated behind the scenes.  Several times we pushed the like button on each other’s articles, or offered a publicly seen comment.

After it became apparent that Outtrim was an apologist for Thomas Schoenberger, I began to view the testimonies of several persons who had ill dealings with Schoenberger.  Others have noted that Outtrim has adopted the same behavior of the three monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil in regard to the facts of Schoenberger’s character.  It has gotten to the stage that one wonders what Schoenberger “has” on Outtrim, that he will not see reason on this issue.

Of late, Outtrim has spoken against Gabe Hoffman and Esteban Trujillo and my publication of the defamation complaint against Zack McQuaid.  Outtrim has provided a peculiar line of defense on behalf of those defendants, which Hoffman has filed separate defamation lawsuits against.

On February 28, 2020, Esteban Trujillo published on his website, No More Warnings for Steve Outtrim.

I have undertaken in these three short articles comprising The Measure of a Man, to identify  some of the cracks in the philosophical pillars of the house of Outtrim.

The Scriptures are the tempest storm which will prove the strength of those pillars, and also the soundness of the foundation upon which they stand.









THE MEASURE OF A MAN: Part II-Steve Outtrim and the Cyberspace of the Prince of the Power of the Air

They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth.  Psalm 73:9

This photo of Black Hatter  Steve Outtrim,  gives credence to the rumor that he flies, rather than drives, to the Burning Man sacrifice.

In Part I, it was noted that Steve Outtrim is a self-appointed emissary for the Burners, a certain class of people who make the party at the Burning Man festival what it is.

Outtrim wrote  on his website, About page, “We The Burners!  Without us, a party is just a bunch of people drinking and listening to music.  With us, consciousness expands, people reinvent themselves, the world changes.  We are for We the Burners, not They The Man.  Burners without bureaucracy.  Freedom for Burners forever!”

Declaring the Independence of Burners and Cyberspace

Steve Outtrim provides a link to John Perry Barlow’s A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace in his February 26, 2019 article,  Debunking Jan Irvin.  After John Perry Barlow died, Outtrim wrote a tribute article on February 7, 2018, titled  Burning Man Unofficial Founder Dies.

According to Outtrim, John Perry Barlow died on the twenty-second anniversary of his A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, which was presented at the 1996 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

This Declaration begins, “Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind.  On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone.  You are not welcome among us.  You have no sovereignty where we gather.”

In the screenshot below, Outtrim summarizes the key events of Barlow’s life:

Is Cyberspace the new home of Mind?  Whose Mind?

Cyberspace is briefly defined as communication over computer networks. 

In a 2011 Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) research paper, titled Cyberspace-The Fifth Operational Domain,  General Larry D. Welch USAF (Ret.), former chief of staff of the U. S. Air Force and former president of IDA, discusses cyberspace as a domain which is embedded in the other four domains of earth; land, sea, air, and space.  He notes that cyberspace differs from the other domains, which are geophysical in nature, in that “cyberspace is constructed by man and constantly under construction.”  He notes that in reference to military operations, “It is no more possible to control all of cyberspace or all of the networks of interest at all times than it is to control all of air space or all of the maritime space.”

General Welch observes also that “Unfortunately, the motivations driving construction of most of cyberspace did not include considerations of defense against cyber intrusion or cyber attack.”  Thus “Given the current cyber culture, the demand will remain unconstrained unless a new level of discipline is imposed.”

Cyberspace as the domain of disembodied spirits?

John Perry Barlow

Barlow’s Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace claims to represent the current cyber culture, which refuses to be restrained by any law other than the Golden Rule.  However, it would seem that even that basic concept of a golden rule of intent, is trampled under foot by this declaration, “We are creating a world where anyone, anywhere may express his or her beliefs, no matter how singular, without fear of being coerced into silence or conformity.  Your legal concepts of property, expression, identity, movement, and context do not apply to us.  They are all based on matter, and there is no matter here.”

As is self evident when viewing the war of words on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, the defects inherent in the Burners’ concept of cyberspace rights of liberty and speech are in constant defiance of both civility and the “thou shalt not bear false witness” commandment of God. As the IDA research paper noted, although cyberspace is manmade, it is embedded in the geophysical domain, and what is spoken and written on the internet impacts real people who live in this temporal world.

In Part I, I described defamation as an attempt to wipe out the historical existence of another human being.  Through lies and false allegations, today a single person can anonymously vent their hostility freely against others on the internet.  There is little effective recourse for the defamed, who must spend an enormous amount of time and money to overturn lies and stop the mouths of these brazen disembodied spirits in cyberspace.


Burning Man 2013

Barlow says to the established governments of the industrial world, that “You have no sovereignty here” with respect to cyberspace.  It is interesting to note however, that Barlow, as the unofficial founder of Burning Man, attended those very same freedom from bureaucracy festivals which behind the scenes made use of IRS non profit laws and other legal constructs of organization.

On December 13, 2019, Document 1 of Black Rock City LLC vs. U. S. Department of the Interior, BLM, et. al. was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, which can be read here:  burning_man_v_US_dept_int.

A screenshot of the Introduction (1) says:

Barlow declares in his Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, “We have no elected government, nor are we likely to have one, so I address you with no greater authority than that with which liberty itself always speaks.  I declare the global social space we are building to be naturally independent of the tyrannies you seek to impose on us.  You have no moral right to rule us nor do you possess any methods of enforcement we have true reason to fear.”

No greater authority than that with which liberty always speaks”, “moral right to rule”, “methods of enforcement” …those words hearken back to hundreds of years of human history and philosophical debates which go back to the fall of man in the garden of Eden.  What did that serpent, who the Scriptures describe in Genesis 3, as “more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made” ask the woman?  He began, “Yea, hath God said…”; in other words, he questioned the final authority of God.  Does God have the right to rule over his creation?  Was God telling the truth when he warned Adam with a command, that if it was disobeyed, would result in death?

God ordained governments to maintain social order after the federal headship of man fell, bringing death into our world. Later on, we read in Genesis 6 that “it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.”  All civilizations have ancient stories of a great flood of destruction, and much speculation has been given to the idea that demons, or disembodied spirits, came out of that judgment, and are under the rule of the Prince of the Power of the Air.

In fact, Barlow says, “Cyberspace consists of transactions, relationships, and thought itself, arrayed like a standing wave in the web of communications.  Ours is a world that is both everywhere and nowhere, but it is not where bodies live.”  He adds, “Our identities have no bodies, so, unlike you, we cannot obtain order by physical coercion.  We believe that from ethics, enlightened self-interest, and the commonweal, our governance will emerge.  Our identities may be distributed across many of your jurisdictions.  The only law that all our constituent cultures would generally recognize is the Golden Rule.  We hope we will be able to build our particular solutions on that basis.  But we cannot accept the solutions you are attempting to impose.”

The Golden Rule is found in the historical records of different cultures and religions, and is stated in the Bible in Matthew 7:12 as, “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them:  for this is the law and the prophets.”

Most persons assume a good intent is inherent in those who follow the Golden Rule.  However, in this world of disembodied spirits which were judged by God, one can detect a different tone of speech which interprets this rule as justifying an unjust form of retribution.  In other words, disembodied demons in cyberspace who resent their  present state, are eager to “set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth.”  And what does that tongue speak?  Why lies and defamation, of course.  This attitude is described in Psalm 12:4 as, Who have said, with our tongue will we prevail; our lips are our own: who is lord over us?

For example…

Social Media has created a growing rift between law abiding citizens and those who support incivility as a matter of right. Here is a recent interaction that highlights the incivility that destroys the delicate fabric of a free society.

As Tracking the Leopard Meroz and many others have discovered, standing and withstanding in this evil day against defamatory speech, often unleashes retaliatory speech that does nothing to de-escalate a threatening situation.

By their fruits ye shall know them.

As Barlow concludes in his 1996 Declaration, “These increasingly obsolete information industries would perpetuate themselves by proposing laws, in America and elsewhere, that claim to own speech itself throughout the world.  These increasingly hostile and colonial measures place us in the same position as those previous lovers of freedom and self-determination who had to reject the authorities of distant, uninformed powers.  We must declare our virtual selves immune to your sovereignty, even as we continue to consent to your rule over our bodies.  We will spread ourselves across the Planet so that no one can arrest our thoughts.  We will create a civilization of the Mind in Cyberspace.  May it be more humane and fair than the world your governments have made before.”

The celebration of the sovereignty of disembodied spirits in cyberspace is not creating a more humane world, but in fact is pushing mankind into the greatest anarchy the world has ever known.  And who is the ruler of Mind in cyberspace?  It is the Prince of the Power of the Air, who according to Ephesians 2:2, is “the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience”.  That domain of the air is not just the air we breathe, it also includes the invisible radio waves that transmit communications throughout the universe.

Upon the death of Judas Iscariot, he went to “his own place”.  So upon the death of the unofficial founder of Burning Man, what was his own place, that he went to? A desert where you have to bring your own water, a burning, heat drenched, barren place?

Steve Outtrim concluded his memorial article on John Perry Barlow, saying, “RIP Barlow, true pioneer of the electronic frontier.  You will be missed.”

Ecclesiastes 12:6-7, in speaking of what happens at death, mentions Or ever the silver cord be loosed. 

Disembodied spirits in cyberspace…seen any Black Hatters flying around lately?  


Part III of The Measure of a Man will discuss Steve Outtrim and the topic of the Tarot.

THE MEASURE OF A MAN: Part I-Weird Scenes from Down Under

For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves, but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.  2 Corinthians 10:12

After the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax incident of June 14, 2017, I began to view various YouTube accounts connected with the genesis of that event.  Subsequently, I began to follow two federal civil defamation lawsuits which arose in response to statements made on Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource the Truth show.

It was apparent in 2017 that there was another line of activity which could be examined because of crossover, and that was the online puzzle called Cicada 3301.  Steve Outtrim was monitoring this entire scene and developing his theory on govLARPS, so I kept my focus on defamation lawsuits.

In 2019, I became aware that Esteban Trujillo was writing a history of Cicada 3301, and noticed that almost from the inception of that project,  various persons began a coordinated defamation campaign against him.  Thus, I found myself entangled in a broader war of words than I wanted to be involved in, particularly when I began writing about the activities of Thomas Schoenberger, and that war escalated when I began posting the court documents for several defamation lawsuits filed by Gabe Hoffman.

Defamation is an attempt to wipe out the historical existence of another human beingBecause of the serious nature of this act, I have decided to write a series of articles called The Measure of a Man.  At the heart of this subject are the Defamers  who measure themselves by themselves, and consider themselves the standard by which all others stand or fall.  To illustrate this  broad and deep philosophical issue, I will be taking a closer look at the backdrop of Steve Outtrim’s webpage.

In recent months, Steve Outtrim has been a loyal supporter of the false narratives of Thomas Schoenberger, who is intimately connected not only with the Cicada 3301 story, but with the reputation repair business which became incorporated as Shadowbox Strategies. As shown by its internal defining documents, not only defensive, but offensive measures modeled after military warfare models was envisioned as a means of dealing with online defamation or otherwise unfavorable reviews of a person’s personal and business interests.

Esteban Trujillo posed the following question to Outtrim in a recent Twitter message:

Why do you do it? Identify your motives. Justify your words and actions.

All persons have an inner philosophical or religious system of self  justification, which is revealed when pressure is applied from the outside against the framework and the foundation.  Consider this passage in Isaiah 28:16-17 saying, “Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation:  he that believeth shall not make haste.  Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet:  and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.”

Right from the start of my commentary beginning in 2017, Zion has been an issue. It came to the forefront recently when Canadian Zack McQuaid accused Gabe Hoffman of being a Jewish terrorist, among many things.  This is also an issue for Steve Outtrim in his war of words with Hoffman and Esteban Trujillo.

As a result, Steve Outtrim appears to have placed himself in danger of becoming a defendant in a defamation lawsuit.  If this were to transpire, would the House of Outtrim stand? How secure is the framework of his house, and is the foundation built upon a rock, or upon sand?

Who shall have the last word?

A few years back I began to write an autobiographical book called The Art of Guileless Guile, and one of the precepts I discussed is this:  What you are, is what you are in the sight of God: nothing more, and nothing less.

Thus when one believes that God is the final authority, and has the last word, and Thou shalt not bear false witness, there is more to the temporal squirmishes we fight than just a worldly victory.

The Burners and the Seraphim

Steve Outtrim holds himself out as the unofficial representative of Burning Man’s “Burners”, those who loyally attend the annual desert city festival to watch a symbolic burning of an effigy of a man, representing ritual murder.

What does Outtrim mean when he he declares, “with us, consciousness expands, people reinvent themselves, the world changes”? He mentions bureaucracy and freedom which have to do with government authority.

Are the Burners in fact mocking the Seraphims, those fiery guardians who cry out holy, holy, holy before  the throne of God?  After all, the Burning Man festival is an unholy party which justifies its existence with several principles of gifting, and cleaning up your mess when done.  Why not just go and visit your mother for a week? Well, Burning Man is an encampment for those who don’t brush their teeth, and take a bath.  Rule Number One: don’t bring your mother along.

Wicker Man and Burning Man:  Group Mind Egregores

The classic work of historian Michael A. Hoffman, II, called SECRET SOCIETIES and Psychological Warfare says on pages 105-106, “The fiery Wicker Man, the ancient symbol of human sacrifice and ritual murder, was resurrected into Group-Mind consciousness during the 1970’s.  In 1977, the Son of Sam ritual murderers signed themselves, ‘Wicked King Wicker’ in a well-publicized media manifesto.”  Hoffman adds, “Burning Man pagan ceremonies in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert became a mass event, beginning in the mid-1990’s, with upwards of 25,000 participants paying homage to a large wooden effigy of a man, which is set afire at the conclusion of rites similar to occult motifs common to the ancient Wicker Man sacrifices.  Deaths occurred during Burning Man in 1996 and 1999, where seekers alienated by Judeo-Churchianity and the modern rat-race, pursue the Cryptocracy’s ‘alternative’.”

Today, the number of attendees to Burning Man has tripled from when Hoffman made his comment.

What is the Cryptocracy’s alternative?  Ask Steve Outtrim, for he has named his YouTube channel Cryptobeast.  It would appear that he sold his soul for wealth and  power when he developed software for the Cryptocracy and became a living example of the philosophy of the Group Mind of a Burner.

Michael Hoffman on pages 128-129 of his Secret Societies book explains, “Ritual murder is mind control.  It’s not always earth compensation for sacrilegious tampering.  It can be ceremonial, possessing a liturgy that uses twilight language to imprint the Group Mind, the entity that is formed psychically when large numbers of people are intently focused on the same object, image or symbol.”

Two Horns of a Dilemma

On February 26, 2019, Steve Outtrim wrote an article called Debunking Jan Irvin on his website.  He claimed that Jan Irvin had made false accusations against him, and it behooves us to examine how he handled that sticky situation.

If you have been following the Twitter Wars of Thomas Schoenberger and his supporters, which includes Steve Outtrim, you will recognize that the constant volley of accusations are identical to the list above. What did Steve Outtrim accuse Esteban Trujillo of?  Satanist?  CIA? Working with Aquino?….

Steve “I walk in the light” Outtrim has foolishly presented a standard by which God will measure his existence, when he declared that “it is outrageous for people to make such accusations without providing proof.”

The scriptural description of hypocritical judgment is found in Romans 2:1-3 which says, Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest:  for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.  But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.  And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and the doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God?

The principle of the self judgment of a double minded man described above is a universal one.  Young children instinctively know how to apply it to real life situations. Outside of the Christian worldview, the term karma is often employed to identify this principle of judgment.

The Compass Rose

Steve Outtrim, in a powerpoint Introduction to his Shadow History of Burning Man-Part I, displays sixteen points of his life as shown below:Like the sixteen pointed star of the CIA’s compass rose shield, Outtrim points out that he is from a military family and a descendant of William Wallace (Braveheart), no less.  He also became supremely wealthy as the youngest CEO (age 23) of the first .au public Net company by selling his software to the CIA, FBI, White Sands Missile Range, National Proving Grounds and Livermore Labs.  Note that several of these star points involve the entertainment business of his ZoS nightclub in Melbourne, which he claims  has exceeded the attendance  of Burning Man.

CIA symbolism includes a sixteen point compass rose on their shield

Weird Scenes…

Just prior to Dave McGowan‘s death, I purchased a copy of his book, Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon:  Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream, directly from him.  I was surprised to receive an autographed copy with the message, Really hope you enjoy the book!

McGowan’s book documents the numerous infamous rock musicians of the 1960’s and 1970’s, which just so happened to reside in California’s Laurel Canyon.  His thesis explores his observation that these rock musicians of that era had two characteristics:   “What one finds, far more than not, are the sons and daughters of the military/intelligence complex and the sons and daughters of extreme wealth and privilege –oftentimes, you’ll find both rolled into one convenient package.”

One convenient package! Sort of like a certain Sausage Head hotdogger from Down Under who also came from a military family and is a party boy who loves the entertainment industry. Steve Outtrim shows himself wearing the black pointy hat of witchcraft in his power point Introduction of his personal  history, seen above.  He also shows himself with a halo perched above his sausage devil horns on his head.

On page 23 of McGowan’s book, he asks these questions:  “Here we will, as you may have already ascertained, take a decidedly different approach.  The question that we will be tackling is a more deeply troubling one:  “what if the musicians themselves (and various other leaders and founders of the ‘movement’) were every bit as much a part of the intelligence community as the people who were supposedly harassing them?”  What if, in other words, the entire youth culture of the 1960s was created not as a grass-roots challenge to the status quo, but as a cynical exercise in discrediting and marginalizing the budding anti-war movement and creating a fake opposition that could be easily controlled and led astray?  And what if the harassment these folks were subjected to was largely a stage-managed show designed to give the leaders of the counterculture some much-needed ‘street cred’?  What if,in reality, they were pretty much all playing on the same team?”

Now that is a relevant question to ask of Steve Outtrim, given that he claims to be researching govLARPS.

This brief introduction of The Measure of a Man is the beginning of a journey into the strange philosophical world of Steve Outtrim.

In Part Two, we will be taking a close look at a document published in 1996 by John Perry Barlow called A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, which Steve Outtrim displayed as part of his rebuttal of Jan Irvin’s accusations. You see, according to Outtrim, the late “John Perry Barlow first went to Burning Man in 1994, and has been a key shaker and mover of the event ever since.”   Sounds like required reading.








The Folie a deux of Patricia Negron and Susan Holmes aka Queen Tut

On April 13, 2018, Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network filed an Amended Complaint in the United States District Court for the Eastern Division of Virginia, in their defamation lawsuit against Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron and Queen Tut aka Susan A. Lutzke. [see rds 413 2018 doc 39].

On page 15, the Amended Complaint states, “Prior to the commencement of this action on September 1, 2017, Negron routinely acted in concert with Goodman to defame Plaintiffs.  She appeared and actively participated in virtually every video at issue in this action, one of which was even filmed at her home.  After Plaintiff filed in this action, Negron never again appeared in a YouTube with Goodman.”

“However, as evidenced by her tweets, Negron continues to be in close contact with Lutzke via Twitter and by telephone. The conspiracy between Lutzke and Negron to defame Plaintiffs continues.  Negron’s social media pseudonym is “#Trish the Dish”.  She operates Twitter account: @TrishaDishes.  Negron had 24,300 Twitter followers as of March 23, 2018. Negron last tweeted about Robert on March 23, 2018, when she republished Lutzke’s false and defamatory statements (screenshot shown).”

“Negron remains personally active in the attacks on Plaintiff’s.  On March 19,2018, she retweeted (republished) false and defamatory statements by Lutzke (screenshot shown), …”.  On page 40 of the Amended Complaint, we are shown the following image with dialogue from a Crowdsource the Truth broadcast.  Note that Patricia Negron addresses Queen Tut.

On February 4, 2020, Susan Lutzke/Holmes was arrested while she was livestreaming with a Second Amendment  YouTuber, and the next day Patricia Negron began her Patricia Negron video with a commentary on that event.  Under Negron’s video she posted a link to the online arrest video.

I was unaware of Patricia Negron’s video until Dave Sweigert’s blog brought to everyone’s attention that Susan Holmes had published a seven minute excerpt of Patricia Negron’s rant on her Social Justice Project Fort Collins website titled, “Colorado Corruption:  Geopolitical Analyst Reacts to Brutal Arrest of Susan Holmes“.

Who is this Geopolitical Analyst?

Patricia Negron’s resume is displayed on her LinkedIn page. Excerpts are shown below:

Of interest is that Patricia Negron’s Bachelor of Science degree was in Criminal Justice, and that her career as a  Geopolitical Analyst  began in June of 2017, which was when she served as a co-host of Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource the Truth show. It was on June 14, 2017,  when the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax incident was set up by George Webb’s insider source Deep Uranium and broadcast on CSTT as a publicity stunt.

So what can this criminal justice expert and geopolitical analyst tell us about her co- defendant in the Robert David Steele lawsuit, Susan Lutzke/Holmes aka Queen Tut, who was arrested on February 4, 2020, days after the Larimer County Colorado sheriff issued a felony warrant?In the seven minute video of Patricia Negron’s analysis of the arrest of Susan Holmes, she begins by saying, “Great, okay, I’m late, so lots a couple of breaking stories.  Excuse me, um, one of which let me share this with you.  I believe I know this person.

Tracking the Leopard Meroz:  Patricia Negron believes she knows this person, but she does not tell her audience the name of the woman she is referencing, or why she might know her.  We have already provided a few references to Negron and Susan Lutzke/Holmes aka Queen Tut knowing each other on the Crowdsource the Truth program, as well as Twitter messages subsequent to the commencement of the Steele lawsuit.  Queen Tut has discussed knowing Patricia Negron in her interviews with Hoax Wars and Cryptobeast.

Patricia Negron: (.47 mark of video) “I’m not sure but this woman whose son was killed by police and has, this was within the last few years, she’s been you know she’s you know distraught mother and still trying to get justice.  She was refused access to all kinds of evidence.  She was never informed of the investigation as it proceeded like none of that I mean it you know typical, “we’ll investigate ourselves approach to law enforcement” and so you know there was video, she you know there’s it was all edited and you know the police shot the boy, her son, to kill him.  I mean there’s no question about it and you know he was under the influence of something apparently, but still I mean the idea that our police are so fucking incompetent that they can’t handle a child who’s you know in a crisis is really sad, and pathetic, but even more so is that you know as this mother is trying to you know cope with a system that has been weaponized against us; she, I will acknowledge she apparently had ignored several perjury warrants out for her, okay.

Tracking the Leopard Meroz:  It is a good thing that I had been following this story since 2017; otherwise I might get sarcastic and reply to those nine YOU KNOW’s by shouting , NO, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!.  Our Harvard educated geopolitical genius began this last quote by stating I”M NOT SURE,  placing the burden of research on the viewer.  Negon finally indicates that she ACKNOWLEDGES that this unnamed woman that she might know had contributed to her dramatic arrest BY IGNORING her warrants.

Susan Holmes 2/4/2020

Patricia Negron: (2.23)  “A perjury warrant is a failure to show for a court proceeding or something like that, not a violent crime”.

Tracking the Leopard Meroz:  Can’t seem to recall Criminal Justice 101?  A warrant is a document issued by a legal or government official authorizing law enforcement to make an arrest, search premises, or carry out some other action relating to the administration of justice.   Susan Holmes was charged with two felonies: First Degree Perjury, which is lying under oath, and also with Attempt to Influence a Public Servant.  One cannot diminish the seriousness of these charges by claiming that they do not involve physical violence.  For some reason both Holmes and Negron are under the impression that Jeremy Holmes walking down the street, wielding a large blade knife, with the intention of killing his brother, is not a violent and threatening situation to anyone attempting to divert his stated goal.  Susan Holmes  abused the Colorado Red Flag Law by lying under oath in her petition, declaring that she had a child in common with the police officer she was attempting to impugn.

Patricia Negron: (2.35) This is a 64 year old woman that had actually been in court for a proceeding related to her son’s murder and they didn’t arrest her then…

Tracking the Leopard Meroz: The warrant was not issued until after that court proceeding. All in due order.

Patricia Negron:  (2.51) …but last night while she was on a live stream with this guy hmmm they broke into her home and brutally arrested her during the livestream.  This was at night like I said this is a 64 year old woman and you know one of the things that was really disturbing about this was that I was reading the comments and these fucking morons, I mean total sheeple “she knew there was a warrant out for her though she should have known better”.

It’s just like okay Andrew McCabe completely ignored multiple congressional subpoenas.  Nobody kicked in his door.  Jeffrey Epstein, a serial child sex predator who had the means and motive to continue his predation of children and had already victimized hundreds of them, okay, a convicted child sex predator who was required to report into the New York Police Department every three months or something for years and never appeared once these are felonies each time never appeared once nobody kicked in Jeffrey Epstein’s door.  Nobody’s been tripping over themselves to arrest d’Alene Maxwell or Marc Esper or Mike Pompeo or John Bolton or the uber predators among us. None of them are getting their doors kicked in.

Tracking the Leopard Meroz:  The privileged Patricia Negron looks down on law abiding Americans as “fucking morons” and “total sheeple”.  She, as a Harvard educated, wealthy woman who can afford to hire high priced attorneys to defend herself against a federal civil defamation lawsuit, judges those who promote civil responsibility as being the lowest of the low in intelligence.  (It was Susan Lutzke/Holmes as Queen Tut in an interview with Hoax Wars that said that Negron had paid around $8,000 in attorney fees up to that point in time.)

Patricia Negron:  (4.51)  None of them are getting their doors kicked in, but this 64 year old woman whose son was murdered by police in front of her is such a threat that these motherfuckers, these thugs and badges they are pussies in uniform, they are the ultimate cowards, kicked in her fucking door and arrested her.  This is America freedom fucking idiots go along with the shit we you have no rights zero.  They’re using those Red Flag laws to label anyone a threat and once you’re labeled a threat you can be arrested.  How can you have them come in your home.  Are you kid happens now you can be arrested and never charged you can be held indefinitely and never allowed access to an attorney or a phone.  They used this against Max Blumenthal.  They arrested him on a Friday night.  A giant SWAT team for fucking reporting the truth.  This is what our police are doing, protecting us and these morons cheer them on.  None of the criminals who have been exposed by these journalists and whistleblowers are in jail…

Tracking the Leopard Meroz:  Patricia Negron, who has a degree in criminal justice defames law enforcement and  does not even have the decency to accurately recount the true story of what happened before, during, and after the tragic shooting death of Jeremy Holmes, son of her former CSTT co-host, Susan Lutzke/Holmes aka Queen Tut. 

These two women are co-defendants with Jason Goodman in a defamation lawsuit filed by Robert David Steele on September 1, 2017.  Jeremy Holmes died on July 1, 2017. There have been multiple proceedings which had taken place after that shooting death; yet Patricia Negron cannot seem to be bothered to understand the background story which she is using for her own purposes as the starting piece in her video, which has received 4,675 views to date.

And to top it off, she turns on Susan Holmes with this statement!  They’re using those Red Flag laws to label anyone a threat and once you’re labeled a threat you can be arrested.  Patricia Negron’s rant does not get any more bizarre than this. No one used a Red Flag Law against Susan Holmes!

You see, it was Susan Holmes who attempted to illegally use the Colorado Red Flag law against a police officer.  In order for her to do this, she lied under oath on the petition, falsely claiming that she and the officer had a child in common.  That was perjury.  Secondly, she knowingly committed this perjury in order to ruin another person, who had responded in an official capacity to her phone call that her son was on his way to kill his brother. 

One can read numerous articles on this event, and police body cam footage is available. SDNY.ORG published the 911 audio of Susan Holmes on their website.  Contrary to Negron’s assertion that Jeremy Holmes was a child, he was 19 and legally responsible for his actions as an adult. He was the one who chose to use drugs, displaying hatred for brother, and who refused to heed his own Mother’s pleas to hinder him in fulfilling his declaration that he intended to kill his brother, and possibly himself that day. His actions placed 2 police officers in jeopardy for their own lives.

Patricia Negron (7.03) This is the world we live in right now.  Totalitarianism is not coming, it is fucking here.

Well, that concludes the insights of Patricia Negron, the geopolitical analyst who wanted to justify the most recent illegal actions of some unnamed woman that she might possibly know. What do they call two people in close association that share a delusion?  Folie à deux!


ACH DU LIEBER Thomas Schoenberger! Are you speaking in code to the Original American James Bond, Wayne Willott?

Thomas Schoenberger, who hides behind a black motion detector in his Corona Virus video studio, has thankfully moved on from giving us updates in pig latin, and is now displaying his fluency in the language of that nation known for over engineering everything.

His March 8th video titled, Life is Like a Box of German Chocolatesbrought back fleeting memories of W the Intelligence Insider, that once glorious guest on the Hagmann Report.  As shown below in Steve Outtrim’s Twitter, Juan O. Savin aka Wayne Willott is also known as W The Intelligence Insider.    

[To read the entire Twitter thread of The Real Jefani Q3259, see link here.]

Memories of an Insider

Several years ago I wrote numerous articles on the Doug Hagmann, Steve Quayle, W the Intelligence Insider, and V the Guerrilla Economist (Rogue Money) broadcasts.  One of those interviews included a box of chocolates.

On Doug Hagmann’s website,, an article was published on April 9, 2014, called  LIFE AS AN INVESTIGATOR IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES.  That article was a reprint of a March 21, 2013, “true story”  about  Hagmann’s private investigator friend, Wayne Willott aka W The Intelligence Insider.  Willot recently passed himself off on Field McConnell’s Abel Danger YouTube channel,as Juan O. Savin who is impersonating JFK, Jr….???

Now that is wild.

Here are some excerpts of the June 16, 2015 article I wrote on that box of chocolates story, The Balancings Of Uzzah.

“On May 2, 2014, the Hagmann and Hagmann blogtalk radio show featured a three hour monologue by W, the Intelligence Insider. At the introduction of this broadcast, it was recommended that the listeners review the article written on March 21, 2013 by Doug Hagmann entitled, Life As An Investigator Is Like A Box of Chocolates. Because of the length of the show, and the nuances of the monologue and of the article, this post presumes that the reader is familiar with the content of both messages.”

“Doug Hagmann introduces W, the Intelligence Insider, as “the real James Bond”, in the recesses and shadows, and mentions the Watergate parking garage, and the taking down of the Soviet Union. W is described as having “integrity and character” and as a “real man’s man”.  We are offered no proof of this, nor a list of other credentials, so we hold our breath at the mystery of such a highly esteemed guest.”

So W is like James Bond?

So W is like James Bond?

“I then pause the broadcast to read Doug Hagmann’s article, which turns out to be a first person recollection of a narrative given by an anonymous investigator friend who once worked in the realm of physics, presumably at Area 51. This friend of Hagmann is actually W, The Intelligence Insider. He recollects his younger days when he found himself involved in a mysterious set of events.  As a result, he discovers that the very wealthy on this planet believe that they have triple strand DNA, rather than the double strand of the less influential humans on earth.   Generations of these royal families intermarry among themselves to keep their alien blood pure.”

“W  then provides Doug Hagmann with a quippy “law of the investigator”: Belief is the driver of action”.  We have heard this  very quip stated many times by Doug Hagmann on his radio shows.  We are then advised to “Follow the Blood Trail”. Supposedly both the double and the triple stranded DNA has the informational encoding to make ‘good or ‘evil’.  In bold lettering the article declares, “Yes, the DNA, and the serpentine creature entangled in it potentially bore the information/knowledge/blueprint to create good or evil!” ”

“We are given a quote from Pellegrini, Powell and Sir Isaac Asimov who penned the Three Laws of Alien Behavior: first, their survival will be more important than our survival; second wimps don’t become top dogs; and third, they will assume that the first two laws apply to us.”

“With all of this sage advice from W, Hagmann in bold letters declares, “It doesn’t really matter what I believe!”  It only matters what ‘THEY’ believe,…” referring to this group of superior alien/humans!”

“We are never  given a title, nor a summary of the thesis of W, at the beginning of his monologue. But we are informed that it has something to do with  physics and the history of the mind of the people who run the planet. W acknowledges that the Hagmann show is aimed at Christians. So to stop us from thinking like Christians, he begins by saying that when certain trigger words are heard, the listener tends to tune out the speaker.  And what trigger word is he referring to?  It is Richard Hoagland.  Then he drums into our little minds that dictum: It’s not what you believe:  It’s what they believe who run the planet.”

“So W is going to show us the “driver behind the New World Order.”  Well, maybe Mr. W, you are the driver of the NWO limousine. I have examined many a mindset which is different from my own Christian worldview, and never has the Bible instructed me to cut the plumb line of Scripture, so that I cannot accurately measure the variance from truth which underlies the assertions of others.”

“Since W does not refer to Richard Hoagland at this point in his monologue, we continue to hear a short history of the Pharaoh’s and their after death rituals which were designed to allow their royalty to continue into the next life as gods.  He makes reference to the silent hiding of the bones of giants which had been obtained by the Smithsonian, asking “for what purpose” have they been kept hidden?  From here we hear the question, “What is consciousness?” and “Where is consciousness?” W discusses near death experiences, some in the body, and some out of the body. As an example, he mentions the use of a remote controlled airplane, with the Controller giving information and direction to a physical object.”

“Then W moves onto observations which were noted from cloning experiments, pertaining to cloned dogs that had “remembered” the learned commands of the original dog, and not just the instincts encoded in their DNA.  From here he ventures into the use of three tools of Science  which produce measurable data for study:  these are electricity, magnetism, and light. He suggests that these three are facets of the same material, separated out in our observations in the same manner as a prism separates light into colors. W says that the smallest length we can measure is two widths of an electron, and asks, Is that the smallest thing that exists?  His point is that there are boundaries to our observations, but that does not mean that the existence of “something else” is not out there, such as Dark Matter, which would be the majority of the universe.  He asks whether or not this dark matter has an effect on us, and how one might measure it.”

OK, now that we understand how W the Intelligence Insider evolved into Juan O Savin, using the alien DNA of JFK,Jr., I presume…..

So back on October 14, 2017, I made these observations in, V-The Guerrilla Economist and Frank DeLalla of Remain Calm LLC:  The Devil is in the Details.

“It was on March 12, 2012, that Viji Varghese traded in his true identity for that of V-The Guerrilla Economist, and sent his first email to Steve Quayle, the owner of Renaissance Precious Metals and the long term promoter of conspiracy news to Christian audiences. Although Varghese had received his college degree in Nutrition, been fired from a banking job for failure to file a Suspicious Activity Report, and had turned to selling big screen TVs to earn his living; in hindsight, one can see that it was his ability to profile and manipulate Steve Quayle’s motives, methods and credibility that propelled V-The Guerrilla Economist into a multimillionaire.”

Wayne Willott shown in his car on V the Guerrilla Economist’s live stream

“Prior to this, Douglas J. Hagmann had established the backstory of W-The Intelligence Insider, and the listeners to the father and son premier investigation team of the Hagmann & Hagmann broadcast trusted that the man who was promoted as the American James Bond had been properly vetted.  So it was not a great leap of faith for loyal listeners to believe that the mysterious European banking and investment head trader of the Royal Bank of Scotland was another Insider which had proven his bona fides, and was providing Steve Quayle with the Truth, which we always seem to be in short supply of.”

“When V- The Guerrilla Economist was later exposed as a con artist who had constructed a series of bold faced lies based on false banking and investment credentials, Steve Quayle excused his own responsibility in promoting this fraud by saying that he too had been fooled. Fooled at his own game?  What an intriguing thought. Well, Rogue Money did have as its motto that high ideal of all monetized Alternative Media radio hosts, Truth is Currency. Later we see that this foundational motive was turned into the boast, Know the Truth, Know the Game.”

I used to think that when Doug and Joe Hagmann, and Steve Quayle were promoting fake insiders like W-The Intelligence Insider and Rosebud and others on the Christian Alternative News Media radio circuit,  that they were the cause of the success of these false personas.  I am beginning to think now that it worked the other way around.  Perhaps it was the fake insiders that caused the Quayle/Hagmann team to rise higher in the ratings,  as they chased the shadows of Alex Jones’ many Insider informants to prominent heights in this very competitive world of conspiracy radio.”

“That would explain why after V-The Intelligence Insider and W-The Intelligence Insider parted company with Hagmann and Quayle, there was total silence.”

My December 23, 2016 article, The Sudden Identity Crisis of the New York Connection made these statements:

“Here is what Doug Hagmann said on his January 28, 2014 show about his good friend W the Intelligence InsiderI am not going to-I’m not going to tell you his name.  He is, as far as I am concerned, he would be the real American James Bond.  If I could, if I could equate him with any type of figure it would be an American style James Bond.  Folks, you will have to trust me on this.  This is a guy, who I trust.  I trust explicitly.  I trust this man, and in fact I say that I would take a bullet for this guy.  And there you are, you know, maybe there’s a handful of people I could say that for, ah, about.  And I trust him.  Look, if he called me up and said, ‘Look there is an alien invasion on the White House lawn, I wouldn’t even have to turn on my TV.’  I’d believe him.  That’s the level of trust that I have got with this gentleman.  With that I will address him by his first initial “W”,- come on, Sir, welcome. To this W responds, Well, that was quite an introduction there, gosh.  And Doug Hagmann then says, Well, I tell you-you deserve it.”

Thomas Schoenberger and Steve Outtrim:  Thanks for triggering my memories of Wayne Willott and his box of chocolates…will anyone learn ANYTHING from these past histories of con men?

Steve Outtrim has declared his unswerving trust in that “secret Pentagon insider”, Thomas Schoenberger. 

Doug Hagmann used to display that same diehard loyalty for Wayne Willott. But then one day they parted in SILENCE, and W The Intelligence Insider followed the con artist, V- the Guerrilla Economist out the door and over to his Rogue Money website.

And now we hear that Wayne Willott has been posing as Juan O. Savin on Field McConnell’s Abel Danger channel. Last I heard, it seems that Juan O Savin might have gone into hiding.

Live and learn like that other American James Bond, Thomas Schoenberger.  There is always another new benefactor around the corner offering a con artist the deal of a century.  How does 3 meals a day, an exercise yard, access to a free law library, and your own cell with a state-of-the-art security system, sound? 




Anthony Troy Williams Found Guilty of 32 Counts of Wire & Mail Fraud

On March 3, 2020, Document 947 was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii in United States of America vs. Anthony Troy Williams.

Document 947  (12 pages) Verdict Form

usa vs anthony troy williams verdict form 303 2020

Thanks to FraterI*I for providing a copy of document 947!

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