THE OATH Above All Oaths of Robert David Steele, Chief Counsel for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Show the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods:  yea, do good, or do evil, that we may be dismayed, and behold it together.  Isaiah 41:23

Chief Counsel Robert David Steele at the 4/2018 Westminster Seatings of ITNJ

Robert David Steele, in an April 2018 Westminster Seatings video for the ITNJ stated at the 2.20 mark, “I have been a spy, I am out from under cover.  I’m under a lifetime secrecy agreement…”. This statement about his obligations to the CIA was made as he sat as the Chief Counsel for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. 

As a signatory to the ITNJ Constitution, Steele has approved Article 7 (2) that  By affirming an oath in accordance with the present Article, Judges and Officers acknowledge that said oath shall take precedence over any and all other oaths or commitments that the Judge or Officer in question may have made to any other court or government or professional body or private association.

This raises the question as to whether the ITNJ Oath of Office takes precedence over Robert David Steele’s CIA secrecy oath.

Also, we must consider whether this same oath takes precedence over U. S. perjury laws which are a foundational safeguard in court proceedings. As we know, Robert David Steele and his non-profit organization Earth Intelligence Network are the plaintiffs in a United States federal civil lawsuit.

Why would anyone take such a loyalty oath to ITNJ,  a legally problematic international tribunal which had its beginnings rooted in Sovereign Citizen legal theories?

The last time I was observing Robert David Steele, he had been entertaining great visions of reforming the United States of America on multiple levels. After the last Presidential election, Steele’s visions were ignored by Trump who refused to meet with him. In an interview with Joseph Ford Cotto in June of 2017, Steele had shared several of his great plans, and number 3 on his list involved the CIA and his desire to be the head honcho of their operations, as shown in this screenshot.After the election, the CIA waited nervously to see if President Trump would give Robert David Steele the time of day. One can imagine that CIA coffee breaks featured coins being tossed in the air to decide who would be the winners comprising the 50% who were fired, or  the losers who would have to implement Robert David Steele’s grandiose visions. No doubt, a collective sigh of relief was heard in the heavens when Trump rebuffed  Steele.

Here is what Robert David Steele had discussed with Benjamin Fulford in Japan, as noted in my A Man Called Sue article on March 21, 2018:It appears that Robert David Steele has been sidetracked from the Benjamin Fulford visionary intersection, and has been working on his alliance with former rock musician Sacha Stone, founder of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

Finger prints of the gods

The Claims of the Living blog has documented in a series of articles, the beginnings of the legal and operational foundations of ITNJ, prior to the American team, led by Rebecca Cope, being ousted by Sacha Stone. Cope is an advocate for the sovereign citizen theories promoted by a self-proclaimed “Judge” in Alaska, named Anna Von Reitz.  Visual signs which serve to identify the practitioners of Sovereign Citizen ideology can be seen in the photograph below of  blood-red fingerprints beside several signatory names to the ITNJ Constitution. The Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit in U. S. district court 

On September 1, 2017 Robert David Steele and his non-profit Earth Intelligence Network filed a $15,350,000 defamation lawsuit against Jason Goodman, Patricia A. Negron, and Queen Tut, a woman believed to be known as Carla A. Howell. This lawsuit was amended on April 13, 2018 in document 39.  One of the changes was that Queen Tut was declared to be Susan A. Lutzke, the damages were increased by 3 million dollars, more recent defamation evidence was introduced, and the following addition to the Plaintiff’s work history and accomplishments was introduced to counter a new accusation made by defendants:

What is misleading about the title of Chief Counsel, is that in the case of Robert David Steele, he is neither an attorney, nor a legal scholar. And when it came time for him to file a federal civil court lawsuit, he hired attorney Steven S. Biss who has been disciplined by the Virginia Bar to represent him, rather than trying to impress the federal judge with his fake title.

The same persons seen during the #UNRIG campaign are found connected to ITNJ

As we take a look at Steele’s Chief Counsel position at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, three other names show up in the history of this organization that I am familiar with.  Robert David Steele would also be familiar with the writings of Anna Von Reitz, as her name was referenced in his own blog, and in addition, he has been interviewed by Victurus Libertas who promotes sovereign citizen ideology, including that of Anna Von Reitz. As shown here in an official International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) photo we also see Cynthia McKinney who helped to promote Steele’s #UNRIG election reform efforts,  and also  Youtuber, David Seaman who played an important part in pushing the fake Pizzagate scandal.

Note the prominence of Cynthia McKinney of #UNRIG election reform days when she became noted for going cross-country with Steele in a tax exempt plastic wrapped RV.  George Webb declined Steele’s invitation to be chief recorder of that event, and so now David Seaman is the exalted investigative reporter at ITNJ,  known for being on the forefront of the fake Pizzagate story which involved undocumented accusations of pedophilia.

One of the arguments which Rebecca Cope had set forth was that she did not want an  ITNJ requirement that judges must have legal qualifications from existing recognized institutions.  It was her desire to allow “special individuals”, such as the self-educated and self-proclaimed “Judge”  Anna Von Reitz, to be appointed as one of ITNJ’s judges. Note that presently ITNJ had no problem granting non-attorney Robert David Steele the title of Chief Counsel, allowing him to have an appearance of expertise and authority while adorned in a black robe during their formal meetings.

The ITNJ Constitution has loop holes to accommodate the indiscretions of its Chief Justice

Presiding ITNJ Chief Justice Sir John Walsh of Brannaugh has engaged in numerous eyebrow raising activities, including creating Greenwich University which failed to meet Australian academic standards and for which he appointed a convicted fraudster as chancellor.  A UK website,, in their April 11, 2018 article written by El Coyote, titled  ITNJ ‘Chief Justice’ stripped of ability to practice law, extensively documents John Walsh’s Australian barrister history which caused him to be a focal point in a Senate inquiry.

Perhaps this is the reason why the ITNJ Constitution removed the words “I swear” from their Oath of Office, preferring the more nebulous wording of “I affirm”. The following comment given in an Australian Senate committee meeting regarding the perjury of Sir John Walsh may have influenced that choice of wording. Despite all this backdrop of ITNJ shenanigans, when it came to Robert David Steele’s federal civil court Amended Complaint, he complained that, “Defendant’s exhibit nothing but scorn for the Plaintiffs and the legal system.  They call this action a ‘fake lawsuit’.” 

Presumably, the Plaintiff thinks he is respectful of the United States federal court system by which he seeks a legal resolution of his complaint, despite his own questionable association with antigovernment sovereign citizen legal theorists. 

Practitioners of sovereign citizen legal theories often include incarcerated felons and vexatious litigants who have caught the attention of the judicial system with their paper terrorism as well as the watchful eye of  FBI investigators, so perhaps Steele should not press this assertion too far.

ITNJ Symbolism as representing occult concepts and Roman Catholic images

Let’s look at the symbols employed for the ITNJ, and their meaning.

The Pinecone symbol is used by occultists to represent the pineal gland, or the THIRD EYE which was opened in Adam and Eve when they believed and obeyed the subtilty of the serpent in the garden of Eden. Genesis 3:5 quotes the serpent as saying, “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” Elsewhere in the Bible these “gods” are also known as judges.

From a distance, the six-sided logo for the ITNJ has an intertwined snake look. Many have observed the ostentatious gold throne chair for  Chief Justice Sir John Walsh.

The Humanitad Free Press and the U. S. nonprofit Committee to Support the ITNJ (EIN 81-0804071 with principal officer Santiago Azpilueta of 17423 Spirit Lane SE, Yelm, WA) jointly publish an online magazine called The Sovereign Voice.  The website provides this answer to a common question:Here is another symbol of ITNJ:

Where else do we find these two birds combined with a giant pine cone?  Here is a photo of the Fontana della Pigna, which is described in Wikipedia as “a former Roman fountain which now decorates a vast niche in the wall of the Vatican facing the Cortile della Pigna, located in Vatican City, in Rome, Italy.”

Paradoxical quandaries

Returning to our discussion of ITNJ Chief Counsel Robert David Steele, and his participation in the Westminster Seatings of April 16-18, 2018, a short video on the ITNJ YouTube channel can be viewed where Steele makes the following introductory remarks:

(1.20)…we have people in the United States of America that breed children in order to sell them and when they are sold, they come without birth certificates which means it’s easier to kill them and have no one ask where they are…

(1.36)…importing children by the plane load again children with no documentation…

(4.28) …the need to restore the sovereignty of We the People…

It seems the 2018 Westminster Seatings was seeking to make use of its American nonprofit status to provide a show as a court of inquiry, rather than displaying the workings of a formal judicial court, as intended in the beginning.  Rebecca Cope and the American team of volunteers were working to set up a court system similar to existing legal courts, such as the grand jury model, but with added features to protect  We the people from corrupt judges who are nonremovable from office.  These efforts were thwarted by founder Sacha Stone, who preferred giving his ITNJ Chief Justice a life term, despite Sir John Walsh’s checkered history in Australia.

So this loosely organized “inquiry” put on their show last April, and Robert David Steele asserted that child trafficking in the United States is hidden using the method of not applying for birth certificates or other types of documentation. This statement is a peculiar one,  given  Steele’s alliance with sovereign citizens, for it is primarily the sovereign citizen movement in the United States that is defying the legal requirement for birth certificates for newborns.

In the past year I have been reading various legal documents posted in two of  Robert Baty’s Facebook groups;  Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare and Understanding The Baby Holm Case. The primary reason for my interest in these two groups is that the members provide many insights into real life anti-government individuals and groups, including tax protestors, sovereign citizens and anti-child protective services advocates.

It is these same anti-government ideologues that constantly accuse the government of child trafficking and kidnapping.  Such accusations often are distorted information campaigns waged on social media platforms.  On the lower end of the spectrum many of these false accusations come from felons, drug addicts, persons with poor parenting skills, etc.  who are looking for a scapegoat for their own personal behavior.  On the higher spectrum, we find a number of well-educated persons ranging from engineers, lawyers, former CIA agents, etc. who are promoting internet campaigns of unfounded accusations against legitimate authorities. All of this distracts from the serious issue of the criminal conduct of those in positions of power and authority.

Robert David Steele has asserted in his Amended Complaint that “he is a vocal advocate for the exposure and criminal prosecution of pedophiles and everyone who aids and abets such horrific crimes”.  Yet during his 2017 #UNRIG campaign he made numerous undocumented, hearsay accusations against members of Congress.  This raises the question about his own motives and methods of dealing with what should be the criminal prosecution of pedophiles, rather than the forgiveness of their transgressions without regard to the justice needed for victims of pedophilia.

On June 2, 2017 Joseph Ford Cotto did a series of interviews with Robert David Steele for the San Francisco Review of  His last one, Interview: X Spy Robert David Steele explains why Cynthia McKinney should be Donald Trump’s vice president, included the following words of Steele:Note that Robert David Steele’s motto with regard to Truth and Reconciliation is everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail. This is a philosophical theme that is played out in the ITNJ public proceedings, when Chief Counsel Steele emphasized that “this is a court of inquiry, it’s not an adversarial court, it’s a non-profit educational event”. In other words, ITNJ is impotent as a judicial body, despite the first paragraph in the ITNJ Preamble of their Constitution, which declares Let this message go forth from this time and place to all the peoples of the world that to right the wrongs done to them and in vindication of their rights and the enforcement of just causes and to hold accountable those responsible for breaches of human rights it is proclaimed that the International Tribunal for Natural Justice is hereby established pursuant to this Constitution.

During the above San Francisco Review of Books interview, Robert David Steele  claimed that “At least six top Republican Senators are world-class pedophiles who have probably participated in child ritual murder..”.  Did Steele ever report his knowledge of these crimes  to law enforcement officials in order to bring these so-called world-class pedophiles to justice? 

The disregarding of the rules for evidence, which protect the accused from hearsay and false facts

Article 17 of the ITNJ Constitution is on Evidence and Admissibility, which gives the general rule allowing all evidence as admissible. There is a broad, and ill defined qualification to allow for dismissing frivolous complaints. However, because ITNJ is operating presently as a one-sided inquiry, rather than as a judicial court that weighs the reliability of evidence, this means that Hearsay evidence is admissible, without being subject to cross-examination by the person(s) being accused.  Robert David Steele’s own statements about pedophilia involving members of the U. S. Congress appear to represent undocumented accusations and represent hearsay.

The threat to the uniqueness of America’s laws and jurisprudence by slipshod International Tribunals and foreign laws attempting to override common legal wisdom

Here are a few statements to ponder excerpted from a Fordham International Law Journal, Volume 29, Issue 3, Article 4, 2005 called Sovereignty and the American Courts at the Cocktail Party of International Law:  The Dangers of Domestic Judicial Invocations of Foreign and International Law,  by Donald J. Kochran.   (linked here:  fordham international law 2005

page 507:  With increasing frequency and heightened debate, U. S. courts have been citing foreign and “international” law as authority for domestic decisions.  This trend is inappropriate, undemocratic, and dangerous.

page 508 footnote 9:  Professor Berkowitz explains:  Critics raise a number of serious objections.  First, officials of international institutions (to say nothing of NGOs) charged with promulgating international law lack democratic accountability…Second, as most international institutions –possessing neither police force nor military–lack the capacity to enforce their rulings and resolutions, their legal pronouncements are impotent and make a mockery of the rule of law…

page 513:  When the British colonies in North America chose to cast off their chains by revolution, they chose to create a sovereign Nation-State that was beyond the shackles and controls of outside influences.

page 515:  Importation of these over-laws in recent judicial decisions is entirely inappropriate for a country that has a constitution and a commitment to govern itself.

page 522:  After describing multiple court rulings that would need to be overturned if the Court were to consistently rely on foreign sources of authority, Justice Scalia continued:  The court should either profess its willingness to reconsider all these matters in light of the views of foreigners, or else it should cease putting forth foreigners’ views as part of the reasoned basis of its decisions.  To invoke alien law when it agrees with one’s own thinking, and ignore it otherwise, is not reasoned decision-making, but sophistry.

page 526:  As Judge Robert Bork has opined, the Framers may be turning over in their graves:  “The most ominous aspect of Roper…is the Court majority’s reliance upon foreign decisions and unratified treaties…If the meaning of a document over 200 years old can be affected by the current state of world opinion, James Madison and his colleagues labored in vain.”  It is a Constitution the courts should be expounding, not other people’s laws.

There is a battle presently being fought in our U. S. courts of law against sovereign citizen legal theories, which attempt to subvert time honored procedures for determining the facts and legal arguments in judicial proceedings.  It is high arrogance for such individuals to establish international tribunals which tend to subvert justice in order to publicize extremely serious hearsay accusations against persons who are not provided the legal safeguards to ensure that justice and truth prevail in their case. 






STEEPLEJACKING: The “Sleight of Hand” Legal Trickery Involved in Church Property Takeovers

A form of hostile takeover of church assets, which casts aside fiduciary principles and sound business practices

Today we are going to discuss a 94,169 square foot plot of commercial land at 6801 Western Avenue in Buena Park, California which is the centerpiece of an ongoing “wages” controversy between a pastor and a former church director of security. This property had been purchased 67 years ago for the purpose of establishing  a nonprofit corporation, First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park.

Wiley Drake, Pastor of First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park for 31 years

Pastor Wiley Drake:  As Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, he is the sole signatory for the nonprofit corporation of First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park

In addition to managing his church, 74 year old Pastor Wiley Drake broadcasts an internet video show, has run a onsite homeless shelter,  and in past years entered the world of Presidential politics, and held a figurehead position of Second Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

A March 27, 2015 article at states, “According to a resume provided by Drake, he dropped out of school in the ninth grade to enter the circus and rodeo.  Sidelined by a bull-riding injury, he worked on a crew building missile silos before he joined the U. S. Navy.  During a tour of duty in Vietnam, he accepted Christ as Savior.  Drake’s resume states that he attended Biola College, Golden West College, California State University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, International Bible Institute and Seminary and Andersonville Baptist College and Seminary and holds degrees in psychology, communications, theology and Christian education.”  This same article also notes that Wiley Drake “has been the pastor of the Buena Park congregation since 1987”.

Over the past two decades, Drake has been especially known for his direct assistance in helping homeless persons, by providing food and dormitories on his church’s property.  Because of long standing code violation issues, the city recently tore down those structures which had serious defects that had not been corrected.  The Orange County Register’s article of April 24, 2017 Buena Parks starts teardown of temporary homeless shelter at First Southern Baptist Church explains that story. Also of note regarding other types of monetary issues, Wiley Drake’s church had received this 2016 tax notice from the IRS (shown below).

Churches Which Are One Man Shows Tend to Cast Aside Sound Financial Checks & Balances

Over the years, legal and financial pressures have increased on the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, for which Wiley Drake has responded by shifting the blame for poor church stewardship practices onto local and federal government agencies, who he accused of  intrusive harassment.  The end result of attempting to bypass normal legal and financial remedies  is a lawsuit  which was just filed June 29, 2018 in the Superior Court of the State of California County of Orange-Central Justice Center, by James Steven Davis, as plaintiff, against First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, Wiley Drake, and DOES 1-20, as defendants.

The lawsuit can be read at this link:  steven davis lawsuit 629 2018

As a background note to this lawsuit, in 2017, the median price of sold properties in the Buena Park area was $3 million.  In regard to First Southern Baptist Church,  Orange County tax records show a new appraised land value of $690,464 with improvements of $665,133; totaling $1,355,597.  The Religious exemption for this property was $942,716 for the 2017/2018 year, with the balance being taxable.

The lawsuit which was just filed is demanding no less than $940,000 as a judgment for unpaid wages and other related issues.  It would appear that this church is land and building rich but cash poor; thus if the plaintiff were to prevail in judgment for such a large amount it would be devastating to this small congregation of around 45 members.

First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, CA

The story behind this lawsuit is complex, and not all of the details are easily discovered in the public domain.  Nonetheless, there is enough background information that it is possible to grasp the core issues in this present legal dispute.  Because this lawsuit has just been filed, it will take time for the parties involved to present their evidence and arguments before the Judge, and possibly a jury, so it is important that we not  second guess how these complaint issues will ultimately be resolved.

The Employment Agreement

The Plaintiff, Jason Steven Davis, entered into an employment agreement with Wiley Davis on November 20, 2015.

The Issue of Why James Steven Davis Resigned From the California State Bar

Under General Allegations of this lawsuit, it is noted that around the year 2000 the “Plaintiff was in an airplane crash that placed him in a coma for over a month”, and he “remains physically disabled and has difficulty in walking and moving around”. Also stated is, “Prior to the airplane crash Plaintiff was a successful attorney.  Plaintiff has since resigned from the California State Bar due to his disability.” The lawsuit describes the duties of James Steven Davis after he became employed under a written agreement as the church’s Director of Security, also declaring that “In or around early 2017, Plaintiff demanded his full compensation from the Church which at the time was over $940,000. Drake refused to pay Plaintiff what was owed him”, for several reasons.

What is not clearly addressed by the employment agreement is what specific duties the $200/hour wage applied to.  That hourly billing amount would appear to be that of legal services, rather than representing a standard hourly rate for a security director of a small church.  According to one man who once held that security position, the compensation was free room and board.  Here is a screenshot of a portion of James Steven Davis’ Linked In page displaying his job title.Notice that Davis uses the title Director of Security and Legal Affairs.

This lawsuit complaint is summarized by a list of eight elements involving breach of contract, unlawful eviction, interference with quiet enjoyment, assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, dependent adult financial abuse, and dependent adult abuse.  Sounds fairly straightforward with regard to the employment conditions, right?  There was an employment contract, therefore there should be records of hours worked, and proof of what was paid or not paid, etc.

A Past History Which Cannot Be Ignored

But this will not be a straightforward Wages lawsuit, in my non-attorney opinion. For example, why would the attorney for the plaintiff allow line 10 under General Allegations to state “Prior to the airplane crash Plaintiff was a successful attorney.  Plaintiff has since resigned from the California State Bar due to his disability“? This assertion directly contradicts the statements made in the Attorney Search for the State Bar of California for James Steven Davis-#112906, saying, Current Status is Resigned with Charges Pending.  This attorney has resigned and may not practice law in California. 

James Steven Davis when he was Asst. Fire Marshall at Barstow Fire District

Under Status History it is noted that Davis was admitted to the State Bar of California on April 6, 1984.  As of March 19, 2004, he was NOT eligible to practice law in California.  And on June 18, 2004, Davis resigned with charges pending.  In other words, Davis did not resign because of the disability he suffered from the airplane crash which had occurred in 2000.  Was there some other “DISABILITY” which caused him to resign?

Under California Bar Journal Discipline Summaries, it states in a June 18, 2004 memo:

“A Rancho Cucamonga attorney resigned from the State Bar in June, a week before his arrest by federal authorities on charges of witness tampering, failing to file income tax returns and trying to carry a loaded handgun on to an airplane. JAMES S. DAVIS [#112906], 50, also was charged with impersonating a federal agent and filing a false statement on a loan application.”

“His resignation came three months after the Supreme Court suspended his law license March 19 for misconduct that included misappropriation, failing to account for client funds and failing to maintain client funds in trust. On March 30, he was charged with 15 counts of additional misconduct, including making misrepresentations to a court, commingling personal funds in his client trust account, failing to maintain client funds in a trust account or pay out client funds promptly, bouncing checks, improperly entering into a business transaction with a client and committing multiple acts of moral turpitude. Those charges were dismissed when Davis submitted his resignation June 18.”

“He was indicted by a federal grand jury in Los Angeles for allegedly trying to board a Southwest Airlines flight at Ontario International Airport in June 2002 with a loaded, concealed handgun. Federal prosecutors said that before boarding the plane, Davis signed a form falsely claiming he had complied with FAA regulations for carrying a gun and was authorized by the U.S. Customs Service to fly armed.”

There are more allegations in this Summary which can be read at this link.  But here is yet another interesting paragraph:

“After his home and office were searched, Davis allegedly sent threatening letters to individuals who had information about the investigation, warning he would file multi-million dollar lawsuits against them. Prosecutors said he also threatened to file criminal reports against his foes, whom he called “suspects,” and created a Website offering a $10,000 reward for their arrest and conviction.” 

“The witness tampering charge is the result of those actions.”

I found interesting, the statement of Judge Michael Marcus that Davis “acted with unabashed hubris…”.

Likewise, over the years many persons have reacted to the notoriety of publicity seeking Pastor Wiley Davis as also being something akin to unabashed hubris.

As we shall see, the problems which this church found itself in, can be largely traced back to the fact that the Pastor could sign away the property of the church with only one signature.  This is contrary to the usual checks and balances in place at many churches.  Drake and Davis operate like two gamblers playing a high stakes game in which they are against each other, as well as complicit with each other.

Wiley Drake and Steven Davis:  They were once cozy as Two Peas in a Homeless Pod

The Orange County Register article dated April 24, 2017, which had been cited earlier on the teardown of the temporary homeless shelters at First Southern Baptist, commented, “To stop the city’s effort, Drake transferred ownership of the lot in February to another nonprofit, White Horse Family Rights Council.  J. Steven Davis, the group’s CEO and a man Drake has called his ‘spiritual counselor’, met with an Orange County judge on Monday to halt the city’s plan.  The judge heard arguments from both sides, but did not stop the removal of the trailers, said Joel Rosen, the city’s director of community development.  The city expects to pay roughly $80,000 in demolition costs, not counting attorney fees, and will try to recover the costs from the church, officials said.”

The White Horse Family Rights Council, Inc. was registered with the California Secretary of State on May 11, 2016 as a domestic nonprofit for the purpose of the “protection of family rights and support family values”. The Incorporator and Agent is J. Steven Davis, BA,JD.

A website was created April 7, 2016 for this nonprofit describing their mission with this message:  CPS Child Protective Services aka Department of Children and Family Services are Government Agencies that claim to protect children from abuse and neglect.  While that may be true in some cases, White Horse Family Rights Council has learned that these Agencies, using false reports and defamatory statements against family are stealing children and selling them to get State and Federal Funding.  They also destroy families, such as the Bundy family in Nevada by putting members and(sp) jail and stealing their ranch property that the family as(sp) owned for 100 years.  As soon as an Agency contacts you and threatens to violate your Constitutional Rights, including Grand Parents Rights to your Children.  contact us so we can help protect you against illegal acts by the Government.  You are not alone in this fight.

James Steven Davis is also the CEO of LLG,Inc. or Litigation Logistics Group, Inc. and on April 17, 2017 he wrote a Contempt letter which was hand delivered to the Buena Park City Prosecutor. Take a close look at the factual claims of this letter, which present an argument based on the fact that the church property had been transferred to another legal nonprofit entity, which as it turns out was in Davis’ name.Let’s turn from events of April 2017 to 5 months later on September 12, 2017, when The Wiley Drake Show published a video entitled, 2 Prayers Please, The Church and James Steven Davis.

After signing away the church’s property to the Director of Security (and Legal Affairs), James Steven Davis via his nonprofit White Horse Family Rights Council, Inc., there was a falling out between these two men. Both men had acted out of  selfish motives when they entered into their Steeplejacking financial arrangement. But one of them is far more clever at legal scheming.Wiley Davis is sitting in his office, and at the 2.14 mark he says, “…most of you know that one demonic man by the name of James Steven Davis stole the property from this church as I sit here to day on church property.  James Steven Davis conned this pastor and this church into placing the deed in his name and it is in his name today.  We’re doing everything we can, working with Baptists, working with attorneys.  We’re doing everything we can to reverse that situation because he conned us.  He got in here, he is an attorney, he’s a disbarred attorney.  He would tell you he’s not disbarred because he is not officially disbarred; he resigned…”

(3.17)…”but he presented himself as an attorney to us and for us as an attorney that would help us fight our fight and indeed he conned us into putting the property in his name and it is in his name today…”

(4.06)  …”but the property deed is in the name of James Steven Davis, a vicious, vile, demonic man that used that property to try to borrow money and that’s why he conned me;  I won’t go into the con right now.  I was stuck on stupid, I got conned, but my motive was to help him.  He came here two years ago as a homeless man.  He came here two years ago with a lot of problems.  We helped him.  We gave him free food, free lodging and he helped us in all honesty with some legal work and he charged us a big legal bill of over $900,000, which we didn’t agree to…”

(5.23)…”the church, it was never in my name because I don’t own the church, the people own the church, but James Steven Davis took advantage of that autonomy, took advantage of what God allowed and took advantage of us and conned us and he put, I didn’t do it, he did it, he put the church in deed to himself and, and stole the church from Almighty God.  I would not want to be in his shoes knowing that I stole from God…”

On September 18, 2017 Wiley Drake reported that the police had come to the church and arrested James Stephen Davis, and on September 25 on his Facebook page he displayed a page on active warrants in Orange County, CA on James Steven Davis. The Warrant Degree was classified as a Misdemeanor for fraudulent impersonation, impersonating a peace officer and criminal contempt of court.  Bail had been set at $10,000.

On September 29, 2017 James Steven Davis sent Wiley Drake a letter regarding “Offer of Payment for Assistance on Sale of Property”.  This letter was featured in a Lonestar 1776 video on October 5, 2017.In this letter it is stated, “City will take the property if I do not sale(sp) it.  I have never had a choice on that issue.  The Church Corporation was never going to be allowed by the City to keep the property.  To buy my peace and to be Christian in my dealings I make you the following offers.  These offers are not any admission of bad dealings, and you must accept it no later than Friday, October 6, 2017 to avoid being sued by me.”

Then Davis presents several scenarios beginning with a hypothetical sale amount over $6,000,000, whereby the church would be given $1 million. The last scenario proposed is that for any sales offers under $3,000,000 he would give First Southern Baptist Church $100,000. Then he makes several conditions regarding harassment of him, etc.  Finally, Davis states, “Failure to accept this Offer will result in me making this offer public through any and all outlets I can reach, including news outlets, facebook, and the Internet.  You turning down up to One Million Dollars would be difficult to justify.”

Earlier in this article, I had mentioned that the median sales price in Buena Park for 2017 was around $3 million.  The county had appraised the property and buildings at around $1,356,000.  The church is 67 years old, and the city had to spend $80,000 to remove the homeless shelters, which they were going to charge back to the church.  The IRS sent them a tax bill for almost $54,000. For years this congregation has been below capacity, so that it is probable that offerings barely cover basic expenses for property upkeep. I would like to see a bona fide appraisal of this property before I would believe Davis that a real buyer  would offer $6 million for this property!

On December 22, 2017 Lonestar 1776 rebroadcasts a Wiley Drake video called Another Attempt to Shoot and Kill Pastor Wiley S. Drake.At the 1.26 mark, Wiley Drake explains, “…this morning there was an attempt on my life, an attempt to kill me because of my testimony and because of what I do for the Lord.  Many of you know we have been in a long-going legal battle with one man by the name of James Steven Davis.  Just yesterday, the Attorney General of the State of California said that they find that all the transactions related to the property were the sham transactions by Mr. Davis for his own personal benefit.  None of the transfers were for the benefit of First Southern Baptist Church or the White Horse Family Rights Council, nor were the transfers fair and reasonable or in the best interest of the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park...”

(2.37)  “The Attorney General finds each of these transactions to be void and in violation of the Supervision Act and the California Corporation Code.”

(2.53)  “James Steven Davis had made three other attempts on my life and had put paperwork together practicing law as a disbarred attorney and tried to take over this church property.”

(3.55) ( referring to James Steven Davis, the homeless man)…”was still living here at the shelter and he came back late last night and bedded down at the shelter and it was my decision as the executive officer of the First Southern Baptist Church and Messianic Fellowship to indeed serve those papers that the Attorney General gave to me to pass along to James Steven Davis.

Wiley Drake sounds the shofar through a window he opened to a sleeping Davis, when he decided to take it upon himself to act as a Process Server of Legal Documents.  Can we blame Davis for waking up irritated and grabbing his gun as a reaction to Drake’s stunt?

“So this morning on the 26, oh, the 22nd day, excuse me, 22nd day of December I went over to the room where the homeless man James Steven Davis was residing and had locked himself in and I opened the window near his bed and I sounded the Biblical shofar and said, “Wake up!  I need to serve these papers to you and I will not repeat what he said, because he used vile filthy language, but in his style, filthy, he said, “I will shoot and kill you and he put a gun right almost touching my nose, and so I backed away.  I’m not a hero, I didn’t want to die and I asked him though and I handed him the paperwork through the open window, as he sat there on the bed with a gun in his hand.  So he attempted to kill me and I called the Buena Park Police Department and the Buena Park Police Department are good guys and I called 911..”

6.10  “They arrested him, they took the gun away from him…(the police) filed an emergency protective order.”

9:14  “…James Steven Davis, obviously I ask you to pray an imprecatory prayer upon him. that was the fourth time he has attempted to shoot and kill me and the police had to be called.”

10.3  “Please pray for this demented soul who wants to kill God’s anointed pastor, Wiley Drake.”

Recently on Steven Davis’ Facebook page, this comment was seen:

So Davis’ attorney thinks this is a straight forward easy case?

He is in for a surprise, in my non-attorney opinion. Both the Plaintiff and the primary Defendant in this lawsuit are definitely gamechangers of the third kind, and a close encounter with either man will reshape one’s perceptions of the Universe.

LoneStar 1776: The Meet and Greet Club for THE OXYMORONS

But unto the wicked God saith, what hast thou to do to declare my statues, or that thou shouldest take my covenant in thy mouth?  Seeing thou hatest instruction, and casteth my words behind thee.  When thou sawest a thief, then thou consentedst with him…Psalm 50:16-18a

I suppose I should begin this post with this: I DO NOT CONSENT to recorded prison phone calls that refer to me as THAT WOMAN or DEMENTED. It seems that those people who I have referred to as Sovereign Citizens hate being called Sovereign Citizens, pointing out that the phrase is a contradiction in terms. True, very true.  So out of respect, in this article I shall refer to Sovereign Citizens as The Oxymorons.

On July 16, 2018, LoneStar1776 published a video called Mike Parsons (unsentenced) Call From Nebraska Prison. At the 5.04 mark, Mike Parson says, “…We the People won and the Constitution declares that we are the sovereigns, yes, that means ultimate authority, that’s all that means.  The Creator is the Sovereign.  God is sovereign over that which he created and so are we.  Well guess what? You can’t create a government regulation over somebody else without their consent.  That’s why it’s called consent of the governed, and the concept that people are innocent till proven guilty is totally beyond the scope of these morons that we’re dealing with.”

In reading the above words of Mike Parsons, it must be remembered that court documents reflect that Parsons had declared that he is NOT a citizen of the United States of America, and our laws do not pertain to him.  But now he is making a statement in this recent prison phone call as if he is part of the We The People of this great nation.

Just prior to this statement, Mike Parsons had also declared that he is a Christian.  So how is it that he has overlooked this passage in I Timothy 1:5-9a which contradicts his entire philosophy?  It reads,  Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned:  From which some having swerved have turned aside unto vain jangling:  desiring to be teachers of the law:  understanding neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm.  But we know that the law is good, if a man use it lawfully;  Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient…”.

God ordained government and ministers of the law to protect the righteous from criminal behaviors. While criminals are in theory part of We the People, such persons will never consent to any law which prohibits their lawless behavior.  Thus we get the Sovereign Citizen Rhetoric of The Oxymorons; those vain janglers, “desiring to be teachers of the law, but understand neither what they say nor whereof they affirm”.

LoneStar 1776 is the Meet and Greet Club of The Oxymorons, with Rudy and Erin Davis as the host and hostess.

So let’s look at one of Lonestar 1776’s Mukbang videos which explains the scope of their prison ministry.

Erin rings a glass dinner bell to announce the beginning of her eating a large amount of leftovers in front of her audience.

On July 6, 2018,  Lonestar 1776 published a video called MUKBANG Friday with Erin and Rudy.  According to Wikipedia, Mukbang is “an online audiovisual broadcast in which a host eats large amounts of foods while interacting with their audience”. This Korean fad has created several wealthy broadcasters including BJ the Diva and BJ Fitness Fairy, so I must assume that Erin and Rudy Davis have adopted their celebrations of Gluttony, (one of Dante’s seven deadly sins), for similar reasons.  In this particular video, Erin shows off their Fourth of July leftovers, which they intend to consume.  Let’s pick up the dialogue at the 7.21 mark:

Rudy Davis: … when Dennis Hicks calls, I need to like set an expectation right up front of what we’re about because he may not understand like what we’re about. [see article here explaining that Dennis Hicks is a convicted murderer in both Mississippi and Alabama].

Erin Davis:  He read your letter.

Rudy:  He hasn’t seen the latest one though.

Erin:  That’s a really good letter.  You should tell everybody about that letter.  Do you? already?

Rudy:  Well, it introduces new prisoners to our prison ministry because a lot of them think, they don’t know what to think, right, if we’re not associated with the legal aspect of things.  We’re not associated with fundraising.  We just simply give them a voice to tell their story and people will make up their own mind.  If at any point, I think the prisoner is lying to me or that I think he’s guilty…

Erin:  Bye-bye.

Rudy:  … then I’ll drop him like a hot potato.

Erin: You mean guilty of the charge?

Rudy:  Yeah, if he’s saying that he’s innocent, but (overtalk) I think that he’s claiming that he is innocent but I believe that he’s guilty, that beyond a reasonable doubt, I will drop him.  There’s no point in me, like you know cuz he’s lying to me, right?  Now if he’s guilty, for instance we got one guy named Gator, I think he goes by the name Richard, right, he’s Richard Franklin, but he goes by the name Gator.  He just said, “I’m guilty of everything you know, but I’ve learned about Jesus Christ and my life has changed” so he don’t claim he’s innocent right, so I can, I can deal with him.

Erin:  As long as they’re honest.

Rudy: Yeah, but if somebody’s telling me they’re innocent and I believe that they’re lying about it, you know, I can’t, but anyway,  um I don’t know about Dennis Hicks.  You know, I don’t know that much about his case. [After this Mukbang video, Lonestar 1776 has uploaded 9 videos on behalf of Hicks, whose most recent murder conviction involved a heinous killing of a mentally challenged young man whom he met at a church.]

Erin:  I don’t either.

Rudy:  I think though that what I can say for sure is nobody in the American judicial systems today gets a fair trial.  NOBODY.

Erin:  I agree.

Rudy:  It’s terrible everywhere so,  it’s very possible there are innocent people on Alabama death row, that would not surprise me.

Erin: So many people have such faith still in the judicial system to work its way out even if it takes a long, long time with appeals and stuff.

Rudy:  No, I don’t have faith in the judicial.  Once you get caught and entrapped in a cage, you have no option right but to learn their system and try to work in it because once you’re in a cage you gotta know what else are you gonna do?

Erin:  If you want to go pro se, you can’t even mount a defense from…

Rudy:  You know, they’ll beat you and pepper spray you and throw you in the hole which they did to Omar and so they mess your mind up before you go represent yourself pro se, but if you’re on the outside you don’t have any need to learn their stupid Satanic system, right, so I’m not gonna learn it cuz I’m not in jail, but if I was in jail,  I mean I just don’t plan on ever going to jail. (laughter) (10.04)

In this 16.41 video, Rudy Davis has presented the proposition that if he believes a convicted criminal is innocent, that prisoner IS innocent, despite what the record states regarding the forensic evidence, witness and victim statements, law enforcement records, judge determinations, jury findings and the convicted criminal’s own words. Rudy and Erin Davis hold to an extreme anti-government viewpoint; by which they support  their biased conclusions using the lies told by incarcerated liars. This is a primary cause why they are so displeased with the YouTube channel, Frater I*I which presents official evidence from the criminal court cases.

Here is a Government Motion in a Case which highlights the politicizing efforts of Lonestar 1776

Interestingly, about the same time that this video was made, Document 455 was filed on July 5, 2018 in the United States District Court District of Nevada in United States of America vs. Omar Qazi.  Omar Qazi is one of Lonestar 1776‘s so called American political  prisoners.  This 12 page document is entitled Government’s Motion in Limine to Preclude (1) Argument, Voir Dire, and/or Evidence about Unrelated Criminal Cases; and (2) Disparagement of the Judiciary or Criminal Justice System. Robert Baty provided a link to Document 455 to his Facebook group, Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare, or you may read it here: Rudy Davis Omar Qazi Motion 07052018

In considering the case of Omar Qazi, one must keep one fact foremost in mind.  Qazi has a one-count indictment against him; that of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm in violation of 18 U.S.C. section 922(g).  This is not a complicated case as his DNA was found on the firearm in question, and he has been recorded as confessing his guilt.

However, after becoming incarcerated in Nevada in 2012 for Battery Causing Substantial Harm, Omar Qazi displayed a growing interest with the concept of the “American political prisoner” as promoted by pro Cliven Bundy supporters, and the prison ministry of Rudy and Erin Davis.   Omar Qazi may possibly discover at some future time that attempting to become a cause celebre, will in the end be detrimental to his case.

The word limine, meaning threshhold, is a Motion done at the beginning of a trial to ask the Judge to rule that certain “evidence” not be introduced in the trial.  Because Qazi portrays “himself as some sort of political prisoner or martyr of the criminal justice system and the judiciary” he desires to politicize his trial. The Limine Motion transcribes an audio of a conversation between Rudy Davis and Omar Qazi which had been published on the Lonestar 1776 YouTube channel.  The Plaintiff is concerned that Qazi will complicate what is a simple indictment by possibly  attempting to enter irrelevant and unfairly prejudicial evidence that would suggest a decision on an improper basis. To understand the Government’s complete argument, please read Document 455 in full, which is linked above.

Document 455 quotes Rudy Davis on page 6, “…I don’t want to advocate any violence, I’m not, but I’m just saying we need to be out in the street protesting to the point where they can’t ignore us anymore.”  On Page 7, Rudy (Lonestar 1776) is quoted as saying, “Yeah, these judicial folks are just evil to the core, the prosecutors and the judges, it’s like a conviction factory.  It’s not even like a fair trial before a jury of your peers at all, the fact that they’ve held you for 41 months is just insanity.  I, I mean hell, hellfire and damnation are the reward for these evil bastards who are doing this, Omar, I mean, you know, I don’t know what we can do at this point except pray to God, I don’t-other than just expose them and pray to God that’s what I’m doing.”

The Error of Thinking that God has Consented to the illegality of the Oxymorons

Psalm 50, which was quoted in part at the beginning of this article, discusses those  who use God’s name, yet cast his words aside, and end up consenting with thieves.  Parsons emphasizes over and over his concept of CONSENT versus NON-CONSENT with regard to laws and regulations in the realm of temporal government, as well as those laws which emanate from the heavenly throne.  And Lonestar 1776 keeps right on approving unfounded stories and illogical arguments which contradict a multitude of evidence.

However, Psalm 50: 21 drives home this point:  These things hast thou done, and I kept silence; thou thoughtest that I was altogether such an one as thyself:  but I will reprove thee, and set them in order before thine eyes. This is a declaration that a correction will occur that will not be hidden, but in plain sight of all. Perhaps Lonestar 1776 should not be fretting so much over the minor exposures which this blog or Frater I*I have provided for the public good, as there are deeper and wider issues of the Oxymoron movement which shall be revealed by a higher authority.



In Defiance of Jesus Christ, Rudy Davis’ Lonestar 1776 Prison Ministry Promotes the Whitewashing of Sovereign Citizen Mike Parsons’ Crimes and Contentious Behavior

How hast thou counselled him that hath no wisdom?  And how hast thou plentifully declared the thing as it is?  To whom hast thou uttered words?  And whose spirit came from thee? Job 26:3-4

On July 6, 2018 I received an email from Rudy Davis in regard to a video which he had published at his Lonestar 1776 YouTube channel titled, Mike Parsons asks Jacquelyn Weaver to Apologize, Retract, Correct Her ArticleThe article which they want to eliminate is my June 30, 2018 post called Sovereign Citizen Mike Parsons Demonstrates How Not To Make A Citizen Arrest.

I listened to Rudy Davis’ and Mike Parsons’ video; it is nothing more than 38 minutes of the ramblings of two men who are clueless as to where my Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog  fits on their Sovereign Citizen Conspiracy World map.

The globe for the Hollow Mind.

On my Contact page I state,  I welcome any comments, even those which disagree with me, as long as you sincerely explain your position.

I have never censored anyone’s opinions, if general rules of civility are observed.  So boys, if you want me to apologize, retract or correct anything, try writing it out in plain English as a comment on the article you find fault with. Then perhaps I will be able to understand what your complaint is. Yesterday, I was told that another video was published on Lonestar 1776 which featured a recorded prison phone call from Mike Parsons speaking once again against Frater I*I and my person.

I will address one minor point which was mentioned in the first Lonestar 1776 video, since it leads into today’s article. Rudy Davis is of the opinion that as a King James Bible believer, I should have directly contacted Mike Parsons, a felon,  before I wrote my article. Pardon me if I failed to perceive Parsons as a Christian saint after reading about his behavior that got him into jail, in the first place.

While the Bible has a procedure for dealing with differences between Christians that are of a personal nature, my article on Parsons was not personal but rather a means of educating and cautioning my readers against sovereign citizen ideologies, which are fraudulent at their foundation.  Mike Parsons represents a real life example of a sovereign citizen taking it upon himself to affect a citizen’s arrest.  The broader topic at hand involved the issuance of  “international” citizen arrest warrants by  sovereign citizen ideologues, as a means of retribution against their perceived enemies.

Mike Parsons has been taken under the wing of Rudy Davis’ prison ministry, which  paints sovereign citizen criminals as innocent,  persecuted Christian Patriots. The façade of this prison ministry is that of a King James Bible, Independent Fundamental Baptist form of religious speech. The late Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, a notable IFB preacher, was known for his prison ministry work, which included preaching the Bible in various prisons, by which he exhorted the doctrine of the genuine fruits of repentance.

In contrast, the Rudy Davis ministry, publishes on YouTube,  phone calls from prisoners that encourage a continuation of self-serving falsehoods in regard to the facts of their cases. This failure on the part of Davis to not counsel repentance and remorse for the behavior that got these felons incarcerated is aggravated by the fact that Davis encourages his prisoners to malign those who accurately speak to the facts and evidence of their cases.

The Witness of American Jurisprudence

As I was reading State of Tennessee v. Michael W. Parsons, Direct Appeal from the Circuit Court of Tipton County No 6030 [No. W2010-02073-CCA-R3-CD-filed December 15, 2011], one sentence on page 18 stood out: “The Defendant also testified during cross-examination by the State that he is a ‘sovereign citizen’.”

As we see in this screenshot in another legal document (Memorandum and Order), Mike Parsons refers to himself as follows:As was stated on page 8 in 4:17-cr-03038-JMG-CRZ Findings, Recommendations and Orders filed 2/7/18, “Defendant (Michael Wayne Parsons) has not been afforded diplomatic status by the State Department of the United States, and he is not entitled to diplomatic immunity.  And while he asserts he is not a United States citizen, Defendant is nonetheless subject to the laws of the United States for criminal conduct performed within this country.  Defendant’s motions to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction and on the basis of diplomatic immunity should be denied”.

So here we have the situation where Mike Parsons, who has denied that he is a United States citizen, is railing against two American citizens,  Frater I*I and me, because we respect the laws of our nation, the law enforcement community, and the judges who have made reasoned decisions based on the facts and evidence and laws which pertained to his various criminal actions.

On page 26, of the first case noted above, it was stated, “Our close and painstaking review of the record before us demonstrates that, under the particular facts of this case, the Defendant was making an impermissible attempt to simultaneously represent himself and to have the counsel of his choice assist him in that endeavor.  Additionally, the Defendant repeatedly engaged in systematic, calculated, delaying tactics and also engaged in attacks upon his lawyers and the trial judge in a concerted effort to obtain counsel of his own choosing, to which he is not entitled.  We have concluded that the Defendant’s antics placed the trial court and the Defendant’s appointed attorneys in a no-win situation.  Our careful, detailed review of the record demonstrates that the Defendant had no intention of following and/or accepting long-standing legal precedent.  Instead, from the outset of these criminal proceedings, the Defendant engaged in an intentional pattern of obstinate, dilatory, bullying behavior in an effort to threaten, coerce, and egregiously manipulated the entire judicial system.  We will not now hear the Defendant complain”.

On page 31, we read, “The Defendant also presented inconsistent narratives to the trial court.  After writing a letter ‘firing’ Ms. Mills, the Defendant claimed to the trial court that it was she who initiated her withdrawal.  After telling the trial court in very clear terms that he wanted to proceed pro se with advisory counsel, he subsequently told the court that he had not waived his right to counsel and demanded that counsel be appointed to represent him.  As our Supreme Court has observed, ‘[d]isingenuous invocations of the right of self-representation that are designed to manipulate the judicial process constitute an improper tactic by a defendant and are not entitled to succeed.’ Hester, 324 S. W. .3d at 33.  And, on the day of trial, the Defendant demanded another continuance.”

Finally, on page 32, “As did the defendant in Willis, the Defendant in this case used the tactic of refusing to communicate and/or cooperate with his lawyers; filing lawsuits against his lawyers; filing complaints with the Board of Professional Responsibility against his lawyers; and refusing to cooperate with a court-ordered evaluation.  Additionally, the Defendant filed with law enforcement a complaint of assault against one of his lawyers; sued the trial judge; sued the district attorney; and sued the victims.  This course of conduct was an egregious manipulation of the judicial system, and of the constitutional rights afforded to criminal defendants, in order to delay, disrupt, and prevent the orderly administration of justice…”.

In yet another legal document, Mike Parsons was described as “employing a convoluted discussion of English tense and grammar” in arguing for the dismissal of a “pending indictment”.

The Witness of the Bible

The Book of Romans, chapter 2, displays the seven great principles of God’s judgment, summarized as Truth, Accumulated guilt, Works, Without Respect of Persons, Performance-Not Knowledge, Secrets of the Heart, and Reality-Not Profession. In verse 8, a form of rebellious mindset, which is under the judgment of God, is described as, But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath.  

It is self evident from reading various criminal case documents pertaining to Mike Parsons, that Rudy Davis’ assessment of this unrepentant and unremorseful felon as being a King James Holy Bible believing Christian is an attempt to whitewash the testimony of the public record which documents the facts, the evidence, and the legal reasoning, wherein Mike Parsons became incarcerated for his criminal actions.   Rudy Davis is a partaker in the sins of Mike Parsons by virtue of his continual support of his falsehoods, which are allowed to be publicly broadcast on the internet, including threats of a lawsuit against Frater I*I for merely bringing forth archived court records.

One of the reasons why I am interested in the sovereign citizen groups which tout themselves as King James Bible believers, is that I never ran across such thinking in the IFB churches I was associated with. While I was a member of a moderate IFB church, I was also very well acquainted with the Pharisee church in the same city; but even in that case, the pastor preached that government was to be respected, and taxes were to be paid in accordance with IRS rules.

Sovereign Citizen ideology is not supported by the Scriptures, unless one takes it upon himself to privately interpret the Bible, removing verses from their context.

The book of Jude speaks of men who privily enter the church who despise dominion and speak evil of dignities. Sovereign Citizen ideology creates cults where the narcissistic individual, who disregards the rights of all others, can reign as king, judge, jury and executioner. We all can agree that all human institutions have corrupt persons who must be countered by standardized procedures, but in the world of the sovereign citizen, the concept of the corruption of governing agents is used like the ink of the squid, to provide a cover for their own personal wrongdoing.

The Book of Judges and Gideon’s Army

Rudy and Erin Davis of Forney, Texas  who are known for their Lonestar1776 You Tube channel and year of,webpage claim that they are assisting  American Political Prisoners. The common denominator of all of these so called American political prisoners is their Sovereign Citizen ideology, which ranges between hardcore believers and those on the fringe, whose criminal cases were negatively affected by sovereign citizen “legal” counsel.

year of Gideon’s Army

Rudy Davis has chosen Gideon’s Army as the motif for his year of jubilee website. The story of Gideon is found in the Old Testament book of Judges, chapters six and seven.  During that time period in the history of Israel, the repeat theme is that when Israel “did evil in the sight of the LORD”, they were delivered as a nation into the hand of various oppressors until such time as God chose a Judge to be their deliverer.

In chapter 6, verse 12 we read a statement of the angel of the LORD, saying, The LORD is with thee, thou mighty men of valour.  This has been a favorite saying of various Christian Patriot groups promoted through the Christian Alternative Media.  We are entering into a realm where an “elite army of men” believe they are chosen to deliver an entire nation from oppression.

There are many important aspects to Gideon’s story, but Rudy Davis first chooses a partial sentence found in Judges 7:3 Whosoever is fearful and afraid, let him return…In choosing an army for Gideon, the LORD poses several tests which must be met; thus the troop numbers are diminished until 300 men are chosen to overcome the Midianites. Another theme of Rudy Davis is expressed in his Make Noise and Shine Light, which is taken from Judges 7:20. Once after making noise,in his videos on Obama, Rudy Davis was paid a personal visit from the Secret Service, who wanted to inquire as to whether he posed a real threat to the President.

Setting the Captives Free From God’s Point of View

The next image on the year of jubilee website makes use of several Scriptures, without identifying them for easy reference.  I am assuming the title, Set the Captives Free is a play off of Luke 18, which was read by Jesus Christ in a Nazareth synagogue as he read Esaias, The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

The instruction is given, “Check out our list of brothers and sister in bonds below.  Educate yourself about the cases.  Most of them have been sentenced to “death by prison”.  Find out why.  Ask questions.”  I have no idea how many persons have actually looked into the cases of the prisoners which are referenced on Rudy Davis’ website. I only know of one man who did just that, and because he has been posting his findings on YouTube, he is highly disliked by Rudy Davis.  Of course, I am talking about  Frater I*IKeeper of the Orb and Gazer into the SovCit Abyss.

The Witness of Frater I*I Who Educated Himself on The Cases and Asked Questions

Frater I*I’s  YouTube account  has garnered over 25,000 views since March 6, 2018; but I suppose it was after he started emailing Rudy Davis about those cases, and asking questions, that the alarm bells started sounding off over at the Lonestar1776 prison ministryFrater I*I has 155 subscribers as compared to Davis’ channel which has gathered over 17,000 over a nine year period. The problem with those statistics is that very few Rudy Davis subscribers even watch his videos; whereas Frater I*I views are growing in number.

Frater I*I’s Email to Rudy Davis

One of the Frater I*I emails which received a public response from Rudy Davis and Mike Parsons on a Lonestar 1776 video, was published recently by Robert Baty at his Facebook group Kent’s Hovind’s Worst Nightmare!.

The Lonestar 1776 and Mike Parson Response to Frater I*I

On July 3, 2018 Lonestar 1776 published their response,  Mike Parsons (unsentenced) Defends Himself Against A Pack of Devilish Hyenas.  At the 1.24 mark, Rudy Davis says, “…also this guy that I don’t even want to mention his name because I can’t stand to even mention his name but he sent me an email and he attached some sort of PDF file (linked here) and here’s what he said, he said, ‘His motions are denied in full though this is just a recommendation to the trial judge from the magistrate judge.  It is rare they do not adopt them.  This is bad for Parsons; he’s looking at 8 to 10 years if he is convicted due to his prison record and calling the jury in this matter.  The best advice you can give him is to plead guilty if you truly consider him your friend’ and then he signs it via his traitorous signature, which I cannot stand so anyway just wanted you to be aware of that’.”

Mike Parsons: “Well, I don’t know what this traitor guy means by calling a jury, that, that’s an idiotic statement, nobody calls a jury, you know and the fact is, is that he keeps pushing for people to plead guilty which means that he’s obviously working for the prosecution because if he really cared about the public he would want to make sure somebody went to prison for a long, long time that is as guilty as he seems to think that I am.  The fact is, he nothing but an evil lowlife vermin from the pit of hell liars.”

Rudy Davis:  “Amen to that!”

Mike Parsons:  “Maybe that isn’t a..”

Rudy Davis:  “Amen.”

Mike Parsons:  “… this, this guy is pond scum in the worst degree, now he claims that he can get a transcript of this hearing of the failure to appear.  What he needs to get if he’s got the guts to do it, I would tell you to get an audio and post it both on the internet, the transcript and the audio and compare it because what you’ll find is that they have butchered the transcript and it does not comport to what the audio is, and that when I ask every one of the state’s witnesses, Do you have an order for me to appear in court, No, the answer is ‘No’, so how could you be convicted of failure to appear when the law clearly says you had to have an order to appear in court, a lawful order, that you fail to comply with.  There was no order; that’s the whole point.”

“He dances around this like some slick attorney.  He’s a professional liar and, you know if he claims to be studying to be an A & P mechanic–he’ll never make it because there’s no lying in that trade.  I’ve got many of friends that are A & P mechanics  and they are not liars-they are all about the truth and accuracy and he is nothing of the kind.  He’s not truthful nor accurate.”

Rudy Davis:  “You know, Mike, if I could just interject real quick.  There’s a very popular documentary that just came out on the case of Darlie Routier.  She was accused of stabbing both of her babies in Rowlett, Texas.  What you’re saying about doctoring the transcripts, that was exactly the case in her case.  It’s not surprising at all that you’re saying they doctored the transcripts, that they do that all the time.”

Mike Parsons:  “Well, here’s the thing.  This guy is, is stalking me, while I’m locked up and, and basically unable to deal with this fraud.  He hides behind a screen name.  He threatens me, he basically threatens me my wife, he insults me and my wife, and as well as chief justice Holland.[he is referring to Sue Holland, a so-called chief justice of the same fabled tribe he associates with.  She is also in prison.]  He insults the entire Chilcotin nation and the sovereignty of that nation.”

“He is, he’s relying on people’s ignorance of what the truth is and their laziness to not look at this stuff up, but if anybody, if what you sent me, a copy of that transcript, if he posted it, if anybody listening will review what he says, and then go to those pages and look for it, you’ll find it’s not there, plus you’ll find notations that Mrs. Parsons put in the margin of that transcript denying everything that he’s saying just because some cop who got fired for planting evidence, Michael Green, wasn’t there to testify so they had, the parole hearing read his report, that’s hearsay, he ought to know that, he ought to know better than that, that he’s a liar, so he’s not going to acknowledge it, that’s the problem with the guy.”

“Now if he will not expose his real name at least expose the name of your attorney, so that when I contact him, give me some kind of a way to let me, let him know who you are, so that when I can file my lawsuit against you, then we’ll be able to do battle like real men since you’re too much of a coward to step out of your closet.  Now I never said you’re a pedophile, I said what you’re doing is supporting  pedophiles because I’m helping natives get their children back from the foster care system which ranks with pedophiles and obviously you support those people so you must be a supporter of pedophiles, because if you’re opposing me, you’re supporting the other side, which is the pedophiles.”

“Now someone made a comment that you might be homosexual because you’re hiding in a closet.  I don’t know that, you know I don’t care about that, I just care that you are committing libel and slander.  Now it’s one thing for you to say in here that it, it’s not illegal for someone to insult you.  No, insults or not, but posting false information there is willfully done with the intent of harming someone and painting a jury, that’s a crime.  And sir, you’re criminal, you’re a fraud and a coward, you are no Marine, you have no integrity, you’re a scumbag.”

“Now he says that ‘he fully knew the kidnapping plot’, well, there was no plot, first of all, and second of all, I’m locked up for over a month while the indictments and the court orders for my release and the arrest warrants for those two people were issued just because you have a job as a judge and a sheriff for a corporation does not immune you from prosecution by a court.  The fact is that under color of law, crimes committed by these people can get them put in prison and an international warrant issued and served upon a law enforcement, in this country is what they did which is lawful, you ought to know that, if you do your homework, but the thing is you know it’s lawful, you’re just a liar, you’re going to spread false information to people who won’t read the information.”

“Now you put in here little excerpts, I don’t believe a word of it that you’ve got in here, you claim these people that work with my wife made these statements.  I don’t believe a word of it that you’ve got in here, you claim these people that work with my wife made these statements.  I don’t know this to be true, but I guarantee you I’m going to ask that Pat would provide some kind of a response to these statements to see if those were in fact true or not, I don’t know if she even saw those.  If she did, they’re not true.  I’ve never verbally abused anybody in my life, but maybe I’ll make an exception to your case.”

“Alright, but otherwise there is no mental distress, there is no manipulation.  She’s upset about the abuse by Tipton County government who’s been hounding me for the last 14 years because I dared to sue to expose a rigged election.  Do your homework once again.  You’ll find out that I’ve never been in jail or anything until all of a sudden when I sue to challenge the election, then we’re attacked and uh even when the grand jury when I was falsely accused for punching a guy in the nose, yeah, when, when somebody attacks me, yeah, I’ll fight back, whether it’s in court or wherever you attack my family, you got a fight.  If you want to fight, bring it on.”

“Step out of the closet you hide yourself in,  behind a screen name, chump. I’m locked up in a jail, I don’t have access to a computer.  The fact is, is that you’re a coward, I guarantee you that if you step out and give me your lawyer’s name, I will contact him and I’ll make sure that I file it properly.  The lawsuit will be in your proper name sent to your proper address or to your attorney, either way.  That’s fine.  Makes me no difference, but what you’ve done is a crime, sir.  You’re a coward and a criminal, you’re supporting other criminals.  Now the rest of the letter is pathetic and again anyone out there that’s reading just nonsense, it’s false information.  He puts in here operative word, she seems to have told her co-workers, well there’s no seeming to it, she didn’t tell them anything except about the abuse by Tipton County.”

“So we’ll get a copy of this and she will have the ability to respond.  Otherwise, in the number six, he says ‘he fully had access to the house in question’. That’s not true.  I didn’t even have a key to the thing when I travel, Mrs. Parsons has the only key.  The house is in her control, that way she can have her guns there unlocked in the safe so can easily access in case some lowlife like you comes up, tries to mess with her and she can blast you back in the pit of hell from which you came from, you low life coward, but regardless of that, the fact is, is that she has a right to bear arms so as the rest of my family, so stay away from them.  And he seems to think that they’re going to talk about find a –there’s nothing in there about finding a rifle anywhere.  That’s not in there.”

“Oh, and please call the FAA, you moron, to tell them that this is a transport plane that’s owned by another country being moved out of this country.  It is, it not a fact that you are supposed to cover the N number because it’s no longer registered in the United States.  There is no registration required when you’re not a U. S. citizen and it’s going to another country, moron.”

Rudy Davis: “They’re a pack of devilish hyenas, you nailed it on the head and uh I pray that justice comes to them…there is a group in a pack of devilish hyenas that seems to take great pleasure.  They hide behind anonymous screen names in the destruction of Mike and Pat’s life and uh they seem to be obsessed with you know, every little detail and finding fault in every little word and you know raising accusations and it’s upsetting Mike a great deal.  Me personally, I don’t have time to get into the details of the situation here. I have too many other prisoners that need my attention, and so Mike can fight his own battles.  I do pray that Mike gets his freedom soon and I have no doubt that Mike will sweep the floor with the whole pack of devilish hyenas that have come against him.”

Praying For Justice, When You Are The One In The Wrong

Will Mike Parsons “sweep the floor”? I would like to remind Rudy Davis of Isaiah 28:16-17, Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold I lay in Zion for a foundation, a stone, a tried stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste: Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.

When one prays for Justice, it is not something to ask for in pride… for when it comes forth from the holy throne of mercy, you may wish you had pondered your prayer request with a humble heart.







Sovereign Citizen Mike Parsons Demonstrates How Not To Make A Citizen Arrest

The previous Tracking the Leopard Meroz article ended with the YouTube channel Virgo Triad having an international arrest warrant issued against her for attempted murder for the crime of identifying as a “sovereign citizen”,  sovereign citizen John Harold Fulks, the self-appointed Governor of the United States of America. After the FBI decided to consider Fulk’s illegal arrest warrant as a call for a hit against the life of Virgo Triad, Fulks published a June 19, 2018 notice at reign of the declaring that the Virgo Triad case had been transferred to their Human Rights Tribunal (HRT), thus  suspending the arrest warrant. By this new action, the penalty for each HRT violation is a $750,000 fine.

The original arrest warrant had included instructions  that “any and all are hereby authorized to detain, incarcerate, and in the case of violent resistance, use deadly force against proclaimed and verified owner and operator Virgo Triad”. Now that this warrant has been suspended, we can breathe a sigh of relief that it has been replaced by a more humanitarian extortionist demand.

Today’s post is going to explore what a sovereign-citizen-style Citizen’s Arrest looks like in real life. But first, whenever we observe persons involved in this ideology, it must be remembered that many are separate and distinct from each other, and operate under their own “legal” entities which grant them “governing” authority. The subject of today’s article, Michael Wayne Parsons, claims to be an ambassador and associate chief justice of the T’shilhqot’n nation, a dubious entity which is not legally recognized by the United States.

At, his About page describes him as follows: 

As we shall see, below the surface of an impressive sounding resume, Parsons’ sovereign citizen style situation ethics landed him in great trouble, where today he sits incarcerated in a Nebraska prison. There are a number of criminal court documents involving the arrest and conviction of Michael Wayne Parsons in the matter which we are going to review.  However, for expediency, I will be relying on Michael Parsons’ appeal of the ruling of Judge Joseph H. Walker, which can be read at this link:  Court of Criminal Appeals of Tennessee at Jackson Case No. W2019-02073-CCA-R3-CD filed 12/15/2011.

According to the appeals document, Michael W. Parsons was “indicted on July 7, 2008, with two counts of aggravated kidnapping, two counts of aggravated assault committed knowingly, one count of burglary of a vehicle, and two counts of theft under $500.”  After a jury trial where Parsons represented himself with the assistance of elbow counsel, he was convicted of two counts of aggravated assault, one count of burglary of a vehicle, and two counts of theft under $500. On appeal, Parsons claimed 5 errors; however, after review, the court held “that the defendant is entitled to no relief” and the trial court’s judgments were affirmed.

Michael Parsons had been raising wolf-hybrids, but on September 24, 2007,  several had escaped through a fence, running over to the neighboring property where Barry Laxton was mowing the yard. Laxton got his .22 rifle and fired into the air to scare the wolf-hybrids away. This was successful, except that one lone animal charged him, and he shot it. During this time, Michael Parsons and his wife, Pat Parsons were out looking for their animals.  The wolf-hybrid which had been shot ran to the defendant and died. In the meantime, Barry Laxton had joined Nick King, who was working on another yard.

In the Appeals document which I have linked to above, on page 2, under Factual and Procedural Background, the core of our Citizen Arrest story is described as follows:

The Defendant accosted Laxton and King, pointed his handgun at them, and told them he was making a citizen’s arrest.  At this point, the Defendant was no longer on his own property.  The Defendant wore an audio-recording device that recorded the encounter. The recording was played for the jury and transcribed. The encounter lasted about four minutes.

At the beginning, the Defendant demands, “Where’s my other dogs?”  King responds, “put the gun down.”  The Defendant asks, “Where’s your gun at?  Drop your gun.”  King replies, “It’s a gun in-” and the Defendant states, “Drop your gun.  Turn around. Turn around.  On the ground. On the ground.”  King again says, “Put your gun down.”  The Defendant then says, “You’re under arrest.  On the ground. I’ll shoot you.” King says again, “Put your gun down.”  The Defendant says, “On the ground. You, too, on the ground now, or you will be shot.  Five, four, three.” 

Laxton says something indiscernible, and the conversation continues in the same vein with the Defendant insisting that the men are under arrest and King repeatedly telling the Defendant to put his gun down.  At one point, the Defendant says, “If you grab that gun, I’m going to shoot.”  The defendant also tells the men to get away from the truck, to “[t]urn around, to [f]ace down,” and to “[l]ay down.”  King calls 911 and tells the dispatcher that he needs assistance because he is “being held at gunpoint”.  The Defendant orders King to [t]ell  them Mark Parsons has a citizen’s arrest on these two.”…

The Defendant again asserts that they are under arrest.

Some years later, Michael Parsons had his parole revoked under warrant No. 14-CR-314 where he was heard in the General Sessions Court of Tennessee for the 25th Judicial Circuit at Covington on February 11, 2016.  He had been charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. published an article on May 1, 2017, Indictments Unsealed Against Arapahoe Man & Tennessee Man Charging Felon in possession of a firearm and misprision of felony. It mentions that Michael Wayne Parsons, age 55 of Arlington, Tennessee, is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.  Specifically, it alleges Parsons, after conviction of the felony offense of aggravated assault on November 23, 2009, in the Circuit Court of Tipton County, Tennessee was located in Nebraska on January 11, 2017, while in possession of a Rock River 5.56 LAR-15 assault rifle and 637 rounds of ammunition.  The charge carries a possible penalty of up to 10 years’ imprisonment, a $250,000 fine or both.”

While possession of a firearm by a felon is serious, the above article features another incident involving Mike Parsons and his friend, Sue Holland, and others who had concocted a plot to break Parsons out of prison and arrest and kidnap the sheriff of Furnas County and the presiding judge in Tipton County, Tennessee. This is summarized by the U. S. Attorney’s Office in the May 1, 2017 KRVN article, as seen below:

Indictments Unsealed KRVN 5/1/2017 article by U. S. Attorney’s Office

The Appeals document linked in the beginning of this article is 48 pages long, and if one is not familiar with the sovereign citizen mindset when it comes to legal proceedings, the summary of Michael Parsons’ dealings with the court in this particular case is insightful as a predictor of later events.

Rudy and Erin Davis of the Lonestar1776 YouTube channel, which is a feature of their prison ministry, have taken up the cause of Mike Parsons.  Rudy Davis has been referenced before in this blog, in connection to Kent Hovind’s tax protester problems for which he was previously incarcerated for nine years, as well as other jailed sovereign citizens and their causes.  I use the word causes rather than cases, for the Lonestar 1776 channel is known for promoting a highly slanted view of the facts.Before anyone experiences a wave of sympathy sweeping over them for Mike Parsons’ plight, on page 47 of the Appeals document linked to earlier in this post, we are reminded of several factors:  “the Defendant’s refusal to recognize that his actions were wrong”, “his persistent and unrelenting attempts to blame others for his conduct”, “Defendant took it upon himself to accost Laxton and King – a completely innocent bystander-with a loaded gun, point the weapon at them, and threaten to shoot them.”, “the circumstances of the offense were ‘particularly troublesome’ where defendant held a gun six inches from victim’s head”, and “prior troubles with his neighbors due to previous escapes of his wolf-hybrids, as well as his willingness to file questionable legal proceedings against persons he deems to have wronged him in some way”….

On June 27, 2018, Lonestar 1776 published an audio called Mike Parsons (unsentenced) Call from Nebraska Prison. Erin Davis received a phone call from the Douglas County jail, giving the usual prison warning, this call is from a corrections facility and is subject to monitoring, recording, and a location of your phone will be obtained.

Ironically, Mike Parsons’ first words are “I don’t consent to recording of my call”. This, coming from a guy who had recorded his citizen’s arrest, which when the audio was presented to a jury, they found that it had preserved convincing evidence of Parsons’ guilt in that incident.  Erin ignores Mike’s I do not consent statement, and proceeds to not only record his phone call, but publish it on YouTube!

The first words from Erin mention one of Parsons’ latest bug-a-boos; the Youtube channel called Frater I*I, which recently began to post audios from Mike Parson’s trial testimony, along with other sovereign citizen expose style documentation.

At the 1.10 mark of the June 27, 2018 audio, Mike Parsons says, “Well, I got some information from across the water and it was a reference to a YouTube video that’s he’s got on there that’s got a photo of me; it looks like it was taken at the CCA in Kansas-Leavenworth and so obviously if this guy’s got contacts like that he must be tied in with US Marshall Service.  He’s either with the US Marshall’s or with the US Attorney.  That’s the only sources that would have that-you don’t get people’s intake photos from you know for their ID’s unless you’re tied in with those companies and the only people on the outside, it would be with the US Marshall and US Attorney, that’s it.”

“So this guy is a government troll; he’s on the payroll no matter what anybody thinks or says and something about, he’s got  website about Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare or something, so this is apparently if it’s that guy that’s name you referenced unless that’s just another screen name.  You know these guys are masters of lies and deception; their whole, whole opera..operation is nothing but a lie.  It’s lies built upon lies, they’re masters of the art of deception and lies.”

“That’s what Satan is, the master of deception but anyway, uh yeah this is not just some flake and sitting in a basement down there twiddling his thumbs doing internet searches, this guy’s on the payroll and it’s all about destroying someone’s character because when you can’t defeat them legally, legitimately, you have to destroy their character and hope that people out there pick up on this stuff and all he’s doing is parodies what he’s been told by other people.”

“The guy is totally ignorant of everything.  I mean the reference that he makes totally ignorant and he claims that he’s got copies of the audios of the phone recording so well the only way he could have gotten that is from the US Attorney, US Marshall or the Sheriff’s Department and I guarantee you the Sheriff’s Department is not putting that stuff out there because they could be sued.  I guarantee it’s the US Marshall, the US Attorney.”

“The US Attorney is, I believe basically trying to you know of course US Marshall works for the US Attorney, so they’re conspira..conspiring to basically destroy my character or try to, of course people that don’t that read this stuff, it sounds good and unless you do a little bit of homework and you realize, Oh another country does have the right to have their own court, they do have the right to issue warrants for the arrest when thy get an indictment and they do have the right to contact fugitive recovery agencies to that, that country’s law enforcement to arrest those people irrespective of what they believe.  Judges are not immune…”(4.10)

Tracking the Leopard Meroz commentParsons is complaining that the YouTube channel Frater I*I has used a photo of him that is not publicly available, and therefore he concludes that the owner of this channel is receiving a paycheck from the government as a troll associated with the US Marshall/US Attorney departments. However, I found the same photo in an article dated May 1, 2017 posted by, with a US Attorney’s Office byline,  and the photo of Mike Parsons was a courtesy of the Furnas County Sheriff’s Office. May 1, 2017 article “Indictments Unsealed Against Arapahoe Man & Tennessee Man Charging Felon in possession of a firearm and misprision of felony” by U. S. Attorney’s Office

What bothers me about the Rudy and Erin Davis prison ministry is that they do not attempt to provide a prisoner, such as Mike Parsons, who has limited access to the outside world, with accurate information. Parsons is going on about his photo, and surmising falsely about who has access to it, and this is feeding into his paranoia.  The YouTube channel Frater I*I is well within his rights to publish this photo which is in the public domain, and also to provide audio clips which can be obtained through PACER on court cases.

Parsons has accused Robert Baty, the founder of the Facebook group Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare, of being Frater I*I.  I have read some of the comments by Frater who claims he was in the US Marines some 20 years ago, which Robert Baty never was.  Baty is a retired IRS Appeals Officer, and his internet comments from years back can be read in multiple locations. Baty’s speech patterns are very distinguishable and do not match the style of Frater I*I.

Mike Parsons refers to arrest warrants  “from another country”.  By this he means to justify his false credentials granted by the fabled T’shilhqot’n nation, of which he claims he is an ambassador (diplomatic immunity) and associate chief justice who can legally issue arrest warrants. What justification is there for plotting to kidnap a law enforcement officer and a judge?   Rudy and Erin Davis, who as Christians are held to a high standard, are complicit in his imaginings because it appears they make no attempt to correct Parsons’ misconceptions and false reasoning in regard to others.  When Parsons speaks of others as the masters of deception and ignores his own lies and false reasoning, he not only does not have a case, he does not have a cause.

The very next day, on June 28, 2018, Lonestar 1776 published another phone call from inmate Mike Parsons.  This time it is Rudy Davis who answers the phone and at the 1.20 mark, he says to Parsons, “the other thing is I don’t know what to call him, I don’t even, I hate bringing it even up, this traitor, yeah, OK, I hate bringing up his name, but he’s asking if he can take the last two calls where you discuss him and you, I, I, have one call where it says “Mike Parsons tells Frater off”.  He wants to put that on his channel and I said that’s a decision that you will have to make; that’s not a decision I will make.”

Mike Parsons: (1.42)  “No, I don’t authorize a sociopath to do anything with any of my images or voice.  I’m warning him to immediately remove his channel that has a photograph of me that was inadvertently taken by somebody at a detention facility.  I did not consent to that, I do not consent to him posting it publicly and I demand that you remove it immediately from the internet, delete it from his files and forget he ever heard my name.”

Rudy Davis then informs Parsons that he has screenshotted frater I*I‘ YouTube channel for the record.

For the record, who is probably the largest provider of audio recordings of Mike Parsons on the internet, besides the ones which are found in the public court records?  How about Lonestar 1776, which publishes recordings of Mike Parsons, despite the fact that he does not consent to having his voice recorded. Mr. Parsons, let your speculative talents run wild on that one.






Attorney Connie Reguli: Lowering the Bar of Public Discourse on Child Protective Laws

The words of wise men are heard in quiet more than the cry of him that ruleth among fools.  Ecclesiastes 9:17

It would seem a simple matter that a lawyer should understand how to reason within the parameters of the laws affecting their client’s case.  It would also seem to be a simple matter that a lawyer should act solely for the benefit of their client, and not use that person’s cause to further their own personal interests. Lawyers are bound by professional standards in their practice, but what is the result when they enter into the realm of public discourse and their cries of injustice can be condemned on the basis that their findings of fact and conclusions of law were arbitrary and capricious, an abuse of discretion, and unsupported by substantial and material evidence?

Over the past few months we have been looking at several areas where the  Sovereign Citizen Movement, with their false legal arguments and falsified credentials, have caused those who heeded their counsel to go to jail. One of the issues which Sovereign Citizens have attached themselves to is the emotionally volatile Anti-CPS (Child Protective Services) movement.  In the midst of all this Anti-CPS clamor stands attorney Connie Reguli, who in contrast to Sovereign Citizen “diploma mill lawyers”,  actually graduated from an accredited law school, passed the Tennessee State Bar Exam, and practiced in the broad area of family law for over 20 years. Reguli is now undertaking to lead a grass roots movement of reform in the very controversial area of child protective law.

Connie Reguli, Attorney and founder of the nonprofit Family Forward Foundation

At, Connie Reguli  discusses her background history which includes “graduating cum laude from Middle Tennessee State University”,  “prosecuting criminal offenses for the State of Tennessee”,  “completing course work in a master’s psychology program”, “working at the trial level as well as the appellate court level”, and being the single adoptive parent of three (Russian) children. She has been active in Judicial Reform issues “to impeach and remove judges that abuse their power”.

Because we are interested in determining how attorney Connie Reguli has applied her knowledge and influence with respect to the Anti-CPS movement, it is notable that she claims in her resume at that she “is most proud of the fact that she was the first attorney in Tennessee to secure a money judgment for damages in a child abuse case.  The jury awarded 2.8 million dollars to four children against their abusive parents in 2010”.

On social media, Connie Reguli is decidedly against government agencies which have been granted the authority to represent the interests of minor children, in matters where the parents and caregivers of that child are regarded as adversaries.  So it is of interest that Reguli is proud of the part which she played in pleading the cause of children against their own parents, which is to say, that she stood in shoes similar to those worn by CPS; only she took it upon herself to extract a large monetary judgment against the parents of her clients, which would further ensure  irrevocable damage to family relationships.

Seemingly oblivious to the moral weight of her own deeds upon the scales of justice, as she represents first one side and then another, Reguli would like us to think that she can now impartially represent the interests of those parents who believe, contrary to American legal theory, that they have absolute authority over their own children.   That sentiment contrasts with a statement quoted in The Court of Appeals of Tennessee at Knoxville, assigned on briefs October 21, 2015 In Re Rainee M., page 4, saying,  “Parents have a fundamental constitutional interest in the care and custody of their children under both the United States and Tennessee constitutions.”  Kiesling v. Keisling, 92 S. W. 3d 374, 378 (Tenn. 2002).  It is well established, however, that “this right is not absolute and parental rights may be terminated if there is clear and convincing evidence justifying such termination under the applicable statute.”

Connie Reguli stated in a second letter which she wrote to President Trump, “Certainly, we will never deny that child abuse is real and a travesty in our nation, but not every child taken has been abused.  In fact, the statistics show that 85% of these children are removed under circumstances deemed as neglect”. While Reguli concedes that child abuse does exist, she is of the opinion that child neglect is harmless, and that the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 has facilitated through its funding provisions, a scandalous child trafficking effort involving CPS agencies and private foster child organizations who file for the purposes of financial gain, documents which will legally terminate parental rights (TPR).

An example of Connie Reguli and her grass-rooters of the Anti-CPS movement misrepresenting the government’s attempt to protect children from abuse and neglect

The Social Media Advocacy of Attorney Connie Reguli through her nonprofit FAMILY FORWARD FOUNDATION corporation

So exactly what is Connie Reguli advocating, as she spearheads a grassroots movement of Anti CPSers? At her website, she claims, We are a nonprofit organization that exists to build family integrity and protect families from unwarranted government interference.  Together, as families, we can build a nation in which the institutionalization of children through foster care will be a thing of the past.

Additionally under the subheading, “Making your dollars work”, Reguli states, Your dollars are put to work providing advocacy and support for families, assessing the needs of families, organizing resources to fill those needs, and educating lawmakers, judges, and attorneys on family justice.  Under “Family Justice”, the claim is We cannot strengthen families unless we have the support of laws that protect family integrity and family courts that respect the constitutional rights of parents and children.  Finally, for only a $20 donation to the Family Forward Foundation, one can buy Family Justice!

In sync with her nonprofit foundation, Attorney Connie Reguli has also founded a public FaceBook group called Family Forward Project, which presently has 8,808 members. The purpose of this group is “to inform the public and educate the law makers regarding the unlawful social engineering financially incentivized by the Federal government.”

Ever against Federal financial incentives for other people, Reguli is not afraid to embrace the nonprofit corporation benefits for herself. Interestingly, on April 22, 2016, four months before she registered her nonprofit Family Forward Foundation in Tennessee with an effective date of September 1, 2016, she  created her website Family Forward  As of February 3, 2018, Connie Reguli posted the following comment on her Family Forward Project FB, stating that she still had not been approved by the IRS for 501(c)(3) status.  Yet her website asks for donations on behalf of her nonprofit organization while it is still in limbo with the IRS.

Family Forward Foundation’s Logo is like a “Rorschach Inkblot Test”.  While some may view this logo as 3 rocking people holding a heart, all I see is the face of a smirking clown.

Sorry to correct Ms. Reguli’s notions, but Noah actually built an ark, not an arc; the arc was the rainbow created by God to symbolize his promise to not judge the inhabitants of the earth by a flood again. As one can see, Connie Reguli, in making the simplest of statements, manages to complicate them by the simplest of spelling errors. Another example is in this YouTube video where she is describing, but not explaining, her theme of Advocacy for 2018. Is there some reason she presents a very careless image to those who follow her leadership? Cooridination may be fine by her, but who wants to hire an attorney that is careless with detail?

Cooridination…maybe a legalese word?

Pandering to Persons Who Are Accustomed to Publicized Lies 

A couple of days ago, one of the members of the FB Family Forward Project group posted the following, which created a controversy among several readers,  as to whether the Trump Twitter was real or a fake.I read most of the comments, and it would appear that this falsified Trump twitter message originated from another popular Anti-CPS group which bears the heading Dr. Phil Exposes CPS:

Under this FaceBook account, it states, “Dr. Phil exposes CPS is the founder and creator of the fosterwar which has grown to network of over 60,000 members the fosterwar demands that no children be removed from parents or family without criminal charges.”

What is interesting about the member who believed this fake Trump twitter and posted it on Connie Regali’s group FB page, is that this person paid no attention to the date of the message which was  January 20, 2017, just  prior to when Regali had challenged her supporters to send  a million copies of her letter to Trump on this same issue.  So if Trump had in fact made this declaration, why would this group bother with a letter writing campaign?

Two letters had been sent to Trump, the first was in February of 2017, and the second around the end of March 2017. In addition to sending the form letter written by Connie Regali, personal messages were encouraged to be attached. A Go-Fund-Me page received donations for mailing supplies for the second letter. This is a screenshot of the first letter, which I am going to key off of, as a means to discuss the approach of Connie Reguli to the important issues connected to the Anti-CPS movement. The second letter can be read here.

First, the form of this letter does not respect protocol for addressing The President

Both letters were penned by attorney Connie Reguli, although the authorship is not explicitly stated.  She ignores the protocol for addressing a letter to the President of the United States of America. It is disrespectful to ignore the standard form of address,  “Dear Mr. President”,  and both letters are unsigned by the writer, which should have been noted after ending with “Most respectfully”.  Instead, the first letter “signs off” rudely with “These professionals can enlighten you on the burdens of this system:  Connie Reguli, Atty, Tennessee, (etc.)…And many more”.  Several attorney names are listed with no means of contact, although the President is told that these “professional experts” are the ones who can educate him “on this giant problem”. Both letters reference the Family Forward Project.  The first letter suggests to the President, “Find us on Facebook”.

Not only is this form of letter disrespectful to the office of the President of the United States, but also it sets a bad example to the followers of Connie Reguli, many of which have experienced problems with Child Protective Services because their personal behavior falls short of the minimum standards for raising children.  It only complicates their situation if they are encouraged to adopt a tone of disrespect toward governmental authorities.

Statements are made without reference to supporting documentation

The first sentence of the first letter says, “Every day in America 400,000 children are living in foster care”.  The second letter, written one month later, states the figure of 500,000. There is no source given to back these numbers. Reguli claims that 80% of foster “children are removed from their homes on the ambiguous and inocuous(sp) claims of child neglect”. The second letter changes the 80% to 85%.

“Child neglect” probably is a general category used by CPS to summarize under one heading,  specific documented facts and observations made by the case worker.  Thus there would be in reality,  no ambiguity in the actual case file.  And why does Reguli consider child neglect to be “inocuous” (innocuous, i.e. harmless), if the evidence itself  warranted removal of a child from its home?

In the second letter, a complaint is made against the monetary incentives involved in the  privatization of foster care.  But even if the government ran foster care directly, it would involve providing the foster parents with funds to reimburse the basic costs of the child. One cannot get around the fact that all this costs lots of money, which comes out of the pockets of taxpayers.

The focus of the letter is on the “negative effects” of the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 (ASFA), but Reguli fails to address what factual evidence exists to back her complaints

This ASFA bill was signed into existence in 1997 under the Clinton Administration.  Reguli desires to have this entire act overturned, so she asks Trump, “Please execute an executive order which prohibits the adoption bonus program to the states for forced adoptions.”

I had to look online to find out what the official explanation is for this act, as it is not properly explained in either letter. Apparently 20 years ago,  there had been concern that some children were remaining in foster care for long periods, or experiencing multiple placements, which was detrimental to their sense of wellbeing.  Therefore a requirement was established that states are to file for termination of parental rights (TPR) once children have been in foster care for 15 of the most recent 22 months, with exceptions made under certain conditions.

Reguli fails to address with documented facts how these requirements actually affect the manner in which cases are handled. The reality of many families who have had children placed in foster care, is that these parents have resisted making even the most rudimentary of changes needed to properly care for their own children. Many of these parents have criminal, drug and mental issues, poor work habits, poor social skills, etc. that have placed their minor children in physically and emotionally distressing situations, and it is the failure of the parents to act responsibly, that keeps their children in foster care.

Reguli claims in her second letter that federal funding “amounts to government sanctioned child trafficking and against humanity”. She also stated “We can barely remember the extermination of the Jews under Nazi Germany, but someday our history books will find that the rehoming of children has become the norm instead of the exception.  Just imagine if each child is worth $80,000 per year to an industry thirsting for more children to ring their register”.  Proof?  None given.

“…adopting them into the home of strangers” complaint by Reguli in both Trump letters

The ASFA emphasizes adoption by adult relatives over nonrelatives, so why is Connie Reguli all aghast about the adoption of children by strangers, when she, as a single adult, adopted three children from Russia, removing them from their native country entirely?

In the screenshot below, Connie Reguli posted the following story which may explain why she resorts to undocumented and unproven complaints against the CPS system.

Judge Sharon Guffee’s 2017 complaint about the unprofessional conduct of Connie Reguli is made to the Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee

In connection with this story about Judge Sharon Guffee, Connie Reguli had posted on the Family Forward Project FB site, a two page letter signed by Guffee on Williamson County Juvenile Court letterhead, dated September 6, 2017 to the Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee.

I have excerpted parts of this letter from Judge Guffee, which begins, “I am sending this complaint against attorney Connie Reguli for an incident that recently occurred before the Government Operations Subcommittee for the Judiciary and Government for the Tennessee legislature on August 15, 2017.”

“Attached is the video from the meeting where Ms. Natasha Pavolich addresses the committee as part of their citizen communications.  It begins at 46.30.  Ms. Pavolich on at least two occasions states she is “here on behalf of attorney Connie Reguli” who was “unable to be present”.  During her exchange with the committee, Ms. Pavolich expressed her dissatisfaction with a ruling she received in my court.  She admitted she had not filed a complaint with the Board of Judicial Conduct.  Also attached you will find her voluntary dismissal of her appeal to the Court of Appeals….”.

“I welcome and expect any party who comes before me to seek a review from a superior court if they are not satisfied with their outcome.  What I do not expect is for an attorney to solicit others to disparage a judge in a public forum knowing full well this is unacceptable unethical conduct on the part of an attorney.  Clearly, Ms. Pavolich was acting as an agent for Ms. Reguli…”.

“In addition, I am enclosing a very disturbing correspondence regarding “wholesaling of children through the Department of Children’s Services” one of my magistrates received in the mail….I am frankly appalled that Ms. Reguli is able to make such fraudulent solicitations without some type of serious sanction”.

One of the posts allowed on Connie Reguli’s FB group Family Forward Project

You can learn nothing from the sarcasm of the CPS Checklist; however, the opinion of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit:  Connie Reguli v. Sharon Guffee is highly interesting

On March 31, 2010  An Appeal was filed in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit concerning a case involving Connie Reguli, personally and as next friend of “daughter” Reguli, a minor child(Plaintiffs) v. Sharon Guffee, personally and in her capacity as Referee of Williamson County Juvenile Court (Defendants). has a copy of this appeal here.

This fourteen page document is interesting reading for the layman, as the Appeals Circuit Judges summarize the facts of the case and discuss the merits of the arguments presented by Connie Reguli. The conclusion was that the district court’s judgment was affirmed.

This case involving Connie Reguli, as plaintiff, represents the unusual situation of an experienced family law attorney and former assistant prosecutor who found herself as a single parent personally interacting with the Williamson County, Tennessee juvenile court system, after her own 16-year-old daughter went astray. What was interesting is that the Appeals discussion of the details of this case stated, “…proceedings only began because Reguli herself charged her daughter as unruly”. Throughout the Appeals document, as it goes point by point, the plaintiff, even though a practicing attorney, did not cite cases to support her arguments, and failed to make a convincing case that her constitutional rights had been violated.

Reguli’s appeal is based on “the denial of her claims of constitutional violations under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 based on her constitutional rights as a parent and her constitutional right to privacy.” The original complaint was made on August 12, 2008, and “on February 19, 2009, the district court dismissed most of the claims.”

After comparing the recent Facebook charge of Reguli that Judge Guffee was to be blamed for ruining her daughter’s life, with the actual facts of the case as described in the Appeals record, it would seem that Reguli has taken the position that everyone else’s actions are blamable and that the actions of herself and her daughter had no bearing on how this matter was handled.

Reguli’s suspension from practicing law

An article on dated January 7, 2016 titled,  Brentwood lawyer suspended from practicing law after court upholds panel’s discipline summarizes the details of the complaints which had been filed with the Board of Professional Responsibility against Connie Reguli. The judgments were appealed, and in a December 28, 2015 filing in the Supreme Court of Tennessee at Nashville, Board of Professional Responsibility v. Connie Reguli, an opinion was given after a thorough review of these matters. Again, this is an interesting 18 page document which any layperson can understand.

On page 6, it is stated, “The Panel concluded the aggravating circumstances applicable were (1) prior professional discipline of Ms. Reguli; (2) Ms. Reguli’s bad faith failure to respond to requests for information by the Board; (3) dishonest or selfish motives of Ms. Reguli; (4) Ms. Reguli’s refusal to recognize the wrongful nature of her conduct; and (5) Ms. Reguli’s substantial experience in the practice of law.”

On page 11, it states,  “Ms. Reguli next contends that the Panel’s findings of fact and conclusions of law were arbitrary and capricious, an abuse of discretion, or unsupported by substantial and material evidence”. How ironic that Reguli has charged the Panel with the same behavior which she exemplified in her letters to President Trump.

What motives lie beneath the noble statements of a tax exempt mission?

Connie Reguli’s desire to form a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation to receive tax exempt donations to support her leadership of a “grassroots movement using social media”, is in my opinion, meant to usurp the authority of government agencies charged with protecting children from neglect and abuse. Why do I use the word usurp rather than oppose, or reform? The stated purposes of Connie Reguli’s nonprofit foundation are highly unrealistic in their broad undertaking, given the vast problems which the CPS and judicial systems must deal with on an ongoing basis.  So very possibly, there must be another unstated purpose for this group which entails a resentment of established authority.

Reguli’s Family Forward  Foundation mission is nothing more than words without a grasp of real life, mere politicized rhetoric that they “exist to build family integrity”, promising that “institutionalization of children through foster care will a thing of the past”, and “your dollars are put to work providing advocacy and support for families, assessing the needs of families, organizing resources to fill those needs, and educating lawmakers, judges, and attorneys on family justice.” Think about what has just been stated. 

These words show a desire to usurp the authority legally granted to government agencies, while yet providing no realistic basis on which this foundation can perform its mission.  Will these volunteers fulfill the job descriptions of a vast network of employees presently functioning in those very capacities, or will they create a utopia where families are no longer dysfunctional?  If you get rid of foster care, what will you replace it with? I see no workable solutions even offered.

While sounding noble, these words are in fact shameless, given the truth that the effect of such a movement shows that their actions are not about seeking a reform which respects the rights of all parties involved.  Rather, such efforts serve to lower the bar of intelligent reasoning in the public domain.   Connie Reguli’s motives also appear to harbor a conflict of interest, particularly as she expresses a continuing bitter personal resentment towards those she had conflicts with in the past. The very sober issues of CPS deserve an analysis which entails respectful fact finding and a deeper understanding of law; something which no grassroots movement of disgruntled name callers can ever engage in.