Blasphemous Merchandisers Using the Words and Holy Name of God

“And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you:  whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.”  2 Peter 2:3

The other day I was privileged to examine the documentation of a transaction which transpired about three years ago involving the purchase of silver coins from Renaissance Precious Metals. The purchaser, a Christian female senior citizen,  had been an avid listener of Steve Quayle, and had been persuaded by his “dire predictions of currency failure and bank closures by December of 2012 if not sooner,” to take her savings and convert them into silver coins and some long-term storage food items. She received a large box of coins, but discovered that she had been shorted 100 ounces valued at $3100.  When she called the company, somehow she ended up offering to give a large portion of the missing coins to two “ministries” associated with Steve Quayle. And in hindsight, it would appear that this transaction had not been a wise move, as her investment has since lost value, and she had to take out a loan to pay the real estate taxes on her home.

Recently, this same Christian felt moved to file a complaint with the Montana Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division regarding her experience.  About the same time,   I heard from another source that there was  a similar story involving yet another senior citizen who had also purchased metals from Steve Quayle, and had been shorted on their order.  I do not know how this matter will end, as the Consumer Protection Division must ascertain first what the facts are from both sides of the transaction. However, I was moved by these two incidents to write a letter to the Montana Attorney General encouraging them to take these complaints seriously.

The following words represent the body of the letter I wrote on July 27, 2015, and posted in the mail box the next morning. The letter is addressed to three parties connected with the Montana Department of Justice, Office of Consumer Protection, in Helena, Montana.  In the letter I make reference to the specific complaint numbers filed on July 16th and 17th against Renaissance Precious Metals.

“Dear Sirs and Madam:  I am writing this letter to encourage your department to take seriously the complaints filed by ___ against Stephen R. Quayle and his online gold and silver business.  I am acquainted with Ms. ___ through internet correspondence dating back to March 2015, when she became aware of an online article which I wrote against the bullying tactics of Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann.

I am presently retired, but once was a bank officer at the Seattle-First National Bank (now Bank of America), where I held positions in both the Trust Auditing and the Bond Trustee departments.  Later I moved to Texas where I was the Trust Department Operations and Systems Manager at Amarillo National Bank.  I have owned a gift/furniture store, and worked for H & R Block as a tax preparer.  Because of my past experience, I was troubled by the details of the transaction between Ms. ___ and Steve Quayle.

As an ex-auditor, a red flag went up when I saw that Ms. ___ did not receive a proper receipt for her transaction, plus she  had been shorted a significant amount of silver.  When she  generously donated some of these missing coins to Steve Quayle’s personal “prayer warrior”, and to Doug Hagmann, no receipts were sent to her to officially document these actions. Please note that Ms. ___ was not well at the time, and under duress; the details of which she had candidly expressed to Steve Quayle.  Apart from the obvious question of the intent to defraud, there is also the question of under documenting a transaction as a means of hiding taxable income from the IRS.  When I had heard that a similar thing existed in another transaction with another senior citizen, I began to wonder if this was the standard practice of Steve Quayle.

A couple of years ago I began to listen to the Hagmann and Hagmann blogtalk radio program, out of curiosity.  I am a Christian, and had heard of Steve Quayle and his end times talk which he had coupled with his gold and silver business, going back at least 20 years.  In fact, many years ago I wrote him and others to complain that their merchandising practices were contrary to Biblical doctrine. I never received a reply, but due to the volume of correspondence Mr. Quayle receives, I did not really expect an explanation.

Steve Quayle has been on the radio for years on various platforms, most notably Coast to Coast AM, Genesis Radio, Hagmann and Hagmann, Alex Jones, Dave Hodges, and others.  Renaissance Precious Metals advertising is found on his own website, Steve, where he combines it with a daily updating of news reports on the downfall of America’s government and financial institutions.  I have seen his ads on Hagmann and Hagmann, and also on Dave Hodge’s The Commonsense Show;  both hosts promote the same theme of the imminent doom of America.  Quayle also was a large backer of V, the Guerilla Economist, and W the Intelligence Insider, and of Hawk whose audio fear mongering is found on  In the case of these men with false names, the listener is told to trust their qualifications solely based on the hosts’ “say-so”.

The high pressure sales tactics used in these shows is unconscionable.  The listener is advised not to trust their local banks, and it is suggested that they should remove their money now or the government will steal it.  Also it has been recommended that any money in IRA’s, stocks and bonds should be converted to gold, silver and “prepper” survival supplies.  The Hawk comes right out and tells his audience to buy from Steve Quayle.

The target audience of these shows are Christians who are not well versed in sound Biblical doctrine, but who know just enough of the coming prophetic judgments to fear them.  What Steve Quayle and his fellow radio hosts push on the listener, time after time, is that they are sent as Watchmen from God to tell the listener when they should act.  With regard to Steve Quayle, if anyone disagrees with him, he reacts as a bully to intimidate the person into retreating.  He can be heard on air using the ad hominem argument against his critics, rather than addressing the issue at hand.  It is possible that persons who were not happy with their transactions at Renaissance Precious Metals were also intimidated into backing off from making a complaint.

The main point I am trying to illustrate is that the high pressure sales tactics are not found in Quayle’s written advertising; they are found in the radio shows which Quayle either sponsors, or where he is an invited guest speaker.  These shows consistently create a climate of fear and uncertainty for persons who are of the lower to middle-income range, or retired on Social Security, and therefore are vulnerable to a fear based marketing ploy.

If you need an example of the hubris displayed by Steve Quayle, and his friend Douglas Hagmann, go to the website hagmannand, on February 10, 2015 where they have posted an article called, Joint Response Addressing the Character Assassinations Underway.  While this article does not pertain to the  ___ complaint against Renaissance Precious Metals, it does illustrate the technique which Quayle uses to counter valid factual complaints which have been lodged against them.  Also on this same date, they threatened on air, anyone who sided with their critics.

In conclusion, I believe that Steve Quayle’s actions, as owner of Renaissance Precious Metals, represent the type of unconscionable business practices which should be withstood by the Attorney General’s division of Consumer Protection. Sincerely, Jacquelyn Weaver”

The writing of the above letter was prompted, not only by the filing of the complaints with the Montana Attorney General, but events which followed after that, which I do not have the liberty to disclose here.

Just as a matter of curiosity, on July 30th,  someone sent me a screen shot of Renaissance Precious Metals, showing that they are redoing their webpage.  I do not know if this is pure coincidence, and that this corporation had  made the decision to rework the page at an earlier date, or if this is a result of the phone call from the Consumer Complaint division to Steve Quayle. You ask, how do I know that they had called Mr. Quayle?  Well, in response,  he called the complainant at her home, and told her that he had been contacted.

This is a  serious issue on several levels, besides just  consumer protection.  Along with all those other radio and television hosts who sell metals and survival food, Steve Quayle is usurping a God appointed position of authority, in order to profit from the fearful prophecies and judgments  of God in the Bible,  by selling his merchandise at  high markups.  These acts  cause the holy name of God to be blasphemed by unbelievers, many of whom are of better character than these “Christian”  merchandisers.steve quayle 730 2015


Commander Noah’s Scavenger Hunt

“By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.”  Hebrews 11:7

I was not baptized until I was 42.  After this, I was handed a list of one hundred and five spiritual job titles, and told to check which ones that God was telling me to do.  I read each line carefully, and when I reached the bottom of the list, I realized there was not one line which I could in all honesty check off at that time.  So I read the list again, and wrote at the bottom, None of the above.  The pastor seemed somewhat aghast. Now, if this pastor had handed that same list to Stan Deyo, he could have hand written at the bottom, All of the above, and then some.  If that sounds unlikely, check out this commentary on the newest edition of The Cosmic Conspiracy found at

An URGENT revelation concerning the developing “Alien/UFO” situation is the main thrust of this edition. It is a warning which MUST be read for your own survival!… The book also unveils the “Gray Project” from the original “Majestic 12” group and discusses the group which just recently took the power away from them. It uses many new photos and images to explain what is about to happen to the people of Earth with special emphasis on the use of HUGE craft over our major cities….. As part of this discussion, a unique, scientific approach to the truth of the “Face on Mars” issue is given. A more plausible and practical explanation for the event (sans alien culture) and technology is developed. Many people seem to be entranced by the popular hypothesis that the face is a sign of an ancient, technologically advanced, Martian civilization which even pre-dated mankind itself. This edition warns of the use of this whole “face on Mars” farce as a softening item for the public announcement of alien cultures here on earth in our immediate future. This edition also has an update on the secrets of the Great Seal of America (which appears to be the latter day “Babylon” spoken of in Biblical prophecies).

Don’t miss this Millennium Edition. You won’t have another chance – IF we are correct in our analysis of coming events.  For 20 years, this book has been sold “under the counter” in America. The official resistance to the ideas and facts in this book was huge. Now, with the Internet, we are able to circumvent the normal controls on the release of this sort of information to the American people. In Australia (where the ex-patriot, Texan author lives) this book sold the equivalent of a “million-seller” in America. TV shows, documentaries and investigations have been launched as a result of this book which is now read in over 22 countries. It is one of the major books of this century; and was inspired after a ‘near death’ experience the author had in 1969. The first 200 pages of the book tell about the author’s discovery of a new method of aircraft propulsion using ionized plasma gases over a circular craft in 1970…. It tells about the author’s recruitment by an ultra-secret, international research and development organization to finish his propulsion research in Australia…. It discusses the ‘conspiracy’ behind the US Government, the United Nations, The United States of Europe, The coming Arab Confederation and the Club of Rome to establish a new, global, political power to dominate the peoples of Earth. A mathematical and ‘lay’ language explanation of the error in Einstein’s relativistic limits to traveling faster than light’s speed is also given in detail with illustrations. Photostats of key documents which substantiate the assertions are in the appendices of the book. In this latest and, perhaps, last edition of The Cosmic Conspiracy, the author has added 60 new pages to the original 200-page version.

Stan Deyo’s writings, lectures and television documentaries speak for themselves. They are controversial without a doubt; BUT they are also extremely popular in many countries. He has given over 150 public lectures in America, Australia and New Zealand. He has lectured for Nexus Magazine at their annual symposia in Australia. At least fifteen related books have quoted his work. The leaders in UFO research in America often quote his work and his appearances on the Art Bell Radio Show. President Ronald Reagan and His Royal Highness, Prince Charles put copies of “The Cosmic Conspiracy” in their personal libraries. He has been an invited guest to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, the USAF Space Command Headquarters in Colorado, the Pentagon, The Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, the Hopi Indian Nation, the Australian Club (a round table branch of the Royal Institute for International Affairs in Melbourne), Edwards AFB’s high altitude test facility, the private office of the honorable Joh Bjelke Petersen when he was the Premier (Governor) of Queensland, Australia and the Alcyone (Jacques Cousteau’s sail-less research ship). Mr. John Schuessler, former Director of Space Flight Operations for McDonnell Douglas at the N.A.S.A. (Houston) has met and worked with Mr Deyo. John once wrote of Stan, “He is one of the true critical thinkers of our times”.

Mark Thorton is a features writer for “The West Australian” which is West Australia’s leading newspaper. In a weekend edition of the paper dated 9 June 1990, Mark wrote a full-page, color article about Mr. Deyo. These excerpts tell the tone of the article: “This inventive thinker is a latter-day da Vinci… Scientist, inventor, adventurer, artist, author, teacher… these labels barely describe a remarkable man living in our city.” He looks like actor, Anthony Hopkins with a beard and a Texan accent.” “If you met him at a party he would be the sort of man you would be prepared to stop and chat with for a while, But listen to him talk for just five minutes and you would probably want to stick around for hours hanging on his every word.” “Friends have painted a complex portrait of him – one splashed with tints of Leornardo da Vinci, Nostradamus, Indiana Jones, John the Baptist and the archetypal gardenshed scientist. It is a description which, though sounding outrageously presumptuous, is borne out by his lifestyle. Like da Vinci, he illustrates all his inventions and theories in shaded sketches. On his computer he designs three dimensional working models of some of his inventions, which he then sculpts in fiberglass.”

“In 1984 Mr Deyo received a letter from Dr Fredrick Tatford, a former director of the British Atomic Energy Authority and an acquaintance of Dr Albert Einstein. Dr Tatford shared Mr Deyo’s interest in the physics behind extraordinary field effects such as those produced in the famous “Philadelphia Experiment” in the US in 1943, an experimental attempt to create an invisibility field, the results of which are still classified. Dr Tatford asked Mr Deyo to explain in writing what he thought happened during the experiment and was so impressed with the layman’s theories and deductions that he confirmed Mr Deyo’s practical descriptions of what happened despite their being classified.” 

Susan Jean McCrone in a book review for “The National Exchange” in Chicago wrote, “This is one of the most important books I have read in a long time. I literally could not put it down.”

From the Author:I have been more surprised than anyone concerning the popularity of a book which I thought might get me shot. As bizarre as the facts I have quoted in the book may seem to some, they are real. My conclusions could be argued; but current events are saying that I wasn’t far off the mark with a lot of the things I deduced, reported and theorized in that book. 

I once owned the first edition of The Cosmic Conspiracy, and I still own The Vindicator Scrolls, Volume I.   I keep the latter book as a conversation piece which I bring out, whenever visitors are overstaying their welcome. I have listened a few times to Stan Deyo on The Hagmann and Hagmann radio show.  When once he was asked what we needed to do to survive Planet X, or some other disaster from outer space,  he advised us to put 12 feet of dirt on the roof of our house. Maybe you have done that already, and felt in hindsight, “Oops.  I forgot to reinforce the roof.”  Your insurance doesn’t cover your mistake? Did you complain to Prince Charles for his part in promoting this genius?

Well since I don’t possess a copy of The Cosmic Conspiracy first edition anymore, and I certainly am not about to part with my shekels for the 2010 Millennium Edition, I refer you to for a partial transcript.  On about page 10 of this pdf, we read, “This book… is written in three levels of understanding or codification.  Kabbalistic gematria and symbolism have been used to veil certain messages from some while enlightening others.  I am sure the reasons for this will become most obvious as the world events of the next 18 months unfold.  Let us begin with a ‘precious mechanism’:

Interested, I looked upon that sculptured place…
Challenged to find the one piece missing:
Hailed the topmost third – that capstone grace.
This I knew: it was not lost.
Hark:  soon returns the Word, …and Order.
Until that hour, this is my chair:
service to some degree like:  Commander Noah.”

Well, uhhh, three levels of codification.  Do I meet level one if I follow the yellow brick road, I mean, the italics?  So Stan Deyo is Commander Noah?  Yeah, okay, he has a website called, which involves emergency preparedness.  And, wait!!  Look, his little poem has been centered so that it forms the Holy Grail!!

Underneath these intriguing words it is signed Stan Deyo, on the 28th of the 11th, 1978.  Further down the road, about page 55 we find a reference to a 1977 announcement from President Carter who mentioned a topmost Pentagon project code-named: (guess what?) “Noah’s Ark”.  Apparently this referred to “a system of some 96 ‘bunkers’ and ‘bolt holes’ which have been established at various places on or near the earth to house approximately 6500 key officials in case of a nuclear war”.  I think I am getting it; this is Commander Noah’s Scavenger Hunt.  We have been given a time limit to find his clues, and whoever rushes back first gets to ride out the Tribulation on Stan Deyo’s space ship.  stan deyo 1

So why does Stan have its sister site called the Millennium-Ark, rather than the Tribulation Ark?  Who needs to be on the Deyo spaceship/ark during the Millennium?  A thousand years of the reign of Jesus Christ on earth.  Sounds good to me.  Now who wants to avoid that? Probably someone like Commander Noah, the Supreme Master Numberer.  Let us turn to Revelation 20:1-3 to read, “And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.  And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, and cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up,  and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled:  and after that he must be loosed a little season.” Satan is looking for his own ark, to escape the prophetic words of God.

Stan Deyo claims to be a Judeo Christian, whatever that is.  On page 5 of The Cosmic Conspiracy, he asserts, “…the only sure way to finish on the good side is to make your commitment to GOD through your personal Doorway to GOD, through Jesus of Nazareth, THE Messiah”. Now that is a peculiar way of wording the gospel. Deyo is a Jewish Kabbalist, and favors the Talmudic interpretation of the Scriptures, freely interpreting passages as he sees fit. He is also known to be a dreamer and somewhat of a seer.

Given his reputation as Mr. Untouchable in the Alternative News Media, I would like to suggest that perhaps some see him as having the gifts noted in  Daniel 5:11-12, which says, “There is a man in thy kingdom, in whom is the spirit of the holy gods; and in the days of thy father light and understanding and wisdom, like the wisdom of the gods, was found in him; whom the king Nebuchadnezzar thy father, made master of the magicians, astrologers, Chaldeans, and soothsayers; forasmuch as an excellent spirit, and knowledge, and understanding, interpreting of dreams, and showing of hard sentences, and dissolving of doubts, were found in the same Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar: now let Daniel be called, and he will show the interpretation.”

The Vindicator Scrolls, Volume One, was written by Stan Deyo, and published December 1989.  On page 202 under “The Mysteries Scroll”, he discusses Dreams and Visions, asking Will Death Be the End of You? On this page he says, “You may not get another chance to save yourself from oblivion”. On page 205, he says, “Death will be a transition from this reality into an everlasting oblivion,…because of either their ignorance of their stubborn rebellion against G*D’s established order of things. Informing you of your options to remove your state of ignorance has been my charge; may G*D find my service in this satisfactory when I stand before Him- as all of you will do one day, too.”  Now the thing which stands out here is that Deyo believes that those who do not make it to heaven will end up in a state of everlasting oblivion.  This is quite different from spending eternity in hell, as the Scriptures teach. And there is a vast gulf which exists between saving yourself or being saved by faith, by believing on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, as Savior.

Much of Stan Deyo’s books center on his research, whether it is anti-gravity, space ship propulsion methods, or his quest to locate the historical locations of the Garden of Eden or Atlantis. I have no problem with this at all, but it is a mere Scavenger Hunt, compared to searching the scriptures to find eternal life.  The very fact that Stan Deyo, who claims physical descent from the Jewish race, places the Kabbalah and the Talmudic traditions of the fathers over the scriptures, shows a heart of guile.  It was the Pharisees and the traditions of the elders that put Jesus Christ to death. The Christ he is hoping will return to rescue him is not the Jesus Christ who came in the flesh, was crucified and shed his blood on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins, and rose from the grave three days later.

I do not see that Stan Deyo, as Commander Noah of his Millennium-Ark, shows any of the characteristics of the real Noah.  And if he continues to hang out with the Alternative News Media types who by their actions, deny Christ, and flatter his ego, instead of showing him what saith the Scriptures, he will find at the end of his life, not heaven, not oblivion, but hell.

Whatever IS IS

Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth:  men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.  But they shall proceed no further:  for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs was also.  2 Timothy 3:7-9

In the late 70’s, while living in Seattle, I went to Anchorage, Alaska to audit a bank trust department. When the weekend arrived, I remembered the story I had been told by my clients of the National Bank Examiners who had gone hiking and had become lost for several days.  Instead, I rented a car. There was little choice as to roads, so I  headed down to Valdez.  It was hours before I arrived, as I was traveling a mere 10 miles per hour, weaving around overturned and abandoned cars and the largest pot holes I had ever seen.  Driving alone, and with very little traffic, I amused myself by stopping along the road periodically to take photos of overturned cars and of magnificent snow topped peaks.  Arriving finally in Valdez, I observed a glacier flowing into the harbor. Beautiful, but remote and very rugged terrain.  It was June, when the sun never sets, and despite it being the peak of the tourist season, the roads had not been repaired.

Therefore, I was surprised to learn from Dave Hodges on the fourth of July, 2015, that Any Day, Russia Will Launch a Three Pronged Invasion of the United States. Apparently his post was a continuation of a previous article two days prior called, On The Heels of Jade Helm, the Planned Russian Invasion of the US is Revealed”.   According to Hodges, the invasion will begin in Alaska, and come south, taking the west coast by surprise.  Then another invasion will come down from the North Pole through Canada.  In the last  35 years has Alaska overcome their frozen and dark winters to now have highways capable of swift military movement? Or is this solely to be an air attack? Exactly what are the logistics of this invasion, as based on logic and reality, instead of an attention seeking Alternative Media star and his sources?

It was no surprise to me, however, when at the end of the article, a large color advertisement for SQ Metals, encouraged me to Buy Precious Metals with Steve Quayle.  Just in case I was unpersuaded, below was a statement declaring “a safe place to purchase your gold and silver.  Dave Hodges is a customer”. Perhaps a line should be added which tells us that the motives of Dave Hodges have yet to be refined, as gold and silver,  in the fire.

Who is Dave Hodges?  According to News With Views where many of his older  columns may be read, Dave Hodges is an award winning psychology, sociology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach as well as a former mental health counselor. Dave also serves as the spokesperson to the newly formed national coalition, The American Coalition to Protect Personal Property Rights, which is designed to combat the growing erosion of personal property rights across America.

Often referred to America’s most independent talk show host, Dave Hodges is the host of the nationally syndicated, hard-hitting and exciting investigative radio talk show called “The Common Sense Show.” “The Common Sense Show” airs on the Republic Broadcasting Network every Sunday evening from 9-11pm Central. The show features an array of impressive guests coupled with an in-depth analysis of important personal, social and geopolitical issues which are largely unreported in the mainstream media. The wide variety of show topics ranges from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of “The Common Sense Show” is to provide the listening audience with the tools necessary to reclaim both their individual freedoms and national sovereignty.

Do you remember the time when President Bill Clinton was accused of, well, indecent conduct?  He publically claimed that he never had sex with that woman, on the basis of word definitions and semantics that defy the real world. “Whatever Is is”  would come to be a paraphrase of his method of  redefining normal word usage in order to provide a defense for his actions.   Today, if Dave Hodges were to look into the Clinton indiscretions, I imagine that he would interpret Whatever Is is to really mean, Whatever ISIS.  In other words ISIS was responsible way back then for a lot more trouble than we ever knew.  All insider sources will tell you that. This type of word play is constant these days, and I found a statement on the internet that ISIS really stands for Israeli Secret Intel Services.  And all along we were blaming the Muslims. Most assertions of the Alternative Media nowadays are based on fantasy, sprinkled with a little fact, and do not represent  solid investigative journalism.

Now there is an interesting comment on Planet InfoWars. It was written January 7,2014 by Workingtwojobs and is entitled, Doug Hagmann with Dave Hodges Make Claims Against the Military Using “Sources” that Obama Would View as Treason.  This comment is worthy of reading, since Dave Hodges apparently does not allow critical warnings against him to be lodged on his site. The person who wrote this comment has constructed a well researched, solid piece of  journalism, which is hard to find in the comment section of most websites.  Reference is made to the 12/20/2013 blog talk radio program, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report.  Since it involves Dave Hodges, let us wander back into our time machine to hear them discuss whatever Is is.

Now when Doug Hagmann introduces  Dave Hodges, he thanks him directly for his “bravery”, saying “thank you for being a formidable warrior on the front lines here of the tyranny that is encroaching our country.  God bless you…”

On the front lines?  Send him to Alaska this coming September, please, please, please! Dave Hodges in the interview says, “I know some ex-intel types who went into hiding to escape the ravages of what could be coming and this was about a year ago when they ran for the hills…” Well we know that just this week, Ric Wiles of TruNews verbally threw away his American citizenship and plans to leave the United States. Rumor has it that TruNews  is now become GoodNews.

Getting back to the 12/20/2013 interview, at the 2 hour mark Doug Hagmann says that Mr. Hodges has shared some of his sources with him and “I can tell you that they are impeccable”. Impeccable means faultless, and in Christian theology this word is usually used to describe the sinlessness of Jesus Christ.  Following this comment on the impeccability of Dave Hodges’ sources, whichHagmann says he knows by name, DougHagmann insinuates that there are people who might want to assassinate Hodges because of his inside knowledge. This is followed byHagmann asking Hodges, “…what is the most important bit of information that you have got that you want to share?  That you want to make sure that people know?  That will not only inform people, but to helpinsure your own personal safety.”

Jannes and Jambres, magicians

Jannes and Jambres, magicians

Dave Hodges replies, “God helps those who help themselves.  And I really encourage people as I have said to prepare.” Does he mean buy more gold and silver and prepper supplies from him and his best friends?  Then Hodges continues, “…there is a reason why DHS has come on their list and villanized people like you and I, fundamental Christians, Bible believing Christians, because they know full well that they can’t counter the forces of God.  They know this.  They fear our spirituality.  This is why they’ve infiltrated the churches with 501 (c) (3)’s bastardized the pulpit…I tell people to leave their church…”

I know that I fear their spirituality.  Just kidding. We are supposed to leave our churches?   Not only that, but as recently as July 2015 when he warns of a Russian invasion, first coming out of Alaska to the west coast, and a second invasion coming from the North Pole down to Canada, he concludes by telling Americans to leave their country! Why don’t they take their own advice and get out of Dodge?

This blog, Tracking the Leopard Meroz, began with personal experiences which occurred  within fundamental, independent, King James Bible believing churches. It was an observation on my part, that there were certain men crept in unawares, through secret societies, such as the Order of the Knights Templar Crusaders, defenders of the Holy Grail and the Order of the Leopard priesthood, who were causing church members with a sound mind to leave the local church. These church members, who were being oppressed, were not persons who displayed sinful behavior which they had refused to forsake.  They were placed under a ban for asking too many questions.  Dave Hodges always gives his doom and gloom messages without ever giving Scriptural counsel or comfort, so am I being unreasonable to ask whether he is really a Christian?  How can this man free enslaved minds without the power of Jesus Christ?

In the Dave Hodges July 4, 2015 post, he states, “In the final days of Jade Helm, or in Jade Helm’s successor, Russian troops will be introduced to the drill gone live, and will carry out their mandates against the American people with a vengeance.” He then refers to a few events in the news to back his assertion, without making the requisite connections, to convince the reader that September indeed will be a month for the history books.

Perhaps he considers himself to be like President Clinton, justified in changing word meanings and rules governing logical thought in order to set up his marks for his latest confidence trick. These men, such as Hodges and Hagmann, are not loners. Like Jannes and Jambres, they often work their con using two magicians. When Pharaoh called in  the wise men,  sorcerers, and the magicians of Egypt, to use their enchantments to match the powers displayed by Moses, they reached a point where their magic could not prevail further.

When that point is reached in our times,  the magicians of the Christian Alternative Media will no longer be able to  smirk at their con, and say, “Whatever Is is“.  The vocal emphasis on these three words will then become Whatever Is Is. And then we will know that the real servants of God will have laid down the gauntlet.

Tales from Camp Quayle

In the midst of a grove of trees beside flowing waters, in the darkness and blackness of night, a group of men sit around a campfire sharing their deepest secrets. This is a Buildaburger night, prepper style, at Bohemian Grove II, fifty yards from Camp Quayle in Bozeman, Montana.

Hagmann:  Hello, this is Wednesday, July first 2015, and we are coming to you live…

Hawk:  this is Hawk coming to you alive…

Quayle:  Tonight is critical.  We are here to share our deepest darkest moments…What is that droning noise?

Hagmann:  Oh, Oh, W has arrived, and he has already begun to share his stories.

Quayle:  I thought I told him to stay far away from me. What does he think this is, a Free Speech Zone?  I’m in charge here.

Hagmann:  I lured him here by telling him that I would take a bullet for him.  After all he is the real American James Bond.  I told him we were having a snipe hunt.

Hawk: This is the Hawk coming to you live…

V:  What is the matter with Hawk?  Why does he keep repeating the same line over and over again?

Quayle:  He forgot his night vision goggles, and he is having trouble reading his script.  But tonight is critical,we are going to tell real horror stories around the campfire, like real men do when they are out in the depth of the wilderness, eating their prepper supplies.

Pastor Lankford:  I know I need to repent of this, but I need to use the little boys room, and I don’t like to stare at a tree when it is so dark out.

Quayle:  Follow that light 150 feet away, and my wife will let you use the loo in the house.  And when you come back, bring my coat of armor, please.

W: Did you know that I was written up in the American Spectator in 1997?  I am the real deal. That investigative reporter James Rain Adams said I am  a private researcher, tracking down infamous and dangerous men. And he also mentioned that I know Michael Reagan, the son of President Reagan. I’m famous under my real name.

Hawk:  Mighty Men of Valour, it is time to march down to the river and retrieve a bucket of water as it is time to eat a prepper dinner.  Here W and V, (handing them a bucket) prove yourselves and get us water.

V:  It is dark out there.  And it is time for Plan V.  What is Holly and Stan serving up at the house, anyway?

W:  Make Lankford go.  It is his turn.  I am going to hunt for snipe using a night vision drone.

Hagmann:  Drone, what drone?  Oh you mean you are going to start telling stories again.  Folks, you will have to trust me on this.  Look, if W told me there is an alien invasion on the White House Lawn, I wouldn’t even have to turn on my TV.

W: Well, ah, ah, good, as it does not appear that Quayle has provided us with a TV out here.

Quayle:  I have too.  Henry Gruver, Romy and my intercessors are out walking the perimeter. Between them with their remote viewing capabilities and their out of body experiences, they are better than CNN.

Hagmann:  Where is that water.  I am starving.  W, if anyone can do it, you can do it.  I will just tell you that.

W: (still droning on) …Well, I will try you know.  You and I have talked over the weekend and I, you know, said that maybe I needed to come on and just clarify some things during the course of the week, you know.  The end of the week.  The situation there for Stan went ahead and moved us forward to today, so you know this is the day it is.  You know, it is a conversation we had discussed having with your listeners.  Anyways, this week, it just happened a little earlier in the week than I had personally anticipated…

Quayle:  I am beginning to understand why I can’t stand you WW.  You are Wishy Washy.  Marinka was wrong.  Your name is not Wayne Willott.  It is Wishy Washy.

Hawk:  This is the Hawk coming to you Alive!  I’m starving, and I can’t wait any longer for someone to rehydrate the beef stroganoff.  I am opening a can of Campbell’s Chunky Soup.

Lankford:  I’m back.  Is it time to go to bed?

Quayle:  Bed?  We are Watchmen, and we never sleep!!!  Has the world gone mad?  This moment is Critical.  What You People don’t understand is that this is a Q Alert.  I’ve received a critical Q Alert. V, what I hate about you is that I am on your list for receiving Critical Alerts, and I never receive any from you. V, WishyWashy, go down to the river and get us some water, now!!!

W:(still droning) And certainly, my thoughts and prayers are with Stan and Holly. I mean the work that they have done and kind of plowing the ground to get people to just start thinking differently…

Lankford:  I know they have gotten me to think differently.  While you are trying to rehydrate your dinner, did you know that Stan and Holly just grilled me a big juicy steak, with baked potatoes and all the toppings?  In a moment when I feel like repenting of being here, I am going back to the house to have a home made apple pie and ice cream.

Quayle: I am about to throw all of you trolls under the bridge.  Is no one listening?  I just received a Critical Q Alert from someone named Aurora Justicia.  My numbers man says that equates to Global Intelligence, or the Heart of the Numberer of the Balances. They wanted to know the GPS coordinates of the DUMB located in Bozeman, Montana.  Also they said that a bunker buster was headed my way.  So I threw them off.  I said, NONE IN BOZEMAN.

Hagmann:  None what in Bozeman?

Quayle:  DUMBs you idiot!!!!

W:  Now who is calling who DUMB?  Don’t you insult the guy who is willing to take a bullet for me.  I am the real American James Bond, you know.

Hagmann:  W, where is that bucket of water I asked for?

V:  Plan V, Plan V.  gotta go.

W: Good by Panama Jack.  I am on my way out too.

Hagmann: Between you, Steve Quayle, Stan and others, you dragged me, drugged me, dragged me, and drugged me kicking and screaming…

Hawk:  The Hawk is coming to you live.  I found my night vision goggles and some of you are off  script.  I feel a Q Alert coming on.  Let’s all head to the lower floor of the DUMB which is under Steve’s basement.

Lankford (returning after having dessert).  It is too late.  They heard all the droning going on out here, and they all ran into the underground bunker and locked the door!!!!!  Q Alert!!

Quayle:  This is critical.  What most people don’t understand…. Hey, where is everyone?  This is Camp Quayle.  I am in charge.  This is not a free speech zone.  Help, Help!!! I repeat, NONE IN BOZEMAN!!! I WAS JUST KIDDING WHEN I SAID I WAS ON THE RED LIST.  I AM ONE OF YOU………………

The above is truth stranger than fiction.  You are now leaving the twilight zone. And Aurora Justicia really did send a Q Alert to Camp Quayle. And Steve really did answer NONE IN BOZEMAN.  Now, how DUMB can one be?