The Foremost World Expert on Illuminati Blood Sacrifices

Once upon a time around 1986, my husband attended a banking conference,to which the spouses and children were also invited. Among the vendor booths where my husband’s employer was exhibiting their wares, was a magician making his rounds. He gathered a crowd, so I took our oldest daughter, Jocelyn, then seven years old, to watch. This magician showed us an “invisible” purse; or rather, what we could see of it was only the metal frame. He spotted Jocelyn, and called her over to examine the purse inside and out to prove to the crowd that nothing was in it. She opened the metal purse frame and peered inside, declaring there was nothing inside. This pronouncement from a young innocent girl delighted the crowd, as the adults knew that there was really no invisible purse; only a metal frame. The magician then opened the purse frame and began to pull objects out, which astounded Jocelyn and had the adults laughing hysterically.

The next year, on June 24, 1987, Saint John the Baptist’s day, Oprah Winfrey collected an odd mix of the foremost world experts on the occult which included Bob Larson, Doc Marquis, Laurie Cabot, and Whitley Strieber.

Ted Gunderson, Senior Director of the F.B.I. (retired), is quoted as saying, “Doc Marquis is the foremost leading expert in the nation on the occult world, possibly the whole world.” And when I recently looked at the website of Bob Larson, it declares that “Bob Larson is the world’s foremost expert on cults, the occult, and supernatural phenomena.”

Fortunately for us we can read the June 24, 1987 transcript of Oprah Winfrey’s show. I have extracted a portion of the conversation to focus on the confession of Doc Marquis.

DM: Oprah, there are eight ceremonies on a witch’s calendar. There are certain Sabbaths that must be done every single year.”
……DM: Four of them are definite human sacrifice ones. The victims are easily picked up. They are wandering teenagers looking for a good time, runaways, skid row bums, paper boys, paper girls. You can go out to the street the day before or the day during, pick up that child, drug him, or whoever you want to, get him ready for the ceremony, and at that time they will slice the person’s throat open, pick up the blood in a chalice, because they believe that the power in the blood will add to them.”

OW: How do you know this?

DM: I wasn’t the only one who practiced this.

OW: So you have practiced in going out and picking up people off the street and slicing their throats?

DM: Yes, they were the easiest ways to..

LC: And why aren’t you in jail?

OW: Wait a minute. I want him to say-

LC: Why didn’t they kill him, and why aren’t you in jail?

OW: Please let him speak.

DM: Sharon Tate-La Bianca’s murder, okay, was a witch’s hitting. Sharon Tate wanted out, but the thing is, the Illuminati–

…OW: And are you saying that as a practicing high priest and a former witch, that you participated in human sacrifice?

DM:As a matter of fact, my group, we did.

OW: You actually stood there, sat there, and watched somebody’s throat slashed?

DM: It would be either kids, grown-ups, animals. And the thing is, we didn’t body bag these people afterwards. We’d just take them, throw them in the woods, the side of the road on a highway. Somebody’s going to find them.

After commercial break-
OW: You can’t argue if he says he was a high priest and that’s what he saw, and what they did, fine. But I think what we need to establish here, what you’re saying is that there is a difference between Satanism and witchcraft.

WS: A great difference. But there’s also a lot more. That made me so sad to hear that. First of all, for him and the suffering that must be in this poor man.

DM: I’m not suffering. I’m feeling great.

WS: If he has indeed participated in the killing of another human being, he’s suffering from the rest of his life, in all seriousness.

DM: You know, as a matter of fact, when I became a born-again-
(If the reader of this would like to see the entire transcript, it is at

As a Bible reader and believer, one can find instances of murderers receiving the forgiveness of God for their sins. The Apostle Paul when he was known as Saul of Tarsus,as a Pharisee, delivered up Christians for punishment and death. When struck with blindness by Jesus Christ, he repented and was greatly used of God in evangelizing the Gentiles. However, Paul showed great remorse and subsequently did not complain when he was scourged and stoned, as a result of his ministry. In the end, he died a martyr’s death. No doubt he felt that he was deserving of the persecution which he received because of his participation in persecuting others.

Recently, I have run across Doc Marquis as a featured speaker at several radio blogs, including the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, and Lorie Berkebile’s blog talk show up in Alaska, and others. Doc Marquis is exalted as a former Illuminati witch who is now a born again Christian. Is he truly a Christian? He has a website now which Doug Hagmann says is connected with his Homeland Security site, entitled, Apart from the irreverent title, the first thing we see is a Donate button. On another website which reviews books, he has posted a grandiose resume supposedly submitted to them by his publicist. On his donate page, someone named Lynn M. Chelewski, in charge of public relations, gives a sad story of finding Doc Marquis waiting on their table at a pizza restaurant, so he can make ends meet. Now would you not think that a man who participated in about 100 human sacrifices would be ashamed to stick out his empty purse to a passerby?

No, the magician with the invisible and endlessly deep purse only reveals the frame, and what does he pull out of it? DVDs for sale which reveal him as a cheesy actor, Illuminati card game interpretations, and blah blah Illuminati blah. Those persons who have sponsored him over the years, which include the Prophecy Club, various churches, radio shows and conferences all have blood on their hands. Or do they just think that he is a Liar? Are they all speakers for the Liars Club?

And now we hear Doc Marquis telling the Hagmanns, that based on his inside knowledge of the Illuminati that we need not worry about the present situation with Syria, and the potential for World War III with Russia, China, and the Muslim world. It is all sabre rattling, according to him. It is such a comfort to hear from the world’s foremost authority on human blood sacrifices.