Loop Holes in Entrapment Laws form a New Entanglement as Privately Funded “Litigation Support” Tricksters manipulate the Scales of Justice

TEKEL;  Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.  Daniel 5:27

Three years ago one of my readers challenged me to read the position paper,  From PSYOP to MindWar:  The Psychology of Victory by Colonel Paul E. Vallely, Commander,  with Major Michael A. Aquino, PSYOP Research & Analysis Team Leader, of the Headquarters, 7th Psychological Operations Group, United States Army Reserve, Presidio of San Francisco, CA, 1980.

As a result, I wrote an article on June 4, 2016,  called The Strength of the Confidence of the City of the Mighty.  One of the points Vallely and Aquino argue is that “The advantage of MindWar is that it conducts wars in nonlethal, noninjurious, and nondestructive ways.  Essentially you overwhelm your enemy with argument.  You seize control of all of the means by which his government and populace process information to make up their minds, and you adjust it so that those minds are made up as you desire.  Everyone is happy, no one gets hurt or killed, and nothing is destroyed.  Ordinary warfare, on the other hand, is characterized by its lack of reason…The only loser in MindWar are the war profiteers…”.

There are a number of fallacies in the justification of MindWar as a non-destructive operation, as essentially a person is manipulated into the position of turning against their own best interests through the use of principles that they believe in.

This form of dictatorship is ruinous of the well being of the most valued members of a free society.

Techniques for Overturning Justice

Steve Outtrim’s #govLarp hypothesis is based on the very real observation that there are many former government employees connected with the Jason Goodman Crowdsource the Truth channel which had publicized and instigated the Port of Charleston incident.

Since the advent of the internet, we live side by side with a cyber-based world which is  utilized by many different interest-based agents to promote subtle mind warfare techniques that work for their own selfish interests, rather than the public good.  Although the presence of former government agents is notable in the Alternative Media, it does not necessarily indicate that a government sponsored operation is in play.  As we shall see below, there is another possibility.

I was interested recently in a footnote of a Washington and Lee Law Review article, (Volume 16-Issue 1) dated March 1, 1959, called   Entrapment Re-Examined By United States Supreme Court.

Foot note 2 states, “According to the federal courts, the entrapping person must be an agent or officer of the government; inducement by a private person does not make the defense available, Polski v. United States, 33 F.2d 686 (8th Cir. 1929), cert. denied 280 U. S. 591 (1929).  However, courts have considered paid informers and those promised immunity to be government agents.  Cratty v. United States, 163 F.2d 844 (D. C. Cir. 1947); Hayes v. United States, 112 F.2d 676 (10th Cir. 1940); Wall v. United States, 65 F.2d 993 (5th Cir.1933).  Cf. Mayer v. United States, 67 F 2d 223 (9th Cir. 1933).

Did you notice the loop hole?

Much ado has been made about the FBI informant activities of the hidden source of the false report that shut down the Port of Charleston on June 14, 2017. It was Susan Luztke aka Queen Tut, who led the way in researching the background of Jason Goodman’s Mr. Hudson, which also was George Webb’s Deep Uranium source.  Lutzke identified that source as being Okey Marshall Richards, the infamous paid informant for the FBI who betrayed his own militia group.  The backstory of Richards can be read in my May 28, 2018 article, The Unusual Telephone Calls of FBI Informant Okey Marshall Richards, Jr.

I am not aware that anyone has proved that Okey Marshall Richards had been employed by the FBI at the time of the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax. In other words, Richards could have been employed by a private interest group, and he was known to be a liar throughout his lifetime, who liked to profit monetarily from his lies.

Government versus Privately Funded Covert Operatives 

The loop hole in the law of entrapment, is that such activities are permissible if performed by a private person who is not funded by the government.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of this section of Alternative Media that I have been covering for the past two years, is the sheer bungling and incompetence of the host of characters who have garnered our attention.  From Robert David Steele’s attempts to maneuver a plastic wrapped #UNRIG tax exempt RV across America, to Jason Goodman’s on air rants and straight jacket styled legal imaginations, to Steven S. Biss, the attorney that Judge Lauck criticized for being “unintelligible”,  to Defango’s foul language and use of mind altering drugs to maintain his lifestyle as an unemployable cyber genius, to Queen Tut’s furnishing the court with false documents in lieu of a credible defense, to Jason Goodman hitting Marcus Conte with his pink umbrella…one has to wonder what in the world is going on.

And now what has surfaced is that grand piano player Thomas Schoenberger, who claims to have composed thousands of musical scores, when no one has ever witnessed him playing a piano.

We are not in the land of Gucci, but some kind of Alternative Media flea market where merchandisers peddle cheap plastic counterfeits.  And in the process, real America is being destroyed by these fakers.

The cheap Imitation of Black Cube’s reputation repair business became Shadowbox Strategies

It was Thomas Schoenberger, the persistent manipulator of all those he encounters,  that founded the reputation repair business known as Shadowbox Strategies.  Some of those company documents which revealed fee structures and marketing methods was displayed on Defango TV, as Manuel Chavez, III prepared to send documentation to the attorneys for the Aaron Rich defamation lawsuit.

Black Cube’s main business is to provide litigation support and they make use of the resources of former Mossad and Israeli operatives, to provide quality services to their clients.  One of their clients was Harvey Weinstein who was arrested on May 25, 2018 on rape and sexual misconduct charges, and who was able to be released on one million dollars bail.

A Look at Black Cube’s Contract with Weinstein

Ronon Farrow, who won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for public service and authored War on Peace:  The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence, published an article November 6, 2017 with the New Yorker.  Farrow titled it, Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies:  The film executive hired private investigators, including ex-Mossad agents, to track actresses and journalists.

Farrow begins, “In the fall of 2016, Harvey Weinstein set out to suppress allegations that he had sexually harassed or assaulted numerous women.  He began to hire private security agencies to collect information on the women and the journalists trying to expose the allegations.”

One of those agencies was “Black Cube, an enterprise run largely by former officers of Mossad and other Israeli intelligence agencies.”  Farrow says, “Two private investigators from Black Cube, using false identities, met with the actress Rose McGowan, who eventually publicly accused Weinstein of rape, to extract information from her.  One of the investigator’s pretended to be a women’s-rights advocate and secretly recorded at least four meetings with McGowan.  The same operative, using a different false identity and implying that she had an allegation against Weinstein, met twice with a journalist to find out which women were talking to the press.”

According to this New Yorker article, “The explicit goal of the investigations, laid out in one contract with Black Cube, signed in July, was to stop the publication of the abuse allegations against Weinstein that eventually emerged in the New York Times and The New Yorker.”

Farrow adds, “Over the course of a year, Weinstein had the agencies “target,” or collect information on, dozens of individuals, and compile psychological profiles that sometimes focused on their personal or sexual histories…In some cases, the investigative effort was run through Weinstein’s lawyers, including David Boies…”

Where have we encountered the issue of Conflict of Interests before?

“Boies personally signed the contract directing Black Cube to attempt to uncover information that would stop the publication of a Times story about Weinstein’s abuses, while his firm was also representing the Times, including in a libel case”.

Further down in Farrow’s article, he writes, “Techniques like the one used by the agencies on Weinstein’s behalf are almost always kept secret, and, because such relationships are often run through law firms, the investigations are theoretically protected by attorney-client privilege, which could prevent them from being disclosed in court.  The documents and sources reveal the tools and tactics available to powerful individuals to suppress negative stories and, in some cases, forestall criminal investigations.”

Success Fees to obstruct the publication of facts

On page 6, Farrow comments on the July contract with Black Cube, noting that several “success fees” would allow the agency to receive “an additional $300,000 if the agency provides intelligence which will directly contribute to the efforts to completely stop the Article from being published at all in any shape or form.”

“The contracts also show some of the techniques that Black Cube employs”.  These included using a “project manager, intelligence analysts, linguists, and ‘Avatar Operators’ specifically hired to create fake identities on social media, as well as ‘operations experts with extensive experience in social engineering’.”  There are other interesting facts and observations which Farrow discusses, and I recommend reading the entire New Yorker article which is linked in a prior paragraph.

Distracting from the real story of underlying relationships  

So let’s get back to what was going on with Crowdsource the Truth around the time of the Port of Charleston dirty bomb incident which caused mainstream media and the general public to turn aside to find out how a YouTube journalist managed to shut down a major U. S. Port for eight hours, and gain new subscribers as a reward.

At that very same time, the Seth Rich story which had been headlined on CSTT, was winding down when Jason Goodman  started accusing Defango of spoofing the files.

Defango was a business associate in 2017 of Shadowbox Strategies, Thomas Schoenberger, Trevor Fitzgibbons and Ed Butowski, and others.  Those former associations are now being looked at in association with the Aaron Rich defamation lawsuit which resulted because of false allegation made in regard to his brother,Seth Rich’s death.

But what most YouTube viewers are seeing now is constant squabbling between Schoenberger and Defango about their past history together.  In the meantime, persons who were acquainted with Thomas Schoenberger and his online puzzles, are publicly discussing his methods of harassing people on the internet.

In the past few days, Abel Danger has featured several videos on Thomas Schoenberger.    Two of those includes the August 9, 2019 YouTube video published by Jethro and the August 11, 2019 video called Jesse’s Full Story Regarding Thomas Schoenberger-Case Study #4.

Both of the above videos are insightful.  Jesse also provides a link to some legal documents and court records on Schoenberger, in addition to his video explanation of what happened to his wife’s mental health after engaging with the online puzzle maker and his gang stalking associates.  It appears that Schoenberger is so manipulative that he impersonated a medical doctor in an attempt to interfere in the treatment of Jesse’s wife.

As usual, it helps to draw back once in awhile to gain a panoramic view of these bizarre interactions on the internet.  Please be cautious always with online strangers who want to inject themselves into your life.  Often it is only hindsight that reveals what the true motives were, and how some of these players are lining their pockets.





D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman Documents 83-84: Letters on Proposed Disqualification of Presiding Judge

On July 29, 2019, Documents 83 and 84 were filed with the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman civil RICO lawsuit.

Document 83  (18 pages)  Sweigert letter to Goodman regarding Proposed Disqualification of Presiding Judge-Part Four

sweigert v goodman doc 83 july 29 2019

Document 84  (16 pages)  Sweigert letter to Goodman regarding Proposed Disqualification of Presiding Judge-Part Three

sweigert v goodman doc 84 july 29 2019


D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman RICO lawsuit Document 79: Praecipe for the Clerk

On July 15, 2019, Document 79 was filed in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York (Foley Square) in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 79 (3 pages) Praecipe for the Clerk

sweigert vs goodman doc 79 july 15 2019

Marcus Conte: Clueless in New Yuck City

As a mad man who casteth firebrands, arrows, and death, so is the man that deceiveth his neighbour, and saith, Am not I in sport?  Proverbs 26:18-19

Lately Marcus Conte has been obsessing over LARP theory, and he has suggested  that the involvement of  George Webb and Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth in causing the June 14, 2017 shut down of the Port of Charleston over a dirty bomb hoax, was nothing more than “a comedy”.

When I first heard of Marcus Conte, I thought he was an immature 20-year old.  However, he is actually 55.  I am astonished by the disconnect between his online personality and his actual age.

Marcus Conte was a featured guest on Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource the Truth on two occasions; on September 19, 2017 in DSNY Whistle Blower, and also on March 7, 2018 in Taking Out the Trash- DSNY Whistleblower Marcus Conte Gets His Day in Court.    

More recently, one of my readers sent me the link to the YouTube video seen below so I could read the comments from the viewers. Conte likes to make vile remarks, as for example in his introduction to this video, as he appears to have an obsession with Gay Larpers.

On July 1, 2019,  Marcus Conte uploaded this video, saying “Marcus Conte reporting from ass, man my ass hurts from recovering from Gay Pride Day…”

Other videos this week include the distasteful and defamatory image of the President of the United States.

In 2016, Marc Conte, who is highly critical of others who sue for defamation of character, filed two discrimination complaints with the New York Supreme Court, plus an appeal, asking for $250,000 in damages from the New York Department of Sanitation (DSNY) and the New York State Division of Human Rights (NYSDHR).

One of several complaints against the DSNY, was classified by Marcus Conte as  Homophobia, stating, “A handful of students, teachers, supervisors and agents in the field started a rumor I am Gay (homosexual) because I lived in the village for many years and worked in the predominately gay-male catering industry; and because I inquired in class about health benefits for my domestic partner.  I never said I was gay.  Many assumed it based on their preconceived notions of what a gay person is, and is not.”

Marcus Conte YouTube

At some point, Jason Goodman and Marcus Conte parted ways, and this was discussed in Conte’s  June 27, 2019, Lost in LARPville-with Steve Outtrim.  Exposing the Inside World of Online Larping,

At the 1.20.45 mark we hear Marcus Conte offering a completely different viewpoint from the homophobia complaint he made against his employer.

Marcus Conte:  “I was able to get George Webb and Jason Goodman off my back very easily, right?  I made 10 videos and Jason, I mean, I, I go, I shop, he doesn’t even know that, but I, I’m, I’m next to his door twice a week.  I shop at the you know, the Whole Foods, right downstairs from his house, right and, and, and Webb is, these people, what I’m trying to say is that the truth can’t really, you, if you stay grounded in the truth, you’re immune to idiots like George Webb and, and Jason Goodman.”

“They can’t, they can’t affect you, I mean, I, I, speculated based on reliable evidence that, that George Webb fucked Jason and his ass on his couch, right?  And I say that, I say that right, on the,  right to his face, I said it to his face right, you know, and it’s, it’s like, is it true?  So if it’s not true, how does that hurt you? You do live in the gayest neighborhood in Manhattan, right?  You live in buff fucking central in, in Chelsea, right?  Is it and you have a, you have a mysterious man sleeping on your couch for four weeks.  Is it…”.

Steve Outtrim:  “Yeah, and he has a spoof obsession..”

Marcus Conte:  “Right, so, so if that isn’t true, you look in the camera, say, ‘How fucking ridiculous is that, I am you know, I, this is who I am and, and, and it’s just not true and what would be the shame and, in being homosexual anyways, it’s not a shame, it’s just funny that, that George may have fucked Jason’s ass, right, you know?  That’s, that’s humor and there’s this truth in humor, now is that, is that, do I become part of the LARP?  Conte, they accused me of being the LARP, ‘Oh, he just an insert, he’s inserting himself in the story.’  No, I’m just curious who killed her, who killed Jen Moore and did Jason fuck, did George fuck Jason’s ass?  Anyway, I digress.” (1.22.42)

Appeals Judgment finds Conte’s Arguments Unavailing

On March 29, 2018, the following court decision was made, in regard to Marcus Conte’s Appeal of his legal complaints against the DSNY: 

The 10 ticket quota non-issue

Marcus Conte was held up as a “whistle blower” by the media, because one of his complaints against the DSNY involved a 10 ticket/day quota for Sanitation Enforcement Agents (SEA), which he  claimed was evidence of department corruption.

Marcus Conte, SEA worked for less than a year as a code enforcer for the New York Department of Sanitation, and then he was fired after several  Unsatisfactory Performance Reviews and 9 warnings were given.

It is regrettable that the means of measuring the productivity of DSNY enforcement agents was a ticket quota that also brought in revenue.  This dual purpose of a quota made it an easy target for a disgruntled employee to cast aspersions, rather than to suggest another cost efficient means of measuring  productivity.

The problem for DSNY supervisors is, that once their agents leave the office, no one really knows if they are doing their job or sitting in a cafe drinking coffee for 5 hours. The taxpayer has a right to expect that public servants put in an honest day’s work.

The downside of quotas is that some employees might write tickets where no offense has occurred, to meet the baseline minimum requirement.  Those ticket revenues help to offset the public cost of having to employ code enforcement agents, so it is not wrong for supervisors to be aware of that reality.  But this issue is more complex than Marcus Conte would have you believe.  It appears his solution is that Department of Sanitation agents should not be monitored for performance at all; however, implementation of that idea encourages those employees who are slackers, to do nothing productive throughout their work day.

The Documented Legal Complaints of Marc Conte 

[The New York Supreme Court Appellate Division documents for Marc Conte vs. City of New York Department of Sanitation [DSNY] and New York State Division of Human Rights [NYSDHR] (136 pages) can be read here:  marc conte vs dsny]

In petitioning the Appellate Court, Marc Conte summarized the nature of his case as  “Employment discrimination and retaliation for wrongful termination from employment; filed on 12/3/16.  This is an Article 78 to Reverse NYSDHR “No Probable Cause” decision on June 2, 2016, and find Respondent DSNY Guilty of unlawful discrimination and retaliation; Award me damages in the sum of $250,000.”

In a Statement of Claim dated July 22, 2015 (page 128), Marc Conte begins, “I am a 51-year old WHITE male with a criminal arrest and conviction record, drug & alcohol history (disability), and I am a practicing vegan-Buddhist.  I was hired by the City of New York on December 08, 2014 as a Sanitation Enforcement Agent (SEA).  I do not fit-in in any way with the majority of 95% younger black & Hispanic Christian supervisors and co-workers.”

“Despite my above average work ethic and the fact I satisfy the department’s 10-ticket per day quota I have been persistently harassed, antagonized and issued false and misleading [negative] performance evaluations in an attempt to get me fired and or get me to quit.  There are no other employees other than myself I can see who does his work but is so openly and obviously discriminated for the above-mentioned differences….”.

Conte’s police record with the City of New York which he references, stems from his  1981, 1984, 1993, 1994, and 1996 convictions involving drugs, aggravated harassment, theft of services, and assault with intention to cause serious injury with/weapon.  And when we combine this with other biographical information, it is dismaying that Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth and others in Alt Media have promoted Marcus Conte as a whistle blower, when the record of his legal complaints tells another story.

Forced Out of a Career He Loved?

On page 127, Conte relates, “People who hate me for who they think I am forced me out of a career I loved.  As a result, I am experiencing anxiety, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, humiliation and a pending sense of financial doom.  I waited 2-1/2 years to be called for this job, only to have this last year be a living nightmare.  I was attending therapy for my troubles but now I can’t afford it (no health insurance).  As well, I was cheated out of $800 in uniform disbursement.  I am seeking compensatory damages in the sum of $250,000, and any additional damages the Division see fit.  I have no interest whatsoever in returning to work for the Respondent.”

The thing I noticed right away, is that although Marc Conte claims he loved his job, his actions say something else.  Less than two months on the job, he had requested time off to attend a job interview for another agency!  He was allowed time off, but because he deemed the travel time allowed to be insufficient, he went AWOL to attend his interview.  Coinciding with that event, that day just happened to be a snow day, and so he was required to be at work for Snow Duty, and to forgo the interview. A complaint was written up by his supervisor when he was absent without leave.

From my own personal experience in the corporate world, no new employee would ever be so brazen as to request time off to go to a job interview for another agency.  Why did he take the job in the first place, and waste everyone’s time and training expenses, if he did not sincerely intend to stay?

Also of interest is that one of Conte’s instructors commented that she found him “argumentative”, “he always disagreed with something and wanted to put things his way” and “everything you asked or told him, he always had to second-guess it”.

No kidding!  After watching just 3 videos of Marcus Conte speaking in his incoherent style was enough to convince me of the credibility of the instructor’s comments.  

What did Marc Conte aka Marcus Conte aka Marcus Goodwin do before he sued DSNY?

Marcus Conte has written two books.  The first was published on December 1, 2000, under the pen name Marcus Goodwin, and titled, The Psychic Investor:  Use Your Intuition Plus Investing Fundamentals to Profit in the Stock Market. 

On March 31, 2000, George Manner wrote an article for thestreet.com  about Conte aka Goodwin called, Wall Street’s Return to Paranormalcy:  This is no April Fool’s joke:  a Wall Street trade group’s lunch with a psychic investor.”

One of the anecdotes we learn from The Street.com article is that “Goodwin, born Marc Conte, learned about his own psychic powers in a rather dramatic fashion, as he explains in the book.  When he was 7 years old, his family moved from the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn to Las Vegas.  It was there that, one day in the desert, a strange man walked up to Marc, addressed him by name without benefit of introduction, and told the boy that the two of them were ‘sensitives’ who would inherit the earth.  The child later realized that the man in the desert was none other than billionaire Howard Hughes.”



The other book written by Marcus Conte in 2012, is Wake Yourself Up:  Spiritual Enlightenment Right Here, Right Now.  That book can be read in this pdf:marcus conte wake yourself up book

The About section of this book gives the following biographical details.

Marcus Conte: The Hypocrite who baits others with nonsensical arguments

I recently viewed Marcus Conte’s June 29, 2019, YouTube video Trump Takes Down Jimmy Carter, Religious Police in Alabama, LARP Feuds Continue.  It seems that Marcus Conte had asked Dave Sweigert aka Dave Acton of Prepper Kitty Intel YouTube to come on his show to address the subject of LARPS and lawsuits. Dave Sweigert declined, so Marcus Conte played portions of a PKI video and offered his comments.

At the 22.35 mark of Conte’s video he plays the PKI video, and Dave Sweigert is heard remarking, “…since your last interview was with Fandango.  So Marcus says, Well, don’t you think it’s a sign of weakness to sue people you disagree with?

To which Marcus Conte interjects with his answer, exclaiming,  “Yes!

[Marc Conte, how do you characterize your weakness when you filed your legal complaint against the DSNY, for $250,000 in damages?]

The clip continues with Sweigert saying, “I said, Oh you mean Port of Charleston and the response was, ‘Oh, that was a comedy show.’  The Port of Charleston was a comedy show?  When did that happen?  When was the Port of Charleston a comedy show?”

Marcus Conte then comments with sarcasm on Dave Sweigert’s remarks at the 23.23 mark,saying  “he takes the high ground.  He’s the expert.  I know more than you about this stuff.  I’m the brother of the, of the accused, I, … you know.  It’s great.”

The clip of PKI continues playing, with Dave Sweigert saying, “The last I heard the Port of Charleston incident cost the Maersk shipping line like 4 million dollars.”  To which Marcus Conte replies, “He starts to make a case that the Maersk Memphis is the reason why that happened was because of, of his stupid brother who is a guy who is in ….”.

Back to Lost in LARPVILLE…

In the June 27, 2019, Marcus Conte interview with Steve Outtrim called Lost in LARPville-with Steve Outtrim. Exposing the Inside World of Online Larping, at the 28.30 mark we hear something that almost borders on coherence.

Marcus Conte:  “…what comes first, the LARP or the, the information influx, that’s what I still, I still, you know beg to differ that I think that the money, the, the LARP, the natural talent is there and then the LARP is approached because I’ve never, every situation that in my, my brief experience, my little fame that I have, right, is that the LARP that I’m approached that, that someone approaches me with this idea, right, like initially the – my whistleblowing was -I, I, I had presented that to the public, Goodman picked it up right away and, and they crowdsourced the truth, ran with it, right and but, but, but every situation after that well it seemed to have been some friendly guy coming over you know, we’ll take care of you by the way, we got this, you know this, this story you know and I can prove all that with the, you know, through the emails and then and then and then you’re watching all this, and then and then Webb’s girlfriend and partner dies!”

[Whoa, whoa!  What friendly guy promised “We’ll take care of you….?”

“…that’s where, that’s what I’m trying to say and then and then, the lawsuits.  There’s a dead, a dead, dead player, there’s , there’s lawsuits I don’t care about their feelings.  I don’t care about that, that George’s brother Dave Acton says Jason hurt his feelings because he smeared them online.  That’s all bullshit.  You sign up for it, you sign up to be alarmed, you interject your Jason’s, Jason is not is, is not a, a credible, you know, outstanding character and honest player, whatsoever.  However, people that, that, the larps that surround him and Webb sign up for it, right.  They inject themselves like Defango, like Quinn Michaels, like I mean, then the list goes on and on, Thomas Paine, right, Dave Acton…” (30.47)

At the 1.19.30 mark of this video, Marcus Conte and Steve Outtrim are discussing LARPS, and Conte remarks that they “play on the emotion- it’s a valid art form in my view, I just draw the line when people are murdered, (laughing) and, and, and people start throwing lawsuits at each other just to justify their actions.  I just, I think, I think…”

Steve Outtrim: “…before you get to the, the lawsuits, you know what I think.  When it turns to slander, to defamation, trying to mess up somebody’s career, either by spreading lies about them, you know in a public forum or by directly contacting their employers and business associates and spreading lies about them in whisper campaigns that stuff could be very, very destructive and the internet is forever.  It’s hard to get some of that stuff away so they do need to be some legal remedies and resources and you know I think that we differ on how we see what George Webb’s brother is doing.  I see him as a hero of this piece because even though he has worked for the Deep State or organizations in the past, he’s also a legitimate whistle blower.  You know he sued the CIA over a case of reporting misspending of funds and he won that case, and it went on to continue to have a career in the intelligence community…”

And on it goes.  Marcus Conte is LOST in LARPville, and in over his head when it comes to discussing ethics, law, reality…but no matter, Howard Hughes will be returning to inherit the earth with Conte…  






In Remembrance of the Port of Charleston Dirty Bomb Hoax June 14, 2017

Flag Day – June 14 –  Tracking the Leopard Meroz would like to honor  those Americans who  respect the delicate bonds which hold  a free and civilized society together, ensuring our continuance as a great nation.

We are nearing another June the 14th Flag Day, made infamous in 2017, when the Port of Charleston was shutdown for 8 hours, as law enforcement agencies responded to a report of a dirty bomb aboard the Memphis Maersk. 

Curiously, the originator of that report handed off his information to two YouTube broadcast journalists, rather than taking direct  responsibility to quietly warn the United States Coastguard of his concerns.

Those two internet Crowdsource the Truth broadcasters, George Webb and Jason Goodman, appear in hindsight to have willfully neglected to conduct due diligence as a reasonable inquiry into their source’s background,  prior to relying on that informant’s rumor. The finding by the U. S. Coast Guard that the dirty bomb rumor was false revealed that Webb’s reliance on his hidden source was a mirage.  Therefore this begs the question as to whether or not the promotion of this hoax as a monetized CSTT publicity stunt had been undertaken with the assurance of a protection agreement to  shield the participants with an immunity from criminal prosecution.

Why does an aura of impunity surround Webb and Goodman?

In November of 2018, Steve Outtrim of Cryptobeast  interviewed former CSTT researcher Queen Tut, who had exposed the identity of George Webb’s hidden source as a former FBI informant named Okey Marshall Richards.  She also described her understanding that Richards had been given the handle of Mr. Hudson by Jason Goodman, so that he could be featured as a regular guest on CSTT.  If that story is verified to be true, it would indicate that Jason Goodman, in a show of mockery, was featuring Richards in plain sight as a sign of impunity for getting away with their joint participation in the dirty bomb hoax as a criminal act.

Goodman has denied all responsibility, as seen in his Document 9-1, Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss, filed August 3, 2018 in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman RICO lawsuit.

Jason Goodman declared, “Plaintiff’s brother George W. Sweigert and George W. Sweigert’s associates were the initial source of information and went to great lengths to convince defendant that there was imminent and grievous danger to the public.  Defendant acted in good faith, reporting on open source information and information provided by Plaintiff’s associates, to alert authorities of possible danger and what defendant was caused to believe to be an imminent and serious public threat.”

Jason Goodman contemplates the world of his own creation: the justification of reckless and unrestrained speech as a new form of journalism called Crowdsource the Truth

Subsequent to this incident, various persons had speculated that this event was a government-sponsored psychological operation to restrict free speech on the internet.

That concern diverted the public’s focus away from the serious nature of this internet hoax, which had served to threaten our nation’s sensitive economic infrastructure.

Former CIA agent Robert David Steele, who downplayed George Webb’s role in the hoax, calling him a patsy, effectively cut the publicly viewed chain of accountability for the bomb hoax in half.

The remaining half of the visible part of the chain, Jason Goodman, as the sole owner of Crowdsource the Truth, is now the premier defendant in two separate federal civil lawsuits.  On September 1, 2017, Robert David Steele sued Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron and Queen Tut for defamation.  And on the one year anniversary of the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax, D. George Sweigert sued Jason Goodman in a civil RICO lawsuit.

As Ecclesiastes 8:11 wisely observes,  “because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”  And so we continue to view a continuing stream of  false narratives on YouTube, which continue unfettered, as a result of the lack of criminal prosecution of the purveyors of the Port of Charleston hoax.

Back to the Future when accusations were RICOcheting as a self-fulfilling prophecy

In my files I have a partial transcription of a July  13, 2017  video uploaded by Defango on YouTube, called Crowdsource the Backlash/Defango is a Dangerous Criminal/RICO. 

In that video, Defango was in discussion with Dave Acton (Dave Sweigert)  concerning an on-air phone conversation between Dave and the hosts of Crowdsource the Truth; Jason Goodman, George Webb, and Trish Negron.

Dave Sweigert has a lengthy and impressive resume which includes an extensive educational and employment history in information security, and he has an ongoing, practical interest in American jurisprudence.  Jason Goodman once owned 21st Century 3D, and was employed as a 3-D cameraman in Hollywood.  George Webb (Sweigert) was a salesman prior to having his own YouTube channel, where he reports on political corruption.

Around the 2 minute mark of Defango’s video, a section of a Crowdsource the Truth video is replayed, as transcribed below.

Dave Acton:  There’s Trish in the middle.  Trish, I’m glad you’re laughing because I want to ask you about the ten years you spent on an audit committee of a Wall Street trading company, you know a lot about insider trading, don’t you?  You’ve been warned time and time again.  I know all those audit committee members have to sign statements about their knowledge.  Their knowledge of the corporation and prohibitions against insider trading so you’ve been warned and warned and warned.  If this is an insider trading stunt that you guys are planning to create a market crash- to create a Wall Street panic…

Jason Goodman:  Wall street?  Crash?

Dave Acton:  There’s evidence out there that’s what this is about…(over-talking by Jason)

Jason Goodman:…especially with the Maersk?

Dave Acton:  Alright, let’s go on…(3.14) (George Webb talks about Silk Airways)…(3.29)  You know he said yesterday that Seth Rich was  little league baseball game- it was a nothing – I thought that was what he built his career on.  George!  Now all of a sudden Seth Rich is nothing, and now it’s the Syrian weapons, and now it’s my brother Dave, OK?

Jason Goodman:  Say one thing about…Dave?  I want to invite him to join our broadcast, to report on it.  Yes, calm down, chill out, stop threatening us and just join us!

George Webb:  Wait till you see how much he can help you with the NATO Generals.

Jason Goodman:  I’m sure he could.

Dave Acton:  I want to know exactly what I’m supposed to know about NATO generals, since I’ve never met a NATO general.  I want to know what my knowledge is supposed to be about NATO generals.  Again, 10,000 people have heard this phantom of George’s that I’m involved with NATO generals.  How?  Tell me, George!  Explain to me how I’m involved with NATO generals and Syrian weapons transfers and human trafficking.

(Defango stops the audio to insert his explanation of a Twitter example of market manipulation.)

(6.03)  Dave Acton:…your ilk, but you want me to come on this show?  Because I really don’t want to be accessory to what you guys are planning.  As much as you run around collecting evidence with your conclusions, I could collect evidence right now saying, I think this is a planned market manipulation.  I think this is a planned panic.  I think they’re going to say there’s a dirty bomb in Manhattan.  I think they’re going to do it just the right way and the market’s going to close for about 4-5 minutes which is enough time to make billions of dollars.  All you internet researchers, all you people claiming that you love the internet- you don’t want to see it shut down…why don’t you look up the Associated Press Twitter hack in 2013?  Do some research, get off your…

(Defango interrupts to discuss the Twitter story and adds his comments on Trish Negron trading her shares out, moving money around…)

(7.24)  Dave Acton:  …your ass.  Go look it up right now, Associated Press Twitter Attack-White House-Obama’s been injured-bomb attack.  How many billions of dollars were lost in a minute and a half with a little rumor like that?  What do you think a big rumor like there’s a dirty bomb at Wall Street?  What do you think that would do?  These are the people that do it.  They would make millions of dollars – millions.  But unfortunately there’s a Racketeering Notice out there, isn’t there?  You guys are potential defendants in a racketeering case.  So if you make even one dime in a scenario like that you’ll just have to give it back – you’ll just have to give it back.

That’s why we have to do racketeering public notices.  So Jason, they’re not threats.  They’re prevention.  They’re protections for our country from the ilks of you.  I don’t see what you guys are accomplishing.  I don’t see what you’re contributing to public policy.  I don’t see what you’re doing – all I see is that you’re slandering me again and you’re bringing this whole scenario in that somehow there’s NATO generals that Dave can help us with.  I don’t want to be an accessory to market manipulation, that’s why I’m not going to be on your show.  I don’t want to be a co-conspirator – that’s why I’m not going to be on your show.  I suggest you guys lawyer up.

(12:46)  Jason Goodman:  (speaking of a previous Defango video)  What I’d like to know is if there is anyone in the Crowdsource community… I’m not going to sue him.  I’m not threatening him with a lawsuit.  (Defango overtalks Jason)  I’d like to know if there are any law enforcement professionals who can assist us with bringing charges of cyber bullying, cyber harassment, fraud.  Defango is repurposing our videos, he’s monetizing them, your (i.e. George Webb’s) brother Dave Acton gave him (i.e. Defango) $5.00 on air last night – THAT’S RICO, bro!  Dave Acton’s accused us of RICO.

Deliberate Acts Have A Motive  

The Port of Charleston shutdown faded away quickly from the collective memory of the American public; yet after two years, there still remain a few who desire to know the reasons behind the lack of prosecution of this hoax as a criminal offense.

If one reflects on the transcribed conversation above which places George Webb, Jason Goodman, and Trish Negron on one side of the Port of Charleston controversy, and Dave Acton (Dave Sweigert) on the other, there is a sharp line of demarcation. It is Dave Acton that draws that line, as he points out the movers and shakers of that hoax, possible motives, and possible future plans to enlarge the hoax for profiteering motives.

At that time, Acton attempted to restrain the actions of Crowdsource the Truth through what he terms racketeering public notices. Jason Goodman responded by deflecting this RICO application to his activities back on to Dave Acton. In subsequent months, Goodman, as the villain Antagonist used similar tactics of DEFLECTION to target hero Protagonist Dave “Acton” Sweigert, in this never ending YouTube drama.

The glitch in Jason Goodman’s fantasy island are two federal civil lawsuits against him

As previously mentioned, on Flag Day,  June 14, 2018, D. George Sweigert in the capacity of Private Attorney General, filed a federal CIVIL RICO lawsuit against Jason Goodman for the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax.  This court case was transferred from Charleston, South Carolina to the Eastern District of New York, where it now sits in mute silence, awaiting judicial response.

Just prior to the filing of the RICO lawsuit, Dave Sweigert filed several Declarations in the Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit against Jason Goodman.  Presently that lawsuit has entered the Discovery phase, and Dave Sweigert is awaiting judicial response to his motion to be an Intervenor plaintiff in the Steele lawsuit.

In the meantime, anyone who displeases Jason Goodman is being falsely accused (without evidentiary support) of being part of the actual originators or co-conspirators of that dirty bomb hoax.   It is astonishing to read in court documents that Jason Goodman, in spite of the penalty for perjury, has invented a false historical account of the Port of Charleston incident to escape his own accountability for that event.

Jason Goodman as a Walter Mitty type, where fantasy attempts to hold back reality

Jason Goodman’s demeanor 9 years ago, as seen in this DV Culture video, when he was promoting his 21st Century 3D  camera business, is vibrant and he seems very much in his element.

That personal style has not carried over into his Crowdsource the Truth interviews, where he is a fish out of water as a broadcast journalist, which requires both analytical skills and the practice of ethics.

Jason Goodman as seen in a short clip of DV Culture in 2010

As a contrast to another YouTuber,  Lionel Nation,  who has successfully transitioned  from a career as a trial lawyer to that of a solo broadcast commentator, Jason Goodman is entirely dependent upon his guests to provide any type of interesting commentary.

Another skill that sets Lionel Nation apart is his wonderful ability to relate with his viewers; a trait which was perfected as a trial attorney, who had to connect to both the jurors and the judge to successfully plead his case.

Jason Goodman, on the other hand, when he does a monologue, prefers to speak to his audience in his favored rant style, usually as a “rage” walk through the streets of New York.  This failure to interact naturally with others is encapsulated in the testimony of both Queen Tut and Quinn Michaels who have testified that Jason Goodman views young women as Tinder companions, in which he reveals his naked virility. There are numerous examples of Goodman defaming former associates, once they are no longer of value to him.

This use of others highly contrasts with our internet broadcaster example,  Lionel Nation, who frequently makes affectionate references to his wife, who is sitting near him in the background at their home or on their travels.  How one lives beyond the camera lens,  greatly influences the on-air presence of a broadcast journalist and thus the demographics of  the viewing audience.  Jason Goodman is greatly in error to argue that his opponents have the power to reduce his audience numbers; audience loyalty is contingent on their personal viewing relationship with the show host.

I mentioned earlier in this post,  the Walter Mitty aspect of Jason Goodman’s personality. The Wikipedia article on James Thurber’s short story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, first published in The New Yorker in 1939 points out that “The name Walter Mitty and the derivative word ‘Mittyesque’ have entered the English language, denoting an ineffectual person who spends more time in heroic daydreams than paying attention to the real world, or more seriously, one who intentionally attempts to mislead or convince others that he is something that he is not.

Move over Washington Post!  Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth has arrived!

For at least two years now, Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth has been attempting to convince all thinking peoples that he is a broadcast journalist who has introduced to the world a powerful crowdsourcing form of journalism.  [see my June 6, 2018 article, Jason Goodman & Crowdsource the Truth:  The Fallacy of No Fault Journalism].

As recently as June 6, 2019, Jason Goodman was explaining (3.22) to guest Michael Volpe that “…now Crowdsource the Truth is all about having journalists and lawyers and politicians and law enforcement people and anyone who’s a witness to anything, come forward, bring their information forward and provide a platform for them to do that so we can collectively, as a community, crowdsource that information, vet it collectively, etc.”

Goodman adds, “Now that doesn’t mean that every single person who contacts me I’m gonna put on the show or that I’m somehow obliged to put them on the show.  I have my own process for vetting people.”

At the (4.21) mark, he explains, “…when I created Crowdsource the Truth, I was looking around at the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, all of these news agencies of record, where there are many people who are accredited journalists who have graduated from journalism schools and in some cases even won Pultizer Prizes.  And we’re seeing that many of these Pulitzer Prize winners have been reporting on totally fake news like this Russian hoax.  They get tons of things wrong even with massive staffs  of hundreds or even thousands of people to do this research; they don’t seem to be able to properly vet their sources so I’m not considering myself a journalist in the way that those people are journalists.”

“I’m trying to do a new process that relies on a crowdsource method so there are going to be people that slip under the wire and bring us false information and get on the air.  That’s certainly not the intent, and as always if someone has evidence that helps us understand a story better, that’s what we want whether it agrees or disagrees with the guest is irrelevant…”

Goodman  has substituted the long established high standards of investigative journalism for a viewer mob-ruled form of unsubstantiated reporting.  The effect of this so called “powerful” new form of journalism is that the content is often legally defamatory.

But Jason Goodman’s Greatest Conspiracy Theory is yet to be translated into Legalese

As the Walter Mitty styled defendant in the Robert David Steele federal civil defamation lawsuit, Goodman in his May 29, 2019, Document 118 provided under Background Information the following statement as a reason why he should not have to comply with the plaintiff’s Discovery requests.

He declared, “Defendant Goodman has alleged a conspiracy between Plaintiff, Intervenor Applicant, co-Defendant Lutzke/Holmes and numerous third parties.  This conspiracy is intended to disrupt, de-fund, defame, embarrass and otherwise frustrate the Defendant in an effort to chill Defendant’s journalistic efforts.  The conspiracy has been publicly acknowledged by Intervenor Applicant in a multiparty call, broadcast on YouTube as indicated by Defendant in previous pleadings (ECF No. 78 EXHIBIT A).  Any information gleaned from this instant legal action would almost assuredly be used to continue this effort.”  [ rds doc 118 may 29 2019]

Jason Goodman’s Days of Deflection began before the dirty bomb hoax

Let’s digress a bit to the aftermath of the June 14, 2017 Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax, when George Webb and Jason Goodman first showed up on the Tracking the Leopard Meroz radar.

It was a month after that on July 13, 2017 that I posted my first article on this broadcast team, headlined as Jason Goodman In A Nutshell.  In that article, I began by quoting from a May 30, 2017 video uploaded on CSTT titled Hillary & McCabe’s Goons are Closing In:  Proof of Life from George Webb.

I report, “At the 7:12 mark of this preposterous video, George Webb who is acting as if his life is in danger, is thinking of what should be engraved on his tomb stone.”

George Webb: …so if I have an epitaph you know this is what I want it to say so…

Jason Goodman: right, George

George Webb: yeah, I, I, I haven’t been totally honest with you either; I think they picked you to ah document this so..

Jason Goodman:  What the hell are you talking about?

Finally Jason Goodman asks a good question!  And I commented in that article, “Now there is a fact checking question if I ever heard one. Too bad that this basic principle of  journalism is not being taught to these Crowdsourced Truthers.”

The poor helpless patsy:  not a brain in that pretty little head!

It is a documented fact that Robert David Steele, the former CIA agent, had handpicked George Webb to report on his #UNRIG campaign cross-country tour.  However, George Webb showed no reciprocal  interest in this project, and in the above dialogue we note that  George Webb is claiming that some hidden “they” had handpicked Jason Goodman to document “this”, whatever that means.

Jason Goodman had written as his video description, “With SEIU/FBI goons closing in, George calls with stunning revelations.  Johnny B can’t arrive quickly enough, I am being blocked from uploading to YouTube, trying at my end…Support this movement, become a sponsor of Crowdsource the Truth.”

So in Jason Goodman’s downgrade from a Hollywood 3-D cameraman to YouTube’s worst video of the week genre, Jason Goodman is attempting to use drama to snaggle some financial supporters.

In that same article, I ask, “So just who is this Jason Goodman who was picked to document George Webb? Why is it that in Jason Goodman’s Crowdsourcing videos, he appears to be technically inept? For example, his first interview with George Webb took place on a city roof top with so much background noise and phone glitches that he had to provide a transcript of their conversation. Some of his viewers suggested better methods of videotaping, in an effort to bring him into the 21st century.”  That statement is ironic, considering that Goodman’s business as a cameraman was 21st Century 3D.

Jason Goodman Displays the Subtle Art of Provocation

As I noted earlier, after D. George Sweigert filed his civil RICO lawsuit, Jason Goodman, as defendant replied with Documents 9, a Motion to Dismiss and 9-1, a Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss, which were filed with the court on August 3, 2018.

Now Jason Goodman did a peculiar thing with Document 9/9-1.

For example, his Facts section provided one single spaced paragraph of 21 lines, typed in a small font, which made it highly difficult to read.  Also, the heading giving the identity of the Court was incomplete. Why did Jason Goodman deviate from standard rules for  federal court formatting of documents?

We know that Jason Goodman, as a Pro Se Defendant, was familiar with formatting rules because ten months earlier he had been sued by Robert David Steele in a federal civil defamation complaint.  In that Steele lawsuit, we can see in Document 44 dated April 30, 2018, that Goodman knew to use the proper headings, a larger type font, double line spacing, and paragraph breaks for easy readability.

Thus it appears that the deviation from court document formatting in the RICO lawsuit was a subtle expression of contempt for the Plaintiff D. George Sweigert. as well as the federal court system.

Alibis, the fictional storyboarding of #fakelawsuit  

Under the Facts section of Document 9-1 in the RICO lawsuit, Goodman claimed that the Plaintiff D. George Sweigert “has engaged in a more than one year long targeted harassment campaign” against him, utilizing various social media platforms and in coordination with a team of associates.”

He also asserted that the “Plaintiff has repeatedly engaged in behavior including knowingly  false information and making false statements in court filings both in this matter and an equally baseless matter filed in Virginia Federal Court by an associate of Sweigert.”

Goodman also added that “Plaintif (sp) has engaged in a plot to frame defendant Goodman for a bomb hoax perpetratd (sp) by Plaintif (sp) brother George W. Sweigert and assoiates (sp), including members of the fraudulent suit filed in Virginia.  Plaintiff make a regular practice of misusing the legal system for vindictive and punitive purposes as part of his elaborate efforts to harass his victims…”.

Under Goodman’s Argument section, he provides his alibi for his participation in the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax, saying in part, “Plaintiff’s brother George W. Sweigert and George W. Sweigert’s associates were the initial source of information and went to great lengths to convince defendant that there was imminent and grievous danger to the public.  Defendant acted in good faith, reporting on open source information and information provided by Plaintiff’s associates, to alert authorities of possible danger and what defendant was caused to believe to be an imminent and serious public threat.”

In honor of those who quietly and steadfastly serve to protect America’s fragile economic infrastructures

As the Days of Deflection campaign of Jason Goodman continues with a never ending,  monotonous, repetition of his false legal narrative, we must recall that it was Dave Sweigert who drew the Line of Division in this battle in that CSTT July 13, 2017 video.

And it was Dave Sweigert who was attempting to protect our nation’s economic infrastructure from  internet hoaxes when he ALONE filed a civil RICO lawsuit against Jason Goodman.

While that RICO lawsuit sits quietly in a backlogged court system, our attention is drawn to the  Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit in the June 6, 2019, filing of Document 122, which asks the court for sanctions against Jason Goodman.

In the Introduction of that document, it begins, “Throughout this proceeding, Defendant Goodman has made a fool of himself and others by publishing videos on YouTube and statements via social media that malign Plaintiffs and promote Goodman’s proclamation that this action is a “#fakelawsuit” by a “real idiot”.

Plaintiff Steele’s memorandum goes on to state that “the filing of this action did nothing to deter Goodman’s insalubrious, truculent and unlawful use of YouTube.  To the contrary, after being sued Goodman escalated his campaign of defamation and character assassination.”  On page 5, Document 122 states, “The false representations in ECF No. 78 violate Rule 11 (b)(1) and Rule 11(b)(3).  They are presented for the improper purpose of harassing Plaintiffs and needlessly and vexatiously multiplying this proceeding.  There is no evidentiary support for Goodman’s statements.”

And in that last sentence, therein lies the problem of Jason Goodman and his Crowdsource the Truth broadcasts.

Have a wonderful Flag Day this next week, and let us all display a deep regard for our hard-won freedoms, which our flag represents.



Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman Document 118: Goodman Objects to Discovery Request

On May 29, 2019, Document 118 was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division in the Robert David Steele et. al. vs. Jason Goodman, et. al. lawsuit.

Document 118  (35 pages) Defendant’s Response to Plaintiff Robert David Steele’s First Request for Production of Documents & Motion to Stay Discovery

rds doc 118 may 29 2019

Earth Intelligence Network – “That Other Plaintiff” in the Robert David Steele Lawsuit

Today we are going to review Earth Intelligence Network’s  990-EZ  tax return which was filed for 2017,- the year in which Robert David Steele’s #UNRIG campaign was launched.

In addition, we are going to examine this non-profit organization’s profile on Guidestar.com.   In this profile, Robert David Steele, as President of Earth Intelligence Network, is referred to as the Pro Bono CEO.  The term pro bono denotes work which is done without charge.    Yet in 2017 this so-called Pro Bono CEO was compensated $50,813.  This contradiction alone is reason to take the time to compare and contrast the 990 with the information on Guidestar’s profile. 

A Recent Iranian Interview which hearkened back to the problems which the #UNRIG campaign encountered in 2017

On March 20, 2019, the Tehran Times, Iran’s Leading International Daily,  featured Robert David Steele in an interview headlined, New Zealand False Flag Event:  Zionist Provocation to Disarm US White Nationalists and start World War III?  One of the questions posed to Steele by the interviewer caught my eye because it tied in with today’s topic.

The interviewer said, “You are a Christian, a white nationalist,  but also a Latino of a Colombian mother, who has lived all over the world as the son of an oil engineer, as a Marine Corps infantry officer, and as a spy.  You only became an anti-Zionist when they destroyed your #UNRIG election reform program co-founded with the great Dr. Cynthia McKinney.  What is your final word to all Muslims on this matter?”

Although I had read Steele’s admission some time ago, that he is a lapsed Columbian Jesuit altar boy, it was only recently that I had read that he calls himself a Christian.  Back in 2017, I spent several days reading a sampling of Robert David Steele’s book reviews.  Thus in an article dated March 21, 2018, called And in this Corner:  A Man called SUE Contending Against Leviathan, Behemoth and God Almighty!, I took note of an odd remark made by Robert David Steele, as he was visiting with Benjamin Fulford in Inokashira Park, Japan.

I wrote, “This 20 minute interview took place on a lovely day among  beautiful Japanese gardens.  At the 9.04 mark, Robert David Steele inserted into the conversation a  remark which gives insight into his own soul, saying “…I read a book called Caesar’s Messiah and it’s an absolutely extraordinary juxtaposition of The Wars of the Jews by Titus and his descendants, and the New Testament, and it makes the case that the Bible and Christianity, the Catholic Church, were actually created as the first major psychological operation by Caesar and his descendants to basically tell people to turn the other cheek and render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.”

Robert David Steele seems to think he can call himself a Christian while at the same time promoting the false historical narrative that Caesar had created the Bible and Christianity as a means to uphold godless statism.  This Union of Opposing Principles to achieve an end is an occult principle, and we have seen Steele employ that very concept in his #UNRIG campaign, when for example, when he joined Alt Right with Alt Left in a unified front.

An expert on False Flags?

The Tehran Times Interview centers on Robert David Steele’s CIA background in false flag operations, which ties into his #UNRIG campaign sponsored by his non-profit corporation Earth Intelligence Network.

The Amazon.com listing on False Flag Attacks:  A Tool of the Deep State (Trump Revolution Book 12) dated June 7, 2017 by Robert David Steele Vivas, says, “Included in this offering is the table of contents for the forthcoming #13 in the Trump Revolution series, Taking Down the Deep State:  A Presidential Briefing.  It is possible for We the People to take back the power in the next 120 days, particularly if Donald Trump, Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard join Cynthia McKinney and I in mobilizing a national conversation in June and the occupation of the front lawns and home offices of every Member of Congress during the summer recess when they cannot hide from constituents.”

Underneath that paragraph Steele advertises #UNRIG.  The 2nd American Revolution has begun, but only each of you can–in the aggregate, in Unity for Integrity–finish the job.

In other words, Robert David Steele on June 7, 2017, was calling for a major protest-styled harassment of individual members of Congress, by occupying the front lawns of their homes.  This was one week prior to the June 14, 2017 shutdown of the Port of Charleston which was in direct response to George Webb’s tip from a hidden source that a dirty bomb was aboard the Memphis Maersk.

This false report was aired on Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource the Truth, and curiously even after that shocking incident,  Robert David Steele pursued YouTube broadcaster George Webb as his favored choice for an on-the-scenes reporter for his #UNRIG campaign tour of the nation.  It was on June 13, 2017, that these two men met in a restaurant and broadcast a fundraiser on CSTT to benefit #UNRIG, of which Susan Lutzke aka Queen Tut donated $25.  After the Port of  Charleston incident, Steele absolved Webb of complicity, by declaring him to be nothing more than an unwitting patsy.

The Amazon.com listing for Steele’s False Flag book, displays an inside peek, and the  screenshot below displays some interesting quotes.  For example, note this phrase of a  “dedicated counterintelligence endeavor, perhaps jointly with Russia.”  Also, of interest is the loaded language declaring, “#UNRIG is the manifesto and the road map for the 2nd American Revolution.”

Earth Intelligence Network is a non-profit organization, which means that it is receiving tax benefits which are subsidized by American taxpayers.  Although many such non-profit corporations manage to stay within the IRS guidelines, it is clear that those promoting a political agenda do so under thinly veiled educational efforts.  Thus the donors provide the bread, and the the non-profit provides the bologna.


Robert David Steele is a White Nationalist?

I was surprised by the Tehran interviewer’s use of the word white nationalist, and Robert David Steele does not deny that descriptor of him; rather he embraces this controversial label saying, “I would say this to all Muslims:  we white nationalists embrace Latinos and blacks and Muslims who are committed to God and country, to freedom and tolerance.”

Steele adds, “We also share with all Muslims one big challenge:  It is impossible to learn the truth from the US Government, from any government, or from the media, because all of the channels of communications are controlled.  I am reminded that the Prime Minister of Malaysia some years ago called for a Muslim Press Service because the Zionists control the world press and demonize Muslims.  Now they are demonizing white nationalists.”

Robert David Steele, like any politician who believes “the end justifies the means”, is described by Jude 1:6, These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts;  and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage.  Certainly the statement that Zionists control the world press, is a complaint meant to patronize the readers of the Tehran Times, for facts stand in cold defiance of such a broad statement.

What impact did the defamation against #UNRIG have on fulfilling their purposes?

The specific answer to that question is one which will be settled in a federal court of law, after the Judge and a jury examine all of the evidence presented in the Robert David Steele, et. al. vs. Jason Goodman, et. al. lawsuit.

But as the alleged defamation was featured in the public domain, it needs to be observed that this legal complaint involving Earth Intelligence Network’s #UNRIG project centers around several persons that actually promoted the June 13, 2017 fundraising efforts on Crowdsource the Truth.

Despite all of the accusations between the plaintiffs and defendants in the Robert David Steele lawsuit, based on the 2017 990 for Earth Intelligence Network, Steele claimed he was able to reach 5 million people on internet platforms and a cross country tour.  Thus on the surface the comment made by the Tehran interviewer to Steele, that “You only became an anti-Zionist when they destroyed your #UNRIG election reform program…”, is a conclusion which does not accurately describe the actual facts of that  situation.

So who just who are these so-called Zionists who supposedly destroyed his #UNRIG election reform program?  The facts of this story challenge the rhetoric.

On September 1, 2017, Robert David Steele and his non-profit corporation Earth Intelligence Network filed a defamation lawsuit against three individuals:  Jason Goodman, a Jewish man who broadcasts interviews on his Crowdsource the Truth YouTube channel; a CSTT co-host, Patricia Negron; and a repeat guest speaker who was presented to viewers as a hidden source researcher with the pseudonym Queen Tut.

Yet almost 2 years later, Robert David Steele has yet to sue any of these Zionist groups in federal courtIn most states, the statute of limitations on defamation is one year.

A review of the 2017 990-EZ filed on Earth Intelligence Network of Virginia, EIN #20-8286516

Robert David Steele, as President of Earth Intelligence Network, filed the 990 we are reviewing, on May 9, 2018.  This is a revision of a 2017 990 form that Steele had filed a month earlier on April 9, 2018.  (It does not appear that the usual procedure for Amending a Tax Return was observed in this instance.)

On the Supplemental Information form, Steele explains, “2017 was a break-out year, UNTIL the non-profit was ruthlessly attacked.  2017 saw Earth Intelligence Network (EIN) grievously attacked with deliberate persistent defamatory campaigns across the internet focused on destroying our fund-raising business and our ability to gain attention to our cause.  This was so bad that a federal lawsuit had to be filed and can be viewed (both the original and the 97 page amended complaints), at http://tinyurl.com/Steele-vs-Goodman.  Note:  Legal counsel retained on contingency basis. No legal fees paid.”

In 2017, Earth Intelligence Network received $191,260 in donations,as compared to the four years prior:  2013 ($5,507),  2014 ($78,413),  2015 ($25,553), and in 2016 ($13,087).  Out of that five year revenue period totaling $313,820, the year 2017 represented 61% of all donations, at a time when this non-profit was maligned on the internet.

Under the 990-EZ section called Statement of Program Service Accomplishments, Steele describes line 28 ($117,159), as “After the President stated that ‘the system is rigged’, created an educational civics campaign, #UNRIG, to educated citizens on twelve election reform possibilities that would restore integrity to Congress.  Reached over five million people via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and direct contact on a 9,000 mile national tour.

Line 29 of program accomplishments shows $59,143, described as, “Continued the previously established program to educate citizens on the value and need for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) as a foundation for transparent decision-making by all forms of organization.  With multiple publications, ultimately recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017.”

Chief Counsel Robert David Steele of ITNJ

And on line 30 ($10,000), Steele “created new civics education program focused on elite pedophilia, inclusive of sponsorship of a new free online book, Pedophilia & Empire:  Satan, Sodomy & The Deep State by Joachim Hagopian, viewable at http://tinyurl.com/pedoempire.  Accepted role as unpaid Commissioner in new Commission of Inquiry.    [This commission is the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) where Robert David Steele is named as Chief Counsel, although he is not an attorney.  See Tracking the Leopard Meroz article of September 16, 2018, “THE OATH Above all Oaths of Robert David Steele, Chief Counsel for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice”.]

To summarize, the 2017 990-EZ for Earth Intelligence Network shows total Revenues of $191,260 which included public contributions of $174,425, program service revenue (incl. government fees and contracts) of $9,000, and other revenue as $6,835. Robert David Steele claims he worked 80 hours/week in 2017 and he  compensated himself in the amount of $50,813. Professional fees and other payments to independent contractors totaled $26,973.  Other expenses totaling $97,998 are described in Schedule O, which can be viewed here in this PDF:  rds 990 2017 earth intelligence network

What information does Guidestar.org have on Earth Intelligence Network?

One of the first things to note is that the Guidestar profile shows that Earth Intelligence Network, which received its IRS tax exemption in 2008 has Robert David Steele as the CEO (Pro Bono). As we saw in the 2017 990-EZ, Robert David Steele was paid $50,813; thus this pro bono designation is incorrect.

The 3 primary missions given by Steele are as follows:

  •  To expose #Google Gestapo and the means by which its elements censor, manipulate, and digitally assassinate conservative and progressive voices that challenge the Deep State & Shadow Government narrative known as “fake news” and to provide the truth where it can be found on “false flag” events used to justify a police state at home and perpetual war abroad.  see https://phibetaiota.net.
  • #UNRIG Unity for Integrity–Election Reform Act Proposed, see http://unrig.net
  • Education of the public on pedophilia; Robert serves as a Commissioner and Chief Counsel for the treaty-mandated judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.  see https://commission.itnj.org/
  • A fourth mission which is contained in a Note states “EIN has devised core concepts for a School of Future-Oriented Hybrid Governance, a PHD in Comprehensive Architecture, and a World Brain Institute.  EIN seeks a university partner that will embrace and execute these ideas while raising $100 million.  EIN seeks nothing for itself, only attention to its ideas.

Under What We Aim to Solve, Robert David Steele says, “We live in a fake world where everything has been scripted to concentrate wealth and power among the 1% and keep the 99% dumbed down and drugged up.  All eight of the major institutional categories (academia, civil society, commerce, government, law enforcement, media, military, and non-profit) are corrupt to the bone-90% good people trapped in bad systems, but the top 10% under the thumb of the Central Banks that in turn represent the Deep State.”

Guidestar asks What are the organizations’s current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?  Steele describes his programs in an evasive manner, stating “Open Source Intelligence (OSINT):  To provide the President, Cabinet, commanders, Congress, and the public with the 96% of the decision-support they cannot get from either the US secret intelligence community or their own staffs that do not know how to “do” decision-support rooted in holistic analytics and true cost economics.  Decisions today are ‘pay to play’ decisions in which neither the facts nor the public interest are considered.”  He says that the population served is General/unspecified; however his budget for all of the above is a mere $50,000.

The population served and budget of $50,000 is also the same for his #UNRIG-Unity for Integrity (Election Reform Act Proposed).  Steele explains that “#UNRIG brings together twelve specific reforms crafted by thousands of activists over the years, but all marginalized because no organization has the balls to call out the two-party tyranny for what it is:  a front for the Deep State and the Shadow Government that treat the 99% as exploitable beings.”

And finally, as if those two goals were not all encompassing of Robert David Steele’s 80 hours/ week work effort, his third goal is to End Pedophilia & Murderous Pedophilia.  He remarks, “The elite are Satanic in fact and they consume vast amounts of children in three ways:  for their blood and bone marrow; for their energy in the pre-puberty torture stage; and as disposable objects for Satanic rituals demanding the snuffing of children’s lives (generally children with no birth certificate or passport, easily disposed of in controlled incinerators).”  The population served for this mission is children and youth (0-19 years).  And again, the budget is $50,000.

In summary: for the three missions of Earth Intelligence Network, each had a $50,000 budget, totaling $150,000. Thus when we view the 2017 990-EZ which showed revenues of $191,260 and expenses of $186,302, leaving a net fund balance $5617, it is apparent that a target of a $150,000 budget was amply met.  If the Pro Bono CEO had not compensated himself with $50,813 there would have been more funds available for #UNRIG.

As I recall, Steele had desired to raise $250,000 for his #UNRIG campaign in 2017, but given the past history of his non-profit and his Guidestar statements showing that he regards a reasonable budget for #UNRIG to be $50,000, it would appear that his wish list in 2017 was not based on realistic expectations.

Guidestar’s Charting Impact Questions

Guidestar has a self-reporting section called Charting Impact:  Five powerful questions that require reflection about what really matters-results.

Question 1:  What is the organization aiming to accomplish?  Answer by Robert David Steele:   “Wake people up by repeating truths as often as possible.  The truth about 9/11 may be the single most effective option to date, but 5G is rapidly emerging as something so terrible–genocide and ecocide in one package–that it might surpass 9/11.

[What happened to child trafficking, election reform and Open Source Information?]

Question 2:  What are the organization’s key strategies for making this happen?  Answer:  Robert David Steele references his free websites, etc. and dreamily states, “it is my hope that just one billionaire will recognize that the sole foundation for human peace and prosperity is the human–the 99% in the aggregate.  That is our seed corn. An Open Source Agency has been twice approved by the Office of Management and Budget, but the CIA keeps blocking it because the absolute last thing they want is an informed President, Congress, and public.” And he links to his Presidential Innovation Memorandum on one of his websites.

[Say, can you prove that the CIA is blocking your efforts?  I thought it was the Zionists.]

Question 3:  What are the organization’s capabilities for doing this?  Answer:  One man, one voice.  We had an excellent campaign going for #UNRIG but it scared the crap out of the Zionists because they saw that an honest election process resulting in an honest Congress would assure America First, not Zionism first.  So they attacked us six ways in 90 days, taking us down from raising $29,000 a month to $200 a month.  That story is told at http://tinyurl.com/Google Gestapo. [see Tracking Meroz article dated November 12, 2017 titled, “ROBERT DAVID STEELE & His List of Crowdstalkers and Co-Conspirators:  Is Your Name On This List?]

Question 4:  How will they know if they are making progress?  Answer: The President will execute the ideas at http://tinyurl.com/Trump Triumph, and prior to Election Day, ideally on the 4th of July 2019, do 9/11 disclosure as he promised, sharing with the public the truths contained in http://tinyurl.com/911-POTUS as delivered to the White House on 8 August 2018.

[Yikes!  July 4, 2019 is right around the corner!]

Question 5:  What have they accomplished so far and what’s next?  Answer:  Am still alive and still writing.  I care deeply about both teaching and learning.  We are at war among ourselves at three levels:  Level 1:  Physical and secular-for power.  Level 2:  Earth–genocide and ecocide by the 1% against the 99%.  Level 3:  Cosmic–Einstein had it right, it’s all about energy, dark energy and light energy are in a cosmic battle for the soul of humanity.

[RDS is still alive after fighting the Deep State with tax exempt donations?  I find that highly suspicious!  And that last sentence is to say the least, a very strange answer to the question. Why on earth is the American taxpayer subsidizing the Moonlighting Operation of a political revolutionary X-CIA agent who has insider knowledge of slave camps on Mars?]