The Allurement of Ticket # 726479: Who’s Courting Her Now?

For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.  Proverbs 8:11

Three months ago on January 22, 2019, the Jericho Dee YouTube channel published a video, Jason Goodman & Kevin Marsden (Warsaw Kev):  An explanation of “what happened“. In this  eleven minute documentary/commentary, Jericho Dee displays the stark contrast between Kevin Marsden’s methods of investigative reporting with Jason Goodman’s presentation of information on his Crowdsource the Truth show. 

The short dialogue shown below between Jason Goodman (Crowdsource the Truth) and Kevin Marsden (Kevin Alan Marsden YT channel) illustrates that very difference, as noted by Jericho Dee.  If you are unfamiliar with the ongoing back story, it is worth your time to view the entire video.

Jason Goodman:  (5.57)  …so, so, so, okay.  You’re saying Field (McConnell) and David (Hawkins) are lying to me.

Kevin Marsden:  Misinformation.  I’m a Crowdsource the Truth fan, okay?  I follow you.  I watch you religiously.

Jason Goodman: OK.  And I’m not trying to be accusatory, but just you know..

Kevin Marsden:  I saw this video just not so long ago.  When I saw that,  I knew this was wrong.  That’s why I contacted you, like I said, check it out.  Now I mean-like I said, Jason, I’m not here to cause a problem..

Jason Goodman:  No, no, I hear you, I understand Kevin.  Listen, I can’t check it out.  I can put this out and let, you know, thousands of people check it out.

This process of vetting information as being the responsibility of the viewers of Crowdsource the Truth, rather than by Jason Goodman and his guests, is a wide departure from the standard rules of sound journalism.  Nearly a year ago, I discussed this irresponsible style of broadcast journalism in my June 6, 2018 article which can be read here in this link, Jason Goodman and Crowdsource the Truth:  The Fallacy of No Fault Journalism.

Jason Goodman is deeply lacking in wisdom about his accountability for his own words.

This lack of wisdom is evident if one reads the documents submitted in the two federal civil lawsuits which were filed against Goodman: in particular, Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network vs. Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron and Queen Tut aka Susan A. Lutzke (September 1, 2017) and D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman (June 14, 2018). The documents for both lawsuits can be read on this blog, if one clicks on the Categories drop down box on the far righthand column.

In recent months, Kevin Marsden has been researching the credentials and the reverse engineered crime scene investigations of one of Jason Goodman’s repeat guests, David Hawkins. One of those ongoing stories of Hawkins deals with his former Abel Danger partner Field McConnell and their slander against Field’s sister, Kristine Marcy.

Jason’s disdain for Kevin Marsden was noted in the April 11, 2019, Agent Serco-Are There Ethical Hackers? video on the Kevin Alan Marsden YouTube channel.  At the 1.11 mark, an audio of the voice of Jason Goodman is heard to say, “…the reason I completely discounted the corpulent, ignorant, belligerent, Agent Serco, who quite apparently has contacted the Washington Post in order to update this article…”.

At the 1.21 mark, Kevin Marsden aka Agent Serco reacts to Jason Goodman’s assertion by stating, “Oh!  So you are falsely accusing me of contacting the Washington Post with no evidence that I actually contacted the Washington Post.”

Towards the end of Kevin Marsden’s April 11th broadcast, Kevin Marsden at the 13.28 mark reveals that in response to Jason Goodman’s false accusation, “…well, I’ve actually contacted the Washington Post today for the first time.  I’ve given them all the evidence.  I’ve given them all the names…the ticket number is #726479.

#726479 is similar to an alluring, mysterious woman who must be pursued.

What?  Thousands of Crowdsource the Truthers did not rush to investigate #726479? So much for the investigative work of the crowd; no one was interested, it seems.  Perhaps it is because Kevin Marsden is always upfront with his research sources, so why bother?

So Jason Goodman decided to pursue this matter, using his own investigation techniquesHe justifies that action by declaring in his chatroom discussion that  “Social engineers are attack (sp) the main Crowdsource the Truth channel.  I got an email from YouTube this morning, live streaming may be in danger.  Make sure you get on Patreon or SubscribeStar so you don’t miss a show.”

In two other comments, Jason Goodman states, “Social Engineers are filing false complaints against Crowdsource the Truth with everyone they can.”, adding “A network of malicious social engineers is trying to take out Crowdsource the Truth with lies and slander.”

I am not sure what qualifies one to be accused of being a Social Engineer, so I listened to the April 12, 2019, 8.34 minute audio recording of Jason Goodman’s phone conversation with the Washington Post.

In transcribing this audio, I interpreted  partially unclear words, by using the context of the message. Comments inserted in this transcription by Tracking the Leopard Meroz are noted in maroon italics.

Washington Post:  To speak to a service agent, say agent.

Jason Goodman:  Agent.

Washington Post:  …or press zero. ring….

Washington Post Agent:  Thank you for calling the Washington Post.  How can I help you?

[Note that Jason Goodman is talking to a low-level customer service agent, and not to someone on a management level. A few persons listening to the audio noted that the service agent had an accent, and at times she was unclear in what information Jason Goodman was requesting.]

Jason Goodman:  May I give you a ticket number for a previous call?

[Jason Goodman does not identify himself to the service agent.  What he does is show that he is familiar with a particular ticket number, and the clerk wrongly assumes he originated that communication with the Washington Post. Note her confirmation of this at the 2.04 mark.]

WP Agent:  Uhhh, sure, what’s the ticket number?

Jason Goodman:  The Ticket Number is BLEEP.

[Jason Goodman bleeps out the ticket number on his audio recording for some unknown reason.  As noted earlier in this article, Kevin Marsden publicly stated what the ticket number is that was tagged to his communication with the Washington Post.]

WP Agent:  Now let me check here.  Okay, so ummm, so how can you help you with this?

Jason Goodman: well…

WP Agent: about the article?

Jason Goodman:  Right.  What have you got there associated with that ticket number?   Could you just read that back to me?

WP Agent:  Hmmm, let me just check here. I don’t see any other tickets on this email.

Jason Goodman:  Sorry, let me clarify.  Not other tickets, but when I give you that number, does it give you a description of the existing complaint and what’s been done, etc.

WP Agent:  Uh, no.  It’s still on queue.  This is um, this has been forwarded to um our um main office and there’s still uh, they’re still checking on this.

Jason Goodman:  Does it give you a description of what..

WP Agent:  Again?

Jason Goodman:  Sorry.

WP Agent:  Um, the title of this is, “I have information…”.  Is this correct?

Jason Goodman:  Right.  That email, is there, can you read me that email or can you forward me that email?

WP Agent:  Oh yeah, It’s regarding an article that has been tampered with by a pair of individuals using your paper to promote vile and degrading attacks on Kristine M-A-R-C-Y, is this correct? on March 25th?

Jason Goodman:  yeah, yeah, please go on.

WP Agent: (2.04)  This year the article has been corrected and it, there is a link- the Washington Post Stockholm link, and now I  will link 3 sites regarding the fake article.  Okay, so you gave us um links, and…

[The Washington Post Agent is under the impression that the caller is the person who sent the email identified as ticket #726479.  And as we see, Jason Goodman does not reveal his identity until two minutes later, at the 4.13 mark]

Jason Goodman:  Is that the whole–right the other links are there and then does the email go on?  I just want to make sure they’ve got it all recorded along with this ticket number.

WP Agent:  Ok, so let me read it through, so the main person is Mr. David Hawkins, a resident of in Canada who pushes this with Mr. Jason Goodman out of New York who runs a psych site Crowdsourcing the Truth and then there is a YouTube link.  the US okay, so the other originator is one- Mr. Field McConnell of Abel Danger.  Here I will link a video link.  So there is a link.  It’s a Vimeo link.  And then, the other thing to note is that Mr. Goodman and Mr. Hawkins are using copyrighted material of a company Certi Path or certain path in order to promote false, fake and dangerous allegations.  Then there is a link for

Jason Goodman:  (3.10)  Yep.

WP Agent:  And then this alt right media group Crowdsource the Truth -it’s also affiliated to Laura Loomer and Larry Klayman.  It is in your interest to have your legal team as well as a cybercrime-cyber crime unit of the above group.  I hope you realized this is about (hunger initiative fame and music) (words unclear) smear campaign against Kristine Marcy.  Then there’s a screenshot.

Jason Goodman:  And is it, that it?

WP Agent:  Yes.

Jason Goodman:  OK and is this signed?  Salutation from someone?

WP Agent:  Yes, it has, this has been forwarded to our main office.

Jason Goodman:  OK.

WP Agent:  directed to our main offices..

Jason Goodman:  But the author of this email has included the email address and the name, or no?

WP Agent:  Yes. Let me just check.  The email address came from BLEEP dot ? UK.

Jason Goodman: (4.13) mm huh, OK.  So that’s it?  That’s everything? I’m Jason Goodman.  I’m the person this email is written about.  The sender was an individual named Kevin Marsden who is harassing and stalking me online.  So I want to add to this ticket, so that when the legal department call me.

[Jason Goodman finally identifies himself as NOT the originator of the #726479 communication, but as the subject of the email.  He has requested the identification of the email address, when he already knows from Kevin Marsden’s video who sent the email.]

WP Agent:  OK.

Jason Goodman: I want to provide them with all the information of what’s actually happening.  Is that all right?  Can we do…

WP Agent:  Well, yes, that’s fine actually.  We can go ahead and ask our main office to contact you regarding this.

Jason Goodman:  Yes, that would be great.  Thank you.

WP Agent:  OK, so I’ll just ask, OK, so the name here.  You are Mr. um Jason Goodman, right?

Jason Goodman:  Yes, I am the owner of Crowdsource the Truth and I am the person who has been producing broadcasts about this article that was written in August of 1979 about Kristine Marcy written by, I believe, the author’s name was Judy Mann, or Judy Dunn, something like that.  And I’ve obtained the microfilm of the original 1979 newspaper which refutes everything this person is saying.

Now this contact to the Washington Post is only the latest measure, this person has taken to harass, defame, and otherwise you know do his little routine to try to upset me, but I definitely want to engage the legal department of the Washington Post because you know, this is uh, this is a serious matter and you know for people to be making accusations and presenting them to third parties in this way and certainly with regard to Certipath, I’ve been in touch with their CEO and I have his, in addition to my use of their infographic being covered by the fair use doctrine of the Communications Decency Act, section 230, I have explicit permission from the CEO of Certipath to use it in the way that we’re using I, so this is an individual who just watches my show on the internet and for whatever reason doesn’t like, he’s..

WP Agent:  umm..

Jason Goodman:  he’s publicly published homosexual slurs and religious slurs and insults to my family.  I mean this is a truly despicable individual…

[Hmmm, a little hypocrisy here.  Jason Goodman routinely slanders his adversaries with outrageous insults and false accusations.]

WP Agent:  Right.

Jason Goodman: …who I am in the process of taking legal action against and you can see by his dot K email address, he’s a British citizen, so he’s outside the easy reach of United States civil action and he’s part of a larger conspiracy of individuals who have been harassing me, and you know trying to defund my show and it’s a very serious matter so I definitely want to engage the legal department of the Washington Post, and I appreciate your help on the call here. (6.51) [The audio ends at 8.34, but this represents the most important elements of this conversation.]

Courting:  Legal tensions abound

For those who are interested in the follow-up of this exchange,  I recommend viewing Kevin Marsden’s April 13, 2019, video Agent Serco & the GDPRKevin Marsden has had a conversation with the Washington Post about their agent revealing his email address to Jason Goodman, and the legal ramifications of that act.

Without getting into the legal discussion of this ongoing controversy between Jason Goodman and Kevin Marsden, it needs to be noted again that Kevin Marsden provides extensive links in his video descriptions, so that his viewers can double-check his references.  The email which Marsden sent to the Washington Post also contained several links and references to back up his claims.

That contrasts starkly with Jason Goodman’s failure to display in his video descriptions, his source references needed to support the serious allegations he and David Hawkins have made against various persons.  Rather, as seen in this audio recording with the Washington Post agent, Goodman makes numerous statements about those who are harassing him, and he fails to state the reasons why so many persons regard his broadcasts as being defamatory.  However, those reasons have been amply described in detail with source references, by D. George Sweigert, Kevin Marsden, this blog and others.

Further Actions on the Legal Scene

Presently, the defamation lawsuit filed by Robert David Steele has been active because of Intervenor Motions filed by D. George Sweigert. David Hawkins is now being brought into this lawsuit as a potential defendant. In Document 97, the Judge has extended the deadline for the defendants in that case to file their opposition responses, to May 1, 2019.  That Order can be viewed here:  rds doc 97 extention to may 1 2019









The Tidal Wave Hits the Beachhead: Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman – Documents 93 & 94 & 95

On April 11, 2019,  Documents 93 (plus exhibits),  94, and 95 were filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division, in the Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman defamation lawsuit.

Document 93 (54 pages) Amended Motion to Intervene by Intervenor-Applicant Sweigert    rds doc 93 April 11 2019

Document 93-1 (1 page) Exhibits Certification  rds 93 1 exhibits certification April 11 2019

Document 93-2 (2 pages) Exhibit 1-A  rds 93 2 exhibit 1 A April 11 2019

Document 93-3 (3 pages)  Exhibit 1-B  rds 93 3 exhibit 1 B April 11 2019

Document 93-4 (2 pages) Exhibit 1-C  rds 93 4 exhibit 1 C April 11 2019

Document 93-5 (2 pages) Exhibit 1-D  rds 93 5 exhibit 1 D April 11 2019

Document 93-6 (5 pages0 Exhibit 1-E  rds 93 6 exhibit 2 April 11 2019

Document 93-7  (3 pages)  Exhibit 3  rds 93 7 exhibit 3 April 11 2019

Document 93-8  (8 pages) Exhibit 4  rds 93 8 exhibit 4 April 11 2019

Document 93-9  (6 pages)  Exhibit 5  rds 93 9 exhibit 5

Document 93-10 (3 pages)  Exhibit 6-A  rds 93 10 exhibit 6A April 11 2019

Document 93-11 (5 pages) Exhibit 6-B  rds doc 93 11 exhibit 6B April 11 2019

Document 93-12 (8 pages)  Exhibit 6-C  rds 93 12 exhibit 6C April 11, 2019

Document 93-13 (5 pages) Exhibit 6-D  rds doc 93 13 exhibit 6D April 11 2019

Document 93-14  (11 pages)  Exhibit 7  rds 93 14 exhibit 7 april 11 2019

Document 93-15  (9 pages)  Exhibit 8  rds doc 93 15 exhibit 8

Document 94 (27 pages) Memorandum of Law to Support Intervenor Applicant’s Amended Motion to Intervene  rds doc 94 April 11 2019

Document 95 (23 pages)  Patricia A. Negron’s Answer & Affirmative Defenses to the Amended Complaint  rds doc 95 April 11 2019 Patricia Negron Answer

The Skunk Works Project known as Crowdsource the Truth

PUTEO, ERGO SUM.  I stink, therefore I am.

The essence of Pay-Pay Le Pugh’s Raison de Existence.

Viewing the few comments on Crowdsource the Truth videos, is like reading the back cover of a book; one wonders whether they are an accurate indicator of the narrative and purpose of the author.

One of the unanswered questions which I have about Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource the Truth channel, is whether he operates independently, or is in fact a skunkworks project of a larger PSY-OP organization.

So let’s observe a select few recent comments on CSTT, and then travel backwards in our time machine to the revelations of Jason Goodman three days before the costly shutdown of the Port of Charleston that was the direct result of the false dirty bomb report that came from CSTT.

The foul odor floating in the air that wilts blossoms, whenever Pay-Pay Le Pugh walks among his viewing audience

Conceit: The exquisite body odor of Pay-Pay Le Pugh

On April 5, 2019, Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth published yet another video featuring David Hawkins, which is titled, Did SERCO’s EVL Teachers Hide Dutroux Demons in Sweigert’s Split Tunnel.  With David Hawkins. 

Who knows, or who even cares, what that title means? Certainly not the Jason Goodman groupies that gather in the live stream chatroom who obsess over those Thumbs Down voters,  ruining the pristine reputation of Crowdsource the Truth.  Perhaps the chat-roomies should wonder why 95% of the subscribers to CSTT ignore the Goodman-Hawkins videos. That COLD SILENCE sharply contrasts with the useless chitter chatter on CSTT, just as a sit down civil disobedience protest would make Laura Loomer chaining herself to a door look irrelevant. Surely the absence of 77,000 subscribers ought to be a more significant issue than a few Thumbs Down votes at the start of a video.

And then we see the unjust censorship of comments by Jason Goodman, as exemplified  on his  April 3, 2019, Hawkins video.  After serving his viewers the anonymous research of Queen Tut, Hudson, and Quinn Michaels,  Pay-Pay Le Pugh suddenly gets scruples about anonymous handles doing real research and asking legitimate questions. By definition,  John Smithe ought to be regarded as a Crowdsourcer. But that is only if you ignore the small print that Crowdsourcers are to agree with everything Jason Goodman says. All else exists in his mind as a conspiracy against him.  Whew! That stinks!Contrast this with our next screenshot of the April 5th video where 2 anonymous handles are not asked to identify their real names when they revealed their greed as they relished the thought of reaping millions of dollars if they were to file a meritless  lawsuit against anyone who not only disagrees with Jason Goodman, but has the temerity to publicly document why.    

The above April 5th conversation was continued the same day over onto the April 3rd video comment section, as seen below.  What happened to Jason Goodman’s assertions that the lawsuits against him are fake?  And why does this CSTT fan think that the vague apology given to Michael Barden is a hopeful sign?  Methinks it is the sign of quickly receding waters just prior to a major tidal wave hitting the beach. Run to higher ground, while you have a chance!

April 3, 2019 CSTT video comments

The infamous ALIBI which Jason Goodman set up three days before his intelligence group caused havoc at the Port of Charleston.

Twenty-two months ago, on June 11, 2017, Jason Goodman produced a 10 minute monologue called Deep State Attack on George Webb and Crowdsource the Truth.  

There are redundancies in the narrative, but several general ideas should be noted:

One.  The format of Jason Goodman’s monologue is facetiously modeled after a law enforcement public announcement warning about criminals on the loose. Just as the FBI has a Ten Most Wanted list, so does Jason Goodman.  It is laughable that instead of referring to a former associate by name,  Jason Goodman keeps calling him ‘this individual”.

Two. A cover story is provided which serves as a predetermined ALIBI for the Port of Charleston incident which was boldly inserted into the minds of Jason Goodman’s crowdsourcer viewing audience. These viewers were SET UP in this video to believe that Jason Goodman had access to bona fide and reliable intelligence sources.  And he gets his audience into the habit of spreading whatever information he wants distributed, to the wider public.

Three.  Goodman also indoctrinates his viewers to believe that a powerful conspiracy exists which is trying to set him up for prosecution of criminal offenses. He creates a story board of conspiratorial forces, which allows him to accuse anyone who opposes him on any matter or idea.  Contrast the language used in this video with Document 78 in the Robert David Steele lawsuit, as Goodman uses the exact same words to accuse so-called conspirators of a  harassment Campaign, engaged in stalking, and felony crimes.

(The June 11, 2017 video is narrated solely by Jason Goodman.  I have interjected my opinion at certain points in maroon italics.)

Jason Goodman:  “Good morning everyone.  I apologize for this uhh surprise sort of early stream, and the potentially alarming nature of the title.  I’ve received new intelligence that I feel requires immediate attention, and I appreciate everyone who follows these streams as assisting George and I on the Crowdsource investigation that we’ve been coordinating.  Right now George and I are both safe and everything is alright, but I felt it very important that I provide this information so that everyone can understand what’s going on.”

“I certainly appreciate the positive input and the advice that people are giving me relative to our handling and addressing of so-called online trolls.  Many of you are aware that an individual that goes by the hacker handle Defango has become involved with us since we released files that we dubbed the Seth Rich files.  I need to reiterate these things not because I am triggered, by this individual or that not because I am emotionally upset by him, but because we have new intelligence that this is a dangerous individual who intends to bring down this organization and our investigation and possibly do harm to myself or George Webb.”

Jason Goodman often explains himself by saying his reason is NOT something such as being “triggered”, when it would appear indeed that this is the real motivation for his actions. He also likes to make accusations, but then denies that his accusations ARE accusations.  If you try to understand what he is trying to say, you feel like you are in that double bond situation where you cannot be certain of what he really means. However, I am glad to see that he has new intelligence, as later on Goodman tries to back away from his knowledge of the sources of his information.

“This individual has presented himself as Defango and told us that his real name is Manual Chavez(1.21)….(1.32) I encourage everyone to look this information up and verify everything that I say.  This individual has been spreading malicious misinformation about myself and George Webb that is completely unsupported by facts or evidence.  This individual has been coordinating an ongoing online harassment campaign that includes cyberbullying, stalking, repeated contact through text messages, phone calls, chat groups, online streams, etc.”

Goodman is accusing Defango of doing what he routinely does; that is, spreading misinformation and not providing facts or evidence.  The language here was incorporated into the Robert David Steele lawsuit Document 78.  Also, when later on, Goodman apologized to Defango, he infused his apology with visual horned devil hand signs which undermined the message stated in his “sincere” tone of voice.

“It is extremely important that we take this individual in his actions seriously and continue monitoring what he and his affiliates are doing (2.05)…(2.29) Please take what I am saying very seriously.  This is not intended to incite anyone.  This is not an accusation. This is an ongoing investigation into the activity of individuals that I believe have been tricked by a very complex psychological operation that began when we released the information that very may have been originally released in September.” (2.52)

As we shall see at the end of this Meroz article, Scott Anthony considers Jason Goodman’s video to be a Call to Action; whereas Goodman is denying that he is trying to incite anyone.

(3.09) “We now believe that the individuals that I’m speaking of who have been acting out against us are aware that this is a very powerful technique that we have invoked by engaging everyone around the internet in the research and investigation.“(3.25)

The use of the phrase “very powerful technique” combined with the word “invoked” implies a use of magic or mind control invocations by a Controller or Operator.

(3.34)  “The ongoing harassment of myself, my colleagues, by the individuals that I’ve been named and other individuals who are affiliated with them is ratcheting upThey are not leaving us alone.” (3.44)

This is the description of what Jason Goodman does to those who are in his crosshairs.  His ongoing harassment of Dave Sweigert kept ratcheting up and he refused to leave his target alone, even after being served with a lawsuit.

(4.19)  “The other reason I am telling you this is that we have developed a lot of very credible intelligence sources, analysts, and other resources through this method.  I do believe that our adversaries are aware of how powerful this crowdsource technique is.”  (4.33)…(5.44) “This is a warning of caution.  I need everyone who watches us and supports us to be vigilant and to be on the lookout for the activities of the people that I’m talking about.”

Goodman is setting up the viewer to believe the dirty bomb report which he promotes three days later, based on his insider sources.  As part of the process of shutting down the Port of Charleston he asked his viewers to tweet his warning message to the U. S. Coast Guard.

“I implore honest YouTubers out there who have been fooled by the misinformation campaign that was started by Defango.  He is trying to trick you.  He is trying to discredit George and I.  I have no proof of this and this is not an accusation, but based on the events as they have unfolded, I do believe Defango is acting on behalf of I’m not sure why, but Kim, if what I’m saying is incorrect, I implore you to come forward and contact us on Skype and explain why you suddenly became interested in my YouTube channel when there were less than 200 viewers.  Those of you who might recall Kim joined us on a live stream when my investigation with George began to ramp up and these attacks began when Trish joined us and released the files that were given to her by the Rabbit.” (6.39)

If he has no proof, why did he say this?  He repeats that this is not an accusation, when in fact it is an accusation.  Whether this is the mind game that a narcissistic individual is playing, or a mind control experiment conducted by a Skunkworks operation, it serves to conflict the viewer’s interpretation of the entire message.

(7.17)  “…our highly effective team of Crowdsource investigators have located your identity (i.e. the Rabbit) and we know who you are.” (7.24) … (7.41) “this online bully campaign and tweeting ridiculous statements about myself.  To be clear, my given name is Jason Goodman.  I was born in the Bronx, New York on April 7, 1972.  I have never operated in any official capacity under any other name, I have never been officially affiliated with any intelligence organization, any law enforcement organization and so far everything I have said is truthful to the best of my knowledge. I’m a filmmaker.  I’m an inventor.  I have a huge online persona including my company 21st Century 3D.” (8.21)

In the RDS Doc. 78, he termed the conspirators as “the Campaign”. And while he emphasizes that he is using his legal name, at the same time he relied heavily on unidentified intelligence sources, and guest researchers with anonymous handles.

(9.16)  “I believe we’re dealing with highly sophisticated individuals that intend to start and continue a concentrated propaganda campaign that is based on pure nonsense that will eventually or could eventually transform into a real campaign to discredit and possibly jail George, myself, Trish, our affiliates.  It’s important that you spread this.  I am NOT trying to earn money.  I am trying to get the word out.  This is a very serious and very dangerous group. We have intelligence that indicates that the hacker Defango may be operating in coordination with the very forces that George and I and our associates are seeking to expose.  There are forces that are highly motivated to hide their crimes.  Please take what I’m saying very seriously…(10.06 end)

Goodman is accusing others of what he is engaged in…a propaganda campaign that eventually sets up his discredited adversaries to go to jail.  He disclaims making a monetary profit from his efforts; yet later he uses all possible means, such as Patreon, to garner donations into his coffers.

The June 11, 2017 Scott Anthony Article Critiquing this video 

On the very day of Jason Goodman’s June 11, 2017  Deep State Attack on George Webb and Crowdsource the Truth video, Scott Anthony issued a reproval in an article called, Researchers Being Attacked by Crowdsource the Truth Member Jason Goodman:  Credibility Called Into Question.

I recommend reading Scott Anthony’s entire article linked above.  I have referenced this article in prior discussions, because Anthony hits the center of the target with his commentary.  Below are several excerpts that are pertinent to the present day discussions of Crowdsource the Truth, especially in light of the two federal civil lawsuits against Jason Goodman, as well as the current focus on the unrelenting defamation campaign which Jason Goodman is engaging in against Dave Sweigert.  This defamation campaign entails the use of fictional storyboarding crime scene investigations, and it is interesting to note Scott Anthony’s remarks on this technique was evaluated months ago,  in June of 2017.

Scott Anthony wrote:  “Disturbingly, on this date, and prior to this date, a trend had been developing on both Mr. Webb’s and Mr. Goodman’s channels and the videos they have been uploading: what had at first seemed like a novel idea to “storyboard” and “crowdsource” an open investigation into potential crimes committed against innocent Americans by a host of entities and individuals that have been named by Mr. Webb and Mr. Goodman within their video content, has crossed into the realm of what I consider highly unethical, dangerous, and potentially illegal behavior. It is for these reasons that I can no longer sit idly by as Mr. Webb and Mr. Goodman utilize various psychological tactics to illicit responses from their viewers.”

“In the video broadcast earlier today, Jason Goodman issued what I believe was designed to be a “call-to-action” video: that is, he created it with the intent to utilize psychological tactics to illicit a response. The average person may not be aware such tactics are being utilized. This is understandable as they are very subtle by design. I believe the purpose of Jason’s video was to encourage others to start investigating a person known on YouTube as “Defango”, also known as Manuel Chavez. However, there are implied messages as well, as you will see throughout this call-to-action video. This is how I perceived the messaging in the above named video, and while it is impossible for me to state with certainty that was Mr. Goodman’s intent, perception is reality in many instances.  Thus, a reasonable person may likely draw the same conclusions I have regarding the intent of his video.”

“It should be noted that while Mr. Goodman has made it clear that his relevant employment history and experience is comprised of the creation of 3D Stereoscopic cameras and/or other inventions for Hollywood filmmaking, Mr. Goodman has never indicated former employment or experience in the fields of journalism, law enforcement, or the legal profession at large. This is an important distinction because he very likely lacks the fundamental and basic education required to conduct a large-scale investigation into criminal activities as the CTT library entails.  It should also be noted that at no time have I witnessed Mr. Webb state that he possesses the requisite professional training to conduct criminal investigations in the same manner.”

“In reviewing the library and archived video evidence that both Mr. Webb and Mr. Goodman have catalogued on their channels, there is ample evidence that lack of appropriate training in investigations and law enforcement easily places the public at risk.  In no particular order, and by no mean a comprehensive list, some of the more obvious issues may be:

  1. Implicating or accusing an innocent person of wrong-doing, including being part of a criminal conspiracy;
  2. Revealing the identity of an otherwise private individual with no knowledge of the investigation to the Crowdsource audience;
  3. The potential for over-eager and inexperienced “researchers” to commit acts of harassment towards innocent persons;
  4. The potential for large numbers of viewers to contact family, friends, co-workers of the stated victims (which would fall under the aforementioned harassment issue).
  5. The potential for inexperienced investigators to place themselves into dangerous scenarios during the canvassing and interviewing of potential witnesses;
  6. Exposing actual witnesses of a criminal investigation where their protection might otherwise be afforded by law;
  7. The inherent lack of ability to control the direction of the investigation, all of which could compromise or undermine actual investigations currently underway.”

“Based on viewer reactions to the George Webb / Jason Goodman video series, and based on a variety of videos now being published, many of which touch upon the topic of what appears to be a somewhat reckless and potentially dangerous crowdsourced investigation process, it is my opinion that other individuals are detecting something amiss with the ethics of CTT’s crowdsourced investigation.”

Psychological manipulation, techniques and invocations

The Scott Anthony article is one of the most important critiques of Crowdsource the Truth because it identified the core dangers of Jason Goodman’s crowdsource techniques early on. 

Based on what Jason Goodman stated in his 2017 video, I am of the personal opinion  that CSTT is a skunkworks project of a larger organization engaged in mass psychological techniques.

Remember that it was Jason Goodman who declared, “this is a very powerful technique that we have invoked, by engaging everyone around the internet in the research and investigation.” When we examine the rotten fruits of this enterprise, it stinks to high heaven.

Is Ethical Slacker Jason Goodman Ensuring that David Hawkins Drinks from the Same Cup of Judgment?

It is difficult these days to come up with a snappy retort to the muddling mannerisms of David Hawkins, whose mind loop seems to be getting shorter and shorter, despite Jason Goodman’s attempt to introduce a new concept into his titles.  Yesterday’s video was titled Is Ethical Hacker Sweigert a Weatherman & Cornfield Cruiser Abuser?

The description explains, “The Weather Underground always remained dedicated to destroying the United States of America.  With Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers on faculty at Northwestern and UIC it seems likely that they remain active in their pursuits.  Did disgruntled ex-USAF “ethical hacker” and miscreant cyber mob leader Sweigert use his skills to aid in efforts?  David joins me to explore this and other topics.”

The ever alert Crowdsource the Troofers who had assembled in the live chatroom marveled that there were so many thumbs down votes given at the very start of the program.  And it was not long into the show when David Hawkins was seen drinking the last drop from his cup of judgment, as no doubt he is contemplating how to explain to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia his promotion of  “fact less” illogical theories with co-conspirator, Jason Goodman.

April 3, 2019  David Hawkins slurping from the cup of judgment of 94 downvotes.  Bottoms Up!

We have heard all of these false allegations and strange theories before, and at the 11:41 mark, Jason Goodman interrupts David Hawkins to discuss his analysis of Dave Sweigert, saying, “…can I address what you’re saying about veterans for a moment because that is a recurring theme and what they like to say about you and I, I don’t know, I’ve revealed this before but my own father is a veteran and of course I love him and respect the work that he did in the Navy.”

It appears that Jason Goodman had anticipated making his comment about his father’s Navy background, for in the lower right corner of his photo collage he displays the word NAVY as part of David Hawkins’ hallucinations alleging that Dave Sweigert is somehow connected to alleged terrorist Weathermen connections to the 9/11 attacks. All of this is the product of the vain imaginations of Goodman and Hawkins, as no evidence has been provided to back their allegations, whatsoever.Jason Goodman adds, “We’ve got other veterans who appear on the show, Scott Bennett.  It’s quite interesting how Scott is attacked by this same group but we don’t accuse them of hating veterans and we’ve heard quite a lot from Mr. Sweigert and how he considers himself a whistleblower.  Scott Bennett is also a whistleblower again being attacked.”

“Mr. Sweigert has sued the CIA, which I don’t know, perhaps that’s you know, going against the government, but he’s also sued the Department of the Army.  Now his lawsuit against the CIA was dismissed and the Department of Justice in their pleadings said that his claims had no basis, he had no standing and it was dismissed so I wonder is it possible that Mr. Sweigert is a disgruntled veteran.”  [Sweigert has explained that he sued the CIA to get documents for his whistleblower case, which resulted in the recovery of $1.2 million.]

“He’s told us about how he was captured by the Sandinistas and when I asked him if that meant that he was involved in Iran-Contra, certainly criminal activity executed by members of the military, he got angry about that.  I wonder how long he was in that room with the boa constrictor that the Contras tortured him with, according to his own words.”

“I have no knowledge beyond what he’s publicly told us and certainly if you had experienced the types of that, Mr. Sweigert had, his veteran father locking him in the basement to sleep on newspapers with dog excrement, being rejected by his own father.  He’s told us about how his brother George was favored as a basketball star.”

“Perhaps he joined the military to get some degree of acceptance and I wonder how long he was in that Sandinista prison with the snake and I wonder how that might make you feel about an Air Force that failed to rescue you, and then caused you to sue the United States government, to sue the Department of the Army.  Perhaps Mr. Sweigert has been turned to a person who hates the US government and wants to destroy it in the way that Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers have dedicated their lives…”  (14.21)

What Jason Goodman has stated above is his construction of a collage of fact and fiction on Dave Sweigert, to divert attention from the questions people have been asking about Goodman’s involvement in the Port of Charleston dirty bomb incident on June 14, 2017.  If you are new to Crowdsource the Truth, and had not followed the ins and outs of that story over the past two years ago, allow me to backtrack a bit.

When the Port of Charleston story broke, the only name I had heard of, connected with that event was George Webb, who I recalled had been discussed in a Hagmann Report interview with Rebekah Roth. In that interview, Rebekah Roth, the airline stewardess who wrote 3 fictional books espousing her 9/11 theories, was extolling the research abilities of George Webb. Months later, she sent her three books to Defango, and encouraged him to be the last man standing.  That advice was rather strange, especially coming from someone who claimed to have access to government insider information.  It was because I did not know much about the persons involved in the Port of Charleston incident, that I began looking closely at Crowdsource the Truth and the subsequent federal lawsuits that involved Jason Goodman as a defendant.

Just prior to the Port of Charleston incident, Nathan Stolpman of the Lift the Veil YouTube channel had raised the question as to whether the person behind the  pseudonym Dave Acton was also George Webb.  So when the Port of Charleston incident occurred involving George Webb Sweigert, his brother David George Sweigert aka Dave Acton stepped into the public light to apologize on behalf of his family for George’s involvement in that costly port shutdown. Months later, Dave Sweigert was still attempting to deal with the aftermath of all the social media gossip surrounding his brother George Webb and related matters. That gossip got out of hand, particularly as Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth added gasoline to the fire when he tried to cover over his involvement in the Port of Charleston incident.

Much of what Jason Goodman related in the transcribed portion of  yesterday’s April 3, 2019 video, involves documentation found in Document 51 which was filed May 22, 2018 as the Declaration of D. George Sweigert in the Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman defamation lawsuit.  That document and the related exhibits can be viewed in full here:  rds doc 51 and rds doc 51 1.

The question needs to be asked:  Why is Jason Goodman continuing to perpetuate his false accusations regarding Dave Sweigert and Iran-Contra, when this was refuted almost a year ago in Document 51?

For example, we find Document 51 explaining:

Declaration made under penalty of perjury by D. George Sweigert May 22, 2018

Dave Sweigert has stated on air that the forced landing he was involved in happened in 1981 when Jimmy Carter was President. Thus the events which Goodman discusses regarding Iran-Contra occurred when Sweigert was attending college in Texas, and show that Goodman has a reckless regard for both historical and personal timelines.

Another screenshot of a portion of Document 51-1 Exhibits what Jason Goodman had been stating a year ago:And finally, here is a screenshot of another portion of the Document 51-1 Exhibits:Jason Goodman repeatedly fails to take responsibility for his reckless allegations. And his YouTube boast of finishing fights has entered the legal arena in two federal court cases, where as a defendant in a defamation lawsuit as well as a RICO lawsuit,  his arguments will be examined using the federal civil procedures for evidence, and under the penalties of perjury.

That same scrutiny may soon apply to David Hawkins’ words and actions as well, if the Judge in the Robert David Steele lawsuit allows Sweigert’s Motion to Intervene in that case.




THE POINT OF NO RETURN: David Hawkins Bores into the Weather Underground Tunnel and Discovers Jewish Communists who are “psychopaths and sociopaths and unindicted killers”

Keep your tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.  Psalm 34:13

In the poignant song, The Point of No Return, songwriters Jeff Limbol, Hank Sherman, and Pete Steiner capture the end result of the dangerous seductions of the Phantom of the Opera in these words, Past the point of no return, the final threshold, the bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn.  We’ve passed the point of no return.”

There is a point of no return which is real and identifiable in the life of the individual who engages in sin, justifies it when reproved, and tries to turn the tables upon the messenger who warns of the final threshold.  One characteristic of someone who goes from telling a lie to becoming a LIAR is banality.  Banality is lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.

So I was interested in what Jason Goodman said to David Hawkins, as he related that Kevin Marsden had called him up one time to warn him that Hawkins was lying to him. Goodman reiterated his support for David Hawkins’ banal stories, and now both men work in conjunction to attack the man who tried to turn them back from the path they are treading.

One is not a conspiracy; it takes at least two.  And Jason Goodman and David Hawkins show us how it is done.

Jason Goodman produced another video on March 22, 2019 featuring the strange musings of David Hawkins, Can Split Tunnels & Broken Chains Allow EVL Teachers to Attack Federal Bridge?  With David Hawkins. This 49 minute preview of a Patreon show for subscribers only, features once again another absurd photo collage aimed at disparaging Dave Sweigert, who is portrayed as a janitor cleaning up evidence, and presumably disposing or “spoliating” it.  That Sweigert is the main point of this collage is highlighted by the caption Jason Goodman has assigned it, calling it Tri-Tunnel-SweigertYet the underlying theme of their show has nothing to do with Sweigert, but has much to do with modern day Jewish American domestic terrorism.

What does Jason Goodman mean when he references his Jewish heritage?

I recently posted Document 78 of the Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit, and on page 10, line 1, the author, Jason Goodman, states, “Defendant Goodman is not and has never been associated in any way with Mossad…”.  He asserts, “The rumor was started by the co-conspirators in order that their network could spread this information to earn money on Steemit and through other methods, and to play upon rampant, hateful, anti-Jewish sentiment among their fans and viewers.  The Campaign has allowed them to persecute Defendant based solely on his Jewish heritage, denying him of his constitutional right to presumption of innocence, retarding his financial and psychological well-being and inciting hate speech and foul threats in live comments from viewers.  The Campaign leverages this totally false claim to defame Goodman and engender hatred for Defendant throughout the world via the internet.”

Since I was named as one of the third-party co-conspirators, without any evidence provided by Goodman, I have to state at this juncture that I have never posted anything on Steemit, my blog can be read for free, I have never asked for monetary support ever, and I have never asserted that Jason Goodman is employed by Mossad.  I have always felt that the Israeli Intelligence agency, Mossad, was too professional to risk employing unstable personalities.

I have no idea what Jason Goodman considers his Jewish heritage to consist of.

As noted earlier, in the photo collage shown below, Jason Goodman targets Dave Sweigert, who he continually insults in an unrelenting campaign of lies.  Also inserted in Goodman’s image is a photo of an affectionate couple, sitting together in embrace, who were once leaders of the now defunct Weather Underground terrorist group in the sixties/seventies era of student activism against the Vietnam War.

March 22, 2019 Jason Goodman CSTT video, showing collage labeled Tri Tunnel-Sweigert

That history, which is brought to our remembrance by Hawkins and Goodman, represents the out workings of the American Jewish privileged class that exalted Communist domination and oppression over millions of persons,  during the Vietnam era.  Since its takeover of Russia in 1917, Communism has slaughtered millions, and destroyed the lives and hopes of the citizens of Russia, China, North Korea, and other nations.  It represents the Marxist/Leninist/Trotsky elitist socialist philosophy that when radicalized becomes Communism; for once the promise of freedom for oppressed working class citizens is put into place, these radical leaders turn and steal the fruits of the labor and the land and possessions of these very same persons.

The Vietnam War was a troublesome era, when military escalation by America attempted to stem the tide of Communism sweeping across Asia.  This is a very complex story, as some of the most interesting first hand stories of Vietnam veterans  relate.  (As an example of a Vietnam/Laos narrative written by a very fine man, I reviewed in 2016, The Expendable Elite:  One Soldier’s Journey into Covert Warfare, by Lt. Col. United States Army Special Forces (Ret.) Daniel Marvin,  here and here.)

Bill Ayers looking like a wimp and Bernardine Dohrn, the radical Communist agitator

Returning to the topic of Jason Goodman’s March 22, 2019 video, David Hawkins made several remarks beginning at the 1.5 mark, referencing “the woman who is an un-intercepted, unindicted terrorist leader by the name of Bernardine Dohrn“, followed by, (2.11)  “I would allege that this woman never stopped being the leader of the Weather Underground organization because the Weather Underground organization was never dismantled, it just went into a different level of camouflage  which can be described by the evil (EVL) teachers’ community…”, concluding that,  (3.26) “they’re psychopaths and sociopaths and unindicted killers.”

The Vietnam War shed the blood of my generation

I KNOW this era, although I was a few years younger than Ayers and Dohrn. When I was in high school, my father, who published the weekly newspaper, The Outlook, took me to see Timothy Leary, the Harvard lecturer in Clinical Psychology who promoted LSD. We sat cross-legged on the floor, listening to him speak nonsense.  In hindsight, the influence of these uncaring intellectuals on my generation, which had no previous experience with drugs, was unconscionable.  At some point in his career, Leary was jailed, and one of the groups which helped him to escape to Algeria, was the Weather Underground terrorist group.

I began freshman classes at the University of Washington in 1968.  It was during the Vietnam student demonstration days, and often various radical speakers such as Susan Stern of the Seattle Liberation Front lectured the students outside of the common area called the Hub, on the “revolution”. I can recall sitting in a classroom listening to Michael Lerner and I think I also heard Mark Rudd, who was one of the major leaders of SDS.

I was familiar with the faces of what became known in 1970 as the Seattle Seven; in fact, my father and stepmother were close friends with a Jewish couple whose son was in the Seattle Weather Underground, and indicted as part of the Seattle Seven. Another recollection I have is two members of this group justifying to my father why the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara was their idol.  Looking at FBI reports from that time period, I see that Bernardine Dohrn, was one of those who visited not only Cuba, but the Vietnamese communists.  I was working back then as a clerk collecting parking fines for the campus police, when one of these violent agitators placed an ill constructed explosive device in a pile of UW student newspapers on the counter top. By the grace of God, that device failed to explode.

Although Bill Ayers provided the Gentile face of the Weather Underground, the group was overwhelmingly Jewish radical communists. Before Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn became the affectionate couple seen in Jason Goodman’s photo collage, Bill Ayers’ girlfriend was Diana Outghton, and Bernardine Dohrn’s boyfriend was John Jacobs, considered to be the founder of the Weathermen.

In an article published November 15, 2017, on The Occidental, titled A Forgotten Revolutionary:  John Jacobs, Founder of Weatherman, Karl Nemmersdorf writes, “Bernardine Dohrn, the new ally and lover of Jacobs, was a twenty-six year old, half-Jewish radical with a law degree.  She was ‘brilliant, cool, focused, militant, and highly sexual.’  She had thrown herself into the antiwar movement and hit New York in the fall of 1967 in a miniskirt and high leather boots.  In June 1968 she won election as one of three SDS national officers; during the election a suspicious member asked her, ‘Do you consider yourself a socialist?’  She ‘eyed him evenly for a moment and then answered:  ‘I consider myself a revolutionary communist.’  She won in a landslide.  Well, well, well:  two Jewish communists suddenly spring up like dragon’s teeth out of the foam of the New Left.  Together she and Jacobs began planning to take over SDS and lead a revolution.”

When the Weathermen accidentally set off one of their bombs in an apartment, Bill Ayers’ girlfriend, Diana Outghton, died when she was shredded to pieces. Bill Ayers’  Fugitive Days:  Memoirs of An Antiwar Activist, recalls the phone call he received giving him this dreadful news.  It was Bernardine Dohrn, calling as a friend, and Ayers remembers hearing,  “You’ve got to leave now.  Tomorrow at the latest.  We’ll meet up in a week at the shore.  There’s been a terrible accident.”  Bill Ayers was in shock from the news of Diana’s death.  He says, “I am running for my life, but I don’t know where I’m going.  In a minute I’ll be making lists-ditch the cars, they’ll say, hide the evidence. In a minute I’ll be panting to repair, struggling to understand where things went so awfully wrong.  But not yet, Now my mind is exploding and I’m running all alone, virtually on empty.  That was March 1970, and the American war in Vietnam was half done, though we didn’t know it yet.  The woman on the other end of the phone, would save me soon, and soon after that we would plunge together into a subterranean river, the strong, swift brown god of life pulling us forward for decades to come, but we didn’t know that yet, either.  All that was certain was this:  Diana was suddenly dead and I was-in a flash-unhinged and going under.”

What is interesting is this statement taken from Roots of Radicalism:  Jews, Christians and the New Left, by Stanley Rothman and S. Robert Lichter, published in 1996. They state, “…the early SDS was heavily Jewish both in its leadership and its activist cadres. Key SDS leaders included Richard Flacks, who played an important role in its formation and growth, as well as Al Haber, Robb Ross, Steve Max, Mike Spiegal, Mike Klonsky, Todd Gitlin, Mark Rudd, and others.  Indeed, during its first few years, SDS was largely funded by the League for Industrial Democracy, a heavily Jewish socialist (but anti-communist) organization.  SDS’s early successes were at elite universities containing substantial numbers of Jewish students and sympathetic Jewish faculty, including the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Brandeis, Oberlin, and the University of California at Berkely.  SDS leaders were not unaware of their roots.”

Quoted elsewhere in this book is a statement from Alexander W. Astin’s “Personal and Environmental Determinants of Student Activism”, which says, “At many schools, Jewish predominance continued into the late 1960’s.  In a national survey sponsored by the American Council of Education in 1966-67, the best single predictor of campus protest was the presence of  a substantial number of students from Jewish families.”

One of the notable things about radical activists is that they often take an existing organization which has a comparatively moderate orientation, and enter into leadership positions to either take it over, or splinter off a group using the resources others have provided.  It not only happens in political organizations like SDS, which floundered after suffering internal turmoil created by the radical activism of Bernardine Dohrn and her former boyfriend, John Jacobs, but I have seen the same process at work in church take-overs when a few persons enter in covertly and get the church by-laws changed, to give them unparalleled authority.

So why didn’t David Hawkins and Jason Goodman enter into a deep discussion of American Jewish domestic terrorism?  After all, they are the ones bringing up the Weather Underground philosophy…

So at the ten minute mark, Jason Goodman says to David Hawkins, “But why wasn’t she, I mean, I don’t understand why she’s not in jail (a), and even if she’s not, we need to look into why she’s not, but like you know, there’s cases of course where, uh, technicalities related to evidence or whatever, someone who should be in jail maybe is not, but why would a respected university then hire that person and doesn’t it allow us to question virtually anything that, that person is doing at the university and be suspicious of what they’re doing as you said these are Marxist subversives who are now educating the youth of America and there are some people on the internet who want to criticize you and I for asking valid questions about this.  They don’t seem to be criticizing anyone else, they’re very, very focused on you and I, they’re very focused on discouraging people from participating in our weekly subscriber only show on slash…….”.

Now, that is banality par excellence!

I  have just illustrated the reason why Ayers and Dohrn have been employed at universities, despite their violent background.  Jason Goodman says he asks valid questions, but then he fails to get to the heart of the answer. He despises anyone who does provide answers. Why does he not post source references in the show description, like Kevin Marsden does, so we can understand those technicalities related to his evidence and all that? 

It’s always Patreon dot com.  Patreon dot com…Patreon dot com….signs of a paid conspiracy.





Recipes For Disaster from the “Worst Alibi of the Week” Cookbook Club: Part I

(I dedicate this article to three of my subscribers who hide anonymously behind their Fake Cookbook blogs.)

I am reading Recipes for Disaster, and trying to figure out what Jason Goodman and David Hawkins are cooking up this week.

I might as well confess it now, before it comes out in a courtroom.  I am a Housewife.  I make meatloaf, I dust off knickknacks, I take out the trash, I plant vegetables and flowers, I paint walls better than Picasso, I sew “gifts” for friends, whether they want them or not.

More importantly —I see things as they really are. I see cobwebs, that piece of gum somebody stuck under the dining room table, greenish mold on that refrigerated leftover, cat hair floating in the sunbeam coming through the front window, and Jason Goodman talking with his oily voice to that dithering old man …no, no, no, I am not talking about Charles Ortel—it’s that other one, David Hawkins!

The prize for The Worst Alibi of the Week goes to Jason Goodman’s Document 78;  so what will he be cooking up next from his Recipes for Disaster?

Look at the consternation on Jason Goodman’s face as he attempts to squelch any rumors going around about his ability to wield his soldering iron in the world of circuit boards.  You see, the last time he tried to explain why he was waving his instrument in front of young women on Tinder, Queen Tut forced him to come up with a flimsy alibi for his behavior.

March 15, 2019 video of Jason Goodman describing how he developed “a number of different stereoscopic camera systems”.

So on March 15, 2019, Jason Goodman published a video, Grounded Truth of Max 8 EVL Teachers Pension Fraud with David Hawkins.  At the 6.03 mark, Jason Goodman explains, “Many people know that before I had created Crowdsource the Truth, I ran a 3D production company called 21st Century 3 D, and I’ve developed a number of different stereoscopic camera systems.  Now I don’t currently hold any patents on these things because when I went through the traditional route of applying for, and obtaining patents, there was a huge cost associated and I ultimately didn’t do it.”

Note first, Jason Goodman’s continual use of the word “traditional” throughout his dialogue; a word he holds in disdain.  Secondly, the huge cost associated with the patenting of “his” camera systems would probably have arisen from being countered by the patent lawyers for Panasonic and Apple.   

“But I did with a small team of non-engineers at our office in New York City.  I reverse engineered curiously enough some Panasonic DVX  100 cameras and some Apple Mac Mini computers to create this Frankenstein-like conglomeration of electronic equipment that resulted in what is now an internationally famous stereoscopic motion picture camera.”

What is a small team of non-engineers?   

“And I can tell you, David, that when I sought out to do this first I did consult experienced engineers at Panasonic, experienced engineers at Apple Computers and all of them told me that what I was proposing was absolutely ridiculous, and would be impossible that reverse engineering and human soldering  these eight layer printed circuit boards that were designed by computers and automated factories, would just simply destroy all the components and would never work.”

Sounds reasonable….

“However, five of these cameras were ultimately built, deployed around the world and have shot many four-four-four- RGB uncompressed stereoscopic motion pictures.”

“So again, I think that you and I asking questions that might defy traditional engineers in these fields or I should say might defy their understanding of how these things work-well, it doesn’t matter until you actually ground truth, your hypothesis, by actually slicing in half two Panasonic DVX 100 cameras, cutting open two Apple Mac Mini Computers, de-soldering all the components you don’t want and wiring this stuff together to actually make a functional video camera.  Well, no engineer could deny that this works and it did exactly what I wanted it to, even though that’s not what it was originally intended to do.  What do you think of that?(8.24)

Well, apparently something worked as Goodman became a 3D cameraman in Hollywood for a time.  But are we to believe Jason Goodman’s story that he defied skilled electronics experts when he sawed into an existing electronic instrument and rewired it so that it functioned as a more complex unit?  What kind of saw did he use?  How did he know just where to cut and re-solder?  Has anyone ever heard where and how he personally gained those skills?  For  now, let’s just say that  Jason Goodman had  developed a recipe for transforming cameras and computers into 3D Shish KaBobs.

So next, let’s slice and dice the first few minutes of the Crowdsource the Truth video which followed on  March 20, 2019.

Jason Goodman: (.50)  “…good to see you David, so you know, I want to start off just by reiterating there is a small group of very vocal people who seem to dislike the process that you and I are engaged in here, [ I think he is referring to those named as co-conspirators in his Document 78, filed in the Robert David Steele lawsuit] and I want to remind everyone that there’s a traditional crime scene investigation process that is employed by police departments and investigative bodies around the world and I’m sure there are variations depending on where you go and what the nature of the investigation is, but I think we could all agree that there are pretty traditional ways in which crimes are investigated and those methods have a certain degree of success.  I think it would be inaccurate to say the traditional crime scene investigation has a 100% effective rate.  They’re not solving 100% of all the crimes and when you and I about a crime like the JonBenet Ramsey murder, David, that’s certainly a cold case that remains unsolved, wouldn’t you agree?” [Well, traditional CSI might not solve 100% of all cases; but so far, Jason Goodman and David Hawkins have solved NONE.]

David Hawkins: (1.53)  “Yeah, totally, and in fact I would say that these traditional law enforcement or crime scene investigation techniques where you’re talking about high-value target mass casualty events with an implied organization behind them, I would say they have a 100% chance of failure.  Over to you.”

Jason Goodman: (2.11  )  “Well, they certainly don’t have a 100% success rate, so what that sort of invites is the prospect at very least that someone could introduce an alternative to traditional crime scene investigation and what if one of those methods was simply to take all of the unsolved or let’s say, a large group of unsolved crimes and put them together and start comparing them so if we took a series of two, three, a dozen unsolved crimes from the past 50 years and started looking at them and comparing  what they might have in common, there are certainly comparisons we could draw.”  [By concentrating on “unsolved crimes” which can also be viewed as “the perfect crime”, Goodman and Hawkins seem to be looking at how others have committed crimes and gotten away with it, by having a perfect alibi.  After all, it is not as if these two men have discovered new evidence, in which a DNA analysis might reveal the perpetrator of a crime.]

“Now, I don’t suggest that we take every shoplifting case of the past 50 years, but certainly if we’re to look at let’s say murders that involved EXTREME cruelty, I mean not someone robbing a bank and firing a gun.  We know the motive for that, but  the torture and murder of a 6-year old girl, it’s, I mean particularly when we’re talking about the JonBenet Ramsey murder as you have pointed out and others have pointed out, it just demonstrates such extreme cruelty, such extreme lack of respect for human life and anything that any sensible person would consider normal or moral. It’s so beyond the pale, it’s difficult for normal humans to even conceive of and think about this so if we were to look, David, only at unsolved crimes that involved extreme cruelty, extreme violence and were to compare any possible similarities between those crimes, perhaps that might reveal some element of evidence that could help solve one of those crimes and if you and I, or anyone, was to apply this non-traditional crime scene investigation technique to unsolved crimes, if that technique were to solve even one of these crimes there would be a benefit to it, don’t you think?  [Should we be concerned that these two men are attracted to extreme cruelty?  Especially when their defamation of others has crossed the line of extreme malice?]

David Hawkins:  (4.22)  “Yeah, totally and what’s interesting is what category of groups of people sort of crawl out of the woodwork to basically try and sabotage this novel-, actually in many ways it’s not so novel because if you go look at the fiction of Sherlock Holmes, that’s what he proposed….(7.04)… going back to there are very few people in the world who can give you the circumstances that led up to event, I think we can link the JonBenet ransom note to the massacre at the New Zealand mosque...”.

So David, anyone who questions your methods can be likened to a cockroach-like saboteur crawling out of the wood work? 

It is important to observe just how important it is to Jason Goodman that he “prove something- anything, really”, that standard evidence gathering has “failed” to do. For example in Document 78, he wanted to prove that a conspiracy exists against him.

But if you read D. George Sweigert’s letter in Document 81, filed March 18, 2019, it was pointed out that Jason Goodman failed in Document 78 to identify all the facts that he, as the responder, disagreed with; also he failed to authenticate his exhibits, which rendered them a legal nullity. He was also advised to demonstrate logical relevance, and the chain of custody for electronic authentication of his evidence.

These standard, or “traditional” procedures are to ensure the authenticity of evidence in a court of law; but this is of no consequence to Jason Goodman nor to his guest, David Hawkins ,who purports to be able to link the JonBenet ransom note written years ago, to the recent massacre in New Zealand.

In several interviews with David Hawkins regarding the JonBenet ransom note, it appears that Jason Goodman has lifted some ideas from the author of that note, as he also has identified a small foreign faction within his named group of co-conspirators who he claims are opposing him with legal impunity, from Poland and New Zealand.

But why is this note so coveted  and enshrined by Goodman and Hawkins?  

Just because no one has ever been prosecuted for the JonBenet Ramsey murder, does it really follow that this represents the perfect crime, and the ransom note was the perfect alibi of misdirection?

Let’s see what a traditional law enforcement opinion on the ransom note has stated at a blog called, written by  Garry Rodgers, a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police homicide detective and forensic coroner.  In addition, Rodgers claims to have also served as a sniper on British SAS-trained Emergency Response Teams, and he lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, where interestingly David Hawkins resides.

In an April 16, 2016 article, Who Really Killed JonBenet Ramsey?, Rodgers addresses the ransom note. In brief, he says, “The first thing that comes to my mind when reading the note is that it’s nonsense.  It’s complete and utter bullshit and here’s why: (1) It’s very long with a lot of unnecessary, redundant information.”  Later he observes, “…another principle is that people expose their psychological profile in their writing.”  To which he asks, “So what does the JonBenet Ramsey note say about the author?  It’s clearly a deceitful attempt to distort the facts, using unrealistic, bizarre, and unbelievable demands to shift attention from the reality of the situation.”

That latter sentence perfectly expresses what a number of persons have been stating about the crime scene theories of David Hawkins and Jason Goodman.

In Part II, I continue discussing this video, picking up on Hawkins’ obsession with Bernardine Dohrn, and the implications this theory has for Jason Goodman and his Crowdsource the Truth platform.








D. George Sweigert Gives Notice of Intent to File Amended Motion to Intervene

On March 18, 2019, Document 81 was filed in the Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit representing a letter written by  D. George Sweigert to Jason Goodman and the Clerk of the Court, Richmond, Virginia.  This 5 page letter is a Notice of Intent to file Amended Motion to Intervene and can be read at this link:  rds doc 81

Of interest in this letter are the 14 points stated which afford Goodman to take the opportunity to correct deficiencies in Document 78.