Intercessory Nightmares

On June 6, 2013 Gaylene Goodroad of the Discernment Research Group posted on the Herescope blog a series of articles, with a lead title Techno-Dimensional Prayer CombatIt is well worth one’s time to consider the contents of the Herescope blog, if you are interested in an in-depth analysis of the theology undergirding much of the Christian Alternative Media. This theological view has been given the designation of  Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm, or PPP by authors Gaylene Goodroad and Sarah Leslie, who have researched  numerous books and articles written by the proponents of this viewpoint.  It includes those ideas advanced by Tom Horn, David Flynn, Paul McGuire, Steve Quayle, Russ Dizdar and other like-minded individuals.

don quixote tilting at windmills brass button

Brass button showing Don Quixote tilting at windmills

However, what I want you to focus on right now, is an interesting story contained in Goodroad’s article involving L. A. Marzulli and Russ Dizdar.  Both of these men are on the speaker roster of the 2016 Hear The Watchmen conference scheduled for Dallas next month.  The theme of this conference is that of a Crusade, with instructions to Saddle For Battle. Thus I will begin quoting Gaylene Goodroad’s article at the paragraph marked by the  subtitle,  Preparing To Engage Quetzalcoatl In Battle.

She relates, “An unsettling illustration of these un-biblical prayer warfare strategies unfolded during the months prior to the hysterical countdown to the failed 2012 Mayan Doomsdsay prophecies, which Herescope documented in detail, including in the article “12-21-12:  Evangelical Christians Believing Mayan Prophecies.” (23)  L. A. Marzulli, cited earlier as a PPP adherent with Latter Rain roots,(24) posted a 5-minute video on his blog in August 2012, appealing for funds ($12,000) from his flock,(25) so that he could travel with his entourage to the Mayan Pyramids in Chichen-Itza, Mexico on December 21, 2012 (the Winter Solstice)(26) – in order to do battle with the pagan god Quetzalcoatl who was expected to manifest on that date – “sort of like Elijah against the prophets of Baal.”(27)”

“Calling Chichen-Itza a “power place,” “ground zero,” and “the belly of the beast” with regard to its “open portals” of demonic activity, Marzulli enlisted the company of Russ Dizdar (author of The Black Awakening:  Rise of The Satanic Super Soldier),(28) Richard Grund (Director/Team Leader the Supernatural Response Team (SRT), (29) Larry Barrett, and Watchers videographer, Richard Shaw, to document the event.  The team, said Marzulli, was needed to “assist in the spiritual warfare we expect to happen there…”(30) Marzulli went on to explain his intended warfare:”

This is an amazing opportunity to represent the kingdom of God – to stand in the way of or possibly to confront what may manifest there on December 21st- the so-called return of the Mayan god, Quetzalcoatl…We feel that something is going to happen there.  Hopefully, nothing will happen there.  If it does, we’re going to engage in warfare and shut this thing down.(31) (bold added).”

“Although he initially assured potential Chichen-Itza donors that God was leading the effort to send out this spiritual warfare team, just days before he was set to fly into “the belly of the beast,”  Marzulli abruptly aborted the mission.  In a December 14 notice on his website, entitled “A Redirect from the Captain of the Hosts,” Marzulli reported that his daughter had been given a disturbing “prophetic dream” that revealed his kidnapping and murder by Mexican cartels.  “She awoke from her dream and was greatly disturbed.  She prayed and went back to sleep.  Then another dream occurred.  In it she saw a burst of light followed by a voice that instructed, Don’t go!‘ (32)”

Gaylene Goodroad ends this account of Marzulli’s adventure, saying, “Marzulli and his PPP spiritual warfare team never made it to the Mayan Pyramids.  The $14,000 raised by his flock was lost to Power Places Tours,(33) not to mention the loss of biblical discernment for all those involved with this ungodly endeavor.”

As you consider the false bravado of L.A. Marzulli, Russ Dizdar and their entourage who thought they could withstand the Mayan god Quetzacoatl, but ended up shaking with fear because of a daughter’s nightmare, so that God’s will was quickly cast aside, let us fast forward to events of this past week in this Alternative Universe.  The following QAlert  was sent out to millions of readers of Steve on February 25, 2016 concerning an incident which was said to have occurred the evening before.q alert 225 2016 (2)Now if this report is true, we are in agreement with Steve Quayle, that this attack on Timothy Alberino and his family is unconscionable, and needs to be resisted both by prayer and other types of actions. The problem, of course, is that similar QAlerts have been issued in the past by a hysterical Steve Quayle,  who afterwards leaves his readers wondering  what really went on.  I am especially curious what  Quayle means by a full scale operation had been launched.  His reference to Wednesday night would be February 24, 2016, and as I note in the next paragraph, Intercessors are pushed to the forefront of the  February 25, 2016 Paul McGuire interview on the Hagmann Report.

This particular interview centers heavily around Paul McGuire’s latest book, and also his upcoming speaking engagement at the Hear The Watchmen conference.  While McGuire says that he spends many hours a day researching, what he actually offers up for discussion are certain themes boringly common to most Alternative Media discourse on the internet. It is as if the so-called Christian Alternative Media has set up a Windmill with the blades of  Illuminati/Communist/Nazi/Main Stream Media influences on our nation, which these Don Quixotes  in turn attack, in fulfillment of some strong delusion that they are God anointed Watchmen.   Paul McGuire, who bills himself as a Senior Pastor of a local church whose physical location he refuses to disclose, also wants us to believe that he is an internationally recognized prophecy expert. And of course he is altruistic to the max, stating at the beginning of this interview that he is not getting paid for the interview, and does not want any compensation.  He also says that it took him years to get where he is today, influencing millions to listen to his “gospel”(translate DONATE) cause.

One of the tiresome qualities of the friendships of these men in the Inner Circle of Trust is their constant  flattery of one towards another.  And this interview reeks to high heaven with Hagmann’s over-the-top heaping of praise for McGuire and  his latest drivel in book format. The other day I read a comment from a woman on another blog which asserted that Doug and Joe Hagmann and Dave Hodges were only babes in Christ, and therefore exempt from critical scrutiny.  So I am glad to report that Doug Hagmann “got religion” in this interview,  pausing  a couple of times to give explicit directions to the  Intercessors to pray for Paul McGuire.  Normally, this is something that we are used to Steve Quayle doing; but tonight it is Hagmann who is letting the world know that  spiritual warfare intercessors are listening to the broadcast and interceding.

Paul McGuire espouses a theology which places a heavy emphasis on the Supernatural Powers of God, which he says can be downloaded by the believer just as one downloads computer Apps. Leading in a prayer for America near the end of the interview, he said that those who had joined him in prayer that night and have the spirit of God would feel a resonating in themselves. This sounds similar to what the Mormons identify as the burning in the bosom, a confirmation sign of the presence of God. If one reads the testimonies of many Charismatics, their beliefs are often founded on manifestations, rather than on the words of God.  To this the Bible gives warning in 2 Thessalonians 2 that the mystery of iniquity, “whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders” is allowed by God as Strong Delusion to be sent to those, as a damnation, who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.  Doug Hagmann at one point in his interview refers to Paul McGuire as The Tip of the Spear. And again he reiterates the Hear The Watchmen Crusade call to action, to Saddle For Battle!don-quixote

The last few minutes of this interview are dedicated to reproving those who have blogs and webpages “devoted to criticizing the brethren”.  We must note here that while the Hagmanns and McGuire retain the right of free speech for themselves, they do not consider that their detractors retain the same rights.   Consider for a moment that the Hagmanns and McGuire claim to reach millions with their words. How many blogs are there at this moment actively critiquing the words and deeds of these noble Watchmen?  And how many readers do these blogs actually have?

In the past couple of years, there were at least a half  dozen blogs which  had written articles on  this particular Inner Circle of Trust. Most of these writers are presently busy with other matters. Of interest is that Tom Horn’s book, Blood on The Altar  directs its venom against those who have written against a group of men which form the PPP, the Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm.  The primary researchers and writers who undertook this daunting task are Gaylene Goodroad and Sarah H. Leslie of the Herescope blog.  Unlike my blog which critiques the outer layer of deceit, the Discernment Research Group of Herescope delved into the depths of these false prophets, watchmen, and  authority figures.

Back in 2011, after confronting face to face, a series of men who were complicit in a spiritual attack which had been conducted against my young teen daughter, I began a blog called Starlitgardens.  It had one reader who I personally know, who is a Defender of the priesthood of the leopard Meroz. Later it seemed I had two readers, and I wondered if there were actually two persons, or just one disguised as two.  Later, I got tired of the bantering about of occult stuff, and I erased all those posts, and Starlitgardens became a blog to post sewing, gardening and painting projects and miscellaneous family photos.

In 2013 I began this blog,  Tracking the Leopard Meroz, with the intent of examining some things in my own background which led to my tracking of a sorcerer who is a Master of the Numbers of the Scriptures. This sorcerer is like Balaam, who was hired to curse or bless others. One of the real persons I faced off with in Texas claimed responsibility for causing the rash of teen suicides in Plano, Texas years ago.  Well, I dabbled around with several things on my blog, and then there was a six month period when I wrote nothing. Outside of this blog, I like to spend time with family and neighbors and church folk, garden, cook, clean, babysit, sew, paint, do volunteer work, laugh, look at the stars on a clear night, slosh around the beaches on the gulf coast…..

And then in February 2015, I began to observe the Christian Alternative Media closely.  But by the end of 2015, I decided to walk away from this tiresome mess, and began to write a book on my blog called The Art of Guileless Guile. However, in January of 2016 the Nathan Leal/Broer controversy surfaced, and I decided to flow down this river a bit longer.  At this point my readership has grown to a maximum of 143 per day.  It is hard to gauge how many individual regular readers I have, as some people check in once a week or once a month.  When a couple of days ago, I received an email from someone which asserted that it was my blog which the Hagmanns and McGuire were complaining about in the February 25th interview, I was surprised.

Now here is a curiosity:  a couple of days ago I received 54 troll-type comments; some of which were pornographic and threatening.  Thirty-two of these comments were attached to the Paul McGuire, Pastor of the Mailbox Church article, one was attached to a Nathan Leal post, and the remaining were attached to my John B. Wells/Doug Hagmann post.  At the same time a man shoved his way in front of me at the grocery store in an intimidating manner.  As I had just said hello to a lady from church, I was caught off guard, so when this person “got in my face”,  I reacted by walking away.  And now someone is claiming that I am the thorn in the side of the mighty Christian men of the Alternative Media.  Compared to the webpages of the Hagmanns, McGuire, Quayle and others, my little blog is just a little cork floating in an internet ocean.  Rather than addressing the issues I bring up regarding their PSY-OP methodologies, these Watchmen continue on, and on, and on, tempting God to judge them.

The one thing which shocks most people who have first heard of my “reputation” and then later meet me face-to-face, is that I am a soft spoken, shy person.  The battles which I have personally had to engage in over the years were entered in by me,  only because there were no other defenders, and I had been backed into a corner.  By temperament, I am not a fighter.  That I have held my own against wicked men is a surprise to me, and a display of the grace and mercy of God.  It would appear that all Christians, and even the least, which I am, are required to stand and withstand in the evil day.

If I had to name one main motive behind the writing of this blog,  it is to encourage Christians to develop their critical thinking skills and to learn to stand alone, if necessary, for Christian truth.

If indeed the Hagmanns and McGuire were taking aim at my Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog, I would just like to remind these false Watchmen, that I am an Intercessory Nightmare, as others like you, have found out.  God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty…that no flesh should glory in his presence…He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord. ( excerpts from I Corinthians 1:27-31)

For those of you who will be attending the Crusade-Saddle for Battle conference in Dallas, have you remembered to check with the hotel about accommodations for your horse?  There may be restrictions against Old Nellie (I am not talking about your wife!) sleeping in the same room as you, in that extra queen sized bed. A reminder that the All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar is for people only.  THINK!    As Steve Quayle is always saying, People just don’t understand…This is Critical!!!  And rumor has it, that he will not be attending this event.



Enter Stage Left: The Hollywood Insider Who Covertly Spied on Others at Work

One of the speakers being promoted by the March 2016 Dallas Hear The Watchmen conference is Jon Robberson, who was written up on the John B. Wells Caravan To Midnight show, episode 339 on July 28, 2015 as follows:  jon robberson on CTM 339 (2)

On June 25, 2015, a month prior to the John B. Wells show,  Jon Robberson was interviewed for the first time by the Hagmann and Hagmann radio show in a broadcast called   Jon- Hollywood Insider, Hollywood Is A Satanic Death Cult.   Douglas Hagmann, introduces Jon, who is speaking under first-name-only anonymity, saying, “our guest tonight without exaggeration, is under a certain amount of pressure, under threat not to talk about what he is going to talk about.  He has been under threat, he has been under serious attack and, and people might scoff at that, and say awwh, come on, ……this gentleman had to covertly, and surreptitiously, snuck around the backrooms, the back alleys, the back of the sets, looked, watched, kept notes, kept tabs on people, places, events.  He knows where the bodies are buried, he knows what goes on in Hollywood.  He knows about the rituals, the ritualistic type of abuse.  He knows the demonic nature of Hollywood, the Satanic nature….”

I listened to this entire interview, and most of what was discussed was generic, open sourced material.  Jon the Hollywood Insider did relate a few personal experiences, and said that he lost his $100,000/year job because he openly spoke to another employee as a Christian.  At the beginning, Jon intersperses this interview with Scripture, and a shofar blowing; at the end he brings on a man singing  A capella. Overall, my first impression of Jon Robberson is that he is friendly, kind, and has a sense of humor; yet because of his close association with this Inner Circle of Trust, I distrust my first impression.  This interview takes place at the American Survival Wholesale warehouse using their cell phones, because Jon is “under threat”.  We also discover that Jon was at the Whitestone Remnant Conference, and has been to Paul McGuire prayer meetings, so he seems to “get around”.

Of great interest is that Jon Robberson is credited with coming up with a solution for Hagmann and Hagmann listeners who desire to have a way to meet each other personally.  Apparently he uses his email H&H Connections for this purpose. Below are two forum members who made comments on this subject on March 14, 2015, more than two months prior to The Hollywood Insider’s first Hagmann interview.H&H Connections (2)H & H Connections 2 (2)

At some point Jon the Hollywood Insider allowed the use of his surname Robberson to be used, and we see some confusion with this transition on the Caravan To Midnight website, where three past interviews can be located under his surname, yet the guest listing  shows Jon listed under “J”, with his photo shown as the anonymous masked man of the movie Vendetta.

jon robberson ctm guest listed under jon (2)

Episode 408 does show his full name, but still retains the Guy Fawkes Mask from the movie Vendetta.  It would appear that this photo was taken from an ad for wallpaper, and as fans of the Caravan To Midnight show knowthey can purchase the CTM logo as wallpaper.

jon robberson on john b wells show guest list (2)


Readers of this blog will recall that V the Guerrilla Economist displays the Vendetta Symbol V vendetta drippingtaken from the same movie. And the recent infamous hackers which called themselves Anonymous also favored this Masked image. As this article taken from the Business website explains on October 3, 2013, 13 Members of Hacker Group ‘Anonymous’ Were Indicted On Federal ChargesGiven that Christians are not to give the appearance of evil, I wonder how Jon the Hollywood Insider can justify the masking of his identity in this manner?

In September of 2015, The Watchmen’s Cry held a revival/worship/prayer meeting in Sandpoint, Idaho which was deemed successful.  This meeting had no door charge, was sponsored by Nathan Leal’s ministry, and had an offering at the end as a means to offset costs.  This meeting, which was very similar to many church sponsored revivals, somehow sparked a vision for the 2016  Hear The Watchmen conference.hear the watchmen nathan leal organizer (2)Since we are here discussing the evolution of Jon Robberson, from the anonymous Hollywood Insider,  to an openly named Conference Speaker with such “worthies” as the Hagmanns, John B. Wells, Paul McGuire and others, we must question this whole process.  At first, John Robberson had to hide out at the American Survival Wholesale warehouse, in order to give his first interview with Doug Hagmann, because he was under “serious attack”.  Supposedly he was under threat not to talk about what he knows.

Not long after that, he is traveling under his full name and he has become a conference speaker being groomed by Mike Kerr AKA Mike Whitestone, the organizer of the Hear The Watchmen conference, who has a shady past.  The Sandpoint, Idaho meeting was free; this latest conference fee stands at a little over $100, unless you obtain a half off coupon.  The first conference was entirely centered on worship and prayer;  this latest conference centers around radio hosts and book sellers, and the inner circle of trust of the Hagmann/Quayle alternative media group.

10/30/2015 Mike Kerr, organizer of Hear The Watchmen has dinner with Jon Robberson

10/30/2015 Mike Kerr, organizer of Hear The Watchmen has dinner with Jon Robberson

Now after V the Guerrilla Economist was invented, and heavily promoted by Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann, there was a point when he was “disfavored” and left the inner circle of trust.  Because his bonafides cannot be substantiated, he remained anonymous and created his own website and radio show.  But here we have someone who also came onboard as an insider being interviewed by Doug Hagmann, who despite “threats” is now being made over as a conference speaker, and a book writer.  All Roads Lead to Babylon??  It sounds like The Hollywood Insider has come under the spell of book writer and conference speaker, Paul McGuire.  The Hear The Watchmen webpage says of Jon Robberson, that he is one of the few Hollywood Insiders for Christ.  So what?  How many real Christians are there in any profession?  There are plenty of job occupations that are essentially “closed shops”, where the employee is under constraint as a Christian witness.jon robberson latest pic on Hear the watchmen (2)

Remember that Doug Hagmann told his listeners that Jon Robberson, while working in Hollywood, “covertly, and surreptitiously snuck around…looked, watched, kept notes, kept tabs on people, places, events.  He knows where the bodies are buried…”.  Are you sure that you want to give your personal information to Jon Robberson as part of the arrangement for being allowed to meet other Hagmann listeners via H&H Connections?

While looking over the imagery of the movie Vendetta, I found this image of the Vendetta Symbol with the Masked Man standing in front of a poster which says Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Faith, showing some sort of double cross at the bottom.  Why is it that Nathan Leal and others spend so much time analyzing the image motifs of the Super Bowl, and ignore the imagery displayed by the “Christian” Alternative Media?vendetta strength unity faith

The King of Jousters, John B. Wells and his ARK Knight-errant, Sir Douglas Hagmann Give A Private Exhibition of their Prowess

One of the Hear The Watchmen conference speakers is John B. Wells of Caravan To, who formerly was the Saturday host on Coast to Coast john b wells caravan to midnight logoOn his home page he is offering a $50 off coupon on the upcoming March, Dallas conference, plus a chance to win a drawing for a dinner for two with JohnB and crew.

Looking over his website, I had been unaware before today, that he sold heirloom seeds, packaged food, electronic filters, a Soladey tooth brush, water filtration, radiation detection, a radio frequency detection meter and shield, shirts, hats, cups, a mousepad, a keychain, stickers and ten books. After becoming used to the same old repeat guests on the Hagmann and Hagmann radio show, I was impressed with the number of different guests which John B. Wells has interviewed.  However, to listen, one must become a subscriber at the rate of $5 per month.

John B. Wells was the Saturday host for Coast to Coast prior to setting up his own website Caravan To Midnight

John B. Wells was the Saturday host for Coast to Coast prior to setting up his own website Caravan To Midnight

One of the interesting features of the Our Guests Page of Caravan To Midnight is that currently 62 men and women on this extensive list have been knighted and given the title of Sir or Dame.john b wells ark knight  A  shield reading ARK KNIGHT with two crossed swords and the Caravan To Midnight logo is displayed to the right of the recipient’s short biography.  Of interest to us in regard to the Hear The Watchmen conference is that in the beginning, the speaker roster included John B. Wells and four of his knights: Nathan Leal, Dr. Ted Broer, Doug Hagmann and L. A. Marzulli.

As we learned later, Nathan Leal went public with a controversy he had with Dr. Ted Broer, who had appeared on the Hagmann Report radio show, regarding his perverting of the gospel by New Age ideas.  Then these two men were removed from the roster of speakers, causing a rift between the supporters of Leal with the conference organizers and Hagmann, Lankford and Quayle.  Pastor David Lankford, who has not been knighted by John B. Wells,  then discussed the Leal matter on the Hagmann Report with Sir Steve Quayle, who is an ARK Knight.  Presently the ARK Knights which are speaking at the March Dallas conference are Doug Hagmann, L. A. Marzulli, and Josh Tolley.  Guests on the John B. Wells show which did not make knighthood include Paul McGuire, Mike and Jeanie Moore, Joe Hagmann, Michael Boldea, Jr., Pastor David Lankford, Russ Dizdar, Billy Crone, Gregg Jackson and Sheila Zilinsky.  However several in this group did speak in a Roundtable Discussion led by Sheila Zilinsky, explaining their “vision” of what the up-coming conference would entail.john b wells leal ark knight (2)john b wells broer ark knight (2)john b wells hagmann ark knight (2)

(As an aside, readers of this blog may find it interesting that Timonthy Alberino, Stan Deyo, Anthony Patch, and Steve Quayle are ARK Knights; whereas, Tom Horn, Chris Putnam, Jonathan Cahn, John Little, Larry Nichols, Rick Wiles, Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers, and John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute are not.)

On February 3, 2016 John B. Wells celebrated his second anniversary of his Caravan To Midnight program, by bringing on Sir Douglas Hagmann as his first guest.  At the 14:34 mark of this audio, they discuss the Hear The Watchmen Conference.

John B. Wells:  Doug, I want to get into something that may be a little bit uncomfortable and I ah defer to you ah by saying that.  I mean, you’re the last guy I’d ambush with something on this but I gotta tell you, I’ve got some concerns over the Hear The Watchmen conference.  I want to discuss them with you.

Doug Hagmann:  Sure.

JBW:  How many names does Brother Mike have, exactly?

DH:  Well, to my knowledge there is only one.

JBW:  That is what I’ve been thinking.  But he seems to have more than one.

DH:  Well, are you I mean, if you’re talking about internet presence or handles or whatever you know, I don’t know..I mean I’ve got Hagmann PI for example for Skype and for other things. But in terms of legal names, I’ve only heard him use one and seen him use one, uhmm correct me if I’m wrong.

JBW:  Well, you know I’m going to be there no matter what, unless I get kicked off the program which is, that remains to be seen, but here’s the thing.


JBW:  I know that Nathan Leal was cross with Ted Broer.

DH:  Right.

JBW:  And look, this is a closed deal.  I am not talking with anyone who is not aware of this.  We got a lot of people that are coming to Hear The Watchmen and here’s the thing and I’m saying this.  I’m not trying to be like Mr. Lilywhite here, but it doesn’t matter to me if I have one member of the Caravan, and I’m going to be honest with them and I don’t want them walking into anything.  I don’t want them to be disappointed, I don’t want to wonder ah, ah, I don’t want them to question the validity, the integrity, the veracity, of what we are trying to do here.  This is effectively a spiritual revival.  Now we are not going to play with snakes or any of that.  I mean that’s what this is.  And then Nathan took exception to Ted’s combining of what he perceived to be um what parthianism or something like this- pantheism- that’s the word I’m looking for, and uh by the time it’s all over with, Nathan is gone.  Then I saw this letter from John Little.

DH:  Right.

JBW:  Then I watched the interview with Pastor Lankford and Stephen Quayle.  I don’t know Lankford, but I know Quayle well enough and ah they didn’t use his name but it’s pretty obvious that they were talking about Nathan Leel, or Leal, so here’s the thing. Has anybody, has anybody thought that the enemy Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, or whatever, he’s got a bunch of names too.  Has it occurred to anybody that the enemy would like to destroy this?  Has it occurred to anybody that the enemy which exists as surely as the Holy Spirit, has it occurred to anybody that we should as Little pointed out in his article, go to the aid of our brother in Christ and straighten this out instead of excoriating him like that?  I mean we are under assault.

Yeah, you people think  you’re just going to get together your little revival and everything and it’s going to be fine.  You think the Devil’s just going to sit it out.  He wants to kill your A-S-S.  That’s what he wants.  And if he can’t get that, if he can’t overdose you on heroin then he’ll settle for getting you in prison for ten years for selling it or buying it or being seen with someone who has it, and then maybe you can be sodomized in prison.  Oh that might be a real delight for the enemy.

So when we put together our little hand holding revival, do we really think that we’re going to be free from assaults?  And  I gotta tell you, I like Brother Mike; his wife makes some damn good toffee.  But I’ll also tell you this, I’ve looked back through some of the things which have been written about him including Orange County publications, and I’m not really liking what I’m seeing.  On the other hand, you’ve said yes I’ve had kind of a rough ride here and there; life’s been rough in spots.  I gave my life over to Jesus and it’s OK. It’s like well that’s fine, but it’s also written in scripture that that doesn’t clear you of the consequences.  So what do we do about this?  Where are we, Doug, seriously?

DH:  Well, if I can speak about Mike..

JBW:  Speak about anything you want.

DH:  And I’ve not talked to Mike, the conference organizer, or Jeannie about this – we didn’t script this so, let me be perfectly frank with everyone and up front and honest.  Umm the ah OK, for those people who don’t know what we’re talking about, then don’t worry about it.  It’s, it’s for those people who do.  Umm those of you I’ll address  in this fashion ah we had , we had a situation where Ted Broer came on our program and used some New Age terminology and Nathan Leal took exception to that, OK, fine.  Umm that whole, that whole thing has been, in my view, has been handled.

But what has come the, the fruits of this, has come up about this is Mike,  the conference organizer has ah, ah, and I didn’t know this until I received an email about this had some issues with organizing conferences, OK.  There were some nasty ex-wife and nasty ex-husband and someone else involved that really lit him up in the media in Orange County, about conference organization.  And this is back before he was saved.  So, ah what this is my understanding, OK, what my understanding is this.  Mike and Jeannie had, Mike wanted to make right the reputation, his reputation, and he went into this conference planning with that understanding above board, look I want, I want to, he said I want to clear my name.  I want to make right with this.  I want to have a conference that’s free of any kind of umm BS, free of any controversy.  And he enlisted um some people uh to help do that, in fact one of the very names I mentioned that is no longer part of the conference- Nathan Leal- it’s my understanding is that’s how it was.

You know, look help me, let’s do this conference and bring some good people together.  Help me clear my name but in so doing, help, let me, um..let’s give the people who are coming this spiritual revival and informational conference.  Well, apparently eh eh something went sideways when, when the scheduling, when the formatting of the conference was not to other people’s liking.  And that prompted the ah, they ah, this mass emailing of Mike’s past.  When that was already decided.  When that was already known to individuals- certain individuals, in my understanding, key individuals, said look, I’m doing this, Mike’s saying I’m doing this not just for the event, but also to clear my name.  Yet that information, John, was weaponized.  That was weaponized against him.  Now I’m not apologizing for Mike’s past, but I’ll say this.  I  asked him directly when I first got that email.  I asked him two questions:  I said Number One, Is it true because I, you know, I can go and find out myself.  And Number Two, do you have oversight?  Outside of yourself and Jeannie and such, for to make sure that rooms are paid for and the money-the accounting of all the money.  He said yes to both.

And the third question, the last question that I asked him, would you allow the oversight you know to make sure that no one is hurt.  And he said sure, so the bottom line is this, after all this crud uh, you, Gregg Jackson, others uh, uh Pastor Lankford, we’re all going to be there, Russ, we’re all going to be a part of this conference as invitees.  Umm, we, I mean, boy, what am I going to say, we did not plan it.  You and I didn’t plan this, we were invited to this, that’s our level of involvement.  But we have to trust the very people who are organizing this.  Can we trust them?  Absolutely.  Are we going to deliver a great product?  Absolutely.  But what you said too when something is organized that has good in it, it’s always a target to those people who want to tear something down.  But see the bottom line here is what I really really, what is distasteful to me is people who insert themselves into a controversy.

And they exacerbate the controversy only for their own gain while look, somebody will say, I am protecting the flock and then they will insert themselves into the controversy only to exacerbate the situation and further..

JBW:  A case could be made for me doing that right now, but I’m OK with it because I’m somewhat of a  confrontational person.  I don’t just let it lie there, because it will get worse if you do usually.

DH:  Well you know, we haven’t even addressed this on our program only, because, so you’re getting my first viewpoint from me but here’s the situation.  I think uh uh at the end of the day, this conference is going to be good.  I really believe for everyone involved it will be beneficial to the people coming.  It’s going to be great- great speakers like yourself and Gregg Jackson and L.A Marzulli, Russ Dizdar’s going to be there.  So many great people.  It’s going to be beneficial.  Yeah there are going to be people tearing this down and, and before hand and after, you know, and during or up to the event itself.  So you have to look at it from a couple of different directions, but the bottom line with me is, folks, what you think you know about any controversy, trust me, you don’t know it all.  There’s a huge back story and people are trying to use you and game you and it’s it’s all at the end of the day It’ll all come out, but ah you know.  So I, it’s going to be a great event. I’m looking forward to meeting you.  I’m looking forward to meeting with Russ and meeting Greg Jackson and everyone on that list, so it’s going to be a fun time.  And it’s an informational time.  I’m really looking forward to it.  I hope that answers your question.  But I don’t know if I’ve been all your question.  I don’t know if I’ve been all over the place but, or if I caused more..

JBW:  No, no you didn’t.  It’s like I ah you know it’s a sad thing about facing your giants.  I don’t want anybody walking in to anything, I don’t want to walk into anything, I want to walk into stuff with my eyes open and knowing what I’m walking into and so if there is stuff whirling around, I either want to validate it or quash it.  One of the two.

DH:  Sure.

JBW:  But I mean there, there’s stuff that’s been levied against Brother Mike because the latest thing I’ve seen is 2010.  Course now that’s six  years ago.  So like you say anything can be weaponized, I mean ah oh well he didn’t pay a parking ticket or whatever you know.  I think we know how media in general can blow things up.  It makes you wonder sometimes what would be the media’s interest including NPR in trying to put Mike on the spot.  You have to wonder what’s the motivation behind that.

DH:  Oh, yeah.  And, and you know, look I think that anyone , anyone of reasonable sensibilities would look at something like this and say well, gee whiz, what’s going on, with you know, the ah, conference organizers of the conference had some pretty bad conferences and allegations levied against them.  What’s the deal?  Well, how are you going to change that perception if you are not going to someone who you trust and say, look I want to change this.  This is a hatchet job, I want to change this.  Let’s do a Christ conference.  Let’s have everything above board and let’s really put together a great conference and then only to have that information, that confidence breached, by someone you trust?  Come on man!  Weaponized against you?  You know so many __(?) yeah there are, and I’ve told privately Steve Quayle I’ve interviewed people, I’ve interviewed inmates in Attica and Rikers for my job and let me tell you something ah from what I’ve seen from some people, I’d much rather at least going into Attica and Rikers, I know what I’m dealing with.

JBW:  Right.

DH:  OK, ah some of the people who proclaim to be forgiving Christians who have their ah email and some of the emails I’ve gotten are the most vile,  vicious emails I’ve ever seen but having said that at least I knew what I was going into but but the problem with people is that they look at,  take someone’s word for it. The internet is the Wild West. Take your..  Here’s what I’m writing, well check it out.  Yeah, if that one slice of information and this goes for anything whether it’s Oregon or the conference or it doesn’t matter, they take a slice of information and they build their own perception from that and in the investigative world that that I’m involved in, that’s called really kind of a paralysis of analysis.  You look at just one little slice of something and you make decisions based on their perceptions, you have based on that.  Man that gets you every time; so widen your perspective, take a  few steps back, think about  rationally, about it, and then go forward.  So..

JBW:  You know, and this is the whole reason, the whole reason and nothing but the reason OK, yeah that’s what it is ah and a nice lady named Vicky sent an email…( they discuss the email which encourages them, and they veer off on a positive note of community, and we are all a family)

Here are my comments on just a few of the Talking Points of this rather obscure discussion of the problems surrounding the Hear The Watchmen, March conference in Dallas.

  1.  How many names does Brother Mike have, exactly?  Hagmann says one, but Wells says more than one.  They do not mention that the name of the organizer of this conference is Mike Kerr, who on his Facebook page and elsewhere referred to himself as Mike Whitestone.  Apparently he has been known to use the Moore name of his wife, Jeannie Moore.  The Facebook name Mike Whitestone later added a reference to the name Mike Kerr, after this question of his legal identity was questioned.
  2. Nathan Leal was cross with Ted Broer.   I had listened to the audio explaining why Leal had resigned from the conference, and I do not find the word cross (as meaning angry)  to be descriptive of the concerns  which Leal reluctantly identified in  great detail, regarding the co-mingling of New Age ideas with a Christian gospel.
  3. The conference is a spiritual revival. Given the warnings in the Bible regarding the merchandising of the Holy Spirit’s work and the Name of God, I am doubtful that any revival at this meeting will be anything other than the works of the flesh. However, I surely hope that their prayers asking for repentance will indeed be answered.  There was a great display of emotionally tinged speech which came forth from the conference speakers during the Sheila Zilinksy, Weekend Vigilante Round Table program of February 4, 2016.   John the Baptist said in Luke 3:8a, Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance
  4. Mike has a credibility problem with regard to his past which should be overlooked.  Hagmann says that the source of Mike’s problems with the Orange County publications (which wrote scathing reports on Mike Kerr’s handling of large scale events to benefit Veterans), arose because of retribution from ex-spouses and others.  However, these reports quoted others who had worked with Kerr, who found that he did not display integrity.  As usual,  the excuse is that this was “before he was saved”, overlooking the fact that many pagans do not display a lack of integrity in those same situations.  Whenever anyone has shown a lack of integrity in the managing of events involving money, it is better that they find a new line of work, whether they be saved or not.  This continual excusing of crooked individuals, whether it be Mike Kerr or a religious charlatan such as  Jim Bakker, always seems to bring a reproach against the name of Christ.  Hagmann says he asked the conference organizers if they had “oversight”?  Mike Kerr said yes, but there is no name mentioned of the person/s who have this responsibility.  The idea that Mike could clear his past reputation by holding an expensive Christian conference is nonsense.  If such a motive did in fact exist, it would have been publicized in the very beginning.  This cover story would seem to have been concocted for this Caravan To Midnight show.  Let me remind the reader, that there is great profit to be made in large scale conferences, even though it was publicized as being a non-profit event.  Most of these so called non-profit events include large salaries for the conference organizers.  Had this event gone as planned with 1,000 persons attending, paying $100-105 per ticket, the revenues for a three day period would be about $100,000-105,000.  Subtract the expenses involved in renting a hotel conference room, speaker’s fees and expenses, and miscellaneous costs, the remainder goes into the pocket of the organizer.  Recall that a separate Go-Fund-me account for $100,000 had been set up to accept donations to bring vets to the conference.  Since there was adverse publicity, it appears that most tickets have probably been discounted by $50 as shown on the Toffee website, and also John B. Wells show.  If this is the case, then revenues would have dropped to $50,000 if all 1,000 tickets were sold.  Mike threatened Nathan Leal with a lawsuit for lost revenues, and it appears that Hagmann and Dave Hodges also threatened Leal with fair use of their radio show audios.
  5. The facts concerning Mike Kerr were weaponized by those whose motives were their own personal gain and their love of exacerbating controversy. Such people are not excused by saying they are protecting the flock.   While the truth about Mike Kerr’s character had been covered up by himself and others, when the facts came out for the potential conference attendees to consider, Hagmann says that wrong motives caused this information to be weaponized.  In reading the articles which brought forth this information, it would appear that the writer was distressed over having to be placed in such an awkward position.  Many of the comments on websites and forums reveal that the writers were also disturbed by this information, but were also ready to overlook this matter if true repentance were displayed.   I am not aware of a time in which  Hagmann has ever revealed “the vile and vicious contents of the emails” he purportedly received.  Given that his own character has been in question for so long, as to the integrity of the information which he reports, I cannot trust his word on this matter.  He still says in this audio, “Trust me”, but fails to consider the number of false government and financial insiders which he has deceived his listeners with over the last few years.  How charitable is it to rail against persons who are professing Christians, and declare that you would rather interview the inmates at Attica and Rikers, who are probably in prison for heinous crimes?
Until those men who merchandise the name of Christ for their own personal gain repent, and start to consider the Scriptural underpinnings of their own sins, it would seem wise that those who profess to love Jesus Christ and his words, reconsider their support and encouragement of such enterprises.


**********MURDER HE WROTE********** starring Steve Quayle and Rick Wiles


In this latest saga, we find Rick Wiles, who seems totally oblivious to the dire warnings inherent in David Lankford’s latest dream, building yet another platform for snakes. On February 15, 2016, in an interview titled STEVE QUAYLE-THE DEATH OF JUSTICE, at the 51.17 mark, Rick Wiles begins, “One person that is going to be part of that platform is my long time friend Steve Quayle, and he is working on a new video program that is going to be part of our platform.  And so you want to make sure that you listen to tomorrow’s program.  I am going to give you more information about it. (the volume is then turned up on RW’s mic, and a dramatic booming voice announces)  Steve Quayle is on the phone from Bozeman, Montana!”

Rick Wiles:  Steve, what was the first thought in your mind Saturday, when you heard the news that Justice Scalia had passed away?

Steve Quayle:  Immediately?  MURDER.

RW:  Really?

SQ:  Yes, Sir.  MURDER.  There is a reason I say that is because again the Supreme Court is probably one of the most volatile positions now, that had needed a change.  And as the headlines progressed through the early hours of ah you know my becoming aware of it, and all the different stories being told, obviously they said it was natural causes.  Whenever I hear instantly natural causes, I go auhh, auhh.  Because it’s like the preparation, or the headlines have been prepared in advance.  Then we watch the whole thing unfold, it wasn’t a heart attack.  Remember, they said it was a heart attack, how can you determine a heart attack without an autopsy?

RW:  He was pronounced dead over the telephone.  How does the coroner get there and pronounce somebody dead by doing it over the telephone?  Are they doing it by Skype now?

SQ: Well, I think ah you know that the obvious statement is there was an expectation – the question that has to be asked, who stood down the Secret Service, that has the job of protecting Federal Judges?  But you know, Rick, MURDER is MURDER INC. now and it’s MURDER OF THE DAY.  Obviously, now we find that he had a pillow placed over his head.  But there is also other discrepancies, and I think it is a tragedy and a travesty that the highest judicial, and known as a Conservative, Catholic, by the way, is MURDERED.  And now anybody who makes a statement is considered or deemed to be a ah domestic terrorist.

RW:  What are some of the other discrepancies you’ve heard about?

SQ:  Well, first of all I think the way the bed was presented, ah you know he basically laid down and have given the, if you will, the nature of the CRIME scene, the different stories that are relating to how he died, the absolute out of character ah response of coroners, of the press.  Everything was pre-staged.  And I think that that’s what’s troubling to me the most, Rick, because again I think that there’s really something here, OK.  The pillow is left over Scalia’s head and obviously if you want to cover up a CRIME scene, you would have removed it.

Hands look peaceful like he folded his hands like there was no struggle and what’s interesting is that ah someone who may have done this may have straightened the bed.  I would think if you’re having a heart attack, unless it’s instantaneous, that there would be more mussing of the covers.  Now the other thing I find it interesting is the family’s not insisting that an autopsy, and you know this is troubling to me, because again it’s like I don’t know if someone has been threatened or whatever, but if the sheets aren’t rumpled, and you know no one that I know goes to bed and lays their hands down on their chest, and I’m just saying that again it was reported that it was a heart attack – no autopsy.  The coroner reports it over the phone.

The owners of the ranch are talking about different statements that are being contradicted in the main stream press.  So this is a Classic Cover-up.  By the way when I was up I got an email from Marshall and, and, the words that came to my spirit, Rick, this is critical, you know again, Weep America.  Weep. Your nation has become stolen from you. You have become a nation of MURDERERSNow that’s really heavy, OK?  That’s REALLY heavy.

RW:  I wonder if the pillow was checked for chloroform.

SQ:  Well, it could be due to, listen, they have a million ways to kill you.  Andrew Breitbart was..

RW:  He was poisoned.

SQ:  And Breitbart was hit with a psychotronic weapon.  You know they, they had Senate hearings in the seventies on heart attack weapons, you know.  I know  a talk radio show host that got zapped with one and he made it through.

Steve Quayle and Rick Wiles continue to talk about Andrew Breitbart’s death and the information he knew……

SQ:  And if people remember, Tom Clancy was also killed under mysterious circumstances, and Tom Clancy had made a similar statement.

RW:  Somebody did kill Justice Scalia.  Why did they leave the pillow on his face?

SQ:  I think it’s a if you will a cult(occult?) type signature of a specified killing, in other words you know, We can get you wherever you are.  Keep your mouth shut.  Now Scalia was going to vote on some pretty heavy measures you know, and  one of the things as you know, the NRA, National Rifle Association came out and said, understand people that ……( discusses this subject further)…

But you know, Rick, this has all the classic overtones of the octopus like tentacles of ah anybody that could stand in the way of the destruction of the United States and I want to point something else out to everybody last week……(discusses how the news of Scalia’s death caused him to stay awake all night)…But Scalia, this is such an in your face statement that We’ve got the country.  And I think that’s whats tragic.  If there isn’t a screaming, if there isn’t a demand for autopsy, if there isn’t an independent investigative arm, then you know this – then you know that basically the statement has been made from the people behind this that We can kill anyone anytime anywhere and there is nothing you can do about it.

RW:  It has all the hallmarks of a fascist police state.

SQ:  Well you know we have, ah, I have maintained the Nazis never lost the  Ha Ha! – lost World War II.

The above is a partial transcription of about eight minutes of an audio published at TRUNEWS on February 15, 2016, called STEVE QUAYLE-THE DEATH OF JUSTICE.    Rick Wiles sets up a question from the very start, to which Quayle answers MURDER.  We are dealing with a scripted dialogue which sparks the listener’s  imagination into accepting a judgment without first hearing the evidence

I have entitled this propaganda piece MURDER HE WROTE, and highlighted some of the highly charged word components in blood red. Rick Wiles plays the part of Inspector Clueless. Steve Quayle, plays the part of The Obituary Columnist of TRU-Lies NEWS, and after immediately tossing the  MURDER card on the table, the imaginations of these two men run wild.   The very real possibility that Justice Scalia might have passed away quietly due to his advanced age of 79, and declining health, is cast aside. The possibility that the family, who  believed that they were dealing with a natural death, wanted to make sure that persons in the Alternative Media were kept away from private family matters, is never given any credence by Wiles and Quayle. And you will note that neither men properly honored the memory of Justice Scalia; he was just a prop piece in this propaganda play.

Rick Wiles and Steve Quayle engage in much Pillow Talk, and Steve Quayle tells us that his spirit gave him yet another revelation of the destiny of America. Possibly becoming terrified of his own pillow, we are informed that Steve Quayle lost a whole night’s sleep over this news report.  When they run out of facts on Scalia’s death,  they bring up the old conspiratorial theories which were proven unfounded, as to the causes of the deaths of Andrew Breitbart  and  Tom Clancy.

Does anyone remember who shoved these strange murder theories in our face, in the first place?  Why it was none other than that Alternative News con man, Jim Garrow, who the last time I had heard,  had been placed under house arrest.  If you have forgotten who he is, I will refresh your memory with this article.

Jim Garrow claimed to be a former CIA agent, but there are those who consider him to be a fraud, and think that the real CIA ought to investigate him for unlawful impersonation. Jim Garrow wrote a book called The Pink Pagoda, which is reviewed here in depth by  This book review is thoughtful and thorough , and mentions an interesting character in the book called Yoda.  Does anyone recall the series of talks given a couple of years ago by a mysterious operative called Yoda on The Hagmann and Hagmann radio show?  Jim Garrow, and therefore Yoda by implication, have been accused of child trafficking in China.  Here is an article by the who wrote on February 22, 2015, INCREDIBLE: Ex-CIA Agent claims Obama had Breitbart and Clancy Killed.  There are many more such articles on the internet with regard to Jim Garrow, if you want to read further about this man.

In the audio, Steve Quayle-The Death of Justice,   Rick Wiles and Steve Quayle have made an astounding assertion of MURDER without any evidentiary proof.  And because of the lack of facts, they interject into their accusation a bunch of unfounded accusations made in the past by Jim Garrow. We observe the relationship of Garrow and a government operative named Yoda.  All of these men have had a close working relationship with Doug Hagmann.

And finally, note that Wiles and Quayle declare America to be run by fascists and Nazis, which of course leads into promoting Steve Quayle’s most recent book.  If you look at the script of MURDER HE WROTE, Steve Quayle is trying to use this platform to inject fear into someone; other Federal Court judges, perhaps?  Other people he personally dislikes, who refuse to be silenced, because they have evidence of wrongdoing?

These men have not honored the memory of Justice Scalia.  What they have done is to use his death for their own self-serving  base motives.  Certainly, they could have examined all sides of this story in an objective manner, without coming to the conclusion that this death could only be MURDER.

UPDATE: 2/18/2016  Someone just emailed me this article on the pillow controversy.

UPDATE:  4/28/2016 A reader sent me these two links on Prazor, the new platform which Rick Wiles was creating at the time of this article, and which was obliquely referenced in paragraph one. The link to this trademark is found here.




The Real Reason Why The Men In Black Tried to Silence Anthony Patch

The other day,  I endeavored to listen to the first two hours of the February 10, 2016  Hagmann Report called CERN, Extra Dimensions and Portals with Anthony Patch. Ever since CERN failed to blow up the world last September, and Steve Quayle had quietly removed his CERN icon from his website, the question must be asked,  why is Doug Hagmann now recycling Anthony Patch through yet another portal?

I had never heard of this guy, so I looked up Anthony to check out his About page. Oh, there is none. Referring to himself obliquely as a Researcher-Author-Speaker,  he evades the question as to his educational credentials in physics or mathematics.

Anthony Patch image of interview with Kev Baker

Anthony Patch image of interview with Kev Baker

So it is off to LinkedIn, where Anthony Patch has uploaded his photo and personal data. Let’s see, in 1972-4 Anthony Patch took courses in Criminology at UC Berkeley.  Then he found employment from 1980-1997 with  American Medical Response. During that same period in 1985-6, he took paramedic courses at the College of San Mateo.  In 2003-4, he worked for the Bank of America, as a Loan Officer (Loan origination/processing, Marketing/Sales, Investor Seminar Leader). Since 2010 Anthony Patch has been working for Home Depot as a Department Supervisor.  He describes himself as “outgoing, ‘open-book’, goal-oriented, and considerate of others”.

On Anthony Patch’s webpage, he devotes a separate page to what he calls My Unique Identifiers and Quotes. These are phrases and sentences which are his talking points for his CERN, Portals, Disclosure, Quantum  theory discussions.  For example, he quotes himself saying You cannot separate the spiritual from the physical.  Well maybe you can’t, Anthony Patch, but upon your death, you will discover that God can surely separate the spiritual from the physical.

Another one of Patch’s unique identifiers is his saying that Jesus Christ is both a wave and a particle.  When He manifests himself physically to us,  he is a particle.  His energy wave slows to form a particle in our frame of reference.  The Scriptural verses and his comments are shown in the screenshot below:anthony patch wave particle (2)As you notice, he posted this “profound”  assertion the same day he was featured on the February 10th Hagmann Report radio show. So what is he trying to impress us with, that Jesus Christ is the Unified Theory of Light?  Do you think it is possible that  Satan can also be perceived as a spirit which can walk on water?

Here is another declaration of Anthony Patch’s:  Prayers with Jesus Christ is quantum entanglement of our particles with Him.  In the same vein he also says, Prayer is quantum entanglement with Jesus.  How does this edify the body of Christ? Does this assertion  give you added comfort and insight when you pray?  Is there a difference between praying to Jesus, and praying with Jesus?  The first reverences his Divinity; the second suggests that we have an equal standing with Christ.

Anthony Patch, by intertwining his quantum physics slang with the words of God, is playing a dangerous word game affecting faith.  Romans 10:17 says, So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  And John 8:47 warns, He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.  It is one thing to learn a new language involving scientific thought;  it is another thing entirely, when that new language  begins to subtly alter how you read and understand the Scriptures.

In the Bible, Jesus Christ used ordinary experiences and common language, so that even a child could understand his words. The language of quantum physics has over the past few years been intertwined with New Age and occult theology; therefore its import, when overlaid upon the words of God, should cause alarm in the heart of the Christian.

Richard Feynman, a Nobel prize winner in theoretical physics, who in his early years had worked on the Manhattan project,  claimed that the difference between him and other physicists, was that he always used a down-to-earth model to demonstrate his theories. Why bother at all with the speculations of Anthony Patch? If you  have an interest in CERN and quantum physics, why not read through an online book called Quantum Field Theory Demystified by David McMahon?  The author works as a researcher at Sandia National Laboratories and holds advanced physics and applied mathematics degrees. Not only does McMahon reference CERN, but I see that he also has a chapter on the Richard Feynman Rules. (As an aside, if you are ever interested in reading an entertaining autobiography, Feynman has written a great book. And Aurora Justicia notes that one of his hobbies was safecracking.)

Anthony Patch, says on LinkedIn that he lives in Portland, Oregon.  That might explain how he got some of his early publicity from Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero Radio, who is well known in the paranormal, conspiracy world.  Wikipedia has an entertaining article on Lewis, and the relationship between Patch and Lewis is tantalizing to consider.  It seems that both men on the same day, in separate incidents, claim that they were visited by Men In Black.

So let us  continue on to an article published July 2015 in Before It’s News,  which displays a message that Anthony Patch had left on his old Facebook page June 21, 2015.anthony patch (2)

Here is a link to an article written by the blog,  titled The CERN Code:  Anthony Patch Is Visited by Men In Black?  This is an interesting background piece, and it contains a short 15 minute audio at the end, where the MIB story is related.

After the Men In Black were reported to have visited Anthony Patch, he went into invisible mode on the internet.  Apparently a couple of persons became very worried that he was missing and/or dead. But there was no need to panic; soon after, as the world of conspiracy began to spin rumors about CERN and the September 23, 2015 predictions, Anthony Patch reappeared.  Voicing his concern about the disinformation being disseminated on CERN, Anthony Patch risked his life to again carry on his mission in the world of  “Christian” Alternative Media.

On Anthony Patch’s website, he sells three e-books for between $5 and $15.  He also has a separate page for his paperback novel Covert Catastrophe, which he sells for $29.99 at  I see that no one has reviewed this book at Lulu’s.  So I go over to to see what eight people (six of whom are probably Patch’s friends)  think of this novel. If you are rich,  you can buy 2 used first edition copies at $1,037.41 each.  Or if you want to become book-poor,  you can get a new November 23, 2015 edition for only $28.29.

Since I buy things from UK for my grandchildren in Scotland, I also checked the 2 reviews there.  One Brit had an interesting reaction, as shown here.anthony patch book review amazon uk (2)I wonder if anyone in the USA is as succinct as D. Mitchelson.   Here are two negative reviews reflecting the same type of complaint, from persons who learned the hard way not to buy anything written by Anthony Patch.anthony patch book review 1 (2)anthony patch book review 2 (2)

I read a sampling of Covert Catastrophe, which by the way, was given a new colorized illustration to dress up the cover on the latest edition.

2013 Edition

2013 Edition

2015 Edition

2015 Edition

Compare these two sentences:

#1 is the first sentence of Chapter Two-Farm
“Warm Fourth of July evening.”  George pouring water down the front and back of his bright orange military jumpsuit.

#2 is the first sentence of Chapter Three-Colors
“Warm night”  Jim pouring water down the front and back of his dark blue Paramedic jumpsuit.

It gets better worse.

#1 is the second sentence of Chapter Two-Farm
“And humid… I hate it.”  Richard tucking a wet towel around the neck of his jumpsuit.

#2 is the second sentence of Chapter Three-Colors
    “And humid…I hate it.”  Paul tucking a towel around his neck, containing ice cubes from the Aid station.

The author, Anthony Patch notes on every sample page that it is copyrighted material.  I don’t think he needs to worry about anyone plagiarizing his work, except for himself.  Is it possible to plagiarize one’s own writings?  No, I guess not…. they just call that  bad writing.

Were the Men in Black worried  that Anthony Patch was disclosing top secret procedures?   Anthony Patch writes, “Nope. Can’t text Seals.”  Lt. Casey entering the room with the remainder of their team.  Richard turning at the sound of his second in command. 

Can’t text Seals; now that sounds like a covert catastrophe waiting to happen.  But wait, I just noticed an important clue!  The Amazon summary of the book has changed between the two editions!  The first edition boasted, anthony patch intro to book amazon (2)The intro to the 2015 edition has removed Written in a unique style, reminiscent of Hemingway and the late, Tom Clancy.

Do you really believe that the MIB were concerned about silencing Anthony Patch’s CERN speculations? There appears to be no stopping this man on that score.

Perhaps the Men In Black, who are noted for their dead, stilted manner of speech, were Ernest Hemingway and Tom Clancy returning from the grave, to silence once and for all,  the ridiculous comparison of their wonderful works with the writing skills of  Anthony Patch. anthony patch men in black (2)



A City Boy’s Nightmare: A Little League Team of Snakes

I was browsing through a large number of internet comments on the Nathan Leal/Ted Broer story last night.  Almost all of the commenters had enjoyed Nathan Leal’s past interviews on the Hagmann and Hagmann radio show.  Almost all were polite, sincere, thoughtful in their use of the Scriptures, and desirous of Christian reconciliation and repentance.

One person had noted that Donna Leal had said in late December that they had been threatened with a lawsuit over  “fair use” . In general, Fair Use has to do with the rules which define the use of copyrighted material for commentary purposes. In such situations it is not legally required to ask the copyright holder for specific written permission, but the source must be properly credited.  An example of this is the case of Nathan Leal’s audio, where he critiqued Dr. Ted Broer’s words on the Dave Hodges’ Commonsense Show and on the Hagmann Report.  Portions of actual audio clips were played so that his listeners could understand what was really said, and the tone of the discourse.

All main stream and alternative media news and commentary sites make frequent use of the Fair Use rules,  in order to flesh out their articles.  Both the Hagmann Report and The Common Sense Show also highly depend on Fair Use privileges, so it is a wonder that any legal threat against Leal would involve this particular issue.

Two other commenters in the Nathan Leal discussion made mention of Steve Quayle’s January 29th post in his Dreams and Visions section of his website.  This involved a dream of snakes, which Pastor David Lankford had related to him.  Having lived in Texas and Mississippi since 1983, I have seen many snakes in my yard; most were harmless, some were six footers with a body having an eight inch circumference, some were pit vipers, rattlers, or coral snakes. In a few instances, my husband was forced to kill a snake for safety’s sake, by directing a sharp shovel downward to cut off its head. Once or twice we had a snake in the house,  because one of our kittens had carried it inside to proudly show it to us.  After reading the dream below, my guess is that we are dealing with a City Slicker who had a nightmare.

david lankford dream jan 2016 snakes (2)It was interesting to me that a number of the polite supporters of Nathan Leal  thought that Lankford and Quayle’s  negative use of the term “snakes” was meant as a reference to them. Lankford says initially that these snakes were friendly to them,  so that “you can even pet them”. Many of these Leal supporters had been regular listeners of the Hagmann Report, until the Leal/Broer controversy forced them to take sides.

Lankford says that these snakes were all the same, but different sizes.  This he interprets to  mean that the snakes were the same, but had “different platforms”.  He tells Quayle that “we were going to kill them”.  Different platforms?  You mean that some made comments via the chat rooms of Blog Talk or You Tube, or via forums or blogs?  I gave a sigh of relief when Lankford had said that some were friendly to them-that would certainly rule me out as a target of this dream.  Then he infers that these snakes, which were in the House of the body of Christ, were playing on Little League Teams and causing a mess.  And Steve Quayle thought that this strange quagmire of anxieties was something that needed to be shared with millions of people?

According to Lankford this mess is about to come to an end soon, through the use of ammunition of a lesser caliber, once he is done preaching on Jonah. Steve Quayle has the last word as always.  He warns,  APPLY THIS TO LATEST ATTACK ON DAVID AND I- TAKE IT TO THE LORD IN PRAYER! “SLANDER TO THE HEART” IS WHAT A BULLET TO THE HEAD IS LIKE- YOU CAN’T RECALL YOUR BULLET (SLANDER) ONCE THE HAMMER DROPS!  This comment by Quayle is not part of the dream (we hope).

So what was the latest attack prior to this particular dream?  Was it John Little discussing Nathan Leal’s experience with the Hear the Watchmen conference?  Was it Tracking the Leopard Meroz, who the day of the dream posted Cloven Tongues of Strange Fire:  The Continuing Controversy of The Hear the Watchmen Conference, which made mention of both Steve Quayle and Pastor David Lankford?  Was it someone who had sent them an email, asking them to repent?

Let us finish this post with a link to Rebel Planet Dispatch’s Marcel Cousineau, who wrote an excellent commentary on January 30, 2016 called Simple Biblical Insight Into David Lankford’s Dream.  This post displays interesting insights, and is written with a heart of brotherly love. I hope that no one would classify Cousineau as a snake in the house of the Lord, deserving of gunfire from those anointed Watchmen, Lankford and Quayle. Maybe we should all just slither away, as the low caliber bullets start to bounce off the walls.

The Jailhouse Memoirs of a Shock Jock

It was a dark and stormy night, when I was captured and thrown into a lonely jail cell to write my memoirs.  The single lightbulb above cast a greenish hue on my orange jumpsuit which was  tightly  stretched over my rippling muscles and bulging tummy.  I stared at the copy of the mug shot which had just been taken, and wondered what was going to happen to the handsome man with the intense eyes, Spanish Pirate hairdo, and hard set jaw.

It had not been more than a month before, that this same daring man had left his apartment in Cincinnati, of all places, to head out to the high desert of Oregon.  Suddenly pulled over by the police who trembled at his mere presence, he found out that he was on a terrorist watch list.  As he tried to explain that there had been a mistake, that he was supposed to be on a WATCH ME list, the cop explained that he fit the profile of a terrorist.  He was after all, a bad boy with a foul mouth, not one of the original founders of the thirteen colonies, he possessed only an ashtray and an unlicensed gun, and thought that rules were for other people.  The Shock Jock tried to explain that the original founders had it all wrong when it came to Free Speech.  As a Shock Jock,  he believed that the exceptions to Free Speech were free speech. So the cop let him continue on to meet his Destiny as a Movement Spokesman, which later, his lawyer told him to deny….Intro to the Memoirs of Pete Santilli, as drafted by a certain Ghost Writer with the initials JW

This photo provided by the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016, shows Peter Santilli, one of the members of an armed group occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge as part of a dispute over public lands in the Western U.S. Santilli and several others were arrested on Tuesday, Jan. 26, prompting gunfire and leaving one man dead during a traffic stop along a highway in Oregon's frozen high country. (Multnomah County Sheriff via AP)

This photo provided by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016, shows Peter Santilli, one of the members of an armed group occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge as part of a dispute over public lands in the Western U.S. Santilli and several others were arrested on Tuesday, Jan. 26, prompting gunfire and leaving one man dead during a traffic stop along a highway in Oregon’s frozen high country. (Multnomah County Sheriff via AP)

I have made mention of Pete Santilli on two occasions here, at Tracking The Leopard Meroz; once in regard to Larry Nichols, as a Clinton hit man, and the other time concerned a certain Alternative Media metals dealer.  In both examples, I had to temper my remarks in light of Pete’s bad boy image and foul mouth, which he thinks are the very essence of his charm.  Until recently I had not followed the Oregon standoff, but when reports came out that there had been a fatal shooting, and several arrests, including that of Pete Santilli, I decided to read up on this story. Since this entire event was geared to undermine serious public discourse, I am happy to see that Mr. Santilli is now investigating himself from within a jail cell by writing an unbiased account of his own part in this Shock Jock Drama.santilli

Part of the reason why I avoid reading about ill advised protests, is that as some of you will recall,  I went to college during the Vietnam era, when student led demonstrations were prevalent, but rarely instigated at the grass roots level.  At that same time I also held a work-study job at the University of Washington parking ticket division, which was housed with the campus police department.  When one day someone had left a poorly made explosive device under a stack of college newspapers on the counter where I worked, and it did not go off as planned,  I  began to ponder the fact that someone was out there who was willing to kill an innocent person for the sake of their “cause”.

There are usually several facets to any story, and in many protest events,  free speech and  justice are rarely the real issue. And as usual, this Oregon Standoff was just another protest based on the lowest common denominator of any civilization, the golden rule of Me first-You never outlook on life.  Now it has been years since I have been to Oregon, but what I remember about that state was that they had signs posted all over which read, “Thanks for visiting-but please don’t stay”. Why the current interlopers did not understand that they had overstayed their welcome, just goes to show what bad manners they have. They did not even bring enough snacks to this protest, and expected others to provide for them!  What nerve.cliven-bundy-oregon-standoff-snacks

Pete Santilli, who has always expected everyone else to give him the benefit of the doubt, apparently has managed to use up all of his “benefits” in Oregon.  The judge did not buy his first amendment rights argument, wherein he felt he was entitled to have Press privileges while at the same time calling for 100,000 persons to come to Oregon in order to obstruct the legally based remedies to this standoff.

At the beginning, one of the focal points for the protest involved the legality of the arson charges involving the Hammonds. I see that yesterday an opposing opinion had been expressed about the hero worship of the Hammonds, in a guest column in the Missoulian, called “Learn the Backstory on Malheur Standoff”  written by George Wuerthner.  The author is an ecologist who has studied  and written about public land issues over a long period of time.  He writes in response to the false information which had been put forth by Senator Jennifer Fielder of Thompson Falls, and addresses the arson charges against the Hammonds, and the dangers which their actions created for others.  The comments below this guest post are also interesting to read,  as well.  Perhaps Pete Santilli likes the Hammonds because they share something in common; a self serving attitude which never considers the consequences to society as a whole, let alone to themselves in the end.

I have excerpted below, a portion of an article which came out yesterday by Kevin Hardin of the Portland Tribune called Pete Santilli:  Free Speech Champion or Loud Mouth?  It points out one of Pete Santilli’s legal fallacies.pete santilli KOIN (2)

One article which sides with Santilli’s actions was posted February 2, 2016 by The Rutherford Institute called The Rutherford Institute Warns Against Government Attempts To Intimidate Journalists by Prosecuting Radio Shock Jock Pete Santilli Over Oregon Standoff.  Several pages which were extracted from the January 26, 2016 affidavit given by Katherine Armstrong, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation,  make for interesting reading on the documented actions of Pete Santilli, which led to his arrest.

I can hardly wait for the publication of The Jailhouse Memoirs of a Shock Jock.  As soon as it comes out, you can be sure I will be comparing it to the transcript of the trial, and the legal filings of  Santilli’s attorneys.  Hope someone remembered to bring some snacks to weather out their new ordeal.

UPDATE: 2/18/2016

2-11-16 nev-clivenbundy indictment

Challenging the Rhetoric: Deb Jordan say YOUR Free speech is being used to convict Pete Santilli for his free speech