D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman Document 98: Sweigert’s Reply Letter to Magistrate

On October 29, 2019, Document 98 was filed in the United States District Court in the Southern District of New York in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 98 (5 pages) Reply Letter to Magistrate Stewart D. Aaron from D. George Sweigert

sweigert v goodman doc 98 1029 2019

D. George Sweigert v. Jason Goodman Document 97: ORDER

On October 24, 2019, Document 97 was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 97 (2 pages) ORDER of  Stewart D. Aaron, United States Magistrate Judge

sweigert v goodman doc 97 1024 2019

Commentary on this pre-trial conference telephone call may be found at Checkmatek2.net

D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman Document 95: Verified Letter Motion

On October 21, 2019, Document 95 was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 95 (4 pages) Verified Letter Motion Seeking Postponement of Initial Pre-Trial Conference (10/24/2019) Due to Excusable Error by the Clerk

sweigert v goodman doc 95 1021 2019

Convicted felon Scott Allan Bennett: The Court Jester who convinced Jason Goodman that he had been merely a “Political” Prisoner

The theme of Court Jesters is on Jason Goodman’s mind, as he applies this imagery to both D. George Sweigert, the plaintiff in a defamation lawsuit against Goodman, and to Scott Bennett, one of his former favorite Crowdsource the Truth guests.

Scott Bennett is now threatening to sue Jason Goodman because he published a recorded phone conversation without permission on his Patreon site.  

The Last Laugh:  On a dark and rainy night a queue was forming in front of Jason Goodman’s Manhattan apartment…

In a Crowdsource the Truth broadcast on October 18, 2019, titled Court Jester D. George Sweigert’s Social Engineering Lawfare Campaign May Be Coming To An End, Jason Goodman introduced a seemingly unrelated secondary topic at the 15.30 mark, saying, “I mentioned this a week or two ago that there was a Crowdsource the Truth  guest who’s not appearing anymore because I’ve discovered he’s been lying to me; he’s been lying to us, and I don’t just come out and make that statement unless I have evidence and I’ve presented that evidence to the individual and given them an opportunity to refute the evidence so I’m talking about Scott Bennett, yeah.”

He added, “Scott hasn’t been on the show in awhile and the last time he was on a matter came up related to his PhD credentials…It says, PhD (abd) ‘all but a dissertation’ and I forwarded this question to Scott, you know, this woman had a point and she said you know you’re furthering a fraud if you’re telling people that he’s a PhD and he’s not and of course I don’t want to do that so I asked Scott about it and he refused to answer.  People might recall when social engineers questioned David Hawkins credentials...” (16.33)

Hmmm…so it would appear after all, that the Scott Bennett PhD question was inserted for a purpose related to the title of the video.  This little tidbit of gossip was meant to contrast Jason Goodman’s scruples regarding false bona fides against those of the Sweigert social engineers’ investigation into the credentials of  CSTT guest David Hawkins.  So how come Jason Goodman was not offended by Scott Bennett’s lies and manipulations of government authorities that branded him as a convicted federal felon?


What Jason Goodman has willfully overlooked is that shortly after Dave Sweigert created his website Checkmatek2.net, Sweigert posted an opinion piece on August 9, 2019,  titled Jason Goodman Talks Over El Paso and Dayton Shootings with Scott Allan Bennett of USSOCOM unauthorized weapons fame. Sweigert provided troubling background information on Bennett in that article written over two months ago.  Information that goes back more than 8 years when Bennett was indicted on April 28, 2011 and then sentenced to 36 months in a federal prison.

In response to Jason Goodman’s 2 Court Jester videos, Sweigert notes that over 2 dozen Crowdsource the Truth shows featured Scott Bennett over a 2 year period.  Checkmatek2.net has added two new articles titled After Two Years, Jason Goodman throws Scott Allan Bennett under the bus for lacking completed PhD (10/19/2019)  and The Scott Allen Bennett “lawsuit” against Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth (conspiracy channel (10/20/2019).

Sweigert has provided a general background history of Scott Bennett which Jason Goodman ignored when on October 19, 2019 he published another video to explain the PhD controversy, called Second Court Jester In As Many Days-Scott Bennett Makes Ludicrous Demands.


Scott Bennett’s Notice which he left on YouTube and Facebook accounts of Jason Goodman

The above screenshot of Scott Bennett’s Cease and Desist Notice to Jason Goodman is difficult to read, so let’s go over some of the major points of interest.

The sender is Scott Bennett of Nexus Strategic Analytics which summarizes their company mission as “Uniting the World’s Best People, Ideas, and Resources to Influence Cultures and Governments”.  This is an unfinished website with a donate button, but it features Scott Bennett as a PhD without the (abd) all but dissertation qualification.  Elsewhere on the internet, Bennett has referred to himself as a PhD (abd).

Bio summary from Nexus Strategic Analytics website



“BE ADVISED, it has come to my attention that you, Jason Goodman and your organization/affiliate “Crowdsource the Truth”, and your other aliases, are attempting to engage in a “slanderous defamation of character campaign” against me, and a disinformation campaign against my whistleblowing report http://www.shellgamewhistleblower.com and others associated with this report, including but not limited to Brad Birkenfield, Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange.  You have stated publicly on Facebook, YouTube, and other social and media channels, your intention to do this by “putting up on Patreon (www.patreon.com/crowdsourcethe truth) and Subscribestar” http://www.subscribestar.com/crowdsourcethetruth (and other media channels) a private personal conversation between you and myself about counter-intelligence people and operations and propaganda targeting me and my associates.”

Jason Goodman has claimed that he had published a phone conversation with Scott Bennett and also posted documents relating to this matter on his Patreon only subscribers site.  I am not a subscriber, and am unwilling to pay the price to confirm what was actually posted.  

“BE ADVISED, for the safety of my person and family, I adamantly, specifically and formally stated to you during that this phone call between us was not to be shared   in any way, shape, or form.  Your disregard for this instruction and your treachery and deception represents the most reprehensible and devious betrayals, which sadly maligns your personal character and organization.  Your pathetic attempt to generate public sympathy for your lies and increase your profit and financial donors also represents a disgusting “love of money and hatred of truth” which defines you-multidimensionally.  Your slanderous mischaracterization of Jim Fetzer is also another vile indicator or your true nature and agenda.”

[The next four Be Advised statement relate to the legal implications of publicizing recorded private phone calls without the consent of the other party.  This allegation in not just about the legality of recording a private phone call, which in many states does not require the consent of the other party.  The primary problem in this situation deals with the public airing of a phone call, whether it was legally recorded or not.] 

It has long been observed that Jason Goodman records phone calls and plays them on Crowdsource the Truth when it suits his purposes. I have no idea why Scott Bennett would expect that Goodman would treat him any differently than he does other former guests, now that he has turned against him.

The photo below of Scott Bennett with several other notable guests who Jason Goodman describes as “a group of America’s bravest patriots”, who had gathered at a “Round Table” discussion at a 2018 John B. Wells conference. How is it that almost a year ago, it never occurred to Scott Bennett or Jason Goodman that this facade might come to an end? 

In Scott Bennett’s Cease and Desist notice, the seventh statement reads:  “BE ADVISED, due to this slanderous and injurious act by you, you are also hereby reported to the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the Department of Justice, and other law enforcement and investigative government bodies for your possible connection and relationships to Mossad, Israeli Intelligence Services, and other Zionist-NEOCON-Warmongering agents, as well as foreign governments and individuals.”

There is something amusing about self reported political prisoners suddenly deciding that the very agencies that they consider corrupt will now rush to come to their aid, if they whine loudly enough.

Scott Bennett is considering a lawsuit against Jason Goodman, but should Robert David Steele prevail in the March 2020 trial against defendant Goodman, and with Dave Sweigert possibly not far behind with his lawsuit, there may slim pickings for a third civil lawsuit.  Perhaps Bennett can get what remains of Jason Goodman’s tupperware collection.


Tracking the Leopard Meroz has covered a number of interesting criminal cases; some involved sovereign citizen styled beliefs or a libertarian “dark web” privacy  philosophy.  Many of these felons were promoted falsely on Alternative Media sites as heroes and American Political Prisoners.

In Scott Bennett’s case, he became infamous when on April 23, 2010, he “approached MacDill Air Force Bases’s Dale Mabry Gate and was selected for random Base entry point screening.  During the screening, Bennett appeared intoxicated, which prompted MacDill security to call Tampa police.  MacDill security continued to question Bennett until Tampa Police arrived.  After failing a sobriety test, Bennett was arrested and searched; police discovered a concealed handgun on Bennett’s person in addition to other weapons in Bennett’s car.” [see Leagle.com U. S. v. Bennett case no. 8:11-cr-14-T-33AEP].

This court decision further relates that, “Later that morning, Detective Garcia of MacDill security was informed of Bennett’s arrest.  In an initial inquiry, Detective Garcia learned Bennett had received authorization to live on MacDill as an active duty Army Reservist with orders from Central Command.  Further investigation revealed, however, that Bennett was in fact a civilian contractor working for U. S. Central Command.  When Bennett returned to MacDill Air Force Base he consented to a vehicle search by Detective Garcia;  Detective Garcia found empty gun holsters, a knife, and pepper spray.  After obtaining a search warrant, Detective Garcia found seven unauthorized firearms, over 9,000 rounds of ammunition, and other contraband in Bennett’s on-Base housing.”

According to a Department of Justice press release dated July 22, 2011 by United States Attorney Robert E. O’Neill (Middle District of Florida), Scott Allan Bennett was indicted by Superseding Indictment on April 28, 2011.   “A federal jury yesterday (7/21/2011) found Scott Allan Bennett (40, Washington DC) guilty of lying to government officials to obtain housing on MacDill Air Force Base, as well as wearing a U. S. military uniform without authorization and violating a defense property security regulation with regard to firearms he had on MacDill Air Force Base.”

The press release also stated, “United States District Judge Virginia M. Hernandez Covington revoked Bennett’s bond finding he was a danger to the community…According to testimony and evidence presented at trial, Bennett falsely held himself out as an active duty military member, although he was only working on MacDill Air Force Base as a civilian contractor.  Further, Bennett told Base housing employees that he was an aide to Admiral Eric Olson of U. S. Special Operations Command, which is headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base.  Once he obtained on-base housing, Bennett possessed 10 guns and over 9,000 rounds of ammunition in his residence, which he failed to register as required by MacDill Air Force Bases’s security regulation.”

Scott Bennett appealed his 36-month sentence as discussed in a November 1, 2012 eight page document,  In the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, No. 11-15931.united_states_v._scott_allan_bennett 11 1 2012

The Court remarked on page 6, “Here, for purposes of his false-statement offense, Bennett had agreed by lease to follow various security regulations at the military base.  Bennett violated those security regulations when he possessed unauthorized weapons at his on-base apartment, the apartment which he had obtained through his false-statement offense.  Bennett’s failure to disclose or seek authorization to possess the firearms helped Bennett avoid detection of his false-statement offense.  Therefore, the district court did not clearly err when the court applied the weapons possession enhancement to Bennett’s guideline range.”

On page 7, it is added that, “Moreover, even assuming Bennett’s guideline range was 1-7 months, [footnote states, “We found this range on an offense conduct of 6 and a criminal history category of II], a 36-month sentence was not substantially unreasonable on this record.  The district court carefully explained that Bennett’s presence and his cache of weaponry presented a significant security breach, and Bennett had displayed a pattern of falsehoods…”.  The Court affirmed Scott Bennett’s sentencing of 36 months.  It should be noted that prior to sentencing the Department of Justice noted that “Bennett faces a maximum penalty of seven-and-a half years in federal prison”.

SHELL GAME report published in 2006 by Scott Bennett

On September 19, 2013, Scott Allan Bennett filed Document 183 in United States v. Bennett, using the full title for his motion for miscellaneous relief, Defendant’s Motion for Termination of Detention of in the Alternative, Bail Pending Appeal, to Allow Him to:  Provide Intelligence Information Essential to United States National Security Concerning Terrorist-Financing and Its Current Connection to National Security Agency Whistleblower Edward Snowden, Booz-Allen Hamilton, and Union Bank of Switzerland- Brad Birkenfield Report to U. S. Justice Department, Central Intelligence Agency, U. S. Senate, U. S. Central Command and U. S. Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command”.

In response to that lofty Motion title, Bennett received an Order from the United States District Court Middle District of Florida Tampa Division, decided on November 6, 2013. [see United States v. Bennett].  On page one, the Court states, “Bennett informs the Court that he has attempted to provide the government with substantial assistance by sending letters containing his own ‘intelligence analysis’ to various military and congressional leaders.  Thus, he requests ‘an expedited termination of detention’.”


On page 3 of this document, “The Government challenges Bennett’s request for bail pending appeal on the grounds that Bennett has failed to show by clear and convincing evidence that he is not a danger to the community and that his appeal raises any substantial question of law or fact.”  In addressing the Danger to Community question,  the Court stated, “Bennett asserts that he presents no danger to the community or to any other person.  He advises that, while incarcerated, he ‘has been a model inmate…however, “this Court determines that he has not established by clear and convincing evidence that he does not post a danger to another or to the community if released.  The Government argues that Bennett not only fraudulently obtained military housing where he ‘proceeded to stockpile unregistered firearms,’ but in fact continued to pose as an officer in the U. S. Army to gain special privileges even after he had been charged in this case. ( bold added).  These actions, the Government claims, ‘paint a disturbing picture of…someone who will lie to and manipulate governmental authorities to get what he wants.

“Bennett’s references to his good behavior while incarcerated do not overcome these concerns.  In fact, his continued assertions that he remains an ‘Officer of the U. S. Army’ without any corroborating evidence–indeed, despite the Government’s arguments to the contrary,–only exacerbate such concerns.”

Google ‘s preview of Shell Game displays at the very beginning,  an unauthenticated letter purported to be written by a military officer which is disturbing in its implications, if this letter was written under deceptive conditions. If you decide to review this first document in this preview, note that there is no letterhead, no signature, or other indication that this letter is authentic.

Projectcamelotportal.com displays another Shell Game pdf. which represents an 86 page report written by Scott Bennett on May 27, 2013, requesting a special hearing and investigation by Congress into his concerns. However, much of this report is a long winded autobiographical camp fire story, padded with references to movies.

In conclusion, Jason Goodman’s promotion of Scott Bennett as a credible whistleblower and a former American political prisoner is inexcusable.  Bennett’s public record of breaking the law goes back to 2010, and the subsequent court documents explain why his lies and manipulation of others represented a federal felony which resulted in a sentencing of three years incarceration.  Why cover over that past history, and only now create a fuss over Bennett’s PhD status?

D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman Document 94: Defendant’s Opposition to Postponing Pre-Trial Conference

On October 18, 2019, Document 94 was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 94 (9 pages)  Defendant’s Response in Opposition to Plaintiff’s Letter Motion Seeking Postponement of Initial Pre-Trial Conference

Sweigert v Goodman Doc 94 1018 2019

Playing Us False: The Ventriloquist of Cicada 3301

“Cicada, Cicada, Cic-Cic-Cic-Cicada, we hear the sound, and eager creep to spot whence comes, when lo, ’tis gone!–but yet again, Cicada, Cicada.  We look in vain, for Nature’s own ventriloquist has played us false.”  Hardwicke’s Science-Gossip 1827

Thomas Schoenberger is shown in this photo displaying his keyboard skills.   Lestat says he never saw Thomas play, but Defango claims he did and that Thomas Schoenberger is an accomplished pianist. Schoenberger claims both men are liars and are not to be trusted.  Contradictions are the black and white keys which Schoenberger has in fact mastered.

I have never had any interest in the Cicada 3301 puzzles, not even when Thomas Schoenberger  started frantically emailing me that he was being set up, and his life was in danger.

But all that changed when I read Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez’s  interviews of three of the Cicada 3301 insiders on his website, TheRealSamizdat.com. Those interviews are part of an ongoing, methodical approach to information gathering which the political scientist historian Trujillo is slowly building to form an insightful history of the Cicada 3301 puzzle makers.

The ventriloquist that played us false

Thomas Schoenberger was an insider of Cicada 3301, who some now accuse of being an infiltrator that betrayed the original intent of this puzzle, when he attempted to  commercialize it.  Schoenberger first contacted me around the end of August, 2018, and over the months I gained a firsthand partial knowledge of his side of events.

Others are acquainted with Thomas Schoenberger’s words through his use of a  multitude of internet anonymous handles.  And if you ever attract his attention, you will soon understand his ability for flooding an email box, as he attempts to persuade the recipient of his position on an issue.

More recently Schoenberger’s short YouTube video presentations have been viewed by both his allies and opponents, as he defends his version of events. Like a cicada, first his voice was heard over there with his Parody Lives YouTube channel, then over here with his Exposing Gangstalkers channel, and now he is yet again throwing his voice from a concealed location through his Doc Holliday channel.

One question to ask is whether Thomas Schoenberger IS the Ventriloquist himself, or just the Dummy who moves his mouth by an unseen hand.

Thomas Schoenberger vs Manual Chavez III (Defango)

A few months back, Thomas Schoenberger and his friend Dan Cromer aka Leppo of the Teenage FBI YouTube channel were instrumental in creating division among various persons, when unsubstantiated  allegations were made against Defango.  In conjunction with these accusations, both Dave (Acton) Sweigert and Steve Outtrim of Burners.me and Cryptobeast also expressed their ongoing issues with Manual Chavez III (Defango). 

Interestingly, Esteban Trujillo, the historian of Cicada 3301 who interviewed Defango, but as yet has not published the transcription of that audio, found himself caught up in the net of these interpersonal vendettas.

Trujillo describes it this way:  “This is one of the problems that I have.  I interviewed Defango (Manuel Chavez III) for like three hours, he told me that he recovered deleted files from a lady named Linda, she was the girlfriend, the cohabitation- co-habiting girlfriend of Thomas, and he used her MacIntosh to work on Liber Primus and Defango says that he recovered the second half in clear text, and I haven’t been able to get it out of him yet.  And he’s kind of touchy, he’s mad at me because I published Lestat’s interview first, you know and honestly I didn’t intend to piss him off, I didn’t do it, it didn’t ever occur to me that he would, you know, flip out the way he did, but he got mad, because like, there’s a real rivalry between these guys and the thing about Defango is the guy’s got to win, you know.  He’s absolutely got to win, and if he’s not winning, he’s mad.  So he called me a ‘fool,’ and a ‘douchebag,’ and I don’t take kindly to that…”.

As Trujillo explained to his guest gHOST, Defango had “flipped out.  Look, and I didn’t do it because I’m choosing sides.  I did it because Lestat’s came out to 10,000 words and Defango’s is 40,000 words, man.  And unless…unless you have an understanding of the amount of work and labor and attention to detail and focus and concentration that goes into producing a document of 40,000 words alone, you don’t know what you’re talking about.  You know?  And Defango, he’s learning disabled, he can’t really read, and he can’t write, ok, this is why he does these videos, ok, and I feel sorry for the guy, alright?  I really do.”

The Satanist Accusations Began Where? When?  How? Who? Why? 

But although Esteban Trujillo wanted to avoid taking sides, the fact is that this entire group of related individuals demand that others pick a side.  I have had to explain to more than one person that I judge others by principles, rather than personal politics.

So in addition to all of this ongoing drama with regard to Defango, Thomas Schoenberger’s Leppo connection caused further discord when Leppo interviewed Satanist Michael Aquino. All of these events resulted in a split between Dave Sweigert aka Dave Acton and two of his faithful friends, Bridgit and Sugar Shine. I do not know either of these women, but I respect their opinions, and was dismayed at what had transpired.

And because Steve Outtrim was openly supporting Thomas Schoenberger at the very same time I was refusing to get involved in his personal vendettas,  I asked Dave Acton to remove my blog’s name from his channel, in order to maintain my own separate identity and integrity. At the center of all of this confusion was Thomas Schoenberger.  It is apparent from hearing the testimonies of many persons, that his presence routinely results in fractious contention.

Lately Schoenberger has attempted to disparage the character and honor of Esteban Trujillo, the historian  involved in the long term project of documenting the history of the Cicada 3301.  I am an admirer of Trujillo’s writings, and consider him to be an honorable man.  Born in Denver, Colorado in 1960, Esteban Trujillo served in the United States Army from 1979 through 1994, and received a Silver Star as recognition for his courage. His awards include the Combat Medical Badge, Master Parachutist badges, Special Forces and Ranger tabs, and Armed Forces Expeditionary medal with arrowhead.  Trujillo wrote a book on his experiences during the Invasion of Panama.  His published works can be located on Amazon.com.

Esteban Trujillo as author and historian

I am going to provide a few general quotes of Esteban Trujillo from his Cicada 3301 articles on TheRealSamizdat.com. [All bolding is mine for emphasis].

Trujillo comments, “Some may complain about the length of this interview:  indeed, it is longer than I intended.  But these things take as long as they take.  Others may cringe from the wall of text that confronts them here, but one of my pet peeves is the laziness of those who prefer to passively absorb information through videos rather than doing the hard work of reading.”

One should reflect on that last sentence and compare the motives and the content of the long term writing project of Trujillo with that of the off the cuff short videos which Thomas Schoenberger has been producing, which end up being struck from YouTube for harassing behavior.

After Thomas Schoenberger approached me with his story of being falsely accused and his fears that someone was targeting him to be swatted, I advised him to take the time to carefully document his own story with evidence AND a timeline IN WRITING, rather than attempting to manipulate others by using their platforms for his own personal agenda.

Esteban Trujillo continues his above quoted comment, saying, “This is why I provide only the audio of these interviews.  I may at some future point post the video with additional analysis, but for now, I consider the video an impediment.  I include the audio file as a SoundCloud download in the interest of authenticity.  Anyone can review the audio and compare it to my transcript.  Best of all:  text is searchable, and unlike video, it is indexed on the net.”

Trujillo adds, “You will find no filler here.  This is raw, usable information, for students of Cicada 3301, for social scientists researching this phenomenon of the internet age, for historians to come.  I comment on these interviews and I place supporting information adjacent to where it is needed.  Anyone can dispute my commentary or the information that I provide, but the data itself stands on its own merits.”

Thomas Schoenberger has disputed Esteban Trujillo’s work in progress, by calling him a liar, among many things, in an effort to slander the character and career of Trujillo. Apparently, this ongoing research into the history of Cicada 3301 by Trujillo represents a strong counter narrative to what Thomas Schoenberger has been asserting, and he wants this written work silenced.

Thomas Schoenberger’s involvement in Cicada 3301 raises many questions

In this comment in the gHOST3301 interview, Esteban Trujillo says, “…I address Thomas Schoenberger’s culpability in the collapse of Cicada 3301 on May 7, 2018, and his infiltration of the order between 2015-6.  We recount the efforts of Schoenberger and his colleagues, Michael Levine and Richard Lech, to monetize the order, excluding the actual puzzle creators from their schemes.  More detail, more information, much of it in the form of Cicada’s internal documentation, is forthcoming.”

“For the corporate lawyers reviewing this interview, consider the tenuous ownership position of the profiteering triumvirate.  They may hold a trademark, but they can demonstrate no ownership of the intellectual property of the order.  The internal documentation of Cicada 3301 itself demonstrates that Richard Lech played no discernible role in puzzlemaking.  Michael Levine’s involvement appears titular and marginal and Schoenberger’s participation was collaborative.”

Thomas Schoenberger’s hero Steve Outtrim endorses his claim that he worked for the  Pentagon on the Stargate Project?

According to Steve Outtrim’s June 22, 2019, Burner’s.me article titled Latest Weapon in the InfoWar:  Data Maps, he claims that, “It has now come out that Cicada 3301 was founded by Bruce C Clarke, Jr, the former head of the CIA’s research division; and co-founder Thomas Schoenberger previously worked for the Pentagon, possibly on remote viewing projects such as STARGATE or GRILL FLAME.”

Is there evidence to support this latter statement on Thomas Schoenberger? 

Timelines…and their interpretation

The Star Gate is an ever expanding project to accommodate Thomas Schoenberger’s ever expanding girth, so that he can finally cross over to the other side where he belongs.

Cicada 3301 had three puzzles published sequentially on January 4th of 2012, 2013 and 2014. Founder ***(update at end of article) Bruce C. Clarke, the former CIA manager, died on October 5, 2014, in Vienna, Austria.  The second founder of this puzzle was Ian Murdock, originator of the Debian Project and Progeny Linux Systems, who died under suspicious circumstances on December 28, 2015, although it was officially deemed to be a suicide.

19 days before Ian Murdock’s death an agreement was written between Thomas Schoenberger, Michael Levine and Richard Lech to commercialize Cicada 3301. That  Agreement dated December 9, 2015 represents day one of that enterprise and therefore it is curious that on day 666, or October 4, 2017,  the First Amendment to Amended and Restated Attachment Agreement  was created.  Defango had remarked that Thomas Schoenberger seemed to like the number 666, as it was part of  his Shadowbox Strategies phone number.

This portion of a draft agreement is published on therealsamizdat.com and elsewhere.

The Leopard Meroz is a Master of Numbers and Timelines

I am curious about Thomas Schoenberger’s mathematical skills, and whether they extend beyond his ability to multiply numbers in his head.  Once upon a time I was a solid mathematician and participated in math contests on the high school level.  And although I never went beyond Calculus, almost 19 years ago I was able to discern (decrypt) the Meroz code.  Once in awhile I overlay it upon a timeline, such as we see here for Cicada 3301, to see if someone such as Thomas Schoenberger is on a collision course with the leopard Meroz.  It is possible with all of Schoenberger’s pretensions that he has offended someone far more dangerous than Defango.  And I am not talking about me;  I only track Meroz based on the footprints he leaves behind.

Hiding under a Twitter Block

Getting back to The Real Samizdat blog,  Trujillo explained an experience he had 6 months ago, saying, “Somebody is talking to somebody, as immediately after I asked Thomas Schoenberger for an interview on April 16, 2019, DJ Genki, qntmpkts and a number of Schoenberger sock accounts blocked me on Twitter.  I recently sent Genki and other Cicada insiders interview requests.  If they read this, they should consider that my intent is to ensure that Cicada 3301 is accurately chronicled and archived.  I am not a journalist, I do not engage in gotcha journalism.  I am an old cyberpunk, a political scientist, and an historian.  In my youth, I was a soldier.”

Schoenberger should ask himself whether he wishes his involvement in Cicada 3301 to be characterized by his critics or by himself.  So far, only his critics are talking to me.  None of his allies.  I strive to be dispassionate, but my analysis will inevitably be shaped by my sources.”

In conclusion, it appears that Schoenberger most likely fears Esteban Trujillo’s statement that, “And I’m trying to produce an artifact that will endure, that can endure and resist attacks and analysis and that will ultimately be used going down years, decades.”

***Update January 26, 2020

Esteban Trujillo has raised an interesting question as to whether Clarke was a founder of Cicada 3301, as reported on the internet.  His comment is as follows:

I have a small bone to pick. You mention Bruce Cooper Clarke, Jr. as a “founder” of 3301. There is zero forensic evidence that BCCJr played any role in 3301, or was even aware of it. At his death, he was an 88 year old man, he had been in failing health for many years. There are no indications that he was involved in any internet activities, indeed there is no proof that he even knew how to use a computer. Clarke was an analyst, as he ascended the ranks at CIA he migrated into arms control. He was in the end a bureaucrat, an administrator.
There are no indicators that he was a cypherpunk. I am tracking a report that TS met the old man in Vienna, and I am aware of his claim that Clarke was godfather to his son. There is no proof of it.
There is a 3301 origin story that is pushed by Outtrim that claims that 3301 was founded by a triumvirate of Murdock, TS and Clarke. Until I interviewed gHOST, I was aware of no evidence that Murdock had anything to do with the order. Now I cautiously accept that Murdock was involved, even played a principal role. The details shared by gHOST were persuasive. I published these details on my site.
By comparison, the only evidence that Clarke was involved comes from TS, and I trust nothing that man says. I looked hard into Clarke. There is no proof that he was involved in 3301. There is meager evidence that he met TS in Vienna, probably through an interest in Mozart, though there is also a tale that TS was attempting to sell Mozart memorabilia as historical artifacts to museums and collectors. I am gathering the tendrils of this story.
Thanks for listening!