The CROSS of the JUDAS CURSE: Where two forces meet

This article is a continuation of a Tracking the Leopard Meroz post published October 17, 2019, titled Playing Us False:  The Ventriloquist of Cicada 3301.  Under the subtitle Timelines…and their interpretation, I wrote, “Cicada 3301 had three puzzles published sequentially on January 4th of 2012, 2013, and 2014.  Founder Bruce C. Clarke, the former CIA manager***(see update January 26, 2020 at end of this article), died on October 5, 2014, in Vienna, Austria.  The second founder of this puzzle was Ian Murdock, originator of the Debian Project and Linux Systems, who died under suspicious circumstances on December 28, 2015, although it was officially deemed to be a suicide.”

19 days before Ian Murdock’s death an agreement was written between Thomas Schoenberger, Michael Levine and Richard Lech to commercialize Cicada 3301.  That agreement dated December 9, 2015 represents day one of that enterprise and therefore it is curious that on day 666, on October 4, 2017, the First Amendment to Amended and Restated Attachment Agreement was created.  Defango had remarked that Thomas Schoenberger seemed to like the number 666, as it was part of his Shadowbox Strategies phone number.”

Circumstances surrounding the death of Ian Murdock

On March 4, 2018, Terris Renfro uploaded a video to his YouTube channel called Ian Murdock Autopsy Report!!!!  Does This Make Sense to You???  Under the Case History section of the Autopsy Report, we read, “The subject, a 42 year old male, resides alone at 2410 Green Street, in San Francisco.  The subject was found inside his locked residence, hanged by his neck, by San Francisco Police Officers performing a well-being check, after friends were concerned by the subject’s suicidal ideations he was ‘tweeting’ all day on social media’…Friends of the subject read these ‘tweets’ and became concerned for the subject’s well-being.”

“Reportedly numerous anonymous persons began to call the San Francisco Police Department, asking for an officer to respond to the subject’s residence for a well-being check.  San Francisco Police…responded to the subject’s home at approximately 1910 hours.  Police Officer Thompson #1292 looked through the window of the subject’s front door and saw the subject lying facedown on the stairs, unresponsive…then kicked the subject’s locked front door down in order to gain access…noticed the subject had an electric cord from a vacuum wrapped around his neck, unresponsive.”

“According to the subject’s neighbor, the subject was recently going through a lot of problems.  The subject recently broke up with his girlfriend and was being evicted from his residence at the end of this month.  The subject is a known drinker and can get ‘out of control’ from time to time, per the neighbor.  The police have been called to the subject’s residence before by a neighbor due to loud noises, screaming, and reported domestic issues with his girlfriend, which have been caused by the subject’s drinking…”

The autopsy report also indicated that there were traces  of chlordiazepoxide, noriazepan, diazepam, oxazepam and temazepam found in Ian Murdock;  the first four are used to help with anxiety or alcohol withdrawal, and the last one is for insomnia.

The turmoil of Ian Murdock’s arrest two days prior

According to a report on a forum which quoted on Ian Murdock’s death, two days prior to his death, “At 11:30 PM on the 26th, police were called about someone attempting to break into a home.  They found Murdock yelling on the street outside a residence, and held him for questioning…he appeared to be drunk, and was hostile to the police–resisting..the police called for paramedics who took him to the hospital. ..At 2:40 AM on Monday, the police were called again to the same address, with the caller stating that Murdock had come back and was banging on the door and yelling…they arrested him for resisting arrest, assaulting emergency personnel, and two other misdemeanors…Later on Monday, police were called back to Murdock’s neighborhood on the 2400 block of Green Street in San Francisco and found Murdock dead, apparently after committing suicide.”

The autopsy report includes a record of a phone call made to authorities by Ian Murdock’s sister on December 29, 2015, explaining that the subject “has been having psychological issues for about 20 years, but she did not know if he ever made any suicide attempts before.”

A sample of Twitter Messages Around the December 28, 2015 death of Ian Murdock


The autopsy report also reveals that Ian Murdock left his own minor children out of his will.

On May 6, 2016, Ian Murdock’s sister called the police regarding Ian Murdock’s property. The record of that phone call noted, “There was a will that left everything to the girlfriend.  The will is being contested by the family and a court date is scheduled for next week to review the will.”

So, after  completing his computer science degree from Purdue, Ian Murdock continued on to become a very wealthy man and was reputed to have earned 1.4 million dollars in the year prior to his death. Yet his Last Will and Testament apparently left nothing to his three minor children.  I am assuming the Court corrected this situation, since his children were young.  What can never be rectified for these children is the knowledge that their father had written them out of his will, in the first place.

Cicada 3301’s Mind Altering Influence

The history of Cicada 3301 is not a noble one, despite the pretensions that the original founders were not motivated by money, but by higher ideals.

How do online puzzle creations affect those  who are drawn into their fictional world? These puzzles are not simply mathematical curiosities, but also the interweaving of religious and legendary motifs into the consciousness of the solver’s mind. One should ponder what establishes the foundation for a sound mind, as compared to an unsound one, because the introduction of false philosophical systems by “gurus” or con artists  often creates confusion and instability in a student who has a gentle soul.

Consider Matthew 15:18, which says,  But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart, and they defile the man.  If that is true for the speaker, who as a teacher, is like the headwaters; then what effect does his defiling words have on his students, who drink of that stream?

Just under four years after the first Cicada 3301 puzzle was published, and nineteen days prior to Ian Murdock’s suicide,  the December 9, 2015 contract between Thomas Schoenberger, Michael Levine and Michael Lech was written with the intention of profiting off of the mystique of Cicada 3301.

Of what significance is the death of Ian Murdock death to our topic today, The Cross of the Judas Curse:  Where Two Forces Meet?  Let’s just say for the time being, that similar to Judas, the manner of his death was classified as a suicide by hanging in the autopsy report.

Stasis:  Where two forces meet.

Stasis is a Greek word with a rich history, and in logic refers to a method of getting to the heart of an argument.  It also has a meaning rooted in warfare, as stasis is where two forces meet. The symbol of the Cross, the tree of execution of the Romans during the time of Jesus Christ, represents stasis. In the Old Testament in Deuteronomy 21:22-23, the man who has committed  a sin worthy of death was hung on a tree as a sign of being accursed of God. The concept of stasis is ancient and deeply embedded in our being.

On January 14, 2020, Jesse Davis published a video on his Just Me You Tube channel, in which he displays a screenshot of a July 7, 2017 email from Thomas A. Schoenberger of Sophia Musik to his wife Paula Davis.  Schoenberger had represented himself to Tracking the Leopard Meroz as a Christian; yet here he explicitly denies the resurrection of Jesus Christ by declaring that “Jesus never died on the cross.”

Approximately seven months later, Thomas Schoenberger accused Paula Davis of becoming a Judas, in the sense that he regarded her as having betrayed him.

Now the interesting thing is that by denying that Jesus died on the cross, Thomas Schoenberger was essentially acting both as an apologist for Judas Iscariot and as a revisionist historian of the Old and the New Testaments. In the style of his Shadow Box Strategies reputation defense business, Schoenberger’s declaration is an attempt to exonerate Judas Iscariot’s accountability for the death of Jesus Christ.

Yet on the other hand, Schoenberger has a reputation for accusing others of  being a “Judas”. Therein lies a subtle and confusing contradiction which serves as an example of why it is difficult for a reasonable person to follow this continuing saga; for what is constantly encountered is that occult mindset, known as the union of opposing principles.  In less philosophical terms, we are dealing with LIARS.

That self-contradictory style of confusion is again observable in a more recent incident which occurred on May 13, 2019, when Isaac Kappy reportedly killed himself after he dropped off of a highway overpass and was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Hours after that horrible event, several persons began suggesting that it was Thomas Schoenberger who was the influence behind Isaac Kappy’s statement, “I am the reincarnation of Judas Iscariot, the great betrayer”. That declaration is pivotal to the suicide scenario of Isaac Kappy.  Schoenberger has responded to those allegations by claiming that he  believed that Isaac Kappy had not committed suicide, but rather had been murdered, and he is promoting the idea that authorities might reopen the investigation into Kappy’s death.

The Curse of Judas in the Old Testament

Usually when we think of the foreshadowing of Judas Iscariot in the Bible, the scriptures which come to mind involve the prophetic verses on Christ being valued at only 30 pieces of silver, and the familiar friend who became a betrayer. What never seems to be mentioned is this verse:  Deuteronomy 27:25 Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person.  And all the people shall say, Amen.

One of the aspects of Deuteronomy 27:25 is that the Hebrew gematria is 2455.  Curiously, one finds in a Strong’s Concordance of the King James Bible that the Greek word listed under 2455 is Judas. This Old Testament scripture says that a hired assassin is cursed if the target is an innocent person.

Matthew 27:3-5 records the reaction of Judas Iscariot to the condemnation of Jesus, who he knew to be innocent.  These verses say, Then Judas, which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders, saying I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood.  And they said, What is that to us?  See thou to that.  And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself.

Thus Judas Iscariot comprehended that the curse of God was upon him for taking reward for delivering Jesus, an innocent man, over to those who condemned him to die upon the Roman cross.  He  coveted the reward of the assassin.  

The Isaac Kappy death…puzzling connections 

Recently a distasteful Go-Fund Me was set up for $100,000 by Julio Cesareo Jacquez, as shown below. The purpose of this fundraiser is to make a documentary of Isaac Kappy, who committed suicide on May 13, 2019.

Gabe Hoffman has filed a defamation lawsuit against Julio Cesareo Jacquez of All American Cartel LLC.  One of the defamatory texts displayed by Jacquez asserted that “Gabe is now after Thomas Schoenberger because Gabe hired the hitman who killed Kappy.”  These accusations surrounding the death of Isaac Kappy are often speculative and self-serving, yet it is interesting to note how the Judas Curse motif is woven into this story.

I am hoping that the three Gabe Hoffman defamation lawsuits will serve to lay out authenticated evidence on the legal table, because these free flowing defamatory speculations made by many need to be silenced.

Hoffman has also filed a defamation lawsuit against Thomas Schoenberger, which has not yet been served due to Schoenberger’s ability to move about freely between unknown locations.  Recently Schoenberger has claimed that he is gathering evidence on his own, and in conjunction with an attorney, as a basis for a re-investigation into Isaac Kappy’s cause of death.

Revisiting 2017…is there a starting point to this story?

I have been following this ongoing story since June 14, 2017, when the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax incident was reported by  the mainstream news media.  Subsequently, I began to publish the documents filed in the two civil defamation lawsuits which emerged from this situation; Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network vs Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron and Queen Tut (Susan Lutzke/Holmes) and also the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Until recently I kept my focus narrow by purposely ignoring the messy underside of this legal tapestry which involved the Seth Rich murder story and the peculiar world of the Cicada 3301 and Tengri 137 puzzles.  The most noticeable thread seen on the front and the backside of this complex story is Manuel Chavez III, known as Defango, and more recently as the Il1usive Man. Unbeknownst to me in 2017/18 was Thomas Schoenberger, and his connections to multiple stories.

Nathan Stolpman’s 2017 observations

Nathan Stolpman on June 9, 2017, five days before the Port of Charleston incident, published a video called George Webb, Defango, Cicada 3301, Tengri 137 and the 7 Degrees of PSYOP on his Lift the Veil YouTube channel.

At the 6.06 mark, Nathan Stolpman says, “…and Defango is working with somebody who is an agent and he’s working intimately with him so that’s a problem but he doesn’t know any better, you know, but this is the PSYOP.  Sorry I say things I sometimes shouldn’t say. I’m excited, but that’s the fact; it’s a guy that’s contacted other truthers before with this info and disinfo guests, for example Steve Pieczenik, Robert Steele, these people are pit–I’ve been pitched you know Steele before.  It’s disinfo.”

“They’re trying to get my stink of legitimacy on them for my audience, who they care about for some reason.  Same way they care about Defango’s audience and why they’re gonna play along.  They want to be his friend.  Everybody wants to be Defango’s friend right now.  Everybody must feel good.  People want to be my friend too until I tell them to F off.  But you gotta be careful who you associate with…” (7.20)

Nathan Stolpman continues, (7.54), “The puzzles you’re working on, Cicada, you know those are designed to find the smartest people, the ones that want the truth, the ones that want to change the world.  Tag ’em, map ’em, and control them.  And I’m afraid that’s you know what’s going on.  It, in the case of you know a genuine person, you know Defango, well, actually he’s involved with it because of the damn puzzles.  This puzzle thing and the George Webb story, it’s a puzzle.  It’s designed to take smart people who could be solving problems in this world and get them going down rabbit holes.  Not only that, identify them, map them, and control them.  George Webb, Cicada 3301, Tengri 137, bulletin boards you know, 4-chan–they’re all designed to find you, tag you, map you, and control you.  That’s the freaky PSYOP.

At the 10.45 mark, Stolpman remarks, “…this guy that, this guy that Defango works with–all he’s ever done to me is misdirect me and invite me to his house.  By the way, puzzles, Hollywood, and I know because that same guy is reaching out to other Youtubers pitching the same bullshit.  So other YouTubers, wake up, it’s not the world you think it is.  The people in your comments are not the people you think they are, especially if they really  like you and they really agree with what you’re talking about.  That’s when you really worry….Because they’ll misdirect you.  It’s a big “F”ing PSYOP.”

Dopey Dave also utilizes the same motif of suicide and death executions

Schoenberger feels that the blame for these Dopey Dave videos lies primarily with Marcus Conte, Manuel Chavez III, and Kerry Wolf aka Allseeing Ewe.  However, because this YouTube account is anonymous, I have approached this situation from a different angle as seen in my article dated December 21, 2019, Dopey Dave’s WHEEL of MISS FORTUNE. 

In the most recent Dopey Dave video, published on January 19, 2020, titled Dopey Dave the Actor is a Homo God, one of the targets included the son of Thomas Schoenberger.  Despite my many differences with Thomas Schoenberger, I felt compelled to email him to express my extreme displeasure with the originators of the Dopey Dave videos and to say that I am praying against such persons that have targeted his INNOCENT son.  Whatever your opinion is of Thomas Schoenberger, his son has nothing to do with this ongoing internet war of words.

On his Grabbler Babe YouTube account, Thomas Schoenberger on January 19, 2020 stated that it was his final video for a year, and he identified 5 persons who would be observed to be judged within the coming year.  Of course it was not really his final video for the year…but I would like to note that two of the persons on that list, Manuel Chavez III and the graphic artist known as Lestat, were actively involved in business associations with Schoenberger, including Cicada 3301.  A third person, Esteban Trujillo, is included because he has been actively documenting Cicada 3301 history through various interviews.  Apparently the dark sphere of internet puzzles does not desire light to be shed on their inner workings.

Why would anyone think they were the reincarnation of Judas Iscariot?  Maybe someone who believes that Jesus never died on the cross…but there is an American Messiah in our midst?

Isaac Kappy said something that was interesting in an Instagram post displayed a  couple of days prior to his death. His unsigned confessional statement declared, “Also, it should be noted that I have recently been made to believe that I am the reincarnation of Judas Iscariot, the great betrayer.”

The date of this confessional was July 4, 2019, which was 52 days after his death.

Who was it that Isaac Kappy claimed was causing him to regard himself as the great betrayer, Judas Iscariot?  Why did Kappy feel that he had to carry the cross of the Curse of Judas? And why are there those who are attempting to capitalize on his death?

***Update January 26, 2020

Esteban Trujillo has raised the question about whether or not the late CIA manager Bruce Clarke, Jr. was involved in Cicada 3301 as a founder, or at any point in its history.  This is a good question as the sources from which this information was related to me are sometimes misleading or presenting false rumors as fact. In light of numerous falsehoods that have been planted in the public record, Esteban Trujillo is right to advise caution when discussing the history of Cicada 3301.

Here is what Trujillo had to say:

I have a small bone to pick. You mention Bruce Cooper Clarke, Jr. as a “founder” of 3301. There is zero forensic evidence that BCCJr played any role in 3301, or was even aware of it. At his death, he was an 88 year old man, he had been in failing health for many years. There are no indications that he was involved in any internet activities, indeed there is no proof that he even knew how to use a computer. Clarke was an analyst, as he ascended the ranks at CIA he migrated into arms control. He was in the end a bureaucrat, an administrator.
There are no indicators that he was a cypherpunk. I am tracking a report that TS met the old man in Vienna, and I am aware of his claim that Clarke was godfather to his son. There is no proof of it.
There is a 3301 origin story that is pushed by Outtrim that claims that 3301 was founded by a triumvirate of Murdock, TS and Clarke. Until I interviewed gHOST, I was aware of no evidence that Murdock had anything to do with the order. Now I cautiously accept that Murdock was involved, even played a principal role. The details shared by gHOST were persuasive. I published these details on my site.
By comparison, the only evidence that Clarke was involved comes from TS, and I trust nothing that man says. I looked hard into Clarke. There is no proof that he was involved in 3301. There is meager evidence that he met TS in Vienna, probably through an interest in Mozart, though there is also a tale that TS was attempting to sell Mozart memorabilia as historical artifacts to museums and collectors. I am gathering the tendrils of this story.
Thanks for listening!





There is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy:  who art thou that judgest another?  James 4:12

Marcus Conte, who came up with the Dopey Dave nickname for Dave (Acton) Sweigert, has stated in an earlier video that he approved of the content of the Dopey Dave YouTube channel

Marcus Conte commented on his December 19, 2019, EXPOSING Online Death Cult Leaders; Dave Sweigert, Thomas Schoenberger and Daniel Cromer (43:51 mark), saying, “…now I told you about the Dopey Dave videos, go watch ’em, there, there, someone is out there, exposing these creeps as well, all right and she’s, I guess it’s Allseeing Ewe, who knows?”

Who knows?  I don’t know.  As far as Tracking the Leopard Meroz is concerned, the originator of the Dopey Dave YouTube channel remains anonymous, despite several persons claiming it is Marcus Conte and/or Kerry Wolf aka the Allseeing Ewe.

Allseeing Ewe aka Kerry Wolf

The first thing to note is that the anonymous creator of this channel set it up under the nickname used by Marcus Conte to represent Dave Sweigert aka Dave Acton. This attribution makes no sense in relation to the content of this YouTube channel.

Anonymity never escapes the consequences of its actions, and so we are going to explore whether Dopey Dave’s Wheel of Miss Fortune can escape the all seeing eye of Hebrews 4:12 which states, For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

The “Why” of Dopey Dave has to do with the “When” this Youtube channel was created on November 17, 2019

The first video was published on November 19th and given the title, Tracking Thomas Schoenberger with Drone- Napa, CA. This headline is a cheeky reference to the actions of a process server searching for the location of Schoenberger, who on October 28, 2019, had a defamation lawsuit filed in a California court against him. The Gabe Hoffman vs. Thomas Schoenberger complaint was posted on November 12, 2019, on Tracking the Leopard Meroz and since then more than 600 downloads of that document have been viewed.

From November 19th through December 20th, 18 videos have been published on Dopey Dave. Presently, only 16 are showing; the two hidden videos include a death curse video against Thomas Schoenberger and Dave Sweigert and a perverse video about Dave Sweigert and Denise Matteau.

A number of the videos are repetitive and seem to serve no purpose other than to mark time.  Because of this trait, I began to explore the possibility that the purpose for the Dopey Dave videos was primarily to set up a timeline of judgment.  The creator of these videos repeatedly sets forth conclusory allegations, and the “court of law”  in which these allegations have been tried, and the defendants declared guilty, is a Dopey Dave Court.

Thus there is an usurping of legitimate authority as if these self-appointed judges and executioners are comfortable in declaring, as God, the message of Ezekiel 21:24: Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD:  Because ye have made your iniquity to be remembered, in that your transgressions are discovered, so that in all your doings your sins do appear; because I say, that ye are come to remembrance, ye shall be taken with the hand.

Naming sins and perpetrators

So let’s go back to the first video Tracking Thomas Schoenberger with Drone-Napa CA, and note that the video description says, “Hey everybody it’s Dave!  D. George Sweigert who is Dave Acton Dave Sweigert; Thomas Schoenberger, Dan Cromer Leppo”.

All of the Dopey Dave videos have a basic formula using excerpts from news reports or movies, background music to enhance drama, photos of the targeted individuals and a written narrative to provide the message.  For example, in the first video we view this narrative:

We are currently on the ground in search of convicted felon and notorous(sic) internet stalker Thomas Schoenberger

Last seen in the vicinity of Old Sonoma Rd Napa, CA 94558

We set the drones out for a test run and we are moving about the area

Schoenberger is on probation for his crimes and is avoiding service for multiple civil suits for stalking and harassment

Help bring this criminal to justice

The second video published on November 22, 2019, is called Police Raid Thomas Schoenberger & His Gang. The message begins, Leaked footage of police executing a search warrant for convicted felon and serial stalker Thomas Schoenberger.

A small image of Q is shown in the upper right of the screen as seen below.

As a curious aside, the first Q message was published October 28, 2017. Coincidentally, 2 years later on October 28, 2019, Gabe Hoffman filed his defamation lawsuit against Thomas Schoenberger.

Months ago Thomas Schoenberger had complained to me that someone was trying to get him swatted in regard to a false accusation that he was involved with Q. And here we see this scenario in this video.

The names and photos displayed in this second video include Dave Sweigert, Thomas Schoenberger aka Thomas Saint Germain, Dan Cromer of Vaporbat Records, and Steve Outtrim.  One of the final frames says “possible child victim” implying that those named can be accused of related offences.

The third video, RV Chase:  Dave Acton & Thomas Schoenberger Run from Police  was published on November 22, 2019, the same date as video #2 and also the 56th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The fourth video on November 23, 2019, Did Thomas Schoenberger Kill Himself?, shows these following messages:

US Federal Marshals attempt to serve Thomas Schoenberger his defamation, libel & slander lawsuit

Instead of accepting service like a man, cowardly Schoenberger ran away like a scared little girl

Bystanders said they heard Schoenberger crying like a pussy

He keep (sic) screaming, “Tell Gabe to leave me alone!”

He was so scared his wig fell off

With nowhere left to go Schoenberger attempts to take his own lifeThis bridge scene is reminiscent of the tragic death of Isaac Kappy, who fell from a bridge onto the highway below, in an apparent suicide.

On November 25, 2019, Dopey Dave uploaded Prolific Gangstalker Thomas Schoenberger is On the Run.  The messages repeat prior accusations and play part of a Schoenberger audio where he references Dave Sweigert, in part saying, “This is Thomas, now I don’t have a problem with you, but I’ve gonna correct you…I’m gonna correct you when you’re wrong.”

Various other videos repeat the gangstalking allegations and introduce the accusation of profane sexual practices.  One of those videos which is now hidden from the public timeline involved false and perverse allegations of a relationship between Dave Sweigert and Denise Matteau. Here we view charges of Satanism.

The December 6, 2019, video Dave Acton & Thomas Schoenberger Are Satanists, alleges the following:

Dave Acton & Thomas Schoenberger are confirmed Satanists.

Long time associates, both men sold their souls to the devil

They will burn in hell

They are satanic gangstalkers

They use people…They get off on torture and misdirection

They hide in the shadows like cowards

Both are prolific liars, criminals & devil worshipers

They blow things up and steal from people

They do the work of the devil…They will pay for their sins

Dave Acton & Thomas Schoenberger will burn in fucking hell

The Death Curse Videos

The first death curse video The End does not presently show as a listed video, but it was published on December 4, 2019 as the tenth video. This brazen death curse video displayed an AP news film showing two men being executed by a firing squad. The music accompanying this video was aptly chosen to induce fear in the viewer.

The messages overlayed against this execution backdrop stated:

Two notorious gangstalkers Dave Acton & Thomas Schoenberger have been captured

Sentenced to death, both men will die side-by-side.

They thought their gangstalking would never end.

They were dead wrong.

It’s been said maybe we should feel sorry for them…But is is impossible to feel anything for two ruthless, heartless human beings

As the brave men in uniform pull away…We can only wonder what their lives could have been like if not for their criminality

Both men chose a life of crime…Both men got what they deserved…The End.

Perhaps we should ask at this point, as Job 8:3, Doth God pervert judgment?  or doth the Almighty pervert justice?  

It is apparent that the creators of the Dopey Dave videos do not fear God, for they display no qualms whatsoever about perverting  judgment and justice in their video narratives.

The second Death Curse styled video was uploaded on December 20, 2019 as The Sentencing’ of Dave Sweigert, Thomas Schoenberger and Daniel Cromer. This 18th Dopey Dave video was published the day after Marcus Conte presented a show on his own channel, EXPOSING Online Death Cult Leaders; Dave Sweigert, Thomas Schoenberger and Daniel Cromer.Although the Dopey Dave videos began as comical hyperbole, they have since progressed to declaring the sentence of death, and showing images of execution.  Concerning the conduct of Thomas Schoenberger, Dave Sweigert, and Dan Cromer, whether or not the viewer of these videos likes or dislikes these men is irrelevant.  There is no evidence to prove that any of these individuals have committed offenses which warrant the death penalty.  The makers of these videos have displayed their own deep malice in creating these despicable false narratives.

The timeline of the Dopey Dave  videos and Scripture gematria

In analyzing the Dopey Dave timeline, I created four possible timeline scenarios in order to detect patterns.  For the purposes of this article I chose one of those timelines, in which Dopey Dave stands alone from other possible relationships, such as the timing of Marcus Conte videos on the same topic. This timeline begins from the first video on November 19, 2019, and runs through the the 18th video on December 20, 2019.  I have matched the four scriptures which are quoted in this article to stand in numerical, as well as ethical,  opposition to this timeline:  specifically, James 4:12, Job 8:3, Ezekiel 21:24 and Judges 5:23.

Tracking the Leopard Meroz is based on the Scripture of Judges 5:23:  Curse ye Meroz, said the angel of the LORD, curse ye bitterly the inhabitants thereof; because they came not to the help of the LORD, to the help of the LORD against the mighty.

In that scripture the phrase curse ye bitterly is made up of a Hebrew word spoken twice; essentially “curse-curse”. The inhabitants of the village of Meroz did not offer themselves willingly as others in Israel when the LORD determined that the time was right to deliver Israel from the oppressor Jabin, king of Canaan, and the captain of his army, Sisera.

Death Curses spoken by black magicians

Years ago, I came across a book called The Tarot which was written under the pseudonym, Mouni  Sadhu. Within that text is an explanation of the death curse magick of black magicians, and the methods they employ to avoid the return blow of their operations.  Surprisingly, these unbelievers in the Bible, often quote the Scriptures and display more respect for spiritual laws than do some professing Christians.

Because of the careless disregard by the creator(s) of the Dopey Dave videos for American law, the Scriptures, and general spiritual laws known by all of humanity, it is my opinion they are being played as fools by a hidden “anointed” black magician who is utilizing the Dopey Dave timeline for his own purposes.  What this means is that the creators have been positioned to receive the possible and real blow back of their curses, rather than the hidden hand and guide.

Back in 2013-2014 I wrote a blog called Mouni Sadhu Unmasked which examined the Tarot teachings of the occult teacher Mouni Sadhu, who was born in Russian and moved to Germany as a child, and later studied higher mathematics.  He became  employed as a flight ballistics mathematician at Cape Canaveral after World War II. Mouni Sadhu’s book on the Tarot, viewed it as a mathematical machine which revealed occult truth.

According to a biographical letter on Mouni Sadhu by Bruce W. Du Ve, Mouni Sadhu had “fought as an infantry soldier in the German army as a young man in World War I.  Being fluent in Russian, he undertook espionage missions in Russia during World War 2 as a member of the British secret service that was based in the USA at that time.”

Today on the Winter Solstice, yet another video

As I finish this article, I see that today another Dopey Dave video has been produced called RV FIRE:  Daniel Cromer, Thomas Schoenberger & Dave Sweigert Go Up in ‘Flames’. 

The Dopey Dave channel has 83 subscribers, and after 4 hours of this latest posting, 17 persons have given this video a thumbs up.  5 persons have hit the thumbs down button.  Persons who approve of these types of death curses perhaps should consider the spiritual implications of partaking in the sins of the video creators of this channel.

Here is one last Scripture which looks to the future, from video #19 (December 21, 2019/ the Winter Solstice) forward. I think my next goal is to observe how many videos it takes to be laid in the balances of  Romans 2:1-3, which warns, Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest:  for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.  And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God?






Talebearers Denise Matteau and Marcus Conte “Ignited and United” Campaign To Bring to Justice their Mythical Monsters

Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out:  so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceaseth.  Proverbs 26:20

Marcus Conte published today, December 3, 2019, a video titled, Fugitive in Port Neches Explosion May Face Criminal Charges;  Plus Gabe Hoffman Defamation Lawsuit.  As seen in the screenshot below, Marcus Conte has sent a letter to the Magistrate Judge in the defamation lawsuit, D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman, accusing Dave Sweigert of witness tampering and providing a link to a November 25, 2019 unlisted video on the Dave Acton You Tube channel.

This letter to a judge recalls a previous letter of Marcus Conte’s where he attempted to intervene in a lawsuit involving David Sweigert. I discussed that previous situation in an article on September 14, 2019, called Crowdsource the Court Jester Marcus Conte:  Too Lazy to Sue Dave Sweigert, He attempts to Intervene in a Lawsuit Unrelated to Him!

What events preceded this December 3rd letter to the Judge in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit?

I have not written any articles in over a month in order to enjoy the fall weather and Thanksgiving Day in peace, but as I was blissfully enjoying my vacation from the Alternative News Media, a chemical explosion occurred in Port Nueces, Texas on November 27, 2019.  Prior to living in Mississippi, I had lived in Texas for 28 years, including Corpus Christi, so this story caught my attention, especially when two internet reporters attempted to turn the misfortunes of the Port of Neches explosion into a story which would elevate themselves into notoriety.

Port of Neches, Texas chemical plant explosion on November 27, 2019

Internet talebearers Marcus Conte and Denise Matteau of Truth Convoy joined forces in what I shall term their Ignited and United campaign against their common adversary, Dave Sweigert, whose defamation lawsuit against Jason Goodman is covered on my Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog.

I do not subscribe to any YouTube channel, and ever since Dave Sweigert started creating unlisted videos on his Dave Acton YouTube channel, I cannot view his productions. But apparently Denise Matteau is a subscriber, and she has viewing privileges not afforded to me.

The subject “offending” Dave Acton video was published November 25, 2019.  In reviewing the timeline of these events, I would like to take my readers back to a week prior to that video.  It was on November 19, 2019, that the Teenage FBI YouTube channel published a two hour live stream called Live Like A Maginot Line, which was based on the title of a self published book on by Dave Sweigert. The day following, Dan Cromer aka Leppo, the “Mind War Comedian”,  interviewed Steve Outtrim in a show titled, Live Like A Flame Thrower.  

David Sweigert’s self published 76 page book on November 11, 2019

In discussing the timeline of Denise Matteau and Marcus Conte’s Ignited and United talebearing campaign, I will be quoting from videos which are are not in chronological order. So let us begin with Denise Matteau’s Truth Convoy 21.11 minute video dated December 1, 2019, called Clarification About Steve Outtrim from “Mossad Part 2”.

[Note: all comments by Tracking the Leopard Meroz are in maroon italics. Also any bolding in transcribed videos is mine.]

At the 7.09 mark, Denise Matteau is discussing “active domestic terrorism that is being facilitated and promoted and underwritten, subsidized and conducted by foreign agents”. She then remarks, “Outtrim [i.e. Steve Outtrim of Cryptobeast YouTube and blog] is a foreign agent and I did actually report him to the security in his own country, over the Port Neches thing.  Um, I hope he’s on a no-fly list.  That’s what I’m doing.”

“You know you think, go ahead and call me crazy, but I want to tell you something, I don’t make a report by calling up and saying, “he said terrible things and I’m all upset”.  No, I don’t do that.  When I see a factual video, when Outtrim made statements in the video the day after Schoenberger and Sweigert together discussed blowing up Corpus Christi, then after that the —I made a report on that, the, the federal agent that I reported that to listened to Schoenberger’s speech and then asked me a lot of details identifying you know the kind of questions they ask, when they’re actually filling out the form and making a record of the report.”

“And the next day, Outtrim showed up supporting the (garble) foreign agent.  I reported him.  I have a six digit reference number to update with.  See, I know what I’m doing.  These foreign agents gotta have to start paying attention to your problems in your own country.  I am gonna do a video on Outtrim, um, because there’s somebody else that I dealt with who was spending a lot of time overseas and it was very interesting because, well, we’ll talk about that in a video, very interesting and it fits in with the terrorism, concerns another murder…”(9.48)

(12.58) “…when I saw that article, Outtrim touched a lot of the facts of the financial subsidy and if you read that article that he wrote about the evacuation of the Port of Charleston, South Carolina, you saw that he’s even got one of my videos embedded in it.  Well, fine, keep it there, that’s fine.”

(15.17) “…I was focused on what I’ve been finding out and seeing and understanding as I’ve been putting together the threads of these people that have been attacking me and now they’re attacking the whole damn coast?  And that though it’s the way that they started, it was a personal thing, but the way my name and my, the hate clips, the way they’re being used is showing not only that this is a terrorist army, an actual army of terrorists.

“But they are doing things that can, under present laws, the Patriot Act, but not even using the Patriot Act, regular laws about extortion and bribery and financially, I mean you know what the Sweigerts are trying to do to the court and Goodman involved in that.  Good-Jason Goodman is 100% aware and partnering with Sweigert in the fraud on the court.”

“I mean, it’s, it’s pure nonsense and these people who think they’re being clever and cool; if you really understand the law and you look at what they are doing, we’re very close to seeing them go to jail, without any additional laws being enacted.  They could easily re-open the Port of Charleston incident and look at it again based on new evidence coming out of this incident.”

“What Leppo’s doing, trying to sell that book.  It’s financial when you’ve got an, an Outtrim track 20,000–30,000 you know he was tracking tens of thousands of dollars in transactions related to that evacuation.  If that reaches government agents as new evidence, they can reopen that case and they can put both Sweigerts in jail, and they can start dismantling the radicalization terrorist network that Hollywood is facilitating in YouTube.  Everybody who’s made money off this-the law works on money, OK?  You can, you can say nasty things about someone in it; that’s not against the law.  But you do something that’s transactional with money and it’s related to destroying and blackmailing, you can go to jail for that.  And they need to start looking at the Patriot Act and, dusting it off and using it.” (18.45)

Denise Matteau has engaged in long running defamation campaigns against various individuals, which are rationalized by conflating these separate relationships into a unified conspiracy story

The day prior to Denise Matteau explaining in her video that she had reported Steve Outtrim to the authorities in his country, she published her November 30, 2019, video called Understanding How Mossad Creates Terrorism in the USA, Part 2.  At the 1.06.44 mark Denise tells this story:  “First of all we know from what they said in Port Neches, they got twenty agencies looking at it and we know the Terrorism is looking at it.  I reported the threat video, the threat to the Port of Corpus Christi WHEN it came out.  There were four–four!-patrol cars out here because all I did was explained a little bit about what was in the video and said do you want me to send you the link, and she said no, we’re sending someone up.”

“One patrol car came up-one patrol car- and he came in and I could tell by the grin on his face, it was like Hey, just you know, see what’s up with crazy lady, and he’s looking at the video and it started and he saw “my interesting tools”, huh and then gets to “Port of Corpus CRISPI”,  and he starts talking about and then the guy goes and then he’s mumbling into his shoulder thing.”

“And the next thing I know, three patrol cars pull up, not after me!  They went around to talk to neighbors and the guy that was talking to me and looking at it his partner is looking over his shoulder at it, and then he says and then they go out and they had a big conference out there amongst themselves – all the uniforms- and these were serious people.  These were not Officer Donut.  The second crew that came in were serious people.  They were not Officer Donut – they were not you know, drug dealers SWAT team and they listened to what these men were saying in these videos.  And that was BEFORE the explosions in Port Neches.  It was less; it was, was maybe 12 hours before?  That video went up while my cult video, my death cult-the one that Marcus Conte grabbed, [Death Cult Melt-Down:  Larping Fools, Brainwashed Tools dated November 26, 2019] and that’s what that’s really what happened right there.  My video was uploading when I saw the threat to Corpus Christi-that video.

“He [i.e. Dave Sweigert’s Dave Acton Youtube channel] set it up so they wouldn’t show up for everybody.  It’s, it shows up as an unlisted, but somehow because I was still subscribed to his channel from before, it shows up to me and he likes to put these videos up about 9 o’clock at night, but it was the next morning that I made the call because I know I couldn’t get the people I needed to get at 9 o’clock at night.  I did make some Fed…”.  (video cuts off at 1.10.25)

[Dave Sweigert published his YouTube video “My Crazy Dream about a Corpus Christi Movie” on November 25, 2019.  Denise Matteau reported it to the local police on November 26, 2019.]

Marcus Conte joins forces with Denise Matteau to publish their distorted narratives for profit on their YouTube channels.

After discussions with Denise Matteau on the Dave Acton video, and in regard to the Port of Neches, Texas, November 27, 2019 chemical explosion, Marcus Conte published several videos which can be seen on his YouTube channel.  On Thanksgiving Day,  November 28, 2019, the Marcus Conte YouTube channel published a 20.54 minute video called, RAW Call to FBI “Rogue You Tuber Reported to FBI for Explosion in Port Neches, TX”.

Marcus Conte begins, “Whoa, Marcus Conte reporting, calling the FBI, calling the FBI.” (ring, ring).  A male voice answers the phone, saying, “FBI New York Division.  This call may be monitored or recorded.  Please listen to this message in its entirety…If this is an emergency please hang up and dial 9-1-1.  If you are calling to report an internet crime, please go to (website named).  If you are calling to report a federal crime please press 3.  If you like to speak to an operator please press 6…”

Marcus Conte:  Press 6.  Yes, I um, I, I think I need somebody to uh talk to about a possible uh, about the possible explosion in Texas.  I’m a reporter and I was just doing a story…(ring…).

FBI:  FBI here…

Marcus Conte: FBI New York thank you, I uh, I think I have a bit of a problem here.  I need to have someone sort it out.  I’m a reporter and I am an internet YouTube reporter and I was doing a story today with a woman who who we were doing something on death cults.  It’s a wild subject but here’s, here’s the kicker, there’s an explosion in Texas this morning and the port of, I can’t believe what I’m seeing here.

And uh the port of, what is this?  The port of chemical plant blasts down in the port of something with an N, where is it?  Uh, Nietzsches, point, point of Knee Chess has an uh explosion happens early this morning, right?  Sounds, sounds, doesn’t – not a big deal, right?

So yesterday, she shows me a video of these two guys online – this guy online planning to blow up a port in Texas, right?  I have the video, right?  He explaining and he’s, what he’s doing as well as he’s, he’s throwing my name into the equation. Like this is some scary, this scared the shit out of me when I just watched it, right, so I’m watching a video and I, I could play it–he explains how he’s gonna take a drone and put a flame thrower on it, buy it fon Ebay and fly it over the Port of Corpus Christi and blow up an LNG tank, right?

Now it sounds like a Wild West, but then I’m looking this morning, waiting for the woman to call in to do the show and there’s no answer.  She’s still not answering me.  I says she was supposed to call me at 11 o’clock.  I’ve emailed it now three times, it’s 11:50 and here’s the other part of it.  You’re still there, right?

FBI:  Yeah, yeah, I’m here.

Marcus Conte:  So she also says that it, the crazy guy in the video, says that there two guys from New York are gonna come and tie you up and, and hold you hostage and use you as some sort of…I could play you the video.  I can’t, I mean, it’s I couldn’t even make it up and how could I, how could he possibly made this thing, can you, can you listen to this? “This is perfect..”. You know, I had this really crazy...”.  You could hear that, right?

FBI: Yeah.

Marcus Conte: (playing video, and we hear), “Crazy Dream, it was really super crazy, so there was this lady in Corpus Christi and she was all upset and anti-government because her daughter was murdered and it was never investigated, see this is a movie plot-it’s called Corpus Christi–Corpus Christi–That’s the name of the movie–so she’s putting out all this stuff on social media about how much she hates the government and there’s these two jerks in New York City and one used to own a drone company and the other was a disgruntled worker for the trash company, and so they kind of picked up on her.  These two guys made a lot of videos together, they hang out with each other, they shopped together..”


Marcus Conte:  I mean, I mean it’s heavy right?

The FBI operator decides to transfer Marcus Conte to the National Threat Operation.  Ring, Ring, Ring…[National Loonie Division, I mean National Threat Operation, how can I help you?]

(6.59) Ring, ring.  FBI:  Please provide the zip code of the area you are calling from now.

Marcus Conte:  1-1-2-0-9-.

FBI:  I’m sorry, we didn’t get your response.

Marcus Conte: presses numbers on his phone.

FBI:  One moment while I transfer you to the next available representative.  Your call will now be recorded.

Marcus Conte:  Yes, my first name is uhh Marcus M-A-R-C-U-S Conte C-O-N-T-E.

FBI:  And your date of birth?

Marcus Conte: February 29, 1964.

FBI:  And what is your phone number, Sir.

Marcus Conte:  Ummm…

FBI:  Alright, what zip code are you calling from?

Marcus Conte:  one one two zero nine.

FBI:  OK, what is the federal violation you’re reporting?

Marcus (Clueless) Conte:  Alright, so here’s the deal. [Marcus Conte has no clue how Dave Acton’s video violated any laws.  But we can be sure he will think of something…eventually.  Right?  Ahhh. witness tampering!  Yeah, that sounds good!] This morning, right, there’s an explosion in a Texas plant right down in, in the port of somewhere, port of, Port of Knee-chess, N-E-C-H-E-S, Texas, an explosion at a TPC chemical plant.  That’s- I’M A REPORTER, I’m, I’m what I’m doing is I’m waiting for, waiting for someone, I’m waiting to do a report, to do a one-on-one interview about some kind of a related subject, right?

And yesterday, yesterday, a man made a video online and posts the video, right?  With the plan to and to blow up a port in Texas, and then but before he does, that he’s going to tie up the lady and, and uh, you know, and, and, I don’t know what he’s gonna do with her, after he ties her up and so, so I and I have the video, I watched a video yesterday. [Is that the video where you told the other FBI employee that you were NAMED in this plot?  Did your mother name you DISGRUNTLED WORKER FOR THE TRASH COMPANY?  The maker of the video is not the terrorist tying up an old lady in Corpus Christi in this dream–you and the owner of a drone company, the two jerks in New York are the culprits. I was like this is crazy- the guy’s, THE GUY”S A PSYCHOPATH, right? [Which guy is a psychopath?  The guy who owned the drone company or the disgruntled worker for the trash company?]

And I could play it for you; if you want to hear it, I’ll play it…

FBI:  Where was the video?

Marcus Conte:  The video was on YouTube.

FBI:  And who’s the individual that posted it?

Marcus “The Clueless Reporter” Conte: Uhh, I believe the voice in the video, his name is David Acton–David Schwegart Swaggart–he goes by David Acton, David Sweggart, I believe he is in California.  He was.

FBI:  He posted a video on YouTube that there was going to be an explosion in Texas before the explosion occurred.

Marcus Conte:  It may, not in so many words, can I play you the recording so that you can hear it and it could be on the record?  I’ll play it to you, if you like.

FBI:  That’s fine.  I’m just trying to get a better understanding of what you’re interpreting in it.

Marcus Conte:  Yeah.  I’m interpreting as here he is talking, telling this woman about his dream that, that he’s going to take a, that a he’s gonna take a drone with a flame thrower on it in the Corpus -in Corpus Christi and fly it over a tanker and blow it up and take out 3 miles of space. [So the dreamer in California went to Corpus Christi to blow up a chemical plant in Corpus Christi, but the drone got out of control and flew to Port Knee Chess?]  Yesterday he said this, [So this phone call to the FBI was made on November 26, 2019, the same day Denise Matteau called the local police to report the same video?] and I’m watching the news right now and I’m watching flames- explosion- not in the same port, right? [Got it.]

The Port of Corpus Christi is, I guess, and I know, it’s miles  away, right?  in Texas? [You did say you are a reporter, Marcus Clueless] The other one is Neches, KNEE CHEESE, something.  It’s a scary thing, I mean and there’s also other things she has, there’s actual like conversations where she reported it in Texas.  She reported it after she saw the video.  Now the other thing is that she said that…

FBI:  What is her name?

Marcus Conte:  Her name is uhh Denise Matteau.  Denise Matteau.

FBI:  Can you spell her last name?

Marcus Conte:  I could try.  Umm…

FBI:  OK, so she reported it after having seen..

Marcus Conte:  She, I believe she reported it.  She also showed me to some kind of threads, some kind of phone conversations.  She says, “the man in the video is the same D. George Sweigert who emailed Nueces [pronounced Nooses County by Conte.]  demanding hurricane relief records.”Marcus Conte: (continuing to read Denise Matteau message)  “Tonight he was in a chat posting methods of blowing up the port. [probably the Leppo chatroom on Teenage FBI]  DHS was notified while he did it”.  [I am assuming Denise Matteau called DHS around November 19, 2019; notified authorities to put  foreign agent Steve Outtrim on a No-Fly list after he did the Leppo interview on November 20, 2019, and then called the local police on Dave Sweigert on November 26, 2019].  The next one is the man…blackmailing me.

Marcus Conte:  That’s what she’s saying, right?  And I could play it for you, here.  Would you like to hear the damn video because this is, you’ll hear it in his own words and I won’t have to explain it three times.  [Marcus Conte finds it difficult to explain anything in a clear manner, and was obviously unprepared to discuss his “tip” to the FBI as shown by his inability to spell and pronounce critical names. His story is altered slightly with each FBI operator.  And now he displays his impatience with the FBI employee for not doing things his way.] This is what I’ve had since yesterday, RIGHT?  And I’m still waiting for her to- uhh, I was, she was supposed to call into my show at eleven o’clock and she’s and it’s now 12 o’clock and in the video they’re saying they’re gonna tie her up.  Two guys from New York-they’re gonna tie her up.  [Marcus Conte had confessed in a taped FBI recording that one of those two New Yorkers referenced himself.]

FBI:  OK, spell the last name.  You said Swaggert or Schweigert.

Marcus Conte:  Oh, yes, I forget that spelling.  SWEIGERT.  He goes by D. George Sweigert.  SWEIGERT.  He also goes by David “Schwaggert”, Dave “Schwagert”, also goes by David Acton, Dave Acton.


Marcus Conte:  Well, I have 35 or 50 videos of him attacking me personally, calling me you know, identifying himself.  There’s undoubtedly it’s him.  No doubt about it.  He doesn’t say Hi, my name is George Dave, this is George Dave Swaggert, but it’s, it’s inescapably his voice.

FBI:  What do you want to actually– just provide me with the URL to the video rather than me trying to hear it over your phone because there seems to be…

Marcus Conte:  You will hear it, you trust – you will hear it, Can I, Can I just interject, you will hear it crystal clear cuz I put the mic on -to put it up to the-I want to put the phone right to the speaker and you will hear it, READY?  [Dave Acton video begins at 1.45 mark].  “This is perfect, you know I had this really crazy…”.  I’m at YouTube.  I now have the spot of the video- it seems that it’s an unlisted.  It’s on the, the video itself is unlisted and it says “My Dream about a Corpus Christ Movie”.  Right?  [Marcus Conte leaves out the word “strange” which is the adjective which Acton choose to describe “dream”Also this is a 5.08 video, and context is important.  But Conte wants to begin at 1.45 into the video].

It’s 228 views published yet on November 25th, so as maybe two days ago the URL to the video is a very long and stupid URL.  May I read it to you?  So it’s HTTP forward slash, forward slash, you know semi-colon slash slash UOU, YOU, excuse me, YOUTU dot BE forward slash 95f underscore zcgqzfa.


Marcus Conte: See if you can get it.  Pop it up.

FBI:  OK, and then the www

Marcus Conte: No W.  No I’m not looking at any www.


Marcus Conte:  HTTP…

Let’s just end our misery here.

Marcus Conte failed to provide a coherent complaint to the FBI, because he is an internet REPORTER looking for attention grabbing headlines for his profit oriented YouTube channel.  

No doubt this collaboration between Denise Matteau and Marcus Conte will be deemed a success in their eyes.  That is, until they are served legal papers…. 




Gabe Hoffman vs. Thomas Schoenberger Defamation Complaint

For those interested in this lawsuit, the complaint may be read at the link below:

gabe hoffman vs thomas schoenberger complaint

Update 11/13/2019:  Gabe Hoffman posted the following notice on his Twitter account, An Open Secret.  That statement is true.

My interest in Hoffman’s lawsuit stems from my acquaintance with Thomas Schoenberger, who had first contacted me at the end of August 2018.  Later on, in email exchanges,  Schoenberger tried to persuade me to write about his version of events relating to Cicada 3301 and Defango.  I declined to get involved in what appeared to be a personal war of words.  Later, Defango revealed some documents pertaining to Shadowbox Strategies, and I was astonished to read that Schoenberger had owned a reputation defense company which charged $45,000 for the first month of services.  Subsequently,  I have written several articles reproving Schoenberger’s online defamation and threats against his adversaries.  I have provided a copy of Gabe Hoffman vs. Thomas Schoenberger as a convenience to my readers.

Convicted felon Scott Allan Bennett: The Court Jester who convinced Jason Goodman that he had been merely a “Political” Prisoner

The theme of Court Jesters is on Jason Goodman’s mind, as he applies this imagery to both D. George Sweigert, the plaintiff in a defamation lawsuit against Goodman, and to Scott Bennett, one of his former favorite Crowdsource the Truth guests.

Scott Bennett is now threatening to sue Jason Goodman because he published a recorded phone conversation without permission on his Patreon site.  

The Last Laugh:  On a dark and rainy night a queue was forming in front of Jason Goodman’s Manhattan apartment…

In a Crowdsource the Truth broadcast on October 18, 2019, titled Court Jester D. George Sweigert’s Social Engineering Lawfare Campaign May Be Coming To An End, Jason Goodman introduced a seemingly unrelated secondary topic at the 15.30 mark, saying, “I mentioned this a week or two ago that there was a Crowdsource the Truth  guest who’s not appearing anymore because I’ve discovered he’s been lying to me; he’s been lying to us, and I don’t just come out and make that statement unless I have evidence and I’ve presented that evidence to the individual and given them an opportunity to refute the evidence so I’m talking about Scott Bennett, yeah.”

He added, “Scott hasn’t been on the show in awhile and the last time he was on a matter came up related to his PhD credentials…It says, PhD (abd) ‘all but a dissertation’ and I forwarded this question to Scott, you know, this woman had a point and she said you know you’re furthering a fraud if you’re telling people that he’s a PhD and he’s not and of course I don’t want to do that so I asked Scott about it and he refused to answer.  People might recall when social engineers questioned David Hawkins credentials...” (16.33)

Hmmm…so it would appear after all, that the Scott Bennett PhD question was inserted for a purpose related to the title of the video.  This little tidbit of gossip was meant to contrast Jason Goodman’s scruples regarding false bona fides against those of the Sweigert social engineers’ investigation into the credentials of  CSTT guest David Hawkins.  So how come Jason Goodman was not offended by Scott Bennett’s lies and manipulations of government authorities that branded him as a convicted federal felon?


What Jason Goodman has willfully overlooked is that shortly after Dave Sweigert created his website, Sweigert posted an opinion piece on August 9, 2019,  titled Jason Goodman Talks Over El Paso and Dayton Shootings with Scott Allan Bennett of USSOCOM unauthorized weapons fame. Sweigert provided troubling background information on Bennett in that article written over two months ago.  Information that goes back more than 8 years when Bennett was indicted on April 28, 2011 and then sentenced to 36 months in a federal prison.

In response to Jason Goodman’s 2 Court Jester videos, Sweigert notes that over 2 dozen Crowdsource the Truth shows featured Scott Bennett over a 2 year period. has added two new articles titled After Two Years, Jason Goodman throws Scott Allan Bennett under the bus for lacking completed PhD (10/19/2019)  and The Scott Allen Bennett “lawsuit” against Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth (conspiracy channel (10/20/2019).

Sweigert has provided a general background history of Scott Bennett which Jason Goodman ignored when on October 19, 2019 he published another video to explain the PhD controversy, called Second Court Jester In As Many Days-Scott Bennett Makes Ludicrous Demands.


Scott Bennett’s Notice which he left on YouTube and Facebook accounts of Jason Goodman

The above screenshot of Scott Bennett’s Cease and Desist Notice to Jason Goodman is difficult to read, so let’s go over some of the major points of interest.

The sender is Scott Bennett of Nexus Strategic Analytics which summarizes their company mission as “Uniting the World’s Best People, Ideas, and Resources to Influence Cultures and Governments”.  This is an unfinished website with a donate button, but it features Scott Bennett as a PhD without the (abd) all but dissertation qualification.  Elsewhere on the internet, Bennett has referred to himself as a PhD (abd).

Bio summary from Nexus Strategic Analytics website



“BE ADVISED, it has come to my attention that you, Jason Goodman and your organization/affiliate “Crowdsource the Truth”, and your other aliases, are attempting to engage in a “slanderous defamation of character campaign” against me, and a disinformation campaign against my whistleblowing report and others associated with this report, including but not limited to Brad Birkenfield, Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange.  You have stated publicly on Facebook, YouTube, and other social and media channels, your intention to do this by “putting up on Patreon ( truth) and Subscribestar” (and other media channels) a private personal conversation between you and myself about counter-intelligence people and operations and propaganda targeting me and my associates.”

Jason Goodman has claimed that he had published a phone conversation with Scott Bennett and also posted documents relating to this matter on his Patreon only subscribers site.  I am not a subscriber, and am unwilling to pay the price to confirm what was actually posted.  

“BE ADVISED, for the safety of my person and family, I adamantly, specifically and formally stated to you during that this phone call between us was not to be shared   in any way, shape, or form.  Your disregard for this instruction and your treachery and deception represents the most reprehensible and devious betrayals, which sadly maligns your personal character and organization.  Your pathetic attempt to generate public sympathy for your lies and increase your profit and financial donors also represents a disgusting “love of money and hatred of truth” which defines you-multidimensionally.  Your slanderous mischaracterization of Jim Fetzer is also another vile indicator or your true nature and agenda.”

[The next four Be Advised statement relate to the legal implications of publicizing recorded private phone calls without the consent of the other party.  This allegation in not just about the legality of recording a private phone call, which in many states does not require the consent of the other party.  The primary problem in this situation deals with the public airing of a phone call, whether it was legally recorded or not.] 

It has long been observed that Jason Goodman records phone calls and plays them on Crowdsource the Truth when it suits his purposes. I have no idea why Scott Bennett would expect that Goodman would treat him any differently than he does other former guests, now that he has turned against him.

The photo below of Scott Bennett with several other notable guests who Jason Goodman describes as “a group of America’s bravest patriots”, who had gathered at a “Round Table” discussion at a 2018 John B. Wells conference. How is it that almost a year ago, it never occurred to Scott Bennett or Jason Goodman that this facade might come to an end? 

In Scott Bennett’s Cease and Desist notice, the seventh statement reads:  “BE ADVISED, due to this slanderous and injurious act by you, you are also hereby reported to the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the Department of Justice, and other law enforcement and investigative government bodies for your possible connection and relationships to Mossad, Israeli Intelligence Services, and other Zionist-NEOCON-Warmongering agents, as well as foreign governments and individuals.”

There is something amusing about self reported political prisoners suddenly deciding that the very agencies that they consider corrupt will now rush to come to their aid, if they whine loudly enough.

Scott Bennett is considering a lawsuit against Jason Goodman, but should Robert David Steele prevail in the March 2020 trial against defendant Goodman, and with Dave Sweigert possibly not far behind with his lawsuit, there may slim pickings for a third civil lawsuit.  Perhaps Bennett can get what remains of Jason Goodman’s tupperware collection.


Tracking the Leopard Meroz has covered a number of interesting criminal cases; some involved sovereign citizen styled beliefs or a libertarian “dark web” privacy  philosophy.  Many of these felons were promoted falsely on Alternative Media sites as heroes and American Political Prisoners.

In Scott Bennett’s case, he became infamous when on April 23, 2010, he “approached MacDill Air Force Bases’s Dale Mabry Gate and was selected for random Base entry point screening.  During the screening, Bennett appeared intoxicated, which prompted MacDill security to call Tampa police.  MacDill security continued to question Bennett until Tampa Police arrived.  After failing a sobriety test, Bennett was arrested and searched; police discovered a concealed handgun on Bennett’s person in addition to other weapons in Bennett’s car.” [see U. S. v. Bennett case no. 8:11-cr-14-T-33AEP].

This court decision further relates that, “Later that morning, Detective Garcia of MacDill security was informed of Bennett’s arrest.  In an initial inquiry, Detective Garcia learned Bennett had received authorization to live on MacDill as an active duty Army Reservist with orders from Central Command.  Further investigation revealed, however, that Bennett was in fact a civilian contractor working for U. S. Central Command.  When Bennett returned to MacDill Air Force Base he consented to a vehicle search by Detective Garcia;  Detective Garcia found empty gun holsters, a knife, and pepper spray.  After obtaining a search warrant, Detective Garcia found seven unauthorized firearms, over 9,000 rounds of ammunition, and other contraband in Bennett’s on-Base housing.”

According to a Department of Justice press release dated July 22, 2011 by United States Attorney Robert E. O’Neill (Middle District of Florida), Scott Allan Bennett was indicted by Superseding Indictment on April 28, 2011.   “A federal jury yesterday (7/21/2011) found Scott Allan Bennett (40, Washington DC) guilty of lying to government officials to obtain housing on MacDill Air Force Base, as well as wearing a U. S. military uniform without authorization and violating a defense property security regulation with regard to firearms he had on MacDill Air Force Base.”

The press release also stated, “United States District Judge Virginia M. Hernandez Covington revoked Bennett’s bond finding he was a danger to the community…According to testimony and evidence presented at trial, Bennett falsely held himself out as an active duty military member, although he was only working on MacDill Air Force Base as a civilian contractor.  Further, Bennett told Base housing employees that he was an aide to Admiral Eric Olson of U. S. Special Operations Command, which is headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base.  Once he obtained on-base housing, Bennett possessed 10 guns and over 9,000 rounds of ammunition in his residence, which he failed to register as required by MacDill Air Force Bases’s security regulation.”

Scott Bennett appealed his 36-month sentence as discussed in a November 1, 2012 eight page document,  In the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, No. 11-15931.united_states_v._scott_allan_bennett 11 1 2012

The Court remarked on page 6, “Here, for purposes of his false-statement offense, Bennett had agreed by lease to follow various security regulations at the military base.  Bennett violated those security regulations when he possessed unauthorized weapons at his on-base apartment, the apartment which he had obtained through his false-statement offense.  Bennett’s failure to disclose or seek authorization to possess the firearms helped Bennett avoid detection of his false-statement offense.  Therefore, the district court did not clearly err when the court applied the weapons possession enhancement to Bennett’s guideline range.”

On page 7, it is added that, “Moreover, even assuming Bennett’s guideline range was 1-7 months, [footnote states, “We found this range on an offense conduct of 6 and a criminal history category of II], a 36-month sentence was not substantially unreasonable on this record.  The district court carefully explained that Bennett’s presence and his cache of weaponry presented a significant security breach, and Bennett had displayed a pattern of falsehoods…”.  The Court affirmed Scott Bennett’s sentencing of 36 months.  It should be noted that prior to sentencing the Department of Justice noted that “Bennett faces a maximum penalty of seven-and-a half years in federal prison”.

SHELL GAME report published in 2006 by Scott Bennett

On September 19, 2013, Scott Allan Bennett filed Document 183 in United States v. Bennett, using the full title for his motion for miscellaneous relief, Defendant’s Motion for Termination of Detention of in the Alternative, Bail Pending Appeal, to Allow Him to:  Provide Intelligence Information Essential to United States National Security Concerning Terrorist-Financing and Its Current Connection to National Security Agency Whistleblower Edward Snowden, Booz-Allen Hamilton, and Union Bank of Switzerland- Brad Birkenfield Report to U. S. Justice Department, Central Intelligence Agency, U. S. Senate, U. S. Central Command and U. S. Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command”.

In response to that lofty Motion title, Bennett received an Order from the United States District Court Middle District of Florida Tampa Division, decided on November 6, 2013. [see United States v. Bennett].  On page one, the Court states, “Bennett informs the Court that he has attempted to provide the government with substantial assistance by sending letters containing his own ‘intelligence analysis’ to various military and congressional leaders.  Thus, he requests ‘an expedited termination of detention’.”


On page 3 of this document, “The Government challenges Bennett’s request for bail pending appeal on the grounds that Bennett has failed to show by clear and convincing evidence that he is not a danger to the community and that his appeal raises any substantial question of law or fact.”  In addressing the Danger to Community question,  the Court stated, “Bennett asserts that he presents no danger to the community or to any other person.  He advises that, while incarcerated, he ‘has been a model inmate…however, “this Court determines that he has not established by clear and convincing evidence that he does not post a danger to another or to the community if released.  The Government argues that Bennett not only fraudulently obtained military housing where he ‘proceeded to stockpile unregistered firearms,’ but in fact continued to pose as an officer in the U. S. Army to gain special privileges even after he had been charged in this case. ( bold added).  These actions, the Government claims, ‘paint a disturbing picture of…someone who will lie to and manipulate governmental authorities to get what he wants.

“Bennett’s references to his good behavior while incarcerated do not overcome these concerns.  In fact, his continued assertions that he remains an ‘Officer of the U. S. Army’ without any corroborating evidence–indeed, despite the Government’s arguments to the contrary,–only exacerbate such concerns.”

Google ‘s preview of Shell Game displays at the very beginning,  an unauthenticated letter purported to be written by a military officer which is disturbing in its implications, if this letter was written under deceptive conditions. If you decide to review this first document in this preview, note that there is no letterhead, no signature, or other indication that this letter is authentic. displays another Shell Game pdf. which represents an 86 page report written by Scott Bennett on May 27, 2013, requesting a special hearing and investigation by Congress into his concerns. However, much of this report is a long winded autobiographical camp fire story, padded with references to movies.

In conclusion, Jason Goodman’s promotion of Scott Bennett as a credible whistleblower and a former American political prisoner is inexcusable.  Bennett’s public record of breaking the law goes back to 2010, and the subsequent court documents explain why his lies and manipulation of others represented a federal felony which resulted in a sentencing of three years incarceration.  Why cover over that past history, and only now create a fuss over Bennett’s PhD status?

Playing Us False: The Ventriloquist of Cicada 3301

“Cicada, Cicada, Cic-Cic-Cic-Cicada, we hear the sound, and eager creep to spot whence comes, when lo, ’tis gone!–but yet again, Cicada, Cicada.  We look in vain, for Nature’s own ventriloquist has played us false.”  Hardwicke’s Science-Gossip 1827

Thomas Schoenberger is shown in this photo displaying his keyboard skills.   Lestat says he never saw Thomas play, but Defango claims he did and that Thomas Schoenberger is an accomplished pianist. Schoenberger claims both men are liars and are not to be trusted.  Contradictions are the black and white keys which Schoenberger has in fact mastered.

I have never had any interest in the Cicada 3301 puzzles, not even when Thomas Schoenberger  started frantically emailing me that he was being set up, and his life was in danger.

But all that changed when I read Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez’s  interviews of three of the Cicada 3301 insiders on his website, Those interviews are part of an ongoing, methodical approach to information gathering which the political scientist historian Trujillo is slowly building to form an insightful history of the Cicada 3301 puzzle makers.

The ventriloquist that played us false

Thomas Schoenberger was an insider of Cicada 3301, who some now accuse of being an infiltrator that betrayed the original intent of this puzzle, when he attempted to  commercialize it.  Schoenberger first contacted me around the end of August, 2018, and over the months I gained a firsthand partial knowledge of his side of events.

Others are acquainted with Thomas Schoenberger’s words through his use of a  multitude of internet anonymous handles.  And if you ever attract his attention, you will soon understand his ability for flooding an email box, as he attempts to persuade the recipient of his position on an issue.

More recently Schoenberger’s short YouTube video presentations have been viewed by both his allies and opponents, as he defends his version of events. Like a cicada, first his voice was heard over there with his Parody Lives YouTube channel, then over here with his Exposing Gangstalkers channel, and now he is yet again throwing his voice from a concealed location through his Doc Holliday channel.

One question to ask is whether Thomas Schoenberger IS the Ventriloquist himself, or just the Dummy who moves his mouth by an unseen hand.

Thomas Schoenberger vs Manual Chavez III (Defango)

A few months back, Thomas Schoenberger and his friend Dan Cromer aka Leppo of the Teenage FBI YouTube channel were instrumental in creating division among various persons, when unsubstantiated  allegations were made against Defango.  In conjunction with these accusations, both Dave (Acton) Sweigert and Steve Outtrim of and Cryptobeast also expressed their ongoing issues with Manual Chavez III (Defango). 

Interestingly, Esteban Trujillo, the historian of Cicada 3301 who interviewed Defango, but as yet has not published the transcription of that audio, found himself caught up in the net of these interpersonal vendettas.

Trujillo describes it this way:  “This is one of the problems that I have.  I interviewed Defango (Manuel Chavez III) for like three hours, he told me that he recovered deleted files from a lady named Linda, she was the girlfriend, the cohabitation- co-habiting girlfriend of Thomas, and he used her MacIntosh to work on Liber Primus and Defango says that he recovered the second half in clear text, and I haven’t been able to get it out of him yet.  And he’s kind of touchy, he’s mad at me because I published Lestat’s interview first, you know and honestly I didn’t intend to piss him off, I didn’t do it, it didn’t ever occur to me that he would, you know, flip out the way he did, but he got mad, because like, there’s a real rivalry between these guys and the thing about Defango is the guy’s got to win, you know.  He’s absolutely got to win, and if he’s not winning, he’s mad.  So he called me a ‘fool,’ and a ‘douchebag,’ and I don’t take kindly to that…”.

As Trujillo explained to his guest gHOST, Defango had “flipped out.  Look, and I didn’t do it because I’m choosing sides.  I did it because Lestat’s came out to 10,000 words and Defango’s is 40,000 words, man.  And unless…unless you have an understanding of the amount of work and labor and attention to detail and focus and concentration that goes into producing a document of 40,000 words alone, you don’t know what you’re talking about.  You know?  And Defango, he’s learning disabled, he can’t really read, and he can’t write, ok, this is why he does these videos, ok, and I feel sorry for the guy, alright?  I really do.”

The Satanist Accusations Began Where? When?  How? Who? Why? 

But although Esteban Trujillo wanted to avoid taking sides, the fact is that this entire group of related individuals demand that others pick a side.  I have had to explain to more than one person that I judge others by principles, rather than personal politics.

So in addition to all of this ongoing drama with regard to Defango, Thomas Schoenberger’s Leppo connection caused further discord when Leppo interviewed Satanist Michael Aquino. All of these events resulted in a split between Dave Sweigert aka Dave Acton and two of his faithful friends, Bridgit and Sugar Shine. I do not know either of these women, but I respect their opinions, and was dismayed at what had transpired.

And because Steve Outtrim was openly supporting Thomas Schoenberger at the very same time I was refusing to get involved in his personal vendettas,  I asked Dave Acton to remove my blog’s name from his channel, in order to maintain my own separate identity and integrity. At the center of all of this confusion was Thomas Schoenberger.  It is apparent from hearing the testimonies of many persons, that his presence routinely results in fractious contention.

Lately Schoenberger has attempted to disparage the character and honor of Esteban Trujillo, the historian  involved in the long term project of documenting the history of the Cicada 3301.  I am an admirer of Trujillo’s writings, and consider him to be an honorable man.  Born in Denver, Colorado in 1960, Esteban Trujillo served in the United States Army from 1979 through 1994, and received a Silver Star as recognition for his courage. His awards include the Combat Medical Badge, Master Parachutist badges, Special Forces and Ranger tabs, and Armed Forces Expeditionary medal with arrowhead.  Trujillo wrote a book on his experiences during the Invasion of Panama.  His published works can be located on

Esteban Trujillo as author and historian

I am going to provide a few general quotes of Esteban Trujillo from his Cicada 3301 articles on [All bolding is mine for emphasis].

Trujillo comments, “Some may complain about the length of this interview:  indeed, it is longer than I intended.  But these things take as long as they take.  Others may cringe from the wall of text that confronts them here, but one of my pet peeves is the laziness of those who prefer to passively absorb information through videos rather than doing the hard work of reading.”

One should reflect on that last sentence and compare the motives and the content of the long term writing project of Trujillo with that of the off the cuff short videos which Thomas Schoenberger has been producing, which end up being struck from YouTube for harassing behavior.

After Thomas Schoenberger approached me with his story of being falsely accused and his fears that someone was targeting him to be swatted, I advised him to take the time to carefully document his own story with evidence AND a timeline IN WRITING, rather than attempting to manipulate others by using their platforms for his own personal agenda.

Esteban Trujillo continues his above quoted comment, saying, “This is why I provide only the audio of these interviews.  I may at some future point post the video with additional analysis, but for now, I consider the video an impediment.  I include the audio file as a SoundCloud download in the interest of authenticity.  Anyone can review the audio and compare it to my transcript.  Best of all:  text is searchable, and unlike video, it is indexed on the net.”

Trujillo adds, “You will find no filler here.  This is raw, usable information, for students of Cicada 3301, for social scientists researching this phenomenon of the internet age, for historians to come.  I comment on these interviews and I place supporting information adjacent to where it is needed.  Anyone can dispute my commentary or the information that I provide, but the data itself stands on its own merits.”

Thomas Schoenberger has disputed Esteban Trujillo’s work in progress, by calling him a liar, among many things, in an effort to slander the character and career of Trujillo. Apparently, this ongoing research into the history of Cicada 3301 by Trujillo represents a strong counter narrative to what Thomas Schoenberger has been asserting, and he wants this written work silenced.

Thomas Schoenberger’s involvement in Cicada 3301 raises many questions

In this comment in the gHOST3301 interview, Esteban Trujillo says, “…I address Thomas Schoenberger’s culpability in the collapse of Cicada 3301 on May 7, 2018, and his infiltration of the order between 2015-6.  We recount the efforts of Schoenberger and his colleagues, Michael Levine and Richard Lech, to monetize the order, excluding the actual puzzle creators from their schemes.  More detail, more information, much of it in the form of Cicada’s internal documentation, is forthcoming.”

“For the corporate lawyers reviewing this interview, consider the tenuous ownership position of the profiteering triumvirate.  They may hold a trademark, but they can demonstrate no ownership of the intellectual property of the order.  The internal documentation of Cicada 3301 itself demonstrates that Richard Lech played no discernible role in puzzlemaking.  Michael Levine’s involvement appears titular and marginal and Schoenberger’s participation was collaborative.”

Thomas Schoenberger’s hero Steve Outtrim endorses his claim that he worked for the  Pentagon on the Stargate Project?

According to Steve Outtrim’s June 22, 2019, Burner’ article titled Latest Weapon in the InfoWar:  Data Maps, he claims that, “It has now come out that Cicada 3301 was founded by Bruce C Clarke, Jr, the former head of the CIA’s research division; and co-founder Thomas Schoenberger previously worked for the Pentagon, possibly on remote viewing projects such as STARGATE or GRILL FLAME.”

Is there evidence to support this latter statement on Thomas Schoenberger? 

Timelines…and their interpretation

The Star Gate is an ever expanding project to accommodate Thomas Schoenberger’s ever expanding girth, so that he can finally cross over to the other side where he belongs.

Cicada 3301 had three puzzles published sequentially on January 4th of 2012, 2013 and 2014. Founder ***(update at end of article) Bruce C. Clarke, the former CIA manager, died on October 5, 2014, in Vienna, Austria.  The second founder of this puzzle was Ian Murdock, originator of the Debian Project and Progeny Linux Systems, who died under suspicious circumstances on December 28, 2015, although it was officially deemed to be a suicide.

19 days before Ian Murdock’s death an agreement was written between Thomas Schoenberger, Michael Levine and Richard Lech to commercialize Cicada 3301. That  Agreement dated December 9, 2015 represents day one of that enterprise and therefore it is curious that on day 666, or October 4, 2017,  the First Amendment to Amended and Restated Attachment Agreement  was created.  Defango had remarked that Thomas Schoenberger seemed to like the number 666, as it was part of  his Shadowbox Strategies phone number.

This portion of a draft agreement is published on and elsewhere.

The Leopard Meroz is a Master of Numbers and Timelines

I am curious about Thomas Schoenberger’s mathematical skills, and whether they extend beyond his ability to multiply numbers in his head.  Once upon a time I was a solid mathematician and participated in math contests on the high school level.  And although I never went beyond Calculus, almost 19 years ago I was able to discern (decrypt) the Meroz code.  Once in awhile I overlay it upon a timeline, such as we see here for Cicada 3301, to see if someone such as Thomas Schoenberger is on a collision course with the leopard Meroz.  It is possible with all of Schoenberger’s pretensions that he has offended someone far more dangerous than Defango.  And I am not talking about me;  I only track Meroz based on the footprints he leaves behind.

Hiding under a Twitter Block

Getting back to The Real Samizdat blog,  Trujillo explained an experience he had 6 months ago, saying, “Somebody is talking to somebody, as immediately after I asked Thomas Schoenberger for an interview on April 16, 2019, DJ Genki, qntmpkts and a number of Schoenberger sock accounts blocked me on Twitter.  I recently sent Genki and other Cicada insiders interview requests.  If they read this, they should consider that my intent is to ensure that Cicada 3301 is accurately chronicled and archived.  I am not a journalist, I do not engage in gotcha journalism.  I am an old cyberpunk, a political scientist, and an historian.  In my youth, I was a soldier.”

Schoenberger should ask himself whether he wishes his involvement in Cicada 3301 to be characterized by his critics or by himself.  So far, only his critics are talking to me.  None of his allies.  I strive to be dispassionate, but my analysis will inevitably be shaped by my sources.”

In conclusion, it appears that Schoenberger most likely fears Esteban Trujillo’s statement that, “And I’m trying to produce an artifact that will endure, that can endure and resist attacks and analysis and that will ultimately be used going down years, decades.”

***Update January 26, 2020

Esteban Trujillo has raised an interesting question as to whether Clarke was a founder of Cicada 3301, as reported on the internet.  His comment is as follows:

I have a small bone to pick. You mention Bruce Cooper Clarke, Jr. as a “founder” of 3301. There is zero forensic evidence that BCCJr played any role in 3301, or was even aware of it. At his death, he was an 88 year old man, he had been in failing health for many years. There are no indications that he was involved in any internet activities, indeed there is no proof that he even knew how to use a computer. Clarke was an analyst, as he ascended the ranks at CIA he migrated into arms control. He was in the end a bureaucrat, an administrator.
There are no indicators that he was a cypherpunk. I am tracking a report that TS met the old man in Vienna, and I am aware of his claim that Clarke was godfather to his son. There is no proof of it.
There is a 3301 origin story that is pushed by Outtrim that claims that 3301 was founded by a triumvirate of Murdock, TS and Clarke. Until I interviewed gHOST, I was aware of no evidence that Murdock had anything to do with the order. Now I cautiously accept that Murdock was involved, even played a principal role. The details shared by gHOST were persuasive. I published these details on my site.
By comparison, the only evidence that Clarke was involved comes from TS, and I trust nothing that man says. I looked hard into Clarke. There is no proof that he was involved in 3301. There is meager evidence that he met TS in Vienna, probably through an interest in Mozart, though there is also a tale that TS was attempting to sell Mozart memorabilia as historical artifacts to museums and collectors. I am gathering the tendrils of this story.
Thanks for listening!






Denise Matteau: The History of the Roots of Bitterness in Her Life Explained In Her Own Words

Denise Matteau, age 66, in a video posted September 27, 2019 on her Truth Convoy You Tube channel

Denise Matteau of the Truth Convoy YouTube channel has aggravated a number of persons on the internet and in her personal life because she willfully creates  false narratives against those she has turned against.

Many have countered her false allegations with facts, as well as expressed the opinion that her false statements are most likely a  result of the unresolved grief in her heart due to her daughter’s suicide nine years ago, in late August of 2010.    But as we shall observe, the roots of resentment began years before that tragic day.  Sadly the death of her daughter is the diamond which has been placed in the setting of a ring of bitter family relationships.

Denise Matteau, looking lovely and hopeful, as she nears the birth of her daughter the next day

This article, which is over 13,000 words in length, consists primarily of Denise Matteau’s own  words in the public domain in chronological order.  Attention should be given to what she wrote  prior to the death of her daughter (Faith) Sojourner Margret Matteau Jackson in 2010.

For those who have already read this information from the original sources, you might want to skim down to the end where  some recent emails pertaining to Denise Matteau and Dave Sweigert are displayed.

[Note:  I have not corrected any misspellings in the documents I have quoted from.]

The excerpts below are just a sample of Denise Matteau’s thoughts, which in general reflect an intelligent and sometimes humorous approach to life. As you shall read in her own words, she describes what she considers to be the root cause of a sense of injustice that arose from her early experiences with family and employers.  That thread of bitter injustice has been woven so many times throughout her story, that now it is the cloth from which many of her false allegations are constructed from.

December 12, 2006 – Almost thirteen years ago

On that day, Denise Matteau created a blog called The Truth About the Lenox 7:  the truth about corruption in America, starting with Massachusetts. 

Although the two posts in this blog were posted by a “CAL”, the words are those of Denise Matteau who explains in her article titled Welcome, “I am one of several people who have come together to demand investigations into a number of incidents of American corruption that connect back to Massachusetts, especially to the infamous ‘Lenox 7’ drownings in Laurel Lake, 1981, in Berkshire county in the town of Lee, in which Barry Griffin, Jr. and Richard Retzel lost their lives.”

“Team members of this blog are individuals like myself who have direct family involvement with Massachusetts corruption, either as victims or as witnesses, usually as both…If we can get the word out about the incredible amount of conflict-of-interest and family privilege that has been involved in protecting murderers and other criminals in Massachusetts while the lives and careers of innocent people have been destroyed, then we can begin to put an end to this 30-year reign of terror…”.

It does not appear that there were a team of writers, as only one article of substance, How It Began, was posted on December 13, 2006.  It ended with a to be continued, that was never followed up on.

Denise Matteau begins her story, “In 1981 I was struggling to complete college while raising a small child in the aftermath of a divorce. I had moved back to my hometown, Webster, Massachusetts to be near my parents.”

News Of The Drownings

“I had been to my sister’s house, the Burke home, in Lenox Dale, Massachusetts for my nephew Jody’s graduation from Lenox High. After the family parties were over, we all went our way, only to receive the news soon after that the State Police had arrived to arrest Jody Burke for his part in the tragic drowning of two Lee High grads, Barry Griffin and Richard Retzel, in Laurel Lake in Lee, Massachusetts.”

“Renee Burke, my sister, was nearly hysterical. She thought the world of her son and insisted that he was being set up by envious people. None of us doubted her very much because at that point we did not know what had happened. It did seem like it might have been an accident according to what she told us. Real discussion of the events within the family did not begin until the trial approached, and being in the eastern part of the state, I had not seen many news reports about the incident.”

“During the year after the drownings, another tragedy struck the Burke household. The youngest daughter was raped by a teacher who was found to have raped five of his high-school gym students at Lenox High. Now Renee was trying to get lenient treatment for her son from the same DA, Anthony Ruberto, who was responsible for prosecuting the teacher. (Ruberto is now deceased, having gone on to become a judge, and his brother James is now the Mayor of the county seat, Pittsfield.)”

“I continued to be only peripherally aware of the events in Berkshire County as I tried to juggle single parenthood, aging parents, and college studies in Worcester County. When my mother told me of the rape and my niece’s attempted suicide, I immediately contacted Renee. I was concerned because I had been molested while living with Renee and her husband as a young teen, and I never had spoken of it. I told her I had been through that without naming him (actually this was emotional denial on my part because she had full knowledge) and tried to talk with Renee about her daughter’s need for compassion and support. Renee was cold and abusive, as usual, blaming her daughter and treating the medical response as if it were over a stupid accident or something. She said they were in group therapy as if this nothing more than yet another major inconvenience her daughter was causing. It turned out that her daughter’s case was the pivotal case to identifying the rapist, then finding the other victims. Renee was hostile to my remark that my niece was a real hero and deserved support. I abandoned any thought of reasoning with Renee and went back to focusing on my own household.”

Christmas In Gill, Massachusetts

“The Christmas after that was hosted by my brother James Matteau and his wife Lucille in Gill, Massachusetts. He was a selectman and the head of a local social-service agency there, and their small “Cape” style house was filled with people since most of my nieces and nephews were of late high-school and college age. As the evening wore on and the eggnog and punch was consumed, the nieces all clustered around Kathy, the teacher’s victim, and gave her exactly the kind of emotional support she needed. All except her older sister Loree, who was majoring in social work at Providence College. Ironically, this future social worker subjected her sister to continuous insult and verbal abuse, even more than usual, and I tried several times to get her to chill. Renee then joined her and included me in the hostility, so I backed off rather than risk escalating it.”

“Renee’s husband, Joe, was also getting a little tipsy. He had molested me from age 12 to age 15, and I had put an end to it by holding a fork as a weapon and threatening to mark him in a place Renee would notice if he did not stop. After that he and I had a kind of truce, in which I could refer to the fork if he got flirty and he would back off with a joke. So we got along well enough. Joe asked me to talk, then in a very deeply touching manner unburdened himself and asked my forgiveness for what he had done to me, telling me how much he was learning from the therapy. I forgave him. We both then tried to have a talk with Renee, but she was vicious and would have none of it.”

“This connects back to the Lenox 7 during the next year, because bribes were arranged around both cases, using social services personnel that Renee helped set up at the new “feminist” Women’s Center, even while Renee Burke was threatened with charges of intimidating a witness by staff at the Berkshire Medical Center for being vicious to Kathy and interfering with the prosecution. They never did charge her, though.”

The rest of this article can be read at this link.

How It Began:  Comments

Below are a few comments to the How It Began article.

DS Matteau said…

“JUSTME” appears to be a member of the group helping the murderers’ families keep the lid on. I am the original blogger and below is a copy of an email conversation with “JUSTME”, which casts a lot of light on these two murders:

[“JustMe to Blogger, 9//2008”]

I’m sorry…I have been away and also needed a day to digest the info that you put forth. This seems more about Renee herself, than the Lenox 7. I never said I was a first responder at the scene of Kathy’s suicide attempt, I said it was my ex-husband.

September 13, 2008 at 11:15 AM

DS Matteau said…

Here is my reply to “JustMe”, 9/10/2008

My concerns are complicated.

I did see Renee manipulate medication against Joe Sr. in order to pressure his co-operation in forcing Jody to retract his confession. Jody did not have to face the original murder charges and I was there in the house and saw her force her own son to co-operate with the killers and retract his confession, even though he had a clean record, was an honor student, and as the driver of the vehicle he could have easily seen minor charges eventually get sealed. I argued passionately with her about it with Jody right there in the room in tears because of her yelling at him about his co-operation with the State Police.

I did not understand the seriousness at the time. I didn’t recognize that it was more than just Renee being overbearing, but I soon became frightened for my own safety and —‘s safety as I saw how psychopathic Renee was becoming. I still fear for —‘s safety. Renee wrecked her life and she doesn’t even know why, because she was only 6 when this all started. She believes the family attacked her for religious reasons. Renee tried to drive her to suicide, too. She also nearly killed — in similar fashion and this happened in about 2000, 2001. Around the time of my mother’s death. I heard Renee talk about what she did to —, with her excuses, and my dad talked about it a little with me about what happened. He tried, in his own way & in his old age, to protect people from Renee.

I also saw several incidents during the period of the trials that suggest —-‘s attempt at suicide was due to Renee’s abuse and threats, and she traded favors regarding —‘s case and the Lenox 7 case.

I had an incident in my own job in Boston regarding that connection between the two cases. I can easily document that those favors went way beyond personal family attempts to get lenient treatment for Jody.

Nucifaro was involved. Renee was Nucifaro Sr’s bookkeeper at the time of the drownings. She is a CPA and did the books for a number of Lenox lawyers and businesses besides her work at GE. In fact, she did those books on GE computers.

I am twelve years younger than Renee. She moved in for the kill when I stopped being her obedient baby sister, and I had to do what I could to protect myself and — as best I could. There are numerous incidents documenting Renee using her daughter Loree and other people inside the social service system to get information to intimidate or blackmail witnesses.

After the Lenox 7 trials, she began to use [her social worker daughter] as a professional service to people who need that kind of favor.

She ran private financial accounts through the GE computers. Barry Griffin’s father was in a position to know that she had access and the ability to manipulate protected data at GE if he were ever to be asked the right questions. I know this not only from conversation with him here in Texas, but because I was, for a time, her confidant (before the drownings and the escalation of abuse in the family) and also because I have been a union steward as well as a member of some nonprofits boards and therefore I could see that certain things she was doing were not “kosher” and had only one explanation: money laundering & criminal intimidation.

She tried to involve me and several other relatives in a business that she wanted to run through her computer accounts inside the GE computer. I was to be set up with a “front” and I can easily document it because I rented the property and several other people were involved before I argued with Renee about the GE computer and then pulled the plug on it, myself.

I also worked, on the books, for a similar front Renee had set up and I was naive about it, but I was aware of Renee’s postion as a “development funder” and then when the argument about my own business happened it became clear in hindsight what was going on.

Renee was the executive administrative secretary directly answerable to the GE vice president in charge of GE Plastics. She also was one of the original people trained in GE’s NY office to go back and set up and run the first IBM computerized office system. We were very proud of her. She has a genius IQ and it was very exciting at the time.

But I understood, after she asked me to run a front business for her, exactly what kind of back-doors she had to be using in the computers at GE in order to be able to do that. Either she was running her own game or she was in charge of a game GE was running under her job-title. I told her I would not be part of it because I thought it was just her being reckless. It was a few years before I understood what she was doing.

[“JustMe” reply, 9/13/2008] [notice the sarcasm and the twisting of my words in this. She is lying about being a concerned member/friend of the Retzel family.]

Yes, your concerns are complicated, to say the least. So are mine. How does one manipulate, using meds no less, against their spouse in order to get someone else to retract a confession? Jody did not have to retract anything he said to the SP, because he said nothing different than his co-conspirators. Plain and simple. They knew they did something wrong by leaving the scene. What happened at that boat ramp was complete mayhem, and those boys, Jody included, knew it wasn’t kosher. Perhaps that is why he was in tears. They could have rescued those two boys and they knew it…albeit, after they left the scene.

Obviously, I know more than you regarding that night, because if you had something concrete to say it would have been said. Nothing Renee did with her “insider information” thru her connections with GE made a whole lot of difference did it?. I am sorry that she tried to manipulate you into doing something illegal as well as ruining your 6 year old daughter’s life due to religous reasons. What can I say? Except, that I know 2 boys died that night due to the irresponcible behavior of 7 boys that should have known better.

Joe SR? Making a difference in Jody’s testimony/confession? Please! Highly unlikely. You forget, I knew them way back then, Renne being a powerful person in the judicial system? Maybe, but I would say the Bianco’s had more power than her, as far as manipulation/threatening goes. Perhaps she is built up more in YOUR mind than that of the judicial system

I’m sorry, but I can not take anything you say too seriously. You write very well, but the details of what you are saying are not relevant to the Lenox 7, nor to Kathy’s suicide attempt. I feel the anger towards your sister, thru your words, but none of what you say has much relevance regarding something that is near and dear to my heart, and the hearts of MY family. Whatever business dealings and fronts that Renee proposed back in the day have nothing to do with the Lenox 7. Those 7 boys let pieces of humanity slip through their fingers as they DROVE to their next destination, The driver’s record should have been sealed? Why? Because Jody was the driver? Do you know what they said he did at the scene?

Anyway, my interest does not totally revolve around the Burke family drama, or your personal schew on things, it’s mainly to do with the Lenox 7, and where they are today. I know things were wrong back then, but I myself was too young to do anything about it. I still can’t make changes to the outcome of that night, but I at least can help others to remember. Dickie and Barry were real people…they didn’t look real the last time I saw them together, but the Price Chopper stickers that their Little League team stuck on their coffin, brought them back to life for me and my family in a big way.

“Just Me”

September 13, 2008 at 11:26 AM

ds matteau said…

“Justme”, you claim to be a friend or relative of the Retzel family, and you make this strange statement: ” I have no hidden agenda that should concern you personally.”

Well, just what IS your agenda, Ms. “JustMe”?

Mine is clear: I want Renee Burke of Pittsfield Massachusetts to finish her life in jail paying for the lives she destroyed and ruined when she chose to manipulate her son’s crime to make money and ahe chose to attack innocent people like my daughter.

You disgust me, Ms “JustMe”, for you to even suggest that I should care more for those Burkes or even the Retzels than I do for my own daughter.

I want all of the participants to come clean and let the truth finally be told and those who have not paid for their crimes should pay. They were not aquitted in a fair trial by a jury that saw all the evidence, after all. Evidence was criminally suppressed and witnessed have been attacked by Renee Burke and her supporters for years.

For what it is worth, Jody Burke has had to let Renee Burke control of all his finances. She cooked the books for lawyers and others on the computers at GE and she continues in that career today. She controls everyone she touches, or she destroys them, just as any psychopathic narcissist does.

Her own son graduated with honors that day, hours before helping to kill Barry and Richard in a set-up brawl. He didn’t set it up, Bianco did. Jody and one of his friends had bought that truck with plans to travel across the country before returning to run an honest, fine building business. He had won a national award for fine cabinetry. He had a bright future.

Age-wise, if you are the ex-wife of one of the “first responders” to his sister’s suicide, Ms “JustMe” you should be a bit older than Richard Retzel. But you are not. You are one of the kids who graduated with Jody.

You wrote to me as if you were concerned about what Renee Burke did, and you hinted that you know one of the first responders was concerned about the scene. I know a lot of people were concerned about what happened to my niece.

Then you make disparaging remarks about this “first responder”, your supposed ex-husband, and you get angry at me for not giving you specific details that you say your own “ex-husband” refused to divulge.

No ambulance EMT is expected to keep secrets from his own wife, Ms. “JUstMe”, and there is no reason for you to have those details from me. You, yourself, are one of the young people who was there, in that very crowd.

If the first responders from that suicide attempt would get in touch with me and support my effort to bring justice to all those victims, most of all to Barry Griffin and Richard Retzel, it would be done right, Ms “JustMe”. It would not be done through your parasitic gossip.

And why do you insert a man’s name in parentheses in the middle of another email, while berating me for criticizing Renee Burke?

I have faced Renee Burke’s threats and Vermont Commissioner James Matteau’s support of the attacks on several members of our family whenever Renee leaned on him because of her well-founded paranoia that someday justice will prevail, and she will be seen as the manipulator who exploited her own son’s tragic folly.

Richard Retzel and Barry Griffin were not the Lenox 7’s only victims. The State Police know this. They did not go on as “7”, but the conspiracy to commit murder did continue into other conspiracies to harm witnesses in other crimes involving Renee Burke.

What is very bizarre, “JustMe”, is that my failure to give you specific details causes you to lash out on behalf of the killers and especially on behalf of Renee Burke.

Renee’s son did and said terrible things that night, but as a human being with at least some decency still left in him, he felt remorse and he tried to come clean to the authorities.

Some, like Anthony Ruberto, have gone to their graves thinking they got away with it all. Others are retired, and still others are advanced in their careers.

A lot of people want me to stop posting, “JustMe”, you are not the only one. But I am tired of hearing news of funerals after violent and suspicious deaths, and of discovering that a murder victim was not random but was a close aquaintance of this or that witness. I’m tired of watching decent people’s lives be destroyed just because the Retzels and the Griffins were intimidated into silence for those few years when there might have been a chance at justice.

I know that you are a friend of the Burkes, Ms “JustMe” because no member of the Retzel family needs to know the details you asked about my own relatives.

You are fishing for Renee Burke and your bait stinks.

Even all the way from Florida, your bait stinks up all of Berkshire County.

September 16, 2008 at 2:48 AM

Anonymous said…

You guys make me sick. The Burke family is an amazing and loving family. Jody Burke would not hurt a soul, He is a best friend, an excellent father and a great soon to be grand-father. Just because the tradgedy happened, and jody was guilty by association, does not mean he did it or that he is a bad person. You obviously don’t know them, otherwise you wouldn’t say things like this. and as for YOU RENEES SISTER!! you are a psycopath! and you know it. so does the hole family. barely anyone from this family has talked to you in years. they actually wanted restraining orders against because you insist on calling every family member and threatening their lives. IF ANYTHING YOU ARE THE ONE THAT WOULD HARM PEOPLES LIVES! and your the one that should be locked up, not in jail but in a mental hospital! you all are so wrong on every level! and Renee is one of the most caring people ever. she does not abuse ANYONE! especially her children or husband. and Kathy wasn’t abused as well. everyone in that family is doing very well, and none of this nonsense is true. get a life.

May 29, 2009 at 11:11 AM

The following comments were made to this blog 2 months and 6 months, respectively, after the death of Denise’s daughter.

Anonymous said…This blog writer has all sorts of insanity on the internet. I can’t believe her own family doesn’t sue her for slander and libel.

The writer has been in jail and in a mental hospital.

Do a search on her name to discover what she does on the internet.

November 1, 2010 at 10:52 PM

Anonymous said…Denise Matteau

Are you proud of how your whole family seems to view you? Is it any wonder that people on the internet can’t stand you? You’ve played this persecution and victim complex for years now when in reality you are the stalker. You are the one ruining people’s lives. You are a disgrace to your family and if anyone is to blame for your daughter killing herself, it’s you who made her life the same hell you make anyone else’s that you meddle in. You need to be locked up again. Jail or a mental ward. No matter, you’ve been in both before. That’s where you belong.

February 26, 2011 at 6:51 PM

A sad comment on the obituary of James P. Matteau, Denise’s father

Almost seven years after her father died, Denise left this comment on the obituary page of her father.  Note that the obituary itself displays this oddity in the second sentence, saying “He was the father of Lorene Burke of Pittsfield.”, although there were in fact five children in total.  The writer of this obituary, which I am presuming is Lorene (Renee) places her as the primary relation to James P. Matteau. The other children’s names are an afterthought in this write-up, especially it seems the addition of the other two daughters to the obituary.  Whatever the sequence was, these slights or oversights are often like pouring salt on a wound.

Denise wrote on June 6, 2011: 

Comments made by Denise Matteau as “dsm” on the Rick Ross Cult Education Institute (CEI) Forum. 

[To see all comments written by dsm go to this link Cult Education Institute forum comments by dsm.]

It must be remembered that comment titles are generally created by the person who starts a thread on a forum, and may not reflect Denise Matteau’s choice of words if she commented on someone else’s topic.

Re: Parental Alienation Synrome (PAS)
Posted by: dsm ()
Date: December 07, 2009 12:37PM
Well hailmary,I did not know much about you PAS. I am telling you as per my knowledge regarding PAS.Though PAS is quiet a common term, yet many confusion & wrong belief is assocoated with this term.PAS normally follows few rules.First rule involves active blocking of contact between child & absent parent. Next law concludes false or non distinct abuse of the absent parents.

This was done to me. I lost my daughter because of her being punished by several people for any positive contact se had with me. The lies told about me in my absence were extreme. I raised her, and when this began to take full effect in her teens, I kept thinking that there would be an opportunity to explain the lies. But it did not happen.

She seemed to be so brainwashed she completely forgot the childhood I provided, as single parent, and I know she was punished for expressing any happy memories.

I had to use miles to distance myself from the abusers, but she chose to live within their circle of influence, and I actually no longer know if she is even dead or alive. I have to just have faith that she is living her life as she sees fit.

Re:  Friendship beginning to resemble past cult experience
Posted by: dsm ()
Date: December 07, 2009 12:03PM

I am a cult survivor. Not important which one, just that years ago I was recruited to a controlling cult similar to many you list here and that left me with a lot of wariness after I left it.

One of the problems is that with the PTSD that remians, I can sometimes be “hypervigilant”. I am wondering if I am being hypervigilant now, or if a trusted friend is in fact acting as a cult recruiter.

I just found out that this friend went to several business contacts of mine with the excuse she could not “find” me, and expressed lots of concern about my welfare. Both contacts know me well enough to laugh about it. I am indeed going through an economic rough patch, and I was able to explain that my friend is a bit of a spoiled type who panics at the thought of not being able to afford a day at the spa, while I make a hobby of surviving economic train-wrecks, but in the back of my mind I am beginning to get concerned.

My past experience with a cult was that they used to “encircle” their members by getting involved in meddlesome ways with their new recruits’ relationships. When I began to notice these patterns of behavior I was told I was “paranoid” and I was abused because I could not convince my own family and friends that the interference in my life was deliberate. I really could not be sure, myself, at times, and that is what made exitting the cult very difficult.

Now I feel like it is happening again. This friend is someone I care about, but she does have some naive associations with people in “support” networks, and I worry that her behavior might be more than just her own tendency to be a nervous mother hen. I have criticized her support networks and told her some concerns that such networks can be cults, but it did not seem to be a threat to me and my criticism was mild.

Now I worry that she may have shared my criticisms with her network and they want her to cripple my private life. But I also worry that I may be over-reacting because of past trauma with a cult that used to do that.

Has anyone got any suggestions about what I could do or say to find out if my friend is just being a little over-bearing or if she is in fact working a strategy on behalf of a cult that may have felt threatened by my criticism? (mostly I was just being sarcastic, not trying to de-program or anything, but if she shared my remarks innocently with a genuine cult they might get paranoid that I meant more than expressing an opinion.)

Re: Help – My relative is in a therapy cult / 12-step cult
Posted by: dsm ()
Date: December 11, 2009 06:19AM

In my efforts to deal with the PTSD that I have, I have occasionally gone to 12-step meetings as a last resort. They can be helpful if they are run by responsible people.

I think the best thing is to try to get your relative to sit down with you and a licensed psychologist, together. The psychologist knows what the ethical standards are and could ask the right questions to get at the problem. Then if necessary, you could take the results of meeting with that psychologist to a regulatory agency to find out what is going on and find out what you need to do to help your loved one.

Re:  NatLFed: Past or Present? Future?
Posted by: dsm ()
Date: December 11, 2009 01:47AM

I was once a member of NatLFed. It bothers me to see that oftentimes people want to limit this cult to a certain time-frame, set of members, arenas of activity, etc. NatLFed was, and still is, a kind of meta-cult that specialized in forming fronts that were directly connected to it as well as infiltrating other groups, especially other cults, in order to force compliance with its own goals.

NatLFed’s goals were a bizarre mixture of stalinist leftwing fascism and American socialist programs. Maybe this part of NatLFed’s existence can be placed in the past, because the goals were formed during their rise in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and now maybe the NatLFed goals are nothing more than the self-serving goals of any large organization: to survive and control its environment, but NatLFed operatives (cadres, whatever you want to call them) are still out there. They still control important services in poor communities and use those services to enslave vulnerable people and turn those people against their own self-interests as well as against the rest of society.

NatLFed concentrated heavily on artists when I encountered it as a producer in public access television in the early 1990’s. I had an extensive resume in silk-screen and other art trades, and was working on a television project that I hoped would become a syndicated program when I was told by the station manager that I would have no problem getting all the equipment privileges I needed if I contributed a little bit of time to another producer’s “pet project”, the local NatLFed food pantry and fuel-assistance program. I had no trouble complying with this simple and apparently altruistic (on the manager’s part) request.

The other producer was the daughter of Rockwell Kent, a famous martyr to the American Communist cause. She was also a typical NatLFed leadership cadre in that she was 100% American-urban-cultured, thinking her own culture so superior to all others that none other existed. I want to say New York City culture, but I know that a great deal of the NatLFed roots came out of Seattle and Ohio groups of the New Left of the 1970’s. They share a similar class culture that infuses their socialist ideology with the most ludicrous bourgeoisie prejudice that anyone could imagine.

I was the daughter of strong labor organizers in Massachusetts and Connecticut mills, my mother went with the Freedom Riders groups in that famous summer, and I was certainly no stranger to socialist politics and ideals. My art education was well-founded in European traditional techniques, but since I was more interested in my own work and in the creative work of people like Picasso than in American Communist Martyr history, I did not recognize Rockwell Kent as anything more than a vaguely familiar name when the NatLFed cadre introduced herself.

(If I ever do get the strength to actually write the full story, I hope to include the satirical elements, to counterbalance the genuine horror of that cult: there is power in satire and we need to start satirizing NatLFed!)

You have to picture this: a woman who feels herself entitled to all of the upper-crust culture of New York is in constant drama-queen-martyr mode in the hills of rural Massachusetts. She gets handed yet another yokel (me) to train, is impressed by the skill and history of that yokel’s backgoround (who knew there were socialists outside of Greenwich Village?!) but alas! The Yokel fails to genuflect at the name of Rockwell Kent!

It gets funnier.

But the violence that characterized the NatLFed in Berkshire County was never funny. NatLFed hooked up very closely with the local criminal class, as it does in every neighborhood, and people lived in real fear of what could happen to them if they challenged NatLFed groups, even if they did not know the NatLFed name.

The building in which NatLFed had its headquarters was donated to it by the Ruberto family. It had been their fish market, and Anthony Ruberto was the district attorney around the time I was becoming active with the food pantry. His brother has been the mayor of that city recently. While I was active there, the issue was my right to produce my program as I saw fit. I did not know I was treading on NatLfed toes, but I did know I was getting lots of demands put on me by the NatLFed cadre.

Something else I did not know at the time: back in 1981, when there was a very controversial case called the “Lenox 7” that involved my own nephew, Ruberto’s own nephew was also involved. This case was the drowning of Barry Griffin and Richard Retzel in Laurel Lake by seven Lenox youths. They were charged with murder and it was downgraded to manslaughter and they were aquitted. Dukakis was governor at the time and was embroiled in the appeals of this case. I was active with NatLFed in the early 1990’s, so this was background I did not figure out until later. The favor-trading that went into the dropping of the charges involved Ruberto and the favor-trading that was part and parcel of any working-class relief efforts involved that old fish-market building along with all the wink-&-nod agreements that accompanied those efforts.

NatLFed leaders, like all cult leaders. are supremely arrogant. They do not beleive that “outsiders” communicate and understand their world as human beings. NatLFed was hand-in-glove with the basest mafia elements in Massachusetts. GE had to dump PCB’s, NatLFed helped. NatLFed silenced the whistleblowers, and everyone in aquthority had the Ruberto relationship and that fish-market staring them in the face any time they thought of listening to the whistleblowers. NatLFed controlled the direction of every social-service organization in Berkshire County, imbuing every single one with its insane totalitarian ethic. The cadres around the food pantry were all also involved in Pittsfield Community Television and controlled it thoroughly, attacking any citizen who tried to use it to question local events. I remember the way the people who blew the whistle on the PCB’s were hounded out of the station, as I was.

After I left NatLFed, I got a job as a color-matcher in a silk-screened wallpaper factory. It was a nice job, but short-lived. I had to rely on the protection of the local police because of the stalking of me and family members, and those officers knew that they could not pursue their investigations very far before bumping into the legacy of the Lenox 7 case. The best they could do was make it very clear that they would be right on top of anyone who harmed me or mine, but they could not protect us from the character-assasination and continuous petty harrassment that NatLFed hoped would inspire suicide.

Re: The cult made me heartless.
Posted by: dsm ()
Date: June 02, 2010 11:23AM

Warfrog, I am a woman and the way the cult I was in used people against each other left me with similar damage. Friendship is very hard for me and even affected my work, because my work carries a certain risk of publicity which can expose my employment and living arrangments. Sometimes I am immobilized because of it. I am not a naturally secretive person and so it is very hard for me. Because of my open personality, I have learned to project a very false persona so that if my requests for anonymity are not honored it will still be hard for cultists to connect with my actual employers or other associates. (I am an artist and I am very cautious about not advertising but only working for people through references.) This is hard for me because honesty is part of trust. I am Catholic and lying is a sin. But in the Catechism there is a long discussion of protective lying compared to deceptive, and the sinfulness is related to the intention. Also, as a Catholic I rely on the diaries of Saints for personal advice and just recently Saint Faustina (Polish saint of “Divine Mercy”) showed me in her Diary that she struggled with having her confidence betrayed by others in her convent, and she was shown in prayer that it is OK to withhold one’s thoughts from some people when they ask “friendly” questions.

In a cult we are often taught not to reject invasive questions but to always be “friendly”. It helps to know that even Saints were allowed to turn a cold shoulder to such questions or false friendships.

You are not heartless, even though you may feel as though your heart has been turned to ice. You must slowly cultivate a very small group of friends who understand character assasination (didn’t Jesus Himself warn us to watch out for those who kill the soul more than those who might kill the body?) and eventually you will realize you have trusting relationships again, but it is a very slow process.

Re: One-member cult
Posted by: dsm ()
Date: June 02, 2010 05:59AM

My own cult experience is rooted in a “family cult”. This is still a problem because of all the members of the rather large family who continue the pattern, which is particularly nasty.

I blame it on the fact that my mother, (who is now in Heaven, all forgiven) relied on my eldest sister to raise the rest of us and so she (that sister) became locked into a control pattern at an early age and never really grew up. She became a very successful person in life but she operated as a controller through all kinds of manipulative tactics of siccing one relative on another. I went into a real cult partly because I did not have a healthy family pattern from which to grow out into the world, and so when I looked for companionship outside my family, I found it in a cult that reflected the control techniques I already knew.

The family goes after the children if you separate from them but your adult children do not understand what happened in the past. I tried to warn my daughter not to accept an invitation to my sister’s house but she did not take me seriously and she went, and I never saw her again, although I had several conversations trying to get her to protect herself. My brother saw what happened, but he wants to protect the family.

My daughter was mob-attacked and broken down. She went into hiding after that.

We cannot put our families in jail for something like this. I have been assured that if a few witnesses would come forward, it might be possible to put my sister in jail because she is known to the police to have intimidated witnesses, but as I say, she has been successful in life, and her victims mostly live in some form of hiding, and are too damaged to be witnesses against successful upstanding citizens who enjoy the protection of better-placed relatives.

If we do put my sister in jail, her children will attack the witnesses and the children of the witnesses.

And I would say that my sister started out as the leader of a one-member cult because she still keeps another sister as a psychological prisoner, they have been like that all their lives: my controlling cult-leader sister never actually had to punish anyone directly. She always had the next-eldest do anything she would have gotten in trouble for. Then as the rest of us grew up, we always faced that kind of thing from the two of them, before we were even old enough to have words for it.

I do know from the therapy that saved my life that my sister has severe narcissistic personality disorder, the hallmark disease of the cult-leader personality. The only comfort I can take is that I forced other members of my family to think about what they did to me and this enables the younger ones to protect themselves, even if they outwardly hate me for being outspoken.

Re:  Catholics & Cults
Posted by: dsm ()
Date: June 03, 2010 11:04PM

I am a Catholic by upbringing who went for years away from the church and spent some time in a political cult, but am now mostly recovered and have re-entered the mainstream Roman Catholic church.

During my travels over the years I went through that period of cult-hopping that seems to affect so many after exit from a seriously damaging cult. Fortunately I had good specialized therapy as well as the help of this board and some of the old anti-cult activists and so my antennae were sensitive and I was not fully recruited into any new cults, although I had a couple of close calls.

Anyway, because the political cult I was in is notorious for infiltrating charity and church groups as well as because so many cults use similar tactics, I learned to notice the little sub-groups inside larger groups that seem to be feeding cults. ‘Some of them act like funnels pulling people away from the parent church and some actually attempt to subvert and take over the congregation of the parent church.

I have noticed that there are not many threads on cults that are primarily Catholic or that seem to adhere to Catholic communities, although there are threads on pseudo-Christian cults that twist Bible theology into control tactics. I would like to open a discussion that will encourage Catholics to openly talk about this problem of destructive cults masquerading inside our big church. Some of them are dangerous and they often build a “starter” membership before being ejected and then, when they are no longer Catholic, they are able to convince the outside world that the only problem was they criticized the Pope or something like that. Some continue to characterize themselves as Catholic.

I have seen several of these serious cults inside the Catholic church, especially in the retreat system. These are usually handled by the Church “in-house”, that is, the local priest or bishop will usually place some limits around their activity and warn people about them, but this does not always happen. Catholics are only alert to cult activity of that type if we are fully involved with our church enough to notice the discrepancies in the cult’s theology and to hear these warnings. Non-catholics who are invited to the cult may think it is fully Catholic. Casual catholics who attend Mass occasionally but don’t pay much attention to theology may also be fooled. The Catholic church is actually very tolerant of these groups (too tolerant, sometimes) and so it is up to the individuals to know how to respond to them.

Re: Cyberpaths

Posted by: dsm ()
Date: June 04, 2010 04:55AM

There is another kind of stalker, often online but also off-line. The “gossip-stalker” is someone who uses casual common interest (both in the same project thread, or in the same church committee, etc) to get into small talk which quickly veers into a bad direction. They increasingly are feeding that information into unofficial back-ground checking schemes run by nonprofit orgs and others who are always looking for volunteers or beneficiaries (so they can apply for more grants)

The first flag for me is always when the questions shift from general ones to details. Why would someone who knows I did not share any town or neighborhood connections with them want to know the details of who my grown children are and where they are? This is also true about general questions about work. Of course we ask people what they do, do they have families, etc in the course of small-talk, but when it is not enough to tell someone you work in retail but they must know which store and how long and what position and how-do-you-manage-on-low-pay, that is a big flag. The “low-pay” assumption is a trick. If you are indeed low-paid, you are invited to apply for “help” but if you defend yourself by revealing that you are well-paid, you are targeted for some other action.

What I do when this happens is slow the conversation down immediately with a very general non-answer, and watch the person for how determined they are to get details. Some people, especially in small towns, actually do not realize how incredibly invasive and rude they are being and when they see me slow down and give an answer like “oh, my daughter does not live here. (stop)” or “oh, I make enough to manage. (stop)” they will back off but occasionally they pursue and that is when the flag goes up. I have recently dealt with one who tried to pursue after I said “you know, you’re asking me about things that really aren’t anyone’s business” and she went to the next level: insinuating I have something to hide because I would not talk about my work.

At this point the gossip-stalker has got you by the short-curlies if you do not slam boundaries down around her (or him), especially if you have to work in some way in that person’s vicinity.

I have finally gotten good at delivering a short speech I was taught to use in spite of how over-reactive it may feel: “I told you to stop invading my privacy and now I am giving you a legal warning. Do not ask me about my income, my family, and do not ask anyone else. This is a legal warning.”

If you are active in settings where you occasionally face this kind of info-stalker you should actually practice saying this sentence by yourself because it is not easy to just say it quickly when you face a situation, but if you have memorized it you will say it when you need it.

This usually gets a wild reaction which is why it is unpleasant to use and I only use it on someone who has pushed me past the gentle “none of your business” remark. In my state there is a law that once someone knows that any particular form of personal contact is unwelcome they can be considered a stalker, especially if they persist for three incidents of that unwelcome behavior. It does not have to be for sexual motives, it can be just anyone. It does not require any limits on the other person’s freedom to be in the same location or interact in any other way, and it is very clear that if you have said the above statement the person cannot claim they thought they were helping you, etc. which is a common ploy of these groups that go looking for victims to help.

Females are supposed to be victims and so these gossip-stalkers (also female in most cases) find every kind of excuse to identify unattached women so they can tell us we are victims in need of whatever meeting they are setting up. Sometimes these crazy activists will actually approach an employer to persuade the employer that I am being exploited! A whole team of these people once did this to me when I had a damm good job as a design expediter and they wanted my art work for their project! They thought it was terrible that an artist was working in a factory!!!! (They did not even know I was the design expediter for the company. They only knew that I sat out in the parking lot at lunch in my old jeans just like everyone else. They did not affect my job but they sure did piss me off! One of them had small-talked me into revealing my “day-job” and that was the result! This is only one of many such stories I can tell from the days I was too close to a certain pseudo-feminist cult.)

Re: cult leaders-evil or misguided
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Date: June 05, 2010 10:42PM

Sallie, how would a “true sociopath” be excluded from those who commit suicide? Certainly there are reasons to commit suicide which are sociopathic rather than emotionally depressed. Anyone who believes they are affecting the world, material or spiritual, by committing suicide (crossing over to another level in which they believe they’ll still have power, for example) is just using suicide as another element in their sociopathic game.

Of course they ultimately lose their own game when they do that, yet I don’t see suicide as being an indicator that the person was not a sociopath. Just look at terrorist suicide, for example. What are such people if not the ultimate sociopaths: walking bombs?

Re: Religion, Cults, Movements: Guide to Free Thinking
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Date: June 06, 2010 09:35AM

One thing to recognize is that a group can devolve into a cult structure almost accidentaly. It can happen when someone gets into leadership without a good balance of team members and if they have more power than is legitimate they may use cult-leader tactics t.o try to get their job done. If they discover they are good at it or happen to have the kind of personality that thrives on manipulating others, then what can happen is that the rest of the leadership team and the core membership will gradually support them as the uncomfortable members leave.

If you stay in a group like that, your own loyalty to the original good purpose of the group can blind you to what is going on. It is always a good idea to take a look at a change in membership if it begins to change the character of the group. Some leaders will quietly bring in their own members, this is common when a cult takes over a church group. They come in through committees after the old membership has become disgruntled enough to leave and then the leader appeals to “tolerance” of a different attitude in the new people who show up to fill the void.

Always find a way to maintain some kind of personal loyalty among your friends in any group so that you can look them up and find out the “real” reasons they left, since most people will give acceptable excuses while quietly slipping away from a group that is “going cult”. Leaders can look benign until they feel confident that no one is watching and that is when innocent people get hurt, when they turn evil.

Re:  Caution! You CANNOT Resist Implantation of Cult Ideology
Posted by: dsm ()
Date: June 06, 2010 12:46PM

I am going to describe a common technique that I think is also covered in a lot of the classic cult-mind-control literature. Steve Hassan covered some of this in his work on the NatLFed political cult but it is also common in religious and other types of cult.

Basically, the mind has several layers of attention to the outside world. Some people are strongly inclined to pay attention closely to things, such as to deep reading of a difficult book, while others are strongly inclined to allow material to play around the edges of their attention while they do physical activities. Someone who enjoys listening to books-on-tape while jogging might be an example of this kind of attention. Probably most people fall into the second style than into the first style of paying attention to a subject.

Everyone knows about that common hypnotic state that goes with driving a familiar route. You suddenly discover you have arrived even though you are not aware of the past ten minutes or so of driving that same set of streets.

All I am doing now is calling attention to the fact that there is nothing special about how our minds work, our minds all are very similar and have very similar sets of attention skills that go with our tasks. Some of us work to develop attention skill but most of us go with what we have.

What a cult can do, and what those who are dependent on video media seem to do, is set you up with enough repetitious and slightly confusing or vague material so that while you may start out with the fully-engaged attention similar to the person reading a deep book, you are soon distracted. Small questions start to crop up in your mind but the material flows in such a way that you don’t have time to fully ask the question. You attention starts getting scattered. Of course, something has to motivate you to stay with the video or the book or the lecturer at that moment.

If you are physically at a meeting, then there is a strong motivation to stay through the whole thing. If you are listening to a tape or watching a video, then there may be something that is included as a means of keeping you tuned in. An attractive speaker or a calm tone of voice may keep your attention so you are waiting for some reward of something that makes sense while you listen to a droning and rambling speech. Or there may have been a promise made at the beginning that keeps you motivated even while bored.

Professional cultists know just about where the average person will start to drift. Depending on their goal, they will insert little mini-remarks or suggestions at exactly those points, and they will repeat them in different ways through the course of speeches. Because you mostly hear those after your mind has started to shut off, they get in subliminally. They may be references to certain races or groups but they also may be references to certain types of characters.

These references are not developed in the material given to most newbies to a cult. But as the member advances, some of the references will show up in more open detail and the member may be surprised that they suddenly agree with this formerly rejected idea of hating that category of people. They don’t remember making a decision to hate, and so the material presented by the cult at the advanced stage might appear to be what is convincing or justifying the hate. Hate is a powerful emotion. If you feel hate and you do not know where it came from, you “own” it as yours, and you tend to agree with others who share that hate.

I hope that my description shows that this method will in fact affect even people who think they are aware of what is going on when they choose to examine cult materials, even from a critical point of view.

It is not a good idea to listen to an entire video or set of videos from some of these groups because you are being affected by them just as surely as you will be affected by eating too much fat no matter how much you thnk healthy veggies will balance the fat.

If you feel compelled to watch cult videos while trying to “fight” a cult, PLEASE make sure you watch them in very short bursts and have some balancing material, some opposing material, handy to read or look at BETWEEN sessions of examining the cult material.

Re: Mind Control – Project Monarch, MK ULTRA
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Date: June 07, 2010 10:14PM

The entire MK-Ultra thing raises another question: are we all subjected to a kind of cult-softening by the media’s reliance on sensationalism at the expense of intelligent, factual material?

What I see happening with that kind of material is that whether it is true or not, it never gets denied or put into perspective by the government or any other authority. This may be because some of it is very true, especially that which stems from the period of psychological experimentation with LSD and other such drugs, and the rest is just plausible enough to be hard to disprove. It also may be because of the dynamics of conspiracy-thinking. Once people are locked onto a passionately held “truth” of their own, they not only reject criticism, they attack critics. It is far worse to be guilty of 5% of an accusation than to be guilty of the whole thing in this kind of situation.

So, while conspiracy theorists themselves cannot be accused of building cults because they are usually disconnected individuals with only a common interest in certain books and films, and many of us do benefit from examning that material from time to time, conspiracy theory provides a platform on which cult-builders can operate. An alternative “Apocalypse”, as it were.

So rather than talk about MK-Ultra and its attendant elements beyond identifying them, why not talk about all the apparent cults that build up around that material?

Are any of the online forums for conspiracy discussion, for example, are connected to real-life communes or groups who could qualify as cults?

Re: Many painfull years at The DeSisto School
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Date: June 07, 2010 10:45PM

I remember DeSisto. I once lived in Great Barrington, a nest of filthy cults. The DeSisto School was operating there because that town was probably one of the most abuse-friendly and cult-friendly places in America.

Our children as well as some teachers were attacked by the feminist cult that operates in that area (as well as others). You can read about that in the book “Who Stole Feminism?” by Christina Hoff Sommers. She describes the mob attacks on a mathmatics and a political-science professor at Simon’s Rock College.

I was a receptionist at that college at the time. Children in the middle school were also being attacked by mobs of other children, and one of them leading the little mobs was the daughter of a group leader in the feminist cult. Imitating what she saw her parents and the other adults practicing. Hoff doesn’t write about that part, but her description of what the adults were doing is chilling.

There was a whole population of adults in that town who came in with the DeSisto School, the Waldorf School, and some others who promoted cult politics into everyone’s lives.

Everyone should expose the DeSisto School and expand the exposure, please! Thank you SOOO much for opening this thread!

James Bernardo was murdered in the middle of that child-abuse cult madness. His killer, Lewis Lent, was not connected to any school and he lived in North Adams, but was certainly able to hide because of so many child-abuse activities going on, some of which definitely involved the Great Barrington Police Department. Bernardo’s grandparents lived near Great Barriington and his father worked in Great Barrington and he often spent time with other children his age in Great Barrington, and all of them were terrified of stalkers, before the word was even common. We had an informal parents’ watch group set up to protect our children and we knew something terrible was going on and the police were protecting the abusers. Many of the abusers worked at those schools and had the protection of people like DeSisto. The child-porn rings fed off the foster care system there, too. It became obvious during the six years between Bernardo’s murder and Lent’s arrest that certain police were more concerned about protecting the rings than about finding a killer. A few police had to defy their bosses in city hall in order to get the job done, as far as it got done.

The cults of Berkshire County are a subject all their own. DeSisto is certainly one of the main culprits.

(Stockbridge and Great Barrington are next door to each other. All those little towns in Berkshire County had common populations and employment patterns.)

Re:  Gay Hate Groups That Attack Everyone
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Date: June 17, 2010 05:21PM

This description of the gays attacking the Repent America street preachers in Philadelphia by blowing whistles is not the first time this happens.

My name is Denise Matteau. I don’t care anymore what you bastards reading this want to do to me. I did not see that story in 2004 because I was burying my father and trying to protect my daughter, who was attacked at my sister’s house by a crowd of screaming cultists. I was threatened and spent my time helping the father of another victim of the same cult, a murdered victim, try to get the old case re-opened.

But ten years and several other murder-victims earlier TAKE BACK THE NIGHT CULT that is FUNDED AND RUN by the Democratic filth of this country did the same kind of mob attack to me outside my art studio in Pittsfield Massachusetts.

They attacked me with whistles in my ears. I was standing outside my art studio talking with a couple of other women, asking them why they were marching. They were forced to march. The Women’s Center would not allow crime victims to have benefits if they did not participate. Three of the marshalls came up and told the women to get back in the parade. They ordered them not to talk with me and while one was ordering them, two deafened me with the whistles. I am still hearing-impaired.

They were marching up and down in front of businesses blowing bullhorns and they had children that they trained to lay down and role-play as victims while the obviously BUTCH marshalls.

They had a speech about tearing down the patriarchy, every patriarchal aspect of society had to be torn apart. Starting with families.

This was 1994. Just like in the article in that Snopes link, they had police protection. One sergeant spoke up about it and about his anger and shortly after that, he died of a sudden blood disorder. In 2000 another law enforcement investigator who challenged Bobbi Gagne of the same women’s center group (and also a major activist in the Neil Brick MK-Ultra cult, incidentally) died and because I knew that investigator pretty well, the state police thought I could shed some light on some tattoos because they thought he also had a sudden and suspicious blood disorder but I did not anything about his tattoos.

They were placing lifelike silhouettes of children in strategic places with bold print of “father rapes little girl” and similar beginning-reader level triggers in children’s libraries and then having substitute teachers report domestic incest if the children talked aobut that art work in class. The subs were given training to profile children’s comments without being told the same children would have seen the artwork during those same weeks. The subs were given questions to ask that could elicit the remarks.

I was targetted because I refused to honor the leftwing gay artists’ boycott of the Stockbridge Library art gallery. I has a solo show there of my paintings and pastels. I also was known to be attending a Christian church.

My daughter was attacked by an organized mob at Taconic High School the same year. It was insitgated by the school counselor because my daughter was accused of being gay because she was not promiscuous. (In fact, her boyfriend did not go to the highschool and they did not know she dated)

She was ordered by the counselr to go to the Unitarian Church after she was attacked in the hallway of Taconic High School. I did not know that the Unitarian Church was a cult because I was raised Catholic and I thought they were just protestant.

My daughter was scared because of the teachers joining the students in the attack at Taconic High School. I told her to take her boyfriend with her, we all thought it was just going to be another lecture on not hating gay people.

Instead it was the lesbian Barbara Haugman the Unitarian Pastor and a group of adults, 40 yrs old, about a dozen of them, mob attackede my daughter and her friend. Both of them came home shaken and pale. This was a week or so after the other attack, some months before I was attacked. The group incircled andf screamed at them until they were broken down.

Not long after that my daughtter became pregnant. I was not told. She had actually wanted to be a midwife and she studied to be a doullah, she was a loving girl, and she was a ski instructor from age 14, she was a brilliant and beautiful young woman.

The counselors, who all work through the same horrific gay cult at the Women’s Center, told my beautiful daughter that she would have a terrible life if she brought this child into the world and if she would agree with them to abort it, she would have her college completely paid for, and she would not be a burden to me. She told me later they kept telling her she was a burden to me. They told her she would be hurting me if she had the child. The father was her boyfriend and he and she both wanted it, but they both had been attacked and now these same people were attacking them again and they were prevented from contacting anyone. The pregnancy was not early. My daughter had started to plan to have the child but was being told not to tell me, and later she told me that they deliberately stalled her when they began yelling at her to have the abortion, she said ok but they stalled it so that it would be worse for her. The young father told me the same thing.

I only found this out long after the abortion happened. My daughter was told to hide in her room and not speak of any symptoms. The Pittsfield Masssachusetts Women’s Center was using abortion as a terrorist attack on girls, insisting that they go through a private horror. The Unitarian Church uses abortion to train for human sacrifice. Gays are training people for full human sacrifice. They have been systematically attacking our children and we have been silent because no one would believe us. We did not believe what we were seeing.

Take Back The Night cult is in all the churchs. In the Catholic Church it is called “Call To Action”, it is fully in charge of the Evangelical Lutheran and Gay Episcopalian churches.

They have been protected every step of the way by the Democratic Party. NatLFEd has also been protected every step of the way and every former cadre knows that it fully enabled the set-up of the vicious lesbian and gay militants while NatLFed ran the bribes and disabled the blue-collar classes with fake Hispanic crap like Gerry Doeden and the other white trust-fund babies taking Hispanic names and they all ran the death-cult art into the town.

That was why my studio was targeteed. I was not co-operating. I was just “doing art” and I was working on a print-video project at Channel Five with other non-political traditional artists in the print trade and illustration trade, producing a program that would have shown regular, skilled artists.

Now we see the full death-cult coming out of the Bible belt as “Repent America” but “Repent America” is only a small reaction to what has been going on: the actual full-scale emasculation of Black Americans by the Gay movment and the attacks on our children and our families and the destruction of what was once a thriving civilization.

That Snopes article describing the whistles is describing exactly what they did to me, all alone, just watching their horrible nazi gay march.

As a Catholic I have to accept suffering, and if it were not for the training my faith has given me in accepting suffering I would not be able to witness to the truth of what is happening around us.

We are fighting the death cult here in Texas, but we are not using RepentAmerica’s tactics. Repent America has allowed the death cult of the gay militants to poison its own thoughts.

Re: Catholics & Cults
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Date: June 19, 2010 12:55AM

Instead of engaging in infantile personal assault, are you able to refute that citation, shakti?

This board is about CULT damage to the individual human being’s ability to think clearly.

Attacking people with mockery without even attempting a logical or factual refutation of their statements is an example of how cult-damaged minds work. Such minds have lost the ability to examine statements and think about them. Such minds can only react personally to the speakers, and cannot attack the ideas with critical thinking but can attack the speakers with insults.

Shakti, please stop disrupting threads that are about cult damage with your obvious hatred of Catholics in general.

Your disdain for Catholics is not relevant to a discussion of cults that damage Catholic communities. It makes as much sense as if you decided to go over to the “Australian Cult” discussion and start attacking them for being Australian or attacking their political system, instead of allowing them to talk about a cult that is damaging some of their people and their communities.

Re: Eckhart Tolle made me a zombie
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Date: June 20, 2010 01:13PM

Brainwashed, one of the things I learned from my therapist regarding PTSD might be helpful to you. It is best to do this with a therapist, but you can probably also do it on your own. (and better to be on your own than to be with a therapist who supports Tolle’s ideas )

Here it is: Learn the things that “mark” your state of mind when you are not doing well. It might be different for you than for PTSD, but not very different. PTSD involves dissociation from the actual present moment into a memory of a past moment that was traumatic. What you seem to be describing as an effect of Tolle is a kind of dissociation into nothingness.

But there should probably be stages of noticeable change from your alert “normal” state to your “tolle-brainwashed” state of non-thinking. Notice the changes and find ways to stop them and move yourself back to your normal alert state.

You might not want to do this all at once but these things kind of build on each other.

Reconnect yourself to the outside world. If you feel yourself withdrawing, do something like take a very hot or very cold shower, do something physical, listen to some loud active music, get your juices flowing again. Reward yourself in some way, even if just a small self-congratulations, for breaking the tolle-mood.

Find physical and sensual things that are healthy that you can easily use to reconnect and as soon as you are reconnected, use your intellect, too. Go into online forums and argue about politics (mygod! am I really advising this? yes, I am! **lol**) go into sports forums and tell someone their team is a bunch of wusses, go into youtube and watch a bunch of comedies, anything to get ALL your juices flowing. Join an active team of somekind, whether it is a service team like an environment clean-up or a simple cycling or something like that, just make sure it is outward-directed and keeps you in active socialo contact with different kinds of people. Even just get a part-time job flipping burgers for the heck of it for a few months. Maybe get a dog who demands attention. The key is: sensual connection, social connection, full use of your faculties.

Several times dsm was banned from this message board.  The last notice which I encountered was July 9, 2010.
Writings after August 2010
East Leigh News Comments on “Jesus Christians” group 
Denise Matteau comments on an article“Donate a kidney for Jesus”There are several interesting comments under this article that pertain to Denise Matteau. 
Two comments can be read below:

Freedom is Sacred blog

From 2010 to 2013, Denise Matteau wrote 27 articles on her Freedom Is Sacred blog, which she subtitled, Denise Matteau’s blog defending free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to live free of vigilante harassment and intimidation.  (links may be to many different kinds of groups or writers.  That’s what Freedom looks like.)

Of interest is the article called About This Blog dated October 25, 2010, which can be viewed in full at the link above.  Denise Matteau comments, “Tonight I was motivated to finally open a blog dedicated to this problem because one of the RRI’s fringe associates has begun moving the attack-postings off the platform of “let’s just tell the world Denise is fat and ugly” onto a double track of calling for multiple “reports of me to ‘authorities’ and also an attempt to characterize me as someone who is likely to be suicidal.”  What Denise Matteau is referring to is something she considers connected to the Rick Ross forum at the Cult Education Institute, and also another forum at concerning a group called the Jesus Christians.”

In this 4.5 page post on her experiences, she concludes, “I have a channel in Youtube here and also a page in Facebook, both under my own legal name. I have decided that the best way to deal with this very disturbed and disturbing duo as well as the RRI (of which they are both very active members) is to be totally out-front and consequences be damned. My daughter died weeks after their assualts on me began, this past summer, and I have nothing at all to lose. They have certainly put me in a “make my day” kind of mood.”

“Having nothing to lose is not to say I have nothing. I am indeed a very successful artist with my own vocation in the private sphere (far outside their paltry realm) and I will not lose any friends or any professional support to these ignorant bigots because I have no connection to anyone who would respect them.”

“I have created this blog in my own interest and in the interest of all other victims of the RRI hate movement, a movement of which Zeuzsor and Verity Evangelene/Sisi/Agur are perhaps the two most vile examples outside of Rick A. Ross himself.”

Facebook:  In Memory of Faith (Sojie) Jackson 6/17/1976-8/26/2010

This Facebook page can be read here.

I found Denise Matteau’s reflections on October 28, 2014 notable as again she calls for  an investigation into the death of her daughter, for what she claims was murder. Again, we see the family bitterness that extends years back, that has never been resolved in her own heart. This article is best read in context with the entire Facebook tribute to Denise’s daughter, which includes some very sweet family photos.

Recent Accusations by Denise Matteau 

I am familiar with the background of Dave Sweigert, having researched it in detail in 2017, when the Port of Charleston incident occurred.  Since then I have been monitoring the lawsuits related to Crowdsource the Truth, and understand many of the facts that underlie this ongoing story.

The extent of the falsehoods which Denise Matteau has promoted in her videos and are included in recent email documents known to Dave Sweigert represent serious allegations unsupported by evidence.  On September 9, 2019, a set of emails were sent to various government agencies by Denise Matteau accusing various persons of criminal acts.  If you think your name was mentioned in these emails, contact Dave Sweigert at his blog

His response to these emails was to present Denise Matteau with a Spoliation Notice.

This final document represents a reply from the Univ. of Massachusetts to Dave Sweigert regarding his recent inquiry into their records.

Final Thoughts

The above documents have been laid out in chronological order as a means of understanding a portion of the history behind some of allegations which Denise Matteau has leveled against others.  Despite her intelligence and skills and sometimes insightful observations,  she has created a problem for others when she records her defamatory remarks on internet blogs and videos.

It is costly to sue for defamation, especially against a defendant who has few assets.  Another option is to create public documentation which informs and warns those who come in contact with Denise Matteau that cites where she has failed to document her allegations with proper evidence. An example of that technique can be found on the YouTube channel, Agent 19.  Hopefully this summary of her history will further provide an understanding of the backdrop of her propensity for assailing others with false allegations.