Gabe Hoffman vs. Julio Cesareo Jacquez: Order Granting Plaintiff Temporary Injunctive Relief

On March 20, 2020, an Order Granting Plaintiff’s Verified Motion for Temporary Injunctive Relief was filed in the 15th Judicial Circuit in and for Palm Beach County, Florida in the Gabe Hoffman vs. Julio Cesareo Jacquez defamation lawsuit.

hoffman v jacquez 320 2020 injunctive relief

Gabe Hoffman vs. Julio Jacquez: March 4, 2020 Notice of Filing Affidavit

On March 4, 2020, a Notice of Filing Affidavit of Gabe Hoffman was filed in the 15th Judicial Circuit of Palm Beach County, Florida in the Gabe Hoffman vs. Julio Jacquez lawsuit.

hoffman v jacquez 304 2020 notice of filing affidavit of GH


Also, on March 5, 2020, an Order Directing Plaintiff to Effect Service Upon Defendant was filed in the Gabe Hoffman vs. Thomas Schoenberger lawsuit.

hoffman v schoenberger order to effect service 305 2020

The Elliptical Universe of the Cryptobeast and the Grand Master of the Order of the One Star Monktel

…What shall be done unto thee, thou false tongue?  Psalm 120:3b

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, the Grand Master of the Order of the One Star Monktel was challenged by an Old Man.

Thomas Schoenberger, the Grand Master of the Order of the One Star Monktel

TStGermain is Thomas Schoenberger, who in recent months has been hiding out from one or more process servers. Rejecting thrones because they are made of prison bars, he endeavors to stay only at One Star Monktels that lack a throne room.

Of course this Grand Master Knight once had a Maid Marion to make his bed and empty his ashtrays.  Known by the internet handle,  Elizabeth Vering, she devoted untold days helping the Grand Master to fight against the big baddies with millions and millions of dollars and all the common thugs money can buy.  But then this maid found herself  being ignored, as the Grand Master turned his attentions to a fellow knight in expandable armor, the Cryptobeast.

Rumor has it that one day the Grand Master was reading when he spotted this Danger Ranger comment shown below.  It was like reading the Help Wanted Column, only to discover the opportunity of the century!

Who needs a Maid Marion, when the Cryptobeast has scores of them?

So on January 18, 2020, Elizabeth Vering produced a video called This Is How It Ends.

In a now deleted comment below this video, Elizabeth Vering wrote these heartfelt  words: “Breaking up with the head of Cicada 3301, the last surviving member of the original three founders, two retired spooks and one Silicon Valley tech.  It’s been an exciting ride.  Never thought I’d ever save somebody, or sign up for anything I had a really good chance of dying over, and that I would think was actually worth it.  But it’s amazing what happens when you’re in the right place at the wrong time and fall in with a group of weirdos on the internet.  Never thought that tiny little me would be fighting real monsters, bid baddies in the intelligence community or who have millions upon millions of dollars, and all the many common thugs money can buy.  Maybe I still can somehow, but not out of any sentiment for that man, and not his battles.”

The Elliptical Universe of the Grand Master and the Cryptobeast

Most target shooters practice hitting a bullseye in a perfect circle, and develop an instinct for knowing where the centerpoint is. Trap and skeet shooting involves hitting a moving target that has a parabolic path affected by gravity.  But an ellipse shape  presents a different challenge because there are two focal points which serve to define its perimeter.  Move the two focal points, and the shape of the ellipse also changes.

The screen shot I show below illustrates a method of reputation destruction employed by two persons working together in an elliptical relationship.  This example was recently displayed in Dave Sweigert’s SDNY.ORG’s “Manny’s Moot Court”.   

In this example, the first focal point of the ellipse,  Thomas Schoenberger aka The Last Ghost, sends a Twitter message to CStheTruth aka Jason Goodman of the Crowdsource the Truth YouTube channel.  Apparently Schoenberger wants to feed into Jason Goodman’s paranoia that he was set up by an organized group of Deep State sponsored actors.  The motive behind this message is to find another person who will mutually target Schoenberger’s adversaries, Manuel Chavez III and Jacquelyn Weaver. His only “evidence” is a nonsensical  Twitter message from the second focal point of the ellipse, Steve Outtrim.

Steve Outtrim’s Twitter message mentions “new findings”, which represent two old articles, written nine days apart in 2017 by Tracking the Leopard Meroz.  The first thing to note is that the book review I wrote back in 2017 was removed from my blog, probably about a year later, because no one was interested in reading it.  I regularly cull posts about once a year that have become irrelevant. So either that post was found on the Wayback Machine, or someone has been keeping a detailed record of my articles going back 30 months.

The other article noted by Outtrim is Operation Whiplash which was an unflattering critique of former CIA officer Robert David Steele. How that critique proves that Jacquelyn Weaver is Deep State CIA, I have no clue. Outtrim says it was the first “Sweigert” post on my blog, but he does not clarify which Sweigert he is referring to, or what his point was in referencing two unrelated articles.

Steve Outtrim claims that Thomas Schoenberger provides evidence, and his detractors do not.  Time after time, Steve Outtrim has been proven wrong by various persons seeking to publicly correct the defamation which has been committed against their reputations. With regard to the screenshot displayed above, I will make 2 main statements:

*** I have never communicated with Manuel Chavez III, and have no association with him whatsoever.

*** Schoenberger has slandered and libeled my name, as well as my family, in his Twitter accounts and on his YouTube channels, including his most recent one, CoronaVirus Updates. He has spread falsehoods, using the hypothetical question method, that my family’s publishing business was associated with the CIA-Operation Mockingbird operation. 

My family published a weekly newspaper for over 50 years, out of the my grandmother’s basement. That newspaper was started by my uncle when he was 14 years old, and the advertisers which he first had, remained loyal for over a half century because of the integrity of my family.  Operation Mockingbird was interested in large newspapers, not weekly newspapers that printed only local news.

My father won countless first place awards among Washington state weekly newspapers, for editorials and photography.  The two local daily newspapers, the Seattle Times and the Post Intelligencer had a policy of hiring any writer who had worked for my father because his reputation for quality journalism was well known.

Prior to the Civil Rights Act, my father wrote editorials in favor of “open housing”. As a result, someone burned a cross in my grandmother’s yard, and we received death threats and curses.  Yet Thomas Schoenberger dares to slander and libel my family, while he sits in darkness, hiding out as a coward, fearing to give an account for his public statements, which are oft done under anonymous names.

I have never worked for the government, other than being a taxpayer which funds its operations. My father was self-employed his entire life, and worked as a teenager to help support his parents. Even after retirement, my father continued being productive, assisting others to publish small newspapers. I come from a hard working, middle class family, that never defrauded anyone.

This month I was preoccupied with filing a report with the FBI on an anti-government individual.  In addition, my husband had two surgeries, and there were other situations that occupied my time.  As a result, many of the slanderous statements that Schoenberger made about me, that I am CIA or into black sorcery, were only noted by me in the passing.

In hindsight, it appears that the article I wrote about the Canadian lawsuit, Gabe Hoffman vs. Zach McQuaid set off a flurry of veiled threats and falsehoods.  Reviewing the totality of that reaction from Thomas Schoenberger, Steve Outtrim and others opposed to Gabe Hoffman, I am beginning to see the manner in which this group attempts to entrap anyone who reproves their reputation destruction activities.

On February 24, 2020, Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez wrote An Appeal to Steve Outtrim,on his magickingdomdispatch. com website.  At the beginning of this appeal, Trujillo posts the following screenshot:

Tracking the Leopard Meroz has always had a liberal comment policy. That liberality is now being withdrawn.








Gabe Hoffman vs. Julio Cesareo Jacquez: Motion for Leave to File Amended Complaint and Plaintiff’s Verified Motion for Injunctive Relief

On December 10, 2020, three documents as shown below were filed in the Circuit Court of the 15th Judicial Circuit in and for Palm Beach County, Florida in the Gabe Hoffman vs.Julio Cesareo Jacquez aka Julio Jacques aka All American Cartel LLC defamation lawsuit.

Although two of the documents appear lengthy because of exhibits, they are highly readable and interesting.


Motion for Leave to File First Amended Complaint (4 pages)

hoffman v jacquez motion for leave to file amended complaint 210 2020


First Amended Complaint (84 pages)

hoffman v jacquez amended complaint 210 2020


Plaintiff’s Verified Motion for Injunctive Relief ( 73 pages)

hoffman v jacquez motion for relief 210 2020

Gabe Hoffman vs. Zachary McQuaid aka Zack Quaid

On December 19, 2019, a lawsuit was filed in the Ontario (Canada) Superior Court of Justice as Gabriel Alan Hoffman, plaintiff vs. Zachary McQuaid, defendant.  The full complaint can be read here:  [hoffman v mcquaid dec 19 2019].

The day after Hoffman vs. McQuaid was filed, I received an email dated December 20, 2019, from Thomas Schoenberger aka Parody Lives.  This was not a private communication, as this email was also sent to Steve Outtrim, Z, and Titus Frost.  Schoenberger explained, “I have also included Mr. Outtrim and Zack Quaid, who was recently threatened by Gabe and Gabe also attempted to intimidate Zack and has now truly shown some psychopathy by impersonating a lawyer and threatening to sue Zack for a million dollars.

In truth, Gabe Hoffman had not impersonated a lawyer, for the Ontario Court document states that the Plaintiff is represented by the law firm Mason, Caplan, Roti LLP, located in Toronto, Ontario.

Damages of $1,000,000 are requested in the Complaint, for defamation, and common law harassment, intimidation, and persecution, and invasion of privacy all by means of the making, creating, publishing and posting on the internet or the world wide web malicious and false words, postings, statements, photos, blogs, videos comments, pins and depictions.”

Thomas Schoenberger’s email contained several attachments of public domain documents, and he remarked, “It’s stark evidence that there was a campaign under written by Gabe Hoffman and directed by Manuel Chavez to falsely vilify me.  The repeated attacks on me coincided with the mysterious death of Isaac Kappy and plainly, and for yet unknown reasons, Gabe Hoffman was actively choreographing how the attacks would be plotted and then carried out.”

The screenshot below shows where Schoenberger attempted to “guilt trip” me for writing factually based commentary on his activities.  I do not owe Thomas Schoenberger an apology. Rather than being gainfully employed, he has spent months moving from place to place to avoid the legal consequences of his own actions. 

Gabe Hoffman filed a defamation lawsuit against Thomas Schoenberger on October 28, 2019. Schoenberger has kept a low profile to avoid service of that lawsuit, and has been accusing others of doxing him.  His friend Wyatt Earpp in Melbourne, Australia, accused this author of doing just that.  If his whereabouts were actually known, he would have been served the legal papers from various parties which await him. The fact that this has not occurred is proof that no one has doxxed his location.

Tracking the Leopard Meroz is a Christian commentary, and as such, I am going to address the defamatory religious slurs in Zack Quaid’s internet communications, which are the basis on which he requested donations from Christians, for his personal crusade against Gabe Hoffman, and not for Christ’s sake.

The Zack Quaid YouTube channel has been removed for violating the terms of service, so I am unable to display links to his former videos, as the foundation for my observations. Thus I will be relying on the facts contained in the nine page Schedule A of the Canadian lawsuit, Hoffman vs. McQuaid, which details the Twitter and YouTube messages of Zack McQuaid.

It is notable that those defamatory messages were published by a Canadian against a citizen of the United States.

My comments on the facts contained in Schedule A do not in any way represent the plaintiff’s legal argumentation of his Complaint.

What influence did Thomas Schoenberger have on Zack Quaid’s crusade against Gabe Hoffman?

As noted earlier, Gabe Hoffman has filed separate defamation lawsuits against both Thomas Schoenberger and Zack McQuaid.

In mid January 2020, about a month after the Canadian lawsuit was filed, both Zack Quaid and Thomas Schoenberger (on his now defunct Grabbler Babe YouTube channel), announced that Schoenberger was traveling by car to Toronto from an  undisclosed location, with an entourage, which included an apparently unemployed attorney who had nothing better to do. The stated purpose of this unusual and expensive journey was to receive a package of emails from Zack Quaid.

So after a long journey, with Schoenberger showing a photo of fallen snow encountered along their route, they all arrived at last arrived in Toronto. Here is a photo which  Zack claimed was taken on his phone proving that Schoenberger was as fit as a 40 year old.

The unfit version of Thomas Schoenberger around age 59


Zack McQuaid claims that the men accompanying Schoenberger showed great respect for him, but one man had remained quiet the whole time.  After sharing a lovely dinner with this mafia-styled entourage, Zack handed over his evidence package to the Godfather, and they returned home.


The videos of Zack Quaid are strangely reminiscent of Thomas Schoenberger’s narratives

The Schedule A of Hoffman vs. McQuaid covers the Zack Quaid emails and videos from  October 12, 2019 through December 16, 2019.  I am going to pull out some of the Jews versus Christians messages, for our examination.

We first encounter a Twitter message from the @stepho_11 account which states, Christians in Soviet Union were killed by execution.  Christians in Europe converted to atheism.  Christians in USA turned into Shabbos Goyim.  Wherever the Jews go, they extract revenge upon Christianity.  Another Twitter of the same date, October 12, 2019, states, And that dirty rodent Gabe Hoffman!

Interestingly, on that same date, Thomas Schoenberger’s YouTube channel, Just a pianist, featured a photoshopped image meant as a slur against Gabe Hoffman and his capital management company. The heading states, Investigate Gabe Hoffman.

Now there are some awkward fallacies in this “history” of Jews taking vengeance against Christians which Zack McQuaid had presented in his October 12th Twitter message.  He ignores the fact that the first Christians were Jews.  Later on, the church became predominantly Gentiles. I do not know what the religious background of Zack McQuaid is, but I am personally familiar with Baptists and Protestants, and when they speak of persecution, the focus is usually on the history of the Roman Catholic Church, and not on religious or atheistic Jews.

The next day on October 13, 2019, a Zack Quaid YouTube video was published on Gabe Hoffman which references Isaac Kappy’s conflict with Gabe Hoffman, in addition to the topic of Jewish extremism and the Jewish root of pedophilia in Hollywood.  At the 1.36 mark, the statement is made, “Gabe Hoffman must be investigated for the death of Isaac Kappy.”

That latter remark mirrors Thomas Schoenberger’s public statements. Isaac Kappy was known for making defamatory statements against numerous persons, and his untimely death has become a focal point for an escalating  war of words between various persons who were acquainted with Kappy.

On October 16, 2019, a video titled Esteban, discusses “CIA Spook tied to Gabe Hoffman rumored to be Pedo protector and Jewish mobster.”, and in the October 20, 2019, video Unbecoming a Soldier, numerous allegations bring in the names of several other persons which Thomas Schoenberger has discourse with.  These allegations were directed at Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez, a former United States Army Ranger who received a silver star, and in retirement is working on a history of the Cicada 3301 online puzzle, which involved Thomas Schoenberger.

On November 3, 2019, the Twitter account @stepho_11 remarks, “Holy shit TS.  I never saw this.  Gabe falsely accused you again.  What a Jewish terrorist.  That’s not being racist.  That’s calling a spade a spade.  In the name of Judaism, Gabe attacks Christians.  We have to stand up to this monster, all of us Christians!”

Why is Zack Quaid addressing Thomas Schoenberger, as if he is a Christian?

On January 23, 2020, I wrote an article The CROSS of the JUDAS CURSE:  Where two forces meet,  as a continuation of a previous article on the online puzzle, Cicada 3301.  In this second installment, I was moving across a philosophical territory, and introduced the relationship between the death of Jesus Christ on the cross and the Greek word stasis as where two forces meet.

An excerpt from this article in the screenshot below demonstrates that Thomas Schoenberger, despite his pretentions, is NOT a believer in the divinity of Jesus Christ, and the record of the Bible; for he denies the foundation of Christianity, which is the Resurrection. 

So if Zack Quaid is looking up to Thomas Schoenberger as an example of what it means to be a Christian, he has been greatly mislead.

On November 8, 2019, Zack Quaid mentions in a video, several names and then remarks, “Steve Outtrim believes Thomas is the main target and I think Steve is on to something.  Why, Why, is Thomas such a threat to the Satanists?” A few days later on November 12, 2019 in a video titled, I am hunted, McQuaid requests, “Fellow Christians, I need both your morals and financial blessing so that I can continue to cast our demons like Gabe Hoffman.  Please send donations to my email which is:”

Since when does a Christian need funding to speak an opinion or to pray against unholy forces?  I am beginning to wonder if this style of defamation is some sort of low level false flag operation, meant to cast aspersion against genuine Christians because of the unChristian behavior of the messengers.

A November 13, 2019, video called, An Open Secret or a murder cover up?  #GabeHoffman, states,”a Jewish terrorist named Gabe Hoffman has sent his rodent demons to attack and traumatize my family…is that what Isaac went through?”

The implication is that Isaac Kappy died as a result of murder, rather than as a suicide, and that his death had been preceded by demonic attacks issuing from Hoffman. There are those who venerate Isaac Kappy as a martyr who lost his life for exposing pedophilia in Hollywood.  And now Zach McQuaid was portraying himself as a target, just like Isaac Kappy.

The November 24, 2019, Zack Quaid video is especially disturbing as a set of allegations against several named persons.

In conclusion, Zack McQuaid has not only placed the reputation of Gabe Hoffman in a bad light, he has also set a wrong example of how Christians are to behave. The same goes for McQuaid’s mentor, Thomas Schoenberger, who likes to use the imagery of the Bible. Sooner or later both men will be held accountable for their words.  Let this serve as a cautionary warning: False weights are never to be placed in the balances of justice.