In Remembrance of the Port of Charleston Dirty Bomb Hoax June 14, 2017

Flag Day – June 14 –  Tracking the Leopard Meroz would like to honor  those Americans who  respect the delicate bonds which hold  a free and civilized society together, ensuring our continuance as a great nation.

We are nearing another June the 14th Flag Day, made infamous in 2017, when the Port of Charleston was shutdown for 8 hours, as law enforcement agencies responded to a report of a dirty bomb aboard the Memphis Maersk. 

Curiously, the originator of that report handed off his information to two YouTube broadcast journalists, rather than taking direct  responsibility to quietly warn the United States Coastguard of his concerns.

Those two internet Crowdsource the Truth broadcasters, George Webb and Jason Goodman, appear in hindsight to have willfully neglected to conduct due diligence as a reasonable inquiry into their source’s background,  prior to relying on that informant’s rumor. The finding by the U. S. Coast Guard that the dirty bomb rumor was false revealed that Webb’s reliance on his hidden source was a mirage.  Therefore this begs the question as to whether or not the promotion of this hoax as a monetized CSTT publicity stunt had been undertaken with the assurance of a protection agreement to  shield the participants with an immunity from criminal prosecution.

Why does an aura of impunity surround Webb and Goodman?

In November of 2018, Steve Outtrim of Cryptobeast  interviewed former CSTT researcher Queen Tut, who had exposed the identity of George Webb’s hidden source as a former FBI informant named Okey Marshall Richards.  She also described her understanding that Richards had been given the handle of Mr. Hudson by Jason Goodman, so that he could be featured as a regular guest on CSTT.  If that story is verified to be true, it would indicate that Jason Goodman, in a show of mockery, was featuring Richards in plain sight as a sign of impunity for getting away with their joint participation in the dirty bomb hoax as a criminal act.

Goodman has denied all responsibility, as seen in his Document 9-1, Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss, filed August 3, 2018 in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman RICO lawsuit.

Jason Goodman declared, “Plaintiff’s brother George W. Sweigert and George W. Sweigert’s associates were the initial source of information and went to great lengths to convince defendant that there was imminent and grievous danger to the public.  Defendant acted in good faith, reporting on open source information and information provided by Plaintiff’s associates, to alert authorities of possible danger and what defendant was caused to believe to be an imminent and serious public threat.”

Jason Goodman contemplates the world of his own creation: the justification of reckless and unrestrained speech as a new form of journalism called Crowdsource the Truth

Subsequent to this incident, various persons had speculated that this event was a government-sponsored psychological operation to restrict free speech on the internet.

That concern diverted the public’s focus away from the serious nature of this internet hoax, which had served to threaten our nation’s sensitive economic infrastructure.

Former CIA agent Robert David Steele, who downplayed George Webb’s role in the hoax, calling him a patsy, effectively cut the publicly viewed chain of accountability for the bomb hoax in half.

The remaining half of the visible part of the chain, Jason Goodman, as the sole owner of Crowdsource the Truth, is now the premier defendant in two separate federal civil lawsuits.  On September 1, 2017, Robert David Steele sued Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron and Queen Tut for defamation.  And on the one year anniversary of the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax, D. George Sweigert sued Jason Goodman in a civil RICO lawsuit.

As Ecclesiastes 8:11 wisely observes,  “because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”  And so we continue to view a continuing stream of  false narratives on YouTube, which continue unfettered, as a result of the lack of criminal prosecution of the purveyors of the Port of Charleston hoax.

Back to the Future when accusations were RICOcheting as a self-fulfilling prophecy

In my files I have a partial transcription of a July  13, 2017  video uploaded by Defango on YouTube, called Crowdsource the Backlash/Defango is a Dangerous Criminal/RICO. 

In that video, Defango was in discussion with Dave Acton (Dave Sweigert)  concerning an on-air phone conversation between Dave and the hosts of Crowdsource the Truth; Jason Goodman, George Webb, and Trish Negron.

Dave Sweigert has a lengthy and impressive resume which includes an extensive educational and employment history in information security, and he has an ongoing, practical interest in American jurisprudence.  Jason Goodman once owned 21st Century 3D, and was employed as a 3-D cameraman in Hollywood.  George Webb (Sweigert) was a salesman prior to having his own YouTube channel, where he reports on political corruption.

Around the 2 minute mark of Defango’s video, a section of a Crowdsource the Truth video is replayed, as transcribed below.

Dave Acton:  There’s Trish in the middle.  Trish, I’m glad you’re laughing because I want to ask you about the ten years you spent on an audit committee of a Wall Street trading company, you know a lot about insider trading, don’t you?  You’ve been warned time and time again.  I know all those audit committee members have to sign statements about their knowledge.  Their knowledge of the corporation and prohibitions against insider trading so you’ve been warned and warned and warned.  If this is an insider trading stunt that you guys are planning to create a market crash- to create a Wall Street panic…

Jason Goodman:  Wall street?  Crash?

Dave Acton:  There’s evidence out there that’s what this is about…(over-talking by Jason)

Jason Goodman:…especially with the Maersk?

Dave Acton:  Alright, let’s go on…(3.14) (George Webb talks about Silk Airways)…(3.29)  You know he said yesterday that Seth Rich was  little league baseball game- it was a nothing – I thought that was what he built his career on.  George!  Now all of a sudden Seth Rich is nothing, and now it’s the Syrian weapons, and now it’s my brother Dave, OK?

Jason Goodman:  Say one thing about…Dave?  I want to invite him to join our broadcast, to report on it.  Yes, calm down, chill out, stop threatening us and just join us!

George Webb:  Wait till you see how much he can help you with the NATO Generals.

Jason Goodman:  I’m sure he could.

Dave Acton:  I want to know exactly what I’m supposed to know about NATO generals, since I’ve never met a NATO general.  I want to know what my knowledge is supposed to be about NATO generals.  Again, 10,000 people have heard this phantom of George’s that I’m involved with NATO generals.  How?  Tell me, George!  Explain to me how I’m involved with NATO generals and Syrian weapons transfers and human trafficking.

(Defango stops the audio to insert his explanation of a Twitter example of market manipulation.)

(6.03)  Dave Acton:…your ilk, but you want me to come on this show?  Because I really don’t want to be accessory to what you guys are planning.  As much as you run around collecting evidence with your conclusions, I could collect evidence right now saying, I think this is a planned market manipulation.  I think this is a planned panic.  I think they’re going to say there’s a dirty bomb in Manhattan.  I think they’re going to do it just the right way and the market’s going to close for about 4-5 minutes which is enough time to make billions of dollars.  All you internet researchers, all you people claiming that you love the internet- you don’t want to see it shut down…why don’t you look up the Associated Press Twitter hack in 2013?  Do some research, get off your…

(Defango interrupts to discuss the Twitter story and adds his comments on Trish Negron trading her shares out, moving money around…)

(7.24)  Dave Acton:  …your ass.  Go look it up right now, Associated Press Twitter Attack-White House-Obama’s been injured-bomb attack.  How many billions of dollars were lost in a minute and a half with a little rumor like that?  What do you think a big rumor like there’s a dirty bomb at Wall Street?  What do you think that would do?  These are the people that do it.  They would make millions of dollars – millions.  But unfortunately there’s a Racketeering Notice out there, isn’t there?  You guys are potential defendants in a racketeering case.  So if you make even one dime in a scenario like that you’ll just have to give it back – you’ll just have to give it back.

That’s why we have to do racketeering public notices.  So Jason, they’re not threats.  They’re prevention.  They’re protections for our country from the ilks of you.  I don’t see what you guys are accomplishing.  I don’t see what you’re contributing to public policy.  I don’t see what you’re doing – all I see is that you’re slandering me again and you’re bringing this whole scenario in that somehow there’s NATO generals that Dave can help us with.  I don’t want to be an accessory to market manipulation, that’s why I’m not going to be on your show.  I don’t want to be a co-conspirator – that’s why I’m not going to be on your show.  I suggest you guys lawyer up.

(12:46)  Jason Goodman:  (speaking of a previous Defango video)  What I’d like to know is if there is anyone in the Crowdsource community… I’m not going to sue him.  I’m not threatening him with a lawsuit.  (Defango overtalks Jason)  I’d like to know if there are any law enforcement professionals who can assist us with bringing charges of cyber bullying, cyber harassment, fraud.  Defango is repurposing our videos, he’s monetizing them, your (i.e. George Webb’s) brother Dave Acton gave him (i.e. Defango) $5.00 on air last night – THAT’S RICO, bro!  Dave Acton’s accused us of RICO.

Deliberate Acts Have A Motive  

The Port of Charleston shutdown faded away quickly from the collective memory of the American public; yet after two years, there still remain a few who desire to know the reasons behind the lack of prosecution of this hoax as a criminal offense.

If one reflects on the transcribed conversation above which places George Webb, Jason Goodman, and Trish Negron on one side of the Port of Charleston controversy, and Dave Acton (Dave Sweigert) on the other, there is a sharp line of demarcation. It is Dave Acton that draws that line, as he points out the movers and shakers of that hoax, possible motives, and possible future plans to enlarge the hoax for profiteering motives.

At that time, Acton attempted to restrain the actions of Crowdsource the Truth through what he terms racketeering public notices. Jason Goodman responded by deflecting this RICO application to his activities back on to Dave Acton. In subsequent months, Goodman, as the villain Antagonist used similar tactics of DEFLECTION to target hero Protagonist Dave “Acton” Sweigert, in this never ending YouTube drama.

The glitch in Jason Goodman’s fantasy island are two federal civil lawsuits against him

As previously mentioned, on Flag Day,  June 14, 2018, D. George Sweigert in the capacity of Private Attorney General, filed a federal CIVIL RICO lawsuit against Jason Goodman for the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax.  This court case was transferred from Charleston, South Carolina to the Eastern District of New York, where it now sits in mute silence, awaiting judicial response.

Just prior to the filing of the RICO lawsuit, Dave Sweigert filed several Declarations in the Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit against Jason Goodman.  Presently that lawsuit has entered the Discovery phase, and Dave Sweigert is awaiting judicial response to his motion to be an Intervenor plaintiff in the Steele lawsuit.

In the meantime, anyone who displeases Jason Goodman is being falsely accused (without evidentiary support) of being part of the actual originators or co-conspirators of that dirty bomb hoax.   It is astonishing to read in court documents that Jason Goodman, in spite of the penalty for perjury, has invented a false historical account of the Port of Charleston incident to escape his own accountability for that event.

Jason Goodman as a Walter Mitty type, where fantasy attempts to hold back reality

Jason Goodman’s demeanor 9 years ago, as seen in this DV Culture video, when he was promoting his 21st Century 3D  camera business, is vibrant and he seems very much in his element.

That personal style has not carried over into his Crowdsource the Truth interviews, where he is a fish out of water as a broadcast journalist, which requires both analytical skills and the practice of ethics.

Jason Goodman as seen in a short clip of DV Culture in 2010

As a contrast to another YouTuber,  Lionel Nation,  who has successfully transitioned  from a career as a trial lawyer to that of a solo broadcast commentator, Jason Goodman is entirely dependent upon his guests to provide any type of interesting commentary.

Another skill that sets Lionel Nation apart is his wonderful ability to relate with his viewers; a trait which was perfected as a trial attorney, who had to connect to both the jurors and the judge to successfully plead his case.

Jason Goodman, on the other hand, when he does a monologue, prefers to speak to his audience in his favored rant style, usually as a “rage” walk through the streets of New York.  This failure to interact naturally with others is encapsulated in the testimony of both Queen Tut and Quinn Michaels who have testified that Jason Goodman views young women as Tinder companions, in which he reveals his naked virility. There are numerous examples of Goodman defaming former associates, once they are no longer of value to him.

This use of others highly contrasts with our internet broadcaster example,  Lionel Nation, who frequently makes affectionate references to his wife, who is sitting near him in the background at their home or on their travels.  How one lives beyond the camera lens,  greatly influences the on-air presence of a broadcast journalist and thus the demographics of  the viewing audience.  Jason Goodman is greatly in error to argue that his opponents have the power to reduce his audience numbers; audience loyalty is contingent on their personal viewing relationship with the show host.

I mentioned earlier in this post,  the Walter Mitty aspect of Jason Goodman’s personality. The Wikipedia article on James Thurber’s short story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, first published in The New Yorker in 1939 points out that “The name Walter Mitty and the derivative word ‘Mittyesque’ have entered the English language, denoting an ineffectual person who spends more time in heroic daydreams than paying attention to the real world, or more seriously, one who intentionally attempts to mislead or convince others that he is something that he is not.

Move over Washington Post!  Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth has arrived!

For at least two years now, Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth has been attempting to convince all thinking peoples that he is a broadcast journalist who has introduced to the world a powerful crowdsourcing form of journalism.  [see my June 6, 2018 article, Jason Goodman & Crowdsource the Truth:  The Fallacy of No Fault Journalism].

As recently as June 6, 2019, Jason Goodman was explaining (3.22) to guest Michael Volpe that “…now Crowdsource the Truth is all about having journalists and lawyers and politicians and law enforcement people and anyone who’s a witness to anything, come forward, bring their information forward and provide a platform for them to do that so we can collectively, as a community, crowdsource that information, vet it collectively, etc.”

Goodman adds, “Now that doesn’t mean that every single person who contacts me I’m gonna put on the show or that I’m somehow obliged to put them on the show.  I have my own process for vetting people.”

At the (4.21) mark, he explains, “…when I created Crowdsource the Truth, I was looking around at the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, all of these news agencies of record, where there are many people who are accredited journalists who have graduated from journalism schools and in some cases even won Pultizer Prizes.  And we’re seeing that many of these Pulitzer Prize winners have been reporting on totally fake news like this Russian hoax.  They get tons of things wrong even with massive staffs  of hundreds or even thousands of people to do this research; they don’t seem to be able to properly vet their sources so I’m not considering myself a journalist in the way that those people are journalists.”

“I’m trying to do a new process that relies on a crowdsource method so there are going to be people that slip under the wire and bring us false information and get on the air.  That’s certainly not the intent, and as always if someone has evidence that helps us understand a story better, that’s what we want whether it agrees or disagrees with the guest is irrelevant…”

Goodman  has substituted the long established high standards of investigative journalism for a viewer mob-ruled form of unsubstantiated reporting.  The effect of this so called “powerful” new form of journalism is that the content is often legally defamatory.

But Jason Goodman’s Greatest Conspiracy Theory is yet to be translated into Legalese

As the Walter Mitty styled defendant in the Robert David Steele federal civil defamation lawsuit, Goodman in his May 29, 2019, Document 118 provided under Background Information the following statement as a reason why he should not have to comply with the plaintiff’s Discovery requests.

He declared, “Defendant Goodman has alleged a conspiracy between Plaintiff, Intervenor Applicant, co-Defendant Lutzke/Holmes and numerous third parties.  This conspiracy is intended to disrupt, de-fund, defame, embarrass and otherwise frustrate the Defendant in an effort to chill Defendant’s journalistic efforts.  The conspiracy has been publicly acknowledged by Intervenor Applicant in a multiparty call, broadcast on YouTube as indicated by Defendant in previous pleadings (ECF No. 78 EXHIBIT A).  Any information gleaned from this instant legal action would almost assuredly be used to continue this effort.”  [ rds doc 118 may 29 2019]

Jason Goodman’s Days of Deflection began before the dirty bomb hoax

Let’s digress a bit to the aftermath of the June 14, 2017 Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax, when George Webb and Jason Goodman first showed up on the Tracking the Leopard Meroz radar.

It was a month after that on July 13, 2017 that I posted my first article on this broadcast team, headlined as Jason Goodman In A Nutshell.  In that article, I began by quoting from a May 30, 2017 video uploaded on CSTT titled Hillary & McCabe’s Goons are Closing In:  Proof of Life from George Webb.

I report, “At the 7:12 mark of this preposterous video, George Webb who is acting as if his life is in danger, is thinking of what should be engraved on his tomb stone.”

George Webb: …so if I have an epitaph you know this is what I want it to say so…

Jason Goodman: right, George

George Webb: yeah, I, I, I haven’t been totally honest with you either; I think they picked you to ah document this so..

Jason Goodman:  What the hell are you talking about?

Finally Jason Goodman asks a good question!  And I commented in that article, “Now there is a fact checking question if I ever heard one. Too bad that this basic principle of  journalism is not being taught to these Crowdsourced Truthers.”

The poor helpless patsy:  not a brain in that pretty little head!

It is a documented fact that Robert David Steele, the former CIA agent, had handpicked George Webb to report on his #UNRIG campaign cross-country tour.  However, George Webb showed no reciprocal  interest in this project, and in the above dialogue we note that  George Webb is claiming that some hidden “they” had handpicked Jason Goodman to document “this”, whatever that means.

Jason Goodman had written as his video description, “With SEIU/FBI goons closing in, George calls with stunning revelations.  Johnny B can’t arrive quickly enough, I am being blocked from uploading to YouTube, trying at my end…Support this movement, become a sponsor of Crowdsource the Truth.”

So in Jason Goodman’s downgrade from a Hollywood 3-D cameraman to YouTube’s worst video of the week genre, Jason Goodman is attempting to use drama to snaggle some financial supporters.

In that same article, I ask, “So just who is this Jason Goodman who was picked to document George Webb? Why is it that in Jason Goodman’s Crowdsourcing videos, he appears to be technically inept? For example, his first interview with George Webb took place on a city roof top with so much background noise and phone glitches that he had to provide a transcript of their conversation. Some of his viewers suggested better methods of videotaping, in an effort to bring him into the 21st century.”  That statement is ironic, considering that Goodman’s business as a cameraman was 21st Century 3D.

Jason Goodman Displays the Subtle Art of Provocation

As I noted earlier, after D. George Sweigert filed his civil RICO lawsuit, Jason Goodman, as defendant replied with Documents 9, a Motion to Dismiss and 9-1, a Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss, which were filed with the court on August 3, 2018.

Now Jason Goodman did a peculiar thing with Document 9/9-1.

For example, his Facts section provided one single spaced paragraph of 21 lines, typed in a small font, which made it highly difficult to read.  Also, the heading giving the identity of the Court was incomplete. Why did Jason Goodman deviate from standard rules for  federal court formatting of documents?

We know that Jason Goodman, as a Pro Se Defendant, was familiar with formatting rules because ten months earlier he had been sued by Robert David Steele in a federal civil defamation complaint.  In that Steele lawsuit, we can see in Document 44 dated April 30, 2018, that Goodman knew to use the proper headings, a larger type font, double line spacing, and paragraph breaks for easy readability.

Thus it appears that the deviation from court document formatting in the RICO lawsuit was a subtle expression of contempt for the Plaintiff D. George Sweigert. as well as the federal court system.

Alibis, the fictional storyboarding of #fakelawsuit  

Under the Facts section of Document 9-1 in the RICO lawsuit, Goodman claimed that the Plaintiff D. George Sweigert “has engaged in a more than one year long targeted harassment campaign” against him, utilizing various social media platforms and in coordination with a team of associates.”

He also asserted that the “Plaintiff has repeatedly engaged in behavior including knowingly  false information and making false statements in court filings both in this matter and an equally baseless matter filed in Virginia Federal Court by an associate of Sweigert.”

Goodman also added that “Plaintif (sp) has engaged in a plot to frame defendant Goodman for a bomb hoax perpetratd (sp) by Plaintif (sp) brother George W. Sweigert and assoiates (sp), including members of the fraudulent suit filed in Virginia.  Plaintiff make a regular practice of misusing the legal system for vindictive and punitive purposes as part of his elaborate efforts to harass his victims…”.

Under Goodman’s Argument section, he provides his alibi for his participation in the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax, saying in part, “Plaintiff’s brother George W. Sweigert and George W. Sweigert’s associates were the initial source of information and went to great lengths to convince defendant that there was imminent and grievous danger to the public.  Defendant acted in good faith, reporting on open source information and information provided by Plaintiff’s associates, to alert authorities of possible danger and what defendant was caused to believe to be an imminent and serious public threat.”

In honor of those who quietly and steadfastly serve to protect America’s fragile economic infrastructures

As the Days of Deflection campaign of Jason Goodman continues with a never ending,  monotonous, repetition of his false legal narrative, we must recall that it was Dave Sweigert who drew the Line of Division in this battle in that CSTT July 13, 2017 video.

And it was Dave Sweigert who was attempting to protect our nation’s economic infrastructure from  internet hoaxes when he ALONE filed a civil RICO lawsuit against Jason Goodman.

While that RICO lawsuit sits quietly in a backlogged court system, our attention is drawn to the  Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit in the June 6, 2019, filing of Document 122, which asks the court for sanctions against Jason Goodman.

In the Introduction of that document, it begins, “Throughout this proceeding, Defendant Goodman has made a fool of himself and others by publishing videos on YouTube and statements via social media that malign Plaintiffs and promote Goodman’s proclamation that this action is a “#fakelawsuit” by a “real idiot”.

Plaintiff Steele’s memorandum goes on to state that “the filing of this action did nothing to deter Goodman’s insalubrious, truculent and unlawful use of YouTube.  To the contrary, after being sued Goodman escalated his campaign of defamation and character assassination.”  On page 5, Document 122 states, “The false representations in ECF No. 78 violate Rule 11 (b)(1) and Rule 11(b)(3).  They are presented for the improper purpose of harassing Plaintiffs and needlessly and vexatiously multiplying this proceeding.  There is no evidentiary support for Goodman’s statements.”

And in that last sentence, therein lies the problem of Jason Goodman and his Crowdsource the Truth broadcasts.

Have a wonderful Flag Day this next week, and let us all display a deep regard for our hard-won freedoms, which our flag represents.




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