4 thoughts on “Jason Goodman and Crowdsource the Truth: The Fallacy of No Fault Journalism

  1. Jacquelyn, I wholeheartedly agree with you, there is no such thing as No Fault Journalism, even though Jason Goodman believes otherwise. He seems to think he can practice his “art” under the protection of the First Amendment, which he describes as a new version of investigative journalism, where his crowd of followers decides if the information he has broadcast can be confirmed, based on their own experiences. I do not pretend to know who Jason Goodman is or everything he is trying to accomplish, but I am secure in saying he is no investigative journalist.

    His operation would be better described as a disinformation campaign, with a large component being a commitment to ratting out members of his “Crowd” who have information that has not been publicly shared and could be counter-productive to the narrative he wishes to create. As such, he is not interested in the “Truth”, that is just false advertising to suck people into his domain. And if you look at the material he produces, most of it is just old news, rehashed in a provocative manner, which he seems to have learned from his former buddy, George Webb. So, if CSTT is not about breaking news and it is not about truth, what is it?

    The key is the “Crowd” itself and how he and his “expert investigators” manipulate his mesmerized followers into believing a predetermined narrative, and anyone who objects is fingered by the crowd so they can be identified, marginalized, and effectively removed. Any genuine evidence, if not consistent with the narrative, is effectively cast aside, which disturbingly only serves to reinforce the cult-like beliefs of his crowd.

    Let’s take Mr. Hudson as an example. Did he share any information in the video you reported on in your article that could be considered new or an example of investigative reporting? Absolutely not, Mr. Hudson is solely throwing out bait, all of which is old and stale; nothing could be viewed as new investigative material on any recent event. Thus, it’s merely setting the stage, getting people to buy into Mr. Hudson’s leadership and then following his lead when it’s time for him to suggest what the crowd should do.

    Specifically, at the 35:43 mark of the video, Jason Goodman states how he sees the “multiple independent sources coming together”, putting out their information to the crowd and letting them determine what makes sense, based on their own experience. And as he drones on, Mr. Hudson jumps in with the money shot at the 36:36 mark where he says “It’s time for people to stand up, Jason”. So there’s the appeal from the self-appointed expert to get involved with the CSTT community; jump in with both feet so you can potentially be set up, just like Floyd “Ray” Looker was by Okey Marshall Richards Jr., 23 years ago.

    It could not be any plainer than as described by Jason Goodman at the 43:15 mark of the video, where he “spills the beans” on how their goal is to identify others like Mr. Hudson to come forward. His actual statement is as follows:

    “The thing that I’m hoping Mr. Hudson is that by you, sort of coming out of the shadow and appearing by voice only, on the broadcast here, it will inspire other people with your experience and your level of knowledge that WE HAVEN’T IDENTIFIED or haven’t identified themselves, yet.”

    I think that statement says it all, CSTT’s goal with Mr. Hudson is not truth, it’s snitching on people who might have information and Mr. Hudson is the guy with the experience to do just that. It sounds so innocent and so patriotic, yet given Mr. Hudson’s lifetime career in working with the FBI as an informant/provocateur, can that be their real goal?

    I believe Mr.Hudson confirms it himself, when he says to Jason Goodman at the 46:15 mark:

    “Quite frankly, um, the ah, your audience, I think it’s amazing what the Crowd Source the Truth audience is doing, they’re actually getting involved in the investigations, and ah supplying information, and quite frankly I’ve been quite impressed with some of the intelligence that the audience has provided.”

    So there it is. Can there be any more doubt that the object of CSTT’s investigations is the crowd itself? I have no problem with anyone wanting to help, to do what they can. But before anyone does so, please know who you are working with – investigate the supposed investigators themselves because it might save you from doing something you’ll live to regret.

    P.S. I will not transcribe the video but I would suggest that anyone who wants to understand what CSTT is about, please listen from the 43:15 mark to the end (about 4 minutes) with the perspective I have put forth above. Specifically, listen to the video in the context that Mr. Hudson is an informant/provocateur and Mr. Goodman has enlisted his assistance to work his crowd of followers for information. If you will do so, you may gain a new perspective of what this CSTT operation is all about.

    • Miaedie, I think that the link you have provided is for another Jason Goodman, who is a director. The JG of CSTT worked on other films as a 3D cinematographer. I have heard that the Jason Goodman of CSTT does have substantial assets, but I have not seen a credible quote on that. His show is a business, therefore he is looking for revenues from any source. But because it is a business he is also able to write off many expenses, including travel to international countries. These travels are on the front for the purposes of his show; however, they contribute nothing that a Skype interview cannot provide just as well. Thus there could be a secondary purpose for these travels unrelated to CSTT. Who knows what is really going on with a business such as this one?

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