Jason Goodman and Queen Tut: No Cloak for their Sin

Beginning in 2017, I had written several articles on Queen Tut aka Susan A. Lutzke aka Susan Holmes of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Today I am going to discuss Jason Goodman’s use of a recorded phone conversation he had with Queen Tut on April 3, 2019, which he uses as a witness statement in Document 106 Defendant’s Opposition to the Second Amended Motion to Intervene, filed May 1, 2019, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division in the Robert David Steele, et. al vs. Jason Goodman, et. al. lawsuit.

Queen Tut aka Susan Holmes getting contentious in a recent exchange at a Fort Collins council meeting

On page 7 of Document 106, Jason Goodman is discussing O. Marshall Richards aka Deep Uranium aka Mr. Hudson. It needs to be noted that the use of Richards as a hidden source on Crowdsource the Truth was sanctioned by Jason Goodman. And according to the testimony of Queen Tut in the Steve Outtrim’s CryptoBeast interview, she stated that Jason Goodman knew of Richards identity when he became a regular guest under the name Mr. Hudson.

Jason Goodman states, “Richards actual identity was not known to Goodman until it was revealed by Sweigert on Sweigert’s You Tube channel as he describes in his Amended Motion to Intervene.  Sweigert has publicly stated this information was provided to him by co-Defendant Lutzke and Lutzke confirmed in a phone call she placed to Defendant on April 3, 2019 that she has conspired with Sweigert conducting research and cooperating to defeat Defendant in this instant lawsuit.  Lutzke claimed Sweigert “was working with Robert David Steele” and Sweigert offered to help her “work this case out”.

How do Jason Goodman and Queen Tut explain Document 107 filed May 1, 2019 by Robert David Steele Opposing Dave Sweigert’s Intervenor Motion?

With regard to the alleged collusion between Robert David Steele and David Sweigert, this assertion is contradicted by the argumentation of Plaintiffs  Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network, who are OPPOSING Dave Sweigert’s Intervenor Motion.  See rds doc 107

Curiously, Susan A. Lutzke and Susan Holmes share the same address in Fort Collins, Colorado

Back in 2018, Susan A. Lutzke aka Queen Tut was served with a process summons in the Robert David Steele lawsuit.  As seen in a screen shot of the first page of a letter from Steven A. Biss, attorney to Susan A. Lutzke her address was 2608 Leisure Drive, Apt. B, Fort Collins, CO 80525.Compare the address on that document with the address sworn to on a Candidate Affidavit filed by Susan Homes when she decided to run for the April 2, 2019 election in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The probable origin of Queen Tut’s use of two last names; and why she is calling herself Susan Holmes to represent her deceased son’s memory

Susan A. Lutzke aka Susan Holmes has two sons; Alec Chang Lutzke and the late Jeremy Holmes. According to the Collegian March 27, 2019 article 4 Candidates campaign for District 2 Councilmember Position Up For Election by Julia Trowbridge, “Holmes is running because her son was shot by a Colorado State University police officer July 2017 and aims to end police violence and corruption in Fort Collins…In her effort, Holmes has drafted legislation, called the “Jeremy Holmes Act,” to mandate that unredacted body camera footage from an officer-involved homicide should be released within five days of an incident.”

Susan Holmes also had shared the following information on herself.

The day after Susan Holmes lost her election, she calls Jason Goodman

One day after the election, where Susan Holmes got 8% of the vote, she placed a phone call with Jason Goodman, which he recorded, published on his You Tube channel Crowdsource the Truth, and also provided a transcript displayed as Document 106-3 exhibit C supporting his opposition to the Second Amended Motion to Intervene in the Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit. rds doc 106 3 exhibit C 5 1 2019

April 30, 2019 Jason Goodman published this video; the same day he sent his Opposition document to the Court

The description of this video states, “Susan Lutzke aka Queen Tut is a horrible but frequent liar.  She recently called me, revealing a long suspected conspiracy between her, D. George “Acton” Sweigert and Robert David Steele.  While nothing she says can be believed at this point, how else would David Sweigert know the true identity of Oakey Marshall Richards were this particular admission not true?”

Some of the interesting portions of this recording are as follows:

Jason Goodman:  What do you mean you dumped Dave Acton?  What were you doing with Dave Acton?

Queen Tut: Well, I was just doing research with him.

Jason Goodman:  What kind of research?

Queen Tut:  I was just providing him with research that I, I had information on, that I had information on.

Jason Goodman:  Alright.

Queen Tut:  That was a while ago, OK?  So um anyway, uhh, the RDS lawsuit is garbage.  Um, I never supported it.  I knew Dave, along with a number of other people.  We were D M-ing.  We had connections with D M-ing together.  Right, a bunch of us um and uhh all I can say is that in my time of dealing with him I discovered that he was working with Robert David Steele.  [D M-ing means Direct Messaging via Twitter]

Jason Goodman:  How did you discover that?

Queen Tut:  Because he kept trying to get me involved in the case.  Then I confronted him.

Jason Goodman:  Yeah.

Queen Tut:  See he kept trying to get me involved in the case.  He would keep saying, you know I can help you work this case out and I would say no, I haven’t been served.  I haven’t been served.

Jason Goodman:  I saw a picture on your house from Biss and something he had submitted to the court in a PDF, they had a photo with your address and everything.

Queen Tut:  Right. But I don’t live there.

Jason Goodman:  I mean it seemed like the address you were talking about in the 911 call that he references in that document.

Queen Tut:  I am NOT Susan Lutzke.  I’m Suzanne Ingraham.

Jason Goodman:  Ingraham?  How come you appeared in that video in front of town hall whatever Colorado saying you were Susan Holmes?  And why is Jeremy’s last name Holmes?

Queen Tut:  That isn’t me.

Jason Goodman: What do you mean that isn’t you?  It sounds exactly like you.

Queen Tut:  It’s not me.  I’m Suzanne Ingraham, but I’ve always gone by Suzanne or Susan.  [ see document which was submitted to the Robert David Steele lawsuit which purported that Queen Tut is an elderly woman with dementia] queen tut 2 22 2018

Also see Plaintiffs’ Response to letter from “Mercia Francis”  Documents 31 & 33

Jason Goodman:  Now wait a minute, there’s an article in a newspaper called like the Coloradan or whatever-I’d have to look it up.  But I remember you called me.  I was driving in a rental car in Las Vegas after you had made a big deal about that video that you wanted to delete with Hudson and you told me you had just come back from the campus where you had the sign that said, Kill All the Police.  Then I see in the newspaper someone who looks exactly like the woman who sounds exactly like you in the video holding a sign that sounds exactly like you in the video holding a sign that says Kill All Police. 

[see collegian.com article Hodges:  Protests are meant to start conversation, no matter what]

collegian .com photo

Queen Tut:  That wasn’t me. (Later on in this phone conversation, she states, “No! Nope, that’s not me.  I don’t even live in Colorado.”)





A Review of Jason Goodman’s use of a blatantly unreliable witness in a court proceeding

So, let’s review:  Jason Goodman receives a phone call from Queen Tut aka Susan Lutzke aka Susan Holmes on April 3, 2019, wherein she denies that she has been served in the Robert David Steele lawsuit because she is neither of those persons and does not live in Colorado.  However, when she was a frequent guest on Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource the Truth show, there was at least one show where the unfortunate death of her son in a confrontation with police officers, was discussed. And there is other evidence brought forth that argues strongly as to her true identity.

Queen Tut claims she is Suzanne Ingraham, which was identified in Documents 31 & 33 in the Robert David Steele lawsuit.  These documents are not public on the docket, as they were sent without a return address, in a letter from a Mercia Francis who says her mother, Helen Suzanne Ingraham, is elderly and has dementia.

Jason Goodman is the person who promoted Queen Tut to prominence, displaying her “research” which promoted Robert David Steele to be a fraud, among other unfounded allegations.  Because of their combined efforts in 2017 to defame Steele,  a defamation lawsuit was filed in Federal Court September 1, 2017 against Goodman, Negron and Queen Tut.

As of April 30, 2019, Jason Goodman described the April 3, 2019 phone call from  Susan Lutzke aka Susan Holmes aka Queen Tut as evidence that Susan Lutze is a horrible and frequent liar.  Yet, contradicting this conclusion, he uses this same phone call as evidence to support his argumentation that D. George Sweigert is working with Robert David Steele.  The transcript provided to the court of the phone call does not identify who is stating what; it reflects a continual word stream that apparently has not been proofed against the actual phone call to identify who said what.

Tracking the Leopard Meroz has never supported the false allegations of Queen Tut

As has been documented in several articles, including comments, posted on the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog, Queen Tut is unreliable as a witness, and she enjoys commenting under various anonymous handles which emanate from two IP addresses. She refused to come forward in a proper manner and address the allegations in the Robert David Steele lawsuit.  The fact that Queen Tut now says that she is neither Lutzke or Holmes, yet no one under those names has come forth in the lawsuit to declare that they were wrongly identified as a Defendant, is something she does not explain.

When she did not like what I had written about her on this blog, she had the temerity to impersonate Robert David Steele in a comment. In addition, under her false Twitter account, she stated this:

Also she stated this, using one of her anonymous handles which is linked to her other anonymous comments via the same IP address:After I submitted a Declaration in the Robert David Steele lawsuit in March of 2019, to refute the unfounded allegations which Jason Goodman made against my name in Court Document 78, Jason Goodman has AGAIN named me in his most recent Document 106, as a co-conspirator with various persons I have no relationship with, including Queen Tut

Jason Goodman promoted Queen Tut on his program, and they are co-defendants in a defamation lawsuit.  Her lying is his responsibility because he gave her the platform on which to defame Robert David Steele.

When I kicked her off of this blog, she went over to Steve Outtrim to plead her cause, and he granted her an interview on his CryptoBeast YouTube channel.

Since 2017, I have written articles against Queen Tut, although at least twice, I have excused some of her behavior as perhaps being the result of deep grief over her son’s death. But even that period of grace must give way to the truth of what really is.  And as both Jason Goodman and Queen Tut continue to lie and defame others, without supporting evidence, I must continue to oppose their actions and words. 


3 thoughts on “Jason Goodman and Queen Tut: No Cloak for their Sin

  1. Here Here!

    “Jason Goodman promoted Queen Tut on his program, and they are co-defendants in a defamation lawsuit. Her lying is his responsibility because he gave her the platform on which to defame Robert David Steele.”

  2. Jacquelyn, thank you for summarizing all the twists and turns in this unfortunate saga, it was very helpful to recall what has transpired. Since I am not a party to the lawsuit, only a (decreasingly) interested observer, I will allow myself to speculate as to what this latest twist is about.

    As you write, Mr. Goodman and his (willfully) ambiguously named co-defendant Queen Tut are still working together in their defense of the lawsuit filed against them by Mr. Steele. I believe the phone call which occurred on April 3, 2019 (recorded by Mr. Goodman) is nothing but a staged event, another disingenuous attempt by the two of them to smear Mr. Sweigert. You correctly point out that Mr. Goodman cannot accuse Queen Tut of being a horrible liar, while at the same time put forth as “evidence” her alleged communication with Mr. Sweigert as being truthful. The idea that anything Queen Tut says should be taken at face value is an absolute farce, but given Mr. Goodman’s previous association with Hollywood, it’s not unexpected. Maybe in the YouTube world of reality it would possibly make sense, but certainly not in a federal court of law.

    I really don’t want to elaborate any more than necessary, suffice to say that the “call” serves both Mr. Goodman’s and Queen Tut’s purposes. Specifically, it supposedly distances Mr. Goodman from Queen Tut and smears Mr. Sweigert. And for Queen Tut, it perpetuates the myth of who she really is (which only she believes), supposedly giving her deniability that she still has not been properly served.

    In summary, it’s another poorly acted episode of CSTT, which is what we’ve come to expect from Mr. Goodman. It’s just the latest example of how Mr. Goodman keeps digging a hole for himself, making Mr. Steele’s legal counsel’s job just that much easier to perform. Although I am not an attorney, if I was advising Mr. Sweigert, I would recommend he withdraw his motion to intervene and make himself available as a witness for the plaintiff, possibly as an expert witness if one is needed to substantiate any claims. There’s no need to join with the plaintiff on this lawsuit, in my view the damage done to Mr. Steele is indisputable and the fact that Mr. Goodman would attempt to use some concocted call between he and Queen Tut shows they have essentially nothing to defend their disgraceful actions. And once Mr. Steele’s lawsuit is successfully adjudicated or settled, Mr. Sweigert’s own defamation suit against Mr. Goodman will only be strengthened.

  3. Well done. Goodman and hypocrisy – Queen Tut was an instrumental researcher that Goodman endorsed and promoted (and befriended) on his platform, though he still doesn’t even know her true identity and real name, yet he rails against YouTube commenters that he deems use fake profiles. I thought he was such a proponent of evidence?

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