The History and Foundation of Tracking the Leopard Meroz

This blog initially began in 2010 under my Starlit Gardens website.  The first post I wrote discussed the siting of the World Trade Towers in New York, using eminent domain laws to force the merchant landowners from their properties against their will. Other posts concerned the occult, and the overturning of churches through changes in church bylaws.  At some point I erased all of these posts, and decided to use Starlit Gardens strictly as a personal blog on gardening, painting and sewing.

I set up Tracking The Leopard Meroz in March 2013.  Initially, I covered the issue of Calvinism, but I have deleted those articles in order to concentrate on the Christian Alternative News Media.

A secondary focal point of this blog arose on June 14, 2017 due to the false report of a dirty bomb from the Alternative News Media broadcaster George Webb and his hidden source.  This unvetted report caused the Port of Charleston to be shut down for eight hours, as George Webb in conjunction with Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth created a live media event.  Subsequent broadcasts on the Crowdsource the Truth channel have become the basis for two lawsuits: one involving a defamation complaint by Robert David Steele and the other, a RICO complaint by plaintiff,  D. George Sweigert.   The primary defendant in both lawsuits is Jason Goodman.

In addition, I have been writing on the antigovernment issues of the Alternative News Media.

I am a Baptist in doctrine, and my conscience and beliefs have their foundation in the King James Holy Bible.  I believe in free speech as defined in American law, freedom of conscience, Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, and I  have a  highly independent spirit.  My desire in presenting my commentary is to encourage readers to think critically about what they read and hear so that they are not deceived by Deceivers.

I use information found in the public domain which anyone can access, and my point in doing this exclusively is to demonstrate that reasoned judgments can be made by analyzing the face of a topic, without knowing all the hidden details. All of mankind will be judged by their words and deeds; thus it is not necessary to know, for example, if a person is working as a covert government operative, for that person will be personally held responsible by God for what they said or did in that shadowy capacity.