On TRACY TWYMAN and the Dangers of Falling Under the Condemnation of Satanic Overseers

If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wonder, and the sign or the wonder come to pass, whereof he spake unto thee, saying, Let us go after other gods, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them;  thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams:  for the the LORD your God proveth you, to know whether ye love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul.  Deuteronomy 13:1-3

What is worse than falling under the condemnation of Satanic Overseers? 

The answer:  falling under the condemnation of God.

What if both Satan and God condemn you?

Now THAT is a dilemma that cannot be escaped by self justification!

As Job 9:20 says, If I justify myself, mine own mouth shall condemn me:  if I say, I am perfect, it shall prove me perverse.

Nothing New Under the Sun

Based on the Deuteronomy 13 commandment to the Hebrews quoted at the top of this post, it would seem that the strange gods of the hidden realms are one of the means of proving what is in the depth of the heart of an individual.  

Becoming an occultist is a risky venture, comparable to buying a one way train ticket on Arnon Milchan’s movie set of Under Seige 2:  Dark Territory. There is great danger that one might not end up arriving safely at the destination stamped on your ticket.

There is a distinct spiritual difference between occult writings and the King James Bible, both in content, style, and the reality they claim to represent. Various secret societies have attempted to combine their occult world view with the principles of the Bible, according to the occult doctrine called the union of opposing principles.  The end result of that magical operation is what James 1:8 states, that “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” 

The July 10, 2019 reported death of occult researcher Tracy Twyman

On July 10, 2019, it was unofficially reported that occult researcher and writer Tracy Twyman had died suddenly.  Two days later, this anonymous message was relayed via Steve Outtrim’s Twitter account.

If these reports are true, the manner in which Tracy Twyman died provokes the question of whether she had committed suicide or was murdered.  In the year preceding her death, she had documented her thoughts on the taunting messages which were aimed at her; especially the death threats.

Steve Outtrim’s Burners.me webpage is the primary source I recommend for those who want to understand the unfolding story of Tracy Twyman’s death, beginning with his July 10, 2019 informative article,  Another #PedoGate Researcher Suddenly Dies:  RIP Tracy Twyman. Included in that article is a privately distributed video made by Tracy Twyman discussing the threats against her.

In addition, Steve Outtrim has published a July 15, 2019 video on his CryptoBeast YouTube channel, CrytoBeast #21-Tracy Twyman, Kappy, Epstein & LARP Wars with Lift the Veil ,with updates provided on his Burners.me blog.  Tracy Twyman leaves behind a husband and young child, as well as other family members and close friends, who are privately grieving their loss.  Her written works and internet interviews were appreciated by many, who enjoyed her intellect, research,  writing skills, and personality.

I had not known her works prior to the announcement of her death, nor of her probe into that dark topic of pedophilia.  Tracy Twyman was born on August 28, 1978, making her almost 41 at the time of her reported death. Much of what she published had already been put out in the public domain years before she became interested in studying the Holy Grail in 1996, at age 18. Despite publicized warnings by both Christian and occult writers on the dangers of being initiated into secret occult orders, Tracy Twyman was one who forged ahead, anyway.

Speaking of the dangers of  the hidden realm…

In September of 1988, when Twyman  was only ten years old, Whitley Streiber published his book Transformation, which was a sequel to his 1987 book Communion; the disclosure of his encounter with the alien race called the Grays. Despite such warnings that the hidden gods when unmasked, are ominous, menacing personalities, Streiber  was also a person who forged ahead to cross that boundary line between the seen and the unseen worlds.  After he was visited by these strange entities, and despite the duress he felt, Streiber ended up consenting to the commandeering presence of the  the Grays who proceeded to use him to accomplish their will.

published February 25, 1987

Dr. Peter S. Ruckman’s 1995 book with the sarcastic title, Black is Beautiful, described the dark occultist underpinnings of a future American police state.  On page 303, he notes, “Two books were published, written by Whitley Streiber, who claims to have had contact with ‘The Grays’ through a period of years.  His two books were called ‘Communion’ and ‘Transformation’…Nevertheless, Streiber’s diary is “newsworthy,” especially when we compare his account of communion with GRAYS with our communion with Jesus Christ…(Transformation, p. 189/192):  “I felt an absolutely indescribable sense of MENACE.  IT was HELL on earth to be there, and yet I could not move, couldn’t cry out, couldn’t get away.  I lay as still as DEATH, suffering inner AGONIES.  The sense of being INFESTED was powerful and AWFUL”.

So why do researchers of the occult cross the line and enter into communion with those invisible entities which are KNOWN to destabilize their initiates?

Proverbs 18:1-2 analyzes the motive underlying intellectual research efforts, saying, “Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.  A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself.”  In other words, much of what passes for research consists of creating an intellectual alibi for the researcher’s own sins.

In Clockwork Shavings, Tracy Twyman relates a story about the person her occult group hired to translate Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall’s Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum from Latin to English.  She says that “the translator suffered a sudden and severe decline in his health” and the assistant who helped him with transcription “nearly quit near the end because of spiritual attacks he endured involving disturbing mental images and poltergeist activity.”

Clock Shavings, an autobiographical account by Tracy Twyman of her occult journey.

In the Preface of her book, Clock Shavings, published by Tracy Twyman’s Dragon Key Press on the anniversary of her 36th birthday, August 28, 2014, she explains, “The following is a true account of deliberately invoked encounters with supernatural forces that took place from July 2001 until the present day.”  Those which participated in the Ouija board with her, included her first husband Brian Albert and members of her secret occult group Ordo Lapsit Exillis which published Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine.  She then says that, “…once certain powers were tapped into, a chain of events was initiated that was impossible to stopa chain of events that initiated us into the Western occult tradition.  But unlike most students of the occult, we learned the mysteries of the Art directly from spirits.”

ITNJ has referenced Tracy Twyman on their recommended reading list

Although I cannot recall ever hearing of Tracy Twyman prior to reading the July 10, 2019 Steve Outtrim article, which provides access to her dead man’s switch video, in fact her name was sitting silently before my eyes in the International Tribunal for Natural Justice‘s Sovereign Voice magazine, which I had previously scanned in preparation for an article on that organization.

The ITNJ is a sovereign citizen-styled tribunal where a mock court, lacking the legal authority to prosecute criminal or civil cases, purports to review witnesses to child sex trafficking.

ITNJ’s Sovereign Voice magazine, Volume 5, recommends Tracy Twyman’s article on  The Biological Basis of Elitism and the “Divine Right” to Rule, as shown in the side box.

Note also that the Sovereign Voice magazine also recommends the works of David Icke, who was personally interviewed by Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth on May 4, 2019, RENEGADE in New York: A Conversation with David Icke About His Life, His work and his First Movie.

Further, one of Jason Goodman’s frequent guests, Quinn Michaels, was discussed in this article titled TwymanTrip 8:  The Internet is Compromised published a year ago by Tracy Twyman.  She discusses AI gang stalking techniques which were similar to those used against her to compromise her computers and to threaten her life and her family’s welfare.

Tracy Twyman had an intense interest in what she calls the bloodline of Christ; the Grail Bloodline, despite the fact that the historical records of Jesus Christ deny that he had produced any children.  She states in her Clock Shavings book, “The Grail, in the view of these secret societies, seemed to symbolize the primordial occult power which was said to result from the union of opposite energies: particularly those of good and evil, male and female, fire and water.”

Continuing, she explains, “In this way, it was similar to the Philosopher’s Stone of the alchemists, and the ‘Kundalini power’ of yoga.  Those of the Grail bloodline, it was implied, had that power in their blood.  The Holy Grail was…either a cup or a stone.  As a cup, it had held the blood of Christ after he was crucified.  As a stone, it was a magical jewel that had purportedly been chipped out of Lucifer’s crown during his war with God’s angels in Heaven.  He who possessed the Grail had the power to rule the world.

Tracy Twyman recalls that she felt “called to the service of the Grail”. She notes that legend says that this sacred stone was possessed with a living intelligence…and when the time arrives that certain people are called to it’s service, “their names appear on the surface of the Grail stone.”  She adds, “For some reason, I suddenly felt that I was one of the lucky few who had been chosen to fulfill that destiny. But I didn’t know what that would entail.”

What followed was she felt like she had been struck with lightning on the head.  ” I realized that I must create a magazine (i.e. Dagobert’s Revenge) with the pretense of being published by the Priory of Zion….I would fill the pages…with peculiar illustrations and curious sayings:  occult shorthand meant to communicate to fellow initiates that I too knew the secret of the Grail.”  Twyman’s aim was to “catch the attention of the occult underground…with the hopes of being initiated into one of the elite groups.”

Tracy Twyman claims she was full of a pulsating energy and that she felt possessed by the light of a hidden genius.  Her magazine became a success and she was invited to do radio interviews constantly.  She comments, “There was even an internet TV show based in Manhattan which asked to have me on as a guest.  It was ‘The Infinity Factory,’ hosted by up and coming media mogul Richard Metzger of the Disinformation Company.”

At some point Brian Albert, a childhood friend who was to become her first husband, discussed with Tracy about forming a secret society of their own.  She had already given herself the title Exalted Grand Master in the first issue of Dagobert’s Revenge.  The name of their Order was Ordo Lapsit Exillis, referring to the stone which fell from Lucifer’s crown, and they adopted the Cross of Lorraine, a symbol used by the Knights Templar, as the official insignia.

Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg

passport of the prince

One of the persons who contacted Tracy Twyman was a man named Tom Weir, who called himself the Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg.  Tracy Twyman found him a kindred spirit in his understanding of the Holy Grail, despite his drawbacks which included “being on the dole” and being “diagnosed with severe mental illness”.

When she first read his book, she stated in her Introduction to Blood Victory:  Hope for the Future of Our Race and Civilization, that “I discovered another person who thought exactly the same way I did about the Grail, and the Grail bloodline.  Everything within this book corroborated the theories, speculations, and ideas that we had been writing about in a book of my own, many of them ideas I had held for a long time, but never been able to prove.  Yet here was a man claiming to speak for that very bloodline and ancient tradition which I had been studying, and stating with absurdness what I had been hesitantly proposing.”

The ideas which they shared were that the blood itself provides for the basis for the “divine right” of Dragons to be the overseers of society, and “this is what sets them apart from the rest of humanity, as gods are from mortals”.  Vere claimed that “Grail blood contains genes specifically programmed for ‘magic'”, adding “Dragons, and only Dragons, can perform magic, and are therefore the only authentic Witches…for that reason, magic has always been an exclusive, secretive, royal art…”.

This relationship later became problematic, which can be seen in this article posted at Gnostic Warrior.com, titled, Death of Nicholas de Vere:  Le Prieure de Sion Rebuttal to Tracy Twyman.

Tracy Twyman had De Vere write a few article for Dagobert’s Revenge, and in turn he made her a “member” of the Dragon Court, conferring the royal title upon her, Baroness Renee von Drakenberg. Her relationship with De Vere created a situation where she began to receive harassing emails.  She relates that “It was around this point, sometime between the third and fourth issue of Dagobert’s Revenge, that I became acquainted with another narcissistic alcoholic with severe mental problems.  But this one’s intentions were far more sinister.  My decision to become involved with him was a fateful one.”

Tracy Twyman’s relationship with Boyd Rice, high priest of the Church of Satan

Douglas Pierce, Brian Albert, Tracy Twyman, and Boyd Rice (clockwise)

Twyman mentions doing an interview with Douglas Pierce of the dark folk band Death in June.  And then she says she received a fan letter from a writer named Kevin Coogan, who had written an article on the topic of fascism and white power ideology in underground music.  Tracy Twyman explains, “One of those discussed was a sort of avant-garde “noise” artist named Boyd Rice.”  As it turned out, Rice had appeared as a guest on several albums by Death in June,  and so she requested an interview with him.

Only a Cultural Provocateur?

On September 18, 2018, Charlie Markbreiter wrote an interesting article for Artspace.com called, How Art World Fascists Like Boyd Rice Co-opt Sixties Counterculture- and Get Gallery Shows Despite Being NazisThis article says that Rice, an experimental musician and visual artist, has denied being a Nazi, claiming that he is only a cultural provocateur.  But Rice has long-standing ties to white supremacist groups and fascist propaganda.  In the eighties, Rice appeared on Race and Reason, a TV show hosted by Tom Metzger, former Klan Wizard and found of the White Aryan Resistance (WAR).  When Metzger asks Rice if industrial music can serve as “a new propaganda instrument emerging for White Aryans,” Rice agrees.”

Boyd Rice and Anton LaVey, Church of Satan

RAPE stands for Revolt Against Penis Envy, and Boyd Rice said “Now is the time to dominate. Now is the time to rape.”

Reputation Repair of Boyd Rice?

Tracy and Brian told Boyd Rice about their secret Ordo Lapsit Exillis, and made him a member.  Rice had been a High Priest of the Church of Satan and was a close friend of Anton LaVey until his death, and subsequently, Boyd claimed he had written a letter of resignation on St. Dagobert’s Day, December 23d, which is “a date important to the mystery of the Grail bloodline”. Apparently he was tired of getting bad press, and needed to repair his reputation, and he considered that the Ordo Lapsit Exillis offered a cleaner image.

When Tracy Twyman was invited by the producers of a new Fox TV show to go to Rennes-le-Chateau, to share her research, Boyd Rice also went along.  She claims, “I was aware once again that something- some outer entity-had tapped me to do a job pertaining to the Grail mystery.”  Within less than a year, Tracy Twyman and Brian Albert moved in together in Denver, Colorado where Boyd Rice lived.

Boyd Rice once performed a wedding in Tracy and Brian’s apartment, where they painted her office walls black, had a four foot Cross of Lorraine, a makeshift altar and a plastic goblet with a real human head skull, black candles and a ceramic head of Bacchus as decorations. Boyd performed the service in black clothing with a white priest’s collar.  The guests were lead into the ritual chamber wearing black hoods.  Twyman relates, “The room was charged with a certain spiritual energy, obvious to anyone with the eyes to see it, and the guests certainly picked up on it.”

The 2002 wedding of Tracy Twyman and Brian Albert in a white room. Brian died in March of 2012.     Tracy remarried and they have a child which was born in 2013.

It was during that time that Tracy and Brian decided to contact the dead Jean Cocteau, the alleged Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, using the Ouija board. This lead to contacting the spirit of Cain. When they explained to the spirit that they wanted information on the mystery of the Holy Grail, and Tracy asked, “Are we asking questions we shouldn’t be asking?”,  Cain replied, “Yes”.  And when they asked who was angry with them for asking, Cain said it was Baphomet, which they understood to be the demonic idol worshiped by the Templars.

Bibliotecapleyades.net has preserved an interesting document on the Ordo Lapsit Exillis, describing its purpose and hierarchy, and ending with a statement by Boyd Rice. That statement contradicts the timeline of events as described by Tracy Twyman.

Boyd Rice claims that on December 23, 2003, that he dissolved the Ordo Lapsit Exillis, as if he was the overseer who created it in the first place.

On February 26, 2019, on Renegade Broadcasting.com, Sinead was reading from Tracy Twyman’s The Secret of Minnie’s Mouse, and at the 3.03 mark, she quotes Twyman as saying, “Several decades ago I was personally acquainted with quite a few people that remained at the Church of Satan milieu after Anton La Vey was dead…”.

What Tracy Twyman did not seem to take into account when she first ventured down the Holy Grail road, as she sought to be initiated into the “genuine” historically hidden Order of the Holy Grail, was what type of rulers were these Overseers.

The Church of Satan established by Anton LaVey had always maintained a front that facilitates, [to borrow the words of Charlie Markbreiter of Art Space], “Rice’s avoidance of accountability.  In the last instance, he can always say that he was ‘just kidding’…”.

That attitude of “just kidding” is what we are witnessing when it comes to the broadcast journalism of the Alternative Media.  It has become almost impossible to discern the “who, what, when, where, and why”, the five fundamentals of any real reporting, in this  avoidance of accountability environment.

I don’t know what the entire backstory of Tracy Twyman is, so what I have primarily brought forth in this article is what she said about herself.  She chose to live her life surrounded by men who openly mocked everything that was inherently good; good being defined as originating from a Holy God.  Many of the men which Tracy Twyman aligned herself with on this Holy Grail journey, turned on her.

No doubt this cautionary tale will be ignored by those who like to forge ahead into Dark Territory in their hubris.  But beware of the Overseers.