Where Have All The Drama Queens Gone? The March Dallas Hear The Watchmen Conference Is A Hard Act to Follow For the Knoxville Event Organizers

Mike Whitestone AKA Mike Kerr's Challenge to stay out of jail

Mike Whitestone AKA Mike Kerr once again tempting Fate

Mike Whitestone AKA Mike Kerr

Mike Whitestone AKA Mike Kerr

It would appear that many are contemplating the upcoming September 30-October 2, 2016  Hear The Watchmen Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, as I see an upsurge in the readership of this blog’s dozen or so articles on the first conference, which took place in Dallas last March 18-20, 2016.

That first Hear The Watchmen Conference had featured 9 key speakers, Paul McGuire, L. A. Marzulli, Pastor David Lankford, Michael Boldea, Russ Dizdar, Jon Robberson, Gregg Jackson, Coach Dave Daubenmire and Pastor Flip Benham.  In addition, the emcees for the Dallas event were Doug and Joe Hagmann, John B. Wells and Sheila Zilinsky.  The names highlighted in bold print are those who are not on the roster for the Knoxville conference.

As they stood by the sullied reputation of event organizers Mike Kerr AKA Mike Whitestone and his wife Jeannie Moore/Kerr, the missing participants from the Knoxville conference displayed a loyalty unmatched in the Shakespearean-style dramas of the Merchants of Christian Alternative Media.  Also missing from the new roster of speakers is Steve Quayle, who for a short time was shown in the photo lineup of the Knoxville conference.

As befitting the short history of the Hear The Watchmen Conference,  the scripture chosen to highlight the Knoxville event is “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few”.  (Matthew 9:37).  Below is the roster of speakers of the September Hear The Watchmen Conference:

The Laborers in the Knoxville field

The Laborers in the Knoxville field

Last spring the first conference generated much interest due to the controversy which arose when Nathan Leal reproved the New Age heresies of Dr. Ted Broer.   As a result of listening on December 18, 2015, to that particular Hagmann/Broer interview, Nathan Leal made an attempt to deal with the heresy issues with the organizers of the Hear The Watchman Conference, as both men were scheduled to speak on the same platform. When that discussion failed,  Leal issued a letter of resignation from the conference on December 23, 2015, as a matter of conscience.

Subsequently, Dave Hodges on his Commonsense show defended Dr. Ted Broer’s version of events.  In the meantime Donna Leal had mentioned in late December that they had been threatened with a lawsuit regarding “fair use”.  I am guessing this had something to do with the audio created by Nathan Leal explaining precisely why he had disagreed so strongly with Broer’s theology.  Leal had wisely used sound bites from the radio broadcast so that the listener could hear what had been stated. By January 8, 2016, this audio had been removed from Nathan Leal’s website.

John Little of Omega Shock  defended Nathan Leal, and provided key information on the behind the scenes attacks against Leal which had resulted when he publically stated his reasons for separating from the Hear The Watchman Conference. On January 4, 2016 in response to this incident, I posted Kudos to Nathan Leal of the Watchman’s Cry for Standing Up (For a Few Days Anyway) to Dr. Ted Broer, Hagmann and Hagmann and Dave Hodges.  I was quite surprised by the high numbers of readers interested in this particular incident.  And so on January 11, 2016,  I wrote another article involving Steve Quayle and Pastor David Lankford, who were pressured to publically comment on the underlying causes of this controversy.

On January 28, 2016 I posted Cloven Tongues of Strange Fire:  The Continuing Controversy of the Hear The Watchmen Conference, and two days later on January 30th again posted another article called, The Sins of Christian Marketplace Conflicts of Interest:  or when Doug and Joe Hagmann, Did You Intend to  Release The Results of Your Background Investigation of the Founders of the Hear The Watchmen Conference?

Eight more articles ensued discussing  the shady fund-raising history of the fictitious name Mike Whitestone AKA Mike Kerr and his wife Jeannie Moore/Kerr and their GOFUNDME account, as well as Doug Hagmann and John B. Wells’ attempt to defend the duplicity of Mike Whitestone.  Other articles can be found on this blog on the speakers and persons connected with the first conference including Jon Robberson (The Hollywood Insider), Paul McGuire, Flip Benham, Sheila Zilinsky, Pastor David Lankford, Steve Quayle, Dave Hodges, and  Dave Daubenmire, who dresses in a baseball oufit, who I noted was a key defender of tax fraud Dr. Dino.

When the Dallas conference was concluded, a roster of possible participants for the Knoxville conference was shown, including a photo of Steve Quayle. Since he will not be present, I note that one of the speakers added to the current line-up is another drama queen,  Anthony Patch.  On  February 15, 2016, I wrote about his strange antics in a post called The Real Reason The Men in Black Tried to Silence Anthony Patch.

Without Douglas Hagmann, Sheila Zilinsky, and Steve Quayle to bolster the second Hear the Watchmen Conference, it would appear that this upcoming event in Knoxville, Tennessee, will be just one more dreary  conference. Perhaps Russ Dizdar might prove to be interesting, particularly as one attendee in the Spring conference who refused to clap at his speech, was ousted as a possible terrorist suspect.  I may yet examine all of Dizdar’s material in-depth, having only perused through some of his audios.  Of note is that this month someone used my email contact information, without my permission, to subscribe me to Russ Dizdar’s newsletter, notices, book discounts, and upcoming event notices.

A short summary of key events given below will remind my regular readers that the brouhaha associated with the Nathan Leal/Dr. Ted Broer controversy represented a real crisis in the inner circle of Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle.  Nathan Leal had for some time been a featured repeat guest on the Hagmann show, but his brief stand against the heresy of another Hagmann guest represented a breach of the code of loyalty of the brotherhood of this Alternative Media universe. Into the breach jumped Dave Hodges to defend Broer. And then on January 7, 2016,  Steve Quayle and Pastor David Lankford publically commented on this situation, due to the pressure from their inquiring listener base.

John Little then defends Leal, and brings to light the unsavory actions of the conference organizer Mike Whitestone, who is trying to distance himself from critical newspaper articles written exposing his fundraising tactics under his real name Mike Kerr.  His wife’s toffee business is a sponsor of the Hagmann broadcast.  On February 20, 2016 I wrote an article called The King of Jousters, John B. Wells and his ARK Knight-errant, Sir Douglas Hagmann give a Private Exhibition of Their Prowess.  In this article as well as others, I transcribe the audio of the men defending the shady actions of their friends who partner and promote each other in the Alternative Media. On March 2, 2016 Douglas Hagmann ranted on air against bloggers who transcribe his every word.


Note the New Sensitivity to the complaints against the Event Organizers who are known for their gross commercialism of the needs of Veterans and Christians. In addition to promoting this conference, Singing Lessons are encouraged by emcee John B. Wells

Last year I asked Mike Whitestone for an accounting of his GoFundMe account and was ignored. This year he lowered his monetary goal and added that this account was set up for Jean Moore, as I had questioned the legality of using a ficticious name. I had heard that Jean Moore had married Mike Kerr and I do not know if she retained her prior surname. If not, then this is another Red Flag day for the Event Organizers who like to confuse the paper trail which those nosy IRS auditors like to sniff out.

Last year I asked Mike Whitestone for an accounting of his GoFundMe account and was ignored. This year he lowered his monetary goal and added that this account was set up for Jean Moore, as I had questioned the legality of using a ficticious name. I had heard that Jean Moore had married Mike Kerr and I do not know if she retained her prior surname. If not, then this is another Red Flag day for the Event Organizers who like to confuse the paper trail which those nosy IRS auditors like to sniff out.

Publicity of the Leal/Broer/Mike Whitestone/ Dallas Hear the Watchmen conference had gotten so far out of control that a diversion smoke grenade was tossed out on February 25, 2016 by Steve Quayle who had issued a QAlert headlined as Timothy Alberino and His Family Have Come Under A Defined and Very Dangerous Attack Wednesday Night, And, Had Not God Intervened, All Would Have Died.  Again in a post, I transcribed this very strange story, as told by Timothy Alberino and Steve Quayle to Doug Hagmann.

Then during the actual conference in Dallas on March 18-20, 2016, Douglas Hagmann claimed that he had experienced major problems with the TSA at the airport, that terrorist threats had been made against conference participants,  that he was forced to stay in the hotel and advised not to leave, and that the police had erected a 25 foot surveillance tower at the hotel, of which no one had thought to take a photo of.  And then again,  there was that man who was viewed as acting strangely because he did not applaud Russ Dizdar.  That man in the audience was removed from the conference as a possible terrorist.


As is usual with Hagmann, no police reports are provided to support his story with facts. However, after the Dallas conference, the drama continued.  I want to thank the alert reader of this blog who sent me a copy of the Vancouver Canada Provincial Adult Court docket.  We must recall that the Event Organizers and attendees claimed that the Dallas conference was anointed by God and a great success.  But within 3 days of the conclusion of this God anointed event,  one of the emcees, referred to by Mike Whitestone as a Warrior Woman for Jesus, ended up on March 23, 2016 with charges being brought against her for assault, uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm, causing disturbance, mischief-obstruction/use/enjoyment of property in Vancouver, Canada.

The British Columbia court system, file number 241656 shows as the cause claimed for these actions to be fear of injury/damage by another person.  Screenshots of this event are shown below, taken from the public records of the Vancouver Provincial Adult Court:




As the title of this post suggests, indeed the Dallas Hear The Watchmen Conference will be a hard act to follow by those participating in this month’s Knoxville event.




An Accident or A Deliberate Criminal Act Involving Carbon Monoxide Poisoning? Tales of Peril From Fantasy Island

Today we are going to consider a story which was highly publicized at the end of February by stevequayle.com and the Hagmann Report concerning a carbon monoxide incident at the Tim Alberino residence.  It was first brought to the attention of the public by Steve Quayle, who on February 25, 2016 issued a QAlert, which he headlined Timothy Alberino and His Family Have Come Under A Defined and Very Dangerous Attack Wednesday Night,  And, Had Not God Intervened, All Would Have Died.q alert 225 2016 (2)

The first thing to observe is that there was no practical reason for issuing this QAlert shortly after the alleged incident.  Four days later Steve Quayle made claims that an independent investigation of this event was in process and had not been finalized.

The second thing to note is that one cannot justify the issuing of this alert as a means to gain prayerful intercessors on behalf of  the Alberino family.  The fact is that  Steve Quayle has a well established group of  Intercessory Prayer Warriors who could have been  privately contacted by phone or email.

So why was this event prematurely publicized to such a broad audience? And by broad, we must note that stevequayle.com claims a readership of millions. From the very start, Steve Quayle was asserting that A FULL SCALE OPERATION had been launched against the Alberino family, and that the source of this operation involved EVIL ENTITIES who would move against innocent children.  And Steve Quayle’s readers were exhorted to pray for OTHERS WHO ARE ON THE FRONT LINES.GENSIX PRODUCTIONS (2)

Just four days after this QAlert, on February 29, 2016,the Hagmann Report radio show had Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino on as guests to discuss the carbon monoxide incident in a program headlined  Perilous Times Are Here. Right from the start, we need to be on high alert, because of the use of  loaded language in the title of this program, as well as in the QAlert.

Thus the groundwork laid in the QAlert became the thesis of the February 29th Hagmann Report that an organized assault had been conducted against the Alberino family, because of Timothy Alberino’s work for GENSIX Productions.

Although there were several persons who are witnesses to this incident and its aftermath, we only hear  two of them;  Tim Alberino and Steve Quayle, who have partnered their skills together in producing films under the  GENSIX Productions company launched by Quayle in 2014.  In the beginning of the February 29th radio show, Doug and Joe Hagmann draw our attention to not only GENSIX Productions, but also to  Steve Quayle’s latest book promoting his thesis that the Nazis had actually won World War II.

The Hagmann Report Summary of 229 2016 program

The Hagmann Report Summary of 229 2016 program

I have transcribed the body of the story as told by Timothy Alberino, followed by some of Steve Quayle’s private interpretations as to the motive and source of this incident.  Usually, I add my comments after I have allowed the reader to first read the transcript for themselves.  However, because of the length of this transcription,  my observations have been placed at the beginning of this post.

The primary question under discussion here is whether or not this entire incident is being merchandized by “Christian Truth-tellers”.  As we cannot diligently examine this story as thoroughly as a professional investigator would who has access to the scene, we find ourselves in a very awkward position as we try to sort out truth from fiction.

hagmann report 229 2016 perilous times empire ice book shot (2)

Doug Hagmann in his February 29, 2016 radio program declares that Steve Quayle’s latest book should be required reading for his listeners.

As we listen to these two talebearers attempting to turn what may well have been an accidental cause of carbon monoxide poisoning, into a criminal act perpetrated by outsiders, our incredulity grows.   As usual, we are expected to trust their conclusions without anyone providing us with proper supporting evidence and facts. And as usual, Steve Quayle brings in his high-up government insider who overlays his conclusions upon what is supposed to be an ongoing investigation.

The facts are awkward, for example, Steve Quayle testified in his alert that this incident took place on a Wednesday, whereas Timothy Alberino says it took place on Monday/Tuesday.  And if we should question any points of fact, such as this contradiction, or the huge leap of faith we would have to take in order to believe these talebearers’  conclusions, no doubt in the future, it will be us who will be roundly criticized for not knowing all of the back story.    We have been placed  in a double bind situation, where we are “damned if you do,  and damned if you don’t”. 

I am going to ask a few questions which arose in my mind upon hearing this story, but my guess is that you may find yourself asking even a few more questions by the time you get to the end of this post.


In the preface of this article I noted that it was Steve Quayle who is the Talebearer who initially spread the rumors which surround this incident. Subsequent to these rumors being spread only one day (or two, depending on which witness we believe, if any)  after the alleged incident, the Hagmann Report  devoted a three hour program to Timothy Alberino and Steve Quayle, who tied this incident in with their research for GENSIX Productions.  Neither man read from, or acknowledged that there even existed, an actual fire or police department report which an impartial person might  gain access to, in order to ascertain the facts from an official standpoint.

The importance of this cannot be understated.  If there is an official record of this event, the observations noted can be compared to witness reports later publicized.  If there is no official record of this event, then someone has fabricated a story involving “witnesses” which include a wife, a ten year old son, firemen, paramedics, medical staff, and police detectives.  Thus far, the listeners of the Hagmann Report have only heard Hearsay on what these other witnesses saw and heard.


Very few facts are given to ground this story in reality.  No fire department or police report is evidenced, as I already noted.  As this story unfolds in the narration of Tim Alberino, natural questions arise in the listener’s mind, because the details of this event are not addressed. The listener is left to feel uncomfortable when it is noted that the person who last drove the car which was left running, is the narrator,  Tim Alberino.

We note that he does not give the exact time when he actually came home.  He does not comment as to whether he normally leaves the car keys in the ignition, or whether he customarily deposits them inside his home.  Is it normal for him to turn off the car, and leave the keys in the ignition, with young children in the household?  How did unseen enemies gain access to these keys?   Before he goes to bed at night, does he normally make sure that all doors are locked, including the door to the garage?

We have no idea of an accurate time span as to how long the car would have sat idling, if Tim Alberino had accidentally left it on. This prevents us from estimating how much carbon monoxide would have seeped into the house through cracks, and under doors.  We assume that, like most garages, there are no input/output heating and air-conditioning vents in this townhouse garage; therefore we must wonder how long it would take for harmful gases to begin to enter the venting system.

At one fifteen AM when the Tim and his wife went to bed, they did not feel any odd effects from the car emissions, although we are to presume that the car had been running for hours. Yet a mere 45 minutes later, at 2 AM the effects are described as overwhelming. This short 45 minute period, and Tim Alberino’s insistence that there was a strong paint thinner smell, are used to construct a thesis that some outside enemy had staged an attack triggered by an electrical switch to vent already planted poisons in the heating/air conditioning vents.


I do not know how others, outside of my own circle of friends, have reacted to hearing this story, but personally, I was disturbed by the passivity of Tim Alberino in his role as husband and father.    If it had been me springing out of bed expressing alarm about the baby, my husband would have reacted with an adrenaline rush which would have overcome his sleep.  And if for some reason my husband had been slow to awaken from a deep sleep, he would have jumped out of bed in alarm if when I had returned from the baby’s room, I then fainted.

The very first thing my husband would have done is go into the baby’s room, and sensing something wrong, get the baby out of thereThe second thing he would do is to protect the other children.  But what Tim Alberino reports is that the first thing he did was go downstairs wondering if a paint thinner can had been left by an air vent.  He did not rush first to check on the baby. When I discussed this with others, they all felt that this passivity on the part of a father was abnormal. Note that both parents were in an identical environment, and while it was reported that the wife fainted after being exposed to the baby’s room, later on Tim Alberino reported that he was able to carry out all of the children on his own.

The reaction of Tim Alberino investigating whether a paint thinner can was near a vent is peculiar,  because he does not state that they were working on any projects requiring this substance. Most persons these days do not have paint thinner around their house due to the extensive use of water-based latex paints, rather than oil-based paints.  And with young children in the home, why would he think that his wife would have left an open can of paint thinner around?  Why did he not later ask the fire department for the name of the chemical which they had registered, which he says he forgets what it was, when his entire focus had been on identifying the source of a paint thinner odor?


When you are reading the telling of this story by Tim Alberino, note that most persons who have had a couple of days to reflect on such a dramatic event would have written down a concise timeline, and related their version of this event in a short matter of fact manner.  Then they would have concluded by telling the listener that no firm conclusions could be drawn as yet, until a thorough investigation had been conducted on how and why and who might have been instrumental in creating this potentially dangerous situation.  Was it merely accidental or was it done with deliberation by someone outside the family? Does the evidence support the conclusions being made?

Tim Alberino said he had no remembrance of leaving the car on, and it was something that he had never done before.  I am sure that most persons listening to his version of events, have had similar situations where they have accidentally had a close call of some sort.  Thankfully in life, the effect of  such mistakes are often overcome by the grace of God. As listeners we are certainly  sympathetic to the common human condition of lapses in memory.    But even if this is the regrettable cause of this incident, it is a factor which still remains a real possibility despite speculations to the contrary, unless  evidence rules it out.

Despite being a researcher and writer, Tim Alberino repeats sentences and alibis over and over and over again,  until the listener begins to think that there might be an intentional misdirection  in the recounting of this event.  Steve Quayle then adds his own twist to the interpretation of events, all with the intent of pushing this story into the criminal realm of a deliberate act of carbon monoxide poisoning.

I am not convinced that Tim Alberino has uncovered information which is so threatening to someone, that these unknown entities  feel compelled to endanger his entire family. GENSIX Productions is dealing with information which is already out there and being written about by others. There is nothing new under the sun, despite all these tales of peril coming from the front lines of Fantasy Island.   When I was looking at internet videos related to the same subject material which had been researched for the first TrueLegends video, I came across all kinds of videos done by other persons which were equally informative.  Years ago I read G. H. Pember’s Earth’s Earliest Ages published in 1876, which has all of the foundational ideas underlying the current discussions on giants, Nephilim and the days of Noah and Lot.  And most conspiracy theorists are in agreement with the ideas advanced in Michael A. Hoffman II’s book SECRET SOCIETIES and Psychological Warfare, that in recent years the highest rulers of the Occult elite have been revealing, rather than concealing, their occult rituals, in a massive mind control experiment.

What I do notice about the Hagmann Report show on February 29th is that at the beginning, GENSIX Productions and Steve Quayle’s latest book is extolled. Doug Hagmann even says that this book is required reading for all of the Hagmann Report listeners.  We can add to that, the fact that the extolling of each other’s virtues as men of integrity, etc. is way over the top in this radio program.

After that in this video, Alberino and Quayle use this carbon monoxide incident to declare that they have uncovered something which places them on the frontlines of a war.  Then the last part of this radio show is devoted to highlighting the mission of GENSIX Productions.  The end result is that a personal situation which had endangered the Alberino family is being used for merchandising purposes, and to convince the listeners that perilous times are indeed here.


Timothy Alberino and Steve Quayle both emphasize that the Lord had given Jasmine Alberino, Psalm 27 to teach to her children, and it was the Lord that had alerted Jasmine to the cry of the youngest child, which caused the family to get out of the house in time. So why was the Lord not warning the head of the house, Tim Alberino, to take precautions after an incidence occurred 2-3 weeks prior, where they came home to find that the kitchen door to the garage was open, as well as the electrical box?

The Security Personnel employed by Steve Quayle had concluded that somebody had entered into the Alberino home,  and “is planning something”.  With such counsel,  would it not have been prudent to have installed a security camera system at the home to detect any future threats? An inexpensive system would have been sufficient at a townhouse to monitor the front and back accesses to the home.  We must never forget that Steve Quayle for years has been warning people to prepare for the worst in order to defend their families. These men consider themselves to be on the front lines of “the battle”, whether it is as the Watchmen of God, or in the realm of researching sensitive material for GenSix Productions. Curiously, despite his own warnings of impending doom, recently Steve Quayle had purchased a beautiful new-construction home which appears to be very much out in the open, and vulnerable to professional intruders .

One of the more bizarre statements which Steve Quayle makes, and Timothy Alberino passively accepts, is this statement which he quotes from some “very, very, high up man in the Federal Police”:   “Tim you stumbled upon something or scared someone or group enough to get them to come after you.  They failed this time.  I promise you that they’re not done.  I have personally read reports of this exact thing at least 9 times now”, adding “with those that (they) have failed with, they had a tragic accident a few months or year after normally involving a hit and run or a drunk driver”.

Later on at the 40.48 mark of the audio, Steve Quayle again refers to the conversation he had with this same man, saying, “Didn’t they check the vents?  Yeah, they checked the vents.  Here’s what he said,  You saw people out of place. These are from a law enforcement guy, then you’ve got to assume that when they were checking the vents, whatever it was that was released was taken out of there.  So here’s what they believe happened.  But now there are real guys I want your feedback, because I think it’s critical people know evidently someone got into the house.  They tampered with the ah the electrical box.  Something was placed in the vents to trigger when ah whatever electronic signal was given. By placing in the vents it would have spread through the house faster than the ah rate of carbon monoxide.”

“They base it  Tim, you didn’t tell people, but I’ll tell them but that the thing that triggered or caused a lot of suspicion is the car was left on, but the keys were jammed into the ignition.  That’s critical. OK, that’s critical for you to respond to too, Doug, and so the situation that appears at this point, and by the way, there is an independent investigation going on. 

Continuing to speak, Steve Quayle says, “Tim is now covered for 24/7 with real guys, and those of you in the field will know what I mean by that.  Ah you know this isn’t the 350 pound ah you  know security guard that couldn’t draw his gun because his left hand is eating his donut.  I’m not making fun of those people, but I’m just saying that is not it.  So the thing is that as I’ve talked to others, without naming names, people in a similar ministry have felt compelled to increase their security….(about 42.48 mark)…So what we’re trying to tell everybody is this, WAR IS ON..”

(43.00 mark).. . “but given all the events and the expertise that was presented to me by being able to know the right people to call, I mean it’s not just quote coincidental.  And again I read to you nine times –  the outcome was different.  And so basically, the individual that  was openly telling Tim and I an untruth, we both heard it, watching the eyes of locals versus those of who obviously were not local,   it became clear that someone had a very high up  been given an order and I don’t know who they work for, I have my suspicions…”.

The above quotations of Steve Quayle show that despite an independent investigation which was not complete at the time of this audio,  he placed heavy reliance on the opinions of a friend in the federal police who was not on the scene of the incident.

It seems to me that if  the so called “they” don’t complete an assassination assignment until months or years later, the motive for the death squad has  nothing to do with a perceived threat of sensitive information being revealed in the here and now.

Reader, if a government insider  prophesied your death by car accident, would you passively accept it?    Would you not pray against it in order to protect your family?  And if such an event may happen months or years later, what good would having a body guard 24/7 now do?  For Steve Quayle says that Timothy Alberino has such protection right now.  He did not say that the Alberino family is being guarded.  At the beginning of the audio, Tim Alberino thanks everyone for praying for him and Steve and the work they do and he does not mention any thanks for prayers said for his wife and children. Are you beginning to think that this story has a merchandising bias built into the retelling of it?


A  TRANSCIPTION OF THE FIRST HALF HOUR OF THE FEBRUARY 29, 2016  Hagmann Report:  Perilous Times Are Here

Doug Hagmann:  Welcome folks, to this episode of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, where we are coming to you live from the radio and television studios here in Northwest Pennsylvania.  We broadcast live every week night Monday through Friday from 7-10 PM Eastern Standard time right here on the Global Star Radio Network.  We’re also simulcast folks on Blogtalk Radio.  You can also watch us live and by archive on our YouTube channel there.  All you have to do is go to the Hagmann and Hagmann.com.  That’s our main primary show real estate on the internet….

I’m Doug Hagmann at the helm with fellow investigator and researcher, my son Joe Hagmann.  We are the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, what I like to (unaudible) premier father and son investigative reporting team.  And folks, what we’re, what we’re preparing for tonight,  the program we have for you tonight, um all I can say is this:  Steve Quayle is my good friend, my brother-in-Christ, a man of just tremendous character and integrity, a tenacious researcher.  Timothy Alberino is just a tremendous man of character, integrity, a tenacious researcher; both are tenacious researchers and both have been really stirring the pot when it comes to their investigative inquiries into current events and how past events relate to current events and then how well the New World Order is actually the Old World Order revamped and refined in certain ways.

Many, many, many things, many discoveries have been made by Mr. Tim Alberino, GenSix Productions and Steve Quayle, of course stevequayle.com.  Uhh many things, and that’s making many people nervous.  Well folks, Steve had sent out an alert last week asking everyone to pray for Tim Alberino and his family.  We have with us tonight Mr. Steve Quayle and Mr. Tim Alberino; uh Steve and Tim are going to explain what that incident was all about and uhhh we, we praise God, we thank God, that Tim is well, he’s fine, he’s with us and uh..

Joe Hagmann: (inaudible) listeners..

Doug Hagmann:  That is right, it’s through your intercession and by the grace of God, it’s by the hand of God, that he is with us.  Joe, Let’s bring on Stephen, we should bring on Steve and Tim.

Joe Hagmann:  Awright, with us, Steve from stevequayle.com, well known great researcher, great author, great speaker, and all around great guy.  And Tim Alberino who we have the pleasure of meeting, and he is a very intelligent man who is a great researcher, especially in the field of research, but I’m not talking about in the field of  you know the America USA;  but I’m  talking about the jungles of ah,  Brazil and Peru and the mountains of you know, just  stuff, the places I wouldn’t even want to go for vacation, or let alone ah to do a documentary.  But  Gen6 Productions, correct on the YouTube?

Doug Hagmann:  That’s correct. And the..

Joe Hagmann:  The trailer, the trailer that I’ve seen there, the video I watched was uh, just captivated my attention. And as I said to you guys before the show, made me want to watch the documentary that has not even been created yet.  Uh, I’m looking forward to it and you guys are going to want to..

Doug Hagmann:  (interrupting) in the future probably want to hear if you are watching a  video YouTube featured  probably, right between us Steve’s book, Empire Beneath the Ice.  It is required reading for all Hagmann & Hagmann listeners.  In my view, anyway.  Steve, take it away, Sir.

Steve Quayle:  Well, thank you Doug and thank you Joe.  And again at one point I have to be vague, ah Tim and I prayed about it, we bounced a lot of ah prayer requests to our intercessors in the background.  And again the idea is not to scare anyone, but you’ll hear Tim sharing what went on and you’ll hear how his wife was warned and how the Lord basically told her to quote Psalm 27 before this whole thing happened.  Ah events leading up to last Tuesday ah basically Tim mentioned that some things had gone on he couldn’t put his finger on.  Well,  I think I’ll let Tim explain it and after we do that, and as we’re ready, we’re going to go with the flow where the Lord wants to ah I believe take everybody.

God bless those of you who absolutely sent prayers of concern, prayers of backing, prayers of intercession, ah it was just amazing. Uh again I thank every single one.   I know this that we we’re in a battle now, and we’re in a battle for the souls of people – not just our lives, because that’s, that’s, its a given that our lives are to be dedicated to Jesus.  And again when we get to that, that time ah after Tim’s done explaining, we’ll share what went on.  Go ahead Tim and share the whole incident, the event and then why now ah God has been so gracious to provide you know even full time security, and that that was even ah by God’s amazing pre-knowledge and his intervention in your life.  Go ahead, Tim.

Tim Alberino:  Well, first of all uh thank you Doug and Joe for having us on and giving us this opportunity to talk to the audience, and that’s really what we want to do, because ah this is more more than anything a praise report.   Ah, and we want to thank everybody again.   Steve and I talked about this and we decided that we wanted to talk to the audience, tell them what happened, because a lot of people have been tracking with us and certainly a lot of people have been praying for us.   Uhm for both Steve and I personally, and in general for the work that we’re doing.  And so we want to let people to know what happened because  at the end of the day, ah it’s ah ah again it’s a praise report.  It’s it’s we want to give glory to God and thank everybody for praying for us.

So, ah that said, basically I’m, I’m going to just try to give it in a nutshell here, very quickly.  What happened was ah ah I believe it was Monday I returned home from working at the studio and ah went home to my house, pulled in my driveway.  You know I live in a townhouse, so my garage is built into the unit ah and there is a couple, there is a  one, one floor above it, so the garage is sort of part of the house.  I pulled into the garage and and exited my car and went into the house, and had a normal evening.  And um I did my normal routine, watched the news and so forth, and I actually happened to be up quite late that evening, probably until about one fifteen in the morning.

I was talking to my wife and we were going over some things that we were doing in the house.  And ah there is nothing unusual or nothing out of order, ah everything seemed to be calm, and basically I went to bed around one fifteen that night and we woke up at ahh two o’clock, so just about forty five minutes later, ah I woke up to my wife literally springing out of the bed.  I mean she went from laying on her back to springing out of the bed and I heard her say, “That’s not a normal cry” or no she said “There’s something wrong with that cry!” because my youngest, my baby was crying, which isn’t unusual because he’s about one and a half years old, and sometimes he cries at night.  We usually just let him cry and go back to sleep.

But on this occasion she literally sprang out of the bed and said, there is something wrong with that cry.  You know, mother’s intuition and more than that we believe the Holy Spirit woke my wife up, ah and you’ll realize  why in a minute.  She springs out of bed and runs into the baby’s room and I of course am awake at this point, and I’m starting to feel a little bit strange and by the time my wife comes back, she walks into the doorway of our bedroom and faints.  She just fainted, and ah I at that moment realize there is something very wrong.

Ah I was smelling a very, very, very strong um paint thinner smell.  If anybody’s  opened a can of paint thinner or fresh paint, there is a very strong smell associated with that, a very pungent smell and we were smelling it very, very  strongly in the house.  And I mean it was like burn your nostrils kind of strong in your eyes  and so I immediately ran downstairs.  My first thought was, is there paint thinner in the house because I, I was unaware of, may be by the vents or something, and we’ve been breathing it in.

Ah actually my very first thought was that it was carbon monoxide, but I know that carbon monoxide doesn’t have a, a scent associated with it so I ran downstairs and I began to look around the house and you know open the garage, and I opened the doors right away because I knew there was something wrong in the air um, there was obviously some sort of chemical in the air.  So I open all the doors and I didn’t find anything, so I went back upstairs and I was feeling very wobbly at this point.  I’m not an easy fainter so I was feeling very wobbly and I knew something was wrong because I don’t faint easily.

And I went upstairs and basically my wife was ah, my wife was coming down stairs at this time. I told her she should get outside with the baby.  She went outside. She basically slid against the wall and basically passed out.  And so I ran upstairs to get the other boys and they are all passed out, um especially my oldest who is ten years old.  And so I, I ,one by one took them downstairs and brought them outside.  And, and I can only ah give glory to God that I had the strength to do it, because I was near passing out myself.  I mean it took everything I had in me, to get those kids out of bed, and carry them downstairs without passing out.  Ah and ah I got everybody outside and everybody was basically passed out, sort of coming in and out of consciousness, and I called 911.

I obviously knew there was something very wrong, and I, by the way interesting detail, was I smelled whatever it was coming through the vents.  I went and turned the heat off.  Um and to turn the heater off, because I know that was that really strong pungent  ah paint thinner, wet paint sort of smell was coming through the vents, so I turned all that off, and opened all the doors, and we were just waiting for the ah emergency responders to show up, and they did.  And so I thought this must be some sort of carbon monoxide.  First I thought maybe there was its a faulty ah something wrong with the ventilation and the heater system, you know the usual carbon monoxide kind of a situation.  Ah but again I know that carbon monoxide doesn’t have a scent associated with it.

So long story short, we were in the ambulance.  Ahhhh everybody was, everybody was OK, but obviously had gotten a dose of something real powerful.  My kids were throwing up um and before the firemen showed up and went into the house with all their gear on and looked around, it didn’t take them long to confirm that they had been registering carbon monoxide.  And they kept coming to the ambulance, and sort of giving me reports on what they were finding.  And so they were able to determine right away they walked in and said there is definitely a lot of carbon monoxide in the air so that is the first thing they told me.  And then a little bit later one of them came over to me and said ah asked me if I had left the car on in the garage.  I said I didn’t think so.  I didn’t have any memory of it.  And he said but it’s very strange, there is something strange about this.

He said that, that the keys are in the car and the battery is dead, but your car might have been running for a while.  But he looked at me and said, There’s something there’s something funny about it and he went back over, and by the way they were registering some other kind of chemical too.  I don’t remember what it was, but the other chemical was that they were registering wasn’t just carbon monoxide, but it was mainly carbon monoxide and some other chemical.  And ah so they checked the house out and they the firemen kept coming back and he had a very, very suspicious look on his face.  He said this is strange.

It looks like your car was left on, but, and I didn’t really understand why it was strange.  And, and to this day I don’t really know why that fireman was so baffled, but he was baffled, and he actually told me, normally I would  just say the car was left on you know, but there is something a little funny about this situation.  I had told them that there’s a very strong, ah there’s a very strong paint thinner smell in the house, and of course I asked them if that is associated, could that have been  something to do with the car?  They said no, that there wouldn’t be a paint thinner smell, but, but, um anyway, they couldn’t give me many answers but they were baffled, certainly baffled.  The firemen at least the one that was talking to me,  he kept coming back and reporting and he was pretty baffled.

He wouldn’t tell me exactly what, but he was pretty baffled.  So  I thought that that’s odd, because you know carbon monoxide poisoning is a common thing. Um it’s happened a lot in the United States and for different reasons; certainly leaving a car in the garage should be one of the reasons, or coming through the vents from the faulty um a bad a a  heating system.  But there was something else to it uh because he, he, you know wouldn’t, he wouldn’t have been wondering about that so anyway we ended up going to the hospital.  The important thing is that we were all safe and sound and alive and I want everyone to know the gravity of this.

This is why I thank the intercessors who have been praying for us I mean if, if, if our baby had not been woken up, and if my wife had not had have heard it, I would not be talking to you tonight period.  And that was confirmed to me  multiple times by both the firemen and the first responders and the doctors afterwards.  Because we all got basically, for lack of better term, we all got really nuked by the carbon monoxide.  I mean we got very high doses um, my, we were in the thirties, a couple of us were in the thirties, which is a very high dose of carbon monoxide.

And um, so I mean  many people have heard this stories of whole families not waking up, because obviously once you are asleep the first thing that happens is your body, once you get the carbon monoxide in there,  it starts to shut down, um so it’s only by the grace of God that you are hearing  my voice right now. In fact that, that my whole family is alive at this point, so uh, that we have no question –  if there is one thing we know absolutely for sure in this whole situation, it is that the Lord delivered us.  there is no question about it, none!  I mean we were woken up uh by the Lord, so we, whether it was arousing the baby, or just getting, prompting, my wife to wake up, in whatever the case may be, was, there is no question that, that was the Lord.  So that is something I was much aware of right from the beginning. So we went to the hospital and of course we had a very high dose of carbon monoxide.

Everybody was pretty surprised actually how high of a dose we had, but everybody was OK.    I know you, we, we had some, a lot of queasiness, some throwing up, some stuff like that is common with being poisoned by carbon monoxide.  So but everybody was,  nobody could tell me was why there was a paint thinner smell.  I was asking the doctors and, and, everybody was still pretty baffled because when I had  gone to bed at one fifteen ah that night, we didn’t smell anything.  Just 45 minutes later, the entire house was saturated was, was, if it was carbon monoxide or if it carbon monoxide and  something else, whatever it was, if in those, lets say it was in that half an hour or 45 minutes the entire house was absolutely saturated.  It was as if somebody had hit an on button suddenly to start venting it through my house.

So I thought it was strange as did my wife, by the way, that and you know and aside from the fact that the car was left on and we looked at each other like that is very strange because I had never done that before EVER.  And just the circumstances were baffling and everyone was baffled around us, and what really kind of pushed it over the top for us in terms of suspicion was, after we have recovered, we were in the hospital for some hours just on pure oxygen, ah recovering ,um I was visited by a couple of detectives.  And as soon as they walked into the door, I knew something was, there was something very strange at this point.

So the couple of detectives walked in and um wanted to talk to me alone, and one of them went to talk with my wife.  The other one wanted to talk to me alone and began to ask me a line of questioning that suggested immediately to me that they were wondering if there was foul play involved.  And I came right out and asked them, and said your line of questioning is suggesting to me that you’re considering foul play in this circumstance.  Is it normal to investigate a carbon monoxide poisoning –  somebody leaves your car in the garage, or there is something wrong with the heating system?    He said, no it is not.

He said this is definitely not normal, and so he kind of didn’t want to answer my questions.  He was asking me the questions, but, and I was asking him some questions, and I said well, why are you here?  What is the issue here?  Why are you here? What, what’s causing the suspicion?  He said frankly because the fire department alerted us, that something was not right about this situation, or something fishy about all of this.  And I continually asked everyone, in fact, what if I just left my car in the garage and you know the carbon monoxide built up and there, there, coming through the vents- what’s fishy about that?  Isn’t that sort of an open and shut kind of a deal?  But nobody would ever give me a straight answer about that to this day.  I don’t have one, and um, and so, after those detectives came and visited me, then I really started to think, well?

We are putting a documentary together right now dealing with some very, very, very touchy subjects and you know, and there was some other things, I don’t know, Steve, if you want to go into details about some other things now before all of this..

Steve Quayle:  Yeah, Tim, I want you to address the fact though, what was the first question that the detective asked you about ah, just share with people, because that’s critical.

Tim Alberino:  The first thing he started, he asked me was there another doorway into your garage?  Is there another way to get into your garage?  What are all the ways to get into your garage?  Were the doors locked?  You know right away, a line of questioning which would suggest you know this uh, could somebody have gotten into the garage?  That was the line of questioning.

Steve Quayle:  Did he ask you who your enemies were?

Timothy Alberino:  Yeah.

Steve Quayle:  Do you have any known enemies?

Timothy Alberino:  And yeah then he kind of looked at me, and said well, he said, do you have any enemies that you know of? You know he was going to ask me what I did for a living.  Well, I said I’m involved with making documentary films, and he said like exposes?  I said yeah.  He said well, do you have anybody that would be, that you could consider as enemies, that might be upset about your documentaries?   I said, Yes. ha ha. Of course I said I didn’t want to go into that with him, but I just affirmed that yeah, that’s certainly a possibility.  But so, anyways, I want everybody to understand that at this point I had not even talked to Steve about this.  I hadn’t talked to anybody, not any family member, except for obviously my wife and my kids.  And we were the only ones who knew, nobody else knew,  so these detectives came um, not because we were suggesting anything or anybody else was.  They just showed up because they had been communicating with the fire department; that’s what they told me.

So uh, anyways, uh now there was an incident, a little incident that we noticed about 3 weeks before this happened.   Uh definitely a couple weeks, probably three weeks before this incident, the carbon monoxide incident.  One day we pulled out of my driveway, my wife and I, my kids, in our car and uh we have an automatic garage door opener and our, we have you know again, it’s a townhouse.  Our, our door we have a door which opens up into the garage,  basically from like the kitchen area so you can walk right from the house into the garage,  We got in the car, we pulled out, and we closed our garage door and everything was shut, turned off,  when we left.  When we came back, we opened the garage door, and when we came back and we opened that garage door,  we noticed that our door was open.  Our door that goes into the garage was open, that goes into the house from the garage, and our electrical box was open.

And immediately my wife and I looked at each other and we thought, and I asked her, did you leave the door open?  Because I was in the car when she came out um, before we left, and she said no, and she was pretty sure she did that and of course she would not have any reason to open the electrical box, and it was too high for my kids to reach.  So she has no reason to open the electrical box and never has.  So I instantly start to get a little suspicious, and I’ve been told Steve about that, and uh our security personnel.  And our security personnel said   really believe strongly somebody went into your house and they are planning something.  So um anyways all these people and there is more than just that, but all of these little pieces and parts, uh cause us to believe that the possibility exists,  that it was not an accident,t but intentional, Steve?

Steve Quayle:  Well, I think that it’s, it’s imperative that people understand that this too, that immediately when Tim called me from the hospital during that time period I put it up, I don’t know but within an hour or two, on the Alert.   I had to keep it vague for a reason and one of the most interesting things was I accompanied Tim over to his house, and Tim tell the issue, if you would, the issue of a single,   how many people show up and deal with the whole issue of, of you were told immediately by the detectives, who had called them to alert them that something was suspicious, and then deal with the guy that was poopoohing that, and and I want you to draw this go .  Number one, Doug, I’m doing this for you and I’ve got a couple of really high ranking guys in uh, in different parts of the government listening in, who I’ll read a couple of things Tim has done so Tim tell about that we’re going to your house who, didn’t one of them, a guy say, he left his truck over there?  And take it from there.  You know where I’m going, OK?

Timothy Alberino:  Uh yeah.  I was told that uh I, I ah, called the fire department when I went home from the hospital, and I said you know what?  Can you send a guy over, uh just to give us, just to make sure, that all the carbon monoxide is out.  They had called me earlier and said you are good to go back, but I just wanted a double –  the nurse suggested that we should do it, so I did it, and, and the guy got   one of the officers, one of the ah ah firemen and said that I am glad you called, because I left my car over at your house, and I needed to meet you at your house and I needed to meet you at your house anyways.  And he  said it would be good to talk and go over things, so I thought OK, so ah, I went back with Steve, then first of all there was no truck over at my house.  Nobody had left the truck at my house.  There’s, there’s no truck to be seen anywhere.  Uh but then they showed up, and it wasn’t just one guy, it was I don’t know, 7 or 8 guys, and they checked the house and all very nice guys, and they checked the house over and the main guy just looked like he just,   it was funny because Steve and I just immediately thought of the exact same thing about this guy after we talked later, that this guy looked like he belonged, he belonged commanding a unit of Marines or Special Forces somewhere on a battlefield. Ah he..

Steve Quayle:  In other words, Tim it’s important for people to understand he stood out, and ladies and gentlemen incidentally when I say that Tim and I both were looking at each other, because all these other guys, there were some local firemen there, but they were all watching this one guy.  And um some of the military guys I’ve talked with over the years, said you can always tell who’s calling the shots, by whose eyes go to whom.  So that’s in the back of my mind.  Take it from there Tim.

Timothy Alberino:  Yeah so that Steve and I, we both picked that up, and without saying anything to each other, we both recognized it, talked about it later.  Uh and then he told me and I, I was asking him two questions and he gave me the all clear.  And uh they said   I asked him about you know why, why was there paint thinner smell, why was it so strong?  Why was it because you, they said, the car was running and well, there would have been you know what exhaust smells like.  And it doesn’t smell like paint thinner.  So even now when I walk into my garage and shut the door, I smell the exhaust, you know the residual exhaust.

It doesn’t smell like paint thinner, so he was kind a hoeing and humming about that, and said well it came from the car, a liquid in the car.  I don’t know, it was sort of a strange answer about a liquid in the car.   I don’t know what it was, but then I asked him, well what was it about the situation that, that caused you guys to contact a detective?  Because I was visited by detectives at the hospital, and they seemed to think it could have been some foul play involved or something, I don’t remember what I said.  And he just he, he, ah he denied, he denied that they ever had talked to the detectives.  He, he and right away too he didn’t have to think about it no, he said no, that  it wasn’t us. It wasn’t  like, well let me see if anyone has talked, it was like no, that wasn’t us we did not do that talk to them –  nobody from my department contacted those detectives.

I mean it was, and Steve can tell you this, just like that, it was just like an immediate reaction, no, that wasn’t us –  nobody from our department called those detectives.  And so obviously he had known that the detectives had been called but ah he said something about it was the EMT guys, but the detective told me ah numerous times that it was their department.  But I don’t know if it was miscommunication, or what the case was, it was just you know it’s suspicious and the whole thing was just suspicious.  I mean the whole thing, everything leading up to it and some things that occurred afterwards as well, Steve?

Steve Quayle:  OK, well here I immediately got in communication with um oh good night, a gentleman very, very high up in uh, uh, the federal police force.  This guy who loves Jesus, ah a man of God, that’s just you know I have known him for some time, and I shared in detail everything I knew and here’s what  his response was, but I want you to pay attention to how many times he’s encountered situations like this.  Basically ah on the phone he said, Steve, the outcome was never like this;  meaning they all died.  I’m going to read this quote for quote, You stumbled Tim, you stumbled upon something or scared someone or group  enough to get  them to come after you.  They failed this time.  I promise you that they’re not done.  I have personally read reports of this exact same thing at least 9 times now.  And then he says this, with those that have failed with, they had a tragic accident a few months or years after, normally involving hit and run or a drunk driver.  Then he gave me some other  stuff which I won’t read on the phone because because it is pertinent to all the security….(34.47 mark on audio)

A short note on rest of audio


According to Steve Quayle, his prayer intercessor Romy had chemicals dropped on her car as she was traveling to the Whitestone conference

SQ  expresses gratitude to God and to those who prayed, and talks about people who do not take this battle seriously, and gives us  an example of a close call  involving Romy who was traveling to the Whitestone conference.  He claims her car was sprayed with chemicals just as in the movie with Gregory Peck. I believe he is actually referring to Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, North by Northwest, which starred Cary Grant.  I have ended this transcription around the 35 minute mark, as this contains the body of the testimony on the carbon monoxide incident at the Alberino home. I have transcribed  some more of Steve Quayle’s comments at about the 40 minute mark, and those can be read in my commentary section at the beginning of this post. The first hour of this program contains the most interesting remarks, if you are interested in listening to points I have not noted. Much of the remaining program involves a discussion of the subject material being researched by GenSix Productions.