The Man Who Said Too Much, Part One

Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God, and be more ready to hear, than to give the sacrifice of fools:  for they consider not that they do evil.  Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter any thing before God:  for God is in heaven, and thou upon earth:  therefore let thy words be few.  Ecclesiastes 5:1-2

This past month I have doing some spring cleaning, and came across some notes that I had made on a lengthy imprecatory prayer spoken by Steve Quayle, a little over two years ago.  I have an interest in the doctrine of prayer, as found in the Scriptures; therefore I was interested in how Steve Quayle, who boldly prays and relies on a group of intercessors on his behalf,  makes use of the scriptures in approaching the throne of mercy.

The center point of Tracking the Leopard Meroz is imprecatory prayer, which enters into the forefront of the hottest battles in the spiritual realm. I first became aware of the dangers of such praying years ago when I, as an insignificant believer in Jesus Christ had to employ prayer as a shield of defense, and then later as a sword of judgment against men who are as Baalam.  Baalam, as we know from the book of Numbers in the Old Testament, was known for his ability to curse or bless anyone he wanted to, for reward.  He wielded the words of God, seemingly with impunity; that is, until the day the Angel of the LORD stood in his way.

Most real prayers are spoken in the closet, to God the Father, in the name of Jesus Christ. Prayers which are spoken before a public audience are often suspect, as the person praying is not only speaking to God, but is highly conscience of the opinions of men.  The caution against this is found in Luke 16:15, quoting Jesus saying, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts:  for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.

In the public prayer which I am citing, Steve Quayle prayed for God’s favor upon an unrighteous, unrepentant man who had been undergoing a trial in his life, due to his own wrong conduct. We have all prayed for such men, but whether or not God hears our petition is dependent on us asking in accordance with God’s will. If we are not forthright and honest with God in our petitions, the Lord may take our words and heart motives and deal with us with an honesty which we were hoping to avoid.

The words that Steve Quayle spoke in this particular portion of the prayer were:

Lord, I pray for my friend, John Stokes, Father in Jesus’ name.  He’s been through the ringer.  Lord, I know all of his issues- he admits his issues.  Lord, I have the same issues, but you set me free.  I ask God that you deliver John Stokes literally from the battle that’s against him, Lord.  He stood for truth, God, he’s told people like the way is, even when the pastors were silent and Lord in Jesus’ name, I ask for miraculous intervention in his life.  God give him victory in Jesus’ name and let no weapon formed against him prosper.  And I pray you reveal, Lord, the duplicity, the illegality, and everything that is coming against my brother, Lord, I ask that you bring it out in the open.  You said nothing that is hidden will be made known and Lord everyone who bore false witness against him you said, Lord, lying lips are an abomination to you as much as those who sow discord among the brethren.  I pray Lord that people that fit in those categories would take stock of what they’re doing, and I pray in Jesus’ name, Lord, that a miraculous intervention in John’s life will take place.

Until yesterday, I had never thought to ask who John Stokes is, or at least was, at the time of Quayle’s prayer. Presently, John Stokes has a website,, which displays a photo of himself with I am guessing, his Webmistress, based on the two different Donate buttons prominently displayed underneath.  There is also an ad for Steve Quayle’s Renaissance Precious Metals business.  John Stokes claims he is “ranked as one of the top one hundred talk radio talk hosts in the world”. But when I click on a link for the Edge Radio Show, it takes me to a Facebook page which was last updated with a post about 22 months ago, on July 8, 2014. We are told that The Edge can be heard on Orion Talk Radio from 11 am to 1 pm MT. On John Stokes website, there are several news links to other sites which update daily on various subjects, including Before It’s News, the favorite trash bin for all spurious rumors initiated by  Alternative Truth Tellers.

Entering the words John Stokes, the Edge, into an internet search engine brings up numerous reports of his life as a Shock Jock and troublemaker. John Stokes once lived in Washington state, my old stomping grounds, so my interest was piqued by an article written by John Stang for the Seattle PI (Post Intelligencer) on October 1, 2009, entitled, Secession leader now in deep debt in Montana:  Bankrupt John Stokes led “Freedom County” movement here in 1990’s.  I left  Seattle in 1983, so I missed the excitement in the 1990’s when John Stokes made the bizarre attempt to split Snohomish County into two counties. Failing that, Stokes moved on to Quayle country, where since the year 2000, he became a Shock Jock, or as John Stang more politely phrased it, a “controversial, right-wing radio station owner and talk show host in Kalispell, Montana”.  Nine years after this debut, the PI reported that “the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office in Montana (had) seized Stoke’s radio station last week and evicted him”.

One of the major events in John Stoke’s life during these Shock Jock years occurred when he got into a dispute with the neighbors who owned land near his radio towers. Apparently he went on air and accused them of committing bank fraud and perjury.  In return, these neighbors filed a defamation lawsuit and won a  $3.8 million judgment in late 2008.  Stokes had other debts and had not filed tax returns for about ten years, so he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Compounding his problems, U. S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Ralph Kirscher found John Stokes to be a liar. In a September 21, 2009 article by Dan Testa for the Flathead Beacon, titled Judge’s Order Allows for Stoke’s Assets to be Liquidated, the backstory on the judge’s ruling that ordered Stoke’s Chapter 11 proceeding to be changed to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is discussed. Elsewhere, I read that Stokes attempted to overturn this ruling, that allowed for “the liquidation of most of his assets in order to pay for his debts”.

Judge Kirsher had found that Stokes had not “accurately disclosed the value of his property during bankruptcy proceedings, despite swearing under penalty of perjury that his asset statements were accurate (bold added)”.  Originally,  real property had been listed as $3.1 million, with personal property as $148,042; the amended statements show real property listed as $10.7 million, with personal property as $15.5 million. This represents an underreporting of $7.6 million in real property and approximately $15.35 million in personal assets.

For more background information, I offer up the following three articles. The first is called The West’s Biggest Bully, written by Ray Ring for High Country News on September 15, 2003.  A follow-up article by the same source on September 1, 2009 is called “The West’s Biggest Bully”  Gets His. And on April 7, 2012, Tom Lotshaw wrote an article, Stokes in Second Appeal of Bankruptcy for

On December 25, 2012, John Stokes commented on the forum site giving his version of events which had cascaded like a breaking dam in his life. Click on the screen shot below to read his justification for his problems. Also note that Steve Quayle, Hawk and Romy had been frequent guests on his past radio shows.john stokes godlike productions 2012 (4)The point I am making about the life of John Stokes is that it is difficult to intercede before the throne of God for such a man, unless you are pleading for the grace of God which will bear the fruit of repentance in the heart of John Stokes. The worst enemy of John Stokes is John Stokes.

While Steve Quayle calls John Stokes his friend and brother, according to the public record of Stoke’s own words, he had claimed that he did not go to church, and if he claims to be a believer in Jesus Christ, I did not run across this testimony in the journalistic reports that I read. If you want to intercede for a man who openly displays numerous sins, it is vital to be honest before God. Does not Galatians 6:7 say, Be not deceived:  God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap?  According to Steve Quayle, John Stokes admitted to having “issues”; and these “issues” were the same things which Quayle had, but was set free from by God. Are not these so-called “issues” in fact deeply rooted sins in the heart of John Stokes? Was Steve Quayle set free by God  from his issues, but not from his sins?

This prayer, which was called magnificent by another guest on the same radio show, also entailed Steve Quayle accusing those persons who had the unenviable position of  being the ones who had to withstand the sins of John Stokes, of duplicity and Illegality.  Looking at the record, it appears that God had intervened in a miraculous way in John Stokes life, by standing as an adversary against him.  Thus when Quayle exalted John Stokes as a truth teller, and  justified his sins as being nothing more than “issues”, and apparently failed to entreat Stokes to repent before God and men, another layer of deceit was added to an already very serious matter.

In the next post I will look at another aspect of this same prayer which had been spoken by The Man Who Said Too Much.






Steve Quayle and The Hawk: Their Use of Real Men of Valor As A Substitute for Personal Credibility

I was reading a post from dated October 19, 2009 entitled, Scary New Steve Quayle Post re: Possible Nuclear False Flag Event(s) October 23-25.   Someone named Xereau had commented, “And when this new deadline comes and passes, I really hope that this con-man-flake-extraordinaire loses even more credibility.”  To which another member of the forum named DCUBED responded in part, “I don’t believe he has anymore credibility to lose.  He’s been wrong on just about everything.  Which is strange because you would think that he would eventually get something right.” (bold added)

When I stopped laughing, I began to reflect on the sentence which is in bold print.  Some thirty years ago, an independent consultant which I had worked with, told me a story of how he was allowed admittance into MENSA.  A friend of his who belonged to that “highly esteemed” club of geniuses wanted him to join, and so he took their IQ test.  He thought it was a joke, so he purposely answered every question with the worst multiple-choice answer offered. Apparently his IQ was Zero.  The MENSA folks granted him membership on the basis that it would take a genius to figure out every possible worst answer.  And there goes Steve Quayle, the genius who can’t get anything right, even when the standard is a stopped clock that is right twice a day. So how has he gotten away with it over the years?

One of the blinds which Steve Quayle and the Hawk hide behind in their hunt for the souls of men, is the repetitive quoting of the Scriptures.  A Christian believes that the Scriptures are the words of God, and therefore pure and true.  When you combine this love of biblical truth with the love of our country, our freedoms, and our ideal of justice for all, this hunter’s blind becomes an expertly woven screen, hiding the aim of the gun upon an unwary target.

I get emails from various persons who, at one time or another, had placed their trust in the words of Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann,  and their inner circle of trust.  I was recently discussing with another woman, the traps which the Christian Alternative Media have laid for men who have been in the military. Steve Quayle often uses his QAlerts section to display emails from  men whose real life experiences often include military, law enforcement,  trucking or other skills, to lend credence to his interpretation of current events.  One of Steve Quayle’s close associates, the Hawk is also one who relies heavily on unnamed sources in the military, ham radio operators, and what he terms “mighty men of valor”.

In today’s post I am not overlooking the important part which women play in the military or law enforcement. Rather, I want to focus this article on the calculated use of the good reputations of men, for purposes of giving credibility to false Christian ministries. In the past I have written about fake insider sources being used by Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle.  What  also needs to be looked at is the misuse of sincere men with real military backgrounds.

After I make a few observations about Steve Quayle and the Hawk, I am turning the rest of today’s post over to a reprint of a three-part essay written at the end of 2009 by Ric Harrison, known as the Pointman on forums. His essay presents his defense of himself, after he had been accused on the radio by Steve Quayle of being a traitor. A copy of this essay had been sent to me by the woman whom I had been discussing the Christian Alternative Media’s use of men’s military experiences.  I find the Pointman entirely credible, and believe his story needs to be brought forward to this present time, to be preserved and read as a warning to others.

So as I was thinking on today’s subject,  I meandered around old forum posts and their various threads.  I was not able to discover just how Steve Quayle and The Hawk first got acquainted, but I see that at one time the Hawk substituted for Quayle on the Q-Files.  And then there came a point when the Hawk became a Thursday and Friday night regular on the Survive2Thrive radio program, which is accessible from’s Radio page.

Most women I have talked to dislike and distrust the Hawk, who speaks in a gravelly Drill Sargent voice, as if he were in charge of something.  He is boringly predictable, so much so, that I have wondered at times if he had made a handful of tapes which he plays over and over again.  When he does introduce “new information” from his latest underground sources,  we are made to feel that he is regularly fed with the observations of international radio traffic controllers observing the movements of military troops and hardware.  And of course he always talks about  insider information on the actions of Mighty Men of Valor, as he likes to term it.

A typical quote of Hawk’s is this example, “THE UNITED STATES AND RUSSIA WERE NEARLY AT THE BRINK OF NUCLEAR WAR ON FRIDAY ON JUNE 20, 2008 AND THE WORLD’S POPULATIONS WERE UNAWARE OF IT, SAVE FOR THE LISTENERS OF THE Q-FILES RADIO PROGRAM AND THOSE IN THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF THE RESPECTIVE MILITARIES, INTEL AGENCIES, AND GOVERNMENTS INVOLVED.”  Because of Hawk’s relationship with Steve Quayle, some have surmised that he is Steve Quayle’s boss, or that he is even an alter ego of Quayle, who secretly desires to be a Drill Sargent with a gravelly voice.

What we do know for certain about Hawk is where to send donations.  It has been awhile since I have listened to his show, but because the Hawk does not use his real name, I  presume that he prefers cash or money orders.  The address he gives is 3965 W. 83rd, #356, Prairie Village, Kansas, which is a mailbox at the local UPS store.

It has been reported that the Hawk’s real name is Milo Good Chappell, with the approximate age of 63, living in nearby Leawood, Kansas, and that he is a real estate broker.  When I went to look at the online information on Chappell, I could not find anything which proved that Milo and Hawk were one and the same person.  However, given the fact that Milo Chappell is not a common name, one would think that this person, if  he were grossly misidentified, would have something online which proclaimed that he was not the Hawk, as rumored.  Contrary to most real estate brokers, I could not locate a photo of Milo Chappell, which I found odd. Maybe I was not looking in all the right places.  And interestingly, I found nothing online where Hawk has written that he is not Chappell, in order to protect an “innocent man’s reputation”.  If anyone reading this post has proof of a tie between these two names, please let me know, and I will add it as an addendum to this post.

So why is it important whether or not the Hawk is Milo Chappell?  It is important because of the stark contrast between the comfortable life which Chappell has versus the uncomfortable life which the Hawk claims as his existence.  This latter is the basis on which Hawk asks for donations.  If in fact he lives rather well,  criminal and civil laws against fraud and misrepresentation come into play.  In reading about Milo Chappell,  I came across  a lawsuit which had been filed against him by his sister, attempting to remove him as executor of their mother’s will in 2014.  A farm was sold, which converted into a very nice cash inheritance.  The Hawk on his radio show portrays himself as someone living on a minimal income and desperate for listener donations because the LUCIES  constantly attempt to shut his program down, or attack him with a blue beam.

An example of  being “blue-beamed” was reported back on July 1, 2009 in the forum at in a topic called Radio Talk Show Host ‘Hawk” Down- Red List Hits Begin!!! A member called Intruth stated, “Hawk was taken to the ER yesterday morning.  He has symptoms of a stroke after what was described below: “Please alert the folks as to the craft, delta wing, battleship gray in color, capable of quick decelerate, hover, and sudden speed off.  Wife witnessed it, I heard.” Also, “My wife is scared for our safety, the same craft did me a few day ago, wound up with bleeding in head and sudden very high induced blood pressure that later went to normal, but bleed was bad, luckily and praise the Lord it was not in my brain, already damaged.”  Again, “from Steve Quayle about Hawk – You may post that he has stroke symptoms and was in perfect Health prior to a Fly Over of him by LUCIE CHOPPER – He said it made a strange noise!  Some form of Infrasonic pulse hit him.”

One forum commenter asked why anyone would attack Hawk, as practically no one has ever heard of him, outside of an occasional reference by Steve Quayle or another inner circle member.

Personally I find Steve Quayle and Hawk’s manipulation of men with real military backgrounds, as a means to further their own agendas, unconscionable.    So let us veer off here from my female viewpoint on such matters, to a man’s point of view.

The following are the words of Ric Harrison, known as Pointman, in a three-part essay entitled, The Accused (Pointman) stands before You. It appears that this essay was posted on a forum sometime in December of 2009. As it was originally formatted for a forum, rather than a blog, I have retyped it for easier reading.  The only changes which I have made to the text are that I broke down a few long paragraphs into shorter ones, and corrected a couple of misspells, so that the reader would not be distracted from the message of the author.

Part I

I was accused on national radio Thursday by Steve Quayle that I was a traitor, that after he gave me thousands of dollars and equipment, I turned my back on him and several other accusations.  I was informed that Friday the 3rd of December that he rebroadcast this statement.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I stand before you admitting that I did receive gifts from SQ as well as money.  As SQ told but only half-truths, and a half truth to me is only hearing one side of a story.  As I believe and practice in the truth, I will give my side of the story, the truth and the whole truth, in doing this I will equate a half truth, to the whole truth.

If you will notice in all my post, avoiding the word I, I, and me, me, me, and there is a reason for this. When I was younger and more dynamic, I was a triple A type personality and had an ego as large as Steve Quayle. I, I, and me, me, was used in my conversations as much as he uses it now.  Over the years humility has found me, and I praise God for the fact.  In this statement I will be forced to use I and Me more than I want to.  But this story needs to be told, so that you, yourselves can judge the character of the two persons involved.

I can state now to you the jury, the only one in my small units while in the military that was wounded or hurt was me, I was taught by good old soldiers that a good leader, leads from the front.  The motto of an army leader is:…”Do as I do, Not as I say”.

I will only make this one post and then get about my original intent and write essays on out dated info as Steve Quayle put it from his vast experience in the military.  Oops, that is right he didn’t serve.  Unlike SQ, I see much good in forums, people like me can educate others, share discernible information.  I believe a forum run properly, you can get many points of views instead of one man’s opinion behind a microphone.

But first in my defense I would like to tell you little bit about myself, so that you will have a better understanding of who I am and my background.  I feel I have the right to do this as SQ never lets us forget his resume each and every show.

I am borne from a service family, my mother was a full-blooded American Indian and my father is of an English bloodline and a coal miner family from Indiana.  The methodical thinking comes from my father and his English background, the crazy warrior’s attitude of emotion and never die attitude comes from my mother and her injun background.  This will explain a lot later in my defense.  I was drafted into the military and served 13 years.  I spent 39 straight months in Viet Nam, was wounded three times, and was classified as MIA/POW for a period of 9 days during this time I was tortured and raped repeatedly.

My awards are a silver star, 3 bronze stars with “V” devices, two army commendation medals with “V” devices, 5 air medals, one with a “V” device, one Vietnamese cross of gallantry, three purple heart medals, a combat infantryman’s badge and a parachute badge with a star in the risers, which stands for making a combat jump.  I have several other medals but they are nothing more than some attaboy medals the army gives out such as a meritorious service medal, the year I received mine, only 6 were awarded, and I was the only enlisted man to receive one of those.

Now my physical contributions to this nations.  From wounds received in combat and the result of military service, I am missing 4 organs, a spleen, a gall bladder, my prostrate, several lymphoid, almost a foot out of my small intestine, several inches out of my large intestine, part of my stomach, 138 inches of visible scars on the outside of my body, 2 stainless steel plates one in each ankle and 9 stainless steel screws between the two plates, (4) four bouts of cancer from agent orange, almost 40 years of flash backs, and night terrors, ah heck that is enough; you get the drift of my condition.

I have killed my share of communists, for this country.  I did not list all this for sympathy and I will resent any given.  I made my choice when drafted to serve and will live with this and the constant pain until the good Lord takes me home.

I walk the walk, I have no television, no microwave, my computer is 12 years old, I am happy with it.  I have a phone, live in a 34-year-old trailer house, with two rigs, the newsiest one is an 85 model.  Since about two years ago, I have given or got rid of as much mammon as I can and next month I will have less that I have now.  I have chosen this Spartan lifestyle on purpose, so it would be easy for me to walk away from what mammon I have, as well as to show no decadence in my life style.  I have sold most of my weapons, and gear, but maintain the food stores the Good Lord commanded me to acquire for the lamb that he will send my way.  I live to serve him, the only true I AM, that is my mission and I will not deviate from it ever.

This has cost me friends and family, but my family now are those who truly walk the walk on the narrow path toward our savior, Jesus the Christ.  The reason I am telling you all this will be brought up later, so you can judge the defendant of his actions, as well as of his motives for standing his ground with this accuser.

Now my defense:…I did receive a pair of night vision goggles, and rifle scope from SQ, and at the time I asked him if there was strings attached, his answer was no, he was lead to help me.  I and the group was also going to be “consider” an alternated BOS for him.  I also received $1,000.00 cash from SQ, again the question was asked was there any strings attached, the same answer was given, he was lead to help me and my group.  I also was interviewed on his program for my military expertise which is now outdated, and was given a large amount of bucketed wheat by some listener, which he gave me the cash value, because of transportation considerations.  So one listener after one of my interview was kind enough to give me that gift and if they are reading this now, I want to thank them.  If anything else was given to me, I did not receive it.  But these gifts were transported by other individuals, which I will not name.

So I am guilty as charged for accepting gifts from SQ, he must of got more guidance from God to throw that in my face in the radio show.  Steve urged me to write and format my essays to sell, which I told him I could not, for my info was free for those who wished to survive.

I told you I tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so this might hurt SQ, for he can not do the same.  One, if I knew he was going to throw this gift crap in my face I would not of accepted them period.  But double standards are a norm for some people who are small in stature but have fat wallets.  Again I am writing this and it will all come together later in this defense.  This will not be the last time he will use gifts and money to entice and control, and I know I was not the only one this has happened to.  This is how he can control people.

I admit I did turn my back on him, but what he failed to mention on that show, was he turned his back on me for 13 months first, because somebody called him and told him some lies about me.    The lies were I was going to kill him, or turn him in, some nonsense like that and that I was growing or selling pot.  I found this out when the person who told this lie, misspoke one day in town, and admitted what she had did.  I prayed on it and sent him a snail mail and explained what had happened.  He called, we talked,  he told me the whole story about who told and what was the lie.  He also said he tried once to call me, “once”, but my cell phone showed no record at all.  I was his supposed friend and I was not worth a 41 cent stamp and small note telling me we needed to talk.  Even after this the only time I heard from him was when he called and raised hell with me on something I had written, which will be explained later.

Now some confession on my part, yes I have done drugs, just about everything they had back then I tried from speed to opium, but unlike SQ and Bill Clinton, I inhaled repeatedly.  I have fornicated, and stole and lied like most kids growing up, but since I became an adult I have not stolen anything.  I hate liars and thieves and I believe if you are one, then you are the other as well.  When I become your friend the loyalty is as a dawg, but if you kick that dawg enough, he or I will bite back.

Now I saw this coming to a point, months ago.  I asked several old war buddies, (ex-Intel types), and told them the situation and what I needed, so they eagerly agreed, you see, Intel types are some sick dudes, and yes I am one of them.  We get all giggly when we get to go on a mission even if it is years after their service.  These men owed me loyalty, as I had gave them the same many times, a trait alien to SQ.  Anyhow, on their own they drove across Kansas from their home in Missouri, and check out old Hawk.  They spent a day doing a back ground for me.  I have a picture in my hand that I am looking at of a house they sent me.  I need to ask Hawk what’s it worth, 400K, I am not a very good judge of house values, but he is the one with a real-estate license.  I can see why he does not want people to know his real name and where he lives.

Months ago, I went to Bozeman with the excuse for those back in Challis I was house hunting.  I spent a day there, saw many locations and at one point was not 10 feet from SQ for about 30 seconds.  I really wanted to come up behind him and scare him, but my mission was recon.  Upon the report of my buddies, I asked them if they were spotted or did they see anybody else watching Hawk, they said no, what for, they hung up laughing.  These radio host guys need to work on their situational awareness; that is why I wrote that essay on the same topic.

John 14:15 “If ye love me, keep my commandments.”  Ecclesiastes 1:18 “For in much wisdom is much grief;  and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow”.

Part II, The Accused continued:

At this point I pray Steve Melching has decided to keep this on the forum long enough for one of SQ groupies to copy and paste and send to quail.  Somewhere around here I had made a copy of the email SQ sent me about SM after their break up, pretty bad remarks directed towards SM, if I find it I will send it to SM.

If he receive this defense, from one of his little groupies, he has gone absolutely ballistic, because he speed reads with very little comprehension.  I know this because he has done it many times on air and in regards to myself personally.  And he cannot admit it, but ego has taken over a once kind, generous man, who once worked for the right God, the God of Heaven.  And if you are reading this SQ, you opened this can of worms, so let’s fish buddy.  He must of thought I wrote that essay on (EAM) the spur of the moment, or posted it when I did, because I am just a country bumpkin.  He evidently has no idea who I am, he must not of looked deep enough in my eyes to see, I am the craziest injun vet he has, or will ever meet.

I will give up everything for principle, money means absolutely nothing to me, other than it is a venue to become a pompous ass, and ego driven little man with a fat wallet.  To have a friend, you first must be a  friend, you can not buy friendship, and expect it to last.  His greatest loss was kicking this old dawg.  I can feel it in my heart that if he does not change and makes it to the mountains, one morning he will wake up and the camp fire will be smoldering, and everybody will of gone, he will be alone.

I have nothing and made it this way, all I have is my honor, integrity, and my loyalty, and when somebody attacks that, they have turned this old man into that fierce wolverine he once was.  Like the VC in country, I have absolutely nothing to lose, so I have everything to gain.  I am the one person who will bring this whole world down on the three of us, and laugh the whole time, just to expose all the lies and deceit that has taken over your once honorable ministry.

How dare he question my loyalty to this country and in general.  How dare he question and insinuate my honor and integrity, for this country, when I have fought and bled and lost body parts for this country and its people,……has he done the same?  If not, he needs to shut the hell up on that subject.

How dare he use the radio show and his headset, to attack those who can not even defend themselves or have a venue to even try, that is a sign of a real coward.  You could hear it in his voice that night over the radio, he wanted to spend the whole two hours attacking me.  Does he think those he has contacted since, …..that they did not contact me as well, and tell me the slander he is passing around…my phone has rung off the hook.

I walked away from SQ because I got tired of his double standards.  Quote, 3 Dec. to Gregg Everson, “I would not last in the military because I question too much”.  But let somebody, even a friend question him and they are a fed, or a traitor.

I walked away from SQ because if he can not control the situation, he goes into a pout, and pick up his toys and goes home.  He has tried since NEIN, (hey I want to give a shout out to old Glenn, I remember from that time frame, what was your time of service again?….) (Jim, who is very ill, was the real radio operator in the circle, but this man had integrity and honor Jim, I salute) to control forums he is involved in.  He gets on the radio and shows disgust at how the government tries to control free speech, our first amendment right, he needs to look at himself, even the jury knows this to be true, from their own experience.  He shuts down every forum, or form of free speech concerning him, if he cannot control the source.

I walked away from SQ because I got tired of people calling me, who have listened to him and now live with relatives or are near homeless because he and Hawk scared the crap out of them about end times.  We all know it is coming but no man knows the hours.  I am giving odds now to all those groupies he has,… that two weeks after he posts his red screen of death, he will be found at home eating dinner off of plates.  God tells us no man knows the hours.  I bet the truth be known his family doesn’t listen to this important news.

I walked away from SQ because he called himself a watchman, and throws out complete garbage info saying go to prayer over it.  Nowhere did I read in the responsibility of a watchman did I read where a watchman could do this.  The last four years I had one issue with SQ and that was confirm the info.  Not once did I ever ask for him for his source,  I could care less.  My message over and over was confirm, confirm, the information first, or his credibility would be damaged.  Now he is reaping what he sowed.  His credibility is shot, almost ruined because he would speed read info, use very little discernment and put it out.  Sorcha Faal has a better average than he or the other birdman.

Yes, I know the responsibility of a pointman, that is draw fire so others may live or detect an ambush, this is what I am doing now, not only for us,  but for him as well.

I challenge the men and women of the jury to go back and listen to the archives, read Hawk’s Talons see what I say is not true, that is if the archives do not mysteriously disappear.  Go back and listen to my interview and what SQ said about me,  I was GS and vet who got raped when captured.  What am I?, a disloyal traitor or an honorable vet,  I will let you be the choice.  If my essays are outdated, why does he have some posted on his website, contradiction, contradictions.

I haven’t listened to either for  months, but was led to listen to SQ, on the 20th of November I think, then immediately wrote the “warning orders” essay.  I meant then and I mean it now that was a good show and the message was received by many, and there wasn’t but a few Me, Me, I, I. And then when Greg was on, one because I like Greg and two I knew the crap would hit the fan, and that is why I posted the thread about me being attacked.

I will not listen anymore, too much unconfirmed information, too much ego, and out right meanness.  You have to wonder how much money has been used wrongly, or redirected to somebody not worthy.  I stand for truth, Justice and the American way, and will continue to do this.  If the Jury decided that I am unworthy to continue my teaching outdated information (LOLOL), I will gladly leave the forum.  If SQ should decide to take me to court or other actions, I will gladly supply other ministry investigation information.  I will make it my life’s goal to make sure everybody will get involved in a court case, as he is always throwing out threats of lawsuits, hell let’s do it.  I have six months research on both, from interviews of frat brothers, ex-business associates, to church affiliations, which I will keep should either want to escalate their attacks on me.

On a personal note, I moved because two on this forum was involved in the covert move to discredit me.  If they snitch to SQ, they would snitch to the authorities when the time comes.  I live with already knowing who my Judas Iscariot are.  I also notified my bank of the two radio talk show host real name and location should somebody try and mess with my finances.  I am prepared and unafraid to die, should the authorities be notified in retaliation……..for to die in his name I get to go to heaven.  If people want to put my emotional/spiritual/ and mindset back 25 years, then they will have to deal with the consequence.

For all of you here who truly walk the walk and live for Christ, I would gladly jump in front of you to stop a bullet.  I have fought for God and this country for 40 of my 60 years, and all I want now is to go to heaven.  I am tired of 24 hour pain, I am tired of seeing Our God being disrespected.  I am tired of seeing good men and women go bad, I am tired of this land becoming Sodom and Gomorrah…..This is why I do not like to fight, but just teach and write essays.  I am not a nice person when my war paint is put on.  Friends of mine will monitor the shows and forums, and the birdmen want to continue the attack on me, then let’s dance.  I would urge all to look up the word both birdmen use a lot against people who they have issues with, “shill”.

In closing I would not think to damn him as he did me and others, my bible tells me to pray for hapless souls such as this…Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, if you feel a need to ban me, so be it, my mission will just be moved to other forums…..I rest my case……ric Harrison/pointman/sometime referred to as endtimeobserver (eto)

Part III, The Accused continued.

The teacher in me, allows me to look at even attacks on my character as a teaching vehicle.  I put this defense of mine in an essay form so maybe if only one of you will learn to question all men, even ones who start out with good intentions, then this essay and all the attacks upon me was worth it….. I would like to state that writing this message gives me no relief, or pleasure.  This message was written out of my sincere concern for the welfare of all the folks that receive information from SQ and Hawk or any other news or information source.

I also wrote this message to defend my honor, which was earned in real blood on real battlefields for our country.  I learned a long time ago that incorrect, or exaggerated, information can be as hazardous as good intelligence can be life saving.  This is why I insist all information must be verified and discerned for accuracy, context and truth.  We are all living critical times right now and the integrity of the information we receive regardless of the source must be scrutinized.  The more critical the information is, the more it needs to be scrutinized.  Failure to follow these rules can get you killed or worse captured.  The message here is intended to be a warning and a teaching vehicle.  We all must make our own decisions for ourselves and our families and without exception the quality of our decisions can only be as good as the quality of the information available from which decisions are made…..pointman