Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who’s the Greatest govLARPer of all?

by Jacquelyn Weaver

A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it; and a flattering mouth worketh ruin.  Proverbs 26:28

The hidden in plain sight former  Insider of Crowdsource the Truth, whose name is  missing on the roll call of govLARPers, is none other than QUEEN TUT!

On November 29, 2018, Steve Outtrim of the Burners.Me  blog interviewed Queen Tut in a YouTube video titled, CryptoBeast #16, Queen Tut Spills The Beans.

In the description of this video Steve Outtrim provides a list of 15  #govLARPERS discussed in this episode, which include  George Webb aka Truth Leaks, Jason Goodman aka Crowdsource the Truth, Michael Moore aka Truth Pundit, Okey Marshall Richards, Jr. aka Rock Hudson aka Deep Uranium aka Hudson Intelligence Group, Quinn Michaels aka Korey Atkins, Pete Santilli, Robyn Gritz aka Valiant Defender, Jenny Moore aka Task Force, Patricia Negron aka Trish the Dish, Frank Bacon aka Tyroan, Lee Stranahan, Robert David Steele, Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, and Alex Jones.

Not all of these named individuals fit the criteria of Steve Outtrim’s own definition of #govLARP involving how the new psychological operations use live streaming, chat, social media, crowdfunding, and channel networks to: manipulate alt-media narratives, disseminate propaganda and alter reality.

Missing from this roll call of govLARPS is Queen Tut, herself, as Steve Outtrim flatters this key former Insider of Crowdsource the Truth, while she weaves a false narrative designed to avoid responsibility for her own actions.

As displayed below, Steve Outtrim has listed 20 signs which he considers to be the elements of a govLARP.  This CryptoBeast interview, as we shall observe, meets the first sign of a govLARP in action, as it Provides cover, attacks targets, or both. 

Defending Queen Tut in the video comment section, Steve Outtrim replied to wormwood69, saying, “I know who she is and have independently verified her information as accurate.  I understand why she chose to share information on the Internet under a pseudonym, a common practice – I mean you’re doing it here.  I note that none of her information has been denied by Jason, George, Trish, or anyone else.  It’s only the Kool Aid drinking Cult supporters who can’t accept that their favorite YouTube LARPers are feeding the audience breadcrumbs of disinformation from FBI informants.”

One wonders at the inability of Outtrim to discern between persons who use their anonymous handles to post innocuous opinions and persons who create pseudonyms for the purpose of making defamatory accusations that are beyond the reach of civil remedies. Steve Outtrim does not address in this video that Susan Lutzke aka Susan Holmes aka Queen Tut aka DeVivas, aka Albert of Finland, aka Bissel (Chief Counsel RDS), aka Harris, aka HaJiWan, aka Grace, aka Avery, and aka Robert David Steele routinely uses sock puppet accounts reinforcing narratives and attacking counter narratives, and is a character not using (her) real name, or have little background information. Those are two of the signs which Outtrim says are characteristic of a govLARP.

In another comment, he reiterates his position, but with a qualification explaining, “I have never met Queen Tut so I can’t vouch for her, but all her research so far has checked out.  I think she has presented enough information here that people can decide for themselves.” Since Steve Outtrim supports Queen Tut’s narrative and does not counter it with evidence which is in the public domain, the viewer of this video who has not followed this story on a regular basis, is left to flounder in the muddied waters of  sign #3 of a govLARP.

There have been several YouTube commenters who have questioned the soundness of Queen Tut’s research and conclusions.  Following the Port of Charleston incident I began to watch various persons associated with the never ending Crowdsource the Truth drama. Because of the accusations against Robert David Steele which had been made in 2017 by Queen Tut and Jason Goodman, I studied the Earth Intelligence Network tax records, Steele’s blog, and his book reviews. While I do not care for Steele’s hubris, nor for his political and philosophical beliefs, I found Steele to be quite open about what he thinks.  The application of his #UNRIG donations was also open to scrutiny.  Thus it is my opinion that anyone funding his nonprofit corporation could easily know what it was that they were supporting.

The primary awkwardness of #UNRIG was that the nonprofit rules disallowed Steele and McKinney’s direct influence upon election matters, and therefore #UNRIG was merely a public educational service for potential “election reform”.  Steele probably should have clarified the presentation of his views so that there would be no confusion as to what results were reasonably attainable by his nonprofit organization.

In this link to my September 29, 2017 article discussing one of Queen Tut’s Trello Boards on a 2001 NATO handbook connected to Robert David Steele, I noted a subtle dissimulation which she employed to replace the actual facts with a false conclusion. After Robert David Steele filed a federal civil defamation lawsuit on September 1, 2017 against the three defendants seen in the photo below,  Susan Lutzke, posing as Queen Tut’s daughter, filed false documents in this case and has since tried to cover over her actions by diverting blame to the the Judge and the plaintiff’s attorney.

The handle Queen Tut was created by Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth to hide her real identity as a “researcher” who was brought on to expose Robert David Steele. On June 13, 2017, the day before the Port of Charleston was shut down due to a false report publicized by George Webb and Jason Goodman on CSTT, Susan Lutzke donated $25 to the Steele nonprofit Earth Intelligence Network. Steele had been a guest June 13, 2017 on CSTT for fundraising purposes. Two weeks later Susan Lutzke posing as Queen Tut was on CSTT “exposing” Steele as a “fraud”, causing some to wonder if her donation had been the means to set up Steele for attack.

Steve Outtrim displayed his application of the catchy term #govLARPERS in a previous YouTube video published September 19, 2018, CryptoBeast #13-#govLARP. In that thought-provoking 4.5 hour video, Outtrim  examined several closely related broadcast journalists to illustrate his thesis. The term govLARP appeals to the modern ear in the same way that shill was once the favorite Alt Media slang accusation. However this acronym suffers a serious defect in that it downplays the serious nature of what is being described as a covert government psychological operation.

LARP is an acronym for live action role-playing, and is now a contemporary slang word found in English dictionaries to describe a form of consensus gaming for entertainment purposes,  involving roleplaying that often employs costumes and props. Examples are Dungeons and Dragons, Renaissance Fair or Civil War re-enactments, etc. that are a form of group entertainment that does not involve criminal wrongdoing, actions which might ignite a civil lawsuit such as defamation, or political or government Intel groups that engage in propaganda warfare.

When Outtrim and others in the same YouTube circle of friends take an  entertainment word such as LARP and transform it into the nonsensical combination  govLARP to replace former words used in common parlance such as entrapment, undercover sting operations, agent provocateurs, or LIARS, one must wonder WHY? What kind of fish are they attempting to catch in this new net?  And who are they attempting to quietly let slip through the loop holes in their broad reaching and ambiguous definition?

If you have not viewed the CryptoBeast video, I have linked it at the beginning of this post for easy reference. Because of the two-hour length, I have transcribed selected portions of this dialogue between Steve Outtrim and Queen Tut in which to address several issues. The comments of the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog are noted below in maroon italics. Any bolding within the interview dialogue is mine, and is meant to highlight a point of interest in which I provide a rejoinder.

Introduction to “Queen Tut Spills the Beans”

Steve Outtrim [.14]: …she started collaborating with Jason Goodman, George Webb, Crowdsource the Truth, and then that’s led on to her own independent research, separating from that group, she’s been named in a number of lawsuits, including as a target of a lawsuit from Robert David Steele for which she says she’s never been served, so very pleased to have you on…”.

A number of lawsuits? What are these other lawsuits about, and why is Susan Lutzke aka Queen Tut named in them?

Steve Outtrim [1.20]:…so we’re going to be hearing an Insider perspective from Queen Tut having worked with these people and seeing what’s going on behind the scenes, but in particular we’re going to be talking about an FBI informant who plays a central role in connecting many of these figures together in the Alternative Media. You could almost call it the govLARP section of the Alternative Media and this even includes the recently departed Jenny Moore who was also in contact with this FBI informant.[1.49]

The FBI informant in question worked undercover more than 20 years ago in a criminal investigation of a militia group.  I have not seen anyone show that he continued to work for the FBI after that. Often such informants lose their value after they are named and cross examined in a court of law and they sit on the shelf. The person referred to was noted to be a pathological liar throughout his life, and it appears he earns his keep in that manner. It is possible that he was working undercover for some other organization when influencing George Webb.

It must never be overlooked as to what it means when Queen Tut aka Susan Lutzke is referred to as an INSIDER.  We first see her entering the Crowdsource the Truth (CSTT) scene when she, as Susan Lutzke, donated $25 to Robert David Steele’s nonprofit Earth Intelligence Network on June 13, 2017.  On that day George Webb was meeting Robert David Steele in a restaurant when Jason Goodman allowed a fundraising interview to be conducted on Crowdsource the Truth.  This fundraiser for Steele’s #UNRIG campaign was monitored and encouraged by Jason Goodman.

The next day George Webb and Jason Goodman were involved in a CSTT You Tube publicized promotion of a false report by someone named Deep Uranium, a hidden source of Webb’s.  This resulted in the closure of the Port of Charleston for 8 hours as several government agencies investigated the false rumor. Steele had agreed to a second interview, but he cancelled when the Port of Charleston incident occurred.

Afterwards, several persons who donated to Steele’s fundraiser asked for their money to be returned. On June 26, 2017, Jason Goodman published on YouTube, “Queen Tut call re: Robert David Steele #UNRIG Fraud Claim”. We have no understanding as to why Susan Lutzke donated $25 to Steele and then two weeks later was accusing him of fraud. 

While Queen Tut may not have known the identity of the hidden source of George Webb initially, she was fully aware that Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth, was involved in the Port of Charleston shutdown and provided the platform by which the false report of a dirty bomb aboard the Maersk Memphis was spread.  That fact did not deter Queen Tut from enthusiastically joining Jason Goodman’s business enterprise, and working to build up his subscriptions.

One of the odd things in those days was that Steele was careful to protect his interest in George Webb as a potential broadcast journalist for his #UNRIG campaign, by overlooking Webb’s involvement in the Port of Charleston incident.  There are no clean hands in this scenario, and outsiders looking in should note that these initial relationships bear further scrutiny.

“Deep Uranium” emerges from his hiding place behind George Webb to star as an Insider called “Hudson” on Crowdsource the Truth.

Queen Tut [1.52]:  Yes, Steve, you and I had talked and, about doing the show and I had thrown out to you that I felt it was very timely for me to just lay out as much information as I can about my contact with Deep Uranium/Hudson/ak, I should say, ak Okey Marshall Richards, who was the identified FBI informant that was basically running behind the scenes at Crowdsource the Truth um the whole time that I was there. Uh, that was back starting in spring 2000, or more towards summer for me, 2017.

Um and yet what’s important I felt and I wanted to share some of the back story of my contact with him uh because it provides kind of a context for a lot of people that we now currently- just what you just mentioned. Now one of the overall context for me that’s very, very important that I want a reason why I wanted to share this information. Cuz uh this FBI informant um is still running an operation on YouTube.

Why not identify what YouTube channel(s) you are referring to, when you state that Okey Marshall Richards is still running an operation.

And I feel that it’s very important cuz I’ve been named, I’ve been named in the RDS lawsuit, you know, I’m a possible federal witness in the RICO lawsuit against Jason Goodman and you know this FBI informant you know because I was one of the few persons who’ve had contact with him and talked with him a number of times but um there’s a larger context here that I wanted to get into this because it’s very, very important for all of us to really know who are running the sources of information that’s being uh, uh, you know filtered or spread on YouTube with various channels.

On May 28, 2018 I wrote the article “The Unusual Telephone Calls of FBI Informant Okey Marshall Richards, Jr“.   At the time I had observed that the source of the identification of Deep Uranium aka Hudson appeared to be Queen Tut, but until now, this was not confirmed in the public domain.  I am glad that this interview definitively identifies Queen Tut as the source of the disclosure of this formerly hidden source of first, George Webb, and then of Jason Goodman of CSTT.

I was able to write the May, 2018 article solely because of the generous assistance of the man behind the “SchoolPlay Rehearsals” You Tube channel who, in conjunction with Queen Tut, researched the true identity of Hudson aka Deep Uranium. As part of their investigation, they talked with Ray Looker, one of the members of a militia group which had been convicted in part because of secretly taped conversations with FBI informant Okey Marshall Richards. I am indebted to School Play Rehearsal’s identification of which court transcript contained the cross-examination of Okey Marshall Richards.

Queen Tut [4.01]:  We all know RDS has just been uh you know all over the place for years running programs you know in running on all kinds of channels putting all kinds of propaganda out there. He says one thing one sentence, another thing in another sentence um and it wasn’t until I mean a number of people identified his issues but, it wasn’t until I came forward with the expose on the fact that his UNRIG program was a fraud and was able to prove it, uh that things kind of really got heated in related to RDS in the inner- in the internet and YouTube and then without knowing it, didn’t know it but there was an FBI informant operating behind Crowdsource the Truth during all this period. So it’s really important for all of us to know WHO are running these channels you know and it’s very key, the, it’s real key for people to understand that they haven’t gone away.

Steve Outtrim [5.03]:  That’s right…

RDS destroys govLARPer Alex Jones credibility?

Steve Outtrim [5.10]..who RDS is, we’re talking about Robert David Steele, he’s a former Marine and CIA case officer, possibly a spy, that seems to be involved in an enormous number of government connected LARPS and one of the most effective things that I saw him do propaganda wise was he went on the Alex Jones show and completely destroyed Alex’s credibility at a time when Alex was in the middle of a custody battle for his kids and a fairly messy kind of court situation. RDS came on and said that there are slave children being trafficked to Mars and completely discredited the entire Pizzagate and paedogate research, all Info Wars, everything, and has never really apologized for it being able to explain himself although I have heard him say he was misunderstood. It is interesting when you look at what he said.

Robert David Steele’s embarrassing interview which mentioned the Mars slave trafficking did not destroy Alex Jones’, nor InfoWars’ credibility. Alex Jones destroyed his own credibility over the years, without the assistance of anyone.  When Outtrim asserts that this Steele interview was an effective propaganda move, does he believe that Robert David Steele is really in truth a humble man who was willing to sacrifice his own reputation on the altar of a govLARP cause? The result of that interview was that Robert David Steele was mocked in the Alternative Media News and by NASA.

According to the Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert politics (ISGP), Alex Jones had admitted that he comes from a family with CIA ties. The ISGP site, which is written by  Joel v.d. Reijden, a European, provides an interesting look at Alt Media radio propaganda which later spilled over into the internet. ISGP displays graphs of the former guests of  Coast2CoastAM and their influence on the quality of Alt Media News Reports. We see familiar names such as Jerome Corsi, Steve Quayle, and of course there is  Doug Hagmann of the Hagmann Report, who at one time worked as an undercover FBI operative. From the beginning, Alt Media has always been about propaganda.

Queen Tut [5.58]:  Well, correct, Steve. I mean that’s their, that his role right? That was his role. This role has been to go on to YouTube and just completely disinform everywhere he can you know and , and um then we’ve got an FBI informant behind Crowdsource the Truth doing similar kind of things creating this Port closure, you know, the Port of Charleston being closed.

Did “Deep Pocket” Jerome Corsi really flash those $$$ in front of the wide eyed innocence of Webb and Goodman?

Steve Outtrim [6.25]:  …summary of that as well, so these guys Crowdsource the Truth, a channel with Jason Goodman and George Webb pretending to be journalists, they actually got a port shut down based on complete fake news and false information. There was a boat coming in called the Maersk Memphis, a large container and they created a hoax story that there were four containers on the ship that had diplomatic immunity and contains dirty bombs made from uranium.

Now if you go to the Wikipedia page for dirty bomb you’ll see quite clearly you can’t make the dirty bomb out of uranium so it’s very easily debunked but what I’ve discovered recently and you know following a lot of Queen Tut’s research on this is that prior to this entire Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax events happening you know one of the worst things that I’ve ever seen happen on YouTube or the web since the internet was born, two weeks prior to that these guys had met Jerome Corsi, and Jerome Corsi had offered to pay them $9,000 each per month for 3 months for some sort of operation and then two weeks later this, this cyber terrorist even happens where Homeland Security get involved.

Now suddenly, are all these people under investigation by the FBI and because they’re under investigation by the FBI is that another hop or another two hops where they can get from George Webb and Jason Goodman. So now listening to the phone calls and intercepting the emails of Jerome Corsi, then one more hop to that to Alex Jones to Roger Stone then to Trump himself, and we know that the intelligence community has been playing games like this with the crossfire hurricane Spygate affair and this is the nature of everything that Jerome Corsi is, and Roger Stone stated facing the Special Counsel.”

Sign #17 of a govLARP- Revelation of the Method!

Queen Tut [8.34]:  We’ve got a field of players operating here and they all know each other and all connected even if they act as antagonists.

Note that Queen Tut’s statement is an example of #17 Revelation of the Method on the 20 signs of a govLARP. 

The Revelation of the Method is a phrase which Michael A. Hoffmann II employed in his “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” book, first copyrighted in 1989.  I am quoting from the 2001 edition, page 53, which is discussing, “…the current unfoldment in “Must Be”, an alchemical (cant language code) term Mr. (James Shelby) Downard translates as “the Revelation of the Method”.  This alludes to the process wherein murderous deeds and hair-raising conspiracies involving wars, revolutions, decapitations, secret archaeo-astronomic deity cult-worship, and every manner of horror show are first buried beneath a cloak of secrecy…and then, when finally accomplished and secured, slowly revealed to the unsuspecting populace who watch…deep frozen…as the hidden history is unveiled….Downard is acutely aware that in exposing the conspirators he is probably serving the final dictum (in their alchemical formulation)…”. 

Hoffman further notes that “the reputation of the cryptocracy’s invincibility is heightened by the revelations”.

So Queen Tut is claiming that the field of players she is identifying as operators are working together, even when it appears they have become antagonists. She was also an Insider, so why should we believe that she is exempt from that same style of operating?

After all, she was a willing Insider on CSTT despite knowing the story of the Port of Charleston shutdown and how it was PUBLICALLY accomplished,  and now she demands that we treat her as a special exemption to the rule?  How was she not complicit in the sins of CSTT? 

As a side curiosity, Hoffman’s book also mentions Burning Man and the cryptocracy, which Steve Outtrim writes about on his Burners.Me blog and under his CryptoBeast YouTube channel.

If it weren’t for SUB BUILDER Queen Tut, where would Jason Goodman be today? Maybe roaming the streets of New York, begging for a handout!

Queen Tut [9.22] (speaking of her claim that Okey Marshall Richards sabotaged her show, so she quit CSTT on 10/11/2017):  …that was a big deal because I’ve been bringing in, I’ve been bringing up the subs (i.e. subscribers) there with a lot of the programs I was doing. I helped build that show you know I had brought people on, I was doing stuff in the background. Every show I did I supported with research you know Trello boards was all backed up, it was never just vague oh you know theories and you know secret intel messages, it was nothing like that. It was all backed up by research and I helped build the subs on that show so at some point you know we had a conflict because I told Jason you know that during the show clearing during one of the shows this person, the FBI informant named Hudson at that point had sabotaged my work, he was starting to use my work in the show that I had laid out to him in the morning, …

Steve Outtrim [12.50]:  At that time, Queen Tut, who was Rock Hudson to you, in fact maybe you could back it up for us to when did you first start working with Jason Goodman and what brought you together with him and then how did you first get introduced to Rock Hudson-Deep Uranium or whatever else he went by at the time?

Queen Tut [13.05]:  OK, well let me just finish a couple more lines of that and then let’s get into that, basically this was a key point because this is my exit from Crowdsource the Truth and basically what happened after that I told Jason I was done but what happened is that he and this Hudson-Deep Uranium-Okey Marshall Richards went on and had a couple shows, and each one of the shows they discredited me after I’d been on that show for months, they started talking about how emotionally unstable I was you know the same old good ol boy thing you do when you want to, you know, spin somebody as being a disturbed individual and how could she, how could she protest this, she’s so disturbed, she’s so unstable and they did that and, and, it was pretty you know, that was a very like in you can tell, it was a very unfair situation what they did, because they immediately just stomped all over me and you know were discrediting me to everybody.

There were a lot of accusations flying back and forth between Jason Goodman and Queen Tut after she left. Both sides used personal facts to discredit the other person.

Steve Outtrim [14.11] Had you ever been paid for your work with them at that point?

Queen Tut: [14.15] Never! It was all voluntary…[14.32] I did it voluntarily too, just because I wanted to provide truth to people.  That’s really was my motive always was to be able to share information, provide truth, real, backed up by real research.  So anyway, how he got involved you know I met Hudson, you know he was Deep Uranium on that show and I wasn’t on the show during the time he was Deep Uranium. That’s when Jason and Webb and Trish were doing the show- Trish Negron- and he was the connection Deep Uranium. Eventually I went on the show with my information about Robert David Steele and his UNRIG fraud.

And eventually I found out that you know, Jason was having contact with this person that worked with George and, and, and Jason said he was gonna bring in Deep Uranium as a character called Hudson. He was letting me know that. I said, OK, great. He said he’s gonna really come on with you know so he brought Hudson and he had that introductory program, right? Where Hudson’s first intro and I remember that very strongly because Jason asked me what my opinion of the show was afterwards. He was all excited. And I said, well you know it wasn’t that impressive considering all the information he shared was on the internet for years. [15.54]

Steve Outtrim [28.02]:  Were you ever physically with Goodman or you guys were on Skype?

Queen Tut:  We were on Skype calls. [28.40]…Once again I’m gonna keep revisiting that theme-they’re all connected. They just all like antagonists. I didn’t understand that at the time. I understood it much later, OK, that this was just generating the drama to keep the subs up.”

Steve Outtrim [28.52]:  Yeah, it’s kind of the LARP pretend to attack each other because that generates more drama. [28.58]

Queen Tut [29.02]:   It didn’t make sense to me at the time because I don’t function like that. Normal people, normal people don’t function like that, OK? So anyway, so getting back to most, a lot of my contact really started being generated during the Laurel Web thing. [29.17]

Queen Tut [29.36] (discussing Hudson): And then we started to do some shows together too at the same time so we were connected; he called me sometimes I’d call him…[31.23] Hudson told me stories about his life. He uh you know told me the story about the church… [34.02]Okey Marshall Richards most likely still FBI [34.47] voice matched Hudson [37.51]Ray Looker knows who Okey Marshal Richards was…

Steve Outtrim [43.33]: (Hudson) initiating this govLARP and shutting a port down and nobody gets in trouble.

Several government agencies were involved in investigating the Port of Charleston false report of a dirty bomb; yet the public still does not know after 19 months of silence, whether or not the government had seriously considered pursuing a criminal investigation in that incident.  It is hoped that the RICO lawsuit filed by D. George Sweigert will proceed to the discovery and the  jury trial stage, in order to bring to light the true story of how the Port of Charleston incident occurred.

Queen Tut [45.30] (regarding Rock Hudson): …there are two things he did talk about when you say that one, he’s the one he explained to me that he’s the one who suggested to Jason to have Robert David Steele on the show.

Steve Outtrim [45.34] Rock Hudson was.

Queen Tut: Yes.

Steve Outtrim: Interesting though…

Queen Tut [45.38]: Yeah, he explained that to me. I actually asked him the question. I said, whose idea was it to have Robert David Steele on the show and he said well that was my idea. You know.

Steve Outtrim [45.46]: Interesting.

Queen Tut’s hearsay story of her conversation with Hudson on the introduction of RDS to CSTT does not line up with statements made months earlier by Frank Bacon, who at one time was the administrator for Robert David Steele’s Steemit account. 

Allseeing Ewe uploaded on her YouTube channel on December 24, 2017, “(Mirror) Hoaxwars Christmas Spectacular 2017!”.  In that video (now removed), at the 1.23.41 mark, Frank Bacon remarks, “Can I be honest with you?  I started talking to George (Webb) in the beginning of the year and that was my indication of what I even told Defango this, I, I’m a bit psychic or psycho or whatever, but you know I was kind of prompted to reach out to George and reach out to a few people, but George especially, and I was working with George all the way up until that June meeting where I put him in touch with Robert David Steele and then they had the Memphis Maersk and then all that shit the fan and then I just watched in amazement as George retracted his responsibility.  I have texts from George saying that he had told Jason to leave RDS alone like 50 times and he doesn’t get along with them.” [1.24.20]

It is apparent from Steemit comments between Queen Tut and Frank Bacon that they have a contentious relationship. Steve Outtrim has listed Frank Bacon as a govLARPer, although there are no facts presented that support that assertion.  In fact, Tyroan Simpson, creator of the cryptographic novel  of Frank Bacon, is known as a SciFi author who enjoys Steemit as a platform to support his LARP form of creative writing about Benjamin Franklin Bacon. (The use of the word LARP in this context is the original sense of the word, as described in modern English dictionaries.)

Queen Tut is accusing Frank Bacon of being a govLARP without any evidence, as will be seen further down in this post. 

It is highly probably that Queen Tut has written Frank Bacon out of the story of how George Webb and Robert David Steele  were first introduced and jointly did a CSTT show with  Jason Goodman, in order to present her hearsay story to insinuate a  direct link between Hudson and Robert David Steele.

Queen Tut is a defendant in the RDS lawsuit for defamation, who chose to lose by default rather than have her side of the story bound under oath and legal rules of evidence. This hearsay story of her conversation with Hudson needs to be tested by cross-examination in a court of law and under oath, unless Okey Marshall Richards wants to confirm it in the public record. 

Susan Lutzke aka Queen Tut submitted false documents in the RDS lawsuit under a false name; that of Queen Tut’s daughter, a fact which is not discussed in the CryptoBeast interview.

At the 51.01 mark of the CryptoBeast interview, Queen Tut claims that she was given a Summary Judgment in the RDS lawsuit, and at the 1.3 hour mark she assets that this Summary Judgment against her is a badge of honor.  In fact she does not have a summary judgment against her, but rather a default judgment because she has dodged her responsibility to stand behind her own research and defamatory remarks.  She continually states that she has never been served. After she had in fact been served, she still refused to answer the complaint.  She lost by default.  A definition of what a Summary Judgment is, in comparison, is shown here.

Queen Tut [47.21]:(regarding Hudson) …all the connections with these players, this field of players, that is surrounded that he’s connected to, he’s connected to Robert David Steele, the FBI Informant, he’s connected to George Webb, he’s connected to Jason Goodman, he was behind the scenes for almost the whole show, he may still be talking to him, I that would not surprise me at all OK, I’m sure they’re still talking, he’s connected to, um, there was somebody else said he was connected to.

Steve Outtrim [47.48]: Jenny Moore?

Queen Tut: Yeah, he was connected to Jenny Moore. [47.50]

Steve Outtrim [47.51]: Yeah, he was in fact, George said that he was appointing Jenny to be his liaison to Deep Uranium just as he appointed Jenny to be his liaison to Robyn Gritz so you know these two people seem to be representing more than just themselves. They seem to be you know in the case of Gritz is connected to this London group which is full of ex or current Intel people and then Deep Uranium has this military group that’s there and in the shadows but this is sort of how I guess the sausage gets made of Crowdsource the Truth, right?

Why Queen Tut claims Frank Bacon is a govLARP

Queen Tut [1 hour.13]:   I never felt that Defango was that important…[1.13.45] I do know that he’s friends with Frank Bacon. He had him in his room, I saw a video of them talking with Frank Bacon together. Frank Bacon is completely tied into Robert David Steele. That’s Ty Simpson, Tyroan Simpson. He’s on his website. He’s tied into this, there’s no—his father, Frank Bacon’s father is a DynCorp person for years; his mother runs MUFON in Colorado and I believe they have been involved certainly in some kind of ratline activity and intelligence stuff. And of course if they’re connected to Robert David Steele, it’s all dirty.

First we see Frank Bacon named on a list of govLARPers discussed in this video. Then Queen Tut ignores his existence entirely as being the one who facilitated the meeting between George Webb and Robert David Steele, although Frank Bacon had been RDS’s Steemit Administrator at that time. Tyroan aka Frank Bacon no longer has an active role in promoting the work of Robert David Steele.

But since there is acrimony between Queen Tut and Frank Bacon, she asserts that not only is he involved in govLARP ratline activity, but his parents as well! And all this ridiculous conjecturing is based on his father’s employment and his mother’s interest in UFO research via the MUFON group. This is not proof of anything, and Queen Tut is engaging in slander. 

Queen Tut [1.25.30]: “They” don’t like intelligent single individuals who bring new information or a new perspective…they want to control the narrative…[1.25:46] and if you come out as an individual with your own intelligence, your own intuition, your own abilities, your own insight, then they’re going to slam you, they want to just silence you because that’s what I feel RDS’s role is, that’s what Jason Goodman’s role is, that’s become clear.

Queen Tut is a first class hypocrite in condemning “they”, when she herself commits the same actions. This CryptoBeast interview took place on November 29 ,2018, two weeks after I protested her attack on one of my readers.  She has created a total of nine false personas to write comments on the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog.

I addressed her assertion that she had never been served in the RDS lawsuit by writing the November 13, 2018 article, “Who Shall Plead for Queen Tut?”.  After that, Queen Tut under a different pseudonym accused me of being Deep NSA. When she made a comment in the name of Robert David Steele, which was entirely misleading and a false impersonation of a real person, that was when I became finished with the antics of Queen Tut.

Here is what Queen Tut posted on her Twitter account about this blog, almost 3 weeks after she did the CryptoBeast interview. Apparently if an independent writer of a very small blog does not kowtow to the manipulations of Queen Tut, she begins a slander campaign. Maybe I should ask for a gag order from heaven and see what happens… and just because I have countered certain false assertions made against Robert David Steele, it does not follow that he runs my blog.  For four years now I have been writing on the topic of the Alternative News Media, and I have long stood for the right of all individuals to be judged on their own merits, rather than on the basis of slanderous, unfounded accusations.



Meme Mug Shots Ricocheting around Alt Media: Jason Goodman and Certified CSI Pete Santilli Discuss Who Ruined Their Reputations for Journalistic Integrity

A couple of days ago social media was discussing the change in Pete Santilli’s attitude towards his former activist friends, as expressed below in this message.  In 2016, Santilli’s handsome face was memorialized in a Mug Shot taken when he was arrested during the  Oregon Standoffs.  In the past  few months, Jason Goodman has interviewed Pete Santilli on more than one occasion, and seems to feel a  kinship with Santilli for his ordeal of spending 619 days in jail, while he  contended with two separate federal criminal lawsuits.  Jason Goodman is presently a defendant in two federal civil lawsuits: one for defamation, and the other for racketeering.  He has expressed concern over the potential of getting his own Mug Shot photo someday, and appears to be psychologically compensating by creating Meme Mug Shots of his legal adversaries.

Pete Santilli Show guest introduction states, “Jason Goodman is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker and stereoscopic cinematographer.  A little over one year ago he left the world of Hollywood to pursue independent journalism, creating Crowdsource the Truth.”  From that lofty beginning, Jason Goodman has now lowered himself to designing Memes for Mugs as part of his unusual legal defense strategy. His favorite mug design was on display for a July 24, 2018 LIVE show with Pete Santilli, which unfortunately had to be canceled due to technical difficulties.

Note the coffee mug of one of Jason Goodman’s favorite Memes showing  his greatest nemesis wearing a dunce hat and straight jacket.

Goodman recently translated this image into a nine sentence finding of Facts to support his Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss in the federal civil RICO lawsuit against him.

Today we are going to explore the mysteries behind the reputational crises of broadcast journalists, Jason Goodman and Pete Santilli.

A little background on Santilli:

Two years ago when Santilli was arrested in the Oregon Standoffs, a commenter calling himself Cwp54nm  observed,  “Shock jocks are simply practicing stochastic terrorism”.  To explain what he meant, Cwp54nm provided a link to the website, stochasticterrorism. blogspot.com, which features a January 2011 article,  Stochastic Terrorism:  Part I, triggering the shooters.  

Jason’s other mug called Deep State Dunces which sells for $16.90. I assume this represents his response to the federal civil lawsuit involving a defamation complaint filed by Robert David Steele.

The author G2G explains, Stochastic terrorism is the use of mass communications to incite random actors to carry out violent or terroristic acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable.  In short, remote-control murder by lone wolf….The stochastic terrorist is the person who is responsible for the incitement.  For example they go on radio or television and stir up hatred toward a particular person or group….At each step, plausible deniability increases through the diffusion of responsibility…The random actor gets captured and sentenced to life in prison, while the stochastic terrorist keeps his prime time slot and goes on to incite more lone wolves.”

This photo provided by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016, shows Peter Santilli, one of the members of an armed group occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge as part of a dispute over public lands in the Western U.S. Santilli and several others were arrested on Tuesday, Jan. 26, prompting gunfire and leaving one man dead during a traffic stop along a highway in Oregon’s frozen high country. (Multnomah County Sheriff via AP)

Cwp54nm’s comment was a response to a  February 4, 2016 article by Maxine Bernstein at oregonlive.com, Federal judge affirms decision to keep Pete Santilli behind bars in conspiracy case.  In the case of Santilli, the Oregon standoff scenario did not play out in conformity with the stochastic terrorist definition, for this Shock Jock spent nearly two years in jail, and the lone wolf shooter never showed…or did he? After all, one protestor in Oregon did lose his life by gun fire…

If one delves into these Hammond and Bundy stories with an unbiased view, it is clear that the Alternative News Media Shock Jocks were instrumental in creating a false narrative in order to stir up the righteous indignation of their viewers against events that were falsely labeled as government injustices.

Santilli as a Suit and Tie Man

At the beginning of Santilli’s broadcast career, his photo displayed an executive type with a short haircut, wearing glasses and a suit and tie.  In this conservative attire, Santilli claimed he was  “indisputably the most controversial voice of reason and reality on the air in the United States.” He stated he subscribed to principles  learned from “the late, great William Cooper”.  Incidentally that particular conspiracy theorist died while confronting law enforcement.   Santilli advised, “Never trust anyone.  Listen to and read everything you can get your eyes and ears on.  Never believe anything you haven’t personally researched yourself.”

Out with the Executive Look, In with the Camo Cowboy Image

At the time of Pete Santilli’s arrest, he had changed his image to that of a CAMO COWBOY holding a bullhorn who was shouting down environmental protestors. This change in demeanor was noted in an article written February 21, 2016, as a special to the Washington Post, by Leah Sottile of bendbulletin.com called Pete Santilli:  a shock jock, a journalist or a mouthpiece for the patriot movement?  The Shock Jock image was dismissed by “Santilli’s attorney, Thomas Coan”, who “argued that his client was not to be taken seriously: His words were the bloviations of a ‘shock jock,’ ‘an entertainer,’ but also a ‘new-media journalist’.  U.S. District Judge Michael Mosman saw Santilli’s words differently: ‘When he says he will die a free man, I don’t take that as a man who is joking about it,’ he said.”

In contrast to his attorney, Pete Santilli’s girlfriend and co-host, Deborah Jordan Reynolds was quoted as saying, “What he does is dangerous. He’s speaking out against the United States government, and he’s an activist.” “It’s ambush journalism,” she says. It’s “this new in-your-face journalism.”

That latter opinion certainly underscores the Stochastic Terrorism observation of Cwp54nm, for this type of activism can no longer be regarded as unbiased journalism. Ambush journalism is a façade for the works of an agent provocateur.  The question which appears to haunt Pete Santilli is whether or not he was ever employed as an FBI operative who had infiltrated antigovernment protest groups.  Santilli claims that the federal criminal trials in which he was a defendant proved he had never been employed as an informant for the FBI. Pete Santilli took a plea bargain in the Nevada case for time served while in an Oregon jail, and now he is back on the air waves.

Jason Goodman Inserts Himself Into Santilli’s Story

Today we are going to take a look at the Jason Goodman interview of  Pete Santilli which addressed this question, Pete Santilli-FBI Informant or Framed By Hackers?; originally posted  April 21, 2018 on his Crowdsource the Truth 2 YouTube channel. This video was reposted May 7, 2018 on the Jason Goodman You Tube channel.

Towards the end of this interview (44.32), Jason Goodman declares, “Pete, this is one of the most important shows I’ve ever done, because you, Sir, are a victim of the intelligence agencies of the United States of America taking action against the citizens [Santilli:  Oh, yeah.] when we try to utilize our power through social media and through connecting in the way they are attempting to stomp us down even farther. I haven’t told you this prior to now, but there is a very active and troublesome individual who is engaged in a campaign to get me indicted…”.

Note that Jason Goodman is interested in linking his perceived victimhood of being set up and framed,  with that of Pete Santilli’s imprisonment for federal charges in two criminal lawsuits, two years ago. This particular video was done almost two months prior to Jason Goodman being named as the Defendant in a federal civil RICO lawsuit by Plaintiff, D. George Sweigert. As we shall observe, the narrative which Jason Goodman related in his August 3, 2018 federal court filing, Memorandum In Support of Motion To Dismiss was being storyboarded ahead of schedule, and enhanced by Pete Santilli’s explanation for his own reputation problems on the internet.

The main focus of Pete Santilli’s personal story of the FBI informer accusations which had been made against him in 2013, involves some anonymous hackers and later on, his former associate in the Guerilla Media platform,  New Zealand radio host Vinnie Eastwood, in coordination with writer Susan Posel.

Jason Goodman turns this 58 minute interview into a confirmation of his own claim that he was setup by several individuals, which resulted in his being named a defendant along with two others in a September 1, 2017 Federal civil lawsuit for defamation by Robert David Steele and his Earth Intelligence Network nonprofit corporation.  At that same time, there was also a cloud hanging over Jason Goodman and his Crowdsource the Truth broadcasts due to his association with George Webb and his hidden source, Deep Uranium and their combined responsibility for the events that unfolded June 14, 2017 when a false report of a dirty bomb caused the Port of Charleston to be shut down for 8 hours.

After viewing this CSTT interview of Santilli, there is a clear thread of remarks by Jason Goodman that suggest that the focus on Santilli’s possible FBI informant history is secondary to Goodman establishing a defense for his own journalistic liabilities.  When I independently reviewed the many internet references to Pete Santilli, I found no rock solid proof that he ever was employed as a FBI informant.  This accusation, even where  documentation is provided, only leaves more unanswered questions.  And Santilli now claims that during his recent federal trials, the question of his FBI informant employment was laid to rest.

So are these internet accusations  merely an orchestrated diversion for entertainment and profiteering purposes? Goodman leads in to his interview with Santilli, by discussing the recent Inspector General investigations into the top of the tier of the FBI.

At the 2.08 mark, Jason Goodman says, “…and I’m particularly interested Pete because as an independent journalist, as a guy who’s been investigating the activities of the BLM and the possible collusion of the BLM and the FBI to basically steal the land of the Bundy’s…”.

Wait just a minute Jason! You are reframing the illegal cattle grazing problems on public lands of the Bundy’s into an entirely different story board; that of the theft of the land of the Bundy’s. This latter conclusion is not based on the facts, nor the laws involved in the Bundy controversy. Such willful ignorance is unbecoming to a broadcast journalism interviewer.

But then perhaps this interview of Santilli is not meant to be an unbiased investigation into a story.  For just two minutes into the interview, Goodman shows his underlying self-serving motive as he tries to insert himself into Pete Santilli’s story, by asserting, “It’s not at all inconceivable to me that you could be framed and of course I personally have experienced a lot of malicious hacking activities…”.

Pete Santilli is then allowed to explain the FBI informant accusations which were brought forth against him, utilizing a set of exhibits to illustrate his story. In addition, Pete Santilli presents Jason Goodman and the viewing audience with a February 24, 2014 article from The Intercept written by Glenn Greenwald titled: Psychology: A New Kind of SIGDEV- How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations.  This article centers its discussion around another publication, The Art of Deception:  Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations.

Online Covert Operators are charged with targeting Alt Media Journalists

The viewer’s focus has just been drawn into the world of online covert operations which have the intent of destroying a person’s reputation, as shown in this screen shot from The Intercept article linked to above.

from The Intercept article, How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

While Jason Goodman expresses his belief that these techniques are being employed against him, it must be noted that he has been accused of doing these same things to others. What is it that the viewers are being distracted from seeing?

Let’s ask a simple question with regard to Pete Santilli’s employment history:  just exactly, what is presently being covered over?   So let’s begin with the biography which Pete Santilli provided for Rense Radio years ago, when The Pete Santilli Show had been broadcast from their platform.  This particular bio had also been reviewed by the government prosecutors of the 2016 lawsuits against Santilli.

First part of resume on Pete Santilli as provided by Rense.com

On March 4, 2016 a 59 page document (#3) was filed in the United States District Court, District of Oregon Case 3:16-MJ-00024, (The United States of America v. Peter T. Santilli, Jr.), titled Government’s Memorandum in Support of its Motion for Pretrial Detention.

In this document the Government was seeking to continue pretrial detention of Santilli based on the facts which existed in his Nevada federal criminal case.  Among other things, this Memorandum stated on page 2, “Santilli was a key player in the build up, organization and execution of an unprecedented, massive armed assault against federal law enforcement officers near Bunkerville, Nevada, on April 12, 2014.  As set out in the Superseding Criminal Indictment, in which he is named as a principle organizer and leader of a criminal enterprise, Santilli is charged with knowingly joining a criminal conspiracy to threaten and use force and violence against law enforcement officers in order to extort about 400 head of cattle from their care and custody…”.

On page 9, this document continues, “Based on the evidence adduced from its investigation to date, the government proffers the following in support of its motion for pretrial detention:  A. Background.  At the time of these events, Santilli (50) was a resident of Hesperia, California.  A former Marine, having served honorably as an aviation ordnance technician from 1983 to 1987, there is evidence to show that Santilli worked as a security guard and as a real estate agent during his civilian career.”

“According to his self-reported biography, however, Santilli claims that he is a disabled veteran and former executive with Coca-Cola who, according to him, became a ‘whistleblower’ after discovering an ‘inside wage skimming scheme’ at Coke, supposedly initiating a class action suit against the company for ‘millions of dollars’.    None of those claims, however, is corroborated by any evidence adduced by the investigation.”

Of interest to us is this statement made by the Government about Pete Santilli, saying,  “Further uncorroborated is his claim that he is aCertified Crime Scene Investigator’ who ‘developed revolutionary evidence detection techniques with the use of LASERS.’  He advertises that he taught forensic experts at the FBI Academy, U. S. Secret Service, Department of Justice, almost every State D. O. J. in the Nation, as well as County/Municipal/City police crime labs,…”.

The subtle covering over of Pete Santilli’s history by his attorney

These declarations by the Government were countered on March 10, 2016 in Document 5,  Defendant’s Response to Government’s Detention Memorandum filed in the District of Oregon U.S. District Court by Thomas K. Coan, the attorney for Pete Santilli.  This 109 page response including extensive exhibits, acknowledges that Santilli is “a boisterous, right wing, libertarian, shock-jock, talk show host and independent news reporter who has been openly and highly critical of the FBI and the BLM on his Internet talk shows…Much of what Santilli says, though, needs to be evaluated in this context, because as he uses audacity and bravado to attract and entertain viewers….”.

Thomas Coan then provides information and exhibits of Santilli’s Coca-Cola lawsuit, showing him as one of the plaintiffs. Also the medical discharge for a service related injury is discussed, and other such matters. Thus some of the facts asserted by the Government Memorandum were in error.

Page 2 of Coan’s reply explains, “Set out below is a summary response to the Government’s 59 page detention memorandum, and while this summary does not address every point in the Government’s memorandum, the failure to address each and every point should not be considered an admission by Santilli but just a lack of time to address each and every point.”

Under the subheading, II. The Government’s unwarranted character attack is evidence of retaliation for Santilli’s criticisms, it is asserted, “The Government spends several pages of its memo disparaging Santilli and casting doubts upon his background.  It is unfortunate the Government felt the need to do this, because all they had to do was search their own databases or conduct a simple Google search to verify much of the information they imply is false.”  Coan then provides information and exhibits to counter several claims made in the Government memorandum.

However, one point in the Government’s memorandum was not addressed in the Defendant’s response. The Government had claimed that Santilli’s assertion that he is a Certified Crime Scene Investigator and had taught forensic experts at the FBI academy, the Secret Service and the Departments of Justice at various levels was not corroborated. 

This would seem to be an important fact for the defense attorney to establish, as an argument that the Defendant was not an antigovernment extremist.

So why did Pete Santilli and his attorney fail to specifically address this claim on his resume?  Is it because Santilli had lied on his resume? Or was there some other reason that Santilli felt the need to brush this issue aside, and out of view. Was it because at that time he was incarcerated with his fellow antigovernment protestors and concerned about retribution?

Pete Santilli claimed in his interview with Jason Goodman that no proof was set forth in his two federal criminal lawsuits that he was ever a paid informant for the FBI.  But as we see here, there was a shifting of the walnut shells by Santilli’s defense attorney in regard to one facet of his self published employment history as a government contractor.

The Stupid Illiterate Masses Need A Meme

At the 32.35 mark in the Jason Goodman interview of Pete Santilli,  he says, “Pete, it’s a compelling story and I have to tell you I believe you because what’s happening to me right now is so similar.  [Santilli: Mmm.]  People coming to me telling me to do things, gaining my trust, trying to set up these elaborate scenarios where their groups of people instructing people over You Tube and Facebook and Twitter [Santilli: Yes.],  that don’t send money to Jason or Crowdsource the Truth.  Jason’s doing all kinds of things that I’m not doing [Santilli:  Right.].  People who have come to me to gain my trust only to turn around and start campaigns where they’re emailing my associates and calling my associates and telling them false things about me. [Santilli:  Oh, yeah.]  You know networks of individuals that are making hoax videos with ridiculous memes that are intended to make me look silly.”

They love the Memes, according to the Counter Meme Mug Maker

Continuing, Goodman adds, “They love the memes, Pete, they love to put out a meme because I think what I’ve realized is by making counter memes, is that you know you and I could sit here for two hours presenting a bunch of compelling evidence, but it doesn’t seem to grab the masses quite as quickly or directly as a single image making you look evil, that burns in to someone’s mind and all this complicated discussion about dates and FTP servers and passwords you know sort of escapes most people and they’re not going to necessarily listen, but when you can make a meme and put it out there and put the face on a pig and show the person in a straight jacket where they belong that upsets them because they know that people are going to start to realize they’re disgusting pigs and lunatics, and that said with an image.”

An example of Jason Goodman’s concept of Compelling Evidence as shown in his August 3, 2018 filing of Facts to support his motion to dismiss:This is a nine sentence interpretation of one of his Meme Mug Shots, as displayed at the beginning of this post. If these lawsuits against Jason Goodman ever come to trial, will he have to hire a Meme Interpreter as an Expert Witness?  Will Goodman’s words be translated back into a Meme Mug Shot?

One question which remains unanswered in the Jason Goodman interview with Pete Santilli is,  How does a Covert Operative go about destroying the reputations of two Alternative News Media journalists, who had already ruined any chances they might have had of  being regarded as credible investigative journalists?




FYI: Robert David Steele Lawsuit Updates

The three documents recently submitted to the court:

4/11/2018 Document 38 Order that the Court grants 36 Motion to Amend.  To the extent necessary the Court Denies as Moot Negron’s 21 Motion to dismiss.

linked here:   rds 411 2018 doc 38

4/13/2018 Document 39 Amended Complaint against all defendants, filed by RDS
linked here:  rds 413 2018 doc 39

4/17/2018 Document 40 Proposed Summons re 39 Amended Complaint (Request for Issuance of Summons to Susan A. Lutzke) by Robert David Steele

linked here:  rds 417 2018 doc 40



The Amending of a Lawsuit to include Susan (Holmes) Lutzke, as Queen Tut

Queen Tut, who was named as one of three defendants in a defamation lawsuit filed by Robert David Steele, has presented the plaintiff with the very real problem of accurately identifying her legal name and location. It is now generally believed that Susan Lutzke aka Susan Holmes of Fort Collins, Colorado is the voice of the woman who Steele had attempted to obtain a default judgment against.  However, the fact that it was Carla A. Howell’s name on the lawsuit as Queen Tut, rather than Susan Lutzke’s, caused the Judge to rule against that motion.

On March 25, 2018, the Plaintiffs’ attorney Steven S. Biss filed a Motion For Leave to File Amended Complaint with the Federal Civil Court. This Motion addresses, first of all, the correction which was needed on the lawsuit title which is now proposed to be Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network v. Jason Goodman, Patricia A. Negron and Susan A. Lutzke a/k/a/ “Queen Tut”.

Secondly, this lawsuit is one in which the Plaintiffs are demanding a trial by jury, and the amount of “compensatory damages, statutory damages (three-fold the damages sustained), and punitive damages” has now been proposed to be increased from $15,350,000.00 to $18,350,000.00.

The complaint has been expanded to read “defamation per se, insulting words, business conspiracy, common-law conspiracy, tortious interference with contract and business expectancies, intentional affliction of emotional distress, personal trespass by computer and computer harassment, and unauthorized use of name and picture.” These last phrases, which I have emphasized, are the additions made to the original complaint. The proposed amended complaint has been expanded from 37 pages to about 99, to include supporting examples of words and actions taken by the defendants in the months following the filing of the original complaint on September 1, 2017.

The Introduction to the proposed Amended Complaint provides several new observations of interest noting the Defendants’ “egregious disrespect for the law is eclipsed only by their actual malice and desire to injure the Plaintiffs.”  The concluding sentence states, “This case presents a new age of defamation and a unique breed of lawless and malicious conduct.”  To read the proposed amendment, click on this link:  rds lawsuit 325 2018 motion to amend complaint

While it is well known that I do not favor Robert David Steele because his political and religious views greatly differ from my own, neither have I supported any of the defendant’s words and actions by which they have introduced questionable information into the public domain. My sympathies in this legal matter are strictly reserved for the Judge who must sort through the arguments and evidence presented by both sides, and determine if this case should proceed to a trial by jury.

My continuing interest in this legal dispute stems from my concern for several trends which I see in American society, including the lowering of the quality of public discourse on the various internet platforms, the constant stating of accusations against others without providing any supporting evidence, and the use of anonymous names which promote a sense of safety for those who spread lies. It should be of interest to the general public how the American judicial system views defamation claims, especially since most persons now, including juveniles, are routinely using social media platforms to express their opinions.

The pivotal event which caused me to first observe the plaintiff and the three defendants occurred on June 14, 2017 when the Port of Charleston, South Carolina was closed due to information that was given by George Webb on Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource The Truth show, involving a warning of a possible dirty bomb aboard the Maersk Memphis. Also around that time frame, several “conflicts” erupted concerning Defango, Dave (Sweigert) Acton, George (Sweigert) Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron, along with a few others on other matters. And it was about this point in time that Queen Tut made her entrance onto the scene via The Crowdsource The Truth YouTube channel.

Because of the Maersk Memphis dirty bomb incident arising from George Webb’s secret insider source, there were those who speculated that this whole situation was an Operation created for the purposes of restricting free speech on the internet. If this speculation has any merit, the question is, under whose authority was an Op set in motion? But the basic problem with this type of question is that the general public does not have the means to investigate, to discover hidden facts and relationships, to uncover money trails or any other type of information which is not open sourced. Thus the Robert David Steele lawsuit does present an interesting situation because it centers on internet defamation, and thus it falls into that general area of concern over what the boundaries of free speech really are.

I have read comments that assert that Robert David Steele is not a former CIA employee, as he claims.  Yet these persons never address the fact that there is a documented record on Steele, going back years on the internet,  that is entirely consistent with his published resume, including his public interactions with high ranking military officials, his government contracts, and his writings. Because of that public record, I find that Robert David Steele’s biography is credible.  I also have stated that he has provided much information on what he believes, and on his projects, so  that anyone can form a reasoned opinion about whether or not to financially support his endeavors.

And then there are the accusations and joking references that Jason Goodman and George Webb have connections to MOSSAD. All this creates an aura of CIA versus MOSSAD, or CIA impersonators versus MOSSAD impersonators. In all of this there is also the anti Zionist versus the pro Zionist thread running through this adversarial set-up. Thus there is little of the middle ground, which is the stance of the ordinary American citizen, represented in the panoramic view of the background of how this lawsuit came into existence in the first place.

What we do know is that on Jun 13, 2017, one day prior to the Port of Charleston, South Carolina incident, George Webb met with Robert David Steele at a restaurant and together they appeared on Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource The Truth YouTube channel,  where several thousand dollars was raised for Steele’s #UNRIG campaign. This joint effort was so successful that Robert David Steele was scheduled for an interview with Jason Goodman and Patricia Negron two days later. However, because of the involvement of George Webb and Jason Goodman in communicating the false information which led to the closing down of the Charleston port on June 14th, Robert David Steele cancelled that interview.

According to Steele, this withdrawing of his association from Crowdsource The Truth, was the beginning of the subsequent friction he had with Goodman and Negron.  His  lawsuit complaint asserts that Queen Tut, a woman believed to be known as Carla A. Howell, began acting together and in concert with Goodman and Negron on June 15, 2017.

However, the first documented video of Queen Tut’s involvement that is noted in Steele’s lawsuit  seems to be June 26, 2017. It is also noted that Jason Goodman officially withdrew his endorsement of Robert David Steele on July 1, 2017. Coincidentally, it was on July 1, 2017 that Susan (Holmes) Lutzke, who is now accused by Robert David Steele of being Queen Tut, lost her son Jeremy Holmes when he was shot by police in Fort Collins, Colorado. This confrontation with the police, came about after his mother had phoned 911 to report that her son, armed with a large knife, was attempting to make his way to his brother’s home to fulfil a death threat.

So almost from the start of the Queen Tut arrival on the stage of Crowdsource The Truth, this tragic undercurrent of sorrow and anger arising from the death of Susan Lutzke’s son is a factor in her conduct  which needs to be kept in remembrance, as we ponder these events in hindsight.

On March 17, 2018, Jason Goodman published on his Crowdsource The Truth YouTube channel a 23 minute video called Libel, Lies and Lawsuits-Queen Tut Evidence Exposed. Although some of this video had sound problems, overall the information and commentary which Goodman presents is worth considering.

Jason Goodman is seen walking along a city street with people laughing in the background, and so I pick up his commentary at the 1.17 mark as he reflects on more recent events relating to the Robert David Steele lawsuit and Queen Tut’s actions.

Jason Goodman:  “…Robert David Steele, I call him a liar, because he lied and presented evidence that he’s lied, he’s spoken about his ridiculous lawsuit and he claims to have through discovery learned that I am paid by MOSSAD.  This is a lie.  Robert David Steele has not entered Discovery with his lawsuit, and I am not paid by MOSSAD and he has no evidence of that, therefore he’s lying and I’m calling him out on his lie and anyone who wants to defend that needs to present evidence to support his claim.”

Tracking Meroz comment:  In the screenshot below  is an excerpt of a November 21, 2017  ExoNews reposting of an article written by Robert David Steele dated November 7, 2017 called “How the Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics”. Notice that Steele speculates that legal discovery will reveal monthly payments to Goodman at around $3,000 month.  I do not know if there is another document that supports Goodman’s statement that RDS had claimed he already had begun the Discovery process in his lawsuit.

excerpt from Robert David Steele article, “How The Deep State Controls Social Media & Digitally Assassinates Critics”

Jason Goodman:  “This is a very simple process.  Evidence.  Jake Morphonios, would you think I am lying? You have no evidence to prove it, to show that I’m lying. Show that I’m wrong.  Let’s focus on this lawsuit, because there’s been a lot of activity coming from Queen Tut.  Susan Lutzke is what she told me her name was, but then she also sometimes goes by Susan Holmes on, enough there was this big development you know she spread first the lie that I had somehow wanted Trish to pay a lawyer or force Trish to pay a lawyer or plan to base my defense on Trish spending money on a lawyer.  This is not true.”

“I have answered Robert David Steele some stupid childish complaint Pro Se, meaning “defending myself”, your lawyer.  Now Trish could have done that.  I didn’t tell her to hire a lawyer.  I didn’t tell Trish my legal defense, we’re just not affiliated.  I have no responsibilities, no responsibility for her.  She’s an adult woman who can make her own decisions.  She could have answered the suit Pro Se, she could have ignored it like Susan has, and it was up to Trish to do whatever she wanted so this whole stupid narrative that Susan is trying to build that I’m somehow doing something to Trish or that Robert David Steele’s lawyer not doing anything after I answered Robert David Steele’s ridiculous complaint, you know she’s trying to make it look like something is going on.  So let’s look at what recently happened.”

“There’s this website called PACER which let’s you, it’s you know, public access to court electronic records.  You can read everything you want to read about the moronic lawsuit from Robert David Steele, including a letter recently sent by someone on behalf of Queen Tut….(shows the February 21, 2018 Mercia Francis letter including birth certificate in a previously taped session which was inserted into this March 17, 2018 commentary.)

Tracking Meroz commentary:  It would appear that Jason Goodman in his March 17th broadcast,  had not checked the PACER records in early March, and so like me, missed that the Judge had issued an Order regarding the Mercia Francis letters.  This Order can be viewed in the Tracking Meroz post dated March 22, 2018.

Jason Goodman: (7.20)…”Queen Tut told me the story that the police killed her son.  I think she said it was the Fort Collins police and she also told me that she went to a protest at Colorado State University, and you can see in the lower right hand corner here, I’ve placed an image that someone took at that protest which is Susan Lutzke holding a sign that says, “KILL ALL POLICE- THEY ARE KILLING US”….”.Jason Goodman provides a clip of the November 7, 2017 City of Fort Collins meeting (FCTV) and at the 8.21 mark citizen participation is allowed, and Susan (Lutzke) Holmes is given permission to speak. Tracking Meroz comment:  The date of this appearance is coincidentally the same date noted by ExoNews for the Robert David Steele article of November 7, 2017).

Susan Lutzke Holmes: (8.24 mark of Fort Collins video)  “My name is Susan Holmes.  I have a story, that supports the Native American Awareness Month.  My son, Jeremy Holmes was an enrolled member of the Native American Tribe.  He was 19 years old.  he was slaughtered, shot to death SIX TIMES by the CSU campus police officer and by Fort Collins police officer.  That is how Fort Collins treats Native American people.”

“My son, I’m here to clear my son’s name and I’m going to make a special request from this council to give the time to do it because he has been discredited and destroyed by the DA’s report.  The DA’s opinion.  The DA used words taken from me in a traumatic state when I found he was dead in a hospital to use in his DA’s opinion to justify the slaughter of my son.  So I’m asking that you give me the time to clear his name and to talk about his life and his death in Fort Collins because the community needs to know the truth about what is happening here.”

“I, when the DA’s opinion is the only narrative that is existing right now about what happened to my son and is completely filled with a number of false statements and I can prove that.  However, when I went to the Coloradoan to try to prove to have them to purchase half a page or a page to disabuse the false statements in the DA’s Opinion, they refused to let me buy that time to write that article so that I could inform the community about what’s REALLY happening in this community about what the police are doing to Native American teenagers who are in a mental health crisis.”

Photo of Jeremy Holmes at gunmemorial.org

“I have been living in HELL for four months since my son was shot to death.  His spine was shattered, his chest was pierced, his femoral artery was torn and the rest of the bullets just hit wherever.  He bled out on the street on Prospect.  He did not deserve to die that way.  He was an incredible human being.  He was brilliant, he graduated with honors from high school.  He was in the middle of designing a game, he was an IT kid, he was registered for college.  He was an incredible human being and he did not deserve to die like that.”.

Male voice of Fort Collins city council member: (11.30) “Ma’am, thank you.”

Susan (Lutzke) Holmes: “I’m NOT done!  I want the time to talk about my son’s life and his death…”. (The council decides to take a recess).

Here is a link to the July 18, 2017 Opinion of Clifford E. Riedel, District Attorney of the Eighth Judicial District of Colorado on the shooting death of Jeremy Holmes.  There are also several websites which show the police camera footage of their engagement with the knife wielding Jeremy Holmes, which resulted in his death.

Jason Goodman:  (12.23) “…in the DA’s report found that the police acted appropriately, but Queen Tut insists otherwise, and she also would instruct the college students at the University of Colorado to kill all police….”.

Jason Goodman: (13.03) “…the point is Susan Lutzke Holmes Tut has either submitted a fraudulent document to a United States Court, that letter written saying that she’s suffering from dementia and is 80 years old.  She’s either lying to the Court or she’s been lying to all of us the whole time and that woman standing there in Fort Collins, Colorado is not Susan Lutzke or Queen Tut.  I don’t know what to make of this, but I do know that Susan Lutzke Tut Queen Tut whatever this lady’s name is, Susan Holmes is a liar who has lied to you to try to convince you that I have committed crimes, that I am involved in pedophilia.   She has presented no evidence, OK, and here’s the thing.”

“This is a message I want to send to everyone.  If you don’t like it when I address these accusations, I understand.  But you don’t have to watch and it’s your right to not watch, but I need to keep doing this because you see this is the way these people operate.  They put out fake information. They put anonymous posts, places like 4chan.  Somebody shared with me a post from an anonymous person who says, oh a friend of mine connected with Jason on Tinder and she’s 15 and Jason said this and she said that and Jason was sexting a 15 year old.  This is untrue. (gives real life examples of posting fake documents).”

Jason Goodman: (15.39)…  “Each of these people are complicit in what is now an organized operation where they are working together to defame me, to slander me, and to harass me and they’re doing this not because I’m guilty of any of the horrendous things that they’ve accused me of.  It’s because I’m having guests on Crowdsource The Truth who are bringing forth evidence that do things like help in the firing of Andrew McCabe….”

Jason Goodman: (18.10)  “I really hope someone in law enforcement in Fort Collins, Colorado or in Virginia where that false document was submitted to the Court, is there a lawyer out there who can tell me what kind of crime is it to submit a false document to the Court because there was a time that I spoke to Susan Lutzke Holmes Tut on the phone almost every day!  And that woman’s not 80, I think she’s like 50 something or 60 and the woman that we saw in those videos looks like she’s about 60…”.

Tracking Meroz commentary: 

Jason Goodman has presented an interesting commentary with regard to some of the words of Queen Tut and Robert David Steele, which he claims are unfounded statements, not backed by evidence. Also he has provided some of the back story on Susan Lutzke which helps us to better understand how she has presented herself in the public arena.

It must be recalled that it was Jason Goodman who first introduced Susan Lutzke to his audience under a false name that he invented, as a cover to hide her true identity as his journalistic source.  Subsequent to that, he was aware of the circumstances surrounding her son’s death, and this fact had been alluded to on one of their videos. Perhaps she continued on with her research on Robert David Steele as a way to refocus her thoughts away from her personal tragedy.  

If you view the police camera footage which justifies the actions which the officers were forced to take, one has to agree with the conclusions made by the District Attorney who evaluated all the facts of this situation.  It is apparent from later public comments and actions of Susan (Holmes) Lutzke,  that she did not possess the grace to acknowledge the truth of the untenable situation in which her son had placed the officers in.  Instead, she chose to falsely accuse others for the type of death which Jeremy Holmes brought upon himself. 

I have a soft spot in my heart for Susan Lutzke’s loss of her 19 year old son.  But the hard truth about life and its burdens, is that it is never excusable to falsely accuse,  or to wrongly shift the burden of blame onto others, when the facts and evidence suggest otherwise.  Because this is a Christian commentary, I do not consider this story to be just a matter of “winning” a war of words in a lawsuit, but rather the importance of making right judgments in the interest of real justice.  Our own words go deep into the very heart of what we are in the sight of God.  One day all of us will have to give an account to God for our words and deeds, and that event ought to be soberly considered by every person, as we freely communicate on the internet.



Robert David Steele’s Attorney gets careless with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure regarding Queen Tut

I just checked the Robert David Steele v. Jason Goodman, Patricia A. Negron, and Queen Tut, a woman believed to be known as Carla A. Howell lawsuit case 3:17-cv-00601-MHL and read document 35 filed March 9, 2018, ORDER by United States District Judge M. Hannah Lauck.

The Judge has ruled that the Motion for Default Against “Queen Tut” a/k/a/ Susan A. Lutzke is denied without prejudice, because it is not Lutzke’s name that shows on the list of defendants in the Complaint.  I had been wondering about that fact, and I am glad to see that this technicality has been addressed by the Court. The court also stated it would not receive documents submitted anonymously, and the clerk has restricted such documents so that they remain on record, but are not accessible to the public.

The two page order can be read here:    rds 3 9 2018

Queen Tut’s Daughter Mercia Francis Submits Another Letter to the Court in Robert David Steele Defamation Case

A letter from Mercia Francis dated February 25, 2018 and received by the Clerk of U. S. District Court in Richmond, VA on February 28, 2018 was filed on the court record on March 1, 2018. This 14 page document (#33) consists of a 2 page letter from Mercia Francis, a letter from FOCO Properties concerning the tenancy of Susan Lutzke in a Fort Collins, CO condominium, and the November 7, 2017 Robert David Steele article called, How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics.

This Robert David Steele article had been addressed in a November 12, 2017 commentary here at Tracking the Leopard Meroz called Robert David Steele and His List of Crowdstalkers and Co-Conspirators:  Is Your Name On This List?

Read Document 33 at this link:robert david steele 3 1 2018 letter qt.

The Strategic Maneuvers of Queen Tut Around the Robert David Steele Defamation Lawsuit

“…because you never take a stand against deception, what you have to do is move around deception.  You have to beat them at their own game”.  Queen Tut
[Queen Tut Interview II-Hoax Wars Live, published February 23, 2018 on You Tube, 34.14 mark]

Hoax Wars: Is the legal war between Robert David Steele and Queen Tut for real, or is it just a hoax mocking the American judicial system’s method of arriving at truth through facts and evidence?

On September 1, 2017 Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network filed a civil lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division, against Jason Goodman, Patricia A. Negron and Queen Tut, A Woman Believed to be Known as Carla A. Howell.  The Plaintiff is seeking compensatory, statutory (three-fold the damages sustained), and punitive damages in an amount not less than $15,350,000.  In addition, the plaintiff desires “prejudgment interest on the principal sum awarded by the Jury from June 15, 2017 to the date of Judgment at the rate of six percent per year, attorney’s fees, and costs arising out of Defendants’ defamation per se, insulting words, business conspiracy, common-law conspiracy, and tortious interference with contract and business expectancies”.

Jason Goodman is representing himself (Pro Se), Patricia Negron is represented by professional legal counsel…and then there is the third defendant who is taking another strategy altogether.

Contrary to popular opinion, Queen Tut is not so ancient, after all. Her birth certificate filed with the federal court shows she is a young 80 years old, although suffering a bit of dementia, diagnosed after she forgot there is a $15 million dollar lawsuit against her.

The third defendant, Queen Tut, is known on the internet primarily through her anonymous interviews, and by her signature Trello Boards which feature the main points of her topics.

In the February 23d Hoax Wars interview, Queen Tut at the 32.11 mark says, “I’m getting to my reveal here, okay?  Because  I was fully aware of how RDS operates, because I worked in anti-corruption for many years and I’m aware of the kind of strategies that the bad guys use, okay, to manipulate and silence people.  I was involved in that very heavily for a long period of time and so when this court case was filed, I knew I was not gonna respond to it because first of all they had to serve me okay, which I have never been served um, and I knew that uh, they were just gonna try and flush Queen Tut out because they already had their hands on Jason, they already had their hands on Trish, but the whole thing is they just want to flush everybody out and you know, create chaos.”

Going back to when this defamation lawsuit was first filed, we find that on page 8 of the complaint that the statement was made that “Defendant, ‘Queen Tut’, is a person believed to be Carla A. Howell.  Howell is a citizen of New Jersey.  She is a political activist.  There is a biography of her on the internet…At all times relevant to this action, Queen Tut acted in concert with and as an agent, alter ego or instrumentality of Goodman and Negron”.

Later, without apology to Howell for falsely naming her as a defendant, the Plaintiffs filed court documents against another person who they thought might be Queen Tut, a Susan A. Lutzke who they claimed had been legally served with a court summons. Months later, when no response to this summons was made, the Plaintiffs asked the court to declare a default judgment against Lutzke.

The submission to the court of Queen Tut’s birth certificate

On February 22, 2018 a two page document comprised of a letter and a birth certificate was filed with the court stating that Queen Tut was given the name at birth of Helen Suzanne Ingraham.  The birth certificate displays a date of birth of December 4, 1937, making this new person behind the Queen Tut voice, to be 80 years old.  The accompanying letter from the daughter, Mercia Francis, claims that her mother has been diagnosed with dementia and is not providing an address or contact because of fears that Robert David Steele might send someone to harm her.

The next day, on February 23, 2018,  the attorney for the plaintiff filed an 8 page letter to the Judge indicating that they had no knowledge of Mercia Francis, the writer of the letter, and were unable to find any online information about this person.  Attorney  Steven S. Biss stated, “Defendant, Queen Tut a/k/a/ Susan A. Lutzke, does not suffer from dementia.” The rest of this letter was devoted to displaying Twitter messages from Queen Tut’s account in order to support their assertion that Susan Lutzke had “ramped up her attacks on Robert David Steele”.

Why are there no statements to the court from Carla Howell or Susan Lutzke?

What is so bizarre about this issue of who is behind the Queen Tut anonymous handle, is that neither Carla Howell nor Susan A. Lutzke has written the court to deny that they are this Queen Tut who is being sued for defamation against Robert David Steele and his nonprofit corporation, Earth Intelligence Network. The natural response of most persons to discovering that they were wrongly named as a defendant in a lawsuit would be to quickly and vehemently explain to the court that they had nothing to do with the plaintiff and demand that such persons cease and desist from continuing to make false accusations.

This new assertion to the court that Queen Tut is an 80 year old woman with dementia who is unwilling to provide an address or means of contact does little to clear up the mystery of her identity.  One has to consider that the childhood surname has since been changed to reflect at least one marriage, because the attorney for the plaintiffs were unable to discover an internet footprint of the names provided.

On February 23, 2018 a YouTube channel called Hoax Wars granted a second interview with Queen Tut.  The first interview involved her discussion of the amount of money that Patricia Negron had to pay for her legal representation, as well as remarks  about Jason Goodman and his legal strategy. In both interviews, Queen Tut is as lively as ever, with no signs of dementia or paranoia.

Before asking the Judge to declare a default judgment against Queen Tut, was she properly served with a summons as required by Federal court procedures?

In this most recent interview is the document shown below,  which Queen Tut displays in her usual Trello Board format. She has titled this board, (Double?) Agent Robert David Steele:  Active Measures Against the Internet Truth Movement…One of the pieces of evidence which Queen Tut presents to back up her arguments,  is a letter stating that Susan Lutzke had not lived in the condo apartments where Robert David Steele had claimed to have served her a court summons, since 2015.

When one reviews the Affidavit of Service which was provided by Roland Process Svc. and Investigations, LLC, it was noted that on October 11, 2017 that service was attempted, and “I spoke with a male subject stated his name was Steve. He said he has lived there for 2 years and has gotten several pieces of mail for Susan.”  On the fourth attempt, the documents were left at the door.

Should not the process server checked with the condo management regarding the tenancy of Susan Lutzke?

Given the statement by Steve Bytnar who claims that Susan A. Lutzke had not resided at the address in question since March of 2015, it would appear to the impartial observer that legal service had not been completed on Ms. Lutzke.  If that is the case, the document 30 filed in this lawsuit, Plaintiffs’ Motion for Entry of Default Against Defendant, “Queen Tut” a/k/a/ Susan A. Lutzke seems premature because it bases its conclusion on what appears to be misinformation that proper service had been completed. This is a matter for the Judge to review and make a determination on.

Is Robert David Steele a double agent of the Russians, and employing their Active Measures strategy?

Queen Tut’s Trello Board uses the term Active Measures which refers to the set of techniques which Soviet security and intelligence departments use to influence the politics of other nations. These methods are the same as that of the CIA, Mafia style groups and others, so it is significant that Queen Tut is emphasizing a Russian link, and she ties a former KGB General’s short recommendation of one of Robert David Steele’s books to support her thesis that Robert David Steele might be a double or even a triple agent.

The Russian link is the latest fad accusation, just as the pedophilia accusation had been widely promoted last year by the social media attention getters. I am not going to go into detail with how Queen Tut lays out her argument that Robert David Steele’s actions match those of Active Measures; but if you are interested, examine her illustrated argument in her Trello Board and listen to her second Hoax Wars video.  My complaint with regard to her presentation of the Active Measures methodology of Robert David Steele is that she has not proven, with hard evidence, the assertions she makes. In fact there can be many reasons unassociated with a Soviet link, that would explain why and how Steele behaves as he does.

At the 38.51 mark, Queen Tut comments, “…basically what I was doing was giving him enough rope to hang themselves, okay?  And they did.  They did hang themselves and here’s the evidence and everyone would be able to see that when they look at the Trello Board, okay.  Now here’s the other thing that I’m going to reveal tonight that’s breaking news.  So everybody, I wanted to share this piece of it because this is significant because it shows how Active Measures are applied against people, and how attorneys with practices will lie, especially when they’re the arm of the Intel Agencies or the Intel Operations who are applying Active Measures against American citizens, for wanting to know the truth, okay?”

She explains, “So perfect example here of what they do to individuals and then we find out here of what they do to individuals and then we find out they, they lie, they don’t care about the law.  This attorney does not care about the law, okay?  Robert David Steele doesn’t care about Americans.  He doesn’t care about them.  He’s working two sides, maybe three, for who knows what kind of compensation, so here’s the big reveal.  This is, I’m gonna leave this hanging a little bit, here’s the reveal.  I am NOT Carla Howell.  Queen Tut is not Carla Howell…(40.35)…then they claimed it was Susan Lutzke, then they claimed that they served Susan Lutzke and she doesn’t even live there, okay?  And now I’m gonna let everybody know I’m not Susan Lutzke…(41.06)   in fact I have sent my birth certificate to the court about 4 or 5 days ago and it is now published on the court, in the court documents who I am, okay?”

Did Queen Tut’s “Big Reveal” clear away the fog surrounding her true identity?

The confusion of Queen Tut’s true identity has not been cleared up, despite the above proclamation.  The letter sent to the court was written by a Mercia Francis, who claims, “I am writing on behalf of my mother, known as Queen Tut…My mother has recently been diagnosed with dementia and I am now overseeing her social media and other affairs.” So why does Queen Tut say she sent the documents to the court?  Is she both Helen Suzanne Ingraham, and Mercia Francis?  Are the statements in these documents true?

At around the 36 minute mark of the Hoax Wars interview, Queen Tut is discussing the false basis on which the court summons of Susan Lutzke had been made, and she comments, “…when you file false affidavits in federal courts that’s serious…”. If there is any part of the documents filed by Queen Tut that are not true, that is also serious.

Assuming the birth certificate is actually that of Queen Tut, will it be shown later that she does not have a medically diagnosed case of dementia, and that this statement is on the artful side when the letter writer declares, “I am concerned about providing an address or contact number because my mother is fearful that Robert David Steele might send someone to harm her.  This fear could be associated with her diagnosis or his CIA background may inform that type of threat. I’m hoping this letter can be filed before any action is taken against the wrong people.”

The civil case legal process is always a slow one, as each side is allowed a time period to respond to the documentation which is filed with the court. So it may be some time before the questions which are presently being raised are answered with facts and evidence. But one item of interest should be noted.  Those who are aware that they are named in a civil case, and deliberately seek to avoid being served in accordance with standard procedures, can be legally brought into the court by other measures.

Since Queen Tut is the anonymous internet handle of a woman who has not been totally forthcoming in providing details of her whereabouts, or her personal history, it is worth mentioning that there was a defamation case filed on February 3, 2009 by Mark and Rhonda Lesher against anonymous message board posters on Topix.com. The judge in that case ordered that the IP addresses be provided in order to identify the persons responsible for posting defamatory comments against the Leshers.  In that particular case, the accusations were very serious ones which caused substantial financial harm,  and were based on false accusations which had been the basis of a criminal complaint. The Leshers were granted a thirteen million dollar judgment in the civil case, which can be read about in the articles linked here and here.

The “giving of enough rope to hang themselves” strategy

A final quote from the Queen Tut in the Hoax Wars interview at about the 42 minute mark is of interest: “…but by writing, which is what I did intentionally, I gave them enough rope to hang themselves.  And that’s a strategic way to deal with bad guys and I’m just sharing this with you guys not, to like you know, for any kind of ego scene.  I just want people to understand that when you’re dealing with evil guys or deal with criminal guys you have to be strategic, okay?  You, you can, you can react all you want and go whoa, I want to stand for truth; that’s one thing, but when you’re dealing with these guys, you have to be very, very strategic and you got to let them screw up and in this situation, they have, very, very profoundly.”

Genuine adversaries or hoaxers?

Perhaps Robert David Steele also has the same identical strategy as Queen Tut, which is to give your adversary enough rope to hang themselves.  It could be that we are witnessing the possibility that there might be two hangings in the making, if each is successful in their goals.  Who knows?  Is this a strategic duel where two adversaries end up doing each other in, a sort of ying/yang karmic cause and effect?  Both Robert David Steele and Queen Tut seem to think that they are unique in representing what has been termed the Internet Truth Movement. But there are so many accusations, so little evidence….truth is being trampled underfoot in the dust…where does that leave those who are willing to stand alone to speak the truth? I must presume that it is those persons who God has chosen to stand against deception, not those anonymous entities without the personal courage and wit to do so.