Jason Goodman Seeks to Team Up With Chinada3 Against His Naysayers: Better Keep Your “Get Out of Jail Free” Card Handy! — On A More Rational Note, D. George Sweigert Has Filed New Documents in his RICO Lawsuit Against Goodman

Here are two screenshots taken from the Rev.Scott Anthony’s Twitter Account today which highlight his documented notes on Chinada3’s YouTube channel known as Psychic LARP #UNRIG.There are several other persons mentioned as well which Jason Goodman does not like which are named in this live chat replay, and noted in the Rev. Scott Anthony Twitter link at the beginning of this post.

A Reader of Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog comments:

Here is a comment by one of my readers who is interested in the D. Sweigert v. Jason Goodman RICO lawsuit and saw the above Rev. Scott Anthony Twitter report.  He astutely observes, “Jason Goodman continues his extra-judicial use of YouTube in an attempt to “collect evidence” to “throw people in jail”.  As noted in the Sweigert vs. Goodman lawsuit, he is the prime suspect who has created an “evidence repository” on BitChute (see court filing).”

“One wonders why Jason is still “collecting evidence” for alleged crimes that he has previously boldly proclaimed existed  — in some cases apparently almost 9 – 11 months ago.”

“It appears Goodman has enlisted the help of a Montreal resident with a YouTube channel known as “PSYCHIC LARP #UNRIG”.  This gentlemen has been previously known on YouTube as “Chinada3″. ”

“As seen in the latest filing, the Plaintiff is amending a previous motion concerning the wholesale re-uploading of video content alleged to have been orchestrated by Goodman. ”

D. George Sweigert v. Jason Goodman: latest documents

What my reader is referring to are Entries #17 Plaintiff’s Motion For Leave To Supplement The Pleading “Plaintiff’s Show Cause Motion For Injunctive Relief” and #18 and #18-1 Plaintiff’s Sixth Request For Judicial Notice, which were filed today, August 28, 2018 in the U. S. District Court/South Carolina.

Links are provided below: