Intercessory Nightmares

On June 6, 2013 Gaylene Goodroad of the Discernment Research Group posted on the Herescope blog a series of articles, with a lead title Techno-Dimensional Prayer CombatIt is well worth one’s time to consider the contents of the Herescope blog, if you are interested in an in-depth analysis of the theology undergirding much of the Christian Alternative Media. This theological view has been given the designation of  Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm, or PPP by authors Gaylene Goodroad and Sarah Leslie, who have researched  numerous books and articles written by the proponents of this viewpoint.  It includes those ideas advanced by Tom Horn, David Flynn, Paul McGuire, Steve Quayle, Russ Dizdar and other like-minded individuals.

don quixote tilting at windmills brass button

Brass button showing Don Quixote tilting at windmills

However, what I want you to focus on right now, is an interesting story contained in Goodroad’s article involving L. A. Marzulli and Russ Dizdar.  Both of these men are on the speaker roster of the 2016 Hear The Watchmen conference scheduled for Dallas next month.  The theme of this conference is that of a Crusade, with instructions to Saddle For Battle. Thus I will begin quoting Gaylene Goodroad’s article at the paragraph marked by the  subtitle,  Preparing To Engage Quetzalcoatl In Battle.

She relates, “An unsettling illustration of these un-biblical prayer warfare strategies unfolded during the months prior to the hysterical countdown to the failed 2012 Mayan Doomsdsay prophecies, which Herescope documented in detail, including in the article “12-21-12:  Evangelical Christians Believing Mayan Prophecies.” (23)  L. A. Marzulli, cited earlier as a PPP adherent with Latter Rain roots,(24) posted a 5-minute video on his blog in August 2012, appealing for funds ($12,000) from his flock,(25) so that he could travel with his entourage to the Mayan Pyramids in Chichen-Itza, Mexico on December 21, 2012 (the Winter Solstice)(26) – in order to do battle with the pagan god Quetzalcoatl who was expected to manifest on that date – “sort of like Elijah against the prophets of Baal.”(27)”

“Calling Chichen-Itza a “power place,” “ground zero,” and “the belly of the beast” with regard to its “open portals” of demonic activity, Marzulli enlisted the company of Russ Dizdar (author of The Black Awakening:  Rise of The Satanic Super Soldier),(28) Richard Grund (Director/Team Leader the Supernatural Response Team (SRT), (29) Larry Barrett, and Watchers videographer, Richard Shaw, to document the event.  The team, said Marzulli, was needed to “assist in the spiritual warfare we expect to happen there…”(30) Marzulli went on to explain his intended warfare:”

This is an amazing opportunity to represent the kingdom of God – to stand in the way of or possibly to confront what may manifest there on December 21st- the so-called return of the Mayan god, Quetzalcoatl…We feel that something is going to happen there.  Hopefully, nothing will happen there.  If it does, we’re going to engage in warfare and shut this thing down.(31) (bold added).”

“Although he initially assured potential Chichen-Itza donors that God was leading the effort to send out this spiritual warfare team, just days before he was set to fly into “the belly of the beast,”  Marzulli abruptly aborted the mission.  In a December 14 notice on his website, entitled “A Redirect from the Captain of the Hosts,” Marzulli reported that his daughter had been given a disturbing “prophetic dream” that revealed his kidnapping and murder by Mexican cartels.  “She awoke from her dream and was greatly disturbed.  She prayed and went back to sleep.  Then another dream occurred.  In it she saw a burst of light followed by a voice that instructed, Don’t go!‘ (32)”

Gaylene Goodroad ends this account of Marzulli’s adventure, saying, “Marzulli and his PPP spiritual warfare team never made it to the Mayan Pyramids.  The $14,000 raised by his flock was lost to Power Places Tours,(33) not to mention the loss of biblical discernment for all those involved with this ungodly endeavor.”

As you consider the false bravado of L.A. Marzulli, Russ Dizdar and their entourage who thought they could withstand the Mayan god Quetzacoatl, but ended up shaking with fear because of a daughter’s nightmare, so that God’s will was quickly cast aside, let us fast forward to events of this past week in this Alternative Universe.  The following QAlert  was sent out to millions of readers of Steve on February 25, 2016 concerning an incident which was said to have occurred the evening before.q alert 225 2016 (2)Now if this report is true, we are in agreement with Steve Quayle, that this attack on Timothy Alberino and his family is unconscionable, and needs to be resisted both by prayer and other types of actions. The problem, of course, is that similar QAlerts have been issued in the past by a hysterical Steve Quayle,  who afterwards leaves his readers wondering  what really went on.  I am especially curious what  Quayle means by a full scale operation had been launched.  His reference to Wednesday night would be February 24, 2016, and as I note in the next paragraph, Intercessors are pushed to the forefront of the  February 25, 2016 Paul McGuire interview on the Hagmann Report.

This particular interview centers heavily around Paul McGuire’s latest book, and also his upcoming speaking engagement at the Hear The Watchmen conference.  While McGuire says that he spends many hours a day researching, what he actually offers up for discussion are certain themes boringly common to most Alternative Media discourse on the internet. It is as if the so-called Christian Alternative Media has set up a Windmill with the blades of  Illuminati/Communist/Nazi/Main Stream Media influences on our nation, which these Don Quixotes  in turn attack, in fulfillment of some strong delusion that they are God anointed Watchmen.   Paul McGuire, who bills himself as a Senior Pastor of a local church whose physical location he refuses to disclose, also wants us to believe that he is an internationally recognized prophecy expert. And of course he is altruistic to the max, stating at the beginning of this interview that he is not getting paid for the interview, and does not want any compensation.  He also says that it took him years to get where he is today, influencing millions to listen to his “gospel”(translate DONATE) cause.

One of the tiresome qualities of the friendships of these men in the Inner Circle of Trust is their constant  flattery of one towards another.  And this interview reeks to high heaven with Hagmann’s over-the-top heaping of praise for McGuire and  his latest drivel in book format. The other day I read a comment from a woman on another blog which asserted that Doug and Joe Hagmann and Dave Hodges were only babes in Christ, and therefore exempt from critical scrutiny.  So I am glad to report that Doug Hagmann “got religion” in this interview,  pausing  a couple of times to give explicit directions to the  Intercessors to pray for Paul McGuire.  Normally, this is something that we are used to Steve Quayle doing; but tonight it is Hagmann who is letting the world know that  spiritual warfare intercessors are listening to the broadcast and interceding.

Paul McGuire espouses a theology which places a heavy emphasis on the Supernatural Powers of God, which he says can be downloaded by the believer just as one downloads computer Apps. Leading in a prayer for America near the end of the interview, he said that those who had joined him in prayer that night and have the spirit of God would feel a resonating in themselves. This sounds similar to what the Mormons identify as the burning in the bosom, a confirmation sign of the presence of God. If one reads the testimonies of many Charismatics, their beliefs are often founded on manifestations, rather than on the words of God.  To this the Bible gives warning in 2 Thessalonians 2 that the mystery of iniquity, “whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders” is allowed by God as Strong Delusion to be sent to those, as a damnation, who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.  Doug Hagmann at one point in his interview refers to Paul McGuire as The Tip of the Spear. And again he reiterates the Hear The Watchmen Crusade call to action, to Saddle For Battle!don-quixote

The last few minutes of this interview are dedicated to reproving those who have blogs and webpages “devoted to criticizing the brethren”.  We must note here that while the Hagmanns and McGuire retain the right of free speech for themselves, they do not consider that their detractors retain the same rights.   Consider for a moment that the Hagmanns and McGuire claim to reach millions with their words. How many blogs are there at this moment actively critiquing the words and deeds of these noble Watchmen?  And how many readers do these blogs actually have?

In the past couple of years, there were at least a half  dozen blogs which  had written articles on  this particular Inner Circle of Trust. Most of these writers are presently busy with other matters. Of interest is that Tom Horn’s book, Blood on The Altar  directs its venom against those who have written against a group of men which form the PPP, the Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm.  The primary researchers and writers who undertook this daunting task are Gaylene Goodroad and Sarah H. Leslie of the Herescope blog.  Unlike my blog which critiques the outer layer of deceit, the Discernment Research Group of Herescope delved into the depths of these false prophets, watchmen, and  authority figures.

Back in 2011, after confronting face to face, a series of men who were complicit in a spiritual attack which had been conducted against my young teen daughter, I began a blog called Starlitgardens.  It had one reader who I personally know, who is a Defender of the priesthood of the leopard Meroz. Later it seemed I had two readers, and I wondered if there were actually two persons, or just one disguised as two.  Later, I got tired of the bantering about of occult stuff, and I erased all those posts, and Starlitgardens became a blog to post sewing, gardening and painting projects and miscellaneous family photos.

In 2013 I began this blog,  Tracking the Leopard Meroz, with the intent of examining some things in my own background which led to my tracking of a sorcerer who is a Master of the Numbers of the Scriptures. This sorcerer is like Balaam, who was hired to curse or bless others. One of the real persons I faced off with in Texas claimed responsibility for causing the rash of teen suicides in Plano, Texas years ago.  Well, I dabbled around with several things on my blog, and then there was a six month period when I wrote nothing. Outside of this blog, I like to spend time with family and neighbors and church folk, garden, cook, clean, babysit, sew, paint, do volunteer work, laugh, look at the stars on a clear night, slosh around the beaches on the gulf coast…..

And then in February 2015, I began to observe the Christian Alternative Media closely.  But by the end of 2015, I decided to walk away from this tiresome mess, and began to write a book on my blog called The Art of Guileless Guile. However, in January of 2016 the Nathan Leal/Broer controversy surfaced, and I decided to flow down this river a bit longer.  At this point my readership has grown to a maximum of 143 per day.  It is hard to gauge how many individual regular readers I have, as some people check in once a week or once a month.  When a couple of days ago, I received an email from someone which asserted that it was my blog which the Hagmanns and McGuire were complaining about in the February 25th interview, I was surprised.

Now here is a curiosity:  a couple of days ago I received 54 troll-type comments; some of which were pornographic and threatening.  Thirty-two of these comments were attached to the Paul McGuire, Pastor of the Mailbox Church article, one was attached to a Nathan Leal post, and the remaining were attached to my John B. Wells/Doug Hagmann post.  At the same time a man shoved his way in front of me at the grocery store in an intimidating manner.  As I had just said hello to a lady from church, I was caught off guard, so when this person “got in my face”,  I reacted by walking away.  And now someone is claiming that I am the thorn in the side of the mighty Christian men of the Alternative Media.  Compared to the webpages of the Hagmanns, McGuire, Quayle and others, my little blog is just a little cork floating in an internet ocean.  Rather than addressing the issues I bring up regarding their PSY-OP methodologies, these Watchmen continue on, and on, and on, tempting God to judge them.

The one thing which shocks most people who have first heard of my “reputation” and then later meet me face-to-face, is that I am a soft spoken, shy person.  The battles which I have personally had to engage in over the years were entered in by me,  only because there were no other defenders, and I had been backed into a corner.  By temperament, I am not a fighter.  That I have held my own against wicked men is a surprise to me, and a display of the grace and mercy of God.  It would appear that all Christians, and even the least, which I am, are required to stand and withstand in the evil day.

If I had to name one main motive behind the writing of this blog,  it is to encourage Christians to develop their critical thinking skills and to learn to stand alone, if necessary, for Christian truth.

If indeed the Hagmanns and McGuire were taking aim at my Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog, I would just like to remind these false Watchmen, that I am an Intercessory Nightmare, as others like you, have found out.  God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty…that no flesh should glory in his presence…He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord. ( excerpts from I Corinthians 1:27-31)

For those of you who will be attending the Crusade-Saddle for Battle conference in Dallas, have you remembered to check with the hotel about accommodations for your horse?  There may be restrictions against Old Nellie (I am not talking about your wife!) sleeping in the same room as you, in that extra queen sized bed. A reminder that the All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar is for people only.  THINK!    As Steve Quayle is always saying, People just don’t understand…This is Critical!!!  And rumor has it, that he will not be attending this event.




Enter Stage Left: The Hollywood Insider Who Covertly Spied on Others at Work

One of the speakers being promoted by the March 2016 Dallas Hear The Watchmen conference is Jon Robberson, who was written up on the John B. Wells Caravan To Midnight show, episode 339 on July 28, 2015 as follows:  jon robberson on CTM 339 (2)

On June 25, 2015, a month prior to the John B. Wells show,  Jon Robberson was interviewed for the first time by the Hagmann and Hagmann radio show in a broadcast called   Jon- Hollywood Insider, Hollywood Is A Satanic Death Cult.   Douglas Hagmann, introduces Jon, who is speaking under first-name-only anonymity, saying, “our guest tonight without exaggeration, is under a certain amount of pressure, under threat not to talk about what he is going to talk about.  He has been under threat, he has been under serious attack and, and people might scoff at that, and say awwh, come on, ……this gentleman had to covertly, and surreptitiously, snuck around the backrooms, the back alleys, the back of the sets, looked, watched, kept notes, kept tabs on people, places, events.  He knows where the bodies are buried, he knows what goes on in Hollywood.  He knows about the rituals, the ritualistic type of abuse.  He knows the demonic nature of Hollywood, the Satanic nature….”

I listened to this entire interview, and most of what was discussed was generic, open sourced material.  Jon the Hollywood Insider did relate a few personal experiences, and said that he lost his $100,000/year job because he openly spoke to another employee as a Christian.  At the beginning, Jon intersperses this interview with Scripture, and a shofar blowing; at the end he brings on a man singing  A capella. Overall, my first impression of Jon Robberson is that he is friendly, kind, and has a sense of humor; yet because of his close association with this Inner Circle of Trust, I distrust my first impression.  This interview takes place at the American Survival Wholesale warehouse using their cell phones, because Jon is “under threat”.  We also discover that Jon was at the Whitestone Remnant Conference, and has been to Paul McGuire prayer meetings, so he seems to “get around”.

Of great interest is that Jon Robberson is credited with coming up with a solution for Hagmann and Hagmann listeners who desire to have a way to meet each other personally.  Apparently he uses his email H&H Connections for this purpose. Below are two forum members who made comments on this subject on March 14, 2015, more than two months prior to The Hollywood Insider’s first Hagmann interview.H&H Connections (2)H & H Connections 2 (2)

At some point Jon the Hollywood Insider allowed the use of his surname Robberson to be used, and we see some confusion with this transition on the Caravan To Midnight website, where three past interviews can be located under his surname, yet the guest listing  shows Jon listed under “J”, with his photo shown as the anonymous masked man of the movie Vendetta.

jon robberson ctm guest listed under jon (2)

Episode 408 does show his full name, but still retains the Guy Fawkes Mask from the movie Vendetta.  It would appear that this photo was taken from an ad for wallpaper, and as fans of the Caravan To Midnight show knowthey can purchase the CTM logo as wallpaper.

jon robberson on john b wells show guest list (2)


Readers of this blog will recall that V the Guerrilla Economist displays the Vendetta Symbol V vendetta drippingtaken from the same movie. And the recent infamous hackers which called themselves Anonymous also favored this Masked image. As this article taken from the Business website explains on October 3, 2013, 13 Members of Hacker Group ‘Anonymous’ Were Indicted On Federal ChargesGiven that Christians are not to give the appearance of evil, I wonder how Jon the Hollywood Insider can justify the masking of his identity in this manner?

In September of 2015, The Watchmen’s Cry held a revival/worship/prayer meeting in Sandpoint, Idaho which was deemed successful.  This meeting had no door charge, was sponsored by Nathan Leal’s ministry, and had an offering at the end as a means to offset costs.  This meeting, which was very similar to many church sponsored revivals, somehow sparked a vision for the 2016  Hear The Watchmen conference.hear the watchmen nathan leal organizer (2)Since we are here discussing the evolution of Jon Robberson, from the anonymous Hollywood Insider,  to an openly named Conference Speaker with such “worthies” as the Hagmanns, John B. Wells, Paul McGuire and others, we must question this whole process.  At first, John Robberson had to hide out at the American Survival Wholesale warehouse, in order to give his first interview with Doug Hagmann, because he was under “serious attack”.  Supposedly he was under threat not to talk about what he knows.

Not long after that, he is traveling under his full name and he has become a conference speaker being groomed by Mike Kerr AKA Mike Whitestone, the organizer of the Hear The Watchmen conference, who has a shady past.  The Sandpoint, Idaho meeting was free; this latest conference fee stands at a little over $100, unless you obtain a half off coupon.  The first conference was entirely centered on worship and prayer;  this latest conference centers around radio hosts and book sellers, and the inner circle of trust of the Hagmann/Quayle alternative media group.

10/30/2015 Mike Kerr, organizer of Hear The Watchmen has dinner with Jon Robberson

10/30/2015 Mike Kerr, organizer of Hear The Watchmen has dinner with Jon Robberson

Now after V the Guerrilla Economist was invented, and heavily promoted by Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann, there was a point when he was “disfavored” and left the inner circle of trust.  Because his bonafides cannot be substantiated, he remained anonymous and created his own website and radio show.  But here we have someone who also came onboard as an insider being interviewed by Doug Hagmann, who despite “threats” is now being made over as a conference speaker, and a book writer.  All Roads Lead to Babylon??  It sounds like The Hollywood Insider has come under the spell of book writer and conference speaker, Paul McGuire.  The Hear The Watchmen webpage says of Jon Robberson, that he is one of the few Hollywood Insiders for Christ.  So what?  How many real Christians are there in any profession?  There are plenty of job occupations that are essentially “closed shops”, where the employee is under constraint as a Christian witness.jon robberson latest pic on Hear the watchmen (2)

Remember that Doug Hagmann told his listeners that Jon Robberson, while working in Hollywood, “covertly, and surreptitiously snuck around…looked, watched, kept notes, kept tabs on people, places, events.  He knows where the bodies are buried…”.  Are you sure that you want to give your personal information to Jon Robberson as part of the arrangement for being allowed to meet other Hagmann listeners via H&H Connections?

While looking over the imagery of the movie Vendetta, I found this image of the Vendetta Symbol with the Masked Man standing in front of a poster which says Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Faith, showing some sort of double cross at the bottom.  Why is it that Nathan Leal and others spend so much time analyzing the image motifs of the Super Bowl, and ignore the imagery displayed by the “Christian” Alternative Media?vendetta strength unity faith

Internationally Recognized Prophecy Expert, Author and Speaker Paul McGuire Threatens to Out the “Anonymous” Author of the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog

And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? Shall they not both fall into the ditch?  Luke 6:39

On November 27, 2015 I received a comment from Paul McGuire on my About Page.  Here is a screen shot of this page with his comment.

Notice the Poor Man’s Copyright to the right of the page which declares twice that Jacquelyn Weaver is the author of the blog Tracking The Leopard Meroz.

Now one of the things Paul McGuire accuses me of  is “I don’t see you giving your real name in your Blog which implies you are hurling the accusations while you yourself have not disclosed who you really are, which means you have something to hide.”  Now when I read this comment to one of my regular readers, there was great hilarity.  This reader  considered replying to Paul McGuire’s comment by pointing out the obvious, “Look over to the right, Jacquelyn Weaver’s name is printed twice, next to your comment!”  But  then this reader read this statement, “Of course I already know you(sp) real name and who you are and something about you because I work with people who provide this information”.  No doubt most of the information these “people” have on me comes straight from my blog. After all, my name is not only disclosed on my Notice of The Poor Man’s Copyright, but it is also shown at the bottom of each post.  Also on my main page I give hyperlinks to my other blogs, which include photos of my house and yard, kitchen, sewing and painting projects, and my style of writing includes much biographical information, including that I live in Purvis, Mississippi.  Aurora Justicia’s Facebook which is linked in one of my articles, shows three actual photos of me, and while I am years older now, I still retain “that look”.

So these brilliant people of Paul McGuire’s are so stupid that they cannot seem to understand that my real name is Jacquelyn Weaver.  And because they are the blind leading the blind, they think I am hiding something.  Paul McGuire is so sure of this conclusion that he thinks he is taking the high road when he states, “If you want to ask me questions publicly and give out your real name and who you are, I will be happy to answer your questions.  But at least I come out an(sp) let people who I am. In contrast, you hide who you are, which speaks volumes”.  Mr. McGuire you have made a real fool of yourself here.  Are you sure that this comment was not posted by one of your stupider employees, who posted it to the wrong blog?  Is this some standard comment you make to anyone who describes facts about you which you refuse to address?

You claim that I am not accurate, which makes my comments a lie, yet you do not cite any particular statement I have made in which you care to refute with “real” facts.  Perhaps you are concerned that some IRS auditor might wonder if you do indeed have a local church which meets the requirements for the IRS tax exemptions.  Why are you not showing me  videos of all of your Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday night church services which show you preaching before a real congregation, and which allow us to view real worship in song and word?  I would be glad to let my readers view a year’s worth of these services, and to also explain to them that I am correcting my “misperceptions” of your so called Senior Pastor ministry of a local congregation.  Please name all of your deacons and trustees as well.  And since you hate anonymity, why not disclose the names and personal information on each of these people which you work with who provide you information? Or are you trying to threaten me with your Bully boys by implying you have something on me which is hidden from the sight of my readers.  I would really like to know what that might be, since your investigation of me is so thorough, that you have convinced yourself that my real name is not my real name.



Six Frogs Over Jerusalem

For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world,
to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.  Revelation 16:14

6 Frogs over Jerusalem

6 Frogs over Jerusalem

We all have our delusions.  For instance, when my husband stands in front of a mirror trimming his beard, he is convinced that he is Sean Connery himself.  And when I whip out the feather duster, I transform into a Ninja goddess, who with cat-like agility, can back flip up onto a counter top to reach the highest cobwebs.  I imagine that Paul McGuire has his delusions also.  Perhaps he is ready for the day when some thug pulls a gun on him.  In response he will whip out his wallet, and display his honorary membership in the Black Panthers Party, as the robber backs off in total awe.

Paul McGuire is even ready if Jesus comes back today.  He will whip out a signed copy of his latest book, The Babylon Code,  due to come out October 6, 2015, and when the Lord retorts, “I never knew you”, he will point out that he, Paul McGuire, received an endorsement from Pat Boone. Who?, I can imagine Jesus will ask.  Well, recent rumors  declared that Pat Boone had died, but now he seems to have been brought  back from the dead.  Here is his endorsement of The Babylon Code,  Would you listen to a Bible prophet if he wrote you today?  Well, Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson are legitimately an “Isaiah and Jeremiah” for today!  They know God, they hear his voice, and they read the signs all around us.  We’re absolute fools not to pay heed.

Wow, today’s Isaiah and Jeremiah!!!!

On October 22, 2014, the world was informed in an article entitled, Paul McGuire Live Jerusalem God TV Prophecy Show Paul McGuire, that “Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist, Troy Anderson is writing a major story on this for one of the most influential magazines in the U. S. – more info on that to come!  Paul McGuire: I just got back from Jerusalem where I was seeking the Lord at the Wailing Wall and did a live broadcast with God TV where God TV co-founder Wendy Alec, announced that God TV was going full speed ahead with the major prophecy TV show series that I will be hosting and producing for God TV.  The show will feature Bible prophecy teachers like Chuck Missler, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn of the Harbinger, LA Marzulli, Tom Horn, Gary Stearman, Bob Ulrich, many of the PITN/Pike’s Peak Prophecy Summit teachers, “Doc” Beshore, Tim LaHaye, Bill Salus, Chris Putnam, Steve Quayle, Jack Hayford, Stan Deyo, Presidents, Prime Ministers, top military generals, scientists, Hollywood celebrities who follow Paul McGuire’s prophecy teaching and many, many others!”

So Paul McGuire, Steve Quayle, Stan Deyo, Tom Horn, Chris Putnam, and LA Marzulli will be like 6 frogs holding hands in a sky jump over Jerusalem!!! Hey Hagmann and Hagmann, better start speaking prophetic utterances, or you will be left behind.  Do you know who else is on (God forbid), GOD TV?  Benny Hinn, that crook and false healer, and of course, John Hagee, who has declared that Jews are saved by their special DNA and covenant with God in the Old Testament.  Jesus is for Gentiles, not Jewish blue bloods. The owners of GOD TV also backed that rascal Todd Bentley and his infamous revivals, where he kicked some old lady, cheated on his wife, and spewed out his demonic frogisms. Paul McGuire now can be seen on his own show on GOD TV, called The Apocalypse and The End Times.

Notice the Eye, I mean I of Paul McGuire

Notice the Eye, I mean, the I of Paul McGuire

So what does Jerusalem think about all this? Well The Jerusalem Post posted an article by Steve Linde on May 26, 2007 called, Live from Jerusalem, it’s GOD TV  Linde’s final sentence says, “Britain’s Channel 4 has reportedly commissioned a critical, hour-long investigative documentary about GOD TV, due to be aired later this week.” Since Linde was discussing GOD TV’s detractors, this report was probably not flattering.

On December 6, 2010, Richard Silverstein wrote an article called Isaiah Weeps:  Jewish National Fund, GOD-TV Erase Bedouin Village to Bring Jesus’ Second Coming.  Isaiah weeps?  Did he mean Paul McGuire? No,  Israel still thinks of the original Isaiah when they hear that name mentioned.   A second witness to this tragedy is Jonathan Cook who wrote an article dated December 28, 2010 for Counter Punch, called GOD-TV helps Israel Oust BedouinsForget small numbers. Don’t worry if a little Bedouin village is wiped out with the money you have sent to GOD TV.  No blood on your hands, right? What GOD TV  is fighting is The Battle for 1 Billion Souls.  Send more money now, quick!!

As Paul McGuire’s blog exhorts us, “Pray for us as millions of souls will be won to Jesus Christ with the most powerful series of Bible prophecy TV show programs ever aired on a television network!  Paul McGuire (says) The prophecy programs I will be hosting and producing for God TV will be very powerful and cutting edge prophecy programs… the kind of powerful programs that will draw in unbelievers by the millions around the world!  I believe that these prophetic programs will ignite the fires of a Biblical revival, where Biblical truth is proclaimed and where God’s people will be taught the prophetic Word, exhorted to repent and cry out to God in a manner rarely heard over TV and radio….When you stop playing church and obey the Lord and get on the front lines of a spiritual battle, you need intercessory prayer warriors to stand in the Gap for you!”

I for one will be standing in the gap, praying and interceding for those souls who are trodden under foot by GOD TV and its false prophets.

You dare to demand that we stop playing church, Mr. McGuire??  Well, when do you start playing church, Mr. Senior Pastor of the Mailbox Church? Your voice must be getting a little croaky from all those exhortations echoing from within your UPS mailbox, as you count up your tax exempt donations.


Paul McGuire, Senior Pastor of the Mailbox Church

I have begun to study Paul McGuire, and the twists and turns to his saga are many, so let us begin at the beginning.  Let this be Part One, or rather let us start by looking at one tiny facet of this Rhinestone Cowboy, who appears to live on Stevenson Ranch, California.  While he is beloved by many Hagmann and Hagmann listeners, and endorsed by Steve Quayle,  I find him to be the Big Snooze,  whether his voice is carried  on radio, or whether his good looks are displayed on a video. But after all, what is my little opinion?  Paul Mcguire is the Senior Pastor of Paradise Mountain Church International.paul mcguire

This church has an EIN Number 90-0486140 and was registered with the California Secretary of State on January 28, 2009 under file C3188770. When I went into Google maps to view the address of registration, it appeared to be a residence, perhaps where Paul McGuire lives with his congregation in a home church consisting of his family, and maybe a dog, cat or parakeet.

Paradise Mountain Church International has its own website, which was created on December 13, 2006, and registered at the same residential address in Stevenson Ranch, California. And so, we must rely on the information on this webpage to provide us insight into Paul McGuire’s church vision.

The first thing we notice on the home page is that PMIC is “A local church celebrating God’s love with an emphasis on the prophetic word.”  Below this is featured the scripture verse, 2 Chronicles 7:14, which on the left side bar says, “If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  Remember the capitalized  word My, you will need this information later.

On the left side we are given the physical address of Paradise Mountain Church International as 25876 The Old Road #136, Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381.  In the main body of this page we are welcomed with the greeting, “Paradise Mountain Church International is a local church with regular meetings, where we worship the Lord, teach the Bible, pray for the sick, and minister to the needy, elderly and widows.  We celebrate the love of Jesus with all people and welcome them into our family no matter what race, ethnicity, or where they are on their spiritual journey.”

This introduction continues, “On July 23, our Senior Pastor Paul McGuire gave one of the most important prophetic messages of his ministry, entitled, “America’s Future”, sponsored by Paradise Mountain Church International.  Please be sure to check back regularly for upcoming meetings in 2015!”

Well, I am eager to find out why he refers to the services of this church as meetings, rather than services, so I go to Google maps and enter the address given and discover a shopping mall, which is a short drive from the residential address.  I look around but cannot locate where #136 is.  I email a friend who is quicker at these things than me, and she tells me to enter the address into the search engine, and what pops up is the UPS Store!!!  So Senior Pastor McGuire has a mailbox church?  In case you think I am mistaken, here is what Paul McGuire’s blog has to say on this stevenson ranch

He wrote on June 2, 2014, “As many of you know we have been holding regular local meetings since around 2007.  We are in the process of putting up a new website and communicating to people interested in the church through social media.  We will continue to make the times of the meetings available through websites and social media dedicated to that purpose.  We have been holding meetings at a local church, but we have decided not to promote the name of that church to the general public.  They are a completely distinct and separate ministry.  Unfortunately, a few people would call them and burden their staff with questions and in some cases were rude.  This is unacceptable for true Christians to do.  As such, we are not setting up distinct internet information for the church.  Please keep us in your prayers.  God is doing great things!”

So there was someone out there who wanted to attend Paradise Mountain Church International, and no one would tell them when the service was scheduled to meet. They probably checked the address at the shopping mall and found that there were no church services going on in the mailbox.  Most likely when they began to suspect that this church was an internet illusion, and the only reality of it happened to be that you could put money in the plate as it passed by, they got miffed and were as rude and as unchristian as Jesus was, when he overturned the moneychanger’s tables.

To remedy this matter, Paul McGuire created a Facebook page for Paradise Mountain Church International.  He posted on June 2, 2014 that this site was “dedicated to the mission and activities of the ministry and not just one individual.  We will be posting all the info you need in (sp) soon!”  Excited by this prospect, a very nice looking woman commented on June 10, 2014,”Please post your sermons and Thank You!”  Yes, I too would like to hear the church sermons made public, which supposedly were given at some secret church compound, hidden from the general masses of people by which, incidentally,  Jesus Christ had bled and died for.

Well, why don’t we continue back to the Church website and see who the deacons, elders, and ministers of Paul McGuire’s “We” language, which he uses when speaking of this church. I go to the About Us Page, and we find a write-up of Paul McGuire, Senior Pastor. We find that he is a “licensed minister through both Paradise Mountain International Church and the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.”

Now when my internet friend read this, she nearly fell over laughing, because as she had observed, he had ordained himself at the church he had created!  Now I cannot discover any other ministerial staff at Paradise Mountain Church International, other than  I, Me, Myself, and Mine, Mine, Mine.  But don’t worry.  None of these dignitaries, including the dog, the cat, and the parakeet have any intention of letting you into their secret private church services.  We are told by Paul McGuire himself that Paul McGuire (I, Me, and Myself) is a “professor and taught at Jack Hayford’s King’s College and Seminary for over 20 years, until the school located to Texas.  His ministry has been publicly endorsed by Jack Hayford, Francis Schaeffer, Edith Schaeffer, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, James and Shirley Dobson, Dr. D. J. James Kennedy, and Pastor Chuck Smith, the late Dr. Bill Bright and many others.”

So Paul McGuire could care less what you think of him.  Think I am kidding? Here is a screen shot of Paul McGuire’s answer to a letter written to him and posted in his Mailbag at   In his answer, he snidely asks the letter writer, “What respected Christian leaders endorse you?”  So much for the least esteemed of the church being able to judge matters in the church. And in case you happen to disagree with the letter writer’s thoughts, how come Paul McGuire never reproves Steve Quayle for putting his personal opinions on the same level as prophecy?   Oh, yeah, that’s different.   Steve Quayle is endorsed by the same folks who endorse Paul McGuire.

paul mcguire mailbag