Robert David Steele v. Jason Goodman Document 111: Intervenor-Applicant David Sweigert Answers Negron’s Response in Opposition

On May 13, 2019, Document 111 was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond, Division in the Robert David Steele, et. al. vs. Jason Goodman, et. al. lawsuit.

Document 111 (43 pages)  Answer to Defendant Negron’s Response In Opposition By Intervenor-Applicant   RDS doc 111 May 13 2019


The Tidal Wave Hits the Beachhead: Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman – Documents 93 & 94 & 95

On April 11, 2019,  Documents 93 (plus exhibits),  94, and 95 were filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division, in the Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman defamation lawsuit.

Document 93 (54 pages) Amended Motion to Intervene by Intervenor-Applicant Sweigert    rds doc 93 April 11 2019

Document 93-1 (1 page) Exhibits Certification  rds 93 1 exhibits certification April 11 2019

Document 93-2 (2 pages) Exhibit 1-A  rds 93 2 exhibit 1 A April 11 2019

Document 93-3 (3 pages)  Exhibit 1-B  rds 93 3 exhibit 1 B April 11 2019

Document 93-4 (2 pages) Exhibit 1-C  rds 93 4 exhibit 1 C April 11 2019

Document 93-5 (2 pages) Exhibit 1-D  rds 93 5 exhibit 1 D April 11 2019

Document 93-6 (5 pages0 Exhibit 1-E  rds 93 6 exhibit 2 April 11 2019

Document 93-7  (3 pages)  Exhibit 3  rds 93 7 exhibit 3 April 11 2019

Document 93-8  (8 pages) Exhibit 4  rds 93 8 exhibit 4 April 11 2019

Document 93-9  (6 pages)  Exhibit 5  rds 93 9 exhibit 5

Document 93-10 (3 pages)  Exhibit 6-A  rds 93 10 exhibit 6A April 11 2019

Document 93-11 (5 pages) Exhibit 6-B  rds doc 93 11 exhibit 6B April 11 2019

Document 93-12 (8 pages)  Exhibit 6-C  rds 93 12 exhibit 6C April 11, 2019

Document 93-13 (5 pages) Exhibit 6-D  rds doc 93 13 exhibit 6D April 11 2019

Document 93-14  (11 pages)  Exhibit 7  rds 93 14 exhibit 7 april 11 2019

Document 93-15  (9 pages)  Exhibit 8  rds doc 93 15 exhibit 8

Document 94 (27 pages) Memorandum of Law to Support Intervenor Applicant’s Amended Motion to Intervene  rds doc 94 April 11 2019

Document 95 (23 pages)  Patricia A. Negron’s Answer & Affirmative Defenses to the Amended Complaint  rds doc 95 April 11 2019 Patricia Negron Answer

FYI: Robert David Steele Lawsuit Updates

The three documents recently submitted to the court:

4/11/2018 Document 38 Order that the Court grants 36 Motion to Amend.  To the extent necessary the Court Denies as Moot Negron’s 21 Motion to dismiss.

linked here:   rds 411 2018 doc 38

4/13/2018 Document 39 Amended Complaint against all defendants, filed by RDS
linked here:  rds 413 2018 doc 39

4/17/2018 Document 40 Proposed Summons re 39 Amended Complaint (Request for Issuance of Summons to Susan A. Lutzke) by Robert David Steele

linked here:  rds 417 2018 doc 40



FYI: Robert David Steele lawsuit: Filed 11/20/2017 Plaintiff’s Memorandum In Opposition to Negron’s Motion To Dismiss

rds lawsuit 1120 2017

Click on the above link to read Plaintiff’s Memorandum In Opposition To Defendant, Patricia A. Negron’s Rule 12(b) (6) Motion to Dismiss.

Of interest is that Robert David Steele argues that he is not a public figure.  Also note the use of the word co-conspirator.  It is argued that Negron is responsible for Goodman and Queen Tut’s defamation, as well as her own words.


FYI: Robert David Steele lawsuit update on Patricia Negron

November 8, 2017 Defendant Patricia A. Negron’s Memorandum of Law in Support of Motion to Dismiss The Complaint    (click on pdf link below)

earth intelligence networks negron motion to dismiss

Also of interest is that a certificate of service shows that Queen Tut’s legal name is Susan A. Lutzke of Fort Collins, Colorado

FYI: The Federal Lawsuit-Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network vs Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron and Queen Tut

a link to which has published a copy of this lawsuit

As I see anything of interest on this lawsuit, I may update this page with my comments:

9/5/2017  I had used my PACER account to try to locate the case number of this lawsuit, but did not find a record of it. What I thought was that it had not posted in the system because of the Labor Day Weekend.  However, Jason Goodman posted a comment on last night’s Crowdsourcing The Truth, with regard to Robert David Steele’s “lawsuit” saying that, “I noticed he has stopped saying he’s “filed” a federal lawsuit, now he just states that he’s posted it to the internet.  With this maneuver, RDS has committed yet another common law intentional tort called abuse of process in his ongoing campaign to harass and defame me and CSTT.  It is a fake lawsuit from a real idiot.  Feel free to email me truth.”

Yesterday, I had printed off a copy of this lawsuit to take a closer look at the details.  I have yet to read the entire complaint, except in a general manner.  I had wondered why the images of Patricia Negron’s twitter account did not provide the date stamp, and was going to go over all the details as time permitted.

If this is a fake lawsuit, it has the name of an attorney and his address, as counsel for the Plaintiff on the last page. I am going to wait and see if this lawsuit was filed, but not posted to the records yet because of the long weekend.

9/6/2017 Robert David Steele has updated his post on this lawsuit to include the case number and Judge.  See below:Thus, the other night when Jason Goodman was referring to this lawsuit as a fake, he was displaying his ignorance of the time period which exists between the electronic filing of a Federal lawsuit by an attorney, and the official acknowledgement of that lawsuit by the court when they assign a case number and judge.  Now it is just a matter of time before the defendants are given official notice of this lawsuit, which has been filed against them in a Federal court.

Here is a screenshot of this case in the Federal court system.  (If you do not have a PACER account, and desire to register for one,  what is required is a credit card.  Each document which you search for is assigned a cost, such as 10 cents per page, and a statement is sent out quarterly to your email. If the total is less than $15/quarter, the charge is FREE.  Your credit card is only charged if the total goes over the limit.  I have been able to view numerous legal documents for free as I stay under the $15 limit.)As one can see, Robert David Steele did not lie that his lawsuit had been filed at the time of his September 2, 2017 post, and Jason Goodman has made further statements which can be used against him in this case, it would appear.  Queen Tut has stated in a CSTT video that she is not the person identified in the lawsuit as Carla A. Howell, so it will be interesting to see how that issue is resolved in the future.

This is the statement which Jason Goodman made at the 30.06 mark of the September 5, 2017 “Hudson Live” video on his YouTube channel, Crowdsource The Truth.

“Now I don’t want to redirect us to something that seems much less important, but you know Queen Tut, you and I, have taken a fair amount of heat for our feud that’s ongoing with Mr. Robert David Steele.  And you know the reason why I’ve taken that as seriously as I have is that I think Robert David Steele’s actions are a model, you know he’s playing right out of the same playbook that the rest of these other operators play out of.  And although he’s you know operating on a much smaller level he’s till trying to steal money from people, lie to us about what he intends to do with it you know, lollygag around and you know, crash an RV, rather than actually engaging in real election reform.”

“And you know that’s the reason why I want to shine a light on his activities even in the things that he’s done in the most recent days he went out on Friday night before the ah, the Labor Day Weekend, at a time of the evening where it seemed like I might not be putting on a Crowdsource The Truth broadcast, and I was very preoccupied maybe it was Saturday, I don’t remember, exactly when it was but I believe I was coming back from Washington DC, I was speaking to you, I was speaking to Mr. Hudson, trying to manage a lot of different things and he put out a statement that he had filed a Federal lawsuit against us.  Now that’s very specific language, the action of filing a lawsuit is a legal action, and he did not actually do that so again he has lied to the people.  He simply typed up a document in Microsoft Word in the format of a legal complaint and released it to the internet and in doing that and in claiming he had filed a Federal lawsuit, he was actually committing the civil tort of abuse of process…”

Jason Goodman gets into trouble with his own words, for the simple fact that he does not do the simple things which the average person would do to know what the truth of a situation really is.  Most adults, if they had read a published report of a lawsuit which named them as defendants, would either call the plaintiff, if they were personally acquainted with them, or the attorney whose phone number is noted on the last page of the lawsuit, and get clarification.   But because it was a 3 day weekend, when business offices are shut down, one might also ask an acquaintance familiar with law procedures, or check civil law procedures on the internet to find a reasonable explanation why the lawsuit was not yet seen on the Federal Court records. Now it sounds like Jason Goodman might have talked with someone who told him about abuse of process; however, the practical details of the real world were not considered. Did Jason Goodman even read the entire lawsuit?  He accused Steele of faking this lawsuit, when the actual draft of it displayed the name of the attorney who wrote it.

Even though Robert David Steele did not lie about filing his lawsuit, it would appear that he enjoys “gaming” his adversaries. Thus he published a draft of the complaint and published it on the internet, prior to the defendants being given the courtesy of reading it first before the public did.

This could get interesting; however, most lawsuits are drawn out affairs because of legal procedures which require each party time to answer.  Therefore in this day and age of the short attention span, many will lose interest in this quickly.