The Shield of the Leopard Mega

And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.”  Daniel 7:20 posted a reprint of an article which appeared in the August 31, 2001 issue of Executive Intelligence Report,  by Jeffrey Steinberg, entitled, “Israeli  Spies:  ‘Mega Was Not An Agent; Mega Was The Boss“.  The Mega referred to here, is a group of powerful wealthy men who “agreed to launch a PR program under the Orwellian codename of ‘Truth’ with the purpose of influencing American public opinion regarding Israeli policies”.

In tracking the leopard Meroz, who is a Master of the Balances and of the numbering of the Scriptures, I repeatedly run into a Number translated as Mega, Master of the Order of the Leopard Meroz, Mossad Black Ops of Israel.  Thus I found Jeffrey Steinberg’s article interesting.

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The Pioneer of Alternative Media: War by Deceit?

Recently I have been studying the hierarchy of power in the Alternative Media, and have thus noted the central figure of Steve Quayle and his connections.  One of the complaints made by internet bloggers critiquing the various radio shows such as Hagmann and Hagmann, or Alex Jones, etc. is the pro-Israel bias present which results in a lack of analysis of the actions of Israel and of the Mossad.

The above article mentions a PR program codenamed Truth, so I thought I would meander over to Rick Wiles website, TRUNEWS, which advertises itself as The Real News, Uncensored.  TRUNEWS, according to its Facebook page, is a non-profit organization.  It proclaims to be “the news network that is reporting the countdown to the second coming of Jesus Christ.” The founder and President of this organization, Rick Wiles, was once the Director of Marketing for Paul Crouch’s Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

According to LinkedIn, “Rick Wiles is the father of ‘citizen reporting’.  He pioneered alternative media long before the arrival of blogs and podcasts. On May 24, Trunews started its 16th consecutive year of news reporting.  The program is heard on the internet,, three powerful worldband shortwave radio stations, and 50,000 watt KBXD in Dallas/Fort Worth.  Trunews has an extremely loyal audience around the world.  The program is 100% listener-supported.  Trunews owns a 11,000 square foot office building in Vero Beach, Fl where it produces its daily newscast.”

“Guests include members of the US Congress, members of the European Parliament, members of the British Parliament,scientists, astronauts, climatologists, billionaires, investors, top-selling authors, and retired US generals. Respected guests include billionaire Jim Rogers,….”.

Billionaires?  Perhaps Mega is among them.

Rick Wiles does not mention that he is also the Senior Pastor of the Flowing Streams Church.  On April 4, 2014 he created a website called with  domain registration ID #1,853,368,430,  which is paid up till 2016.  I tried to access this website both on the address bar of my computer, and on a search engine, but could not locate it. Perhaps it is hiding on the Dark Web, of which I have only heard rumors about. What pops up instead is the TRUNEWS site; specifically, its Support page.  So that it does not escape our attention, The Home page, at the very top, has a message which reads, “Rick needs your support in May!  Give a generous gift to Trunews”.

The Support page shows that”Flowing Streams (WRMI)” is a World Band Radio Station with the shortwave frequencies 7455 and 5850.  There are sections with instructions on how to give stocks, bequests, and precious metals.  Under bequests, they give examples of giving cash, a percentage of the estate, and contingency bequests.  One such example is “I bequeath the sum of $25,000 to Trunews-Flowing Streams Church, Vero Beach, Fl”.  I am beginning to comprehend the image of flowing streams.

What Rick Wiles does not tell you is that if you donate money and question how it was spent, or if you are a critic of him, he will threaten to sue you.  For more on this, go to  Click on Wolves, then Wolf Reports and look at the right hand column for “Rick Wiles/Truenews”.  All the warnings are worthy of a read, but look especially at the posts entitled, Wiles threatens Critic, Former Donor with Lawsuit, Wiles Answers Critics but Questions Remain, and Rick Wiles Responds to Allegations of Wrongdoing.  Steve Lumbley, the author of Apostacy Watch, brings up some interesting questions about the tax exempt status of TruNews and Flowing Streams Church. And lastly, read the article, Forget Everything I’ve Ever Told You.  God has Given Me Another 17 Years.  The final point made in that post is that while Rick Wiles was telling everyone to leave America, he had just purchased his 11,000 square foot building in Florida.

On November 7, 2014, in the Q-Alerts sections of, an urgent prayer request asking for protection for Rick Wiles was issued, after Steve Quayle had received a disturbing phone call from Rick.  The next day Rick Wiles sent out a long email to tens of thousands of his friends and followers, the entirety of which is found at Proof the Bible is, in a 11/8/2014 posting entitled, Is Truenews’ headquarters under surveillance? (Use their search box for Rick Wiles, and the article will be easy to find).

Rick Wiles, in his email, described the seclusion of the Trunews location, which is also displayed in his many photos.  He notes that “the only people ever in the cul-de-sac are lost tourists turning around to get back to the interstate”. He goes on to say, “For the past six months vehicles park for hours every weekday with their vehicle pointed towards the Trunews building”.

Interestingly, they always park in the same location. When Rick Wiles investigated this zone, he found a Wi-Fi hotspot identified as “Interstate 3”.  Then on the previous Friday, Wiles noted that a sequence of four vehicles parked in the same spot throughout the day, and he took photos of them.  The fourth vehicle was an SUV belonging to Florida State troopers.

He goes on to tell the reader, “The good news is that the mysterious breaking and entering intrusions into our offices appear to have stopped.  For months there were clear signs somebody was entering the building.  We found ceiling tiles moved, ceiling attic doors hanging open, and some doors unlocked.  Nothing was ever stolen or moved.”

“I changed the locks and security access codes multiple times throughout the summer.  They continued to enter as though they walked through the walls.  Furthermore, our security cameras stopped recording at certain hours during the night.  Obviously, the intruders were people with advanced skills and technologies to enable them to evade detection.”

The intrusions ended after Rick Wiles stated on radio that he would be waiting in his office after hours with a gun. Then unusual activity in his home began every day that week, as his family were out of the country, leaving the house vulnerable while Wiles was at work.  After stating for the record that he is being stalked and is under surveillance and that Psy-ops are being used against him, Rick Wiles  declares “Somebody wants me off radio”.

Now who would want to investigate Senior Pastor Rick Wiles, and his Trunews Flowing Streams Church?  Perhaps the IRS?  Usually they send a letter first asking to see your records.  The Chamber of Commerce of Vero Beach says on the internet that Trunews has an “Exact Sales Volume” of 1,000,000,000.  On another internet site, Trunews annual revenues are listed as $89,000.  Perhaps this should be called the Case of the Missing $999,911,000.  On the other hand, robbers may have thought that Rick Wiles had been hiding money in his attics and behind the ceiling tiles of his various offices.  Maybe Mega is not happy with TRUNEWS, and does want him off the air.  Who knows?  Perhaps it is all a made-up ruse to fool his listeners.

Does Trunews really qualify as a non-profit organization? Does Flowing Streams Church really qualify as a church, either by IRS definition, or by Biblical definitions?  I checked out the Indian River County, Florida Property Appraiser public records for 9045 Americana Way, Vero Beach. In March 2015, Rick Wiles sold three of his office condos to the Florida Bible Institute & Seminary, Inc. which reduced his 10,579 square footage by 2,931 sq. feet.  The tax office gives Rick Wiles a very nice break on his taxes.  I cannot tell what he used as his legal name as Grantor on the Warranty Deeds.  But I find it interesting that the tax office addresses Rick Wiles as Senior Pastor and President of Flowing Streams Church D/B/A Trunews.

On the Florida Department of State website, I can find no record of the registration of Trunews as a Ficticious Name.  And I can find no record of the registration of  Trunews as a non-profit corporation.  Over at, Steve Lumbley kept asking Rick Wiles to show a 990 form as proof that Flowing Streams Church and Trunews, as a “non-profit”, were eligible for IRS tax privileges. No documentation was ever presented, and is not evident on the TRUNEWS website.  It would appear that the property and flowing streams of monies go into the accounts of Rick Wiles as sole proprietor, if proper legal documents have not been established to form a corporate entity. In The Founding Church of Scientology vs. U.S.,412 F.2d 1197 (Ct.c11969) the statement was made that “IRC 501(c)(3) clearly precludes exemption for all organizations (churches and religious organizations too) whose net earnings inure to the benefit of a private shareholder or individual”. If Flowing Streams Church is not a 501 (c)(3) church, then it is not eligible for exemption from taxes, and if Trunews has not been legally registered as a non-profit in Florida, nor with the IRS, I fail to understand on what basis the Trunews properties are entitled to a reduced tax rate.

I Thessalonians 5:22 commands Christians to “Abstain from all appearance of evil”.  2 Corinthians 8:21 speaks of this also, saying, “Providing for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men”.  Because Rick Wiles, as Senior Pastor of Flowing Streams church and President of Trunews, disregards the most basic tenants of Christian guilelessness, I cannot believe that he is truly looking forward to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Around the time of the parking lot troubles, we find that Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, and Pastor David Lankford were on TruNews (1105,1117,& 1119 2014).  Did they inquire into what is truly going on with the integrity of the ministry of Rick Wiles? Or do they serve as the Shield of the Leopard Mega, that King and Chief Prince of Deception?  Someday the books will be opened, and we will know what the Truth of these matters really is.