The Allurement of Ticket # 726479: Who’s Courting Her Now?

For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.  Proverbs 8:11

Three months ago on January 22, 2019, the Jericho Dee YouTube channel published a video, Jason Goodman & Kevin Marsden (Warsaw Kev):  An explanation of “what happened“. In this  eleven minute documentary/commentary, Jericho Dee displays the stark contrast between Kevin Marsden’s methods of investigative reporting with Jason Goodman’s presentation of information on his Crowdsource the Truth show. 

The short dialogue shown below between Jason Goodman (Crowdsource the Truth) and Kevin Marsden (Kevin Alan Marsden YT channel) illustrates that very difference, as noted by Jericho Dee.  If you are unfamiliar with the ongoing back story, it is worth your time to view the entire video.

Jason Goodman:  (5.57)  …so, so, so, okay.  You’re saying Field (McConnell) and David (Hawkins) are lying to me.

Kevin Marsden:  Misinformation.  I’m a Crowdsource the Truth fan, okay?  I follow you.  I watch you religiously.

Jason Goodman: OK.  And I’m not trying to be accusatory, but just you know..

Kevin Marsden:  I saw this video just not so long ago.  When I saw that,  I knew this was wrong.  That’s why I contacted you, like I said, check it out.  Now I mean-like I said, Jason, I’m not here to cause a problem..

Jason Goodman:  No, no, I hear you, I understand Kevin.  Listen, I can’t check it out.  I can put this out and let, you know, thousands of people check it out.

This process of vetting information as being the responsibility of the viewers of Crowdsource the Truth, rather than by Jason Goodman and his guests, is a wide departure from the standard rules of sound journalism.  Nearly a year ago, I discussed this irresponsible style of broadcast journalism in my June 6, 2018 article which can be read here in this link, Jason Goodman and Crowdsource the Truth:  The Fallacy of No Fault Journalism.

Jason Goodman is deeply lacking in wisdom about his accountability for his own words.

This lack of wisdom is evident if one reads the documents submitted in the two federal civil lawsuits which were filed against Goodman: in particular, Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network vs. Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron and Queen Tut aka Susan A. Lutzke (September 1, 2017) and D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman (June 14, 2018). The documents for both lawsuits can be read on this blog, if one clicks on the Categories drop down box on the far righthand column.

In recent months, Kevin Marsden has been researching the credentials and the reverse engineered crime scene investigations of one of Jason Goodman’s repeat guests, David Hawkins. One of those ongoing stories of Hawkins deals with his former Abel Danger partner Field McConnell and their slander against Field’s sister, Kristine Marcy.

Jason’s disdain for Kevin Marsden was noted in the April 11, 2019, Agent Serco-Are There Ethical Hackers? video on the Kevin Alan Marsden YouTube channel.  At the 1.11 mark, an audio of the voice of Jason Goodman is heard to say, “…the reason I completely discounted the corpulent, ignorant, belligerent, Agent Serco, who quite apparently has contacted the Washington Post in order to update this article…”.

At the 1.21 mark, Kevin Marsden aka Agent Serco reacts to Jason Goodman’s assertion by stating, “Oh!  So you are falsely accusing me of contacting the Washington Post with no evidence that I actually contacted the Washington Post.”

Towards the end of Kevin Marsden’s April 11th broadcast, Kevin Marsden at the 13.28 mark reveals that in response to Jason Goodman’s false accusation, “…well, I’ve actually contacted the Washington Post today for the first time.  I’ve given them all the evidence.  I’ve given them all the names…the ticket number is #726479.

#726479 is similar to an alluring, mysterious woman who must be pursued.

What?  Thousands of Crowdsource the Truthers did not rush to investigate #726479? So much for the investigative work of the crowd; no one was interested, it seems.  Perhaps it is because Kevin Marsden is always upfront with his research sources, so why bother?

So Jason Goodman decided to pursue this matter, using his own investigation techniquesHe justifies that action by declaring in his chatroom discussion that  “Social engineers are attack (sp) the main Crowdsource the Truth channel.  I got an email from YouTube this morning, live streaming may be in danger.  Make sure you get on Patreon or SubscribeStar so you don’t miss a show.”

In two other comments, Jason Goodman states, “Social Engineers are filing false complaints against Crowdsource the Truth with everyone they can.”, adding “A network of malicious social engineers is trying to take out Crowdsource the Truth with lies and slander.”

I am not sure what qualifies one to be accused of being a Social Engineer, so I listened to the April 12, 2019, 8.34 minute audio recording of Jason Goodman’s phone conversation with the Washington Post.

In transcribing this audio, I interpreted  partially unclear words, by using the context of the message. Comments inserted in this transcription by Tracking the Leopard Meroz are noted in maroon italics.

Washington Post:  To speak to a service agent, say agent.

Jason Goodman:  Agent.

Washington Post:  …or press zero. ring….

Washington Post Agent:  Thank you for calling the Washington Post.  How can I help you?

[Note that Jason Goodman is talking to a low-level customer service agent, and not to someone on a management level. A few persons listening to the audio noted that the service agent had an accent, and at times she was unclear in what information Jason Goodman was requesting.]

Jason Goodman:  May I give you a ticket number for a previous call?

[Jason Goodman does not identify himself to the service agent.  What he does is show that he is familiar with a particular ticket number, and the clerk wrongly assumes he originated that communication with the Washington Post. Note her confirmation of this at the 2.04 mark.]

WP Agent:  Uhhh, sure, what’s the ticket number?

Jason Goodman:  The Ticket Number is BLEEP.

[Jason Goodman bleeps out the ticket number on his audio recording for some unknown reason.  As noted earlier in this article, Kevin Marsden publicly stated what the ticket number is that was tagged to his communication with the Washington Post.]

WP Agent:  Now let me check here.  Okay, so ummm, so how can you help you with this?

Jason Goodman: well…

WP Agent: about the article?

Jason Goodman:  Right.  What have you got there associated with that ticket number?   Could you just read that back to me?

WP Agent:  Hmmm, let me just check here. I don’t see any other tickets on this email.

Jason Goodman:  Sorry, let me clarify.  Not other tickets, but when I give you that number, does it give you a description of the existing complaint and what’s been done, etc.

WP Agent:  Uh, no.  It’s still on queue.  This is um, this has been forwarded to um our um main office and there’s still uh, they’re still checking on this.

Jason Goodman:  Does it give you a description of what..

WP Agent:  Again?

Jason Goodman:  Sorry.

WP Agent:  Um, the title of this is, “I have information…”.  Is this correct?

Jason Goodman:  Right.  That email, is there, can you read me that email or can you forward me that email?

WP Agent:  Oh yeah, It’s regarding an article that has been tampered with by a pair of individuals using your paper to promote vile and degrading attacks on Kristine M-A-R-C-Y, is this correct? on March 25th?

Jason Goodman:  yeah, yeah, please go on.

WP Agent: (2.04)  This year the article has been corrected and it, there is a link- the Washington Post Stockholm link, and now I  will link 3 sites regarding the fake article.  Okay, so you gave us um links, and…

[The Washington Post Agent is under the impression that the caller is the person who sent the email identified as ticket #726479.  And as we see, Jason Goodman does not reveal his identity until two minutes later, at the 4.13 mark]

Jason Goodman:  Is that the whole–right the other links are there and then does the email go on?  I just want to make sure they’ve got it all recorded along with this ticket number.

WP Agent:  Ok, so let me read it through, so the main person is Mr. David Hawkins, a resident of in Canada who pushes this with Mr. Jason Goodman out of New York who runs a psych site Crowdsourcing the Truth and then there is a YouTube link.  the US okay, so the other originator is one- Mr. Field McConnell of Abel Danger.  Here I will link a video link.  So there is a link.  It’s a Vimeo link.  And then, the other thing to note is that Mr. Goodman and Mr. Hawkins are using copyrighted material of a company Certi Path or certain path in order to promote false, fake and dangerous allegations.  Then there is a link for

Jason Goodman:  (3.10)  Yep.

WP Agent:  And then this alt right media group Crowdsource the Truth -it’s also affiliated to Laura Loomer and Larry Klayman.  It is in your interest to have your legal team as well as a cybercrime-cyber crime unit of the above group.  I hope you realized this is about (hunger initiative fame and music) (words unclear) smear campaign against Kristine Marcy.  Then there’s a screenshot.

Jason Goodman:  And is it, that it?

WP Agent:  Yes.

Jason Goodman:  OK and is this signed?  Salutation from someone?

WP Agent:  Yes, it has, this has been forwarded to our main office.

Jason Goodman:  OK.

WP Agent:  directed to our main offices..

Jason Goodman:  But the author of this email has included the email address and the name, or no?

WP Agent:  Yes. Let me just check.  The email address came from BLEEP dot ? UK.

Jason Goodman: (4.13) mm huh, OK.  So that’s it?  That’s everything? I’m Jason Goodman.  I’m the person this email is written about.  The sender was an individual named Kevin Marsden who is harassing and stalking me online.  So I want to add to this ticket, so that when the legal department call me.

[Jason Goodman finally identifies himself as NOT the originator of the #726479 communication, but as the subject of the email.  He has requested the identification of the email address, when he already knows from Kevin Marsden’s video who sent the email.]

WP Agent:  OK.

Jason Goodman: I want to provide them with all the information of what’s actually happening.  Is that all right?  Can we do…

WP Agent:  Well, yes, that’s fine actually.  We can go ahead and ask our main office to contact you regarding this.

Jason Goodman:  Yes, that would be great.  Thank you.

WP Agent:  OK, so I’ll just ask, OK, so the name here.  You are Mr. um Jason Goodman, right?

Jason Goodman:  Yes, I am the owner of Crowdsource the Truth and I am the person who has been producing broadcasts about this article that was written in August of 1979 about Kristine Marcy written by, I believe, the author’s name was Judy Mann, or Judy Dunn, something like that.  And I’ve obtained the microfilm of the original 1979 newspaper which refutes everything this person is saying.

Now this contact to the Washington Post is only the latest measure, this person has taken to harass, defame, and otherwise you know do his little routine to try to upset me, but I definitely want to engage the legal department of the Washington Post because you know, this is uh, this is a serious matter and you know for people to be making accusations and presenting them to third parties in this way and certainly with regard to Certipath, I’ve been in touch with their CEO and I have his, in addition to my use of their infographic being covered by the fair use doctrine of the Communications Decency Act, section 230, I have explicit permission from the CEO of Certipath to use it in the way that we’re using I, so this is an individual who just watches my show on the internet and for whatever reason doesn’t like, he’s..

WP Agent:  umm..

Jason Goodman:  he’s publicly published homosexual slurs and religious slurs and insults to my family.  I mean this is a truly despicable individual…

[Hmmm, a little hypocrisy here.  Jason Goodman routinely slanders his adversaries with outrageous insults and false accusations.]

WP Agent:  Right.

Jason Goodman: …who I am in the process of taking legal action against and you can see by his dot K email address, he’s a British citizen, so he’s outside the easy reach of United States civil action and he’s part of a larger conspiracy of individuals who have been harassing me, and you know trying to defund my show and it’s a very serious matter so I definitely want to engage the legal department of the Washington Post, and I appreciate your help on the call here. (6.51) [The audio ends at 8.34, but this represents the most important elements of this conversation.]

Courting:  Legal tensions abound

For those who are interested in the follow-up of this exchange,  I recommend viewing Kevin Marsden’s April 13, 2019, video Agent Serco & the GDPRKevin Marsden has had a conversation with the Washington Post about their agent revealing his email address to Jason Goodman, and the legal ramifications of that act.

Without getting into the legal discussion of this ongoing controversy between Jason Goodman and Kevin Marsden, it needs to be noted again that Kevin Marsden provides extensive links in his video descriptions, so that his viewers can double-check his references.  The email which Marsden sent to the Washington Post also contained several links and references to back up his claims.

That contrasts starkly with Jason Goodman’s failure to display in his video descriptions, his source references needed to support the serious allegations he and David Hawkins have made against various persons.  Rather, as seen in this audio recording with the Washington Post agent, Goodman makes numerous statements about those who are harassing him, and he fails to state the reasons why so many persons regard his broadcasts as being defamatory.  However, those reasons have been amply described in detail with source references, by D. George Sweigert, Kevin Marsden, this blog and others.

Further Actions on the Legal Scene

Presently, the defamation lawsuit filed by Robert David Steele has been active because of Intervenor Motions filed by D. George Sweigert. David Hawkins is now being brought into this lawsuit as a potential defendant. In Document 97, the Judge has extended the deadline for the defendants in that case to file their opposition responses, to May 1, 2019.  That Order can be viewed here:  rds doc 97 extention to may 1 2019









Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit: Documents 83 & 84 representing Kevin Marsden Declaration and Sweigert Notification to Canada

On March 28, 2019, two documents were filed in the Robert David Steele, et. al. vs Jason Goodman, et. al. defamation lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division.

Document 83 (14 pages) filed by Kevin Marsden: Statement in Response to “Defendant’s Opposition to the Motion to Intervene” by Non-Party

rds doc 83 march 28 2019

Document 84 (13 pages) filed by D. George Sweigert:  Preliminary Notification to the Government of Canada

rds doc 84 march 28 2019

Steve Outtrim’s Burners.Me Article on the Credentials of David Hawkins

Steve Outtrim has done an excellent rundown on the bona fides of David Hawkins, a  regular guest on Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource the Truth.

The link to Outtrim’s February 13, 2019 article:   Reverse CSBS Investigation: David Hawkins

Just One or Two Observations on this David Hawkins/Jason Goodman Scheme


I had a few minutes in a busy day to take a quick look at the chat room comments on today’s Jason Goodman’s video, Was Sweigert the EVL BAT CAVE Custodian or Key Holder for BAE  Bit-Spread Pentagon Bomb.

In this first screenshot shown above, Joe Napoli commented:  “Wonder if my innocent comments will be screen shotted and posted on chase the leopard Meroz?!! (5 teethy smile faces).

Sure, why not, Joe.  Maybe one day you will demonstrate to us just how innocent your comments really are. 

Another Screenshot of Jason Goodman complaining about spoliation of evidence

Hmmm, I see in the comment below that Jason Goodman was complaining that, “he is attempting to SPOLIATE evidence of harassment (sp)”.  Who is “he”, by the way?But speaking of spoliating evidence, hey David Hawkins, did you catch Kevin Alan Marsden’s YouTube channel today?  It is called, Agent Serco reveals the real David Hawkins.  Marsden reviews the research he has done on your employment and education background, including information received from someone who formerly worked with you. It seems you have tampered with your own history.

However, my favorite part of this video expose was the conclusion.  At the 17.58 mark, Kevin Marsden speaks directly to David Hawkins, saying, “so you did your degree in two years; no, you didn’t.  I have an MA.  No you haven’t.  I went to Oxford.  No, you didn’t.  These are all fictitious embellishments to make yourself something you’re not.” (18.15)

He continues, (18.52) … “evidence is there now.  I’m starting to find even more footprints and yet you have the audacity to turn around and say, well, yes the, the communications are this and this and this without expert knowledge in any of it.  You’ve accused people of the worst crimes in the world with no evidence, no fact-based thing….(19.38) absolutely despicable…”.

Oh no, look at this screenshot!  Michael Barden is making a threat!  Why wasn’t he blocked?  Oh yeah, he is a source of income as a frequent guest on CSTT.

Michael Barden, who identifies himself as a Targeted Individual, left a threat in the chat room of Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource the Truth, saying  “Some day I’m going to have the chance to look Sweigert in the eye.  He’s going to be held responsible for his domestic terrorism.”

What domestic terrorism?  You mean the false accusations of David Hawkins and Jason Goodman?  Recall that Michael Barden  was arrested for “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct with a weapon”. 

This type of threat needs to be taken seriously, and I hope someone filed a police report on that statement. 

Last screenshot showing today’s advertising of how to pay both David Hawkins and Jason Goodman if you want to partake in the continuance of their false accusations. 

You know, this reminds me of a situation that I addressed back in 2016 about another YouTube Alt Media channel. I reminded my readers that 941.18 U. S. C. on the elements of wire fraud includes (1) a scheme to defraud by means of false pretenses, and (2) the defendant’s knowing and willful participation in scheme with intent to defraud, and (3) the use of interstate wire communication to further the scheme (example: the internet).

942 “The Scheme and Artifice to Defraud”, is according to a Department of Justice memo, “to be measured by nontechnical standards and is not restricted by any common-law definition of false pretenses.  “[T]he words to defraud … have the ‘common understanding’ of “wrongdoing one in his property rights by dishonest methods or schemes,” and “usually signify the deprivation of something of value by trick, chicane, or overreaching.”

So let’s see: knowingly creating false credentials for the purposes of false accusation and defamation and asking for money on the internet…wire fraud…and oh, that nasty little terroristic threat…all in a day’s work for Crowdsource the Truth and Reverse Engineering CSI.