D. George Sweigert Adds Exhibits to the RICO Lawsuit against Jason Goodman concerning Suspicious Death of Investigative Journalist Jenny Moore

An August 16, 2018 news story by True Pundit “Investigative Bureau” titled LISTEN:  Haunting Final Interview Surfaces of Dead Journalist Jen Moore; Her Chilling Details of Abuse of Alleged Clinton Rape Victim provides a glimpse into the untimely death of George Webb’s research source Task Force.  Because of these connections, this sad event has been added to the D. George Sweigert v. Jason Goodman RICO lawsuit.

The following screenshots describe the content of the five new public artifacts filed August 17, 2018, as entries 13 and 13-1 on the court docket. These exhibits can be viewed here:  sweigert v goodman entry 13-1