The beginning of the words of his mouth is foolishness: and the end of his talk is mischievous madness.  Ecclesiastes 10:13

It has been two months since I have written anything on the Alternative Media, as I have left off tracking the leopard Meroz, and continued on down the ordinary path of my own life. In this short time slot, I cleaned out my garden beds of winter debris,  planted some flowers and azaleas, threw out piles of notes taken on Alternative Media radio hosts, and made the long  journey, by myself, to Scotland to visit my daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren.

With this last adventure, I encountered many strangers from several nations, on 6 different airplanes, through 3 different airports, two Scottish trains, an Edinburgh city bus, and by car on one lane mountain roads with blind curves and steep cliffs. Scotland is noted for its ultra polite citizens, but I also observed that America’s general populace also retains much civility and humor as it goes about its daily business. After arriving back home, I picked strawberries from my garden and looked over my peach tree which now has lovely ripening fruit.

Then I opened my email account, and read a message sent to me on the subject of the defamation lawsuit just filed against Alex Jones by Hamdi Ulukaya, owner of the Chobani Yogurt Company.  I read the initial filing of this lawsuit, and then viewed these videotaped responses of the scowling Alex Jones to this action, linked here.

One cannot help but compare the inner disposition of Alex Jones, whom I term the InfoMadman, with the humble demeanors of the numerous strangers I had interacted with on my travels. But after all,  Alex Jones is the King of the Awakened Ones of the Alternative Media, whose  enlightened insights into government corruption, has granted him a self-defined sense of superiority, which has been reinforced over the years by a multi million dollar income. The rest of us by comparison are meant to bow down to the Awakened Ones’ merchandising of INFO, whatever that is.

Instead of addressing the simple facts of the defamation lawsuit, InfoMadman expands the story to imply, without proof, that George Soros is behind this latest attack to shut him down.  Appealing to every known interest, including the Christian versus Muslim arguments, he asks for support, both in listener loyalty and funds.  In one video Alex Jones, declares, I will stand, I will win, or I will die. One of the printed messages on the video screen is JOIN THE RESISTANCE, and he uses the language connected with the Messiah, by declaring his legal battle represents The Crucifixion of the Truth. If you view these videos which I have linked to in the paragraph above the photo, note the facial expressions, and hand gestures of Alex Jones,  which are a message in themselves, apart from his verbiage.

So what is this all about?  Well, on April 24, 2017, a defamation lawsuit was filed in the District Court of the Fifth Judicial District of the State of Idaho, in and for the County of Twin Falls, by the attorneys for the Plaintiff,  consisting of two law firms:  Deborah K. Kristensen of Givens, Pursley, LLP of Boise, Idaho and Mark J. MacDougall of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer and Feld, LLP, of Washington D.C.

The Plaintiff is Chobani, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company owned by Hamdi Ulukaya, which produces yogurt using a thousand employees in their plant in Twin Falls, Idaho.  The principal office of Chobani is located in Norwich, New York. The jurisdiction of this lawsuit is Twin Falls, Idaho due to the location of the Chobani production plant and the claim that the defendants “have transacted business within the State of Idaho and have committed tortious acts within the State of Idaho that have caused harm to the Plaintiff’s business”.

One of the most interesting aspects of this lawsuit is that the Plaintiff has requested a Jury Trial. Now should matters ever proceed to that level, and it could, if Alex Jones lives up to his I will win, or I will die proclamation, who sits on that jury will be crucial in this emotionally charged legal matter.

The attorneys for the Plaintiff in paragraph 8, under the subtitle, General Allegations provides the court with a spurious statement of their own in order to introduce the defendant Alex Jones.  They state, Defendant Alex Jones is no stranger to spurious statements.  He has claimed that the U.S. government orchestrated the 9/11 attacks and the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  The Southern Poverty Law Center described Mr. Jones as “almost certainly the most prolific conspiracy theorist in contemporary America,” Mr. Jones has now taken aim at Chobani and the Twin Falls community.

There are very large numbers of United States citizens who believe that the 9/11 attacks were planned by government insiders, thus they are in agreement with the Defendant.   So the attorneys for the Plaintiff have already planted a fist in a tar baby, which they will have difficulty extracting themselves from.  And they used a Southern Poverty Law Center quote which could have been easily  made by a more neutral observer? One has to wonder whether attorneys as a rule live in ivory towers which are so high, that they cannot grasp the opinions of ordinary American citizens who might be called upon for jury duty.

This lawsuit then goes on to detail the source of the defamatory statements first published on April 11, 2017 on and “The Alex Jones Channel” of You tube featuring reporters David Knight and Lee Ann McAdoo.

Alex Jones in his videotaped response discussing this lawsuit, says that the attorneys had contacted him prior to the filing, in an attempt to get him to retract his reporting. He claims that he did alter one headline which he changed on his own sites; however, since there are other YouTube accounts which had picked up the first video, they did not show the corrections made. Jones then claims that the tactic of the attorneys was to continue to complain, using these other sites as evidence that he had not retracted the headline.

Obviously Jones could have provided proof of his demand letters to these other sites to either remove the video or to show the corrections. If Alex Jones is unaware as to how that is done, perhaps he should get some advice from his friend, Douglas J. Hagmann, who apparently is quite effective in monitoring his own copyrighted works. For example, see this link posted by John “the Birdman” Bryant.

As Alex Jones concentrates on refocusing his listeners from the simple details of this  legal action to his expanded assertion that it is actually George Soros who is behind the lawsuit against him, all relevant commentary recedes into the background. Reference is made to the general incidents of Muslims throughout the world, including Sweden, who the geographically ignorant might assume is right next door to Twin Falls, Idaho.  The InfoMadman claims that his InfoWars news group was not the original source of the stories in question, but that they had only reposted what others had already written.

As Alex Jones draws an ever widening spiral around the very distinct and narrow legal complaint which is cited in the lawsuit, we are left wondering, how will this matter end?  Since Alex Jones claims that behind this yogurt company’s lawsuit stands George Soros who is masterminding his takedown, are we to then wonder if there is another super rich powerhouse standing behind Alex Jones, for which Alex Jones is only the front piece in this Infowar?

There may be some truth to the speculation that if the axe is being applied to InfoMadman’s Tree, then perhaps the rest of the forest is also in danger of  being cut down to size.








To V or Not to V: The Implausible Deniability of Steve Quayle

Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?  and in thy name have cast out devils?  and in thy name done many wonderful works?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you:  depart from me, ye that work iniquity.  Matthew 7:22-23

The above quotation from the Bible was of course spoken by Jesus Christ.  But as we see daily, there are many Messianic personalities in the “Christian”  Alternative Media world who feel that when their lordships are in jeopardy, the rules of plausible deniability apply to them, as they deny that they ever knew those who assisted them in their moneymaking enterprises.

The Lordship which will be examined here today is none other than that of Steve Quayle, who while he is in his early 60’s, is still able to gad about the northern and southern Americas in search of giants.  To our everlasting admiration,  he is able to get his adventures paid for by the generous gifts of others. Now this brave adventurer in search of giants is so afraid of a senior citizen who lives 1700 miles from his home, who is without funds and without a car, that Quayle has felt the need to lawyer up.  This big brave man has employed a lawyer to protect him from this lady’s assertion that he, the famous Watchman of God,  Steve Quayle, markets his products through fear based marketing strategies.

In the most recent lawyer-escapade of Quayle he politely denies that the little phantomlike creature that he had created called V The Guerrilla Economist had any influence whatsoever on the marketing of his precious metals during the infamous 2012 Campaign of Impending Doom. Now we know that his lawyer must have been employed in the latest round  because of the polite professional tone of his words.  Some people would defend Steve Quayle’s crankiness towards this lady as being the result of having to deal with too many people who have tried to touch his anointing, and I am not referring here to his Washington Monument replica which stands at the entrance to Camp Quayle.    Let us go back in our time machine, to say 2008, and  read one cranky example of how Steve Quayle usually talks with his critics.

Michael S. had sent an email on January 21, 2008 to Steve Quayle saying, “Greetings from Canada Mr. Quayle,  Unexpectedly, your departure from short wave has proven to be a relief.  While you do not report MANY “truths”, your show and “Hawks” Thursday slot were SO full of negative speculation designed to keep listeners on edge, and afraid, BE VERY, VERY AFRAID!!!  Not too long ago, “Hawk” (rhymes w/CROCK) was speculating on the imminent delivery of a “PACKAGE” (code for KABOOM). I see that the threat NOW is hackers causing “blackouts”, could be, who knows. WONDERFUL opportunity to market some gas powered generators though, SO LOOK ON THE “BRIGHT” SIDE!!!  Yours, as well as Hawks ISLAMOPHOBIA is MORE THAN APPARENT, IT’S APPALLING!  bow down to Israel all you want, it won’t get you much in the “end”.  You were also a Y2K fear monger as well weren’t you?  I wish you all the best.  Sincerely, Michael S.”steve quayle email canada (2)

Now to this politely worded critique,  Steve Quayle replied, “I have been right on and when your world crashes down around you and your Bladder and Intestines enter into your shorts- then remember YOU were warned-  I will not answer a fool less I become one- I can smell the FEAR in you!  Canada—HMMN– it figures—check your stock market lately?  Down 500 points in first five minutes.  DROP DEAD!”

Now here was a real dilemma facing Lord Quayle.  Proverbs 26:4 says, “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him”.  And that is the justification for Quayle not addressing the astute observations of Michael S.  However, the very next verse in Proverbs says this: “Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit”.  It would appear that Quayle actually tried to outdo what he considered was the folly of his email sender.  And whereas Michael S. did sign off with Sincerely, Quayle signed off with the common Christian courtesy “DROP DEAD!”

I wonder what Michael S’s opinion would be of the 2012 buildup of fear which was promoted so heavily by Hagmann and Hagmann, Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Dave Hodges and others of the internet “Christian” Alternative Media network?

Back in 2012, Steve Quayle started building up another hard driving scenario of fear, and he introduced to his listeners a financial economist called V.  In the beginning his build-up involved various QAlerts, starting on March 12, 2012.  This is documented here at Steve which includes an 89 page PDF of V’s emails.

As we all know, Steve Quayle uses his fear based message to undergird the marketing of his company, Renaissance Precious Metals.  On May 5, 2014, Mark Huffman wrote an article for Consumer entitled, “Be Glad You Didn’t Buy Gold and Silver in 2012: Those who did have suffered some heavy losses.”

If one types in a search engine the words Steve Quayle and V the Guerrilla Economist, we find quite an interesting history of fear mongering tactics.  Here is but a short sample.

On May 7, 2012  one of Steve Quayle’s red alerts was  posted for discussion on the forum at Lunatic Outpost.comHere is a screenshot of the red alert found on this site.steve quayle 2012 red alert (2)

On August 13, 2012 Planet in a post called APPOLYON Alert from Steve Quayle, reprinted an alert called “Endgame Activated-Warning from V”.

Another V Alert published October 22, 2012 at Steve is called “Critical Mass in the Financial Markets- Euro and the US Dollar in Orchestrated Collapse”.  (I have posted a screen shot here.)

steve quayle 2012 v alert oct

In this 2013 post, Doug Hagmann at his Northeast Intelligence Network website justified the anonymity of V, and backed up his “credentials”..  Here is a screenshot.steve q hagmann v guerrilla

On May 24, 2013, Revolution and Paul Martin  commented, “The culling of the economic unwashed is about to begin” and they reprinted an article written by the Hagmann and Hagmann Report heralding the financial advice of  V, The Guerrilla Economist.

On February 5, 2014 Alex Jones featured a video called “V’s Alert- More Assassinations of Wall Street Banker’s Going Down-Hit Teams Fully Operational on Wall Street.

On July 17, 2014 My Daily printed a warning from Steve Quayle stating, “Major American Cities Will Disappear! Steve Quayle and ‘V the Guerrilla Economist’ Alert!

I think you get the general overall picture from the above sampling of headlines.  Now most people have wondered why Steve Quayle and Hagmann have turned against the Golem they created named V. For a number of months have gone by and V the Guerrilla Economist (not to mention that other golem W), has ceased to make appearances on the Hagmann and Hagmann radio show. In case you are uninformed, a Golem is an animated anthropomorphic being magically created entirely from inanimate matter.  Now as I understand it, if a golem turns against the creator, all one has to do is read the words which created the golem in reverse.  Thus V the Guerrilla Economist in reverse would be TsimonocE AllirreuG eht V. Try saying that!!!  And now you know why Doug Hagmann has taken to stuttering so much and Steve Quayle has been in denial about his relationship with V.

The Golem who keeps going on and on because no one can pronounce his name in reverse

The Golem who keeps going on and on because no one can pronounce his name in reverse

And just where is V these days?  Well recently he “appeared” on the Greg Hunter show looking very much like a long lost Golem.  He made such a great impression that it would behoove you to read the comments of some of the listeners who don’t think too highly of his credentials nor of his advice.  This latest appearance can be found here with the hot headline, “V” the Guerrilla Economist:  You Can’t Stop This Financial Collapse!  Expect Anywhere from 25-50 Million Dead in the First 90 Days.

V the Guerrilla Economist as the Golem who is being denied by his Lordship Steve Quayle

V the Guerrilla Economist as the Golem who is being denied by his Lordship Steve Quayle