The Real Reason Why The Men In Black Tried to Silence Anthony Patch

The other day,  I endeavored to listen to the first two hours of the February 10, 2016  Hagmann Report called CERN, Extra Dimensions and Portals with Anthony Patch. Ever since CERN failed to blow up the world last September, and Steve Quayle had quietly removed his CERN icon from his website, the question must be asked,  why is Doug Hagmann now recycling Anthony Patch through yet another portal?

I had never heard of this guy, so I looked up Anthony to check out his About page. Oh, there is none. Referring to himself obliquely as a Researcher-Author-Speaker,  he evades the question as to his educational credentials in physics or mathematics.

Anthony Patch image of interview with Kev Baker

Anthony Patch image of interview with Kev Baker

So it is off to LinkedIn, where Anthony Patch has uploaded his photo and personal data. Let’s see, in 1972-4 Anthony Patch took courses in Criminology at UC Berkeley.  Then he found employment from 1980-1997 with  American Medical Response. During that same period in 1985-6, he took paramedic courses at the College of San Mateo.  In 2003-4, he worked for the Bank of America, as a Loan Officer (Loan origination/processing, Marketing/Sales, Investor Seminar Leader). Since 2010 Anthony Patch has been working for Home Depot as a Department Supervisor.  He describes himself as “outgoing, ‘open-book’, goal-oriented, and considerate of others”.

On Anthony Patch’s webpage, he devotes a separate page to what he calls My Unique Identifiers and Quotes. These are phrases and sentences which are his talking points for his CERN, Portals, Disclosure, Quantum  theory discussions.  For example, he quotes himself saying You cannot separate the spiritual from the physical.  Well maybe you can’t, Anthony Patch, but upon your death, you will discover that God can surely separate the spiritual from the physical.

Another one of Patch’s unique identifiers is his saying that Jesus Christ is both a wave and a particle.  When He manifests himself physically to us,  he is a particle.  His energy wave slows to form a particle in our frame of reference.  The Scriptural verses and his comments are shown in the screenshot below:anthony patch wave particle (2)As you notice, he posted this “profound”  assertion the same day he was featured on the February 10th Hagmann Report radio show. So what is he trying to impress us with, that Jesus Christ is the Unified Theory of Light?  Do you think it is possible that  Satan can also be perceived as a spirit which can walk on water?

Here is another declaration of Anthony Patch’s:  Prayers with Jesus Christ is quantum entanglement of our particles with Him.  In the same vein he also says, Prayer is quantum entanglement with Jesus.  How does this edify the body of Christ? Does this assertion  give you added comfort and insight when you pray?  Is there a difference between praying to Jesus, and praying with Jesus?  The first reverences his Divinity; the second suggests that we have an equal standing with Christ.

Anthony Patch, by intertwining his quantum physics slang with the words of God, is playing a dangerous word game affecting faith.  Romans 10:17 says, So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  And John 8:47 warns, He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.  It is one thing to learn a new language involving scientific thought;  it is another thing entirely, when that new language  begins to subtly alter how you read and understand the Scriptures.

In the Bible, Jesus Christ used ordinary experiences and common language, so that even a child could understand his words. The language of quantum physics has over the past few years been intertwined with New Age and occult theology; therefore its import, when overlaid upon the words of God, should cause alarm in the heart of the Christian.

Richard Feynman, a Nobel prize winner in theoretical physics, who in his early years had worked on the Manhattan project,  claimed that the difference between him and other physicists, was that he always used a down-to-earth model to demonstrate his theories. Why bother at all with the speculations of Anthony Patch? If you  have an interest in CERN and quantum physics, why not read through an online book called Quantum Field Theory Demystified by David McMahon?  The author works as a researcher at Sandia National Laboratories and holds advanced physics and applied mathematics degrees. Not only does McMahon reference CERN, but I see that he also has a chapter on the Richard Feynman Rules. (As an aside, if you are ever interested in reading an entertaining autobiography, Feynman has written a great book. And Aurora Justicia notes that one of his hobbies was safecracking.)

Anthony Patch, says on LinkedIn that he lives in Portland, Oregon.  That might explain how he got some of his early publicity from Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero Radio, who is well known in the paranormal, conspiracy world.  Wikipedia has an entertaining article on Lewis, and the relationship between Patch and Lewis is tantalizing to consider.  It seems that both men on the same day, in separate incidents, claim that they were visited by Men In Black.

So let us  continue on to an article published July 2015 in Before It’s News,  which displays a message that Anthony Patch had left on his old Facebook page June 21, 2015.anthony patch (2)

Here is a link to an article written by the blog,  titled The CERN Code:  Anthony Patch Is Visited by Men In Black?  This is an interesting background piece, and it contains a short 15 minute audio at the end, where the MIB story is related.

After the Men In Black were reported to have visited Anthony Patch, he went into invisible mode on the internet.  Apparently a couple of persons became very worried that he was missing and/or dead. But there was no need to panic; soon after, as the world of conspiracy began to spin rumors about CERN and the September 23, 2015 predictions, Anthony Patch reappeared.  Voicing his concern about the disinformation being disseminated on CERN, Anthony Patch risked his life to again carry on his mission in the world of  “Christian” Alternative Media.

On Anthony Patch’s website, he sells three e-books for between $5 and $15.  He also has a separate page for his paperback novel Covert Catastrophe, which he sells for $29.99 at  I see that no one has reviewed this book at Lulu’s.  So I go over to to see what eight people (six of whom are probably Patch’s friends)  think of this novel. If you are rich,  you can buy 2 used first edition copies at $1,037.41 each.  Or if you want to become book-poor,  you can get a new November 23, 2015 edition for only $28.29.

Since I buy things from UK for my grandchildren in Scotland, I also checked the 2 reviews there.  One Brit had an interesting reaction, as shown here.anthony patch book review amazon uk (2)I wonder if anyone in the USA is as succinct as D. Mitchelson.   Here are two negative reviews reflecting the same type of complaint, from persons who learned the hard way not to buy anything written by Anthony Patch.anthony patch book review 1 (2)anthony patch book review 2 (2)

I read a sampling of Covert Catastrophe, which by the way, was given a new colorized illustration to dress up the cover on the latest edition.

2013 Edition

2013 Edition

2015 Edition

2015 Edition

Compare these two sentences:

#1 is the first sentence of Chapter Two-Farm
“Warm Fourth of July evening.”  George pouring water down the front and back of his bright orange military jumpsuit.

#2 is the first sentence of Chapter Three-Colors
“Warm night”  Jim pouring water down the front and back of his dark blue Paramedic jumpsuit.

It gets better worse.

#1 is the second sentence of Chapter Two-Farm
“And humid… I hate it.”  Richard tucking a wet towel around the neck of his jumpsuit.

#2 is the second sentence of Chapter Three-Colors
    “And humid…I hate it.”  Paul tucking a towel around his neck, containing ice cubes from the Aid station.

The author, Anthony Patch notes on every sample page that it is copyrighted material.  I don’t think he needs to worry about anyone plagiarizing his work, except for himself.  Is it possible to plagiarize one’s own writings?  No, I guess not…. they just call that  bad writing.

Were the Men in Black worried  that Anthony Patch was disclosing top secret procedures?   Anthony Patch writes, “Nope. Can’t text Seals.”  Lt. Casey entering the room with the remainder of their team.  Richard turning at the sound of his second in command. 

Can’t text Seals; now that sounds like a covert catastrophe waiting to happen.  But wait, I just noticed an important clue!  The Amazon summary of the book has changed between the two editions!  The first edition boasted, anthony patch intro to book amazon (2)The intro to the 2015 edition has removed Written in a unique style, reminiscent of Hemingway and the late, Tom Clancy.

Do you really believe that the MIB were concerned about silencing Anthony Patch’s CERN speculations? There appears to be no stopping this man on that score.

Perhaps the Men In Black, who are noted for their dead, stilted manner of speech, were Ernest Hemingway and Tom Clancy returning from the grave, to silence once and for all,  the ridiculous comparison of their wonderful works with the writing skills of  Anthony Patch. anthony patch men in black (2)