The Skunk Works Project known as Crowdsource the Truth

PUTEO, ERGO SUM.  I stink, therefore I am.

The essence of Pay-Pay Le Pugh’s Raison de Existence.

Viewing the few comments on Crowdsource the Truth videos, is like reading the back cover of a book; one wonders whether they are an accurate indicator of the narrative and purpose of the author.

One of the unanswered questions which I have about Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource the Truth channel, is whether he operates independently, or is in fact a skunkworks project of a larger PSY-OP organization.

So let’s observe a select few recent comments on CSTT, and then travel backwards in our time machine to the revelations of Jason Goodman three days before the costly shutdown of the Port of Charleston that was the direct result of the false dirty bomb report that came from CSTT.

The foul odor floating in the air that wilts blossoms, whenever Pay-Pay Le Pugh walks among his viewing audience

Conceit: The exquisite body odor of Pay-Pay Le Pugh

On April 5, 2019, Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth published yet another video featuring David Hawkins, which is titled, Did SERCO’s EVL Teachers Hide Dutroux Demons in Sweigert’s Split Tunnel.  With David Hawkins. 

Who knows, or who even cares, what that title means? Certainly not the Jason Goodman groupies that gather in the live stream chatroom who obsess over those Thumbs Down voters,  ruining the pristine reputation of Crowdsource the Truth.  Perhaps the chat-roomies should wonder why 95% of the subscribers to CSTT ignore the Goodman-Hawkins videos. That COLD SILENCE sharply contrasts with the useless chitter chatter on CSTT, just as a sit down civil disobedience protest would make Laura Loomer chaining herself to a door look irrelevant. Surely the absence of 77,000 subscribers ought to be a more significant issue than a few Thumbs Down votes at the start of a video.

And then we see the unjust censorship of comments by Jason Goodman, as exemplified  on his  April 3, 2019, Hawkins video.  After serving his viewers the anonymous research of Queen Tut, Hudson, and Quinn Michaels,  Pay-Pay Le Pugh suddenly gets scruples about anonymous handles doing real research and asking legitimate questions. By definition,  John Smithe ought to be regarded as a Crowdsourcer. But that is only if you ignore the small print that Crowdsourcers are to agree with everything Jason Goodman says. All else exists in his mind as a conspiracy against him.  Whew! That stinks!Contrast this with our next screenshot of the April 5th video where 2 anonymous handles are not asked to identify their real names when they revealed their greed as they relished the thought of reaping millions of dollars if they were to file a meritless  lawsuit against anyone who not only disagrees with Jason Goodman, but has the temerity to publicly document why.    

The above April 5th conversation was continued the same day over onto the April 3rd video comment section, as seen below.  What happened to Jason Goodman’s assertions that the lawsuits against him are fake?  And why does this CSTT fan think that the vague apology given to Michael Barden is a hopeful sign?  Methinks it is the sign of quickly receding waters just prior to a major tidal wave hitting the beach. Run to higher ground, while you have a chance!

April 3, 2019 CSTT video comments

The infamous ALIBI which Jason Goodman set up three days before his intelligence group caused havoc at the Port of Charleston.

Twenty-two months ago, on June 11, 2017, Jason Goodman produced a 10 minute monologue called Deep State Attack on George Webb and Crowdsource the Truth.  

There are redundancies in the narrative, but several general ideas should be noted:

One.  The format of Jason Goodman’s monologue is facetiously modeled after a law enforcement public announcement warning about criminals on the loose. Just as the FBI has a Ten Most Wanted list, so does Jason Goodman.  It is laughable that instead of referring to a former associate by name,  Jason Goodman keeps calling him ‘this individual”.

Two. A cover story is provided which serves as a predetermined ALIBI for the Port of Charleston incident which was boldly inserted into the minds of Jason Goodman’s crowdsourcer viewing audience. These viewers were SET UP in this video to believe that Jason Goodman had access to bona fide and reliable intelligence sources.  And he gets his audience into the habit of spreading whatever information he wants distributed, to the wider public.

Three.  Goodman also indoctrinates his viewers to believe that a powerful conspiracy exists which is trying to set him up for prosecution of criminal offenses. He creates a story board of conspiratorial forces, which allows him to accuse anyone who opposes him on any matter or idea.  Contrast the language used in this video with Document 78 in the Robert David Steele lawsuit, as Goodman uses the exact same words to accuse so-called conspirators of a  harassment Campaign, engaged in stalking, and felony crimes.

(The June 11, 2017 video is narrated solely by Jason Goodman.  I have interjected my opinion at certain points in maroon italics.)

Jason Goodman:  “Good morning everyone.  I apologize for this uhh surprise sort of early stream, and the potentially alarming nature of the title.  I’ve received new intelligence that I feel requires immediate attention, and I appreciate everyone who follows these streams as assisting George and I on the Crowdsource investigation that we’ve been coordinating.  Right now George and I are both safe and everything is alright, but I felt it very important that I provide this information so that everyone can understand what’s going on.”

“I certainly appreciate the positive input and the advice that people are giving me relative to our handling and addressing of so-called online trolls.  Many of you are aware that an individual that goes by the hacker handle Defango has become involved with us since we released files that we dubbed the Seth Rich files.  I need to reiterate these things not because I am triggered, by this individual or that not because I am emotionally upset by him, but because we have new intelligence that this is a dangerous individual who intends to bring down this organization and our investigation and possibly do harm to myself or George Webb.”

Jason Goodman often explains himself by saying his reason is NOT something such as being “triggered”, when it would appear indeed that this is the real motivation for his actions. He also likes to make accusations, but then denies that his accusations ARE accusations.  If you try to understand what he is trying to say, you feel like you are in that double bond situation where you cannot be certain of what he really means. However, I am glad to see that he has new intelligence, as later on Goodman tries to back away from his knowledge of the sources of his information.

“This individual has presented himself as Defango and told us that his real name is Manual Chavez(1.21)….(1.32) I encourage everyone to look this information up and verify everything that I say.  This individual has been spreading malicious misinformation about myself and George Webb that is completely unsupported by facts or evidence.  This individual has been coordinating an ongoing online harassment campaign that includes cyberbullying, stalking, repeated contact through text messages, phone calls, chat groups, online streams, etc.”

Goodman is accusing Defango of doing what he routinely does; that is, spreading misinformation and not providing facts or evidence.  The language here was incorporated into the Robert David Steele lawsuit Document 78.  Also, when later on, Goodman apologized to Defango, he infused his apology with visual horned devil hand signs which undermined the message stated in his “sincere” tone of voice.

“It is extremely important that we take this individual in his actions seriously and continue monitoring what he and his affiliates are doing (2.05)…(2.29) Please take what I am saying very seriously.  This is not intended to incite anyone.  This is not an accusation. This is an ongoing investigation into the activity of individuals that I believe have been tricked by a very complex psychological operation that began when we released the information that very may have been originally released in September.” (2.52)

As we shall see at the end of this Meroz article, Scott Anthony considers Jason Goodman’s video to be a Call to Action; whereas Goodman is denying that he is trying to incite anyone.

(3.09) “We now believe that the individuals that I’m speaking of who have been acting out against us are aware that this is a very powerful technique that we have invoked by engaging everyone around the internet in the research and investigation.“(3.25)

The use of the phrase “very powerful technique” combined with the word “invoked” implies a use of magic or mind control invocations by a Controller or Operator.

(3.34)  “The ongoing harassment of myself, my colleagues, by the individuals that I’ve been named and other individuals who are affiliated with them is ratcheting upThey are not leaving us alone.” (3.44)

This is the description of what Jason Goodman does to those who are in his crosshairs.  His ongoing harassment of Dave Sweigert kept ratcheting up and he refused to leave his target alone, even after being served with a lawsuit.

(4.19)  “The other reason I am telling you this is that we have developed a lot of very credible intelligence sources, analysts, and other resources through this method.  I do believe that our adversaries are aware of how powerful this crowdsource technique is.”  (4.33)…(5.44) “This is a warning of caution.  I need everyone who watches us and supports us to be vigilant and to be on the lookout for the activities of the people that I’m talking about.”

Goodman is setting up the viewer to believe the dirty bomb report which he promotes three days later, based on his insider sources.  As part of the process of shutting down the Port of Charleston he asked his viewers to tweet his warning message to the U. S. Coast Guard.

“I implore honest YouTubers out there who have been fooled by the misinformation campaign that was started by Defango.  He is trying to trick you.  He is trying to discredit George and I.  I have no proof of this and this is not an accusation, but based on the events as they have unfolded, I do believe Defango is acting on behalf of I’m not sure why, but Kim, if what I’m saying is incorrect, I implore you to come forward and contact us on Skype and explain why you suddenly became interested in my YouTube channel when there were less than 200 viewers.  Those of you who might recall Kim joined us on a live stream when my investigation with George began to ramp up and these attacks began when Trish joined us and released the files that were given to her by the Rabbit.” (6.39)

If he has no proof, why did he say this?  He repeats that this is not an accusation, when in fact it is an accusation.  Whether this is the mind game that a narcissistic individual is playing, or a mind control experiment conducted by a Skunkworks operation, it serves to conflict the viewer’s interpretation of the entire message.

(7.17)  “…our highly effective team of Crowdsource investigators have located your identity (i.e. the Rabbit) and we know who you are.” (7.24) … (7.41) “this online bully campaign and tweeting ridiculous statements about myself.  To be clear, my given name is Jason Goodman.  I was born in the Bronx, New York on April 7, 1972.  I have never operated in any official capacity under any other name, I have never been officially affiliated with any intelligence organization, any law enforcement organization and so far everything I have said is truthful to the best of my knowledge. I’m a filmmaker.  I’m an inventor.  I have a huge online persona including my company 21st Century 3D.” (8.21)

In the RDS Doc. 78, he termed the conspirators as “the Campaign”. And while he emphasizes that he is using his legal name, at the same time he relied heavily on unidentified intelligence sources, and guest researchers with anonymous handles.

(9.16)  “I believe we’re dealing with highly sophisticated individuals that intend to start and continue a concentrated propaganda campaign that is based on pure nonsense that will eventually or could eventually transform into a real campaign to discredit and possibly jail George, myself, Trish, our affiliates.  It’s important that you spread this.  I am NOT trying to earn money.  I am trying to get the word out.  This is a very serious and very dangerous group. We have intelligence that indicates that the hacker Defango may be operating in coordination with the very forces that George and I and our associates are seeking to expose.  There are forces that are highly motivated to hide their crimes.  Please take what I’m saying very seriously…(10.06 end)

Goodman is accusing others of what he is engaged in…a propaganda campaign that eventually sets up his discredited adversaries to go to jail.  He disclaims making a monetary profit from his efforts; yet later he uses all possible means, such as Patreon, to garner donations into his coffers.

The June 11, 2017 Scott Anthony Article Critiquing this video 

On the very day of Jason Goodman’s June 11, 2017  Deep State Attack on George Webb and Crowdsource the Truth video, Scott Anthony issued a reproval in an article called, Researchers Being Attacked by Crowdsource the Truth Member Jason Goodman:  Credibility Called Into Question.

I recommend reading Scott Anthony’s entire article linked above.  I have referenced this article in prior discussions, because Anthony hits the center of the target with his commentary.  Below are several excerpts that are pertinent to the present day discussions of Crowdsource the Truth, especially in light of the two federal civil lawsuits against Jason Goodman, as well as the current focus on the unrelenting defamation campaign which Jason Goodman is engaging in against Dave Sweigert.  This defamation campaign entails the use of fictional storyboarding crime scene investigations, and it is interesting to note Scott Anthony’s remarks on this technique was evaluated months ago,  in June of 2017.

Scott Anthony wrote:  “Disturbingly, on this date, and prior to this date, a trend had been developing on both Mr. Webb’s and Mr. Goodman’s channels and the videos they have been uploading: what had at first seemed like a novel idea to “storyboard” and “crowdsource” an open investigation into potential crimes committed against innocent Americans by a host of entities and individuals that have been named by Mr. Webb and Mr. Goodman within their video content, has crossed into the realm of what I consider highly unethical, dangerous, and potentially illegal behavior. It is for these reasons that I can no longer sit idly by as Mr. Webb and Mr. Goodman utilize various psychological tactics to illicit responses from their viewers.”

“In the video broadcast earlier today, Jason Goodman issued what I believe was designed to be a “call-to-action” video: that is, he created it with the intent to utilize psychological tactics to illicit a response. The average person may not be aware such tactics are being utilized. This is understandable as they are very subtle by design. I believe the purpose of Jason’s video was to encourage others to start investigating a person known on YouTube as “Defango”, also known as Manuel Chavez. However, there are implied messages as well, as you will see throughout this call-to-action video. This is how I perceived the messaging in the above named video, and while it is impossible for me to state with certainty that was Mr. Goodman’s intent, perception is reality in many instances.  Thus, a reasonable person may likely draw the same conclusions I have regarding the intent of his video.”

“It should be noted that while Mr. Goodman has made it clear that his relevant employment history and experience is comprised of the creation of 3D Stereoscopic cameras and/or other inventions for Hollywood filmmaking, Mr. Goodman has never indicated former employment or experience in the fields of journalism, law enforcement, or the legal profession at large. This is an important distinction because he very likely lacks the fundamental and basic education required to conduct a large-scale investigation into criminal activities as the CTT library entails.  It should also be noted that at no time have I witnessed Mr. Webb state that he possesses the requisite professional training to conduct criminal investigations in the same manner.”

“In reviewing the library and archived video evidence that both Mr. Webb and Mr. Goodman have catalogued on their channels, there is ample evidence that lack of appropriate training in investigations and law enforcement easily places the public at risk.  In no particular order, and by no mean a comprehensive list, some of the more obvious issues may be:

  1. Implicating or accusing an innocent person of wrong-doing, including being part of a criminal conspiracy;
  2. Revealing the identity of an otherwise private individual with no knowledge of the investigation to the Crowdsource audience;
  3. The potential for over-eager and inexperienced “researchers” to commit acts of harassment towards innocent persons;
  4. The potential for large numbers of viewers to contact family, friends, co-workers of the stated victims (which would fall under the aforementioned harassment issue).
  5. The potential for inexperienced investigators to place themselves into dangerous scenarios during the canvassing and interviewing of potential witnesses;
  6. Exposing actual witnesses of a criminal investigation where their protection might otherwise be afforded by law;
  7. The inherent lack of ability to control the direction of the investigation, all of which could compromise or undermine actual investigations currently underway.”

“Based on viewer reactions to the George Webb / Jason Goodman video series, and based on a variety of videos now being published, many of which touch upon the topic of what appears to be a somewhat reckless and potentially dangerous crowdsourced investigation process, it is my opinion that other individuals are detecting something amiss with the ethics of CTT’s crowdsourced investigation.”

Psychological manipulation, techniques and invocations

The Scott Anthony article is one of the most important critiques of Crowdsource the Truth because it identified the core dangers of Jason Goodman’s crowdsource techniques early on. 

Based on what Jason Goodman stated in his 2017 video, I am of the personal opinion  that CSTT is a skunkworks project of a larger organization engaged in mass psychological techniques.

Remember that it was Jason Goodman who declared, “this is a very powerful technique that we have invoked, by engaging everyone around the internet in the research and investigation.” When we examine the rotten fruits of this enterprise, it stinks to high heaven.


D. George Sweigert Adds Exhibits to the RICO Lawsuit against Jason Goodman concerning Suspicious Death of Investigative Journalist Jenny Moore

An August 16, 2018 news story by True Pundit “Investigative Bureau” titled LISTEN:  Haunting Final Interview Surfaces of Dead Journalist Jen Moore; Her Chilling Details of Abuse of Alleged Clinton Rape Victim provides a glimpse into the untimely death of George Webb’s research source Task Force.  Because of these connections, this sad event has been added to the D. George Sweigert v. Jason Goodman RICO lawsuit.

The following screenshots describe the content of the five new public artifacts filed August 17, 2018, as entries 13 and 13-1 on the court docket. These exhibits can be viewed here:  sweigert v goodman entry 13-1

FLASHBACKS to Alternative Media’s Nebulous Salesmen Who Have Escaped The Consequences of Their Acts….So Far, Anyway

The above quote is not spoken from a Christian perspective; yet it has a certain applicability to that strange ethereal world of what passes for Alternative Media news commentary, these days.

Recently I paid 99 cents for a Kindle copy of Selling Differently:  Lessons from Thirty Years of Field Sales, published September 18, 2014, by George Sweigert.  The author is known to many Alternative Media viewers as George Webb, the walk-about-YouTube broadcaster who leaves a  cloud of particles in his trail, like a Rorschach Ink Blot test bomb, designed to measure thought disorder.  From his short daily videos, the viewer is seemingly expected to ponder the meaning of our existence, or whatever you want to make of it, whichever bolt of illumination strikes first out of the nebulous cloud of his investigative journalism.

After reading his book, I was thrilled when sent me a personalized email which had escaped being sorted into my Junk Mail file, asking me if I would be the first person to review George Sweigert’s book.  Of course I accepted this honor and now I am the One and Only Customer Reviewer of this book, even beating out Robert David Steele, the X-CIA agent book reviewer, who last year had so strongly pursued George Webb as a reporter for his #UNRIG campaign.

Under my book review title, Nebulous and Not Engaging:  Not a Kiss and Tell Book, I wrote, “The author attempts, in the beginning, to explain his system of client notes that had allowed him to converse on common grounds with his potential customer.  No doubt he did well as a top performer of IBM for 30 years because of his personal ability to be a charmer, who uses the company budget generously to entertain on boats, etc.  But overall, the book is written in a nebulous style, and I began to marvel that he worked for so long at IBM without being able to clearly state what it is that they are selling.”  [Update July 25, 2018-I have received a note from someone who is acquainted with George Webb Sweigert who says that he had not worked 30 years for IBM, but had based his statements on a family member who had that actual work experience. This is similar to what V the Guerrilla Economist, noted at the end of this post, had done in padding his resume, using the actual work experiences of one of his friends.]

Looking at George Webb’s YouTube channel today, I see that he is suffering  Flashbacks connected to that infamous place, Charleston, South Carolina where he and some other wrongdoers are now implicated in a RICO lawsuit filed by his brother Dave George Sweigert against Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth fame.

George Webb explains to a puzzled viewer in this screen shot below,  “the reason” for this flashback. Strangely, when I went to look again, this video had disappeared from the line up for today.

Anyway, after reading his book where he said that his favorite place to entertain clients had been on a boat, one cannot help but recall his connection to the ship, the Maersk Memphis, which became the centerpiece of his entertaining Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth with the false dirty bomb report of his hidden source,  Deep Uranium.  The purpose of a salesman is to link a potential client with the provider of a product or service, in order to accomplish a business transaction. The goods delivered on that day, June 14, 2017, was a false report, which resulted in the shutdown of a major U. S. port for eight hours.

The only cogent analysis on the internet which I can find on George Webb’s journalistic efforts are those brief insights offered by his brother Dave Sweigert on his Dave Acton YouTube channel. In addition, the documents filed in the RICO lawsuit of D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman, are very revealing and can be located here.

Another Type of Nebulous Salesman Is Spotted on Coast 2 Coast radio

Rogue Money/ Remain Calm LLC’s Viji Varghese aka V the Guerrilla Economist

The other day, one of my readers alerted me to what V the Guerrilla Economist is currently  involved in.  He is that other infamous salesman, who became prosperous in the past because of the endorsements of Steve Quayle, W the Intelligence Insider, and the Hagmann Report.  Many months ago, V was outed as Viji Varghese, a New York man who had studied nutrition, but turned to financially conning  Christian Alternative Media listeners via the use of a ridiculous pseudonym and  false bona fides which had listed fake banking and securities credentials.

Despite the fact that a handful of persons have submitted documentation to the IRS, FINRA and the Royal Bank of Scotland concerning his false credentials, he is still around on the internet under his Rogue Money and Remain Calm LLC businesses, as we see below in this Coast 2 Coast with George Noory interview on July 10, 2018.

Note that Coast 2 Coast’s bio on V acknowledges the past promotional efforts of Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann.  My reader emailed Coast 2 Coast about a statement made on the most recent show, that V might reveal his real name soon. Really??? That revelation came out long ago in several places, including this blog, when Michael Erevna of Revelationnow  exposed V’s identity and  background. Not surprisingly, Coast 2 Coast did not reply to my reader.

Notice that V the Guerilla Economist is now a promoter of Kryptogenex products.  This company has several reviews online which recommend NOT participating in their business activities.  One of the reasons listed is that one or more primary business partners were also co-owners of SkyBiz. An article by the Federal Trade Commission linked here, details the $20 million settlement that was made in 2003, after the FTC sued SkyBiz for being a pyramid scheme that had bilked numerous persons of their investments in this company. It is not surprising that V is promoting this MLM company, as that has been his pattern in the past.As always, be skeptical of those internet profiteers whose speech is nebulous.