Master of The Secret Decoder Ring

The king answered unto Daniel, and said, Of a truth it is, that your God is a God of gods, and a Lord of kings, and a revealer of secrets, seeing thou couldest reveal this secret.  Daniel 2:47

I would venture to guess that just about every child in America has played with the idea of secret codes to communicate with their best friends, so that their annoying siblings could not gain access to their secrets. On a larger scale, nations make use of coding systems to protect top secret communications.

And then on a grander scale, we understand that there are secrets that are coded by fallen hidden entities, the presumed rulers of the Illuminati.  One of the tests of God for such is Isaiah 41:23, which sarcastically challenges, Show the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods:  yea, do good, or do evil, that we may be dismayed, and behold it together. The accurate foretelling of future events is a proving ground for the true Messiah, and for His servants.

The story of the “handwriting on the wall” message of Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin in Daniel 5 has always interested me; particularly this phrase in verse 26, God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.  Much of what we encounter in the Alternative News Media deals with the timeline of America.  We know this nation’s beginning, but when will the history of our nation be finished? And what about some of those lesser events, which our Alternative Media truth tellers and prophets point to, as examples of occult mega rituals? What impact, if any, does this have on America’s timeline?

After the strange incident on June 14, 2017, when a report of a dirty bomb on the Maersk Memphis ship in Charleston, South Carolina turned out to be false, I came across a YouTube video published June 16, 2017 called, The Maersk-Memphis-Dirty Bomb-Patsy Code.

The description of this video states, “This report shows and discusses the ‘mega ritual’ ritual code contained in the recent Maersk-Memphis, Dirty Bomb event, that will show George Webb to be ritually coded to be the ritual false flag patsy and or fall guy, for his involvement to shut down the Charleston Harbor operations, thus creating an emergency response event, where no dirty bombs were found or discovered.  An operation within an operation is in play.  This suggests, black on black operations using the internet journalist George Webb as the means to distract attention from what was actually occurring during the lengthy shut down of port operations, where 12 federal agencies along with radiation teams, descended on the ship to inspect the ship and cargo for radiation.  Nothing was found as reported by media reports.”

Adding to the intrigue, under this description are several links to internet sites, but one of them has a note of interest.  This note says, “The Failing New York Times:  39 min. marker shows Jason Goodman intentionally interrupting George Webb during a key point of discussion.  True Investigators should view this video to see the intentional interruptions always made by Jason Goodman.  Attention should be paid to what George Webb was stating just before the interruption.”

Several weeks later, on July 21, 2017,  Mr. Cati, published a video entitled,  Four Days in July and the George Webb New Moon Observation.  This video further discusses the “coding” of George Webb into a mega ritual, which could possibly make him a sacrifice on the black moon day of July 23, 2017.

But first, who is Mr. Cati?  I do not know his real name, but he stated in one of his videos that he had been in the military from Vietnam forward through the Cold War, and into the Iraq period.

Mr. Cati, who pronounces his name Mister Cat-Eye has a banner on his Youtube account showing part of the face of a very coy domesticated cat, who probably thinks it is a black leopard. There is a short description of himself which he has posted on Before It’s News, also shown below.

I went back to some of his first videos in 2011, and noted that his April 30, 2011, Space Cubes New Jerusalem and Revelation 21 makes this statement right at the beginning:  This video is intended to illuminate your mind.

Mr. Cati presents illustration boards on his most recent videos to help his readers understand what he discusses.  For example, the June 16th video shows a photo collage of his discussion of the June 14th morning shooting at a Washington D. C. area baseball field where Congressmen were practicing for a charity game between the Democrats and Republicans.   And beside this morning event, this board illustrates the main conspiracy theorists tied in with the same day event,  the Maersk Memphis Dirty Bomb incident.  Mr. Cati says that George Webb was coded into that ritual to be the Fall Guy/Patsy.

In the above illustration, Mr. Cati says that the black Star of David with a pentagram enclosed symbol is his indication that the events of June 14 were a Mega Ritual. He asserts that the news of this incident was meant to intentionally focus us on George Webb, as the fall guy.

At the 8.57 mark, Mr. Cati, says, referring to Webb, “He’s the Sacrifice, even though  they’re not killing him, and we don’t know yet, but they didn’t kill him in the process”.  At the 9:30 mark, Mr. Cati mentions the technique of MKUltra or hypnosis in dealing with patsies. Also he offers speculation on the Coast Guard boat actually being a black op type of cover for possibly unloading human traffic or other such illegal activities.  I am skeptical, as this event would seem to draw attention to, not away from nefarious activities, if in reality this were such the case.

A second illustration of Mr. Cati’s speculations is in the form of his “numbers” analysis.So what methodology does Mr. Cati use to interpret Mega Rituals? Let’s look at this one example of the “Patsy Code”.

I.  Total Number of Letters in Mega Ritual Name: Mr. Cati has chosen four words which he considers to be the heart of the mega ritual description.  Those four words are Maersk and Memphis which he places in one unit; Dirty Bomb is treated as one word in the  second unit.  He first adds the numbers of the letters of Maersk (6) + Memphis(7) + Dirty Bomb(9) =22 letters. Although Mr. Cati does not mention this,  it is well known that the Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, the Tarot (major arcana) has 22 cards, and the Ten Emanations of the Sephirot have 22 paths.

II.  Alpha-numeric system of the English AlphabetMr. Cati assigns each letter of the ritual name to the number in which the English alphabet is ordered.

III. The letters of the words are sub-grouped.   Mr. Cati groups his first row of numbers by an unexplained methodology; but generally by groupings of twos, although he has exceptions.   MAERSK is divided into 3 sections of 2 letters, MEMPHIS is also divided in the same manner, with one letter left over.  DIRTY BOMB is divided into three sections: the first with three letters, the second with 2 letters and the fourth with four.

IV.  The numbers are added together according to their groupings; except for example, ER in MAERSK, which is left blank, and SK shows 10, which is adding the 1+9 in 19, and he ignores the 11 of the K.

V.  A second row of numbers is generated from the prior row by adding the digits together, as is common to Tarot and other occult number interpretation systems.

VI.  Mr. Cati says he discovered a “doubling” number pattern from prior rituals which he has examined, and adds the prior two rows together in several instances. However, He does not apply this rule across the board.  Again we find that Mr. Cati is inconsistent in applying his “rules”,  for he again skips over the ER in Maersk, misapplies the rules entirely in Memphis, and for Bomb. Thus he pulls together some numbers which make little sense, as they are not based on a mathematical and numerological tradition that  Rules/formulas are to be Applied Consistently.  What Mr. Cati does in fact, amounts to applying his own Private Interpretation until he gets the end result he wants.   What he wants to see are numbers relating to 9/11, 9/23-4, and 7/23.

VII. It is claimed in this video that the code for George Webb is 7-23.  Here he has reduced a name down to the first initials: G and W, which in the English alpha-numeric code would be 7 and 23. The initials GW could represent thousands upon thousands of Americans.  Even if one takes only the population of Conspiracy theorists, there have to be numerous examples of persons with those initials and therefore that “code”. Is Mr. Cati saying that there is only one GW that is linked to the dirty bomb incident?

VIII. A chart I put together to compare the data using the rules versus Mr. Cati’s chart reveals a gross manipulation of the numbers.  What Mr. Cati accomplishes is that he constructs his chart to fit the conclusion he wants to see.  While he begins with a standard occult alpha numeric approach to assigning numbers and then reducing them down to one digit,  he does not follow through to the normal conclusion.  He privately interprets these numbers and manipulates them so he can display the end result he desires. How he arrives at 7-23 by using the numbers of the letters in MEMPHIS and adding to this a forced numbers interpretation to get 23 from BOMB is an insult to reason and logic.

Below is a comparison chart.  My numbers are in black; Mr. Cati’s are in red.

The purpose of codes, as they relate to the timeline of an occult mega ritual, would be to support the Magical Operator in bringing about a successful, powerful, and authoritative  operation.  Such codes are based on formulas that those in the know understand how to apply; thus consistency is of absolute importance.  One cannot translate E=mc squared into Einsten=Mr Cati squared, just because one person thinks it is a cool private interpretation.

And when it comes to including the name of a person into a ritual code, would it not make sense to identify that person so precisely that there is no possibility of a mistaken identity?  If George Webb is a sacrifice, what would be the point of accidentally having some hobo with the initials GW, who is sleeping on the dock, get murdered? I have some experience in identifying occult signatures, and generally such are unique 6 digit or higher numbers. GW=723 is not a unique signature.

On July 21, 2017, Mr. Cati came out with a video called, Four Days in July and the George Webb New Moon Observation. Some of my notes on Mr. Cati’s commentary:

(1.45)  …new moon is the dark moon..when rituals are performed..

(1.50) dark moon July 23

(1.52)  And since George Webb is coded 723, “G” 7, “W” 23, and since George Webb was involved with the Maersk Memphis Charleston Harbor event dirty bomb…that was my first indication that George Webb, the Maersk Memphis event that occurred on June 14th, that was my first indication code-wise that George Webb is coded into this ritual.  Now, -whether he is  going to be a patsy or ritual sacrifice is yet to be determined.  I still view him as a patsy being used, a person who is being used but that isn’t always necessarily mean he’s a bona fide patsy.  He could be a go-along patsy which I am sure many of you would agree.  He’s going along for some personal motivation along with Jason Goodman…

(3.53)  I’m not trying to get anyone to believe that something is going to happen to George Webb, but George Webb has been coded into this ritual since the Maersk Memphis dirty bomb incident occurred.  And since then, this number 723 which when I discovered it’s associated with George Webb, well, I had to take note, and that’s all I’ve done, is take note.  Because I’ve taken notice of this particular coding involved with George Webb because I realize he’s getting into some really interesting topics of discussion because he may be rubbing people wrong uh and or ticking people off by exposing what they’re doing, even if it’s uh in a manner which the simpletons just quite don’t get- you see the truth thinkers are taking what George has been saying and have been processed…(4.44)

(5.04) a heads up- a courtesy… of stating that these 4 days 21,22,23 and 24 are upon us, while that doesn’t mean very much- it should if you are George Webb and you think  you’re living your life oh this and that and that you’ve got a future in some venue that you’ve helped create- well, everything can come to a crashing end should something happen.  Now I’m not saying something is going to happen- let me repeat this- I’m not saying something is going to happen to George Webb.  I’m saying George Webb is coded, or has been coded, since the Maersk Memphis dirty bomb affair.

(6:14-6:18) what I call the perfect ritual setting for something, or someone to be sacrificed.

In conclusion, I am no fan of George Webb, yet I find this casual throwing around of his day of death, as a ritual sacrifice, to be creepy.  When this is done using irregular methods of interpreting the “numbers” associated with an event, it  is irresponsible.  Mr. Cati has not proven that the dirty bomb event was put into place by a black “operation within an operation”, nor that George Webb was coded into a mega ritual.

So, is Mr. Cati the Master of the Secret Decoder Ring? While he enjoys asserting his private interpretation of mega ritual codes on the one hand; on the other, he offers  numerous disclaimers,- perhaps his viewers ought to examine what he says using the  tried and true method of using a pencil and paper to reason things out.