Field McConnell’s Flirtation With Paper Terrorism Tactics

Field McConnell, retired Delta Airlines pilot and retired USAF & F16 pilot

Whenever I research the topic of the Sovereign Citizen Movement, I often run into familiar names, such as Field McConnell of Abel Danger or Robert David Steele, who have associated themselves with the pseudo-legal philosophy of the fake Alaskan “judge” Anna Von Reitz and the Victurus Libertas website who are “unveiling the Freedom Revolution”.

About two and a half years ago, Field McConnell had interviewed Anna Von Reitz in a September 15, 2016 Abel Danger video.  And when I wrote a January 19, 2018 articleThe Context, The Whole Context, and Nothing But the Context?, which discussed who was promoting the website Victurus Libertas, I noted that Field McConnell’s name was mentioned in the membership fees Gold Level- Insider Engagement as shown below:

Victurus Libertas also had interviewed the fake Alaskan judge Anna Von Reitz, and was selling products associated with Sherry Peel Jackson, a former IRS agent who went to jail for 4 years as a Tax Protestor.  So by being an inside political expert enticement for the Gold patrons of the VL website, Field McConnell is by inference also supporting the Sovereign Citizen philosophy this website promotes.

[As an aside, I had also written on Robert David Steele’s association with Sovereign Citizen concepts in this September 16, 2018 article, THE OATH Above All Oaths of Robert David Steele, Chief Counsel for the International Tribunal For Natural Justice.]

Field McConnell has loosely attempted to engage the American court system for his purposes as far back as 2007, when he filed amateurish handwritten complaints in the U. S. District Court-District of North Dakota.  The first lawsuit,  Field McConnell vs. Boeing Company and Air Line Pilots Association was filed February 27, 2007 [link:field mcconnell boeing alpa 2007], and the second,  Field McConnell, David Hawkins and 98 fellow plaintiffs vs. Global Guardians listed in “Preamble” was filed May 1, 2007 [link:  field mcconnell global guardians lawsuit].

Both lawsuits failed for lack of prosecution, as apparently the plaintiff(s) never served the defendants.

In 2016, Field McConnell was involved in divorce proceedings in Wisconsin. We are going to look at certain aspects of this case, as he attempted to make use of several  sovereign citizen paper terrorist tactics.  The two documents under discussion in today’s post can be located here:  [Field McConnell affidavit of truth 2016 ]  and [Field McConnell divorce 2016 ].

First, in viewing these documents, I am not going to be addressing who is right and who is wrong as far as this dispute concerns a private divorce judgment; however, it needs to be noted that a dispute arose because the Petitioner, Alison McConnell, had asserted that Field McConnell had not made certain maintenance payments, real estate tax payments, and provided proof of home loan payments or homestead insurance payments.  The attorneys for Alison McConnell filed a Notice of Motion and Motion for Divorce Judgment, Contempt Findings, and Further Relief with the Pierce County, Wisconsin Clerk of Circuit Court on March 1, 2016.


In response, the website displays a document dated March 3, 2016,  written by Field McConnell titled, Wisconsin Law Firm Ignorant of SEC Tracer #2640220  Implicates County Officials.

In the above referenced document, 27 statements are laid out.  #5 explains that Field McConnell had been “targeted by a ‘weaponized IRS’ beginning in December of 2014, and that “The targeting could only have been initiated by my sibling Kristine Marcy, and the person for whom she created a passport in 1994 utilizing the National Visa Center controlled by Serco, a British corporation.”

#6 refers to the IRS as a private corporation who “has threatened to steal or cause harm to my property after I advised them on 22 May, 2015 that I was revoking my election to participate in their fraud.” Thus it appears that the IRS probably is viewing Field McConnell as a potential Tax Protestor, which could lead to serious consequences, if that should be the case.

#8 states that “On 16 October, 2015 I became a Lien Claimant of an international commercial lien.  As a commercial instrument it has an S. E. C. Tracer Number of #2640220.”  You can read about this sovereign citizen commercial lien in this pdf taken from the Anna Von Reitz website. [link:  sec tracer 2640220].  To understand what some of the consequences, such as incarceration, are for the fraudulent use of such liens, read this article at , Is filing a UCC commercial lien a good way to enforce rights?

#10 explains that Field McConnell asked Alison to become familiar with “An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” written by Judge Anna Maria Riezinger.  Alison did not become familiar.”  This is one of several names which Anna Von Reitz uses in promoting her fraudulent schemes. For background information on this fake judge, the YouTube channel Virgo Triad has several videos which can be seen at this link: Fake “Judge”  Anna Von Reitz.


In this document written by Field McConnell, 20 statements are made.  [Field McConnell affidavit of truth 2016]

#4 says, “The Plaintiff in this fraudulent divorce proceeding has claimed ignorance of my duties as Global Operations Director for Abel Danger Global Private Intelligence Agency.  To help the Court understand the Truth, I submit these 5 items of my efforts to enhance the safety of global travelers in time frame 4 December, 2006 until present day, 28 June, 2016.  The Abel Danger Global Private Intelligence Agency will this day, 28 June 2016, be posting a Threat Warning regarding an aviation threat to Hillary Clinton.”

Field McConnell likes to wear many hats. He claims to be the Global Operations Director for Abel Danger Global Private Intelligence Agency.

After reading several pages which follow, I also claim ignorance of his duties.  So Abel Danger is a Global Private Intelligence Agency?

That title encompasses a rather grandiose objective.  However, if one looks into sovereign citizen “agencies” which are created by various persons who consider themselves as above the law and anti-government, it is not all that unusual.  It is not wise to laugh out loud at such pretensive titles, as I found out when I critiqued another global sovereign citizen. They responded by putting out an international notice of protest against my article.

#7 is Field McConnell’s “Lawful Notice to all Bar Registrants” which begins, “Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye, I am the Natural Man, and I am calling out your soul to hold you accountable for the many crimes you may have committed against me.”  The lengthy lecture which follows as well as the rest of this document is straight out of the Sovereign Citizen playbook.

Google Paper Terrorism

There are numerous individuals who have attempted to use sovereign citizen “legal” instruments who found themselves convicted and incarcerated for fraud. Most persons who attempt to use these types of legal claims in civil or criminal lawsuits are cited at minimum for promoting frivolous arguments.

If you are interested in what this pseudo-legal maneuvering is all about, please read the links provided in this article, which are a starting point in understanding this form of paper terrorism against the courts and government institutions.  Increasingly, people who have degrees in higher education, or are highly skilled, are turning to these fraudulent legal schemes to escape personal property or tax issues in their life, without reflection on what the real life consequences are for fraud or failure to pay taxes, etc.  Please don’t become one of these, who later regret their actions when it is too late.










The Strange Case of The Groundhog Loop of the “Man-In-The-Middle Attacker”, David Hawkins

The Movie Groundhog Day (1993):  a TV weatherman who is covering Groundhog Day is caught in a time loop, repeatedly reliving the same day.

It is Groundhog Day in the United States of America, and here I am pondering the time loops of David Hawkins and Jason Goodman, as they relive the same scenario over and over again.  So forgive me if I interject a few thoughts of my own into their speculative view of reality.

What’s Involved In An Accent of Speech?

The one who answered our question about the start of Spring 2019

So, back in 2017 I visited my family in Scotland.  As I traveled around, many strangers asked me where I came from.  When I said, “Mississippi”, the unanimous response was, “You don’t sound like you’re from Mississippi!!”.

If you have ever been to the sparse world of rural Scotland, you will understand why I wondered how the Scots even knew that Mississippi existed,  let alone what accents are associated with this deep south state. When I was checking in at the Edinburgh airport to return home, I was interviewed by a security specialist, in part because I don’t sound like I am from  Mississippi.  The questioning got more and more detailed about where I claimed I lived, even asking what types of shrubs I had planted in my garden.

Now the reason that I don’t sound like I am from Mississippi is that I was born in Seattle into a family that had roots in Iowa and Nebraska.  My mother was born into an impoverished family with eleven children, and she went to work at age 13 as a live in servant for a wealthy family.  Thus she decided at an early age that one way out of her servitude, was to learn to speak perfect English like the upper class.

The man with the fake British accent

The topic for today’s article regards David Hawkins, a man who considers himself to be the Sherlock Holmes of the Modern World. Now one of the things I have wondered about him is why he speaks with a fake British accent.  You reply in surprise, “Fake accent! Isn’t he British, after all?”

I am not sure why, but I remain unconvinced about his autobiography….let’s see why I stand with arms folded, staring at this marvel of a man.

David Hawkins

I watch numerous British TV murder mysteries, which my husband checks out from the local library. I find it amusing when a male British actor fakes an American accent.  It is almost always a Texas, arrogant good-ol-boy, accent.  Years ago when I was in England, a young waitress, after finding out that we lived in Texas, wanted to know if we had a ranch like JR on the show Dallas.  We all have our preconceptions of what others are like.

Likewise, if you ask an American male to imitate a British accent, what comes out is an  upper class, snobbish, very droll form of speech; you know, exactly how David Hawkins presents himself. His demeanor meets the American conception of what a Brit ought to be–Sherlock Holmes, an air of being above us, familiar with history and the classics…but is he really who he says he is?

Hawkins is an expert in all things, or so he claims, including British Spy craft.  He promotes the quaint style of the Man-in-the-Middle Attack found in English history, where a letter  had been intercepted before it reached the recipient, and altered with a post script to frame the sender to look like they were intending to assassinate an unsuspecting target. Although he speaks in the third person about such matters, I propose that a primary example of the Man-in-the Middle Attacker in the present time frame, is actually David Hawkins, himself.

Is David Hawkins going to pull a Man-In-The-Middle Attack on his latest unsuspecting host?

BIOS, Bios, bios….

There are numerous bios on the internet on David Hawkins.  There is a short bio on dated January 4, 2010 which states, “David Hawkins, Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE Vancouver, B. C. Canada Tel:  604 542 0891 Abel Danger White House Yahoo Group Hawks CAFE Yahoo Group Focus:  Forensic Economics for Disaster Analysis and Virtual-Reality Prototyping David Hawkins offers keynote speeches, workshops or consultancy on the projects below.  Academic First Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Cambridge University Diploma in Industrial Management Cambridge.”

And then there is the bio written April 28, 2011,for the Vote David Hawkins (Independent) South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale political campaign in British Columbia. Written by the poet himself, he declared to potential voters:   “David Hawkins, Forensic Economist (Sherlock Holmes of the Modern World), has been a passionate and compassionate leader with integrity all of his life- even as a child he showed empathy with all forms of life, even pebbles at the bottom of the stream which he felt didn’t have a view.  In large projects such as Oil Rig Blowout Safety (ORBS), small projects such as keeping a parking lot clean or personal relationships, he stays true to his heart.  Working in the Middle East, Africa and many other countries, he became widely respected for his management skills and vision always bringing out talent and genius in EVERYONE.  After a career, long in adventure and experience, David shows no sign of slowing down or his optimism waning and he is confident he can clean up military-procurement fraud in Canada to “Stand On Guard for Thee’.”

Yeah, right.  Is a pebble a form of life?  It appears that the voters remained unmoved by this poetic bio of David Hawkins, and elected to office a less dreamy candidate.

The Sherlock Holmes of the Modern World, always analyzing the mysteries of life around him.

Now here is the bio which Coast2Coast with George Noory offered around 2006, and remains untouched by both left and right-brained men:

“David Hawkins is a full member of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth.  A graduate of Cambridge University, he is the former coordinator of Artificial Intelligence and geo-science research at Schlumberger, and the inventor in 1989 of a toolkit for virtual-reality prototyping.  He is a world authority on the use of applied mathematics, thermodynamics and deductive logic to analyze violent crimes and identify the weapons, opportunities and motives of the perpetrators.”

Right below this bio, a book written by a David R. Hawkins is linked to an page for Power Vs. Force:  The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. Now what Woo-woo genius thought that these two entirely different men sharing a similar name,  were identical?  One was a mechanical engineer, and the other was a psychiatrist. And then there is that great gulf in their ages.

The bio of the author of “Power Vs Force” is obviously not the same person as Coast2Coast’s guest, David Hawkins. How is it that this false attribution has not been corrected in thirteen years?   I find it hard to believe that the “Sherlock Holmes of the Modern World” was so modest that he did not read the bio posted on him by George Noory, and request a correction.

NOOOooo, not another error in the Coast2Coast bio of David Hawkins!

Look at this December 4, 2006 post at screwloosechange.blogspot on David Hawkins: Forensic Economist regarding the man who was kicked out of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth.  The Coast2Coast bio was apparently originally written for a September 11, 2006 show, but it also lists another show on which Hawkins was interviewed, on March 7, 2007.  Now why did  Hawkins not correct the C2C Bio, to reflect that he had been forcibly removed from the Scholars for 9/11 Truth group?

In a Loose Change Forum Discussion group, a post dated October 12, 2006 and presumably submitted by David Hawkins using his Hawks Cafe handle, documented several letters.  One of those was written by David Hawkins, in part explaining, “I put these issues of a perceived conflict of interest in possible payments by the Teacher’s private equity groups to Professor Jim Fetzer, co-founder of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, where until a few days ago I was a full member.  As a recently retired member of the Teachers’ Pension fund, Mr. Fetzer became extremely defensive.  When I continued to demand an explanation for his perceived conflict of interest he threw me out of the society which he had invited me to join about six months ago as a full member.  Mr. Fetzer’s decision to remove me as a full member of S9/11T denies myself and my former fellow members opportunities to share research not just into the 9/11 murders but also the private equity frauds which appear to provide a financial motive for the murders.”

Hawkins continues, “I am now alleging that the Scholars for 9/11 Truth is not only in a perceived conflict of interest with respect to the Teachers pension fund and its private equity groups, it has in fact been hired, with Mr. Fetzer as a founder, to run and manipulate an online forum and divert attention away from the Teachers’ pivotal role in the 9/11 frauds.

An email dated October 8, 2006 from Jim Fetzer to David Hawkins states, “On the basis of numerous complaints about your saturation of the forum with speculations that verge on lunacy, I am revoking your membership in  I have refrained until now because you were making me the focus of your ongoing attacks for which you appear to have nothing but the flimsiest basis.  I can assure you there is nothing the least bit unusual about my retirement in relation to TIAA/CREF.  I have never received a nickel from them apart from the normal accretion of earned interest on my investments.  However, it has now become apparent that your use of the forum to promote your views goes beyond the pale…”.

An unsigned email is also documented in this Discussion group post, written to Jim and Steve, saying, “It is my opinion that the forum is now being saturated by the unsubstantiated theories of David Hawkins to such an extent that the environment for everyone else is suffering.  I’ve had my suspicions about DH for a while but it was never certain.  Now I am concerned that he is knowingly turning the forum into one big debate about him and his theories…As I see, the main reasons to doubt the honest intentions of DH are these:

  1.  He is apparently a smart man, with qualifications and past papers.  But why can’t a smart man organize his research, and why would he feel it, feel it necessary to start multiple threads when one or two would suffice.
  2. It is hard to find any actual evidence in his jumbled work, and when asked to provide it he either ignores the request or answers with more speculations.
  3. He makes countless accusations about Jim or about the group as a whole being compromised, and yet he does not feel he needs to dissociate himself from these problems.  If he was genuine, he would not stay in a group that he felt was tainted and not beneficial to him.
  4. He has tried to label other topics as distractions, or implied that they are a waste of time and that everyone should be focusing on his theories instead.”

This discussion post was titled Teachers Private Equity Hired Scholars 9/11t? by HawksCAFE, which is David Hawkins’ signature handle.  At the end of the email which I just quoted excerpts from, there is a note saying, “[DH-I presume this above is an emanation from a poster boy ‘newtonnjd’ at the online forum].”

David Hawkins had been working alongside Field McConnell at Abel Danger, but more recently can be viewed promoting his theories in weekly broadcasts on Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource the Truth YouTube Channel. I have not been following his SERCO theories closely, and who can?  Even the host, Jason Goodman, is having trouble grasping the 12 dimensions of Hawkins’ speculations.

But  I do note that Hawkins had accused Field McConnell’s sister of being involved in some sort of conspiratorial enterprises involving Serco, or some such thing.  This is similar in pattern to the strange connection he created between Jim Fetzer to the fallen Twin Towers disaster on September 11, 2001. More recently he attempted to develop the off the wall theory connecting the patent filed by Dave Sweigert’s father to the Jon Benet Ramsey murder.

If you read the four points noted by the member of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth group regarding the tactics of David Hawkins, it is apparent that Hawkins likes to position himself as the Man-in-the Middle for purposes of setting up an attack against a target in close vicinity to himself.  Strangely, he is now positioned as a friend of Jason Goodman, who goes alongside Goodman to use his theories to attack Dave Sweigert. I shall probably address this positioning in further detail in another article; it is after all, Groundhog Day where it becomes difficult to escape that time loop which David Hawkins and Jason Goodman relive their speculations over and over.

In the meantime, let it sink in that David Hawkins IS most likely an example of the MAN-IN-THE MIDDLE ATTACKER.