A Dinosaur and a Free Range Chicken Sue the United States of America for $536,041,100

On May 22, 2020, Kent E. Hovind and Paul John Hansen, as Trustee for Creation Science Evangelism (CSE), a non-statutory  trust, filed a civil rights lawsuit in the U. S. District Court Northern District of Florida (Pensacola) against six defendants: the United States of America, Margaret Catharine Rodgers, the Estate of John David Roy Atchinson, Michelle Heldmyer, Scott Schneider and Alan Stuart Richey.  [see Kent Hovind vs USA]

Dr. DINO we know; but who is this Free Range Chicken?

Meet Paul John Hansen,”a free inhabitant of the land”, who has a notice on his pauljjhansen.com website explaining,

“WHERE AM I.  I Paul Hansen, get arrested occasionally for standing up against intrusive government.  If you are not getting a response from my email it is highly likely I am in jail.  There are two main reasons people go to jail in the United States: -one is for violating US written law, -the other is for holding fast to the God given right to live independent of such corrupt institutions (empires) as the United States has become.”

Paul Hansen: “If you are not getting a response back from my email, it is highly likely I am in jail.”

Paul John Hansen describes himself as having “been in court over 250 times. -I have received numerous death threats that appear as to come from NEBRASKA STATE agents. -I have been arrested an estimated 8 times.  Always bogus false warrants, misdemeanor charges..”.

“I file no Federal Income taxes (form 1040) since the year 2001. (No filings in any form.) -I pay no State income taxes. -I do not pay STATE sales tax on major purchases. -I pay no COUNTY property taxes with out a judicial challenge…I currently use no State drivers license, carry no vehicle liability insurance, do not register my vehicles…I am a ‘free inhabitant’ pursuant to Article 4 of The Articles of Confederation. (Not a US citizen)…I believe that a free inhabitant has the lawful standing to choose to live independent of the constitutional corporate US governments, and its statutory courts in the vast majority of his daily life, and to be forced to do otherwise is slavery…”.

Believe it or Not, Nebraska took notice of his unauthorized practice of law…

Paul John Hansen forgot to mention that the Supreme Court of Nebraska in State v. Hansen, decided on June 14, 2013, that it was necessary to file an injunction against his unauthorized practice of law.

The Court stated, “it appears that Hansen believes that he is not subject to state law and is free to practice law without a license so long as he does so on ‘land not owned by the United States.’  He is mistaken…We conclude that Hansen’s conduct is deceptive and poses the type of risk of harm to the public that our unauthorized practice rules are intended to prevent.  Accordingly, by separate order entered on June 14, 2013, Hansen is enjoined from engaging in the unauthorized practice of law in any manner, including but not limited to holding himself out to another as being entitled to practice law as defined by section 31001.  Injunction Issued.” [State v. Hansen]

On his website, Paul John Hansen provides a mailing address of 488 Pearl Lane, Repton, AL 36475-1108, and describes it as a post location without the United States, not a resident address.  That location is none other than Kent Hovind’s Dinosaur Adventure Land in Conecuh county, Alabama.

Dinosaur Adventure Land, 488 Pearl LN, Repton, AL 36475-1108

When I last looked in 2017, former IRS Appeals Officer Robert Baty, author of the website kehvrib.com, had a screenshot of the Conecuh county, Alabama, property data on Dinsosaur Adventure Land, showing Creation Science Evangelism, as legal owner. Three parcels were described with a land value totaling $273,440, a market value of $530,140, and improvements of $256,700.

This large estate is tax exempt property, meaning that the taxpayers in that county have to carry the burden of expenses for Dinosaur Adventure Land’s  proportionate share of county services provided. Many of those citizens bearing that tax burden have not the ability to own land with improvements valued in the $787,000 range.

Kent Hovind, the multimillionaire evangelist with no income and no assets

On March 1, 1996, Kent Hovind filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy.  As debtor, Hovind represented “that he is an evangelist employed by God and that he receives no income, has no expenses, owns absolutely no property, and has no creditors except for the IRS with a claim of $10,602.31”.  Apparently at that time, the IRS had seized an unspecified property and he wanted it returned.  In response, “On March 25,1996, the IRS filed its Motion to Dismiss alleging that this chapter 13 case was filed in bad faith for the sole purpose of avoiding payment of federal income taxes.”

The Bankruptcy Decision concluded, “The debtor having failed to file his federal income tax returns for at least the years 1989 through 1995, having resisted collection efforts by the IRS, and having provided false information in his schedules and statement of affairs in connection with this case, I find that the debtor filed this petition in bad faith and as such the petition is subject to dismissal for cause under the provisions of 11. U.S.C. 1307(c).”

Paul John Hansen reproved by a Chief U.S. District Judge, who he is now suing 

In another case, Paul John Hansen is reproved in a Judge’s ORDER dated June 27, 2012, filed as document 7, in U. S. A. vs. Creation Science Evangelism, Creation Science Evangelism Foundation,(USDC for the No. District of Florida, Pensacola Div.) .

M. Casey Rodgers, Chief United States District Judge, stated, “Pending before the court is the plaintiff’s motion for default summary (doc. 6).  The defendant entities have been served but have not responded to the complaint, which was filed on March 26, 2012.  Neither have the defendants responded to the plaintiff’s motion for default summary judgment, which was filed on June 11, 2012.”

Also, although an individual, Paul John Hansen, attempted to file documents in this case, he was twice informed that the papers would not be accepted because he was neither an attorney nor a party (see docs. 4 & 5).  On June 4, 2012, the court entered an order directing the defendants to secure counsel, advising them that an artificial entity cannot proceed pro se, and requiring them to show cause why a default should not be entered against them (doc.5).  The defendants have not responded to the court’s order, and the time for doing so has expired.  Now, having fully reviewed the plaintiff’s motion and the record, and having provided the defendants with time to respond, the court finds that the motion for default summary judgment is due to be granted.”

Notice that in this most recent lawsuit filed May 22, 2020, against the United States of America, Plaintiff Paul John Hansen is suing as the Trustee for Creation Science Evangelism (CSE), a non statutory trust. Apparently Hansen has learned to avoid at least one error which the Judge noted in the lawsuit quoted above.

This time, pro se  Paul John Hansen is representing Creation Science Evangelism, as a common law trust, rather than as a statutory trust.  Common law trusts are created without public officials, and the individuals of the trust are eligible to legally sue, or be sued—provided they do so in their own name.

Rule No. 6:  Never confess that you are the successor to that crook Glen Stoll

The Judge’s ORDER noted above, on page 5, says, “In the fall of 2011, Paul John Hansen, representing himself to be Glenn (sic) Stoll’s successor in interest as director of the defendant entities, filed liens against the properties set out above and initiated, in state court, an action entitled a Quiet Title Action…the United States removed it to federal court.  Ultimately that matter was dismissed.”

“Because the ‘Hansen liens’ remained on the public records of Escambia County, thereby creating a cloud on the title, the United States filed the instant action, seeking their removal and the entry of an injunction against the defendants prohibiting the defendants or their representatives from filing new ones….The United States has filed a motion seeking a judgment declaring the ‘Hansen liens’ to be null and void from the inception…”.

Also the Judge stated, “The court found on July 27, 2007 in Case No.3:06cr83-MCR that the defendants have demonstrated no rights superior to the rights of the United States other than the right to receive whatever property remaining after satisfying the $430,400.00 forfeiture judgment.  As that order was final, it is res judicata as to the defendants and if the ‘Hansen liens’ are founded on the belief that the defendants’ have a superior interest, they are precluded from asserting such an interest. Res judicata bars the filing of claims which were raised or could have been raised in an earlier proceeding…”.

One of the conclusions of this ORDER is that “Defendants are hereby permanently enjoined from interfering with the rights of the United States of America in and to the property described above in any manner including filing or attempting to file liens, claims or other encumbrances in any manner whatsoever without a prior order of this court…”

More stories of Hovind’s tax troubles involving that Mastermind of illegal tax schemes, Glen Stoll

On July 29, 2009, M. Casey Rodgers, United States District Judge, issued an ORDER in United States of America vs Kent. Hovind and Jo D. Hovind, case number 3:06cr83/MCR.  This Order contains insights as to why Kent Hovind ended up in a federal prison for 9 years.

“Kent Hovind and his wife, Jo Hovind, were the owners of Creation Science Evangelism (‘CSE’), a nondenominational religious organization advocating the message of creation science and opposing the theory of evolution. Located in Pensacola, Florida, CSE sold videos and books, hosted debates, and provided lectures across the United States.  Kent Hovind established CSE in 1989 and merged it ten years later with the Faith Baptist Fellowship, an independent Baptist church in Hawthorne, Florida.”

“In 2002, Hovind wanted to create an independent structure for CSE, and to that end he sought the services of Glenn Stoll, director of a corporation known as Remedies at Law and, according to the company’s literature, its general counsel.  Stoll and Remedies at Law promoted the formation of religious-based business organizations through pre-packaged plans that established ‘personal ministries’.  Stoll claimed such ministries could be created by completing a one-page Declaration of Status asking the declarant to answer several questions about his or her purpose, loyalties, and function in life.”

“According to Stoll, answering these questions was a faith-based political statement that gave rise to ‘a lawfully established unincorporated association of pure trust’.”

“Kent Hovind took advantage of Stoll’s services by creating his own personal ministry through a Declaration of Purpose on May 12, 2003.  A formal written trust agreement was executed on May 21, 2003, creating a trust name Creation Science Evangelism Ministry (‘CSE Ministry’) with the corporation sole, Director of Ecclesiastical Enterprises, as trustee. Stoll issued it a business license from the ‘Kingdom of Heaven.’  Stoll and Hovind also created a second ministerial trust the same day, named it the Creation Science Evangelism Foundation (‘CSE Foundation’), and also issued it a Kingdom of Heaven license. As the conveyance deeds noted below show, Stoll’s corporation sole, the Firm Foundation, acted as trustee for the CSE Foundation.  With these entities in place, the Hovinds began a complex process of transferring nine of the ten real properties at issue in this forfeiture proceeding to various ministerial trusts.”

By the time they began transferring the five individual trust properties and the CSE Foundation properties to Stoll’s trusts, the Hovinds had already engaged in serious criminal conduct.  On July 11, 2006, Kent Hovind was indicted…”

[Tracking the Leopard Meroz wrote an article dated November 10, 2017, on Glenn Stoll’s sovereign citizen illegal tax schemes.]

The $536,041,100 Question

Kent Hovind and Paul John Hansen live in a tax exempt dreamworld where they do not shoulder their fair contribution towards supporting the cost of  government.

Should by some remote chance, the lawsuit known as Hovind and Hansen vs. the United States of America come to trial, one wonders how their egregious sense of superiority over the simple minded law abiding taxpayer will be regarded by the jury, once they grasp that these two men are coveting a half billion dollars representing tax payer funds?

In a separate case which Paul Hansen filed this past week on June 3, 2020, against the state of Nebraska and the city of Omaha regarding a traffic violation, Hansen was granted permission by the Court to proceed in forma pauperis, allowing him to file his pro se lawsuit without payment of fees.  [see hansen v nebraska]

Peruse the screenshot below, and notice the audacity of our forma pauperis  free range chicken, Paul Hansen.  Let us hope he never causes a car accident, and injures or kills others, since he considers himself to be above purchasing liability insurance.

A Rude Awakening

Thirteen years ago, the Hovinds received a rude awakening when they were arrested, and this was described in the May 22, 2020, Complaint filed in Hovind and Hansen vs. the U. S. A. 

The plaintiffs state in Item 26,  “That on July 13, 2006, at 7:30 A.M., after CSE was operating with no known legal nexus with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a S.W.A.T. team, led by UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Federal Agents, representing themselves as acting officially, in official uniform, consisting of more than twenty (20) individuals, all brandishing UNITED STATES OF AMERICA issued assault rifles, surrounded the house with a post address 29 Cummings Rd Pensacola, Fl 32503*, where HOVIND and his wife were sleeping, which was property/land owned by, CSE Trust Ministry.”

The Hovinds chose to appeal their convictions and sentences in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.  The Court on December 30, 2008, concluded, “The convictions and sentences of the Hovinds are AFFIRMED.”  [usa vs kent hovind appeals]

There appears to be little change of heart in regard to Kent Hovind, and it shows in yet another scheme mentioned by Ernest Land, CSEM Director, in an interview with  CPA Peter J. Reilly, a few years ago. ( quote excerpted from a December 29, 2017 Tracking the Leopard Meroz article ” Ernest Land:  Designer of Black Budget Tax Shelters for the Self-Anointed, Self-Professing Man of God.)

Kent Hovind reminisces about the good old days when the fruits of evangelism was Money 

Item 34. in Hovind and Hansen vs. USA, notes,  “In the year of:

i.  2004 CSE revenue was approximately $2,000,000.00

ii.  2005 CSE revenue has approximately $2,250,000.00

iii.  2006 CSE revenue was approximately $2,500,000.00

That totals $6,750,000 in revenues for three years + a claim that the CSE properties present value is $3,000,000=$975,0000

In Document 1, page 51, Addendum 1, Kent Hovind claims that the loss of revenue between then and now would be about $70,000,000.  In Addendum 2, Paul John Hansen quotes the ten commandments written in Exodus 20 which was addressed to Israel, as a theocracy.  He then attempts to apply Deuteronomy 13:11 as applying to Americans, a Gentile nation which is not a substitute for the ancient nation of Israel. There seems to be no end to the absurd interpretations of American and Biblical laws by Paul Hansen.

Back to Genesis:  How will Kent Hovind aka Dr. Dino explain to God his occupation of  a tax exempt property called Dinosaur Adventure Land, which claims to be “without the United States of America”?

On June 4, 2020, the Judge ordered Kent Hovind and Paul John Hansen to “promptly, and by no later than five (5) business days of the date of this order, present the requisite summons(es) to the clerk…and asked the court clerk to notify Chambers on 6/9/2020, if summons not received. As of this morning, nothing is on the docket as yet.



FYI: The Joseph Edward Interview with Robert Baty on The Baby Holm Case

Joseph Edward published his hour long January 24, 2018 interview with Robert Baty regarding the Baby Holm Case, which I have linked here.

In and of itself, the Baby Holm Case has no great import, when one considers the many cases which various state Child Protective Services personnel routinely encounter. What is of interest in this matter is that Sovereign Citizen Movement, anti-government and anti-CPS groups have been using this case to gather supporters, by promoting a false story which undermines the  evidential and judicial aspects of this case.  Robert Baty, among others, has sought to counter those falsehoods with real evidence and logical arguments.

Joseph Edward, the Interviewer in this audio,  is thirteen years old, a young man who attempted to take on the “structuring” proposition which Robert Baty, a former IRS Appeals Officer, had dared Kent Hovind or his “champions” to openly debate. There is a 50 year difference in the ages between Joseph Edward and Robert Baty, which makes it an uneven debate match.  However, Joseph displays an intelligent mind, and I am hoping that once  he enters into those areas of life’s responsibilities which force a different real world type of knowledge and wisdom on us, he will one day prove a good debater.  That said, all Christians need to observe that rule laid out in the Bible about not respecting persons and about becoming impartial judges. If it is truth we are after, how one searches out evidence and the meaning of laws, rules and regulations is important in the application of judgment and justice.

Joseph Edward also became interested in that side branch of the Kent Hovind Story, which is under discussion at  Robert Baty’s  FaceBook group called Understanding the Baby Holm Case. As a result,  he interviewed Baty on January 24, 2018, posting his audio to his YouTube channel. The purpose of this closed group Facebook discussion of Baby Holm is to “provide a more open and honest environment in which to present information about the child custody case which has been developing in Alabama since October 2016.” And I think that Joseph Edward accomplished a good interview with Baty.

Baty also adds that with regard to the Baby Holm case,  “of particular interest to me is the involvement of a sovereign citizen type by the name of Brady Bynum.  He appears, along with the parents themselves, to be the architect of a plan of action designed to thwart any serious effort to return custody of the child to the parents in an expeditious manner.”

Brady Bynum is also friends with Ernest Land and Kent Hovind, which I had been writing about. And here at Tracking the Leopard Meroz,  I have been taking a closer look at those Christian Alternative Media radio hosts, who have subtly promoted sovereign citizen movement legal theories, via the guests which they exalt before their large audiences.

The Context, The Whole Context, and Nothing but the Context? So, Douglas Hagmann, What is the CONtext of Your Promoting Victurus Libertas, as they Unveil the Freedom Revolution?

On the December 12, 2017 Hagmann Report,  Dave Daubenmire commented to Doug Hagmann, “…you know for people to take stuff out of context-you guys get a lot of that stuff as well. Those who aren’t watching my show every day and don’t understand what, what came before this morning’s program are not, not going to understand what it is that we’re talking about.”

Dave Daubenmire, Steve Quayle, Doug and Joe Hagmann, Sheila Zilinsky, V the Guerrilla Economist and others all portrayed Kent Hovind, aka Dr. Dino of Dinosaur Adventure Land, as a man persecuted for his religious beliefs.   This Massive Skeleton in The Closet of the Christian Alternative Media is going to haunt them as they promote their anti-government rhetoric,  no matter how much they try to bend reality to hide their unloosing of the Sovereign Citizen Movement.

CONTEXT refers to those parts of writing or speech coming before or after a statement, which contribute to the full meaning intended by the author or speaker. An argument which narrows the words of a speaker or writer to the extent that the true intention and meaning has been altered, becomes falsehood.

Thus, as I was reading the motions for dismissal filed December 15, 2017 in an ongoing  lawsuit, it was interesting to observe that one defendant’s attorney was arguing  that the plaintiff had failed to  provide the entire context of certain statements which had been made by the defendants.  On the same day, a transcript of the entire radio broadcast in question was provided to the Court by the other co-defendant, in order to give the complete context of the quotations.

Since this is an ongoing lawsuit, I am not going to identify the details, but suffice it to say, that in my “unlearned ordinary citizen” opinion, that when the attorneys for the defendants decided to put into the legal record, the full context of the contested words, they opened a closet door which allowed an embarrassing skeleton to fall out.  For the very first item in the broadcast under scrutiny, regarded the 2015 legal problems of Kent Hovind.  At that time, Hovind had already served 8 plus years in jail for tax fraud, but in this broadcast, he was being held up as an innocent man who had been persecuted by the IRS and the judicial system because of his religious beliefs.

The Skeleton In The Closet of Christian Alternative Media, Kent Hovind aka Dr. Dino, suffers from amnesia whenever anyone mentions his sovereign citizen beliefs.

Some of Hovind’s legal and tax problems had stemmed from his reliance on the counsel of various persons involved in the Sovereign Citizen Movement who are anti-government and  who consider themselves above the law.

It is curious that an attorney who is attempting to show that his client’s controversial words against a plaintiff were within the legal boundaries of protected free speech, would place on the Court record, documentation which proves that the CONTEXT of the contested words included a defendant’s public misrepresentation of the facts of a lawsuit involving Kent Hovind, who was both a civil and criminal law-breaker.

The context of one’s words and actions is indeed an interesting topic to examine, especially where the subject has developed a severe case of amnesia with regard to their own personal history.   (See this short video for a reproval of Kent Hovind’s statement that he does not know what a sovereign citizen is).

As I scan the panorama of the recurring themes of the Christian Alternative Media over the years, the antigovernment rhetoric which is routinely pushed onto Christian audiences, is beginning to standout as the silhouette of the false legal theories of the Sovereign Citizen Movement.  This will become apparent as we take a cursory look at the website and broadcasts of Victurus Libertas, which one of my readers asked me to review. I had noticed this site when I had written about Robert David Steele and his #UNRIG campaign. But when I went in for a closer look, I was surprised by what I found that ties VL into the Sovereign Citizen worldview.

One has to wonder why 5 months ago the Hagmann Report, which claims 70 million downloads a year, decided to promote one of Robert David Steele’s favored internet broadcast co-hosts, Jim and Angie Blake of Victurus Libertas to greater prominence. VL now has 65,000 YouTube subscribers, which is 63% of the 103,000 subscribers which the long standing and the very popular Hagmann Report attracts.   One of the things which the Hagmanns, Robert David Steele, and Victurus Libertas share in common, is that in the recent past they all had heavily pushed the fake Pedogate stories into the public view.

On the surface, Victurus Libertas presents the image of believing in God, as their motto is based on Romans 8:31. Yet, as we shall later observe, their governing principle is in fact based on that opposing principle of God called Mammon.

Note that the Scriptures say, IF. In the case of Angie and Jim Blake, that “If” is a very large IF.


At the Victurus Libertas.com website,  owners Jim and Angie Blake claim that they are in the process of unveiling the Freedom Project, declaring “This is a MIND BLOWING project that will cost you absolutely NOTHING except exiting the Matrix.  In fact, you will be guaranteed sustainability and security against those who impose against us now.”

On this undated page titled, The Freedom Revolution, the Blakes claim that, “Last week, out of nowhere, we were contacted by an individual who has the means, the plans, the ideology AND the resources to help us all achieve what we so desperately want and need to do in order to free ourselves from the chains of the federal, state and local governments who have illegally enslaved us…Every Tuesday a new portion of insight will be released leading up the final unveiling of the project in it’s entirety-which is expected to be completed in early 2018.  The revolution is HERE.  How you deal with it is up to you.  You can do nothing and hope for the best, or you can control your own destiny and be a PART of the FREEDOM REVOLUTION!”


Angie Miesner Blake, wife of James Anthony Blake,  refers to her Twitter account as Mrs. jab, and she says, “I am a truth seeker”.

Jim and Angie Blake reveal little of themselves, except that on their Facebook pages it appears that they live in Fort Worth, Texas, were married in 2009,and have 6 children between them from prior relationships. Without any supporting evidence, they claim to be activists, truthers, investigative reporters, and even critical thinkers.  Angie admits to having once been employed with Parkway Tavern, and Jim reveals on his Facebook page that he made an unpleasant discovery in the men’s room at some unknown job location. That’s quite a resume!

James Anthony Blake, host of Victurus Libertas, leaves us guessing as to his employment history. So a rough guess is that he is in his late forties and embarrassed to tell others what type of work he has done for the past 20 years

In September of 2017, the Hagmann Report featured a special interview of Jim and Angie Blake to discuss their Youtube broadcast channel, Victurus Libertas. This promotion from The Hagmann Report, as well as the repeated guest interviews of former CIA agent, Robert David Steele and former Congress woman, Cynthia McKinney, helped to advance their visibility and credibility.  But without a proper resume of Jim and Angie Blake’s employment history, we will have to rely once again on the vetting skills of the premier father/son private investigator team, Doug and Joe Hagmann, whose famous words of assurance, Trust me, folks!, caused their listeners to gloss over various fake  “Insider” sources.

It needs to be noted that Victurus Libertas (VL) also has relied on unnamed Insiders as their sources.  One of them claimed to be from the DHS, which caused me to wonder if Doug Hagmann’s Rosebud or DHS Insider, was being recycled. And then there is  FBI ANON…. Hagmann has claimed to have once worked undercover as a FBI operative, so I guess we should ask him to vet that person’s credentials.

MEMBERSHIP FEES:  THE DOOR TO INSIDER ENGAGEMENT (something Ex-Con Tax Defier, former IRS Agent,  Sherry Peel Jackson knows all about)

On the VL website which Angie heads as the Editor-in-chief, a page on Membership Levels provides a door to their  world of secret insider sources. The Basic Membership is $2 per month to support their efforts to “bring the truth forward for all to see while exposing corruption”.  This level gives the member “access to ALL worldwide news stories, be included in the weekly newsletter to stay updated on the website, as well as the VL Channel and you will have first access to EXCLUSIVE interviews from our CREDIBLE INSIDE SOURCES before anyone else.”

The Gold Membership is $5 per month which gives the Basic package plus “In addition, you will have access to 1-HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE interview per month, in which YOU will ask questions of a POLITICAL EXPERT, such as Robert David Steele, Field McConnell or possibly even Ron Paul.  We will have these HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE interviews set up each month….Your name will be used when we present the questions.  It will be just like you are interacting directly (with) the expert!”

The website, Galactic Connection.com featured a May 15, 2017 Victurus Libertas Channel Update called Under Attack But We Will Not Quit-Targeted Individuals.  As shown below, Readers and Viewers of VL can ask FBI ANON their own questions.

Galactic Connection.com also advertises, Unplug from the Matrix! Remove your controlling implants!

In the above screenshot, the Blakes ask for prayers, saying, “I never knew what the term targeted individuals meant until now.  I have empathy for all those that have been targeted by the deep state for telling the truth and exposing evil.  Pray for all those that have the courage to take on the swamp creatures.”  In the post dated May 16, 2017, which accompanies the video, Angie says, “We are fortunate and grateful to work with some really great insiders who want the truth to come out about the inner workings of our governments.  FBI Anon, most known for showing up on 4Chan from time to time with his AMA, has agreed to allow our audience to ask questions…”.

That is, those may ask who have paid for the $5/month Gold Membership.  When I was writing about Robert David Steele several months ago, I noticed that he limited his communications with the public by stipulating that he would only answer emails where the writer was also a supporter; i.e., gave him money for his #UNRIG campaign.  Some of the donations he received for Earth Intelligence Network he used to fund the various YouTube broadcasters which interviewed him.

So why would Field McConnell of Abel Danger, or “even Ron Paul” want to buy into this exclusive interview situation which might be viewed by only a handful of persons? Well, Field McConnell has interviewed Sovereign Citizen “Judge” Anna Von Reitz, which is a common denominator with the Victurus Libertas website. And we do not know if Ron Paul is even aware that his name has been dropped for commercial purposes by the Blakes.

Many Tax Defiers and Sovereign Citizen Believers Prefer the MLM model of defrauding their customers

There is an interesting link between Sovereign Citizens and the use of  MLM companies; one example which had been noted by this blog was that of Ernest Land, the Director of Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, connected with tax fraud Kent Hovind.

The exclusive interview method of enticing members as used by VL,  has the overtones of a common MLM strategy, where if the participant gets to a certain level, the customer gains access to an online resource center where certain vendors are allowed an exclusive arrangement.  Whether selling MLM Zurvita energy drinks, or VL Mugs, hoodies and shirts, or Sherry Peel Jackson’s Healthy Place products,  Victurus Libertas raison d’être is for commercial profit.  Truth is subordinate to commercial profit at Victurus Libertas; it is just another commodity to be bought and sold, like an over priced coffee mug.

The New Freedom Revolutionaries drink their coffee from a 16-ounce blood red mug for $14.99

Healthy Place’s Sherry Peel Jackson was once involved in the MLM Pinnacle Quest International (PQI), which got into legal problems with the Department of Justice. PQI was discussed in an October 12, 2010 article by Steve Rhode, called, Promoters of Debt Elimination and Tax Relief Scheme Get Hard Jail Time. Rhode explains, “PQI was an umbrella organization for numerous vendors of tax and credit card debt elimination scams. Some of the PQI vendors, such as Southern Oregon Resources Center for Education (SORCE), sold bogus theories and strategies for tax evasion. For fees starting at $10,000 SORCE assisted its customers in the creation of a series of sham business entities in the United States and Panama.  Other tax-related PQI vendors denied legitimacy of the income tax system on various theories and provided customers with a “reliance defense” that consisted of a paper trail of frivolous correspondence which a client could allegedly use as evidence of good faith if the client were prosecuted”.

Steve Rhode also notes that one of the speakers on the PQI’s Q1 audio course included “Sherry Peel-Jackson, a tax defier“. He goes on to say, “These individuals make false and fraudulent statements about the internal revenue laws..”.

In the screenshot below, Jim and Angie Blake of Victurus Libertas extol ex-con Sherry Peel Jackson as one of their heroes; therefore they have partnered with her to sell her Healthy Place products.

Sherry Peel Jackson is now out of prison, but nine years ago on September 11, 2008, the Department of Justice had issued a news release headlined, Four Year Prison Sentence Affirmed for Georgia Tax Defier:  Former IRS Employee Convicted of Tax Crimes. This notice begins, “The U. S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit affirmed a four-year prison sentence for tax defier crimes committed by Sherry Peel Jackson, a former Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employee and tax preparer, the Justice Department announced today.”

The DOJ press release explained, “…beginning in 2000, Jackson willfully and intentionally did not file her own individual tax returns.  At that time, she also operated a tax preparation business and continued to prepare, submit and file individual tax returns for her customers.  For the next three years, Jackson intentionally did not file her tax returns, despite an income of more than $400,000 in that time period…In May 2008, a federal court in Florida found Jackson to have been advancing frivolous tax arguments at a Pinnacle Quest International (PQI) sales conference and in PQI promotional materials.  The court barred PQI and its principals from publicizing tax fraud schemes.”

Victurus Libertas features 3 interviews with Sherry Peal Jackson; the one on August 28, 2017 proclaims, Former IRS Agent Sherry Peel Jackson Reveals Her New Master Plan For Being Debt-Free and Healthy, and the April 23, 2017 interview was titled, Exclusive-Former IRS Agent, Sherry Peel Jackson Exposes Income Tax/Federal Reserve Connection.

Given the past history with the fraudulent MLM PQI, and the tax defier conviction and imprisonment of Jackson, I cannot understand how Victurus Libertas can view her counsel as worthy of consideration. But perhaps it has to do with their admission that they endorse the legal theories put forth by Anna Von Reitz, who is well known in Sovereign Citizen circles.

An Interview with self-proclaimed Superior Court Judge Anna Von Reitz aka Anna Maria Riezinger

On December 6, 2017 Victurus Libertas posted their full interview of Judge Anna Von Reitz on YouTube. Then on December 16, 2017, Jim Blake claimed that they were being “targeted and attacked after (their) interview with Judge Anna Von Reitz”. In the comment section, the Blakes added this information:  “FAQ – What kind of targeting? – A. Petty Vandalism, Electromagnetic, 3 dead batteries at the same time, Financial (not disclosing at this time), Prank phone calls by Private #’s, door knocking, window tapping…Also feel like a spiritual battle going on”.

One person commented that they were praying in the name of Jesus for them, and “I bind those targeting you!”, while another offered some white witchcraft advice, saying, “Stay full of love and compassion for each other and the ones around ya, the scalar energy weapons and phyic(sp) attacks are more or less beat the same way, Practice the good energy Magic I have used the defense spells successfully…basically a boosted prayer”. Jim Blake also quoted a scripture in the book of Revelation about the inability of anyone to close a door which God opens, and also their Victurus Libertas motif, If God is for us, who can be against us?

The Full Interview began with an advertisement for their 16 ounce mug and shirts, and at the 1.15 mark, Angie says, “Hey guys, I’m so excited tonight, our guest is a state Superior Court Judge…”.

The very first statement of the interview is a lie, and Angie Blake, if she were honest would have stated that their guest, Anna Von Reitz, has falsely claimed to be a State Superior Court Judge of Alaska.  But I suppose their guest would not have granted an interview at all, unless the co-hosts had pledged to lie on her behalf.  According to  Snopes.com on December 10, 2015 The Mind Unleashed published an article that had discussed the actions of “Judge” Anna Von Reitz’s attempt to get U. S. Marshalls and the FBI to arrest Congress and the President. In the screenshot below, we see this “Judge” title discussed.

quote taken from The Mind Unleashed 12/10/2015 article, “Judge Calls For US Marshalls & FBI to arrest Congress & the President”

At this juncture of the Victurus Libertas interview, there is a distinct fork in the road. If you want to honor and exalt a LIAR who claims she is an Alaskan Superior Court Judge, listen to the rest of the interview.  If you prefer to stay within the bounds of reality, click the interview off. I am not surprised that after publicly endorsing a woman who is delusional, that the Blakes are hearing tapping on the windows, etc. which they call targeting.

Victurus Libertas has entered the twilight zone known as the Sovereign Citizen Movement.  Except don’t ever call Judge Anna a sovereign citizen, she prefers state national. Her website is Anna Von Reitz.com, and  I have been reading some of her articles and noting the links to other sites, which I will comment on at a future date, as I continue to review the antigovernment biases of the Christian Alternative News Media.

Here is what Jim Blake summed up in his Targeted and Attacked video:  “Well, folks, it’s become painfully obvious that for the last 2 weeks we have been targeted by some very bad people and some people that did not like the message that was disseminated a couple of weeks ago by Judge Anna Von Reitz in an interview that we did, an hour and fifty minutes that we did with her a couple of weeks ago and if you haven’t seen it, you need to, because it is a well of information, it’s incredible.  Basically, basically she outlines how we as Americans have all been bamboozled by the Federal government, by England, by some very rich people, and powerful people, and people that are very greedy, that want to enslave all of us.  And the Federal government deems us all as corporate entities, instead of God’s creation with inalienable rights and we have all been bamboozled into thinking that we live in the land of the free, but how free are we really when 60 or 70 percent of our money goes into taxes.”

“We’re told every morning what time to get up, what time to have lunch, what time to go home, how much sleep we need, so we can continue doing this day after day after day, to put into the system to make others rich and powerful.  Well, Judge Anna Von Reitz does a very eloquent job of telling everyone what, what happened, how it’s still happening and how we can take our lives back all of us.  These people are not very happy with that message because when the numbers, when the people, find out what has been going on for so long, they’re not going to be very happy.  Well, we’ve been targeted pretty severely and so I’m just getting our message out saying once again, please pray for us. We’re probably going to go dark for the rest of the year- we will not be deterred, we will not quit….”

Besides indicating that he does not like to have to be told to be at work by a certain time, as I suppose he prefers to sleep in, I was curious by Jim Blake’s resentful claim  of being taxed at the 60-70 percent level, since the Federal Income tax brackets peak out at about 39 percent. Even at that level, income is taxed in progressive steps, other types of  taxes are deductible, etc., so it appears that Jim Blake is unable to give a credible analysis of the most basic realities affecting the middle and upper middle classes of the United States.

So how reliable are the opinions of the Blakes and the guests which they interview at Victurus Libertas?  If you are looking for an honest and truthful discussion of the “evidence” upon which Angie and Jim Blake, Judge Anna Von Reitz, Robert David Steele, the Hagmanns or Sherry Peel Jackson rest their arguments on, you would be better off to do your own independent research.

Ironically, Anna Von Reitz accused the government, in the Victurus Libertas interview at the 5.14 mark, that  “they’re doing a bunch of legalistic chicanery and semantic deceits in order to bring forward these false claims…”. This was stated by a woman who illegally claims to be an Alaskan Superior Court Judge, and who employs a bunch of legalistic chicanery and semantic deceits in order to support her false claims!  And I did not take her words out of context.

CONtext!  The whole CONtext!  And nothing but the CONtext! Say, that would make a nice logo on a very large coffee mug or hoodie.

END NOTE:  This article on Victurus Libertas was written in response to the following comment by Danny posted under the Tracking the Leopard Meroz January 7, 2018 article on Dave Daubenmire and Doug Hagmann.



Ernest Land: Designer of Black Budget Tax Shelters for The Self-Anointed, Self-professing Man of God

That make a man an offender for a word, and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate, and turn aside the just for a thing of nought.  Isaiah 29:21

Ernest Land AKA DOC FOG, Director of Circulation for the Favor of God. This moniker was created when Ernest Land was a DJ on a Christian radio station.

This past month I have been reading through Robert Baty’s website at kehvrlb.com which he has titled, Kent Hovind v. Robert Baty-The Great Debates!  Kent Hovind’s False Legal Narrative challenged!  What I find interesting about Baty’s blog, and also that of Deana Holmes of Hovindology.com and Peter J. Reilly’s Your Tax Matters Partner: ytmp.blogspot.com, is that every single question I have asked about Kent Hovind’s legal problems has been addressed by these three “reprovers in the gate”.

What is unsettling about their reproving, is that by identifying what the key evidence and laws were which led to the conviction and incarceration of Kent Hovind, they have also been exposing what is wrong with present day commercialized  Churchianity. Over the years many pastors had rightfully turned away from Kent Hovind because of his tax fraud; yet most did so quietly, when what was needed was a public rebuke of the multi-faceted false doctrines which undergird the Hovind ministry.

The  “reprovers in the gate” who have spoken rightly about the Hovind case have come under fire from a multitude of Hovind supporters who display a stubborn unity in refusing to discuss even the most elementary laws and evidence of this case.  In addition, I have observed that many vile words, lies and threats have been spoken by Hovind’s friends against those who attempt to have a reasonable and rational discussion. This ought not to be the case in a free society.  And it is inexcusable for someone who professes to be a Christian to resort to making threats when they are unable to advance their argument,  because the facts and evidence prove that they are in the wrong.

I had mentioned in a prior post that Rudy Davis, one of the more prominent supporters of Kent Hovind,  had resorted to an imprecatory form of prayer, cursing death and destruction against those legal authorities involved in the Gavin Seim case. Another example of this type of ill fitted response arose when Deana Holmes commented on a Peter J. Reilly Facebook post on February 14, 2015.  She had said, “Ernie, your not so veiled attempts at saying those of us who believe Kent Hovind has to pay taxes like everyone else are going to face an angry God at the White Throne Judgment remind me that my favorite prayer is, “Jesus, save us from your professional followers.”

Ernest Land replied in part, (the whole comment can be read in the link above)  “…The Ministry was NOT a extensive criminal organization as the Judge stated, it is and was a Ministry that lead people worldwide to a beleif(sp) in the word of God, and the saving grace of Jesus.  Still is as Kent has lead over 700 souls to the Lord in prison.  Kent is one of God’s annointed(sp), and to lay hands on him will reap one God’s wrath….” 

The facts of Kent Hovind’s breaking of criminal and civil laws cannot, and should not be glossed over by the unproved assertions that “souls were saved”.  It has been shown time and again that many persons who profess to be saved, later reveal by their actions that those words were said in a moment of emotional fervor, and were not stated with genuine sincerity and deliberation.

The Bible makes a number of declarations about those who will reap God’s wrath, and habitual liars number among the group that will find themselves in hell. All of us have been warned,  Be not deceived; God is not mocked:  for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7)

Ernest Land is presently the incorporator and a director of Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, Inc., registered in Alabama, where Kent Hovind is rebuilding anew another Dinosaur Adventure Land.

Looking dapper in a white tux in 2008, Ernie Land explains the 4 financial quadrants on You Tube

So who is this man that gives warning that whoever touches the so called  Anointed Man of God Kent Hovind, risks incurring the wrath of God? Tracking Ernie Land is like watching a rock skipping across a pond. He has used so many different states to register his business ventures, so many addresses, so many phone numbers…

Skipping Rocks Across a pond

On Ernest Land’s docfog.com website, which was created on November 17, 2005, he discusses his educational and employment  background. It would appear that Ernest Land’s primary skills have been in professional lying, which in polite society is referred to as having a career in Sales and Marketing. A resume becomes questionable whenever it uses vague descriptive terms such as  “educated in legal and finance”, yet names no specific university which can be evaluated for accreditation,  nor any degree.  What does it mean when Land claims to have worked in Legal at the paper company writing land contracts? Was this a task that could have been performed by a clerk? What is this FCEC license mentioned that allows Ernest Land to defend church rights? We are told so much, and yet so little…On Ernest Land’s webpage under Accomplishments, he lists the most important milestones from 1980 to 2007, as follows:

2006 must have been a notable year, for 3 major events affecting the major players in the Inner Circle of Kent Hovind took place.  The first event was alluded to in a letter from Kent Hovind to his son Eric (noted by Peter J. Reilly in his blog), where Hovind protested, “I trusted you with all the CSE assets in 2006 and simply asked for them back when I got out of prison 1 year ago.  You now use lots of smoke and mirrors to not do that…”.

The second event is noted by Ernie Land that he was the Top Earner and Consultant to Bio.  And the third event,  which may have been the primary reason Ernie Land now has a reputation as a World Renown Speaker and Marketer, is that on May 30, 2006  the Texas Attorney General issued a temporary injunction against Lowell Mims and Gustavo Romero and BioPerformance, Inc. This began the legal proceedings which resulted in this company having to pay out millions to consumers of their fraudulent product. Lowell Mims has a religious front as  a “church growth” evangelist, and he is the founder of MLM companies which Ernest Land has partnered with, such as ProvisionRX Inc.

Just days before the Texas AG dropped his rock of judgment in the pond,The Dallas Observer published an article dated May 25, 2006 Running on Fumes,  by Rick Kennedy.  It discusses the many problems with BioPerformance, and specifically discusses Ernie Land, the Top Earner and Consultant to Bio, who managed to escape being named in the Texas AG injunction.  Rick Kennedy, the author of this article quotes “Eric Scheibler, a former pyramid scheme victim who now runs the anti-MLM Web site merchants of deception.com,” as saying, “MLMs commonly use religion to attract and motivate members.  The best-known example, he says, is Quixtar (formerly Amway).”

As we saw in Ernie Land’s bio, he had once been involved in Amway, a religious based MLM.

The Dallas Observer article notes, “Craig Lunde, a disgruntled BioPerformance member from California, says that Mims was a minister (who) influenced him to join. ‘Everyone seems to be so sincere and so honest and so Christian and so decent, I went with that’, Lunde says. The Dallas distributor who did not want his name used also bought into the image of a Christian company.  ‘I’m really upset that someone who claims to be a preacher has done what he has done,’ he says.  Many of his recruits were members of his church, and he had planned to use the money he made to finance the church’s Web site.  Instead, he using it to pay his downlines back”.

Rick Kennedy, in his Running on Fumes article describes “MLM veteran Ernie Land”, as “tall, with bushy gray hair and a mustache and a voice disconcertingly similar to cartoon character Hank Hill from King of the Hill.  Some versions of the company Web site featured Land standing in front of a sprawling ranch house with a gleaming pickup on each side, a living testament to the success of BioPerformance.  Not surprisingly, he is an ardent defender of the company.  ‘We feel good that, at the end of the day, we’ll be justified in all that we’ve done,’ Land says.”

According to the Dallas Observer, Ernest Land gave advice to Mims and Romero which “centered on protecting Bio-Performance from the legal challenges that bedevil most MLM Companies. ‘MLM is constantly attacked as an industry by both the media and the legal system because it’s outside the norm, it’s outside the mainstream,’ Land says.  ‘It’s entrepreneurial, and its usually cutting-edge products that aren’t totally proven’.”

In that regard, Bioperformance offered a product in pill form that when added to the gas tank, was touted to increase the car’s performance. There were so many complaints to the Texas AG’s office, that they were forced to  issue an injunction and then they took this company to court, after having the product tested in a lab.

Ernest Land displays his clever legal thesis/antithesis strategy

The Dallas Observer pointed out the contradictory  legal MO which Ernest Land counseled BioPerformance to engage in.  He had  “persons sign sworn affidavits to verify claims the product works”, and also he confessed that he  “brought them to disclaim everything”. Apparently this contradictory advice of Ernest Land’s did not hold up well in court. It also does not hold up well in the Scriptures either, for Matthew 5:37 states, But let your communication be, Yea, yea: Nay, Nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.  Matthew 5:37

This same pattern emerges in the restructuring of Kent Hovind’s Alabama Dinosaur Adventure Land

As the founder of Creation Science Evangelism (CSE), in his post prison days,  Kent Hovind still retains his status of chief fundraiser; yet his very words and that of the board of directors are Officially Disclaimed as a matter of policy by CSE.  Is this strategy the hand of God, or the Hand of Ernest Land?

In 1989 Kent Hovind established Creation Science Evangelism (CSE), and in 2001, set up his Dinosaur Adventure Land theme park in the backyard of his Pensacola, Florida home.  Having been found guilty of tax fraud, Hovind was at last released from prison in 2015, after serving almost 9 years.  He returned home to Florida to face insurmountable family problems. This untenable situation was remedied when Kent Hovind moved to Conecuh county, Alabama to live out his vow of poverty on  three adjoining tax free 40+ acre parcels of land worth over $500,000.  Slowly this new tax free Dinocracy is establishing itself….

Robert Baty had shared this Conecuh, AL parcel details on his Facebook group site “Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare!”.

It was only five months ago on July 24, 2017 that Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, Inc. was registered as a Domestic Non-Profit Corporation with the Alabama Secretary of State and assigned an entity ID number 397-041. The principal address is 488 Pearl Lane, Repton, Al 36475 which features a brontosaurus duo on the gate.The nature of this business was stated to be exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes.

A six page document dated July 26, 2017 titled the Certificate of Formation was filed with Alabama, which I have not read in all its details, as I was unwilling to pay for it.  However, of note is that five persons presently hold official titles; none of which are Kent Hovind, the original founder of the ministry bearing CSE name.  Ernest Land is both the Incorporator and a Director.  Diane Hummel is the Registered Agent and a Director. Cody Land, who appears to be related to Ernest Land, is named a Director, along with J. Russell Hughes of Rose City, MI, and Bill Sardi of La Verne, CA.

Just a year and a half earlier, on February 23, 2016, the Florida Secretary of State had registered Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, Inc. as a Domestic Non-Profit (N16000002289) having a FEI/EIN Number 81-1424226, and presently we see the same persons are named as described in the Alabama corporation registration. Florida does not charge for reviewing the Certificate of Incorporation, and so I was able to note  that initially there was another person involved:  Theodore Valenzuela of 29 Cummings Road, Pensacola, FL 32464, had been appointed as Secretary. The address used for Valenzuela was one of Kent Hovind’s Florida properties involved in the tax fraud disputes.  When Hovind later moved to the Alabama location  to begin anew another Dinosaur Adventure Land, Valenzuela followed, living in one of the bunk houses there. He has since departed from Kent’s CONpound.

This strange disclaimer is currently posted on the Official Dr. Dino website; special attention should be made to how this relates to the founder of the CSE/DAL ministries, and Director, Ernest Land and the former Secretary, Theo Valenzuela:

So if a so-called Christian ministry such as CSEM does not trust the communications of the founder and it’s board of directors, why should anyone else? And where do we discover what the official policy or position of CSE Ministries is, if not through the communications of its board of directors and officers?

Oh wait, didn’t I say earlier that every question I ask about the Kent Hovind story has been answered by at least one of  the Three Reprovers in The Gate? Sure enough,  Peter J. Reilly on July 1, 2016 in an article, Kent Hovind & Ernie Land-Scheming as Usual,  quotes CSEM as saying, They will help oversee the ministry in the spirit of transparency and showing itself to be approved by others.  CSEM (Creation Science Evangelism Ministries) believe it is important for ministries that rely on donations to be completely transparent about its objectives, goals and use of funds toward those ends.  Any designated funds donated will be applied to those projects or expenses designated, and will only be placed into other projects or other ministry expenses, after consultation and agreement with the donor.

I can see right through you CSEM; I see your motives and methods, but does that mean you are “transparent” in the good sense of the word?

Apparently Peter J. Reilly exercised the same caution when reading the CSEM statement, for he notes, “Transparency has its limits.  When I asked Ernie about the contract , this is how he responded.”  ( The contract refers to an agreement with the founder of CSEM, Kent Hovind, who is presently not named in the state of Alabama registration of that corporation.)

Ernie Land replied,  Our contracts are US Constitution article 1 section 10 private contracts.  They will remain private and should the IRS attack again then a snare is in place to throw it into International Court. All are signed “Without Prejudice UCC 1-308”.  I like the term patriot, but actually adhere more to being a Constitutionalist.  As you know from my $6mil lawsuit brought against me personally and my company by the FTC, I will use the International Court, and as in that case, the Federal Court seals everything, while removing me from the suit.  Hey, maybe that experience is why I believe so adamantly in Conspiracy by the elites in Government.  They seal documents, or hide them like Hillary’s emails, in most of the cases they lose or should I say the 1% they lose.  Pretty good game the play.  I guess they learned from the Harlem Globe Trotters.

The above statement by Ernest Land, which I have added some bolding to emphasize two phrases, is interesting in that Ernest Land boasts of laying a legal snare to escape accountability and he also mentions that for some reason the Federal Trade Commission was unhappy with him.

A MISSION STATEMENT structured like a sandwich

DrDino.com presents its Mission Statement with redundant first and last sentences, saying,  Our mission is to tell the world about the Good News of Freedom in Jesus Christ and the Truth about his Amazing Creation, utilizing simple scientific explanations targeting children, about the handiwork of God who created them in His Image, contrary to the Darwinian explanation of the origins of man.  The Word of God is True!  But you may not know the evidence that supports the Word of God and shows the public school taught evolution (of Darwin) nothing more than an imagined idea.  We therefore have the mission from God of Telling the world about the Freedom in Jesus Christ and the Truth about His Amazing Creation.

The first and the last sentences are redundant, but at this point, so what? Do you sincerely believe that this is a genuine Christian ministry?

Ernest Land counseled BPI to take two contradictory measures, which we see in place at CSEM.  The first was to obtain sworn affidavits to verify claims the product works.  What is the product of CSEM?  Why Kent Hovind, of course.  In prior posts I mentioned the names of a number of supporters of Kent Hovind who proclaimed him a persecuted Christian martyr because of the stand he has taken as a world renowned expert on the Creation/Evolution debate.  These professions of support back in 2015 through online videos made by the Christian Alternative Media are as good as a sworn affidavit that “the product works”.  The second measure which contradicts the first, is in accordance with Ernest Land’s counsel to “disclaim everything”, and that was done on the Dr. Dino official website.

What about those three pesky Reprovers at the Gate of the old and new Dinosaur Adventure Land?  Does Ernest Land really have the legal and financial wherewithal to ensnare them in one of his traps?  Nah, when push comes to shove, poor Kent Hovind may be forced to take the fall once again for not having the gumption to free himself from the legal counsel of Ernie Land, Glen Stoll, and others of ill-repute.