THE OATH Above All Oaths of Robert David Steele, Chief Counsel for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Show the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods:  yea, do good, or do evil, that we may be dismayed, and behold it together.  Isaiah 41:23

Chief Counsel Robert David Steele at the 4/2018 Westminster Seatings of ITNJ

Robert David Steele, in an April 2018 Westminster Seatings video for the ITNJ stated at the 2.20 mark, “I have been a spy, I am out from under cover.  I’m under a lifetime secrecy agreement…”. This statement about his obligations to the CIA was made as he sat as the Chief Counsel for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. 

As a signatory to the ITNJ Constitution, Steele has approved Article 7 (2) that  By affirming an oath in accordance with the present Article, Judges and Officers acknowledge that said oath shall take precedence over any and all other oaths or commitments that the Judge or Officer in question may have made to any other court or government or professional body or private association.

This raises the question as to whether the ITNJ Oath of Office takes precedence over Robert David Steele’s CIA secrecy oath.

Also, we must consider whether this same oath takes precedence over U. S. perjury laws which are a foundational safeguard in court proceedings. As we know, Robert David Steele and his non-profit organization Earth Intelligence Network are the plaintiffs in a United States federal civil lawsuit.

Why would anyone take such a loyalty oath to ITNJ,  a legally problematic international tribunal which had its beginnings rooted in Sovereign Citizen legal theories?

The last time I was observing Robert David Steele, he had been entertaining great visions of reforming the United States of America on multiple levels. After the last Presidential election, Steele’s visions were ignored by Trump who refused to meet with him. In an interview with Joseph Ford Cotto in June of 2017, Steele had shared several of his great plans, and number 3 on his list involved the CIA and his desire to be the head honcho of their operations, as shown in this screenshot.After the election, the CIA waited nervously to see if President Trump would give Robert David Steele the time of day. One can imagine that CIA coffee breaks featured coins being tossed in the air to decide who would be the winners comprising the 50% who were fired, or  the losers who would have to implement Robert David Steele’s grandiose visions. No doubt, a collective sigh of relief was heard in the heavens when Trump rebuffed  Steele.

Here is what Robert David Steele had discussed with Benjamin Fulford in Japan, as noted in my A Man Called Sue article on March 21, 2018:It appears that Robert David Steele has been sidetracked from the Benjamin Fulford visionary intersection, and has been working on his alliance with former rock musician Sacha Stone, founder of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

Finger prints of the gods

The Claims of the Living blog has documented in a series of articles, the beginnings of the legal and operational foundations of ITNJ, prior to the American team, led by Rebecca Cope, being ousted by Sacha Stone. Cope is an advocate for the sovereign citizen theories promoted by a self-proclaimed “Judge” in Alaska, named Anna Von Reitz.  Visual signs which serve to identify the practitioners of Sovereign Citizen ideology can be seen in the photograph below of  blood-red fingerprints beside several signatory names to the ITNJ Constitution. The Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit in U. S. district court 

On September 1, 2017 Robert David Steele and his non-profit Earth Intelligence Network filed a $15,350,000 defamation lawsuit against Jason Goodman, Patricia A. Negron, and Queen Tut, a woman believed to be known as Carla A. Howell. This lawsuit was amended on April 13, 2018 in document 39.  One of the changes was that Queen Tut was declared to be Susan A. Lutzke, the damages were increased by 3 million dollars, more recent defamation evidence was introduced, and the following addition to the Plaintiff’s work history and accomplishments was introduced to counter a new accusation made by defendants:

What is misleading about the title of Chief Counsel, is that in the case of Robert David Steele, he is neither an attorney, nor a legal scholar. And when it came time for him to file a federal civil court lawsuit, he hired attorney Steven S. Biss who has been disciplined by the Virginia Bar to represent him, rather than trying to impress the federal judge with his fake title.

The same persons seen during the #UNRIG campaign are found connected to ITNJ

As we take a look at Steele’s Chief Counsel position at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, three other names show up in the history of this organization that I am familiar with.  Robert David Steele would also be familiar with the writings of Anna Von Reitz, as her name was referenced in his own blog, and in addition, he has been interviewed by Victurus Libertas who promotes sovereign citizen ideology, including that of Anna Von Reitz. As shown here in an official International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) photo we also see Cynthia McKinney who helped to promote Steele’s #UNRIG election reform efforts,  and also  Youtuber, David Seaman who played an important part in pushing the fake Pizzagate scandal.

Note the prominence of Cynthia McKinney of #UNRIG election reform days when she became noted for going cross-country with Steele in a tax exempt plastic wrapped RV.  George Webb declined Steele’s invitation to be chief recorder of that event, and so now David Seaman is the exalted investigative reporter at ITNJ,  known for being on the forefront of the fake Pizzagate story which involved undocumented accusations of pedophilia.

One of the arguments which Rebecca Cope had set forth was that she did not want an  ITNJ requirement that judges must have legal qualifications from existing recognized institutions.  It was her desire to allow “special individuals”, such as the self-educated and self-proclaimed “Judge”  Anna Von Reitz, to be appointed as one of ITNJ’s judges. Note that presently ITNJ had no problem granting non-attorney Robert David Steele the title of Chief Counsel, allowing him to have an appearance of expertise and authority while adorned in a black robe during their formal meetings.

The ITNJ Constitution has loop holes to accommodate the indiscretions of its Chief Justice

Presiding ITNJ Chief Justice Sir John Walsh of Brannaugh has engaged in numerous eyebrow raising activities, including creating Greenwich University which failed to meet Australian academic standards and for which he appointed a convicted fraudster as chancellor.  A UK website,, in their April 11, 2018 article written by El Coyote, titled  ITNJ ‘Chief Justice’ stripped of ability to practice law, extensively documents John Walsh’s Australian barrister history which caused him to be a focal point in a Senate inquiry.

Perhaps this is the reason why the ITNJ Constitution removed the words “I swear” from their Oath of Office, preferring the more nebulous wording of “I affirm”. The following comment given in an Australian Senate committee meeting regarding the perjury of Sir John Walsh may have influenced that choice of wording. Despite all this backdrop of ITNJ shenanigans, when it came to Robert David Steele’s federal civil court Amended Complaint, he complained that, “Defendant’s exhibit nothing but scorn for the Plaintiffs and the legal system.  They call this action a ‘fake lawsuit’.” 

Presumably, the Plaintiff thinks he is respectful of the United States federal court system by which he seeks a legal resolution of his complaint, despite his own questionable association with antigovernment sovereign citizen legal theorists. 

Practitioners of sovereign citizen legal theories often include incarcerated felons and vexatious litigants who have caught the attention of the judicial system with their paper terrorism as well as the watchful eye of  FBI investigators, so perhaps Steele should not press this assertion too far.

ITNJ Symbolism as representing occult concepts and Roman Catholic images

Let’s look at the symbols employed for the ITNJ, and their meaning.

The Pinecone symbol is used by occultists to represent the pineal gland, or the THIRD EYE which was opened in Adam and Eve when they believed and obeyed the subtilty of the serpent in the garden of Eden. Genesis 3:5 quotes the serpent as saying, “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” Elsewhere in the Bible these “gods” are also known as judges.

From a distance, the six-sided logo for the ITNJ has an intertwined snake look. Many have observed the ostentatious gold throne chair for  Chief Justice Sir John Walsh.

The Humanitad Free Press and the U. S. nonprofit Committee to Support the ITNJ (EIN 81-0804071 with principal officer Santiago Azpilueta of 17423 Spirit Lane SE, Yelm, WA) jointly publish an online magazine called The Sovereign Voice.  The website provides this answer to a common question:Here is another symbol of ITNJ:

Where else do we find these two birds combined with a giant pine cone?  Here is a photo of the Fontana della Pigna, which is described in Wikipedia as “a former Roman fountain which now decorates a vast niche in the wall of the Vatican facing the Cortile della Pigna, located in Vatican City, in Rome, Italy.”

Paradoxical quandaries

Returning to our discussion of ITNJ Chief Counsel Robert David Steele, and his participation in the Westminster Seatings of April 16-18, 2018, a short video on the ITNJ YouTube channel can be viewed where Steele makes the following introductory remarks:

(1.20)…we have people in the United States of America that breed children in order to sell them and when they are sold, they come without birth certificates which means it’s easier to kill them and have no one ask where they are…

(1.36)…importing children by the plane load again children with no documentation…

(4.28) …the need to restore the sovereignty of We the People…

It seems the 2018 Westminster Seatings was seeking to make use of its American nonprofit status to provide a show as a court of inquiry, rather than displaying the workings of a formal judicial court, as intended in the beginning.  Rebecca Cope and the American team of volunteers were working to set up a court system similar to existing legal courts, such as the grand jury model, but with added features to protect  We the people from corrupt judges who are nonremovable from office.  These efforts were thwarted by founder Sacha Stone, who preferred giving his ITNJ Chief Justice a life term, despite Sir John Walsh’s checkered history in Australia.

So this loosely organized “inquiry” put on their show last April, and Robert David Steele asserted that child trafficking in the United States is hidden using the method of not applying for birth certificates or other types of documentation. This statement is a peculiar one,  given  Steele’s alliance with sovereign citizens, for it is primarily the sovereign citizen movement in the United States that is defying the legal requirement for birth certificates for newborns.

In the past year I have been reading various legal documents posted in two of  Robert Baty’s Facebook groups;  Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare and Understanding The Baby Holm Case. The primary reason for my interest in these two groups is that the members provide many insights into real life anti-government individuals and groups, including tax protestors, sovereign citizens and anti-child protective services advocates.

It is these same anti-government ideologues that constantly accuse the government of child trafficking and kidnapping.  Such accusations often are distorted information campaigns waged on social media platforms.  On the lower end of the spectrum many of these false accusations come from felons, drug addicts, persons with poor parenting skills, etc.  who are looking for a scapegoat for their own personal behavior.  On the higher spectrum, we find a number of well-educated persons ranging from engineers, lawyers, former CIA agents, etc. who are promoting internet campaigns of unfounded accusations against legitimate authorities. All of this distracts from the serious issue of the criminal conduct of those in positions of power and authority.

Robert David Steele has asserted in his Amended Complaint that “he is a vocal advocate for the exposure and criminal prosecution of pedophiles and everyone who aids and abets such horrific crimes”.  Yet during his 2017 #UNRIG campaign he made numerous undocumented, hearsay accusations against members of Congress.  This raises the question about his own motives and methods of dealing with what should be the criminal prosecution of pedophiles, rather than the forgiveness of their transgressions without regard to the justice needed for victims of pedophilia.

On June 2, 2017 Joseph Ford Cotto did a series of interviews with Robert David Steele for the San Francisco Review of  His last one, Interview: X Spy Robert David Steele explains why Cynthia McKinney should be Donald Trump’s vice president, included the following words of Steele:Note that Robert David Steele’s motto with regard to Truth and Reconciliation is everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail. This is a philosophical theme that is played out in the ITNJ public proceedings, when Chief Counsel Steele emphasized that “this is a court of inquiry, it’s not an adversarial court, it’s a non-profit educational event”. In other words, ITNJ is impotent as a judicial body, despite the first paragraph in the ITNJ Preamble of their Constitution, which declares Let this message go forth from this time and place to all the peoples of the world that to right the wrongs done to them and in vindication of their rights and the enforcement of just causes and to hold accountable those responsible for breaches of human rights it is proclaimed that the International Tribunal for Natural Justice is hereby established pursuant to this Constitution.

During the above San Francisco Review of Books interview, Robert David Steele  claimed that “At least six top Republican Senators are world-class pedophiles who have probably participated in child ritual murder..”.  Did Steele ever report his knowledge of these crimes  to law enforcement officials in order to bring these so-called world-class pedophiles to justice? 

The disregarding of the rules for evidence, which protect the accused from hearsay and false facts

Article 17 of the ITNJ Constitution is on Evidence and Admissibility, which gives the general rule allowing all evidence as admissible. There is a broad, and ill defined qualification to allow for dismissing frivolous complaints. However, because ITNJ is operating presently as a one-sided inquiry, rather than as a judicial court that weighs the reliability of evidence, this means that Hearsay evidence is admissible, without being subject to cross-examination by the person(s) being accused.  Robert David Steele’s own statements about pedophilia involving members of the U. S. Congress appear to represent undocumented accusations and represent hearsay.

The threat to the uniqueness of America’s laws and jurisprudence by slipshod International Tribunals and foreign laws attempting to override common legal wisdom

Here are a few statements to ponder excerpted from a Fordham International Law Journal, Volume 29, Issue 3, Article 4, 2005 called Sovereignty and the American Courts at the Cocktail Party of International Law:  The Dangers of Domestic Judicial Invocations of Foreign and International Law,  by Donald J. Kochran.   (linked here:  fordham international law 2005

page 507:  With increasing frequency and heightened debate, U. S. courts have been citing foreign and “international” law as authority for domestic decisions.  This trend is inappropriate, undemocratic, and dangerous.

page 508 footnote 9:  Professor Berkowitz explains:  Critics raise a number of serious objections.  First, officials of international institutions (to say nothing of NGOs) charged with promulgating international law lack democratic accountability…Second, as most international institutions –possessing neither police force nor military–lack the capacity to enforce their rulings and resolutions, their legal pronouncements are impotent and make a mockery of the rule of law…

page 513:  When the British colonies in North America chose to cast off their chains by revolution, they chose to create a sovereign Nation-State that was beyond the shackles and controls of outside influences.

page 515:  Importation of these over-laws in recent judicial decisions is entirely inappropriate for a country that has a constitution and a commitment to govern itself.

page 522:  After describing multiple court rulings that would need to be overturned if the Court were to consistently rely on foreign sources of authority, Justice Scalia continued:  The court should either profess its willingness to reconsider all these matters in light of the views of foreigners, or else it should cease putting forth foreigners’ views as part of the reasoned basis of its decisions.  To invoke alien law when it agrees with one’s own thinking, and ignore it otherwise, is not reasoned decision-making, but sophistry.

page 526:  As Judge Robert Bork has opined, the Framers may be turning over in their graves:  “The most ominous aspect of Roper…is the Court majority’s reliance upon foreign decisions and unratified treaties…If the meaning of a document over 200 years old can be affected by the current state of world opinion, James Madison and his colleagues labored in vain.”  It is a Constitution the courts should be expounding, not other people’s laws.

There is a battle presently being fought in our U. S. courts of law against sovereign citizen legal theories, which attempt to subvert time honored procedures for determining the facts and legal arguments in judicial proceedings.  It is high arrogance for such individuals to establish international tribunals which tend to subvert justice in order to publicize extremely serious hearsay accusations against persons who are not provided the legal safeguards to ensure that justice and truth prevail in their case. 





Operation WHIPLASH

You could even call Paul the first false flag, pretending to be Jesus and speak in Jesus’ name. (Robert David STEELE Vivas, making a comment under his own Book review which he entitled, “Christianity is Fraud Subordinated to Empire, New Testament Written by Enemies of Jesus and Judaism”, November 24, 2015).

Robert David Steele said that he once organized a false flag operation, which would mean that he had orchestrated a criminal act so that the blame fell on a chosen scapegoat. It is difficult to understand how he has reasoned that the Apostle Paul had constructed a false flag; however, it is not so difficult to see that when Robert David Steele goes around saying “God bless this, or that”, that he is obfuscating his true motives.

Robert David Steele, the founder of Earth Intelligence Network, and its current project #UNRIG,  the “most ethical civics education movement in America” by his own assessment, says on page 4 of his resume that he was an Operations Officer for the Central Intelligence Agency from 1979-1988. In that capacity he claims he “recruited 25 traitors, managed over 100 clandestine assets, and spent $100K/month”. Apparently he is also a hacker, according to Bruce Sterling who wrote this statement in Hacker Crackdown:  Law and Order on the Electronic Frontier:  “Robert Steele is about 100 times as smart and 10,000 times as dangerous as the best of the hackers, for he is successfully hacking the most challenging of bureaucracies … for the right reasons.”

Steele says that if anyone reads his 2,100 plus book reviews, they will be receiving a graduate level education for free.  I have plodded through a number of these, and now feel qualified to design my own false flag operation. So, here is my Free Speech False Flag test question:  Choose the correct answer which identifies the MO of my false flag, which I affectionately call Operation Whiplash.

You are in a crowded theatre, when you hear a man’s voice yelling “STUPID IDIOT MORON!!!”  Do you…
(1) Take command, tell him to shut up, and then gulp when you realize that the man yelling is Robert David Steele
(2) Look around to see WHO the Stupid Idiot Moron is that is being yelled at, and thank your lucky stars that you weren’t assigned to THAT Witness Protection Unit
(3) Feel paranoid and think he is yelling at you
(4) Feel a False Flag Operation coming on and slide down in your seat out of sight
(5) Head for the nearest fire exit at break neck speed, trampling old ladies under your feet, in order to entrap Robert David Steele with the unprotected speech provisions of the law.

If you chose #5, or perhaps all of the above if you are a novice, Welcome to Operation WHIPLASH! You are now qualified to become one of my operatives.  So today’s briefing will be a review of some comments made under a video interview, and of selected posts written over a 3 month period by Robert David Steele about #UNRIG.  Our purpose is to gain an overview of what manner of leadership is being exemplified by this tax exempt adventure.

Politics by any other name, is still Politics.

On September 10, 2017 the YouTube channel The Shift with host Doug McKenty interviewed both Dr. Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele about #UNRIG. The description of this video states, “Uniting both the left and the right against government and corporate corruption, the #UNRIG movement has been dubbed the second American Revolution with the goal of nothing less than taking the power of government back for the people.  McKinney and Steele lay out the strategy of creating power cells across America with the purpose of uniting all colors, races and creeds against a government run amok with corporate greed, corruption and military overreach.”

In the comments section of this video,  Shaun Gibson offered his opinion, saying,  “It’s gone from “for $200,000 you can buy the government back” to now saying “we need to fundraise a million dollars”, so everything RDS has been talking about for the last 7 months has been bullshit I guess.  I just hope he doesn’t drag CM down with him”.

Robert Steele replied, “$250K was for a tour-$50,000 a month.  $1M is to build what we talk about in this tape-the start up funding for the cyber-currency, cyber-engagement, and cyber-intelligence network.  You are clearly too stupid to get that- or a malicious troll simply seeking to discredit me.  Enough already.”

So then a couple of days after that, Dub Wilkinson commented, “steel is a SNAKE OIL PEDDLER two months ago his goal was to raise 200k now a million”.  But this time The Shift replied with the most astonishing statement, which I show in bold.  He said, “Look, these two are raising money for a political campaign. $200k was for a summer educational tour.  RDS threw out the million figure because with that he hopes to revolutionize congress.  Instead of playing armchair quarterback, why don’t you get out there and do something to stop our corrupt government!”

A political campaign??  That is using a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) business that disallows that very purpose? Clearly even #UNRIG supporters are under the impression that this is not just a civics education lesson, but politics, pure and simple.

According to Steele, #UNRIG, Summer of Peace, is the most ethical civics education movement in America.  The independent survey which came up with this proclamation?  Why Robert David Steele, of course.

Beginning with June 14, 2017, the infamous day of the Maersk Memphis dirty bomb incident, when Youtubers began to fear the backlash of a Free Speech False Flag Operation,  we are going to examine some of the Dear Diary entries which Steele published at his Public Intelligence Blog. (My comments are shown in blue italics.  Also I have highlighted certain statements of Steele in bold print, which I consider important).

6/14/2017 PRESS RELEASE: Robert David Steele & Cynthia Ann McKinney Launch #UNRIG Fundraising Campaign:  “$250,000 is being sought via IndieGoGo to fund a 120-day educational campaign on how to restore integrity to the US Government through an Election Reform Act of 2017.” let’s see, $250,000 divided by 4 months=$62,500/month or $2,083 per day. Later on, to make it more palatable, Steele says it would cost only $50,000/month, which would mean the tour would be for 5 months.   “Steele goes on: “We plan to hit fifty states in 30 days inspiring conversations across all boundaries.” Yes, if you could hit 50 states in 30 days, which is a state every 1.67 days, that would indeed inspire conversation.  So what about the remaining 90 days, or 120 days, depending on your mood?  Does anyone feel like this was not a well planned event?   

“We are asking all citizens to set aside ideological and issue differences and focus only on demanding that each Member sign the Integrity Pledge in July, committing to co-sponsoring and voting for the Election Reform Act in September when Congress reconvenes…The non-profit educational campaign is strictly limited to the sharing with citizens of information about the twelve-point Election Reform Act of 2017 that could, within 120 days, restore integrity to the U. S. Government.” Steele seems to think that  members of  Congress have been blackmailed by Zionists, and that they can be forced to become persons of integrity if  they confess their sins to the FBI, and Trump pardons them for their crimes. He also seems to feel that #UNRIG is the only salvation for the predicament that Trump is in, because  Steele is predicting the fall of the Republican Party by sex scandals. 

Robert David Steele seeks “to teach individuals and organizations how to use holistic analytics, true cost economics, and if desired, open source everything engineering, to create open ethical intelligence (decision support) in support of strategic, operational, tactical, and technical decisions, courses of action, and investments.”  I have no idea what any of that means in a real world. So what do you think about this first image of #UNRIG displaying a bird with an evil clown face.  The second image, shown farther down, has replaced this Evil Clown Face with an angry eagle with ruffled feathers,  representing Unity for Integrity.

Press Release 6/14/2017 for #UNRIG

6/15/2017 Robert Steele with George Webb:  #UNRIG UPDATE 2: Continue to Support George Webb- the Facts of the Matter

“Update 1: Since the above excellent interview was posted, in which I state with no reservation that I like George Webb and find what he does interesting (none of us are perfect), I am told that both George and Jason Goodman, his producer, have been under investigation by the FBI at the request of the USCG, for their unsourced (unfounded?) false alarm over a dirty bomb incident on a Mersck(sp) ship in Charleston Harbor…Upon learning this I cancelled a scheduled video shoot with Jason Goodman in NYC today, 16 June, partly because I did not want to endure the travel only to find he was sitting in an NYPD jail cell. Jason called me….recording our conversation without my knowledge or consent, and then playing that online.  He has spent the last 24 hours obsessively trying to blame me for his being in trouble with the FBI, and trying to destroy the fund-raising campaign…at #UNRIG…George is probably an unwitting (innocent) in a disinformation campaign organized by CIA and/or Mossad and Jason is probably a sayonim (helper) of the Mossad if not a paid agent.” I did not listen to all of the broadcasts of Jason Goodman where he spoke of Robert David Steele.  But I find it interesting that Steele is claiming that Goodman was pointing the finger at him as perhaps the source of his troubles. Steele says he believes that George Webb is innocent of the Maersk Memphis incident, even though it is reported that it came about because of one of Webb’s sources. What we discover is that Steele has a desire to obtain the talents of George Webb for his #UNRIG campaign.  Steele said, ” I reiterate my support for him (GW) and his potential role as our chronicler on the bus. My door is always open for George”.  So while Steele was using Jason Goodman, who he now considers “unbalanced, untrustworthy, and toxic in the extreme”, to raise funds for #UNRIG, at the very same time he desired to entice George Webb away from publishing videos with  Jason Goodman, and instead  to come work for him. Rather underhanded, perhaps, even for an X-CIA man.

The image which replaces the first evil clown bird

He adds, “I was just told that another hidden agenda item with Jason is that I did an interview with a guy named Manny (i.e. Defango)…Manny did a really ugly hateful takedown of George Webb that I do not endorse and Jason (that I somewhat sympathize with)…George still has an offer of a bunk on the bus and a featured role as our chronicler.”

6/29/2017  Press Release:  Steele-McKinney Announce a Nation-wide Meet-Up on Civics (#UNRIG), New Site  Steele “has created a new website,, and a new Meet-Up, UNRIG.  …We have created #UNRIG as a concept because our legitimately-elected President, Donald Trump, is on the record as saying we have a rigged system, and now he is doing nothing to unrig it.”  

6/29/2017 SPECIAL:  NATIONAL #UNRIG MEET-UP  “We just received a HUGE price break from MeetUp, $15 per chapter per month (their non-profit rate). LIMIT of one chapter per Congressional District….COST to be borne by each chapter is $15 per month but Meetup requires that Earth Intelligence Network pay the monthly bill in the aggregate, so founders of any #UNRIG MeetUp are asked to confirm that they and their members will donate at least $15 per month…”.  Note this date of 6/29 where RDS is praising MeetUp and then later observe how it only took a week and a half before trouble arose. It only took one day between Steele praising CSTT, and a falling away.

7/3/2017  Robert Steele with Peter Holley:  NASA, Kidnapped Children, Mars-Open Letter  Open letter to Holley, Below the Fold..”I am truly delighted with the back-firing of the hit job on me by REDACTED and his goons.  As you are probably aware, he is believed to be a world-class pedophile and utterly terrified of the work that and others are doing documenting the full extent of child exploitation.  I am a Commissioner for the International Tribunal for Natural Justtice(sp)”

“…I am predicting the implosion of the GOP, with two governors, at least four Senators, and perhaps VP Pence being destroyed in the eyes of the public via leaks that are inevitable.  That will leave Trump without any power at all and vulnerable to being driven from office.  Not covered by you-you do not appear to have done your homework-are three facts about me: (gives CIA record and endorsements of books, top Amazon reviewer for non fiction, and nomination for Nobel Peace Prize in Jan. 2017)”… “…the publicity was helpful and has gotten me attention from Xi, Nodi, and Putin-Trump continues to be a prisoner of Pence and Preibus and is not allowed to be effective.” RDS is a constant name dropper, as well as letting us know all of his “titles” so that we never forget what an important man he is.

7/11/2017 #UNRIG MeetUp Banned by Zionist Order?  UPDATE 1:  Copy of Our Open Letter to MeetUp Legal Team UPDATE 2:  MeetUp CEO Culpable

UPDATE 1:  Copy of our letter to the MeetUP Legal Team #UNRIG Complaint Seeking Immediate Reinstatement  6.08 PM 11 June 2017 can this date be correct? or does he mean July 11 …your company precipitously and without discussion closed down our 435 MeetUps worth $77,300 in annual revenue I am not sure where this figure comes from: 435 times $15/month times 12 months=$78,300…”you are about to experience the fall-out that PayPal experienced when they cancelled WikiLeaks without any deliberative process.  I am willing to pause if you give me a date certain, this week, when you will inform of us of reinstatement or not…Below is the only content appearing on each MeetUp page:  As with all of the 435 chapters of #UNRIG, this chapter will be devoted to the educational concept and mission of #UNRIG:  CONCEPT:  Everyone without regard to race, color, creed or any other factor come together on one core principle:  Unrigging the System.  #UNRIG is a big tent-ultimately we pray #UNRIG and #RESIST merge into #2nd AmRev.”  WHAT? Later,  Steele says that #RESIST is seditious, and yet Steele wants to merge with them for a Second American Revolution.  

Steele’s third point, “By way of context I note with interest that your are allowing to continue 1087 or so chapters of #RESIST, a seditious organization dedicated to impeaching our legitimately-elected President and calling for a Summer of Violence- or in former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s words on video, “blood in the streets”.  I am told that most of the #RESIST MeetUps were founded by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Regardless of who founded them, the contrast between our focus on an ethical, non-violent civics education network and their focus on protests in the streets, many of which are destined to turn violent, could not be more pronounced.”

“I suspect that despite the innocuous and completely righteous content as provided above, the Zionists orchestrated numerous reports of ‘inappropriate content’ and your ssystem(sp) allowed an automated threshold to shut us down and send us a form email. There was no human brain in the loop, which is the first change you need to make, particularly at the Pro level….It is my personal view that you should examine every report..that lead to this unjustified and perhaps automated shut-down, and conclude…that the allegations are without merit and if accepted by you, would make you complicit in tortuous interference against our totally ethical non-profit educational endeavor.” RDS makes a lot of assumptions, instead of taking the time to verify the facts.

“We do not plan to sue you at this time but we have had several pro bono offer to do so…We seek the immediate reinstatement of our MeetUp Pro network, before the opening of business tomorrow Eastern time, and your assurance that our account will be locked down by legal and not allowed to be closed by anything other than a court order….”  This seems like a highhanded demand.  Why should this privately owned company make such an unreasonable assurance, not knowing how #UNRIG will behave in the future? And why bother the courts with this arrangement?

UPDATE 2:  MeetUp CEO is actually  culpable here.  There is clearly Zionist influence but it was direct…We don’t make this stuff up.  MeetUp embraces #RESIST, most of whose chapters were created by the Zionist front, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and then turns around and bans us, fortunately before we spent any money or time setting up the 435 chapters.  This is a clear example of how social media is controlled, #RESIST is a seditionist movement…”

7/13/2017 #UNRIG:  Should MeetUp Be Investigated for Sedition & Racketeering?  Meanwhile Facebook Prepares to Wipe MeetUp Out... “We thought MeetUp had been victim of a Zionist campaign of false reports…Little did we know.  It turns out the CEO of MeetUp is at best a very partisan Democratic Party operative providing undeclared illegal in-kind contributions to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and at worst a closet Zionist. As his legal team has no doubt been trying to tell him, his commitment of the company to #RESIST, a seditious movement with the declared intent of over-throwing our legitimately elected President….poor business judgment and at worst criminally insane and vulnerable to a racketeering investigation as well as a civil lawsuit for tortuous interference against #UNRIG:  Summer of Peace, the most ethical civics education movement in America.”  The most ethical civics education movement in America? Unless Steele can show us the independent report which places #UNRIG in first place, this is propaganda.

“…illegal undeclared in-kind contribution of $195,660 (1,087 MeetUps at the Pro rate of $15 each for each of 12 months)”

“We have proposed to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, via a mutual acquintance(sp) at the CEO-level, more name dropping that MeetUp should be investigated, ideally under the racketeering statutes..Not another RICO lawsuit threat! And your relationship with MeetUp was only two weeks old?  Why does this smell like a set-up?  We are now considering a lawsuit against MeetUp (at no cost to us-we have been approached by pro bono lawyers certain they can win a settlement, the lawyer gets 25%).  MeetUp is a privately-owned company not subject to stockholder oversight-the CEO is perfectly free to politically and financially irresponsible.  He has, however, hurt us grievously,”  yet RDS has incurred no monetary loss as a basis for this grievous hurt  “and we will hold him accountable in the eyes of the larger public and perhaps also in a court of law.  We will also offer Facebook our movement as a pilot for demonstrating that MeetUp is no longer a viable platform.” So if something does not go your way, you destroy them as a company

“We ourselves have no quarrel with #RESIST-indeed we are reaching out to all those who identify with #RESIST to offer them the more ethical and viable alternative of #UNRIG. If #RESIST is out to destroy a newly elected President, then that seems rather quarrelsome, and yet #UNRIG has no quarrel with them other than the fact that they are not under #UNRIG’s authority? I thought you said they are a seditious group. Sedition is a crime.

7/14/2017 #UNRIG:  MeetUp Discriminates Against Alt-Right?  Lies About Threats & Harassment?  Law Suit Planned, Never Mind Their Arbitration Clause

“The following exchange has occurred with MeetUp Legal.  The Alt-Right ‘justification’ is clearly bogus, their CEO made a stupid decision that puts his entire privately owned company at risk, something we are going to make sure every potential investor is made aware of.  MeetUp is dead., Facebook Communities is where it’s at”.  I don’t understand why #UNRIG would have had every one of their 435 chapters pay $180/yr, totaling $78,300 in revenues annually to MeetUp,  when the same could have been accomplished by using separate Facebook pages for FREE.  Was there something else going on here that we are not being told? For example, Steele said he wanted to merge with #RESIST, so maybe that is why he chose the expensive MeetUp format over the free option.

The throwaway attack line about ‘threats and harassment’ is a lie- this is clearly a weak legal team that does not understand their arbitration clauses can be challenged by a class action lawsuit and that is exactly what we are going to do-encourage every Alt Right group banned by MeetUp to come together against MeetUp.”  #UNRIG did not lose a dime on this.  When MeetUp dumped #UNRIG, they saved these 435 chapters money, and did them a favor by pressing them into the totally free option. MeetUp is not the Internet, it is just a webpage on the internet, and a privately owned company, who can make their own rules. You don’t make the rules for everyone else, Mr. Steele.   Americans still have the rights and privileges that go with private property and the freedom of speech and association.

“We are also going to seek a legislative inquiry and a racketeering investigation into MeetUp as a sponsor of a seditious group (#RESIST) seeking the over-throw of our legitimately elected President.” What is so strange about this, is that Steele says he is investigating child sex crimes within the Trump group which will bring down the Republican Party and the Presidency, and that #UNRIG is the only salvation in this scenario. Steele has not presented hard evidence to back his assertions, so in a way, he is also undermining the President.

“We plan to sue you.  The idiocy and impropriety of your decision will be apparent in a court of law. I personally find it abhorrent that your CEO would support #RESIST, a seditious movement…but in keeping with your alleged origins as a sponsor of all forms of civil discussion, make no claim as to the impropriety of your illegal, undeclared, in-kind contributions to the Democratic National Committee. You can see the magic of Alt Right coming together with Alt Left, black and white, male and female, small parties and Independents with members of the two-party tyranny, at …IndieGoGo-UNRIG.” Yes, the magical use of Dialectics:  Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis; or #UNRIG-#RESIST-Democratic style Mob Rule.

“You have until close of business tomorrow to do one of two things: a) Donate $250,000, a tax-deductible contribution to our registered non-profit, for a complete quit claim inclusive of not using Meet-Up, deleting our two posts, and making no further mention of MeetUp or your CEO; or b)Reinstate us and offer us one year of free uninterrupted service at the Pro level for which we will give you an in-kind receipt as a donation to our educational non-profit.  If we do not hear from you in the affirmative with respect to one of the two above choices, we have a very fine lawyer prepared to file on Monday and we will see you in court.  I am very much looking forward to al of the disclosure, not only with respect to your handling of our case, but in relation to your sponsorship of #RESIST.  I meet with the lawyer Saturday. Sounds like EXTORTION, reread those threats!  Is #UNRIG some kind of Criminal Racket?  Extortion is defined as “the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats”. Steele has claimed that Zionists have blackmailed our Congress members through sexual set-ups.  And here he employs a similar approach when he cannot have what he wants, when he wants it.  Steele has not proven that he has suffered damages in being turned away by MeetUp.  I am beginning to wonder who might have sent those threats in the first place to MeetUp, given we are dealing with expert hackers, etc. The CEO of MeetUp claims, “we’ve received reports of threats and harassment directed at MeetUp employees.”

7/14/2017#UNRIG MeetUp Violates the Law Latest Communication

Steele comments on a letter sent to MeetUp by a supporter of #UNRIG.  He states, “What a nice note.  I really feel for the MeetUp Legal team, I know from personal experience how hard it is to serve an idiot executive who thinks he is above the law.  We plan to file in all 50 states since MeetUp works in all 50 states, we may even go international.  And of course we are moving directly to a class action rather than a singleton filing, my Alt Right *and* Cynthia’s Alt Left media channels are all over this.  [MeetUp has] until close of business today to accept one of our two offers of settlement, I sit down with our pro bono lawyer tomorrow in Charlottesville, VA.  The publicity for us will be priceless, the cost to them will be at least $500K”. So, the publicity will be priceless, and you greedily lust for $500,000.  Don’t count your chickens before they hatch; you might even find yourself overturned in judgment.

“The Facebook team-which has its own censorship issues is loving this.  I have asked my friends on the Facebook board to make us a pilot project and a MeetUp killer.” Steele seems to have friends everywhere in high places.  I began reading about RICO lawsuits 3 months ago, ever since  Dave Sweigert and Jason Goodman began throwing that threat around…someone might just decide to file a RICO lawsuit against #UNRIG and Facebook, etc. All the elements are there…“MeetUp Legal: in case you have not noticed, HQ is Dr. Cynthia McKinney, Alt-Left black female, six term member of Congress, and beloved human rights activist.  You cannot win this case.  The clock is ticking.  With a smile, Robert  With a smile, or is that a smirk? 

Earlier Email to MeetUp Legal:  This is going to get much worse for you and your idiot CEO.  You have until close of business today to accept one of our two non-negotiable demands.  On Saturday we begin our legal campaign for remediation.  Arbitration clause?  Seriously?  this is going to cost MeetUp vastly more than you and your CEO ever imagined.”


“We bought the first RV (used,$65K).  If we can raise money we are now thinking we should do two RVs (the new one for Cynthia is $85K)- this will double the visibility of our campaign…I was unsure of purchase when by God’s blessing Bob Oakley showed up, driving 6 hours from Georgia, to hand me $5,500 as a deposit.  The IndieGoGo money will pay for the wrap ($5K), insurance (2.5K), fuel and repair reserve, and then $20K down for a total of $25,000 down, the rest a secured loan. Do NOT give us another dime-your time and energy in attracting new donors is vastly more precious.  May God Bless this endeavor…Mr. President, you said the system is rigged, why are you not leading #UNRIG yourself, personally, as your highest responsibility toward the restoration of integrity to our government? The President had only been in office for six months, and had already been working on many issues of importance.  Who does  Steele think he is to second guess the order of priorities which a newly elected official should address in such a short amount of time? And what is with the RV approach to #UNRIG?  Why not crisscross the nation via Amtrak, where they allow passengers to get off in places for a few days, and to get back on another train, under the same ticket?

7/22/2017 #UNRIG Log RV 1 Day 1 “Mixed feelings as I sit here in a KOA Campground at 10:30 pm on a fine Tennessee evening. Here is today’s report:  01 We bought the RV.  This could not have been done without IndieGoGo, the Pay Pal donors, and two private donors.  $65K was used RV, after a day of driving it I am well pleased BUT it is noisy, hot, and not as much fun as anyone might think. 01(sp) RV designers are idiots.  They should all be sent to sea in a Navy 44 going 9 different directions at once in heavy waves.  An RV is a sailboat with four wheels.  These morons have not designed lips on tables or dividers in the fridge or the cabinets, so an RV is a trash basket in motion until one makes up for the poor design.  The second idiot assumption is that plugs only need to work when you are stopped and the generator or shore power is on.  Unbelievable how an entire industry can be so stupid for so long.”  Steele talked everyone into giving their precious savings to buy this RV, and he claimed God had blessed it, and now he whines and complains in his unthankfulness, calling the RV designers morons and idiots.

“Gas mileage today was 6.4 MPG….Cynthia does NOT want to sleep on this RV, I have told her so already.  If we can raise the money she needs a diesel RV that is sound-proof, and no more than two drivers.  I would be glad to have a driver so I could spend time tending to all those things that are donating and emailing.  This 33 foot version is a SMALL sailboat.  Two people-a driver and the principal at most.”  Why would any woman, who is not your wife, want to be in such close proximity, 24/7, with no privacy, to a man who is not family? What an idiotic, moronic, stupid idea.   Nice gas mileage, by the way.

“05  Had my first two accidents: cut close to a gas station island and the protective steel tube half-closed the large copper exhaust (fixable, no skin damage); and then driving into a Walmarts scrapped the left half of the roof with tree limbs I did not see.  No damage.”  What can I say, except, who’s bright idea was it to go this route?  

8/5/2017 #UNRIG LOG (5 AUG 2017) “A donor in Tennessee is tentatively committed to an anonymous $100K donation to cover Cynthia’s needs so she can pay taxes in the USA and still be able to pay off her PHD student debt.  This opens the door to her taking over the Queen Bee suite on the Earth Intelligence Network RV around 15 August. ”  One would hope that this $100,000 gift is done outside of the 501 (c)(3)  business, as paying off student loans and taxes does not seem to fit the purpose of a tax exempt educational charity.

9/2/2017 ROBERT STEELE: FEDERAL LAWSUIT FILED AGAINST JASON GOODMAN, PATRICIA NEGRON, AND QUEEN TUT BELIEVED TO BE CARLA A. HOWELL  “As many know, I have been subject to a crowd-stalking campaign led by Jason Goodman, perhaps at the direction of others, for the last two months.  Today I have filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of myself-whose reputation has been destroyed- and Earth Intelligence Network, the educational non-profit sponsoring the #UNRIG campaign.  Neither I nor Dr. Cynthia McKinney, co-sponsor of the #UNRIG campaign, will have any comment on this matter, which will be addressed with the due process offered by the federal court.” The attorney which is being employed by Robert David Steele for this lawsuit, and most likely, to address the MeetUp matter, is Steven Scott Biss of Charlottesville, VA.

Biss received a BA in American History-Military Intelligence in 1987 from Princeton University. His law degree was received in 1991 from the University of Richmond School of Law. From 1991-1999 he was a partner with the firm, Maloney, Huennekens, Parks, Gecker & Parsons, P. C. From 2000 to the present he has had his own law office, handling “complex business torts cases, including litigation and trial of Defamation, Insulting Words, Civil Conspiracy, Tortious Interference, Conversion, Fraud, Securities, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Legal Malpractice, Negligence, Breach of Contract and Real Property claims.”

When I looked online, I found many interesting cases which Steven Scott Biss had been involved in over the years.  Unfortunately for his record, he has been found guilty of misconduct 3 times by the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board. One summary stated that “On October 17,2008, a three judge panel of the Chesterfield County Circuit Court imposed a suspension of one year and one day on Steven Scott Biss effective January 1, 2009 in a corporate and securities matter.  He violated professional rules that govern competence, scope of representation, and misconduct that involves deliberately wrongful acts that reflect adversely on his fitness to practice. RPC 1:1; 1.2(c); 8.4(b).”

After that, it was reported that Biss was suspended for an additional 30 days because he continued to represent a client while serving the one year suspension noted above. Also “On October 18, 2010 the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board issued a public reprimand to Steven Scott Biss for violating a professional rule that governs conflict of interest involving a former client.  This was an agreed disposition of misconduct charges.  RPC 1.9(a)”.

An article written by Mark Jakubik January 28, 2008 called, Federal District Judge Slams Litigants For Imposing “Needless Burdens” on Court, reported, “At the same time, however, he awarded only a nominal $1 in damages to BrandAid for the fraud he determined that Cyberian and co-defendant Steven S. Biss, a Virginia-based attorney, had committed. After announcing his ruling, Pauley concluded his opinion by saying, “This case presents a cautionary tale about the potential for advocates to obscure the issues and impose needless burdens on busy courts.  The action began with a groundless application for preliminary relief.  Incessant pretrial sparring, ad hominem attacks and a barrage of frivolous motions on the eve of trial impeded a resolution of the matter.” The judge did not single out any one attorney for criticism but said the parties’ post-trial submissions “further clouded” their “unfocused” trial presentations.

“Even on remand, the lawyers continued to obfuscate, leaving this Court to grope down a dimly lit corridor,” Pauley said.  “Time will tell whether this Memorandum and Order finally puts an end to the madness”. The full article can be read at, discussing the actions of Steven S. Biss.

Time will tell whether Robert David Steele’s rejoicing was premature when he boasted about getting a pro bono attorney to represent himself and Earth Intelligence Network in a defamation lawsuit, and possibly in litigation involving MeetUp.  

Recently, an August 2, 2017 Richmond Times-Dispatch article by Sean Gorman and Michael O’Connor, headlined, Judge throws out defamation case brought against Style Weekly by Hanover Supervisor, shows a photo of the plaintiff’s attorney, Steven S. Biss leaving the courthouse with his client, Sean Davis. This defamation complaint had requested $1.35 million in damages, but  “Michael Levy, a Stafford County Circuit Court judge who heard the case in Hanover Circuit Court, granted the Richmond-based alternative newspaper’s motion to throw out the case before sending it to a jury for deliberation.”

Steven S. Biss on the left, leaving courthouse with his client

Ironically, “Biss accused Style Weekly of being enticed by a catchy storyline because “corruption sells”. I use the term, “ironically”, because Biss’s new client, Robert David Steele, has gained public notoriety for his #UNRIG campaign by accusing many of  corruption, without proving his assertions. He is able to get away with it because the public knows all too well that there is corruption at all levels of power, whether governmental or corporate or military.

Steele’s defamation lawsuit against 3 persons connected with Crowdsource The Truth may yet prove to be interesting, given all of the factors at play in “this set-up”.  In case you are wondering whose side I am on, in all of this…I am on God’s side. I hate politics.







Leveraging The Second American Revolution In An $80,000 Adnormous Wrapped, Tax Exempt RV

“Apart from observing that only the Quakers, Seventh Day Adventists, and Muslims do not represent a religious counterintelligence threat in the USA, I would, as a lapsed Colombian Jesuit altar boy who once knew the mass in Latin, be glad to leverage the secret societies of the Catholic Church against the other secret societies, as we begin what will be the most important chapter of modern American history, the battle for the soul of the Republic.”  Robert David Steele as quoted in

Robert David Steele and his tax exempt business,  Earth Intelligence Network are co-plaintiffs in a defamation lawsuit in connection with their election reform project known as #UNRIG.  Thus, today we are going to take a look at the organizing documents and the 990 tax returns filed by this 501(c)(3)  business, using open sources.

OSS.NET, Inc.:  The corporate Open Source Solutions model for the Sunny Side of the CIA

It is often helpful to see what preceded current events, so we begin our journey by traveling backwards in time to December 5, 1993,  when a webpage had been created by Robert David Steele called OSS.netwith a Domain Registry ID#3524132. The title OSS.Net later is used to represent a corporation created for the purpose of engaging in business consulting and government contracts, as described in its Articles of Incorporation dated May 28, 2003. On June 3, 2003, OSS.NET,Inc. was registered with the Secretary of State of Virginia, with Robert E. Madden, Esq. as the Incorporator, and Robert D. Steele of Oakton, Virginia as the single Director on the Board.  1,000 shares of stock were issued.

This corporation was terminated on November 2, 2009, but then reinstated on November 4, 2010. Presently the Virginia Secretary of State shows OSS.NET, Inc. with the label purged.  What this means is that it had remained in a “canceled, revoked, terminated or withdrawn” status for 5 years, and therefore, under Virginia law the corporation can no longer be reinstated. displays information on OSS.NET,Inc. Below is a screenshot of the main summary of this corporation.

This government contractors website lists OSS.NET,Inc.  contracts with ACS Defense, U. S. Special Operations Command,  General Dynamics Decision Systems and a Restricted Client.

Four contracts are noted:

  1. ACS Defense for $146,000 from 10/1/1999 to10/30/2008
  2. U.S. Special Operations Command for $500,000 from 7/1/1998 to 7/31/2008
  3. Restricted Client Contract for $1,000,000 from 8/1/1997 to 6/30/2008
  4. General Dynamics Decision Systems for $50,000 from 1/1/2003-3/4/2003

Note that the beginning contract dates are prior to the date of the Articles of Incorporation which I cited, so perhaps there are other documents or another company which was transferred over to this one, which I am unaware of.

The New Front End of OSS.NET,Inc.?

What I am interested in at this juncture is that Robert David Steele made a decision to transfer the contents of the webpage over to a new website called, which is now the main staging area for Steele’s activities.  The title of his website is the Public Intelligence Blog-“The truth at any cost lowers all other costs“. The Registry Domain ID is 1561886839 and the creation date was July 10, 2009.

I was interested in this phrase, seen below,  announcing the changeover:  OSS.Net has a new “front end”…At some point OSS.NET,Inc.(Virginia SOS 05976626) ceased to exist as a corporate entity, while the unfolding of another form of business had taken place called Earth Intelligence Network.The Creation of Earth Intelligence Network as a 501(c)(3) corporation

I reviewed both the documents found at the Secretary of State of Virginia and the 990 IRS informational returns filed by Earth Intelligence Network, and now have several questions about the ragged history of this tax exempt organization.

I.  Why is Earth Intelligence Network, a corporate entity, being labeled an Unincorporated Association on the 2014 and 2015 990’s?

On January 8, 2007, The Articles of Incorporation for Earth Intelligence Network state that this entity was formed as “a non-stock corporation under Chapter 10 of Title 13.1 of the Code of Virginia”. Also, “The Corporation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (the “Code”).

Four days later, The Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission, Office of the Clerk stated that the effective date of the certificate of incorporation was January 12, 2007. However, it appears that Earth Intelligence Network’s corporate existence had been terminated on June 2, 2008, and remained in that status until reinstated on July 31, 2012, even though Robert David Steele used it as a tax exempt business for 2008 and 2009.

The letter on record dated  July 31, 2012  from The Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission giving the Order of Reinstatement, declared, “The corporate existence of EARTH INTELLIGENCE NETWORK, a domestic corporation, was automatically terminated on June 02, 2008. The corporation has filed an application for reinstatement and has otherwise complied with the applicable requirements of law. Therefore, it is ORDERED that the existence of the aforementioned corporation is reinstated.” Signed Mark C. Christie, Commissioner.

990 forms were filed with the IRS for 2008 and 2009, and a 990-N was filed for 2011 for Earth Intelligence Network, which during that time period had been terminated as a corporate entity. The 2014 and the 2015 990 forms for Earth Intelligence Network state that it is an “Unincorporated Association”; yet it had been reinstated in Virginia as a corporation. I have not been able to access a copy of the 2016 990, so I do not know what information was filed with the IRS most recently. The Secretary of the State of Virginia currently states that  EIN is an active corporation. It was as a corporation, and not as an unincorporated association, that legal documents were filed with the IRS in 2007, requesting approval as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt business.

II.  Earth Intelligence Network was granted tax exempt status as a corporation; therefore when this entity was terminated, would not this jeopardize its standing with the IRS?

On February 1, 2008, the Internal Revenue Service issued their official letter allowing  Earth Intelligence Network of Oakton, Virginia 22124 to be “exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code” and qualifying it “to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.”.  The letter said, “During your advance ruling period, you will be treated as a public charity.”

The advance ruling period was from Jan. 12,2007 to Dec. 31, 2011.  The IRS Code says that “A section 501(C)(3) organization that has received an advance ruling date…is classified as a publicly supported charity during its first five years….Beginning with the organization’s sixth year, it must establish that it met the public support test by showing that it is publicly supported on its Form 990..”. Earth Intelligence Network filed the bare minimum of three 990 returns during that advance ruling period, and only one or possibly two of those years did it meet the requirement of being an active corporation in the state of Virginia.

The IRS 990 form for the years 2007-2009 was not as specific as it is now, on line K, as to specifying the form of organization. But the current Instructions for Form 1023-EZ (revised January 2017) for Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS reflect, for the most part, long established definitions and rules.  The legal difference between these two forms of business can be seen in this screenshot taken from the 1023ez.pdf at

Earth Intelligence Network,  was assigned SCC ID No. 0670760-8  and can be researched at the Virginia Secretary of State’s online Business Entity Search.  The IRS  EIN#20-8286516 can be used to locate information at, and numerous online nonprofit search websites.  The following facts were reported on the five years for which I found complete 990 returns for Earth Intelligence Network.

990 for 2007

The 990 tax return for 2007 showed $76,504 in revenues and $65,212 in expenses, leaving a net balance of $11,292. This screenshots display  projects, key officers, other assets and other expenses:

2007 990 for Earth Intelligence Network

990 for 2008

In 2008, we find that Revenues were $11,139 and Expenses $15,878. The carryover from 2007 was used to offset the loss of $4,739, so the ending balance was $6553. Non cash contributions totaled $10,595.  Below are screenshots showing projects,  the officers and key employees, other assets, and other expenses.

990 for 2009

In 2009, Revenues were $1504 with expenses totaling $29,323.  The carryover balance of 2008 was applied, reducing the net loss to $21,266  Screenshots below show projects, officers and key employees, other assets and other expenses.

As noted earlier, this corporation was terminated in 2008, and was reinstated mid-2012.

990 for 2014

For 2014, I found 2 990EZ returns.  Apparently Robert David Steele had filed a 990-N, the post card method of e-filing, but he claimed the IRS lost it. However, when he wrote out a manually filed version, it showed $64,647.33 in revenues, which disqualifies him from using the 990-N which is only for returns with gross receipts less than $50,000. So in February of 2016, Steele had the 990EZ filed properly, using a CPA.

In 2014 Revenues were $79,821 with Expenses of $65,964. This 990 says that Earth Intelligence Network is an unincorporated association, and not a corporation.   This particular year Steele had reportable compensation of $10,000, although he normally refers to himself as CEO Pro Bono. Steele has stated in several of his online postings that there was a period of time when he was unemployed, and it is allowed by IRS law for him to receive reasonable compensation. It is notable that the projects for 2014 are similar to past projects, but with a new topic introduced:  that of election reform.


990 for 2015

2015 had $25,553 in revenues with $29,480 in expenses, leaving a deficit of $3,927.  $5,198 of net assets at the beginning of the year was used to offset the deficit, leaving a net balance of $1,271 for year end. The 2015 990 was not prepared by a CPA as had been done in the past, but by Robert D. Steele. Reportable compensation for Steele is $5,000.

What is notable is that Earth Intelligence Network is again described as an unincorporated association, rather than as a corporation.

Screenshots below seem to indicate that some of the books which were published and promoted by this tax exempt business are now considered worthless.  Note the comments made on books over 5 years old, which were written off in order to balance the end of year figures.  Steele says that he could not even give them away, not even to the Army War college.

This website gives details on a government contract for $9,000.

III. How does  the IRS define “Educational”, and does the project #UNRIG violate its meaning?

Viewing the Articles of Incorporation of Earth Intelligence Network, we find that the Incorporator was the attorney Robert E. Madden of Washington, DC.  Paragraph 3 states, “The Corporation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (the “Code”). To that end, the Corporation will seek to educate the public regarding personal, local, regional, national, and global security through shared public intelligence.  The corporation may engage in any and all other charitable activities permitted to an organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or corresponding future provisions of the federal tax law…”

The eighth paragraph limits the powers of the Corporation under (a) “No part of the net earnings of the Corporation shall inure to the benefit of any director or officer of the Corporation, or any private person, except that reasonable compensation may be paid for services actually rendered to or for the Corporation, and no director or officer of the Corporation, or any private person shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any of the corporate assets on dissolution of the Corporation.  Except as provided and permitted under Sections 501(h) and 4911 of the Code, no substantial part of the activities of the Corporation shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the Corporation shall not participate in or intervene in (including the publication or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidates for public office.

The IRS definition of Educational,  is found at, Form 1023-EZ Instructions.  “The term ‘educational’, as used in section 501(c)(3), relates to:  the instruction or training of the individual for the purposes of improving or developing his or her capabilities or the instruction of the public on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the community.”

“An organization may be educational even though it advocates a particular position or viewpoint so long as it presents a sufficiently full and fair exposition of the pertinent facts as to permit an individual or the public to form an independent opinion or conclusion.  On the other hand, an organization is not educational if its principal function is the mere presentation of unsupported opinion.

When Earth Intelligence Network was incorporated, the stated purpose was to “educate the public regarding personal, local, regional, national, and global security through shared public intelligence.”  On the face of it, it appears that the programs kept to this original goal, but I have not researched the actual conferences.  In 2014, the phrase election reform makes its first appearance on the 990 return.

I do not have access to the 2016 990 return for EIN; but from what I have viewed online on the present project #UNRIG, it does not appear that its mission is in line with the topic of  security through shared public intelligence.  In fact, the impression is given that #UNRIG is cleverly skirting the forbidden territory of all 501(c)(3)’s, by substituting propaganda for an educational approach to its mission resulting in the influencing of others to  introduce legislation on their vision of election reform.  This is an area of tax law best addressed by those who specialize in knowing what the line between compliance and noncompliance is. However, I am introducing in my next post some illustrations of the concerns which I have with Earth Intelligence Network. 

Promoting #UNRIG to raise tax exempt donations:  the goal was $250,000 to crisscross the country in one or two RV’s, to promote a Second American Revolution via introducing legislation on a yet to be written, Election Reform Act of 2017.  The “educational” purpose is to get volunteers to do the dirty work of #UNRIG, which Earth Intelligence Network, as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity is disallowed from doing by IRS provisions.

On June 13, 2017 Steele was the guest of George Webb, Jason Goodman, and Trish Negron on a Crowdsource The Truth live stream show. The purpose of this appearance was to publicize and raise money for Steele’s tax-exempt mission which he has named #UNRIG. 

What tax exempt donations can buy: an RV which when covered with an $8,500 wrap advertising #UNRIG only costs $80,000

One example of the type of information which Robert David Steele routinely declares, without providing proof, is given at the 7.16 mark, regarding Michael Pence,  the Vice President of the USA.  Steele says, “I strongly suspect Pence of massive sexual and financial improprieties, he was not properly vetted…He was chosen, he was chosen, because he was the least of all evils and it was a brilliant choice because it helped Donald Trump win the election; however, now Trump has to clean house and I believe that Pence should be given an offer, because he can’t fire Pence, but you can give him an offer that leads him to resign.  I would give him a Presidential Pardon conditional on his resigning in June…”. Steele’s words, “I strongly suspect”, “I would give him a Presidential Pardon”…concerning his alleging massive sexual and financial improprieties of the Vice President, is by definition propaganda.

All the while that Robert David Steele was sitting in a restaurant with George Webb and live streaming his words on Crowdsource The Truth, Jason Goodman was monitoring a fund raising website, which at one point went above the $4,000 level, reflecting the real time donations being made by listeners to Steele’s #UNRIG campaign.

At the 37.15 mark, Jason Goodman says, “well, we’ve got our viewership up to 1,123 viewers right now and for people who are just joining, I’m going to, I’m going to include in the comments the URL again for the UNRIG IndieGoGo, where if you donate $25, your name will be recorded as, tell me what it will be, Robert?

Robert David Steele replies, “Well, no, we will provide it, we will provide a founder certificate and a lot of people prefer to be anonymous and we respect that.  Our basic plan on the honor system is to send people a Power Point slide that they can amend, they can add their name, it’ll have Cynthia’s signature and the logo and everything and they can make it their own…

At the 38.29 mark, Jason Goodman adds, “Robert, I can tell you that every moment I’m hitting refresh there’s a few more dollars going in there so you know if every one of our thousand plus viewers right now will donate $25, we can really move the needle on this.”

The very next day, the fund raising relationship between Robert David Steele and Jason Goodman goes from being Friends With Benefits to  just a One Night Stand

So, guess what happened the very next day after this interview? Remember that little dirty bomb incident in the Port of Charleston on June 14, 2017, when the information from a hidden “reliable” source of George Webb, had been  publicly passed on to the listeners of Crowdsource The Truth? When the FBI entered the scene, suddenly all those rats on the George Webb ratlines started to jump ship! Also, the good will  between Robert David Steele and Jason Goodman came to an abrupt end.  The scheduled interview the next day was cancelled, listeners wanted their donations returned…

Strangely, this same Maersk Memphis incident created a public rift between Dave Acton and his brother George Webb, and Crowdsource The Truth, which for a time overshadowed the growing public rift between Jason Goodman and Robert David Steele.  On September 1, 2017, Steele filed a $15,350,000 civil lawsuit in Federal Court against three persons connected with Crowdsource The Truth.  Further, he has also threatened legal action against Meet-Up.

What was once a small penny ante poker game had grown into a very large one, with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.Steele is now proclaiming that there is a conspiracy of Zionists against him, something which did not seem to concern him at all when he was raising money from the listeners of George Webb, who claims that a Mossad Angel sits on his shoulder, and Jason Goodman, the Jewish host of Crowdsource The Truth. 

to be continued….