Two Lawsuits That Passed Each Other Like Ships In the Night: One was a criminal indictment and the other a civil fraud case; Both involved wire fraud and Black Ops blarney

Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, only a signal shown, and a distant voice in the darkness; So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another, only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence.  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

At 6:30 a.m. on October 15, 2015, the FBI served Wayne Shelby Simmons of Annapolis, Maryland, with an arrest warrant for falsely claiming that he had worked for the CIA for 27 years.  In addition to being indicted for major fraud against the government, wire fraud, and a firearms offense, counts six and seven (wire fraud) charged that he had also defrauded his girlfriend of $125,000 in a bogus investment scheme.

Wayne Shelby Simmons was formerly a Fox News commentator based on his fraudulent credentials as a CIA agent.

Wayne Simmons pleaded guilty on April 29, 2016, and was sentenced to 33 months incarceration in a federal prison, plus three years of supervised release, the forfeiting of two firearms,  $175,612 in criminal proceeds, and ordered to pay  restitution to his victims.

The arrest in October of 2015 was widely publicized at the time, and I can recall talking with a professional journalist about the Wayne Simmons indictment, and comparing him to another man with similar unvetted credentials; Wayne Willott aka W the Intelligence Insider, who most recently was passing himself off as Juan O’Savin on Field McConnell’s Abel Danger program.   had been promoted on the Hagmann Report as America’s James Bond; yet his credentials as CIA had never been vetted by the public due to the anonymous cover he was provided by Alternative News Media programs.

In contrast to W the Intelligence Insider, Wayne Simmons was openly bold in showing his name and face in public appearances, and was able to pass off his false credentials on numerous persons and organizations who did not bother to investigate his resume.  As he gained greater prominence on FOX news as a CIA Insider guest analyst, it allowed him to attempt to obtain work on legitimate government projects.

Around the same time as the Wayne Simmons arrest, another con artist was dealing with a civil fraud lawsuit against him

About six weeks after the Simmons arrest, on December 1, 2015, Thomas Schoenberger was providing a Deposition for the Isabelle Gauthier civil lawsuit in which the Complaint against him included allegations of breach of contract, breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing, fraud by concealment, conversion, and breach of fiduciary duty.

As with Simmons, Schoenberger had defrauded a woman which he had a personal relationship with.  Likewise, Schoenberger had received around $400,000 via a bank money transfer for what was eventually revealed to be a bogus investment scheme; those two elements constitute wire fraud.

Thomas Schoenberger also told stories to many people of his involvement in clandestine government operations connected to the Department of Defense and the Pentagon.  Apparently the arrest of Wayne Simmons did not deter Schoenberger from engaging in internet “black ops”,  for in mid-2016, a mysterious Pentagon Insider ANON showed up on Jim Blake’s YouTube channel.  Jim Blake is a good friend of Schoenberger, and has featured another acquaintance of Schoenberger’s, former CIA officer Robert David Steele, as well as sovereign citizen Anna Von Reitz, who fraudulently calls herself a Judge.

The statute of limitations for mail and wire fraud is five years [U. S. C. §3282] and the transaction which represents wire fraud in the Gauthier case, transpired over six years ago, and is now beyond the reach of that criminal statute.  As a reminder of the seriousness of federal wire fraud charges, fines are capped at $250,000 and imprisonment is not to exceed 20 years.

According to the Isabelle Gauthier vs. Thomas Schoenberger civil lawsuit, “On June 19, 2014, in reliance on Schoenberger’s agreements, representations, and promises, Plaintiff caused to be transferred 300,000€ (equivalent to about $408,240.00 in U. S. dollars on that date) from her bank to a Wells Fargo account held by Schoenberger.  Thereafter, Schoenberger made numerous representations to Plaintiff, orally and in writing, about her interest in the Oasis Project, her investment, and the benefits she was to receive therefrom.”  [Gauthier v. Schoenberger, Case BC564759 November 24, 2014 ORIGINAL]

This lawsuit was filed on November 24, 2014, and it was not until more than a year later, on December 1, 2015, that Thomas Schoenberger gave testimony, under oath, in a Deposition to the Plaintiff’s attorney, Jeffrey Wittenberg.

Thomas Schoenberger at a protest. Date is unknown.

One of the things which became apparent is that the defendant had converted Gauthier’s monies to his personal use, which included wasting it upon a losing streak at  casino slot machines.

A number of the questions asked by the attorney taking Schoenberger’s Deposition stemmed from paragraph 4 of the Complaint, which had declared, “Plaintiff and Schoenberger previously had a personal relationship, but were never married.  When they met, and through the course of their relationship, Schoenberger told Plaintiff that, among other things, he was a music composer, an inventor, a well-connected international businessman, and worked with the government of the United States with secret dealings of a confidential nature in Iraq.  Based on, and without limitation, the matters alleged in this complaint, as well as having been directly so informed by third parties, Plaintiff is informed and believes, and that basis alleges, that apart from being a composer, Schoenberger’s statements relating to his work and dealings were false and misleading, and were designed to cause Plaintiff to develop trust and confidence in Schoenberger.”

That other “ship in the night” lawsuit 

It was on October 14, 2015, that United States of America v. Wayne Shelby Simmons was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division. [USA v Wayne Simmons]

The criminal indictment against Simmons involved major fraud against the government, but for purposes of comparison with the civil lawsuit against Schoenberger, we are primarily concerned with two aspects:  wire fraud and black ops blarney.

Counts 6-7 (Wire Fraud)  of the Simmons indictment state that “From in or about November 2011 through in or about December 2013, in the Eastern District of Virginia and elsewhere, the defendant WAYNE SHELBY SIMMONS knowingly devised and intended to devise a scheme and artifice to defraud victim E. L. and to obtain money and property by means of materially false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises.”

“It was part of the scheme and artifice to defraud that: a. the defendant falsely represented to E. L. that he was a former agent of the CIA, and used his supposed affiliation with the CIA to bolster his credibility with E. L.; (b). the defendant falsely represented to E. I. that he was involved in real estate investment projects and offered E. L. an opportunity to make a $125,000 investment…”

The press release CIA Impostor Sentenced to Prison for Fraud issued by the Department of Justice on July 15, 2016, stated “Wayne Shelby Simmons, 62, of Annapolis, Maryland, a former Fox News commentator who has false claimed he spent 27 years working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), was sentenced today to 33 months in prison for major fraud against the government, wire fraud, and a firearms offense.  Simmons was also ordered to serve three years of supervised release, to forfeit two firearms and $175,612 in criminal proceeds, and to pay restitution to his victims.”

“Wayne Simmons is a fraud,” said Dana J. Boente, U. S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.  “Simmons has no military or intelligence background, or any skills relevant to the positions he obtained through his frauds.  He is quite simply a criminal and a con man, and his fraud had to potential to endanger national security and put American lives at risk in Afghanistan.”

Regarding the funds he obtained through wire fraud and misrepresentation from his girlfriend, he simply spent her funds on himself.

So we have two cases, one civil, and the other criminal, that involve wire fraud, bogus investment opportunities to women, and false credentials. Both men pocketed the money gained by deceit and spent it upon themselves.  One received an out-of-court settlement judgment of $400,000, and the other, incarceration in a federal prison.  Although the prison sentence for Simmons involved other counts involving major fraud against the government, it is interesting that the Grand Jury included the $125,000 fraud against an individual to be in violation of Title 18, U. S. C. §§ 1343 and 2.

How has Thomas Schoenberger represented himself to various associates?

Steve Outtrim of website, published on June 22, 2019, an article titled Latest Weapon in the InfoWar:  Data Maps. Outtrim stated:

Months ago, Esteban Trujillo began interviewing associates of Cicada 3301, and publishing the results on his website.  After I had written an article referencing Cicada 3301, Trujillo questioned my reference to a statement regarding Bruce C. Clarke, Jr. as being one of the purported founders of Cicada 3301, saying that he could not find any forensic evidence to support that assertion.

Here is what Thomas Schoenberger stated in a December 18, 2018, legal Petition against the Elsebeth Nellsen Schoenberger Trust, in the Superior Court of Napa.  In his Amended Petition, item 7, Schoenberger stated, “In 2005, Thomas met his parents in Vienna and introduced them to Bruce Cooper Clarke, former Deputy Director of the CIA.  Bruce was Wolfgang’s Godfather and a close personal friend of Thomas.  Bruce never told them exactly who he was, but they developed a close friendship.”

So Schoenberger has claimed to have had a close personal relationship with CIA research director Bruce C. Clarke, Jr. and further in the same Amended Petition, in item 22, he declared, “On Valentine’s Day 2011, Thomas went to see Elsebeth to give her a card and some chocolate.  He had been contacted by the Pentagon for an operation in Afghanistan.

He added, “Thomas told Elsebeth that Faranak might also be going.  Thomas indicated that he could not discuss details with her, but asked if Elsebeth could take care of Wolfgang for a week, if necessary.  Elsebeth agreed to watch her grandson.  Although Thomas cannot provide details of his assignment, both Faranak and his friend, well known movie producer, Warren Zide, were involved, and can testify to that fact.  A week later Elsebeth contacted Thomas, angry.  She claimed that Thomas was, “making the whole thing up.”  Thomas was shocked and in wonder that Elsebeth did not sound like the mother he knew.  Elsebeth admitted talking with Steve, whom convinced her Thomas was crazy.”

As will be seen later on in this article, when Thomas Schoenberger provided his 2015 Deposition in the Gauthier lawsuit, which was three years earlier than the 2018 lawsuit against his late mother’s trust, the only names he directly provided in connection with the April 2011 government operation was Bijan Kian, attorney Beverly Saxon Leonard, and Seval Oz.

In the same June 2019, Steve Outtrim article which mentioned that the former CIA Director of Research, Bruce C. Clarke, Jr. was the founder of Cicada 3301, and added that Thomas Schoenberger had worked for the Pentagon, he also stated this opinion:

In another article, LARPWars Part 2-Moving the Goalposts, published on on July 28, 2019, Steve Outtrim provides this information on Thomas Schoenberger:

Other witnesses to Thomas Schoenberger’s discussions of his black ops world

In a December 2015 Deposition for the Gauthier lawsuit, Brian Weiner, who had interacted with Schoenberger in a business capacity, was asked by attorney Jeffrey Wittenberg as to whether “Thomas Schoenberger ever told you he had worked with the military in any way”.  Weiner replied on pages 110-113,  that it was intimated that Schoenberger was “working for a triple letter organization inside the United States” and that he had been part of “Black Ops”, “special ops”, and had worked for the Department of Defense.

One of Thomas Schoenberger’s former girlfriends, known by the internet handle  Elizabeth Vering, used various social media platforms to viciously defend Schoenberger’s words and actions against anyone who questioned his credentials.

In one lengthy comment to Samizdat, she said in part, “Nor has TS ever been or claimed to have been military.  He was a DoD asset and embedded with military at times.  He was also wounded overseas far worse that you ever were AFAIK, multiple times.  Come to think of it, that should be verifiable with medical records, but that’s not anywhere near the top of anybody’s priority list right now.”  

So when, where and how was Schoenberger wounded overseas as a DoD agent?

Let’s review the December 1, 2015, Thomas Schoenberger Deposition for the Isabelle Gauthier vs. Thomas Schoenberger lawsuit, and see if he explains when he was  wounded overseas multiple times, as a DoD asset, embedded with the military.

The questioning was done by the Plaintiff’s attorney, Jeffrey Wittenberg, and on page 31, line 10, we read:

Q.  Let me rephrase the question.  Did you ever serve in the military?

A.  As a professional soldier?

Q.  Well, I’m going to let you tell us how you think you served in the military, if you’ve served in the military in any capacity.

A.  I think it’s a broad question.  I think that if you say did I–did I serve in any fashion for The Pentagon?  Is that what you’re asking?

Q.  So, do you understand what the military is?

A.  Yes.

Q.  Okay. Have you ever served in the Army?

A.  No.

Q.  Have you ever served in the Air Force?

A.  No. Or the Navy.

Q.  Never served in the Navy, correct?

A. No.

Q.  And you’ve never served in the Marines?

A.  No.

Q. Okay. Is there any branch of the military in which you served?

A.  The military is presided over by The Pentagon.  I want to make it very clear what you’re asking.  I’m wondering if you can rephrase the question.

Q.  Did you–let’s ask about The Pentagon.  Did you work at any time as an employee in The Pentagon?

MR. PARMLEE:  Objection.

WITNESS:  Not as–

MR. PARMLEE:  Vague as to “employee”.  You can answer the question.


Q.  What was your relationship with The Pentagon, if any?

A.  I was charged with putting together a program that was going to be the basis for clandestine activities near the border of Iran.

Q.  Okay.  When did this charge first occur?

A.  Early 2011.

Q.  And did you have written correspondence with The Pentagon about this?

A.  Yes.

Q.  Do you have that written correspondence in your possession, custody or control?

A.  No.  I have only one thing that I have given to Mr. Parmelee.  (Page 33, line 8)

Page 33, line 20

Q.  So what is the document you gave to your attorney?

A.  The document explains how myself and another individual were going to meet with the Governor of the province of a place near the border of Iran with an idea of doing a concert.  But it’s more complicated than that.  There were 17 nations involved.  So if you ask me if I was a professional soldier, Mr. Wittenberg, no.  If you ask me if I was involved in operations that had to do with national security, the answer is yes.  Furthermore, I will also reveal to you that I didn’t get paid and I wasn’t looking to get paid.

Q.  Did you ever go to–on this mission–this clandestine mission you’re describing?

A.  I aborted the mission.

Tracking the Leopard Meroz:  An unpaid volunteer for an operation involving 17 nations has the authority to abort an overseas mission which was to serve as a cover for a Pentagon approved clandestine activities near the border of Iran?  What level of security clearance was granted an unpaid volunteer, that he is allowed to discuss this mission publicly?

Q.  Okay, And when did you abort the mission?

A.  June 10, 2011.

Q.  Okay.

A.  18 days later Taliban hit where we would have been.  Six–two or three with RBG’s and then three with grenades.

Q. And what did you do to abort the mission?  Let me rephrase.  How did you go about aborting the mission?

A.  I told my teammates that Tali had–or Taliban had found out about us.  I was communicating with things–with people that I knew, and I had figured out that there had been loose lips.  So, they–we were going to be scheduled to stay at the Intercon Hotel in Kabul.  And that was cancelled.  And on June 28, 2011, a wedding party that had rebooked was blown up by six Taliban.

Q.  What were the names of the team members you’re describing?

A.  I’m not at liberty to divulge that because that’s, you know–

Q.  Who is the contact you had at the Pentagon?

A. Am I allowed to–because that’s a hard one to do.  You know, I think–

MR. PARMALEE:  You are under oath and–Can we take a quick break?  It’s up to you.

THE WITNESS:  I’m not trying to be–

MR. WITTENBERG:  I don’t think we need a break over this.


Q.  Either you have a name for me or you don’t.  Do you–you’re telling a story about a clandestine mission where you were going to play music in Afghanistan, but you’re not giving a single name of any person involved with you, you won’t tell us or show us the document that you claim to have.  (Page 36, line 6)

(Page 36, line 21)

Q.  So this is relatively straightforward.  Do you have any contact name at The Pentagon with whom you were communicating?

A.  The person is no longer at The Pentagon.  The person’s name is Bijan, B-i-j-a-n, Kian, K-i-a-n.

Q.  When was the last time you communicated with this individual?

A.  2011

Q.  And did you communicate by telephone or email or both?

A.  I don’t remember.

Q.  Other than this clandestine mission you’re telling us that you were–is it correct that you were approached by The Pentagon to go on this clandestine mission you’re telling us about?

A. Uh-huh.

Q.  Okay.  And when did they approach you?  Do you recall the date?

A.  Early spring in 2011.  The-

Q.  So, approximately April?

A.  Yes.  Mr. Wittenberg, here’s what I’m going to ask you.  I am more than happy to give you secondary parties of people who are our teammates.  But if you’re going to try to contact Mr. Bijan Kian, I think a better approach rather than doing that is I had another lawyer at the time who has documentation that was–she was not only a witness to what was going on, but she actually provided legal counsel for a second member of our team. (Page 38, line 2)

(Page 38, line 19)

Q.  So other than this clandestine operation you were asked to go on in 2011, have you done any other service for the military?

A.  Not for the military.

Q.  Okay.  Have you ever conducted any business outside of the United States?

A.  What do you mean “conducted business”?  Because, as Ms. Gauthier can tell you, I was concerned that ISIS was metastatising and would end up going into Europe to do soft terrorism and then coming into America to do soft terrorism.

Q.  And when did you begin this–What would you call this work that you’re talking about?  Would you call it antiterrorism work that you were doing?

A.  Counter-terrorism work.  But essentially–

Q.  Were you doing it for yourself on your own?

A.  No.  I was attempting to do it as a–for humanitarian reasons, but also saying you can’t just have–you just can’t do a 501-c3, you have to have a network that will not only pay for weapons and training, but also I felt Turkey was doing nothing.  I was aware that Turkey was supplying ISIS with oil.  I was looking at-

Q.  When did your start this work you’re now talking about?

A.  2014.

Q. Approximately what month?

A.  January.

Q.  So in January 2014 this is an idea you had, correct?

A.  Actually even earlier.

Q.  Okay.

A.  Late 20–November 2013.

Q.  Okay. And what evidence do you have of any of the work that you were doing on this counter-terrorism project?  Do you have any writings?

A.  Yeah, I think I have writings on it.

Q.  What do you have?

A.  Notes.

Q. Your own personal notes that you took?

A.  Yeah.  I met with–with Kurdish resistance fighters in Turkey.

Q.  So you traveled to Turkey in 2014?

A. Yeah.  (Page 40, line 25)

(Page 43, line 18)

Q.  So, when is–were you ever in Iraq?

A.  No.

Q.  Okay. Were you ever in Iran?

A.  No.

Q.  Were you ever in Afghanistan?

A.  No. I planned to be.

Q.  Did you ever work for the U. S. Government other than your–what you’ve already told us about your clandestine mission with The Pentagon?

A.  No.  The whole point of what I was doing with ISIS was going to be brought to the U. S. Government saying, “This is what I’ve done.”  You know, I wanted their involvement.  But, no.

Q.  Okay.  So let me just try to summarize this.  You were never an employee of the U. S. Government, an employee being somebody who is paid a salary to work, right?  As a Pentagon person who goes to work on a daily basis?

A.  Yes.

Q.  You were never employed by the Pentagon; is that correct?

A.  To be specific, I was not employed.  They asked me to volunteer.

Q.  Okay.  And that was the only time you ever worked with the U. S. Government was the clandestine mission in–regarding, I guess, Afghanistan 2011, correct?

A.  Yes. The only time that they’ve asked me to volunteer.  (Page 44, line 23)

(Page 409, line 9)

Q.  Okay.  Were you ever with the Department of Defense?

A.  Yeah.  That’s who I served under with the operation that was aborted.

Q.  I’m sorry.  What?

A.  That’s who I was working with with an operation–in the operation that was ultimately aborted June 28, 2011.

Q.  You’re referring to the Pentagon?

A.  I’m referring to Pentagon and Department of Defense.

On December 2, 2015, Jeffrey Wittenberg, attorney for plaintiff Isabelle Gauthier, deposed Linda Barrett, who was Thomas Schoenberger’s landlady and girlfriend.

(Page 91, line 11)

Q.  Okay, “And is just doing what he has to do to support us, like going to Syria and Iraq.”  Has he ever told you he went to Iraq?

A.  Yes, he has.  Well, he told me he went to Syria, he went to Bosnia or he fought in Bosnia or something.

Q.  So he fought in Bosnia?

A.  Yeah.

Q.  In the military?

A.  Well, he didn’t fight over there.  he went over there on some special op.

Q.  For the government?

A.  Yeah.

Q.  When did he actually say it occurred that he went to fight in special ops?

A.  While he was honeymooning.

Q.  Oh, you mean in 2014?

A.  Yeah.

Q.  When he was gone for three weeks he told you–

A.  Yeah.

Q.–he was off in the Middle East–

A. Right.

Q.  –at special ops?

A.  Yeah. For two weeks.  And then I guess she talked him into staying longer.  So I got to worry for a week.

Q.  But that was about July, August of 2014?

A.  Yeah. I think so. Yeah.  It was July.  He left, came back in August.

Q.  And he said I was away in the Middle East fighting special ops, right?

A.  Right.  No.  He didn’t say special ops then.  He said he was over there trying to help the Iraqi people or something or to stop ISIS, I think. 

Why no mention of being wounded multiple times overseas while on a DoD mission?  Thomas Schoenberger has displayed no shyness in disclosing that he suffers from porphyria aka the Vampire’s disease, a head wound that made him a musical genius, seizures, a bite by a brown recluse spider, a recent fall that required 40 stitches in his shoulder, pneumonia, covid-19…Perhaps Thomas Schoenberger was wounded multiple times in an overseas PSYOP Mind War battle?

One last oddity between CIA impostor Wayne Simmons and Pentagon ANON Thomas Schoenberger

Of interest in the Wayne Simmons story is that Kent Clizbe, a former CIA officer and intelligence contractor,  recognized that Simmons was a fraud, and began his own  investigation into his credentials.  This fascinating story is told by Alex French in his March 1, 2016, New York Times Magazine article, The Plot to Take Down A Fox News Analyst.

In that detailed account, an interesting anecdote was told about “M”, Clizbe’s former CIA boss who served as a high-ranking Senior Intelligence Service Officer.  M. realized that Simmons was a fraud and he  “alerted Paul Vallely, the retired two-star general who founded Stand Up America….  Vallely met Simmons through Fox News and invited him to serve on the Citizen’s Commission on Benghazi, a collection of military brass, CIA officers and politicians determined to uncover the truth about the September 2012 embassy attack in Libya.  M. remained suspicious when Vallely failed to respond after a month.

As many are aware, in 1980, Vallely, was a Colonel and Commander of The Psychological Group, U. S. Army Reserve, located at the Presidio of San Francisco, California, and he co-wrote a publication with Major Michael A. Aquino, titled, From PSYOP to Mindwar:  The Psychology of Victory. [see pdf: from psyop to mind war aquino and vallely].

Last year “Mind War Comedian”  Dan Cromer aka Leppo interviewed Michael Aquino on his YouTube channel, and one of the participants in that conversation was Thomas Schoenberger.

So Wayne Simmons knew the two star general Paul Vallely, and Thomas Schoenberger enjoyed engaging in a public interview of  Michael Aquino.

Just two ships passing, only a signal shown, in the blackness of the night.











Pay No Attention To That Little Gray Alien Behind The Curtain: Part II of a Book Review of The Most Dangerous Book In The World: 9/11 As Mass Ritual

Section One-“The Production has ten chapters, or shall we say,  ten emanations from the Sephirot of  S. K. Bain, covering 64 pages, which includes 12 full page images, 34 notes of acknowledged sources, numerous small filler images which are not sourced, sarcastic asides, irrelevancies, and a shallow analysis of occult numerology.   The author has scripted these chapters into Six Acts of a 9/11 theatrical production, stopping every so often to interpret the numerals of the airplane flights and other images of the 9/11 events, in accordance with the writings of  Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey.  I have to wonder why this book is called The Most Dangerous Book In The World when it is nothing more than a compilation of loosely related occult “facts”.

So explain to me why someone would persecute Kent Bain?

After this book was published Bain made some claims which were rather dramatic as shown in these screenshots taken from  The first comment was made by the author, S. K. (Kent) Bain, in response to a negative book review he had received.  The second screenshot regards the “true story” of his persecution complex.

Diversionary Tactics to Avoid Unmasking The Real High Priest of 9/11

To continue on with my review, Bain declared in Chapter Four The Pet Goat that on the morning of September 11, 2001,  President George W. Bush was acting as a High Priest.  While High Priests often are middle men and reconcilers, in the Old Testament they were also Judges and Guardians who militarily protected the Temple.  In contrast to that active role, George Bush sat there passively as any bloated Baphomet, neutered, as the Twin Towers were undergoing attack, giving  the clear message that the Commander-in-Chief and President of the United States had been rendered impotent to act in any capacity.

So the question is, what does the profile look like of the actual person who was the Great Magickal Operator of 9/11? Surely Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey have not returned from the dead!  In this book we are pointed to  clues such as The Church of Satan, or the Skull and Bones Brotherhood.. but nothing stands out in this lineup which would narrow the field of our search.

Surely, we must look for a black magician who has undertaken numerous magickal operations that were dangerous risks; and having escaped the potential blow back, received more power and authority. That would rule the juvenile personality of George W. Bush out, for he held his place of power only due to his family heritage, where he served as the weak front man.

Bain’s simplistic approach to his thesis is unconvincing, because the events of September 11 were anything but simplistic.  When one begins to consider the complexity of knowledge, and the authoritative structure  that was  required to accomplish the military objectives of the 9/11 attack, it also stands to reason that any Satanic prayer rituals that were conducted to bring about the success of this operation would have been undertaken by very serious Kabbalistic high priests who understood the dangers involved.

One of the most popular misconceptions of numerology is that all numbers are to be reduced to their essence in order to analyze them.  The practice of adding the individual digits together until one number prevails  actually veils the true identity of higher numbers.  It is as if a policeman who has caught a thief red-handed, decides to put out an APB describing a subject at large who is a male. Genuine justice requires evidence and proof that can be tied to the actual persons who committed the crime.  One does not take a fact and generalize it to the point that it is of no use; rather one takes evidence and tries to reduce it down to the smallest details that proves who the perpetrator is.

Even in the world of simplistic reasoning,  S. K. Bain misses interesting facts.  He ties flight 93 to the number of Thelema in connection with Aleister Crowley, yet he overlooks the fact that 93 is also the number of the country Afghanistan, which is where 9/11 took us. Bain finds the name Crowley in connection with 9/11 stories, but the connection is  irrelevant to his thesis. His entire chapter on the Korean Airlines flight 85 that was diverted to the Whitehorse Airport in Canada is worthless, in that he is unable to prove that “85” has any relevance to 9/11 as Mass Ritual.

The Author Gives His Readers The Silent Treatment

I am duly annoyed with the laziness of this author who continually places the reader in the position of having to search the internet to identify the source material and images which fill this book.  For example, I wondered what the name of the Tarot Deck of cards is, that he reproduced to illustrate full pages of his book.

The mystery deck turns out to be those from  Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Deck,  illustrated by Frieda Harris.  There are notable differences in how some of these Thoth Tarot cards are named and illustrated,  when compared against a traditional tarot deck such as Raider-White.

Tarot illustrations are meant to be instructive and insightful, so why does our “21st Century Kabbalist” author not explain to his readers the implications of these alternate meanings? Since Bain has introduced both these tower cards into his book,  what does he think the differences in interpretation mean in connection with the Twin Towers?









Another form of Silent Treatment to which the reader runs into is revealed by an example in  Chapter One of a photo called “Falling Man”,  which became a  source of controversy in 2001.  Our author says nothing about this at all, and uses an image without any words attached,  but the pose in this particular frame is identical to Tarot Card 12, which some decks refer to as “The Hanged Man”, representing  “Sacrifice”. 





Some of the most interesting words in this book are the quotations of writers other than S. K. Bain which set the theme at the beginning of most chapters.   Michael A. Hoffman II is used five times in Section One; while Stephen Knight, Manly P. Hall, and the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz are each quoted once.  The  banal quote from President George W.  Bush should have been avoided altogether.

Whirlwinds as Effectual Satanic Prayer

A good theme setting quotation which Bain used for Chapter 2, is that of Manly P. Hall’s declaration from his Lectures on Ancient Philosophy.  His statement says, Symbols are oracular forms- mysterious patterns creating vortices in the substances of the invisible world.  They are centers of a mighty force, figures pregnant with an awful power, which, when properly fashioned, loose fiery whirlwinds upon the earth.

Now this is an interesting starting point, especially if you are like me and do not see into the invisible realm of our world.  Occultists who walk by sight and “see as gods”, report that magical operations produce forces which appear as whirlwinds.  This capacity of sight goes back to the fall of Eve, and then Adam, in Genesis 3, when the Serpent in the Garden of Eden asked, “Ye hath God said….?….Ye shall not surely die:  for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

In the Introduction to Mouni Sadhu’s The Tarot, a statement similar to Manley P. Hall’s quotation above can be found.  Sadhu states that tourbillons or vortexes “are astral creations of force which are the bases of all astro-mental realizations.  Tradition ascribes the funnel like forms to them.  Knowledge of the laws ruling over the tourbillons and their construction, is one of the foremost principles of magic.  Although it CANNOT be given in open language to the public at large, it has been sufficiently described for initiates in this course, under the veil of Kabbalistic structures. The most guarded secrets of Hermetic magic are:  finding the point of support for the tourbillon on the physical plane, and the formula of transition from the astral to the physical world.”

This passage was something I had pondered long ago when comparing the prayer of  a Satanist which takes the form of ritual acts directed towards gaining power and authority from demonic entities, versus the prayer of a Christian who through faith, humbly asks the Lord Jesus Christ to grant a request. When Job was in despair and trying to understand the hidden reasons of God concerning his personal calamity, the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind.

S. K. Bain does not seem to understand all that much about occult thinking, much less what has been written in the Bible on the very same subject.  Because occult thinking covets the power and authority of God, and “covetousness is idolatry”, James 4:3, in speaking of answers to prayers, tersely reprimands, Ye ask and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.

Bain fails to inquire as to whether 9/11 as a Mass Ritual could ever become an effectual Satanic prayer, and if so, WHY?  Aleister Crowley’s Thelema and Anton LaVey’s the Church of Satan are both based on sexual /left hand path magick; therefore, how do they overcome the reality that a holy God stands against them as their great Adversary?  We see in the Old Testament that the Angel of the LORD stood in the path with sword drawn because Balaam’s ways were perverse.

Back on July 17, 2011 when I wrote my first post on Meroz under my Starlit Gardens blog, I entitled it Eminent Domain based on the Mouni Sadhu statement shown in bold print above, where the sorcerer is seeking to find the point of support for the tourbillon on the physical plane My first sentence referenced the day in January 1985 when I ascended World Trade Tower One for a business lunch. I stood there that day 106 stories up, looking out the windows at the view, oblivious to the future day when those who stood where I stood, became sacrificial victims.   I was thankful to descend again to less elevated floors where it seemed that natural and heavenly laws were more respected.

And then in 2011 I came across a book in the Lampasas, Texas Library called City in the Sky:  the Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center, by James Glanz and Eric Lipton,  published in 2003. After September 11,  2001, I had wondered who was the “behind the scenes” Supreme Architect of the Twin Towers. I am not referencing here the named architects who designed these structures and oversaw their construction.  It would seem that their intent was to design a viable building that would endure over time. I am speaking here of an invisible entity who would have an interest in historical timelines and occult structures.   Had these towers been given the name Cherem, a Hebrew word for something appointed to utter destruction from their very conception?

This unknown, invisible Supreme Architect and Master of the Numbers,  I called Meroz, because of his lack of loyalty to God, for his overriding characteristic is that  he “came not to the help of the LORD, to the help of the LORD against the mighty”.

Now there came a point in real history when the Port Authority in New York City needed a place to build the foundation of their vision, but there was one problem.  The merchants of Radio Row owned the land, and they had no desire to sell and to move their businesses elsewhere, and so they resisted.

In fact, the Appellate Court sided with these merchants in a 3-2 decision, finding that the legislation authorizing the World Trade Center did not constitute a valid public purpose, and therefore was unconstitutional.  Therefore, the Port Authority employed a more clever lawyer, and countered in the Court of Appeals in Albany.  They argued that “the World Trade Center was a public purpose because it would ensure that the city remained a leader in international trade and would help create a new era of greatness for the Port of New York.”  The Court gave the Port Authority the victory in a 6-1 decision.

Eminent Domain.  Remember that phrase when you consider someone’s vision to build something on land  where the transfer of ownership has to be forced by legal power against the will of  small landholders.  Such acts have their inherent dangers when it comes to attempting to master whirlwinds, as noted in Jeremiah 23:19, Behold, a whirlwind of the LORD is gone forth in fury, even a grievous whirlwind:  it shall fall grievously upon the head of the wicked.   We may yet see justice done with regard to those who were sacrificed for the sake of illegitimate power.

September 11, 2001 was a day set apart from all other days. The degree of precision of three controlled demolitions, the physical manifestations of someone’s I Will,  were of such perfection that the world is still astonished years later when they regard the free fall of three skyscrapers which had been engineered to withstand catastrophic events.   There is something about the fall of these three towers that brings to remembrance Daniel 7:24, And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise, and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.

If there was a Magician, a Magickal Operator of these events, surely he attempted to tap into the power of the words of God. For example, how about Revelation 9:1 describing the key of the fifth angel who held the key of the bottomless pit? Getting back to S. K. Bain’s book, on page 74, a full page black and white print of an artists’ rendering shows an angel with a key.  The author does not name the artist, so once again I must resort to looking it up myself on the internet.  Oh here it is. The artist is Albrecht Durer and his work of art is called The Angel with the key to the Bottomless Pit.And then there is the obvious scripture,  Revelation 9:11, which brings to remembrance the ugly pit of destruction of the twin towers, where molten metal reportedly flowed for weeks like a scene from the Abyss.  And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

In Section One-The Production, Bain continually links the Satanism of Aleister Crowley to the numerical symbology of the flights 11, 175, 77, 93, and 85.  “85?” you ask? Well as I previously commented that was the worst written chapter in Section One where he notes that Korean Airlines flight 85 was diverted to Whitehorse Airport in the Yukon. Bain fails to observe that the ICAO code for the airport totals 77, and oddly, says in their write up of this airport that their World Area Code is 911, when a 911 World Area Code does not even exist.

Chapter Nine on WTC 7 as the Trapezoidal Proof of the 47th Problem of Euclid

Chapter Nine is called Kansas? by author S. K. Bain.  I guess the ? is to suggest that he is clueless what to name this chapter.  Perhaps it was for no other reason than to be able to quote the scarecrow in the wizard of Oz, who upon receiving a diploma, “proving”  he had a brain, recites the Pythagorean theorem.  We must note that the author states that the scarecrow gives us a mangled version of the 47th Problem of Euclid.  Bain also offers us the same.

Bain has chosen to highlight  Act Six: World Trade Center 7 in the ninth chapter, and he first begins by describing the New York Emergency Operations Center which had been located on the 23rd floor. This operation had to be relocated once a genuine emergency arose, therefore nullifying the authority of this government agency.

What is important in this chapter is the interpretation which Bain gives to the WTC 7 structure.  He entitles a subsection, Salomon’s Temple, and immediately leads us astray.  He begins, “Completed in 1987 and constructed with a trapezoidal design, the 47-story World Trade Center 7, situated directly beside the Twin Towers, was known as the Salomon Brothers building.  Recalling from Chapter Three that the Twin Towers represented the Two Pillars of Freemasonry, Jachin and Boaz, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn (if you didn’t already know) that according to tradition these pillars were located on the porch of, you betcha, King Solomon’s Temple.”

First,  in accordance with the diagram provided by the author on page 69, it is clear that WTC 7 was not “situated directly beside the Twin Towers”.  Clearly, WTC 6 stood between WTC 7 and WTC 1, and behind and off to one side was WTC 2. The building was not referred to as the Salomon Building until later in 1988 when the firm cancelled their plans to build at another location, and decided to enter into a 20 year lease with Silverstein Properties who owned the building.  It is interesting that Silverstein was  leasing the land from the Port Authority, rather than owning it outright.  Extensive renovations were done by Salomon using their own money so that they could occupy nearly half of WTC 7, thus later on this building was referred to as the Salomon Building.  There is no indication that there was a direct intention when constructing this building to liken it to King Solomon’s Temple.

The placement of the  pillars Jachin (He will establish) on the right, and Boaz (Strength) on the left of the porch of King Solomon’s Temple is not reflected in this 2001 diagram of the layout of  World Trade Center Complex, which Bain also employed in his book.

WTC complex layout in 2001

S. K. Bain asserts on page 71, that “According to the Bible, the Lord gave King David very exact measurements and specifications for Solomon’s Temple, an idea that must have struck the fancy of those responsible for the design of WTC 7, because the building was a deceptively-simple yet powerful modern occult-Masonic construct.  Its trapezoidal shape and 47 stories were an architectural embodiment of the 47th Problem of Euclid, more widely known as the Pythagorean Theorem.”  He then tells us that one of the proofs of interest “was published by future-U. S. President and Mason James A. Garfield, and instead of using the customary square it utilized a trapezoid.”

S. K. Bain  displays ignorance of the 47th Problem of Euclid, and does not prove that the trapezoidal footprint of WTC 7 matches the specifications of the 3:4:5 relationship addressed by this math/esoteric problem.  He is unable to distinguish between the mathematical issues of the Pythagorean Theorem and that of the 47th Problem of Euclid, thus misapplying the veiled interpretation of the 3:4:5 ratio which alone represents the Male, Female, Offspring aspects of the Trinity.

For those interested in proofs, Garfield presented a proof that involved a trapezoid drawing of the general equation of the Pythagorean Theorem. I do not see where Garfield used his two base triangles to represent only the the sacred geometry of the 3:4:5 relationship, which the 47th Problem of Euclid exemplifies. And the third triangle necessary to his proof involves an isosceles triangle of equal length, therefore all his proof required was that he show that it had a 90 degree angle in accordance with the general Pythagorian theorem.

Now here is a photo of the roof line of the WTC 7 building showing an imperfect trapezoidal shape.  The approximate dimensions are 329 x 149.723 x 247 x 149.723 in feet. You will find that some sites describe a 144 feet depth measure from front to back, rather than the length of the slanted sides.  S. K. Bain does not even attempt to address whether this trapezoid fits the Garfield proof in the singular case where the 3:4:5 ratios of the 47th Problem of Euclid would be relevant. website has an article written by Bro. William Steve Burkle KT,32 degrees, called The 47th Problem of Euclid-The Veil Lifted.  It is extremely well written in that it is highly detailed, yet understandable by anyone with a high school diploma. The author shows the differences between the general mathematics of the Pythagorean Theorem and the specific case of the 3:4:5 relationship, which is the basis for the esoteric interpretation upon which the Male-Female -Offspring/ Trinity depends.  Also of interest is how Burkle shows that the basic theorem also reflects 3 magic squares which represent Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.  And of course on September 11, 2001, which was a Tuesday, the day represented by Mars, the War God,  the Pentagon housing the U. S. War Department also had a flying object strike the building.

Now here is an interesting thing I observe, which Bain ignores, in regard to the esoteric interpretation of the 47th Problem of Euclid as representing male-female-offspring. The tarot card which exemplifies this is Number 7, which is also the number of the WTC building we are discussing. Bain makes the association between this building and the male-female-offspring esoteric symbolism, yet he does not carry this over to the Tarot, which he had leaned on for prior illustrations.

Tarot Card 7 is called The Conqueror, or the Chariot of Hermes. Mouni Sadhu in his book The Tarot says, “Most of the authors who have expounded the Tarot have used a similar construction.  Husband (1) fecundates the wife (2) resulting in the birth of the child (3) which, being fed and nursed physically and astrally (4) attains sufficient authority (4) to manifest itself on the astral plane (5) in the name of the whole family; but there meets with the dilemma of good and evil (6), chooses the GOOD and gains the victory (7).  The corresponding astrological sign is “Gemini” or the “Twins”  The hieroglyph is an arrow in direct flight, and means that once released, the arrow by its regular movement, scores a direct hit on the target…The four columns on the chariot represent the Hermetic virtues, TO DARE, TO BE SILENT, TO KNOW and TO TRY.”

What is interesting is that WTC 7 housed an emergency command center, a center of authority representing a Conqueror.  The nearby Twin Towers represent the astrological sign of Gemini, or the Twins, and the arrow which is represented by the tarot card may have some link to the arrow of flight 93, which somehow ended up being confounded in its mission.  The Conqueror in fact moved to another location, and this building fell as did the Twin Towers.  Probably this was a sign that an old order of authority was being replaced by a new order.

My thoughts on this old to new order comes from what S. K. Bain implies in the second half of his book when he predicted that Christmas 2012 would bring in another 9/11 event to cause a New Aeon to begin. In that prediction he uses the Phoenix symbolism.  Both this idea of a new aeon and of a Phoenix arising from the ashes,  plays heavily in the life of a well known, but retired, Satanist known for his deep involvement in military Psy-Ops. We are speaking of course of Dr. Michael Aquino, founder of The Temple of Set, and connected to an Order of the Trapezoid.

After giving us the confusing imagery of the 47th problem of Euclid in the design of the trapezoidal shaped WTC 7, Bain notes, “In the 1960’s, Church of Satan founder Anton Lavey formed a group which later became the governing body of the church.  Its name?  The Order of the Trapezoid.”

Bain displays 3 images of trapezoids, but does not analyze the implications of any of this.  I am going to discuss the first image which I show here.Elsewhere S. K. Bain does note that the Twin Towers displayed the 3 forked design on the exterior of the building facade.  The Furca (the fork) is the scientific name of the Twenty-First Arcanum, which Mouni Sadhu says on page 453 of The Tarot, “merely explains the strange shape of its letter Shin”.  This tarot card is known as The Fool.

In the above image of the Church of Satan trapezoid, we see the Furca (FOOL) entering through what looks like a doorway into an inverted incomplete pentagram where 3 sixes are written, suggesting the number of the beast 666. Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan based much of their teachings on that of Aleister Crowley.

AIWASS, aka The Fool: the man behind the curtain

Aleister Crowley channeled an entity called Aiwass, who he likened to the FOOL of the Tarot. Aiwass apparently had the appearance of a gray alien, as shown here.

I had mentioned that perhaps the fall of WTC 7 represented the changeover of authority in some manner, and sure enough The Church of Satan long before 2001, had a church split, with the result that a new Order of the Trapezoid was initiated by Michael A. Aquino, the founder of the Temple of Set.  Set and Typhon are other names for Aiwass, the channeled entity of Crowley.  He also linked the number 93 with his  Thelema (meaning Will) philosophy, and of course flight 93 ended up in the ground on 9/11, creating an awkward condition for bringing WTC 7 down in the same manner as the Twin Towers.

Regarding our prior observation that S. K. Bain at the time of the publishing of his book on 9/11 included his predictions of a New Aeon at the end of 2012, using Phoenix as his main motif, we know the Phoenix bird  represents resurrection/transformation from the ashes of a fire.  But Michael A. Aquino just happened to be part of the Phoenix Program in Vietnam, an assassination Psyop, discussed at this link. And Aquino also channeled an entity which explained that while the Anton LaVey Church of Satan represented an old era,  the new aeon was being handed over to Aquino’s Temple of Set. Michael Aquino channeled a book of Coming Forth By Night, linked here, in which this transfer of power was acknowledged.

Regarding Flight 11, the number eleven is connected by The Many Faces of the in this link.  This screen shot shows the connection with Aiwass and Aquino.The following three links are background material on Michael Aquino:

A. Constantine black Michael Aquino Revisited Michael A. Aquino-Temple of Set, by George Knowles 

The Many Faces of the Zodiac:  Michael Aquino Styles His Eyebrows like Aleister Crowley

Dr. Michael Aquino is retired from the military, having had numerous problems of accusations involving child abuse.  I do not know that he has any connection at all to the magickal workings of 9/11, but if you examine his history and influence, you will begin to grasp the difference between the practical power and authority which he had gained during his lifetime versus that of a George Bush, Jr. who is tied with the Skull and Bones Brotherhood through family relationships.

What is the profile of the head person, the Magickal Operator of 9/11? It is someone who one-on-one wrestled with dark powers, and prevailed.  It is not a man who is a mere figure piece of a secret society.

We are discussing S. K. Bain’s book on 9/11 as Mass Ritual, and noting that he considers himself daring if he “unmasks” occult generalities. Arguing on behalf of dead men, Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey/ Church of Satan as having direct connections to 9/11, Bain then drops the whole matter like a hot potato when he brings up the Order of the Trapezoid, and its living successor.  What Bain points to which is useful, is that the magickal operations behind the 9/11 events appear to have roots in the darkest left hand paths of the occult.

My next stop will cover Comments from others who have read the works of S. K. Bain.  But I want to leave you with this thought:  Bain overlooked a connection, when he examined the number 175. You see, he does not see the mathematical characteristics of  numbers.   The 175th prime number is 1039.  Strong’s Concordance Hebrew word #1039 is the house of the leopard. How a 21st century Kabbalist overlooked that one, I have no clue.

MOOtana and Beyond

Remember this folks- I am a Hillbilly, and I don’t always bet the same way I talk.  Good advice is one thing, but smart gambling is quite another.  Hunter S. Thompson

So you are sitting on the front porch of my house in Mississippi, it’s beginning to get dark,  and it becomes my turn to tell a  story. So I begin…

Well… this one goes back in time to the seventies, when there were numerous cases of cattle mutilations in MOOtana. Now I know that you are surprised that I would have any interest in this type of thing,  because as far as these things go, my motto in the kitchen is If You caught it, You clean it.

So instead of assuming that aliens and military men are out and about causing havoc in rural areas, let us suppose that a city slicker from Noo Yarwrk City has just arrived in  Montana.  He rents a helicopter for the day, and buys a rifle and ammo so he can  hunt his first white tailed deer in the deep woods near Camp Quayle.  Now the reason he is on this adventure is to prove something to his beautiful mistress who has made fun of him as a city slicker.  She has dared him to kill a deer and clean it, all by himself, like those real men out in the country do. In his back pocket is a book he bought online, which unfortunately has no pictures on how to kill and dress a deer, only wordy instructions.

He hears something moving in the underbrush, and he springs to action, shooting what he thinks is a white tailed deer; but it is what the locals have identified as a cow.  He has killed it with one bullet to the head, and this bullet comes clean out the other side, hitting a tree.  So he pulls out a large knife and a taser gun which he had found laying in the street, right in front of his Manhattan office, abandoned by gang members running from the police.  But cleaning this deer turns out to be a lot ickier and trickier than he had imagined, so he leaves the scene, hoping to find a deer processing plant that will sell him some samples to ship home to impress his mistress.  He gets back into his black helicopter and heads to the nearest International Airport, to return home, after spending one night in a Budget Suites hotel to clean up and get some rest.

Now it seems to me that Dr. Peter S. Ruckman in his rather unusual book Black is Beautiful, said on page 235, “The most interesting thing about the cattle mutilations was the fact that most of them occurred in areas where people observed silent, unmarked, BLACK helicopters.  One hunter, from Bozeman, Montana (Sept. 1976), was in the Red Mountain area, near the town of Noriss.  He spied a BLACK helicopter at rest on the ground just over a small hill.  He climbed the hill, and saw what he thought to be a “Bell Ranger”, BLACK Whirly Bird.

Now you are probably wondering why Ruckman puts BLACK in all caps, every time this word is used.  Was the hunter actually Steve Quayle, who writes in all caps? Well, no, it is because the subject of  Ruckman’s book is  the use of the word BLACK in the Bible. Where this peculiar focus ends up is  a study of the Satanic alien UFO  agenda.  Oddly enough, he ends his book by giving us the same warnings which are routinely given by that group of insiders, Hagmann, Quayle and Horn.

To continue, this hunter from Bozeman “descended the hill, walking toward the helicopter.  Then he noticed seven small men who had been walking toward him.  He waved at them…they did not reply.  They began to ‘jabber’ excitedly.  All seven ‘men’ turned about-face and took off, on a dead run, back to the ‘helicopter’…In describing this unusual encounter, the hunter said that although he could not see all of the details on the faces of the ‘men’, that he did notice ‘OLIVE SKIN’ and ‘SLANT EYES’.”

Obviously, this hunter must have run into some city slickers from some Asian country who were also hoping to bag a few deer.

Now in all of this, the only evidence for the most part is a dead cow which has suffered  a very strange assault.  But rumors were flying, and the billionaire owner of the Budget Suites hotel chain got worried that his business would flounder because of all this strange talk of aliens and military men walking about MOOtana.  So as he has a little extra change in his pocket, he starts a Nevada company called the National Institute for the Discovery of Science (NIDS). Now the address for this operation in Las Vegas is located at 4975 S. Polaris Avenue.  Polaris is a key word in this twilight world we are about to enter.

Robert T. Bigelow, the founder and President of NIDS, is a private man.  So all we learn of his background is that as a child he was interested in the atomic testing done 70 miles from where he lived, that he had a dream of space travel, and so he decided early on he would fund his dream by creating a hotel empire.  Supposedly, within 3 years of his graduation from college, he had purchased 100 apartments plus land to construct his first building complex.  We are not told who his parents are, or whether they helped fund this plan in the beginning, like Donald Trump who had been given $50 million by his father as seed money.  If they were middle class, we are not told what kind of job he got out of college in which he was able to convince a lending agency to back his first purchase, and then his second purchase, at the rate of 3 apartments a month!  And remember all of these properties had to be managed in order to collect the rents in order to pay off the loans, taxes, insurance and maintenance costs.

Now today, Bigelow is into aerospace, with connections to NASA, and of course he has that former astronaut on the science advisory board of his NIDS company, Edgar Mitchell. Now this Apollo 14 astronaut claims we have made contact with aliens.  Jacques Vallee, is also on the board, and he is a former astronomer and Ufologist, among other things.  This board has all PHD’s, so we get the idea that what they are studying was considered  a serious undertaking.  In the meantime, while rumors and sightings abounded in Montana, Utah, Nevada and other places, Bigelow ended up purchasing a ranch which is now known as the Skinwalker Ranch.  Skinwalkers, according to Indian legends are sorcerers who are able to take on the attributes of certain animals, such as a wolf.  At, we can read about some of the stories coming from this strange parcel of real estate, including the resumes of the the high military/scientific men which were involved in the NIDS research team.

Now here is one thing which the Skinwalker website  tells us about Bigelow:  “In his Reading the Enemy’s Mind, remote viewer Paul Smith relates that in 1992 Robert Bigelow put the wheels in motion for a radio show on the paranormal, called Area 2000, hosted by Art Bell and featuring reports from George Knapp (whom Bigelow has had a long association with-Knapp was given an exclusive report to the Skinwalker Ranch story, and also has covered the Bigelow space efforts) and Linda Moulton Howe.  While Bigelow later withdrew sponsorship of the show, Art Bell continued with it and it later evolved into the massively popular Coast to Coast AM”.

This is interesting with regard to the initial startup of Coast to Coast AM, because later our friends Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle became regular guests on this show prior to the start-up of the  Blogtalk radio show of Hagmann and Hagmann.  Coast to Coast AM is known for its paranormal orientation, whereas the latter is part of the Christian Alternative Media radio world.  However, Steve Quayle seems to straddle both worlds with ease.

Steve Quayle from Bozeman, Montana, has long been interested in the Alien agenda, as well as David Flynn, who was interested in cattle mutilations and UFO sightings in Montana. Mark Flynn records the beginning of their long association in his introduction to The David Flynn Collection, on page 3.  He says, “One day he(David) called and told me how Steve Quayle had called him and said, matter-of-factly, ‘God told me to get your book published’.  Dave said he didn’t know who Steve was and didn’t tell anyone about the book, but at the same time, he wasn’t surprised that the Spirit would have instructed Steve in such a manner.  Dave often told me that the things he was writing weren’t a product of his own learning or intellect, but given to him by the Spirit”.

So how did Steve Quayle take notice of David Flynn and the fact that he was writing a book? I don’t really know, so let us venture into the world of NSA and Navy Intel Officer Harold “Hal” Puthoff.  If you look at the Skinwalker Ranch link above you will find that all of the persons recruited for the NIDS science board have impressive credentials. Among other things,   Puthoff joined the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in 1971, and was head of their remote viewing program from 1972-85. The Skinwalker Ranch blog says this:  “He claimed to have been an OT(Operating Thetan) Level III with the Church of Scientology at the time of the experiments.  He wrote the preface to Scientology:  A Religion, and was married in a Scientology church.  Puthoff says his involvement with the church more than a decade ago was casual’, (although) Putoff joined the church in the 1960s, and left in the mid 1970’s.  After leaving, he lent support to a group that criticized the church.”

Speaking of remote viewing, there is an International Remote Viewer’s Association group which was formed which includes John B. Alexander who just so happens to be on the science board of  Bigelow’s NIDS.  Colonel John B. Alexander  has a very impressive background which you can read at the Skinwalker link noted in this post.  Apparently Alexander “describes himself as  evolving from  hard-core mercenary to thanatologist”.  If you have never heard of Thanatology, it is “the scientific study of death and the practices associated with it, including the study of the needs of the terminally ill and their families.”  If you think of the Hospice Program, you will get the idea. He was also an official representative for the Silva Mind Control organization.

At one point “Alexander organized a national conference devoted to researching ‘reports of ritual abuse, near-death experiences, human contacts with extraterrestrial aliens and other so-called anomalous experiences’.”    He was or is a board member of PSI-TECH, which has to do with technical remote viewing. Alexander also has connections with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  And he was codenamed the Penguin, for his part of that private group of intelligence community individuals organized into the group called The Aviary.  The Black Vault makes reference to this Aviary group.

Of interest, Colonel John B. Alexander has an informational link regarding UFO  phenomenolgy, which shows some of his acquaintances which he has made over the years.

Colonel John B. Alexander and wife Victoria with Colonel Michael Aquino and wife Lilith in 2009

Colonel John B. Alexander and wife Victoria with Colonel Michael Aquino and wife Lilith in 2009

Of interest to this post, is Col. Michael Aquino, of the Temple of Set fame, and known for his interest in Remote Viewing.michael aquino temple of set

And so we return to our story of MOOtana and Beyond, remembering that my good advice had to do with regarding the cause of cattle mutations as being the result of exploits gone wrong by city slickers out to prove that they were as daring and smart as any country boy.

But smart gambling would place all of these strange happenings  on the Satanic workings of the American Intelligence Community, who also in the sixties and the seventies engineered the American Rock and Roll scene as a psyop, which author David McGowan has documented in his book, Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon.  On page 196, McGowan makes an interesting comment regarding the founders of Scientology and of the space program, JPL.

He says, “That was, to say the least, a rather curious group of friends.  According to authors such as Craig Heimbichner, Martin P. Starr, and John Carter, Dennis Hopper and John Carradine (David’s Dad) were both members of the infamous Agape Lodge of the OTO, alongside  doomed rocket scientist Jack Parsons, actor Dean Stockwell, and doppelgangers L. Ron Hubbard, and Robert Heinlein.  According to Gregory Mank, writing in Hollywood’s Hellfire Club, John Carradine and John Barrymore were also members of the so-called ‘Bundy Drive Boys’, a group that engaged in such practices as incest, rape and cannibalism.”  L. Ron Hubbard was the founder of Scientology, and of course Jack Parsons was associated with Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL).

No matter how you cut it, and how much you think that aliens are cute, and the cafes in Roswell are a great stop while traveling on your vacation, the underpinnings of the UFO/Alien/Remote Viewing/Cattle Mutilations/Black Helicopters/Church of Satan/Church of Scientology/NASA/JPL/NLP world are evil to the core.  Those who have made good friends with these “researchers” should be careful about being unequally yoked with them, and of course I am referring to that psy-op world known as the”Christian”  Alternative Media.