Pete Santilli Files A Complaint with the DC Bar Against Attorney Larry Klayman

Yesterday I wrote an article on Larry Klayman and noted that he is no friend of journalists.

Today, Pete Santilli revealed on his January 28, 2019 LIVE broadcast that he has filed a complaint with the District of Columbia Office of Disciplinary Counsel against attorney Larry Klayman for actions which involve a betrayal of trust between a  lawyer and his clients.

This is a Must See broadcast of the Pete Santilli2 Show

Today’s LIVE stream broadcast titled Major Complaint Filed Against Jerome Corsi’s Attorney Larry Klayman, features Santilli discussing the Bundy case and his own involvement in legal proceedings which had kept Santilli in jail for over 600 days.  I recommend listening to the major portions of this live broadcast, where Santilli recounts the lawsuit which involved him, and then proceeds to explain the details of his complaint against attorney Larry Klayman. (The complaint in full has been added to the above video.)

Here are a few screenshots of Santilli discussing the details of his complaint.  I recommend viewing the broadcast to hear Santilli explaining these documents.