Dave Daubenmire and Doug Hagmann: Defending Holier-Than-Thou Liars For Christ against Those Who Tell It Like It Is

Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not; but have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. 2 Corinthians 4:1-2

The day this “Paying Taxes Is Sin” former high school coach got himself a Non Profit Ministry.

On July 15, 2002, Dave (Coach) Daubenmire registered his Ohio non-profit corporation, Pass The Salt Ministries, Inc., as a church.  Organized for the purpose of furthering  the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Articles of Incorporation allow Pass The Salt Ministries to conduct worship services, prepare and ordain ministers, conduct missionary work in all places and to establish local churches. In 2015, reported income was $158,070, with assets totaling $57,976.

Dave Daubenmire has publicly stated that it is a sin for Christians to pay taxes to the government, and apparently he avoids doing so through his non-profit corporation.  This position is explained in this screenshot of an article published by Right Wing Watch.

So are Christians expected to follow in the footsteps of Dave Daubenmire and get their own tax exempt church ministry?  What about the God ordained aspects of government that are presently being administered properly? Who does Daubenmire think is responsible for funding those  benefits? Somehow, Pass The Salt Ministries, Inc. fails to explain, in commonsense terms, the implications of all those questions which it raises continually in the public sphere, as we shall discover in today’s post.

The Coach Who Never Lost a Game

This Non-Payer of Taxes, “Coach” Dave Daubenmire,  is recognized for his videos where he sports a baseball cap and T-shirt style uniform in front of a photo backdrop of an empty sports coliseum.  He views  ordinary and political life in America as a game which must be won. And if he should lose, he declares a Win, anyway.

Making a mockery of Jesus and the cross as a buffoon. He ignores the fact that his non profit org. is supposed to function as a church which gives glory to Jesus Christ as The Son of God and the Lord and Savior of the world.

An example of this form of walking in craftiness was displayed on December 14, 2017,in an article Coach Dave wrote for News With Views, asking Is It Ever OK For A Christian to Lie? The core issue at hand concerned the various allegations which had been made against Judge Roy Moore, who was seeking the office of United States Senator for Alabama.  Those allegations, involving inappropriate behavior many years ago towards teenage girls, caused many voters to withdraw their support.

Daubenmire, in this December 14th article, said he personally believed Judge Roy Moore,  that the charges against him were bogus. However, we are going to take a look at what happened two days prior, when the words of Daubenmire could have been easily taken to mean that he was convinced that the accusations against Moore were true.

In this December 14th back peddling article, Daubenmire  wrote, “Whether we realize it or not, Christian values WON in Alabama on Tuesday.  The vote was not a rejection of values but an upholding of them. However, the Christian community was divided about whether or not Judge Moore was worthy of their vote.  Cast aside the arguments about his guilt or innocence…his right to the presumption of innocence…the political tactics involved in the accusations, Christian values carried the day.  Those who voted for Judge Moore did it to advance the Kingdom.  Christians who didn’t vote for him believed they were advancing the Kingdom by demanding honesty.”

The problem with Dave Daubenmire and also with Doug Hagmann who promotes the “Coach” and defends him against his critics, is that both men have a record of protecting liars, whether it be Kent Hovind, the tax fraud with his false credentialed PHD, or V-the Guerrilla Economist‘s fraudulent securities and banking credentials.

Kyle Mantyla of Right Wing Watch Was Accused by Hagmann of Stalking Dave Daubenmire, when all Mantyla had done was exercise his Freedom of the  Press journalistic rights.

You might not agree with the philosophy of Right Wing Watch;  however, if their journalism is  accurate, give credit where credit is due. Christians need to be making more of a public stand against those who are merchandising the name of Christ.

So what event, or should we say, WHO was the primary cause which prompted the public waffling by Dave Daubenmire? There are several possibilities, but there seems to be one critic of both Daubenmire and Hagmann that has gained a special place in their world.

In this Hagmann Report of October 16, 2017 on Forgotten Hurricanes, at the 2.30 mark, Doug Hagmann remarks, ” ..what really gets me is you’ve got this, this organization known as  Right-wing Watch and I, that’s the last time I’m gonna say that name of that, of that despicable website and, and some snowflake by the name of Kyle. Let me ask you, Kyle who apparently you, you believe or who you, I don’t know,  is stalking Coach Dave Daubenmire, in my view, anyway.  What in the hell Kyle have you done to help other people?  My bet is zero.  What, have you been on the ground in Texas?  Have you been on the ground in Puerto Rico?  And here you sit behind some, some website and do nothing but be critical of guys like Dave Daubenmire.  And, and that Coach, I gotta tell you, that pisses me off to no end.”

On December 12, 2017, two months after that particular Doug Hagmann rant, Coach Dave TV published a one hour video broadcast called A Man After God’s Own Heart, Judge Moore.  Dave Daubenmire’s opinions prompted  Right Wing Watch’s Kyle Mantyla to issue a short article with the headline,  Dave Daubenmire:  Roy Moore Should Lie About Misconduct Allegations ‘If It Advances The Kingdom of God“.

Kyle Mantyla began by saying,  “On his ‘Pass The Salt Live’ webcast this morning, Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire said that Roy Moore has no obligation to tell the truth regarding multiple allegations that he pursued sexual relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30’s and that, in fact, it is better for him to lie about it if doing so will help to advance the kingdom of God. Daubenmire, who has been an ardent Moore supporter for years and even interviewed Moore on his program back in 2013, likened Moore’s efforts to become a U. S.  senator from Alabama to using misdirection in a football game, employing subterfuge during a military battle or hiding Jews from the Nazis, saying that deception and dishonesty in such endeavors is acceptable because doing so furthers a greater good”.

Dave Daubenmire: “In fact it’s best to lie, if it advances the Kingdom of God. Oh there I said it, there I said it!”

The Right Wing Watch article links to the full  Daubenmire broadcast, and also features a 1.20 minute excerpt from this same show, from which author Kyle Mantyla quotes a a shortened version.  I have transcribed the entire excerpt below, as it illustrates more completely the core attitude of Daubenmire.

Dave Daubenmire:  “…I heard somebody say the other day… this, this is Judge Roy Moore Day, I’m kind of heading that way, OK.  I get, I want to scream on Facebook, I just screamed on Facebook, I want to scream more on Facebook when I hear people say, ‘Well, Judge Moore is not worthy of the office, if he’s lying about what he did’.  I want to grab him and I want to slap him upside the stinking head.  Because Judge Moore is trying to infiltrate an ungodly system and Judge Moore, the stakes in this uh campaign are so great for the cause of Christ, and Judge Moore is being lambasted by the holier-than-thou Christians who think it says we can never lie.  And that is not what that says!  In fact, it’s best to lie if it advances the kingdom of God.  Oh, there I said it, there I said it.”

Much of the full broadcast features an unpolished “discussion” of scriptures such as Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor, and claims that the man after God’s own heart, King David, was a liar, etc. As Dave Daubenmire had restated in his December 14th article, he focuses on his assertion that “The Ten Commandments never mention the act of lying..” and then he offers the strange view, “It is my belief that ALL of the Commandments are in place as a means of protection of the innocent…Is it ever wrong to tell a falsehood in order to PROTECT an innocent person?”

Somehow, I had thought that Dave Daubenmire was promoting lying on the part of Judge Moore to cover his past sins, so he could “infiltrate an ungodly system” for the cause of Christ.  But now,  the ground of Daubenmire’s argument has shifted where Judge Moore is innocent of the allegations made against him, and it was Coach Dave’s intention that Moore’s supporters were the ones being encouraged to “tell a falsehood”. The source of all this confusion is rooted in Daubenmire’s inability to study the Scriptures in any depth, where he can compare “spiritual with spiritual”, for the purposes of teaching, preaching or exhortation.

The Bible says the Christian is to bear witness to the truth

Jesus Christ said to Pilate in John 18:37, “…to this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth.  Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”  Do you not hear his voice, Mr. Daubenmire?  In contrast, Jesus Christ said in John 8:44 regarding the devil, that he “abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.  When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own:  for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

When the Devil tempted Jesus in Luke 4:5-8, “taking him up into a high mountain” to show him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time, he stated, “If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.”  But Jesus Christ who came into this world to bear witness to the truth, reproved the offer of Satan and  quoted the scriptures declaring, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

Doug Hagmann comes to the rescue of Dave (Coach) Daubenmire from holier-than-thou Christians 

Afraid to name Jacquelyn Weaver, author of the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog, Doug Hagmann credits  me  with having wonder woman powers of transcription. So why does he think I  knit sweaters down here in the Deep South,  in Mississippi?  Maybe because he is buried under 5 feet of snow and unable to shovel out of his basement prison.

That evening on the December 12, 2017 Hagmann Report, entitled, Thank You For Your Service, Dave Daubenmire was invited to explain his morning broadcast, and the response made by Right Wing Watch’s Kyle Mantyla.

Just prior to Daubenmire being brought on the show as a guest, Doug and Joe Hagmann surprisingly included in their introduction, oblique remarks about the author of this blog, Tracking the Leopard Meroz.  In my transcription of these remarks, I link to the articles which I had written in times past which correspond to Doug Hagmann’s complaint.

Doug Hagmann:  (17.21) …look, we need, we need to clean out the rot, the infestation in, inside the beltway and we’re not gonna do it by playing by their rules.

Joe Hagmann:  No, no…we’re not, which brings us to our segment two guest, Coach Dave Daubenmire.

Doug Hagmann: Yes.

Joe Hagmann:…who made some waves today and I’m not gonna get into it now, we’re gonna, we’re gonna save it for the next 15 minutes when he comes on, but he was quoted by, called out by,  Right Wing Watch.

Doug Hagmann:  Kyle…I hate Kyle.

Joe Hagmann: And we’re going to get into why that is…

Doug Hagmann:  How ya doing?

Joe Hagmann: And they’re trying to, it’s like a “AHH, see?  We got Coach, you see what he said, we got him, he’s a bad, this isn’t Christian like!”

Doug Hagmann:  Yeah, and I guarantee you people who are so Christian, I guarantee you some little old lady who’s knitting a sweater in Mississippi, and typing everything that we say ( see Haranguing It All Out To Dry, March 7, 2016 by Jacquelyn Weaver) is gonna be saying, “he’s a bad Christian, the same is the same person, the same people who say you know, Center for Medical Progress, they were really, they were unchristian like for infiltrating Planned Parenthood and exposing the infanticide.  That’s not very Christian like to lie, to lie to, under pretext. ( referring to the April 10, 2016 article by Jacquelyn Weaver, The Professional Liar as Hero) well let him explain that, but you know something though see that’s why, that’s why, when I was in court one day I tossed the TV toward a Judge because he said, pretext in, in the legal sense, you can go in and under a pretext undercover, undercover operations require you know, legally you got to kind of change your identity, you got to go in as someone else, otherwise, what do you do, go and say, Hi, I’m Doug Hagmann, I’m an investigator, I’m here to investigate? NO!  NO!  NO! anyway…(19.07)

Joe Hagmann: (34.07)..we have with us Coach Dave Daubenmire, Pass The Salt Ministries, and he has created a small firestorm on the internet on places like Right Wing Watch and Democratic Underground.

Doug Hagmann:  Kyle’s upset with Dave Daubenmire.

Joe Hagmann:  Please bring the Coach on and have him talk about what it is that he said today that has so many people upset on the left side of the aisle.  Coach, it’s great to have you back on the show.

Dave Daubenmire:  Joe, Doug!  Thanks.  You know, they say if you pick a rock and you throw a rock into a bunch of pigs, the one that squeals is the one you hit, so anytime those other guys are a little bit upset at me, I, I think it’s a pretty good situation to be in.

Doug Hagmann:  I like that analogy.

DD: You know, well if the truth isn’t introduced..

DH:  Yes, it is…

DD:  I’m not, I’m not trying to make them friends, with them, Doug, you know I, I, you know for people to take stuff out of context-you guys get a lot of that stuff as well.  Those who aren’t watching my show every day and don’t understand what, what came before just this morning’s program are not, not going to understand what it is that we’re talking about.

But the whole lot, the whole premise that we were making was, was this whole debate about what’s going on with Judge Roy Moore and the fact that, that we are being forced, Doug, Joe, to live by, to play by two sets of, different sets of rules; in other words, we have the set of rules for the Christians and then we have a set of rules for everybody else.  And it’s in an ungodly, see the political process, government used to be righteous.

Government’s no longer righteous and those of us who studied this at all as I have, now know that Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals, one of the number one rules, I think it was number four, I don’t have it right in front of me right now, was to make the opponent live up to his own set of values.  And Alinsky said that’s impossible to do, you can never, none of us Doug can ever live up to all of the Christian values that are put out before and so what I’m trying to have, what I was alluding to today in this whole Judge Roy Moore, see this Doug, this thing’s so deep, let me try to unpack it a little bit if I can.

DH:  Sure.

DD:  First of all, Doug, I got, I got as much grief from Christians as I have them from the left.

DH:  Hey, welcome to the club and it’s a big club.

DD:  As if we live in a perfect world, brother, we do not live in a perfect world and like it or not, we are constantly faced with what I call situational ethics, now right is always right and wrong is always wrong, and faith teaches us that we are to do right, but there are some things I think that we need to discuss, we need to think about especially as it applies to the whole Judge Roy Moore thing.  I hear from Christians who said, “well, I can’t vote for him because ah, he, he has not come clean.  Judge Moore hasn’t come clean.”

Well, I try to take them back to the Bible,  which by the way, if the Bible were the basis, we wouldn’t be in the mess, this mess that we’re in right now.  The Bible requires that if you have aught against your brother, in other words, if Judge Moore did something to somebody , they have an obligation to go one-on-one first of all, and get it cards on the table.  If that doesn’t work for you, take another brother with you and if that doesn’t go work, then you then you announce it to the whole church, announce it to everybody.  In other words, you as we,  as we all know,  you are innocent until proven guilty.

Well, Judge Moore has been faced with something that was clearly, from a Biblical standpoint now, I’m always talking from a Biblical standpoint, these accusations that have come 40 years after the supposed event took place; it’s clearly beyond what is a Biblical response forty years later.  It’s an accusation Judge Roy Moore has no obligation, in my opinion, to have to answer to the public in a public venue something that happened forty years ago…” (38.11)

The interview of Dave Daubenmire continues, but I have stopped the transcription for the sake of discussing the main points presented in the above dialogue. The reader is welcome to review the entire broadcasts linked to in this post, in order to get the complete context of these videos.

Tracking The Leopard Meroz commentary on the above dialogue

Judge Roy Moore allegations which concerned acts which took place many years ago.  When those allegations came out just prior to election day, I ignored them because of the possibility it was a set-up–after all the statute of limitations had expired on the so-called acts which I had heard about.  But it was the responsibility of Alabama voters to decide whether or not these accusations, true or false, affected their decision to elect Moore as their Senator. 

Daubenmire tries to apply to this situation,  the  Matthew 18 method of dealing with personal sins against another church member. But were those young girls members of Roy Moore’s church? If so, given their ages, they would need to have had an adult represent them so as to protect them from the abuse of power and authority of an older man who was a District Attorney at the time.  The stories which came out about these types of incidents sound as if they were taking place at a mall, and high school games, and most likely did not involve Christian girls attending his church. Flip Benham’s defense of Moore, in which he asserted that when Moore had gotten out of the military, eligible women had already married, and therefore he had to seek out pure young girls, seems far fetched in light of the secular locations he was noted for attending.

Daubenmire’s assertion that because America is not ruled by the Bible, this nation is in a mess.

Again, Daubenmire appears to be ignorant of the Bible, and the history of Israel as a theocracy in the Old Testament. Israel had the Scriptures, and a God ordained form of government, yet the sins and unbelief of the individual citizens caused repeated judgments from the LORD, after repeated pleas for repentance from his prophets. Much of American law is Biblically based, and what we call case-law has been developed from the Scriptural model of using actual historical cases to exemplify a legal principle. While many of these laws and government institutions in America have been built on just principles, there has never been a point in our history where it can be said, Government is righteous.  Daubenmire uses the excuse that our government is now wicked to justify his refusal to pay taxes. Much of American government at various levels still functions as it should, and the credit for that belongs to the individuals who are employed in government jobs, attempting to do their jobs properly.

Are the reports from Kyle Mantyla of Right Wing Watch on Dave Daubenmire fair and accurate?

I have read a few articles in this respect, and overall, I found that Mantyla writes in a very precise style.  He has a good ability to summarize a main point and support it with facts and quotes.

The main problem with Dave Daubenmire is that his style of speaking is sloppy and he enjoys making statements which attract attention, but are not edifying to his listeners.  He is a poor expositor of the Bible, and he has no one to blame but himself,  if he cannot be understood. There is no reason why the context of his arguments should be outside of each individual video which he produces, for he is not giving a series of in-depth Biblical studies, where precept is built upon precept.

Journalists are not stalking others, if they continue to report on an ongoing topic of interest obtained from open sourced material.

Daubenmire brings up Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as if this seventies book carries any real weight in present day leftist politics.

I read this book when I attended the University of Washington, during those long ago times when student demonstrations were taking place in the late sixties and early seventies in Seattle. It affected very few, and was not a mainstream book. So what if rule four, as Daubenmire says, advises that a radical leftist force his adversaries to live up to their own values?  Who cares?  When it comes to Christians, there should be a sincere concern for trying to live up to the high expectations of the Bible. If an adversary comprehends that the Christian is privileged to have wisdom and insight into the higher principles of life, is that not a good thing? Why do we find that the Christian Alternative Media ministries are always lowering the bar, and encouraging Christians to live as liars and law breakers in this world?




Tuttering Over A Cliff: It is a long drop into the real world from where Queen Tut stands

One of my readers sent me a link to Jason Goodman’s Crowdsource The Truth video dated December 27, 2017, Meme Wars-Are Deceptive Operatives Conducting Psychological Warfare In Plain Sight?, with the suggestion that I listen to a comment by Jason Goodman on his former guest, Queen Tut.

It was Jason Goodman who claims to have invented the pseudonym, the mighty Queen Tut, for his previously hidden source, Susan A. Lutzke.  However, since September 1, 2017,  Queen Tut, and Patricia Negron, along with Jason Goodman were named as co-defendants in the Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit filed in Federal Court. And we are beginning to see that this lawsuit has permanently changed the dynamics of the relationships between them.

At the 14.24 mark, Jason Goodman says, “…Queen Tut is no longer a source.  Queen Tut has revealed herself to be someone who wanted to infiltrate this organization and made false statements on Hoax You Tube channels with the specific intent of damaging me.  If Queen Tut decided that what you and I were talking about were not true and went onto a channel to share her opinion of what was true or talked about something that we’re doing that was criminal or wrong, that would be one thing, but she hasn’t done that.”

On the same day, December 27, 2017, the Hoax Wars YouTube channel featured their video, The Queen Tut Tapes #1:  Trish Has Spent Over $8,000 Defending RDS Lawsuit Thanks to Jason Goodman.  This video starts with a partial display of a letter from Queen Tut saying, “Charles, I have always admired your work.  As you know, I was a part of many shows that were produced by JG.  I was responsible for a lot of research and work that went into each show that I did.  I also provided public Trello links where people could access the research that supported my information provided in the CSTT shows.  I have been doing research and analysis as a career for a number of years.”

She adds, “It came to my attention that Jason may have been nominated for an award that in my perception he really does not deserve.  One of the reasons that I will not do a public show with Jason has to do with his proclivity to date 18 & 19 year old girls…”.

As Tracking the Leopard Meroz had observed on September 29, 2017, in this article on Queen Tut, her research on at least one Trello board concerning Robert David Steele, was dishonest in her conclusion as the evidence she presented was distorted to “prove” her point. That particular display was mentioned in the Robert David Steele lawsuit against Queen Tut.

In the second paragraph of the letter which she wrote to Charles of Hoax Wars, she claims she has heard that Jason Goodman may possibly be eligible to receive some kind of award, but she does not state any details.  Given that her justification for leaving Goodman’s show concerns his dating women who are 25 years younger than himself, one has to wonder if the 62 year old Lutzke’s disaffection was rather that she felt slighted in not also being nominated for whatever award Jason Goodman was eligible for.

During the period of time that Queen Tut was a hidden source for Jason Goodman’s shows, she did not concern herself with having her research attributed to her real name.  In fact, she was gleeful in being able to create confusion for Robert David Steele by her false name, and thus it was Carla Howell who was falsely identified in the lawsuit as the woman behind the Queen Tut persona. While Queen Tut on air had said that Carla Howell was an innocent party, the fact remains that Lutzke did not do the honorable thing at that point in time and take responsibility for her own public words and research.

The 12/27/2017 Hoax Wars video which published  the letter from Queen Tut,  also featured an audio of her voice.  Beginning at the 2.43 mark, she is heard to say,  “…and she (referring to Patricia Negron) spent thousands of dollars and Jason’s strategy, and he told me this, I have it in an email, is that, if they’re waiting to let Trish’s attorney get the case dismissed, then he doesn’t have to spend any money.  So that’s the status of the lawsuit.  He’s basically hanging Trish on this one, too.”

The voice of  a male interviewer is heard to respond, “Wow, when you say hanging her out to dry…”.  And then Queen Tut continues, “He’s hanging it out because she is the one who’s spending all the money but he was really the prime target of the, of the whole lawsuit, yet she’s the one who’s taken action and had to pay an attorney to do a number of motions, so Jason’s just decided to sit back and let her do it, so once she gets the case dismissed after paying thousands of dollars, he can go forward with what her attorney did, take the actions her attorney did and not spend any money.”

A general review of the docket of the Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit filed September 1, 2017 in the U. S District Court, Easter District of Virginia (Richmond) shows that three parties are being sued:  Jason Goodman (PRO SE), Patricia A. Negron (represented by the law firm Kaufman & Canoles PC out of Richmond), and Queen Tut, who is still shown on the case title as “a woman believed to be known as Carla A. Howell”.

On October 6, 2017 Jason Goodman filed his Answer to the Complaint which had been presented against him by Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network. There have been no further actions on the docket regarding Goodman’s answer.

In the mean time, Patricia Negron had asked for a time extension, and having received it, filed a MOTION to Dismiss on November 8, 2017. There has been activity on the part of both the plaintiff and defendant Negron regarding her motion, up until December 8, 2017.  Thus Jason Goodman is in the position to gain some pointers from Negron’s attorneys, who are being paid at her expense.

However, should Patricia Negron succeed in getting her part in this lawsuit dismissed, the lawsuit still stands with regard to the other two defendants.  Each must plead their own case, even though Robert David Steele is trying to group them as co-conspirators.  What stands out is not Jason Goodman’s PRO SE strategy, but docket item 19 on November 6, 2017 stating, SUMMONS Returned Executed.  Queen Tut served on 10/25/2017, answer due November 11/15/2017. (Attachments: #1 Letter) (jsmi,) (Entered 11/06/2017).

Queen Tut has not answered this lawsuit at all, and it is a month and a half past due the November 15, 2017 deadline. As I understand it, she is claiming that she has not been served properly.  Here are the documents on file in regard to The Summons of Susan LutzkeIt would seem  that Susan Lutzke is tempting fate,  in that she could lose this case by Default, if in fact the Judge deems the Summons to have been properly served.  We shall have to wait to see how this matter progresses.

At the very least, Susan A. Lutzke aka Queen Tut  is a hypocrite for criticizing Jason Goodman for his PRO SE strategy of trying to glean some legal arguments for free from  Negron’s attorneys.  Is that not what Queen Tut is also doing,  when she  drags her feet, hoping that the other two defendants will come forth with the legal arguments necessary to overturn their cases?




Ernest Land: Designer of Black Budget Tax Shelters for The Self-Anointed, Self-professing Man of God

That make a man an offender for a word, and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate, and turn aside the just for a thing of nought.  Isaiah 29:21

Ernest Land AKA DOC FOG, Director of Circulation for the Favor of God. This moniker was created when Ernest Land was a DJ on a Christian radio station.

This past month I have been reading through Robert Baty’s website at kehvrlb.com which he has titled, Kent Hovind v. Robert Baty-The Great Debates!  Kent Hovind’s False Legal Narrative challenged!  What I find interesting about Baty’s blog, and also that of Deana Holmes of Hovindology.com and Peter J. Reilly’s Your Tax Matters Partner: ytmp.blogspot.com, is that every single question I have asked about Kent Hovind’s legal problems has been addressed by these three “reprovers in the gate”.

What is unsettling about their reproving, is that by identifying what the key evidence and laws were which led to the conviction and incarceration of Kent Hovind, they have also been exposing what is wrong with present day commercialized  Churchianity. Over the years many pastors had rightfully turned away from Kent Hovind because of his tax fraud; yet most did so quietly, when what was needed was a public rebuke of the multi-faceted false doctrines which undergird the Hovind ministry.

The  “reprovers in the gate” who have spoken rightly about the Hovind case have come under fire from a multitude of Hovind supporters who display a stubborn unity in refusing to discuss even the most elementary laws and evidence of this case.  In addition, I have observed that many vile words, lies and threats have been spoken by Hovind’s friends against those who attempt to have a reasonable and rational discussion. This ought not to be the case in a free society.  And it is inexcusable for someone who professes to be a Christian to resort to making threats when they are unable to advance their argument,  because the facts and evidence prove that they are in the wrong.

I had mentioned in a prior post that Rudy Davis, one of the more prominent supporters of Kent Hovind,  had resorted to an imprecatory form of prayer, cursing death and destruction against those legal authorities involved in the Gavin Seim case. Another example of this type of ill fitted response arose when Deana Holmes commented on a Peter J. Reilly Facebook post on February 14, 2015.  She had said, “Ernie, your not so veiled attempts at saying those of us who believe Kent Hovind has to pay taxes like everyone else are going to face an angry God at the White Throne Judgment remind me that my favorite prayer is, “Jesus, save us from your professional followers.”

Ernest Land replied in part, (the whole comment can be read in the link above)  “…The Ministry was NOT a extensive criminal organization as the Judge stated, it is and was a Ministry that lead people worldwide to a beleif(sp) in the word of God, and the saving grace of Jesus.  Still is as Kent has lead over 700 souls to the Lord in prison.  Kent is one of God’s annointed(sp), and to lay hands on him will reap one God’s wrath….” 

The facts of Kent Hovind’s breaking of criminal and civil laws cannot, and should not be glossed over by the unproved assertions that “souls were saved”.  It has been shown time and again that many persons who profess to be saved, later reveal by their actions that those words were said in a moment of emotional fervor, and were not stated with genuine sincerity and deliberation.

The Bible makes a number of declarations about those who will reap God’s wrath, and habitual liars number among the group that will find themselves in hell. All of us have been warned,  Be not deceived; God is not mocked:  for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7)

Ernest Land is presently the incorporator and a director of Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, Inc., registered in Alabama, where Kent Hovind is rebuilding anew another Dinosaur Adventure Land.

Looking dapper in a white tux in 2008, Ernie Land explains the 4 financial quadrants on You Tube

So who is this man that gives warning that whoever touches the so called  Anointed Man of God Kent Hovind, risks incurring the wrath of God? Tracking Ernie Land is like watching a rock skipping across a pond. He has used so many different states to register his business ventures, so many addresses, so many phone numbers…

Skipping Rocks Across a pond

On Ernest Land’s docfog.com website, which was created on November 17, 2005, he discusses his educational and employment  background. It would appear that Ernest Land’s primary skills have been in professional lying, which in polite society is referred to as having a career in Sales and Marketing. A resume becomes questionable whenever it uses vague descriptive terms such as  “educated in legal and finance”, yet names no specific university which can be evaluated for accreditation,  nor any degree.  What does it mean when Land claims to have worked in Legal at the paper company writing land contracts? Was this a task that could have been performed by a clerk? What is this FCEC license mentioned that allows Ernest Land to defend church rights? We are told so much, and yet so little…On Ernest Land’s webpage under Accomplishments, he lists the most important milestones from 1980 to 2007, as follows:

2006 must have been a notable year, for 3 major events affecting the major players in the Inner Circle of Kent Hovind took place.  The first event was alluded to in a letter from Kent Hovind to his son Eric (noted by Peter J. Reilly in his blog), where Hovind protested, “I trusted you with all the CSE assets in 2006 and simply asked for them back when I got out of prison 1 year ago.  You now use lots of smoke and mirrors to not do that…”.

The second event is noted by Ernie Land that he was the Top Earner and Consultant to Bio.  And the third event,  which may have been the primary reason Ernie Land now has a reputation as a World Renown Speaker and Marketer, is that on May 30, 2006  the Texas Attorney General issued a temporary injunction against Lowell Mims and Gustavo Romero and BioPerformance, Inc. This began the legal proceedings which resulted in this company having to pay out millions to consumers of their fraudulent product. Lowell Mims has a religious front as  a “church growth” evangelist, and he is the founder of MLM companies which Ernest Land has partnered with, such as ProvisionRX Inc.

Just days before the Texas AG dropped his rock of judgment in the pond,The Dallas Observer published an article dated May 25, 2006 Running on Fumes,  by Rick Kennedy.  It discusses the many problems with BioPerformance, and specifically discusses Ernie Land, the Top Earner and Consultant to Bio, who managed to escape being named in the Texas AG injunction.  Rick Kennedy, the author of this article quotes “Eric Scheibler, a former pyramid scheme victim who now runs the anti-MLM Web site merchants of deception.com,” as saying, “MLMs commonly use religion to attract and motivate members.  The best-known example, he says, is Quixtar (formerly Amway).”

As we saw in Ernie Land’s bio, he had once been involved in Amway, a religious based MLM.

The Dallas Observer article notes, “Craig Lunde, a disgruntled BioPerformance member from California, says that Mims was a minister (who) influenced him to join. ‘Everyone seems to be so sincere and so honest and so Christian and so decent, I went with that’, Lunde says. The Dallas distributor who did not want his name used also bought into the image of a Christian company.  ‘I’m really upset that someone who claims to be a preacher has done what he has done,’ he says.  Many of his recruits were members of his church, and he had planned to use the money he made to finance the church’s Web site.  Instead, he using it to pay his downlines back”.

Rick Kennedy, in his Running on Fumes article describes “MLM veteran Ernie Land”, as “tall, with bushy gray hair and a mustache and a voice disconcertingly similar to cartoon character Hank Hill from King of the Hill.  Some versions of the company Web site featured Land standing in front of a sprawling ranch house with a gleaming pickup on each side, a living testament to the success of BioPerformance.  Not surprisingly, he is an ardent defender of the company.  ‘We feel good that, at the end of the day, we’ll be justified in all that we’ve done,’ Land says.”

According to the Dallas Observer, Ernest Land gave advice to Mims and Romero which “centered on protecting Bio-Performance from the legal challenges that bedevil most MLM Companies. ‘MLM is constantly attacked as an industry by both the media and the legal system because it’s outside the norm, it’s outside the mainstream,’ Land says.  ‘It’s entrepreneurial, and its usually cutting-edge products that aren’t totally proven’.”

In that regard, Bioperformance offered a product in pill form that when added to the gas tank, was touted to increase the car’s performance. There were so many complaints to the Texas AG’s office, that they were forced to  issue an injunction and then they took this company to court, after having the product tested in a lab.

Ernest Land displays his clever legal thesis/antithesis strategy

The Dallas Observer pointed out the contradictory  legal MO which Ernest Land counseled BioPerformance to engage in.  He had  “persons sign sworn affidavits to verify claims the product works”, and also he confessed that he  “brought them to disclaim everything”. Apparently this contradictory advice of Ernest Land’s did not hold up well in court. It also does not hold up well in the Scriptures either, for Matthew 5:37 states, But let your communication be, Yea, yea: Nay, Nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.  Matthew 5:37

This same pattern emerges in the restructuring of Kent Hovind’s Alabama Dinosaur Adventure Land

As the founder of Creation Science Evangelism (CSE), in his post prison days,  Kent Hovind still retains his status of chief fundraiser; yet his very words and that of the board of directors are Officially Disclaimed as a matter of policy by CSE.  Is this strategy the hand of God, or the Hand of Ernest Land?

In 1989 Kent Hovind established Creation Science Evangelism (CSE), and in 2001, set up his Dinosaur Adventure Land theme park in the backyard of his Pensacola, Florida home.  Having been found guilty of tax fraud, Hovind was at last released from prison in 2015, after serving almost 9 years.  He returned home to Florida to face insurmountable family problems. This untenable situation was remedied when Kent Hovind moved to Conecuh county, Alabama to live out his vow of poverty on  three adjoining tax free 40+ acre parcels of land worth over $500,000.  Slowly this new tax free Dinocracy is establishing itself….

Robert Baty had shared this Conecuh, AL parcel details on his Facebook group site “Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare!”.

It was only five months ago on July 24, 2017 that Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, Inc. was registered as a Domestic Non-Profit Corporation with the Alabama Secretary of State and assigned an entity ID number 397-041. The principal address is 488 Pearl Lane, Repton, Al 36475 which features a brontosaurus duo on the gate.The nature of this business was stated to be exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes.

A six page document dated July 26, 2017 titled the Certificate of Formation was filed with Alabama, which I have not read in all its details, as I was unwilling to pay for it.  However, of note is that five persons presently hold official titles; none of which are Kent Hovind, the original founder of the ministry bearing CSE name.  Ernest Land is both the Incorporator and a Director.  Diane Hummel is the Registered Agent and a Director. Cody Land, who appears to be related to Ernest Land, is named a Director, along with J. Russell Hughes of Rose City, MI, and Bill Sardi of La Verne, CA.

Just a year and a half earlier, on February 23, 2016, the Florida Secretary of State had registered Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, Inc. as a Domestic Non-Profit (N16000002289) having a FEI/EIN Number 81-1424226, and presently we see the same persons are named as described in the Alabama corporation registration. Florida does not charge for reviewing the Certificate of Incorporation, and so I was able to note  that initially there was another person involved:  Theodore Valenzuela of 29 Cummings Road, Pensacola, FL 32464, had been appointed as Secretary. The address used for Valenzuela was one of Kent Hovind’s Florida properties involved in the tax fraud disputes.  When Hovind later moved to the Alabama location  to begin anew another Dinosaur Adventure Land, Valenzuela followed, living in one of the bunk houses there. He has since departed from Kent’s CONpound.

This strange disclaimer is currently posted on the Official Dr. Dino website; special attention should be made to how this relates to the founder of the CSE/DAL ministries, and Director, Ernest Land and the former Secretary, Theo Valenzuela:

So if a so-called Christian ministry such as CSEM does not trust the communications of the founder and it’s board of directors, why should anyone else? And where do we discover what the official policy or position of CSE Ministries is, if not through the communications of its board of directors and officers?

Oh wait, didn’t I say earlier that every question I ask about the Kent Hovind story has been answered by at least one of  the Three Reprovers in The Gate? Sure enough,  Peter J. Reilly on July 1, 2016 in an article, Kent Hovind & Ernie Land-Scheming as Usual,  quotes CSEM as saying, They will help oversee the ministry in the spirit of transparency and showing itself to be approved by others.  CSEM (Creation Science Evangelism Ministries) believe it is important for ministries that rely on donations to be completely transparent about its objectives, goals and use of funds toward those ends.  Any designated funds donated will be applied to those projects or expenses designated, and will only be placed into other projects or other ministry expenses, after consultation and agreement with the donor.

I can see right through you CSEM; I see your motives and methods, but does that mean you are “transparent” in the good sense of the word?

Apparently Peter J. Reilly exercised the same caution when reading the CSEM statement, for he notes, “Transparency has its limits.  When I asked Ernie about the contract , this is how he responded.”  ( The contract refers to an agreement with the founder of CSEM, Kent Hovind, who is presently not named in the state of Alabama registration of that corporation.)

Ernie Land replied,  Our contracts are US Constitution article 1 section 10 private contracts.  They will remain private and should the IRS attack again then a snare is in place to throw it into International Court. All are signed “Without Prejudice UCC 1-308”.  I like the term patriot, but actually adhere more to being a Constitutionalist.  As you know from my $6mil lawsuit brought against me personally and my company by the FTC, I will use the International Court, and as in that case, the Federal Court seals everything, while removing me from the suit.  Hey, maybe that experience is why I believe so adamantly in Conspiracy by the elites in Government.  They seal documents, or hide them like Hillary’s emails, in most of the cases they lose or should I say the 1% they lose.  Pretty good game the play.  I guess they learned from the Harlem Globe Trotters.

The above statement by Ernest Land, which I have added some bolding to emphasize two phrases, is interesting in that Ernest Land boasts of laying a legal snare to escape accountability and he also mentions that for some reason the Federal Trade Commission was unhappy with him.

A MISSION STATEMENT structured like a sandwich

DrDino.com presents its Mission Statement with redundant first and last sentences, saying,  Our mission is to tell the world about the Good News of Freedom in Jesus Christ and the Truth about his Amazing Creation, utilizing simple scientific explanations targeting children, about the handiwork of God who created them in His Image, contrary to the Darwinian explanation of the origins of man.  The Word of God is True!  But you may not know the evidence that supports the Word of God and shows the public school taught evolution (of Darwin) nothing more than an imagined idea.  We therefore have the mission from God of Telling the world about the Freedom in Jesus Christ and the Truth about His Amazing Creation.

The first and the last sentences are redundant, but at this point, so what? Do you sincerely believe that this is a genuine Christian ministry?

Ernest Land counseled BPI to take two contradictory measures, which we see in place at CSEM.  The first was to obtain sworn affidavits to verify claims the product works.  What is the product of CSEM?  Why Kent Hovind, of course.  In prior posts I mentioned the names of a number of supporters of Kent Hovind who proclaimed him a persecuted Christian martyr because of the stand he has taken as a world renowned expert on the Creation/Evolution debate.  These professions of support back in 2015 through online videos made by the Christian Alternative Media are as good as a sworn affidavit that “the product works”.  The second measure which contradicts the first, is in accordance with Ernest Land’s counsel to “disclaim everything”, and that was done on the Dr. Dino official website.

What about those three pesky Reprovers at the Gate of the old and new Dinosaur Adventure Land?  Does Ernest Land really have the legal and financial wherewithal to ensnare them in one of his traps?  Nah, when push comes to shove, poor Kent Hovind may be forced to take the fall once again for not having the gumption to free himself from the legal counsel of Ernie Land, Glen Stoll, and others of ill-repute.



Gavin Seim Extemporizes on His Perils and Rudy Davis Offers Up A Sevenfold Curse of Destruction As A Gesture of Love towards Their Enemies

If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold.  Genesis 4:24

“I appeal to heaven.” said Gavin Seim as he was being stretched out on a cross of self- crucifixion.  On January 15, 2015 he was sentenced to spend 14 days with an ankle bracelet and $700 in fines.

In a November 28, 2017 Spokesman-Review article by Shawn Vestal, headlined,  “Self-described ‘constitutionalist’ Gavin Seim flees to Mexico to avoid court”, we read, “In the online-world of conspiratorial patriot poseurs, Ephrata’s Gavin Seim has repeatedly cast himself as a hero, a valiant knight in battle with the tyrannical “psychopaths” of the justice system of Grant County and America itself. Now he’s fled to Mexico, dodging a charge of obstruction of justice that arose from his repeated, petty harassment of cops on the job in Ephrata.  Seim sees his flight to Mexico in the most heroic of terms, of course.  While urging people to donate to his cause”.

Gavin Seim, who comes from a close-knit family with similar arrest records, had urged persons to send him donations a couple of years back when he had rallied around the heroes of the Bundy Oregon Standoff. Subsequently,  Paul Fielding filed  this online petition  which declared, “Gavin Seim, self-styled ‘patriot’ and supporter of freedom and liberty, has been accepting donations he claims he is using for education and direct support for jailed defendants in Oregon and Nevada.  Yet, he is spending thousands of dollars on a luxury RV, ham radio equipment and a drone, none of which are directly supportive of his claimed mission.  As donors and supporters, we want Gavin to divulge how much money he has received, and where it has gone.” 149 supporters had signed this petition, short of the 200 needed, but one left a comment explaining that they desired “transparency for the patriot movement”.

So today we are going to examine a video recently produced by Gavin Seims which provides the transparency which his fellow patriots have long desired, as he explains his reasons for taking a road trip with his wife and children to Mexico in their day of imminent peril. As a professional photographer, an herbalist, and a co-writer of fictional works with his brother Nathan, Gavin’s latest video is a masterpiece of schlocky scripting and video cinematography balanced out with America The Beautiful background music and other mood enhancing sounds. In a December 27, 2012 Twitter account of the Brothers Seim @writerscouch  we read “Writing is a lot like taking a photograph.  If you don’t have a subject, a story & focus you’ve probably already failed.” Sensing that we are about to enter that failure zone, let us see what the subject, story,  and focus is, in the video under examination.

Robert Baty routinely follows the stories of those who are apologists for Kent Hovind and his tax fraud and legal woes.  On his website, kehvrlb.com, under the headline, Rudy Davis Threatens Prosecutors!, can be found a link to a video which was published on the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) Hatewatch You tube channel on November 29, 2017 under the title, Gavin Seim Skips Court Date, Heads to Mexico.

Robert Baty was interested in the last 2 minutes of this 9 minute video which features a recorded phone message which Rudy Davis made to the prosecutors in the latest court case involving Gavin Seim.  In addition, I have transcribed the first part of this video which is Gavin’s testimony.  One has to wonder if he had fled with his family in that fancy RV with the radio equipment and drone which his prior supporters had complained were purchased with their donations.

Gavin Seims Video Testimony Justifying His Refusal to Respect His Court Date

The video begins with Gavin Seim  sitting in a vehicle, explaining, “My family is at risk.  They are threatened, they’re in peril, because of the treasonous officers of this nation of Blue Isis of Grant County, Washington.  The treasonous judges, the treasonous prosecutors who have no concept of law, nor do they care about law, they only care about winning. And so I didn’t go to court today.  Huhhh…number one, because I am in real danger from these insane mentally ill psychopaths who use people with guns held to our head and then say, We are the Law, but it’s more than that guys, we have to stop recognizing these people, we have to stop acting like they’re saying we have to stop pretending that people need to argue for their rights.”

 “Your rights are inherent, they belong to you and any judge or official that seeks to violate them should themselves be charged; in fact, prosecutors Mark Fedorak and Garth Dano and the judge and the officers, they have committed multiple felonies not simply under the Constitution but under Federal statutes as 18 USC 241 and 242.  They have conspired maliciously to hurt those that they want to silence.  They have conspired to lie, to perjure, and to make, to commit crimes from what we’re seeing in these reports…”  (scene changes from car to a backyard type of scene).

“It’s not freedom, it’s not justice, it’s not OK and it’s time to say, No More.”   (shows photo of man cutting fruit in Mexico while music is playing in the background.  Photo changes to children drinking from a coconut, to a scene with tropical birds in a cage, to a photo of a jar of salsa extra piquante, to a photo with a brotherly handshake, then a photo of a Mexican woman making tortillas…).

A friendly handshake with a Mexican border guard makes him feel welcome. Gavin Seim cannot understand that Mexico is interested in him as a tourist who might spend some money, rather than the person he envisions himself to be;  a self-proclaimed  Man of Honor who is justifiably  fleeing his day of reckoning in a Washington state county courtroom.

“Somewhere warm, somewhere nice, somewhere away from Officer Pat Camp… arrests me for filming him and calling him a crook.  He then steals my phone, which has the only evidence of the fact that I committed no crime whatsoever.  I’m taken to jail and my family has to pay $2,000 to get me out then I’m taken before a Grant County judge and despite their being zero evidence of a crime and her zero ability to articulate probable cause, allows the charges to continue…” (black screen, then a kitchen and heading south on a road trip to Mexico).

Gavin Seim thinks that Americans are being prevented from leaving!! Isn’t it the other way around that America has a problem with illegal immigrants who are entering this nation, so as to better their economic situation?  Gavin Seim makes an absurd declaration, while at the same time observing a fact which refutes his prejudices.   Perhaps “it was unmanned” as someone did not want to hinder Seim from leaving America the Beautiful.

“…are heading south when we Men of Honor do not simply let other people be abused.  Men of honor also don’t sit idly by (America the Beautiful music in background) while their families are taken away, their lives taken away, for No Just Cause.  Men of Honor do not need to pretend that the orders of tyrant fascist mentally ill psychopaths need to be followed.  I’m really annoyed about going on a long road trip without all my medicinals.   I mean this is like the best, the best collection of medicinals probably on this side of the state.” 


Lamenting that on his flight from Washington State to Mexico to avoid a court date, that he has not room for all of his medicinal herbs

“Hey you guys, are you ready to go on a little trip?” (the cutest little children are seen jumping in glee, “Yeah!!!”)

“…We’re down here taking a winter road trip away from the cold of the north and Washington and the cold of blue terror and, and abusers that think that to speak the truth is something you should be locked in a cage for as soon as I crossed over even though we’ve still had to file papers and go through stuff nothing, you guys, don’t, I don’t think Americans realize we don’t even let people from Mexico just come and visit, we charge them exorbitant amounts of money, there’s drawings, there’s  lawyers.”

“Now don’t get me wrong, -this place isn’t perfect and I know that’s gonna come out as we visit down here, but uh, the demeanor even, even just coming across the border it was like they treated you like you, they were glad to have you, right? Not like a psychopathic border checkpoint agent who if you twitch wrong is gonna shoot you, OK?  Our border patrol, our, our police, these people are, are insane psychopaths.  You guys and we won’t win on their turf and that’s why I needed to get our retreat and here is the thing, we’re (scene change) not here to hide out.  We’re here to change the narrative.”

Gavin Seim refuses to envision anyone who represents American governmental authority as a reasonable human being,  just trying to do a difficult job.

“We’re here to speak up for the rights of our people and for the rights of all people everywhere and we cannot effectively do that from inside the walls of a for-profit political prison.  I for one refuse to lie down and live as a slave and I will not comply with fascism. (words on screen saying, to be continued).”


Rudy Davis Threatens the Prosecutors of  patriot lawbreakers with the Sevenfold Vengeance of God

From this point in this video, at about the 6.50 mark, is heard a recorded message from Rudy Davis to the prosecutors of the court case against Gavin Seim in Grant county,  Washington state. Seim has listed the office phone number of these county prosecutors, encouraging his followers to call on his behalf. Rudy Davis, who was a staunch defender of Kent Hovind during his tax trials, and has stood behind numerous others who are deemed to be “political prisoners”, now takes up the cause of Gavin Seim.

Rudy Davis standing with Dave (Coach) Daubenmire outside the courtroom in Pensacola, FL. They had gathered there in 2015 in support of Kent Hovind,  who was on trial.

As I understand it, Rudy Davis has been ordained as a Christian minister in order to facilitate his ministry to  “political prisoners”.  When it came to the Kent Hovind case, Rudy Davis also found support from the Christian Alternative News Media; in particular Dave Daubenmire, Steve Quayle, Douglas Hagmann, Sheila Zilinksky, Alex Jones and others. Thus we find that those with the highest public profiles in the Alternative press have glossed over the criminal and civil lawbreaking of the patriot movement, whether they be Constitutionalists or Sovereign Citizens, and given them an image makeover as political and Christian martyrs, who nobly defend American freedoms and liberty from government tyranny.

The Transcription of the phone call of Rudy Davis, found at Robert Baty’s website

“My name is Rudy Davis.  I live in Forney, Texas. This call is also being recorded by me for the exposure of evildoers and government.  I was hoping to leave a message.  I believe his name is prosecutor Mark who has unethically and illegally targeted Gavin Seim, a patriot who is putting out a message of liberty and freedom based on biblical foundation.”

“I certainly do not approve of what you’re doing and I pray that God Almighty brings his wrath upon you for what you’re doing.  You and people like you have targeted Schaeffer Cox.  You’ve targeted Jeffrey Weinhaus.  You’ve targeted Bryce Matthew Cuellar.  You’ve targeted Ed and Elaine Brown.  You’ve targeted Russell Landers.  And the list goes on including Schyler Barbeau and the Bundys.”

“And so I want you to know that people are watching what you’re doing, and if I were you, I would be ashamed of your actions and running yet another patriotic family out of this country, so that they feel they have to be safer in Mexico than the United States of America.  I consider you an incredible evildoer working for the minions of Satan, and the New World Order, and I pray death and destruction upon you and everything you’re trying to do as far as coming against patriots in this country. You don’t have to worry about individuals picking up arms.  You have to worry about the wrath of God Almighty who intervenes in the affairs of men through our prayers.”

“And so what you’re doing to Gavin Seim is absolutely horrific and it will be exposed, and I pray that you are held accountable and you get sent to prison just like so many patriots are sitting in prison today; that you receive sevenfold what you’re doing to innocent patriots throughout this country.”

“You are part of the problem. You are not part of the solution.  You are not Batman saving Gotham City from, you know, townsfolk who need to be protected from the likes of Gavim Seim.  Gavin Seim is not a threat to anybody.  Gavin Seim promotes a message of liberty and freedom, and you sir are no ethical representation for any sort of authority whatsoever. You are a scumbag reprobate on a fast train to hell.” (Rudy Davis-Broadcast November 29, 2017).

Tracking the Leopard Meroz Commentary on the Prayer of Rudy Davis

Gavin Seim has all the appearance of being an affectionate husband and father, as well as being part of a close-knit family with his own father and siblings who share the same political activist patriotism, involving publicity oriented  confrontations with law enforcement. Based on the internet videos of these “confrontations”,  Seim’s most recent complaint that he has been forced to flee to Mexico because his family is at risk, threatened,  and in peril, is theatrical nonsense.

When I took a look at some of the facts of the criminal cases of the other prisoners which Rudy Davis champions, and pondered their mugshots,  Gavin Seim appears to be one of the least dangerous.  However, even an annoying mosquito can carry a fatal disease, and initially it seems, government authorities have responded to his buzzing around the court room, by reminding him that they hold the fly swatter.  Upon fleeing his most recent court date under the cover that the real problem is that government authorities are treasonous, mentally ill psychopaths, we discover that the more manly Rudy Davis has arrived at the front lines with a drawn sword, upholding the virtues of cowardice which Gavin Seim so amply displays.

The greater question in this Tracking the Leopard Meroz post, has to do with the Biblical foundation for the imprecatory prayer of Rudy Davis.  Not only did he curse the prosecutors involved in the Gavin Seim case, but he mentioned various prosecutors from different jurisdictions, who had brought about the criminal convictions of other patriots, who are unrelated to the present issue at hand.

Interestingly, in trying to stand up for Gavin Seim, Davis reveals that he knows nothing of the details of this case.  For example, he says, “I believe his name is prosecutor Mark”. This flippant lack of respect shows that Davis has no real concern for this matter.  The last name of Mark is “Fodorak”, by the way.   I am not even sure that Rudy Davis even knows much about Gavin Seim, because his description of him as “a patriot who is putting out a message of liberty and freedom based on biblical foundation” is not an accurate representation of the facts. Biblical foundation?  How so?

No one has run Gavin Seim out of this country.  Gavin Seim appears to be afraid of his own shadow, now that the adrenaline thrill of challenging the police and the judge has worn off. The very fact that he would involve his own wife in his flight from the consequences of his actions shows a disturbing lack of spiritual headship.  It appears that they have three very young children, who in their innocence are enjoying their Mexican vacation, unknowing that their own father, who they look up to,  is afraid to face his court date as an adult man.

The prayer of Rudy Davis, while not said in the name of Jesus Christ in this phone message, calls upon God to render destruction on adversaries which both he and Seim have treated with disrespect and slanderous accusations. The form of Davis’ imprecatory prayer includes God displaying his wrath against certain persons to bring about their death and destruction, and to receive a “sevenfold” return blow for their actions against so-called “innocent” patriots.

Imprecatory prayers, as documented in the Psalms, have long bothered many persons  because of their extremity. This form of prayer, however,  is a legitimate form of righteous judgment in certain very difficult circumstances.  As a result of the misuse of this form of prayer, Jesus Christ  emphatically stated in Matthew 5:44But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

One of the principles of the Bible, in both the Old and the New Testaments has to do with the fact that God is no respecter of persons; therefore when judging others, the person doing the  judging needs to be impartial, and to take an honest looks at the facts of the case. Deuteronomy 19:16-19 says, If a false witness rise up against any man to testify against him that which is wrong; then both the men, between whom the controversy is, shall stand before the LORD, before the priests and the judges, which shall be in those days; and the judges shall make diligent inquisition: and, behold, if the witness be a false witness, and hath testified falsely against his brother; then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother: so shalt thou put away the evil from among you.

There is great danger from on high to an accuser who disregards the true facts of a case and misapplies the law, because of their respect of persons.  Even in the world of black magicians, the return blow upon the speaker of an unjust prayer is something which they fear.  So it is troubling to hear of a Christian ordained minister lightly handling these deep and serious matters, because of a disregard for the whole counsel of God.

Rudy Davis uses the phrase the wrath of God in his imprecatory prayer, while at the same time ignoring the statement of Romans 1:18-19For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shown it unto them. Holding the truth in unrighteousness, means that a person actually knows what the truth really is, yet because of his unrighteous motives, perverts the very essence of justice and judgment, which is truth itself.

When the patriot movement claims that their beliefs have a Biblical foundation, Isaiah 28:16-17 echoes back,  Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.  Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.

The foundation stone for judgment and righteousness is Jesus Christ himself, and from hence all justice and judgment is measured.   Rudy Davis never even acknowledged the name above all names in his threatening phone call.  Love your enemies?  Perhaps Rudy Davis considers that a  sevenfold curse of death and destruction are a more dramatic publicity stunt, than the quiet acknowledging of the facts in these patriot cases.





Peter J. Reilly, CPA comments on the Tracking The Leopard Meroz Blog “Hovindology” articles

When I was researching Kent Hovind and his tax troubles, I found that the analysis of the facts of this case had been thoroughly covered by three persons:  Peter J. Reilly, CPA of forbes.com, Robert Baty of kehvrlb.com and Dee Holmes of Hovindology.com.

Lately I have been reviewing their reporting plus the many varied comments made on Baty’s Facebook groups on the ongoing story which centers around Kent Hovind’s former tax issues, personal problems, the religious arguments surrounding the creation/ evolution debates, and his connection to the sovereign citizen legal and tax issues which I find interesting in connection with the Christian Alternative News Media’s anti-government bias.

I feel very honored that Peter J. Reilly,CPA, who has been a contributing writer on taxes to Forbes for over 6 years, has made favorable mention of my Kent Hovind related articles on his personal website, where he features various interesting tax related stories. You can read his November 29, 2017 write-up on my articles and background on Your Tax Matters Partner in an article called Hovindology Update. 



Blistering Blurbs From A Basement Broadcaster: The Day When Douglas “Courtroom Ready” Hagmann Was Visited By A Real Reporter

Alright now this is, this I have to tell you folks, this is an interview I have been waiting for, for a long time.  And just as an aside, the Rolling Stone magazine can kiss my butt,  alright?  I just had to throw that out there.  Those people who know what I’m talking about,  you know what I’m talking about.  I ain’t gonna give them any credit or any…just leave it at that.  A couple of Rolling Stone interview people in here and they turn out a trash piece, but what do you expect?  Douglas Hagmann commenting at the 32.53 mark on the November 22, 2017 Hagmann Report entitled, The Day the Music Died, JFK 54 Years Ago:  St. John Hunt & Pastor Lankford.  

If you were listening to that Doug Hagmann statement, would your curiosity be piqued?  Would you ask, what Rolling Stone interview?  Why does he think it is a trash article? It took place where? When? To answer those questions which Doug Hagmann has refused to address as a gentleman scholar, let’s begin with an audio clip made in April 2017 when those two intrepid reporters came knocking on the door.

Female Reporter: Hi!  Are you Mrs. Hagmann? 
Renee Hagmann:  Yeah, Renee Hagmann. (dogs loudly barking, woof woof, yap, yap yap…)  She won’t bite.
Female Reporter: So we went to his basement studio which is unbelievably decked out; there’s an anchor chair and everything and we asked for the court room ready documents and he said they were at the copiers and that he hadn’t kept a copy.  I mean on the 2nd he made a big declaration..
Doug Hagmann: yeah..
Female Reporter:..to the world
Doug Hagmann: Yes, I did. And that is based on the, I made that based in large part on information I got, received from my sources.
Female Reporter: OK, and you trust them so much you don’t have to go back and like check it with anybody.  You really believe that.
Doug Hagmann: I think that’s a little bit uhh, no, It’s I think that there was enough supporting evidence or supporting documentation on the evidence which was documentation to substantiate the veracity of his assertions…now..
Female Reporter:  What documentation?  We don’t have any!
Doug Hagmann:  OK, if you look at, OK, well that’s true, now, we don’t have any direct…You’re going to hit me, aren’t you?

AND HIT HIM, SHE DID!  Amanda Robb has since published a 13 page, well written and well researched article reflecting investigative journalism at its best,  in the Rolling Stone magazine.

I transcribed the above conversation between reporter Amanda Robb and Douglas J. Hagmann of the Hagmann Report from a 1.13 minute Revealnews.org/podcast. More than 6 months after that interview, on  November 16, 2017, Rollingstone.com published  Amanda Robb’s article entitled, Anatomy of a Fake News Scandal.  This extensive investigative piece is subtitled, Inside the web of conspiracy theorists, Russian operatives, Trump campaigners and Twitter bits who manufactured the ‘news’ that Hillary Clinton ran a pizza-restaurant child-sex ring. Amanda Robb also gives credit to the reporting of  Aaron Sankin, Laura Starecheski, Michael Corey, Jaime Longoria and Jasper Craven as she notes that “this story was reported in partnership with The Investigative Fund and Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting.

The Rollingstone article extensively details the explosive take off of the Pizzagate Scandal through the internet by right-wing oriented disinformation sources. I printed off a copy of this article so I could underline points of interest, and what is notable is the number of persons who were interviewed and quoted who have been tracking the effects of both automated and human-hands-on methods of transmitting propaganda throughout social media.  Also Amanda Robb traces the human element of the Pizzagate story, and how that assisted the spread of false and defamatory stories.

Of most interest to the readers of Tracking The Leopard Meroz is the interview of Doug Hagmann.  Rolling Stone writer Amanda Robb explains that “In April, Hagmann agreed to meet with me for a look at his ‘courtroom-ready’ documents on Pizzagate. His split-level home in Erie, Pennsylvania, is on a quiet leafy street.  In the front yard, there’s a small waterfall, a rock garden and a large sign warning that the place is under surveillance.  He greeted me in the foyer wearing a suit and tie, his hair slicked back with Brylcreem, and led the way downstairs to his basement broadcast center.”

Continuing, Robb says, “In October 2016, Hagmann claimed, he ‘communicated’ with a friend who knows someone affiliated with the NYPD.  The friend of the friend had been on the ‘task force’ that secured Weiner’s computer and had copied documents onto a thumb drive ‘proving’ Clinton and her associates were involved in pedophilia. ‘Now, I can’t get him to give me the thumb drive,’ he said. “Or even admit to the fact that he had it.’  When I asked how he knew the files existed, he said, ‘I trust my source’.”

“When I asked if he had verified anything, Hagmann shuffled some papers, lifting one sheet by a corner, like a poker player.  With apparent reluctance, he turned over a color copy of an image showing a clean, uninjured boy wearing a green T-shirt in a dog cage.”  Amanda Robb asks Hagmann what this has to do with Hillary Clinton.  “…the following month, at Awaken to the Shakin’, a Bible conference in Gurnee, Illinois, Hagmann presented his evidence to an audience of about 40 middle-aged churchgoers.  His courtroom-ready exhibits included the Wikipedia entry for ‘fake news’, the New Oxford Dictionary definition of ‘post truth,’ a quote by John Wayne, a photo of people sitting on a couch wearing horse masks, a photo of scars on the fingers of John Podesta.  And the kicker- a photo of a decapitated body that Hagmann said was a victim of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and another of a sculpture by Louise Bourgeois in Tony Podesta’s home, ironically titled ‘The Arch of Hysteria.’  The two images, he said, are shockingly similar.”

So what impact did Douglas Hagmann have with his “courtroom ready” fake news story across the internet?  Amanda Robb states, “It was Hagmann who-four days after Carmen Katz first posted the story and six days before Election Day- brought Pizzagate from social media to fake news’ largest stage.  On the November 2nd broadcast of Infowars, arguably the most influential conspiracy-theory outlet in the country, with 7.7 million unique visitors to its website a month, Alex Jones asked Hagmann to tell his audience what sources had revealed about the emails recovered on Weiner’s computer. “(T)he most disgusting aspect of this is the sexual angle,” Hagmann said.  “I don’t want to be graphic or gross here….Based on my source, Hillary did in fact participate on some of the junkets on the Lolita Express.”

Amanda Robb adds, “The story took off.  Google Trends measures interest in topics among the 1.17 billion users of its search engine on a 0-100 scale.  On October 29th, the day Katz posted the story on Facebook, searches for “Hillary” and “pedophile” ranked zero.  Ninety-six hours later, when Hagmann “broke” the story on InfoWars, they scored 100.”

The higher the numbers of viewers, the greater the monetary rewards; the higher the amount of filthy lucre, the greater the guilt of the one who profited from bearing false witness

I find it interesting that the information by Rolling Stone that Alex Jones receives about 7.7 million unique visitors to its website a month. Recently, I was listening to the Doug Hagmann Radio Show which airs in the morning, and at the 25.32 mark of the November 14, 2017 broadcast, Criminality of the Communist Progressives & Censorship of the Truth Seekers”, Hagmann states, “We’ve got a pretty formidable footprint in the Alternative Media…our program reaches I don’t know-downloads last year on just one platform alone, 70 some million downloads uh 100 some countries.  I don’t know, we’re heard all over the world.” It is difficult to compare Hagmann’s numbers with those of Alex Jones as it does not appear that he is discussing unique viewers, but rather the number of views. However, 70 million a year downloads is 5.8 million a month, and that is an impressive statistic.

Hagmann reverses his opinion of secret sources

I have long questioned the veracity of Doug Hagmann’s sources, and especially those who have hidden their true identity behind a pseudonym, so I was interested in the self serving commentary of Hagmann just one day before the Rolling Stone article was published. Recall that Amanda Robb had asked to see his courtroom ready documentation on Pizzagate which he had received from sources which he does not name, and he also failed to prove that his documentation even exists, by claiming that it was at the copier’s. Here is what Hagmann had to say about another form of hidden sources; those who hide their identity behind a pseudonym.

On the November 15, 2017 Doug Hagmann Show called News, Clues and Hints, at the 28.22 mark the topic of the recent internet sensation called Q is remarked upon.  “…my whole gut instinct about this, is that we are being gamed.  Now does that make the information that is being, um, posted by Q any less real or whatever,– or I just guess briefly what I’m talking about that is, there is an anonymous character, anonymous individual, or anonymous entity who is referenced just simply by the letter Q who has posted a series numerous times, a series of questions of statements, really one-liners if you will, about uh what’s really currently taking place.  And it’s almost like this mental jigsaw puzzle with these supposed clues about what’s really going on.  And the lot, I mean we’re talking a lot, and I mean tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people involved in attempting to decipher what Q meant.”

Hagmann continues, “Well my whole idea is very simple, with respect to this:  If you have information specific to a certain topic or a crime or activity just come out and say it and identify yourself as you say it. Um, if you noticed in our flagship program, we have not, and we will not any longer allow anyone on our program who does not identify themselves or let me clarify this, we have to know their full identity to us and the only way someone is getting on our program using a pseudonym or not being named with their full name so everyone can know who they are-the only way they’re….the only way we’ll bring someone like that on is if there is a legitimate, and by legitimate, I’m talking about an individual who is going to be testifying before Congress, or testifying in a jury trial or trial situations that has information relevant to current events.  So in other words, we will grant anonymity only if it’s truly legitimate and will be spelled out before they appear on our program and that’s just standard operating procedure now.”

“So I have kind of a problem with the way the information by this anonymous individual is being thrown out there” Douglas Hagmann explains, “because if you really look at all of the information, and again, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it.  But if you look at all of the statements, questions, partial statements, the one liners, it’s almost it, it could be the byproduct or the direct product of someone’s own analysis of open sourced data, so I’m not, I’m not super-impressed, uh I’m not even impressed.  I’m somewhat underwhelmed, I suppose, but I’m watching it none the less…”.

Well, Douglas Hagmann, I have a problem with the exception you allow in your new pseudonym policy.  Remember your interview with Rebekah Roth, who claimed to have real documentation which she would not reveal, yet wanted to sell her fictional books so that we might all guess what that evidence might be?  She claimed that someone of high import wanted her to testify before Congress. So under your new policy, would she be exempt from your pseudonym policy? Why have any exceptions at all?

One last quote from the Rolling Stone story, Anatomy of A Fake News Scandal, ” As Harvard’s Benkler puts it, ‘The right-wing-media ecosystem had become so hyperpartisan, so self-referential and so superinsular it often simply ignored information that’s disconfirming.’ ” Ignored information that’s disconfirming.  That sums up Doug Hagmann’s approach to truth telling, especially when it comes to the part he has played in spreading false information on the internet.



FYI: Robert David Steele lawsuit: Filed 11/20/2017 Plaintiff’s Memorandum In Opposition to Negron’s Motion To Dismiss

rds lawsuit 1120 2017

Click on the above link to read Plaintiff’s Memorandum In Opposition To Defendant, Patricia A. Negron’s Rule 12(b) (6) Motion to Dismiss.

Of interest is that Robert David Steele argues that he is not a public figure.  Also note the use of the word co-conspirator.  It is argued that Negron is responsible for Goodman and Queen Tut’s defamation, as well as her own words.