FYI: Update on Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network lawsuit: court documents filed as of 9/11/2017

1. Earth Intelligence Network has been ordered by the Judge to file its Disclosure Statement as required by Federal Rule of Civil Procedure…within 7 days

2. The Federal court docket for this case shows that summons have been filed for the court record.  Shortly, we should expect to see that such summons have been served on each of the defendants,  in accordance with law.  I am not printing the documents here as they disclose home addresses.


ROBERT DAVID STEELE: The Man Who Was Nominated For A Nobel Peace Prize for Suggesting that All CIA Agents Should Get a Library Card.

Although he has been around the speaker’s circuits for years, I had never heard of Robert David Steele until the day he ruined his own reputation on the Alex Jones show, when he declared, “This may strike your listeners as way out, but we actually believe that there is a colony on Mars.  It is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20-year ride.  So that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony.  There’s all types of disclosures coming out.”

Robert David Steele

In response to Steele’s remarks, Mike Wall, the Senior Writer of, wrote in a June 30, 2017 article, New Conspiracy Theory:  Children Kidnapped For Mars Space Colony,  “It’s unclear why this “ride” would last two decades; it takes just 6 to 9 months to reach Mars using current propulsion technology”.  This revelation does make one wonder why open sourced science differs so much from the secret intel which Steele was revealing to the public for the first time.

Even so, I was not tempted to ask who Robert David Steele is, until he posted notice on September 2, 2017 on his website that he was suing 3 parties in a Federal court for defamation.  He also posts information on another webpage,  From these sites he provides links to all of his activities, including his recent #UNRIG campaign.

Robert David Steele was born in 1952, so he and I both are of that generation who came of age in the sixties and the seventies.  However, he was raised overseas, as his father was a petroleum engineer, and so the social and political cultures he was exposed to gave him a broader view of the world than what I knew.  Robert David Steele went into the Marine Corps, and later the CIA, and in the past few years has been  involved in politics, including being nominated as a candidate for the Reform Party during the 2012 Presidential election.

More recently, Steele claims he was  nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for leadership in redirecting the craft of intelligence (decision-support) away from spies and secrecy enabling war and waste, toward open sources and methods favorable to peace and prosperity.  Perhaps in “redirecting the craft of intelligence”, Robert David Steele made the error of speaking out of turn in his leadership capacity, about those space crafts which had been secretly directed to a slave colony on Mars.

One can find several books and pamphlets for sale under Robert David Steele’s name at, and he also holds the odd distinction of having been inducted into the Hall of Fame as the reviewer of 2,106 books. For the past few days,  I have been reading numerous book reviews written by Steele, but if I only spent one minute on each, it would take me 35 hours to get through them all.

The central theme of Robert David Steele’s philosophy revolves around the benefits of the government using  open sourced information, over and above the continual dependence upon the secret classified information gathered by spy agencies. He began researching this topic prior to the internet era; thus initially, it would seem that he was recommending that CIA agents would be better served to get a library card, than to slink around as undercover operatives.

So what does Robert David Steele actually say in all of those book reviews?  It is clear that he is an avid reader of books and documents, and on the whole, his writings reflect an intelligent mind.  He has classified the subject material he reviews into 98 topics, and he, as I do, rejoices whenever a non fiction book has both a good table of contents as well as a detailed index. The primary problem I have with Robert David Steele is that he has spent so much of his life in the world of words, and the classification of information, that he has become a long winded bore. When one contrasts the fascinating early  history of Steele with the latest chapter in his life, the bland mission he calls #UNRIG, one wonders what happened to this potentially interesting man in the intervening years.

After Robert David Steele posted online a copy of his lawsuit, one of the defendants, Jason Goodman, said on his YouTube channel, Crowdsourcing The Truth, that he thought Steele had invented a fake lawsuit on his word processing app.  Aside from the obvious fact that the name of the attorney responsible for the draft of the lawsuit was identified at the end, one has to wonder why Jason Goodman did not notice the distinct difference in the style of writing of the lawsuit from that of Steele’s?  Whoever wrote the lawsuit was succinct in laying out the complaint and the facts of the case, whereas Robert David Steele tends to lengthy comments which are so general in scope that they say nothing.

Now to be fair, Robert David Steele can be very succinct at times as seen in this comment which was left on Bravo Von Muller’s YouTube channel.Comparing his succinct wording to the verbose side of his personality, here is a sample of Robert David Steele’s writing style, from his book review of Waging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th century by Gene Sharp.  His review prints out onto 3 pages of paper.  In a note of irony, Steele says in the sixth paragraph, “I value the book for the brevity of its main point…”.

This he states, after giving his review readers a first lead paragraph which talks solely about himself,  Robert David Steele, the book reviewer.  Steele says, In 1992 I was the second-ranking civilian in Marine Corps intelligence, and with the support of the Marine Corps, sought to get National Intelligence Topics moved from denied areas that were few in number and declining in importance, toward “low-intensity” threats and conditions in the Third World.  The Marine Corps also tried to shift the US Intelligence collection system from “priority driven” (collect over and over on the same limited set of targets) to “gap driven” (do a first pass on everything, then start over focusing on gaps). I’ve been thinking for a very long time about the deficiencies in US, diplomatic, information, military, and economic (DIME) predispositions, bias, capabilities, and Achilles heels.  I had more or less given up on the US government specifically ever coming to its senses, when a bolt of lightning came out of the blue-Admiral James Stavrides, Supreme Commander for NATO, gave a TED talk about “open source security.” That is code for a complex range of things called Operations Other Than War (OOTW), Stabilization & Reconstruction (S&R), Public Diplomacy, and International Assistance, among other things.  The US stinks at all of them, in part because we do not have a Whole of Government strategy, operations, intelligence, and logistics approach to anything-stovepipes, each badly managed and crossing wires, seems to be the standard”.

That is the first paragraph of one of his book reviews; can you imagine what the State of the Nation speech Robert David Steele would have given, had he  been elected President of the United States of America in 2012?

I am interested in the defamation lawsuit which was filed in Federal court by Steele and his Earth Intelligence Network against Jason Goodman, Patricia A. Negron, and Queen Tut. I have no interest in the #UNRIG fund raising efforts of Robert David Steele as it would appear that he has displayed sufficient information for donors to make a decision as to whether they should donate to his cause. Perhaps this war of words reflects contrary concepts between Open Sourcing versus Crowdsourcing the Truth. So my next post will reflect on the interview of Steele by Jason Goodman back in June of this year.













FYI: The Federal Lawsuit-Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network vs Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron and Queen Tut

a link to which has published a copy of this lawsuit

As I see anything of interest on this lawsuit, I may update this page with my comments:

9/5/2017  I had used my PACER account to try to locate the case number of this lawsuit, but did not find a record of it. What I thought was that it had not posted in the system because of the Labor Day Weekend.  However, Jason Goodman posted a comment on last night’s Crowdsourcing The Truth, with regard to Robert David Steele’s “lawsuit” saying that, “I noticed he has stopped saying he’s “filed” a federal lawsuit, now he just states that he’s posted it to the internet.  With this maneuver, RDS has committed yet another common law intentional tort called abuse of process in his ongoing campaign to harass and defame me and CSTT.  It is a fake lawsuit from a real idiot.  Feel free to email me truth.”

Yesterday, I had printed off a copy of this lawsuit to take a closer look at the details.  I have yet to read the entire complaint, except in a general manner.  I had wondered why the images of Patricia Negron’s twitter account did not provide the date stamp, and was going to go over all the details as time permitted.

If this is a fake lawsuit, it has the name of an attorney and his address, as counsel for the Plaintiff on the last page. I am going to wait and see if this lawsuit was filed, but not posted to the records yet because of the long weekend.

9/6/2017 Robert David Steele has updated his post on this lawsuit to include the case number and Judge.  See below:Thus, the other night when Jason Goodman was referring to this lawsuit as a fake, he was displaying his ignorance of the time period which exists between the electronic filing of a Federal lawsuit by an attorney, and the official acknowledgement of that lawsuit by the court when they assign a case number and judge.  Now it is just a matter of time before the defendants are given official notice of this lawsuit, which has been filed against them in a Federal court.

Here is a screenshot of this case in the Federal court system.  (If you do not have a PACER account, and desire to register for one,  what is required is a credit card.  Each document which you search for is assigned a cost, such as 10 cents per page, and a statement is sent out quarterly to your email. If the total is less than $15/quarter, the charge is FREE.  Your credit card is only charged if the total goes over the limit.  I have been able to view numerous legal documents for free as I stay under the $15 limit.)As one can see, Robert David Steele did not lie that his lawsuit had been filed at the time of his September 2, 2017 post, and Jason Goodman has made further statements which can be used against him in this case, it would appear.  Queen Tut has stated in a CSTT video that she is not the person identified in the lawsuit as Carla A. Howell, so it will be interesting to see how that issue is resolved in the future.

This is the statement which Jason Goodman made at the 30.06 mark of the September 5, 2017 “Hudson Live” video on his YouTube channel, Crowdsource The Truth.

“Now I don’t want to redirect us to something that seems much less important, but you know Queen Tut, you and I, have taken a fair amount of heat for our feud that’s ongoing with Mr. Robert David Steele.  And you know the reason why I’ve taken that as seriously as I have is that I think Robert David Steele’s actions are a model, you know he’s playing right out of the same playbook that the rest of these other operators play out of.  And although he’s you know operating on a much smaller level he’s till trying to steal money from people, lie to us about what he intends to do with it you know, lollygag around and you know, crash an RV, rather than actually engaging in real election reform.”

“And you know that’s the reason why I want to shine a light on his activities even in the things that he’s done in the most recent days he went out on Friday night before the ah, the Labor Day Weekend, at a time of the evening where it seemed like I might not be putting on a Crowdsource The Truth broadcast, and I was very preoccupied maybe it was Saturday, I don’t remember, exactly when it was but I believe I was coming back from Washington DC, I was speaking to you, I was speaking to Mr. Hudson, trying to manage a lot of different things and he put out a statement that he had filed a Federal lawsuit against us.  Now that’s very specific language, the action of filing a lawsuit is a legal action, and he did not actually do that so again he has lied to the people.  He simply typed up a document in Microsoft Word in the format of a legal complaint and released it to the internet and in doing that and in claiming he had filed a Federal lawsuit, he was actually committing the civil tort of abuse of process…”

Jason Goodman gets into trouble with his own words, for the simple fact that he does not do the simple things which the average person would do to know what the truth of a situation really is.  Most adults, if they had read a published report of a lawsuit which named them as defendants, would either call the plaintiff, if they were personally acquainted with them, or the attorney whose phone number is noted on the last page of the lawsuit, and get clarification.   But because it was a 3 day weekend, when business offices are shut down, one might also ask an acquaintance familiar with law procedures, or check civil law procedures on the internet to find a reasonable explanation why the lawsuit was not yet seen on the Federal Court records. Now it sounds like Jason Goodman might have talked with someone who told him about abuse of process; however, the practical details of the real world were not considered. Did Jason Goodman even read the entire lawsuit?  He accused Steele of faking this lawsuit, when the actual draft of it displayed the name of the attorney who wrote it.

Even though Robert David Steele did not lie about filing his lawsuit, it would appear that he enjoys “gaming” his adversaries. Thus he published a draft of the complaint and published it on the internet, prior to the defendants being given the courtesy of reading it first before the public did.

This could get interesting; however, most lawsuits are drawn out affairs because of legal procedures which require each party time to answer.  Therefore in this day and age of the short attention span, many will lose interest in this quickly.

Christian Prayers which ask God to bless the actions of Corrupt Political Operatives, whose profiteering has affected the outcome of American elections

Speaking on the Alternative News Media relationship between Roger Stone and Alex Jones:  “We are now the mainstream,” Stone told me.  “CNN and the New York Times-they are the fringe.”  (January 30, 2017 The article by Rosie Gray, Halycon Days for Conspiratorial Media “Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and their cohort are thriving at the dawn of the Trump era.”)

I recently read the comments on the Alex Jones Channel which were posted under a March 29, 2017 video of Roger Stone, who appealed for “Patriots to join him to fight false claims”. Numerous Christians said they were praying for Roger Stone; one going so far as to declare, “Father’s warring angels with Swords drawn are around you and Devin Nunes.  When you are on the front lines for Truth, you will draw fire, and both of you have drawn fire; however, you are not alone.  2/3 of Father’s heavenly angels are with His Kingdom Ambassadors, who are instruments of Truth and for His vision for this nation.  This morning, Roger, you are not alone.  I’m looking to hear, by faith, “Case dismissed.”  Glory to God.”

A lone voice countered, “enjoy prison stone you traitor.”

I have found many articles written on the disturbing deeds and words of political operative, Roger Stone.  Are those who think he is some kind of American hero on the frontlines of truth willfully ignorant of his lack of character? Does he surround himself with noble men of integrity, or profiteers from corrupt politics, like himself?

Roger Stone and Mike Colapietro co-authored the New York Times bestseller, The Man Who Killed Kennedy:  The Case Against LBJ, published by Skyhorse Publishers on November 6, 2013. I purchased the Kindle version for $1.99 just last week, but now I see that it is going for $8.54.  Curious about the co-author, I found his resume online which stated that he works for the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) in Florida. His employment began in April 2013 and continues to the present, a total of four and a half years.

In March of this year, Roger Stone was involved in a car accident in Broward County.  A March 25, 2017 article written by Jim DeFede was headlined, Trump Advisor Claims Hit & Run “Could Be” Russian Hacking Scandal Retaliation.  “They just came at us full force,” Stone told CBS4 News.  “The driver then threw it in reverse and took off”.

This article then comments, “Stone, who has previously admitted to having ‘back-channel’ communications with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and who more recently acknowledged trading messages with the famed Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0, remains a central figure in the Congressional Investigation into Russia’s attempts to influence the presidential election.  Stone was on his way to Orlando to promote his latest book on Trump when the accident occurred.”

“Out of nowhere we were T-boned essentially by a late model 4-door what I’m now told was a Pontiac,” he said….The Broward Sheriff’s Office confirmed there was a hit-and- run crash at the time and location described by Stone….The report states that a deputy was not dispatched to the accident until 11:56 a.m.-more than 70 minutes after the crash..”

When looking at the details of this accident report, several factors are notable.  (1) This hit-and run “accident” was used by Roger Stone to claim that it was a retaliatory event.  (2) Conveniently, the sheriff’s deputy was not dispatched to the scene until 70 minutes later, and Roger Stone had left the scene by that time. Of course that time delay also gave the hit-and-run driver additional time to flee the scene. (3) Roger Stone just happens to have critical personal relationships connected to the Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

As of September 2, 2017, the Broward County Sheriff displayed Scott Israel as Sheriff

What is Roger Stone’s personal connection to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel? For this, we turn to an article published August 16, 2014 by Brittany Wallman of the Sun-Sentinel, titled, Broward sheriff, ‘dirty trickster’ forge unlikely tie.

The first paragraph reads, “A campaign operative who built his career on smearing political enemies, publicly calls women the C-word and consulted for attorney-turned-Ponzi-schemer Scott Rothstein has become one of Sheriff Scott Israel’s trusted political guides”. (As an aside, Scott Rothstein was later given a 50 year sentence and is in jail for his Ponzi scheme.)

Under the sub heading, Embedded at the Sheriff’s Office, Brittany Wallman wrote the following description of four persons who Roger Stone positioned in the Broward County Sheriff’s Department as a result of his “free” work in helping Scott Israel to get elected to the Sheriff’s Office.

Roger Stone’s close ties to the Broward County Sheriff’s Department

According to Wikipedia, the Broward County, Florida, Sheriff’s Department employs 5,800 persons and has a budget of $730,000.   In the Sun-Sentinel article, “political consultant Judy Stern, who ran Israel’s 2008 campaign but no longer is an Israel ally” said, “Roger wants the amount of power he gets out of it… What an incredible position of power, to have influence at the Sheriff’s Office.”  Roger Stone claims he did all the campaign work for Sheriff Israel for free. Apparently the jail bird for the Ponzi scheme, Scott Rothstein, had told the Broward New Times in 2008, “Stone is the guy that no one wants to admit to using… But the second the shit hits the fan, it’s ‘Get me Roger Stone”.

Infowars seems to agree with the “Get me Roger Stone” cry for assistance

It was Roger Stone who introduced Alex Jones to Trump, and got him an exclusive interview. The January 2017 Atlantic article quoted at the beginning of this post observed, “Jone’s reputation as America’s premier conspiracy theorist hasn’t stopped Trump, who has a penchant for conspiracy theories himself, from directly interacting with him.  In December of last year, he went on Jone’s show, telling him, “your reputation’s amazing.”  Jones returned the favor, telling Trump that 90 percent of his audience was made up of Trump supporters-an estimate that take on greater significance in retrospect.  The person responsible for setting up the interview was, of course, Roger Stone.”

Getting back to Stone’s JFK book; one of the major sources of information is attorney, Douglas Caddy.  I just ran into an interesting August 22d post to the JFK Assassination Debate of The Education Forum, entitled, Attorney’s file on Roger Stone, LaRouche and Russia influencing the 2016 presidential election.  The person who posted this article is Douglas Caddy, Houston, Texas Attorney-At-Law.

His history in politics, as an attorney,  is as interesting as Roger Stone’s. However, he had written both Comey and Mueller about what he knows of Roger Stone, despite the fact that “I have been regularly harassed for so doing by private detectives employed by an unknown person of interest.”  Here are a couple of screenshots.  The entire article is very interesting, especially because of the long standing acquaintance of Douglas Caddy with Roger Stone, going back to 1975.

Christians need to remember that the Lord is no respecter of persons. God is not a politician who has to employ unrighteous means to get elected, as He ordained government to be an arm of authority against evil works.   Proverbs 17:15 warns, He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD. 

The so-called Deep State seems to be operating in plain sight these days, and many of those who claim to be against evil powers are the ones in fact ensuring that genuinely good men do not get elected to federal, state or local offices in this nation.

Following the Rat Lines of Source Journalism through The Fog of Disinformation

On August 25, 2017 the Alex Jones Channel featured Roger Stone and Douglas Hagmann in a video called Emergency:  Democrat Plan to Kill Cops and Overthrow Government Discovered. This wild headline highlights the extent that the major players in the Alternative News Media  will go to flee the phantoms which they created, and might just be held accountable for, by their adversaries.

Roger Stone, is notorious for his dirty tricks as a Republican/Libertarian  political operative, who was deeply involved in several presidential election campaigns.  He has been on the Alex Jones show several times, and at least once this year on the Hagmann Report.   Both Alex Jones and Douglas Hagmann are noted for their dependence on anonymous, as well as public, Insider sources for their breaking news stories, whether the subject matter concerns government actions, financial markets, or politics.

ROGER STONE (Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for The New Yorker)

In developing today’s theme on the Alternative News Media Rat Lines linked to the so called Deep State, our foundational question is, what is Source Journalism? And how does that compare to old fashioned investigative journalism where the reporter receives information gained from one-on-one questioning of original sources?

Let us turn to Canadian journalist Barrie Zwicker, who published in June 2006 (New Society Publishers), Towers of Deception:  The Media Cover-Up of 9/11.  Zwicker, on page 169,  in a Chapter 4 paragraph heading,  A Journalist Whose Personal Research Department is the Spy Establishment, uses writer Stewart Bell as his example.  Barrie Zwicker states, “The single most noticeable characteristic of Bell’s journalism is its dependence on spooks as sources.  He has somehow, as the dust jacket of his book says, come into possession of a “a vast collection of classified intelligence documents.”  Bell himself says it “may be the largest collection outside of government.”  How does a person on “the outside” get all of this stuff?  In effect, the spy establishment is his personal research department.”

Zwicker continues,  Bell  “augments his files regularly from ‘exclusive interviews with senior Canadian counter-terrorism officials’.  Exclusive means they’re feeding him and not other reporters.  The situation here is what is sometimes called Source Journalism.  Walter Karp wrote in Harper’s magazine in 1989:  “It is a bitter irony of source journalism that the most esteemed journalists are precisely the most servile.  For it is by making themselves useful to the powerful that they gain access to the ‘best’ sources.”

Apparently, this is a widespread situation in Main Stream Media, for Zwicker on page 141, quotes William Colby, former director of the CIA as stating, “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”  But does this apply to the major players in the Alternative News Media, which are always valuing themselves as a cut above others, when it comes to ethics and telling the truth?

Examples of Source Journalism in the Alternative News Media include not just Alex Jones with his covert military insider news leaks, or George Webb with his insider source who led him to believe that a dirty bomb might be on board the Maersk Memphis ship. We must also add to this list, a Christian Truther,  Douglas Hagmann,  who built his investigative reporter reputation upon insider sources  such as Rosebud, W the Intelligence Insider, and the false credentials of V-the Guerrilla Economist.  So why would any journalist who claimed to have integrity take the side of a dirty tricks political operative, such as Roger Stone when government officials want to question his actions?

Roger Stone, was granted a short half hour interview on the March 24, 2017 edition of The Hagmann Report, “Battle Ready:  Faith Goldy, Roger Stone and Kevin Shipp”.  As Hagmann awaited his guest to call in, this introduction was given:  (1:03:48) “…Roger Stone, you know he’s been in the news lately and in case you haven’t heard, he’s a little busy at the moment juggling plates uhm I, I read a, an interesting story about Roger and I didn’t know this but back when he was in first grade ah um he uh, I think I may have it here, hmm he was uh doing-involved with politics back in the first grade.  Uh he uh he convinced his first grade class to uh vote against Nixon, I think he did, despite the fact that he later worked for Richard Nixon, but um uh by convincing students that if they didn’t vote against Nixon, or by not voting for Nixon, that the school would be on Saturday.  I mean…uh, it’s just an incredible story.  His life, it’s an incredible life, an incredible journey.  And we know right now that the Deep State has declared war on him.(1:04.48)….(1:05:49)..this man has been set up so-he’s been set up…”

Alex Jones showing Roger Stone’s tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back.

Roger Stone is known for having set many other people up. So why should anyone care whether this guy is “being set-up”, unless one feels a kindred spirit with him? He has always prided himself in serving the Deep State, using the most unethical means.   Stone is not above making the anonymous threatening phone call if needed, as noted in this screenshot from the New Yorker.  Note that despite Donald Trump’s disapproval of Stone’s behavior, he had no problem entering into a working relationship with him years later, when he decided to campaign for President of the United States.

New Yorker article on the Dirty Trickster, dated June 2, 2008

If you are unfamiliar with the vast number of stories on Roger Stone, it is advisable to spend some time on the internet, acquainting yourself with the fascinating and at times,  vulgar details.

A good commentary on Stone which has many links to other sources is The author, who appears to want to remain anonymous, but may use the pen name F. Fred Palakon, a fictional character in a novel, published a ten part series in 2014,  called Roger Stone: Pretty Reckless Is Going Straight To Hell.  The author is very clearly a good writer and researcher,  documenting his sources thoroughly.

One of Stone’s websites is called Who Framed Roger Stone? At this website, poor persecuted Roger Stone, whose bad karma chickens are returning to roost in his highly expensive hair plugs, wants donations for his legal defense. This link also displays a copy of the lawsuit filed against President Trump and Roger Stone by 3 persons connected with the DNC, who had their personal information revealed when a hacker gave their emails to WikiLeaks.

When I looked at Roger Stone’s YouTube Account, his related accounts were interesting.  You may have guessed that he would display the Alex Jones channel, but he also shows Ask Larry Nichols, you know, that Clinton “hitman” from the good old days in Arkansas, back when Mena Airport was overrun by the CIA and drug runners.  Why not Ask Larry Nichols how to undo your bad karma, Roger?I have no clue if Roger Stone is linked to Russian rat lines.  Perhaps for once in his life, he is innocent of the charges recently leveled against him. However, after reviewing Stone’s life, and the amount of money which his crooked behavior got him, all the while wearing his infamous vertical pinstriped suits, perhaps it is time for his tailor to start measuring him for the horizontal striped suits that could become his new insignia.

For a number of years, Roger Stone was a partner in the lobbyist/political counseling firm of Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly (BMS&K).  Here is a snippet of a 1989 Washington Post article on the clients which this firm represented.  If you read the current lawsuit against Trump and Stone which is linked in the Who Framed Roger Stone? website  above, you will note that Manafort’s name is mentioned.

As I was considering this lawsuit, and the charges of working with Russian operatives to impact the 2016 election, I came across an interesting website with a 32 page pdf  called Black Friday Report:  On Russian Propaganda Network Mapping, published November 26, 2016.  The contributors to this project call it PropOrNot, meaning, Is It Propaganda or Not? 

Two of their charts caught my eye, where they were tracking as an example of their methods.  I noted that it lists along with other Alternative News Media websites which I am familiar with.This other chart reflects a different way of illustrating relationships, but also includes on their sites identified as disinformation.

This pdf is interesting to read through in its entirety,  in that it describes exactly what standards they used to analyze websites which have mimicked the Russian propaganda line in their news reporting, sometimes word for word.

I wish that more websites such as this named their contributors; however, one can review and test the guidelines and methods they used to verify that their conclusions are valid. I have linked to some long pdfs in this post, so perhaps the reader may wish to read them as a rainy day project.  Personally I hate politics, and the last time I read extensively on this topic was back when Watergate had been exposed. However, given the fears which some have regarding the present freedoms of the internet being restricted, it may be time to take a closer look at the real impact which Source Journalism has had in distorting accurate news reporting.


Interpreting The Dark Sentences of Tengri 137

And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.  Daniel 8:23

In the Old Testament the terms dark sentences or hard sentences referred to proverbs or riddles; what we might think of as puzzles, conundrums, or difficult questions.  And in the latter days, one of the characteristics of the Antichrist will be his ability to understand or interpret dark sentences.

A modern-day version of crypto language/mathematical puzzles is that of Tengri 137 or Cicada 3301, which have been promoted by Defango and others. Rebekah Roth, the author of three fictional books, Methodical Illusion, Methodical Deception and Methodical Conclusion, views 9/11 as a solvable puzzle, and she uses that motif on her book covers.  Recently she mailed Defango a copy of each of her novels, assuring him that her fictional writings were based on real documentation.  On  June 27, 2017, Defango thanked Roth for her gift in a short video.

Wearing his cool black pirate skull-cap, Defango holds up Rebekah Roth’s letter. He filmed this short video in Aquarium Mode, so that he appears to be immersed in deep waters.

Both Defango and Rebekah Roth claim to have special abilities to see patterns and understand puzzles which arose after having experienced physical traumas in their youth.  Defango read the following letter to his viewers:

From the Desk of Rebekah Roth:  Defango, I understand you like puzzles.  So do I. My favorite puzzle was 9/11.  After I discovered some of the hijackers were still alive.  I hope you will take the time to sit back and enjoy “your flight”.  Keep in mind that all of the 9/11 information you will read is real and documented.  The rest of the story is delivered in a novel of fiction based on facts.  You keep soaring and using your blocking options for trolls, it works great.  Don’t ever let them derail you.  Soar with eagles, as we say in the business.  Leave the turkeys on the ground where they belong.  There isn’t a puzzle that can’t be figured out, but remember when you do get all the pieces together, there will be those who will want to attack everything about you from your job to your hair, so maybe it’s a good thing you’ve shaved your head.  Always stand in the truth, even if you’re the last one standing.  Rebekah Roth  P.S.  George Webb has no interest in ATB or FOIA data or 9/11.  LOL

Cicada 3301 Spear:  according to Dave Acton, Defango is the Tip of the Spear

Although Defango claims that his main interest is solving cryptic online puzzles on his Youtube channel, in the past couple of months his videos showcased his dramatic clashes with Jason Goodman, Trish Negron, Nathan Stolpman,  doxxers, crowdstalkers, and litigation threats from Dave Acton.  At one point the litigation threat was assuaged as Defango made peace with Dave Acton, the self-proclaimed Incident Manager, who then made him his Operations Sections Chief. Montagraph, by being in charge of intel and plans, completed this triangle.

If we label  George Webb as Thesis, and  Dave Acton as Antithesis, we can see that Defango’s clashes with both parties, resulted in him representing Synthesis. Synthesis is the union of opposing principles, and presumably represents a higher principle in dialectics.  As a side note, I notice that links to Montagraph’s YouTube channel among several in this group are missing, thus associations are either being dissolved, reformed, or hidden.  The question which arose from this drama which had played out over several YouTube channels, is what was Defango’s real relationship with the whole?  Was he merely the besieged innocent bystander caught in a brawl, or is he a major player in an Illusionist’s con game?

Presently, Defango and two of his friends are driving to see the August 21, 2017 total eclipse in Oregon, which is not very far north of Dave Acton’s Mount Shasta, California home. An interesting rumor, according to  is that Mount Shasta is where  underground facilities are established for the Monarch program “that makes people think they are in communication with aliens”.  It is claimed that “this facility is for torturing and reprogramming captured runaway Monarch slaves, and that  people are brought here via helicopter, plane or flying saucer…It is a remote wooded area.  It is heavily guarded, has fences, and a large contingent of black helicopters.” This rumor is notable in that it was thought that Tengri 137 were aliens communicating with the human race, and certainly,  the “reprogramming” of the mind is a primary goal of their cryptic writings.

Mount Shasta territory is a  beautiful part of the northern California/ southern Oregon forests,  where most recently Dave Acton  has declared himself to be the Incident Commander in charge of the potential breakaway nation/state of Jefferson.  He is convinced that Civil War is about to begin, as shown below:

Dave Acton is preparing for Civil War, and he is the acting Incident Commander for a new nation/state to arise in the Oregon/California region

Defango promoted and worked on the Tengri 137 puzzle, but later speculated that it might be the creation of Mossad.  The winner of this game, as the Chosen One, gets to receive the key to their library. Tengri 137 said that the winner would stay hidden, so we do not know for sure if Defango is now a Chosen One.

And so we have this strange scenario of  Defango, holder of the Cicada 3301 spear,  interpreter of Tengri 137, making his way up the Pacific Coastal states to see a total eclipse of the sun on August 21st, after he has passed by the Mount Shasta area where the underground bunker housing the Monarch slaves reprogramming center “is”, as well as Dave Acton’s place where he sits in his refitted vehicle, proclaiming himself Incident Commander of the state of Jefferson. This Twilight Zone of the Alternative News Media Youtuber Universe is as bizarre as it can get.

DEFANGO: Divine Energy Flowing Absolutely Never Going Out

Manuel Chavez III, the easily entrapped Synthesis adult/juvenile boy,  calls himself Defango, short for  Divine Energy Flowing Absolutely Never Going Out.  This man-child is told by his new mentor,  Rebekah Roth, Always stand in the truth, even if you’re the last one standing.

Like Rebekah Roth, Defango is an illusionist. Nothing ever seems quite real in either of their worlds.  Illusionists never stand in the truth.  They do however, trod it under their feet, in order to project falsehoods.   So what is this last one standing imagery? A Duel to the Death to Kill Off Real Truthers?

Manuel Chavez has been noted to reverse Defango to read OGNAFED.  He did this in the case of OHM Wallet, a new cryptocurrency which he promotes,  where he is Website Coordinator and also Reddit Coordinator. Perhaps the reversal of his fake name has to do with not letting it be widely publicized that is claiming that OHM Wallet redirects to a porn site.

Manuel Chavez III claims that he is “a 5th Dimensional being helping the people to find purpose in the world.  I’m an Avid Space Pirate, Underground Music Mogul, Spiritual Gangster, Love Bringer, Agnostic Hacker, Time-Lord, and Chef.  I love Humanity and everything that comes with it.”  On his Facebook he has some comments about his relationships that are insightful, perhaps touching, if it were not for the fact that he is getting too old to be the weed smoking immature brat that he displays in his videos.

The problem with some of his statements about wanting marriage and having children, is that all good marriages require a heart preparation, long before the day-to-day realities set in.  And as Defango, Manuel Chavez is rapidly entrenching himself in bad habits which would destroy the long-term relations he potentially could have with a wife and children.

Sooner or later, the invisible realities of the God who created mankind, begin to reveal the truth of the judgments which agnostics thought that they could ignore.  Luke 16:10   He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much:  and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.

Tengri 137 is an online cryptic puzzle, which Defango produced a number of videos on, to promote his reputation as a man who can interpret mathematically based riddles.  So with Luke 16:10 in mind, let us take a look at Tengri 137 to see what ideas are promoted, and whether Defango stands in the truth.

I was glancing over the mathematic challenges of Tengri 137, since they are introduced  to lead the puzzle solver to prove Tengri 137’s claim that they are the one who said, “I AM THAT I AM.  THIS IS MY NAME FOR EVER, AND THIS IS MY MEMORIAL UNTO ALL GENERATIONS”. Tengri 137 adds, “Our name is a calculation to a number which provide a proof for our existence”.  (I am not sure if Tengri 137 speaks Pidgin English, or that is the dialect of the Interpreter.)

Tengri says, “Here is wisdom.  Before we give you this ultimate proof you should understand our knowledge in the mathematics and our logic.  As a sign for our wisdom we give you some cubes.”

These cubes are 3x3x3 “magic” cubes presumably totaling 666.

I found an interesting video on this part of the puzzle, at called Tengri 137 Part I:  “Magic” Cubes Calculator and Linear Algebra Matrix Tutorial.  I see that more videos were done on the other math problems presented by Tengri 137, as well.  Here is what the Presenter of this video stated:

The above description states in part, “One of the mathematical objects that is being claimed as being doing by higher beings include what some commentators are referring to as “magic cubes”, even going so far as claiming they are “perfect magic cubes”.  Ed, from The Outer Dark, references a Youtuber known as Defango which many view as very knowledgeable about the mathematics behind Tengri 137.  Defango claims that these cubes are indeed special and that only advanced lifeforms could have made them….it is very clear that not only are the Tengri cubes NOT perfect, they are not even classified as Magic…Also a perfect magic cube is not even possible for a 3x3x3 cube, so I believe Defango may be making up claims.  It is also important to note that the Tengrifiles never claimed that the cubes were magic, only commentators and translators have made those claims”.

In short, the mathematics of Tengri 137 are suspect, and the interpreter Defango, is not proficient in solving mathematical puzzles, but he has made claims which are beyond even what Tengri 137, the puzzle maker states.  Is this a man who stands in the truth?

Tengri 137 is a blasphemer in the worst sense of the word, claiming that their name relates to that of Jehovah, the I AM THAT I AM, and also that they gave mankind the Scriptures.  In the first page, second paragraph Tengri 137 says, “Your faith will weaken you, everything what you believe in, you must forget now.  Believing is not knowing…”

This overlooks Hebrews 11:1 which defines faith.  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Faith is characterized by substance and evidence.  It is not blind obedience, and without a foundation in the reality of our existence.  Several scriptures state that the just shall live by faith.  And of course, faith in the Scriptures is in the Holy God who is above all, who created mankind, and who is the WORD, and also the author of the words found in the Scriptures.

Tengri 137 makes use of cubes that supposedly add up to 666, the number of the beast, the Antichrist, the Son of Perdition, who is given his seat of authority by Satan.  In the final problem presented by Tengri 137, it claims that this exercise will open a region of the brain.  The final sentence states, “The reformatting of the brain cannot be reversed”.  I assume this means that the person has in essence taken the mark of 666, by following Tengri 137’s instructions in completing the entire puzzle.

Tengri 137 is correct that taking the mark of 666 will be irrevocable. Revelation 14:9-11 states, And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb; and their smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever:  and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

By playing the Court Jester with important truths, Defango is neither a lover of humanity, nor a leader who can help others achieve purpose in life.  He says he believes in karma. What is the karma of a Double Minded Man who is the Synthesis of the Union of Opposing Principles?  James 1:8 replies, A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways.  

Matthew 6:22-24 says, The light of the body is the eye:  if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.  But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness.  If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!  No man can serve two masters:  for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.  Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Tengri 137 is a Deceiver, and it’s Interpreters are Mockers.











Tracking The Wild Bore: Evidence Preservation On The Face of It

Snuffling around: Behind the Face of the Evidence Preservation Analyst is one big boar, or should we say bore…let the temperature rise a degree or two and the evidence will melt away

On July 20, 2017 I posted Trapped In A RICO Chamber, noting first that a Suspicious Activity Report prepared for the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre had been written by  Dave Sweigert and published online, featuring his findings against James de la Boursodiere AKA Chinada3.  I was amused that one of the submissions of evidence dealt with some doves which were seen in a home YouTube video, deemed by Sweigert to be a health hazard to the surrounding area of Brossard.   Reference was also made to the alleged implication of his subject in “several grand thefts occurring in the United States” involving “alleged deceptive collection of wire fraud funds” based on complaints made to Ripoff

So who is this Chinada3, who has had various and sundry videos removed from YouTube by Dave Sweigert?   A June 18, 2017 submission to by Chinada3 gives insight into a possible prior history of comment exchanges between himself and Dave Acton aka Dave Sweigert.  I am not sure how far back their first contacts with each other goes, or what started this adversarial relationship, but at this point Dave Sweigert is displaying the Litigator aspect of his personality.


Chinada3 says in the above comment, “If you look into Dave Acton on YouTube you can see he has been manipulating YTcreators behind the scenes as a troll for about 6 years or since 2011, during Sandy Hook he also humiliated people who made videos about the Fakery”.   He goes on to say that “dave(sp) primary role on youtube is a channel stalker”.   Chinada3 gives a link to a Ripoff Report complaint which references his Canadian father’s legal  trademark in the USA,  plus other internet links which tie in with his comments.

In response to these comments, a letter to the CEO of VOAT Inc. was written and published online by Dave Sweigert, M.Sci. Evidence Preservation Analyst and Expert Witness.The subject line of this undated letter is VOAT user “Chinada3, and the first line states,  “This is your pre-litigation spoliation notice to preserve and safely archive all documents, electronic evidence and other artifacts associated with the subject VOAT user account.  As you are well aware, this includes logs of audit trails, registration information for the account holder, access and authentication times, traffic and visitor logs, etc.  In short, all electronic evidence (files, messages, etc.) created as part of the subject’s account”.

Dave Sweigert advises that “the subject has been named as a defendant in a wire fraud and racketeering lawsuit alleging crowd-stalking activity in violation of several federal and state civil and/or criminal laws”.  The last paragraph of this letter is highlighted WARNING TO OFFICERS OF VOAT, and states, “You are hereby WARNED that VOAT,INC. may be identified as a primary defendant in a wire fraud and racketeering lawsuit, with the subject listed as a co-defendant.  It is a prudent and wise action to DELETE this account and remove all offending unfounded and meritless entries posted by the subject.  In the alternative, VOAT,INC. should expect litigation in this matter.”

It should be noted that Dave Sweigert had not dated this letter, and there is no proof shown in the public domain that this letter was sent. In fact, the copy which I have quoted has a marking across it, indicating it was on hold.  This leads to an interesting question in regard to the sentence which includes this phrase describing James de la Boursodiere being “named as a defendant in a wire fraud and racketeering lawsuit”.  Using my PACER account, I do not see that a lawsuit has yet to be filed in Federal Court.

And again, as this blog has noted before,  it is a strange act on Sweigert’s part to publish in the public domain  a draft of a letter involving intent to sue, but using language which leaves the reader wondering if a lawsuit had already been filed. I do not know if his targets have personally received a formal letter at their home addresses stating his pre-litigation intentions to file a lawsuit.  The public impression that is left, is that a not-so-amusing game is being played, as Sweigert publishes various documents and videos in the public domain, and then shortly thereafter, removes them.

Here Sweigert mentions in his letter to VOAT,  the specific sentences in the VOAT/Chinada3 comment thread, which concerned him the most.

Towards the end of his letter he denies all of the allegations in their entirety, describing them as “falsehoods, misrepresentations and slanderous material” and “directed at injuring the person and career of the undersigned.  Personal information has been revealed with a directed call-to-action to harass the undersigned.  Unfounded, meritless, and frivolous accusations concerning “cyber-stalking” are made by the subject and hereby DENIED in their entirety.”  What Sweigert does not detail in his letter to VOAT is the Suspicious Activity Report which he had prepared for Canadian officials, and which I first noticed on his slideshare account on June 17, 2017, the day prior to the date of Chinada3’s VOAT comments.  Context is always an important factor to consider in any controversy.

OK, so let us return to the Suspicious Activity Report which was created by Sweigert on James de la Boursodiere AKA Chinada3.  In this document, which I have no proof that it was ever sent, only that it was published for a time on the internet, we see a reference to the “alleged deceptive collection of wire frauds”, based on two complaints on Ripoff I found 3, so we will consider the third one also, especially since Chinada3 linked to it in his VOAT comment. The real estate complaints were also found on other similar type websites, compounding the problem if these are false reports.

The first report noted, #1317341, says that this report was filed under Dog Breeders,  by TrowBoyd of Santa Monica, CA on July 17, 2016.  It targets James de la Boursodiere, and gives a partial USA address and the webpage  The comment states, “James de la Boursodiere was odd but took him as a caring Breeder.  Not everyone can devote their lives to animals.  he seemed genuine, enough and the pics and videos of puppies were beautiful.  After a couple of weeks I sent him $4,000 and had my assistant pick up my soon to be my beautiful Bullmastiff pups.  Unfortunately, the puppies were Labradore mixes with shepered or something and James de la Boursodiere would not answer the phone, replace my $4,000 or exchange the pups for the Bullmastiffs I paid for.  AVOID THIS WEIRDO AT ALL COSTS!”

This comment offers information which is so ludicrous, that one hates to even analyze the falsity of it.  First of all, Sweigert lists this report under “alleged deceptive collection of wire fraud funds”.  There is nothing in this comment that specifies that the $4,000 was sent via wire or any other type of payment method.

The Ripoff Report complaint references a Canadian website, but gives a partial USA address.  Fraudulent internet communications fall under the category of wire fraud, but this complaint does not provide any evidence to prove that any part of this transaction actually took place.  One wonders why some  person in California who cannot spell basic words, but manages to get a long name spelled correctly, would want to purchase dogs from the other side of the continent.  The subject of this complaint, who originates from Quebec,  appears to reside in Florida. There is no realism in this complaint scenario, whatsoever.

The Second Ripoff Report #1314072 was submitted on June 28, 2016 by Burnt Toast of Calabasas, CA and gives a business address in Naples, FL for Cowboyd Realtors/Sun Realty. The headline reads, James de la Boursodiere Jamie, Chinada3, Cowboyd Realties, Sun Realty Scam Real Estate Fraud SWITCH-A-ROO BAIT AND SWITCH Naples Florida.

Burnt Toast, who claims familiarity with the online aliases of James de la Boursodiere, but does not state their own legal name,  states, “Cowboyd aka Jamesdelab1 aka chinada3 aka Chinada Unstoppable aka Sun Realty advertises properties and services that are VERY appealing.  Unfortunately, the sweet promises are nothing but lies!  I lost $785,000 on this bogus front of a company.  They work out of Naples, Florida and supposedly from Canada.  My money went into escrow and this guy “Cowboyd” or “Boyd” with his BIG HOKEY cowbiy hat and huge grin vanished once money was in escrow.  the property was not on the up and up.  AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS!!!”

Where have I just read in all caps, AVOID THIS ___AT ALL COSTS!  Could it be that we are dealing with the same writer who filed the dog complaint?  Now for some reason, which we might be able to guess, Dave Sweigert does not reference the other Realtor complaint, #1314089 which was also lodged against the business, Cowboyd, at the same Florida address.  The Complainant on this other Realtor complaint, Art Jennings of Fort Lauderdale, FL submitted his report June 28, 2016, THE SAME DAY as complaint # 1314072 by Burnt Toast.  This other report has a rebuttal, proclaiming it to be a bunch of malicious lies.

Perhaps Sweigert did not list this other Realtor complaint in the Suspicious Activity Report so that the Canadian Anti-Fraud Division would not wonder about the odd coincidence that two Realtor complaints were filed the same day, when no other complaints are on record against this target whatsoever.

The “unmentioned” complaint (#1314089) states, “Found Boyd and his “son” James online during the finalization of my divorce and relocation.  They were hospitable, even charming.  They showed me many properties in Florida and even a few in Quebec.  They are lovers, I’m certain of it.  Found an Apartment building for a great price and all seemed almost too easy, and it was.  Sale went thru, $565,444 in escrow pending health dep final approval and code city approval for remodel.  Calls stopped being returned and after a month of getting no straight answers I went down to the office at Sun Realty and they were GONE.  Vanished!  money gone unless the police can recover it.  Learn from my naivete. These jokers are conmen.”

There were two rebuttals as shown below:I looked up the Canadian company, and also Sun Realty USA, which is owned by a different person from the father of James de la Boursodiere. Both these businesses have a stable history, and there is no indication that anyone has vanished or could not be reached.

Again, the stories are improbable scenarios.  Anyone who has cash in the six digit range would most likely be an astute business minded person who would not depart from standard real estate procedures for closing a sale.  Additionally, if this were not a straight cash sale,  no finance company is going to fund a real estate transaction until all the paperwork is in order, as arranged by a bonded title company.

And if there had been such an actual fraud, the loser of such enormous amounts of money would be pursuing the realtors with criminal and civil complaints.  I could not locate in the public domain of online information anything to substantiate that such crimes had a basis in reality. The reports filed with Ripoff Reports would appear to be acts of defamation, which give rise to the question as to who submitted these complaints  in the first place?

As we can see, many allegations which are made by one party against another, when examined using common sense, melt like snow in a spring thaw.