The Ambush of Guile: The Rogue Money Wire Fraud of V-the Guerrilla Economist

For among my people are found wicked men:  they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men.  Jeremiah 5:26v-guerilla-feet-desk

In considering the motives of Viji Varghese, Steve Quayle and Douglas Hagmann in promoting the false credentials and business ventures of V- the Guerrilla Economist, Proverbs 26:28 has this to say:  A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it; and a flattering mouth worketh ruin.  In this post I want to bring to the reader’s attention, the components of the criminal charge of wire fraud.  At, the website of the U. S. Department of Justice, commentary can be found on the elements of wire fraud which apply to the internet promotion of the false bona fides of  V-the Guerrilla Economist, the pseudonym of Viji Varghese. The internet has at its foundation an interstate network of  telephone and cable communication systems.

Under the subsection entitled 941.18 U. S. C.1343-Elements of Wire Fraud,  the DOJ article begins, “The elements of wire fraud under Section 1343 directly parallel those of the mail fraud statute, but require the use of an interstate telephone call or electronic communication made in furtherance of the scheme”.  Four essential elements of the crime of wire fraud are outlined:  “(1) that the defendant voluntarily and intentionally devised or participated in a scheme to defraud another out of money; (2) that the defendant did so with the intent to defraud; (3) that it was reasonably foreseeable that interstate wire communications would be used; and (4) that interstate wire communications were used.”

Under 942. The Scheme and Artifice to Defraud, comments on the meaning of these words, saying, “…the mail fraud and wire fraud statutes do not define the terms “scheme” or “artifice” and the courts have traditionally been reluctant to offer definitions of either term in the broadest and most general terms. Lemire,720 F.2d at 1335 (“Congress did not define ‘scheme or artifice to defraud’ when it first coined that phrase, nor has it since.  Instead that expression has taken on its present meaning from 111 years of case law,”)”.

Continuing, states, “The fraudulent aspect of the scheme to defraud is to be measured by nontechnical standards and is not restricted by any common-law definition of false pretenses.  “[t}he words ‘to defraud’ in the mail fraud statute have the ‘common understanding’ of “wrongdoing one in his property rights by dishonest methods or schemes,” and “usually signify the deprivation of something of value by trick, chincane, or overreaching.”…”

Under 943.  No Loss or Gullible Victims, the U. S. Code on wire fraud is highly interesting, because many persons are stressing that V-the Guerrilla Economist was targeting the elderly, whereas the distinction between victims is in fact irrelevant under this  federal law.  This code de-emphasizes the vulnerability of the victims, saying, “It is the scheme to defraud and not actual fraud that is required.”  United States v. Reid F.2d 1255, 1264 (D.C.Cir. 1976).”No particular type of victim is required…nor need the scheme have succeeded.”

Three other quotations from case law are quoted: “[I}t makes no difference whether the persons the scheme is intended to defraud are gullible or skeptical, dull or bright…”;  “The monumental credulity of the victim is no shield for the accused…”.; and “To hold that actual loss to victim is required “would lead to the illogical result of that the legality of a defendant’s conduct would depend on his fortuitous choice of a gullible victim.”

Finally, under 944. Proof of Scheme and Artifice to Defraud, states, “To sustain a conviction the government must prove the existence of a scheme; it is not required, however, to prove all the details or all instances of allegedly illicit conduct.” And in conclusion they state, “All that is required is the [the defendant] knowingly and willingly participated in the scheme; she need not have performed every act herself.” United States v. Maxwell, 920 F.2d 1028, 1036 (D.C. Cir. 1990).  The evidence need only show that defendant was a ‘knowing and active participant’ in scheme to defraud and that scheme involved interstate wire communications.” Id. (quoting United States v Wiehoff, 748 F.2d 1158, 1161 (7th Cir.1984)).”

Now that the identity of the man behind the mask of V-the Guerrilla Economist, who sold his fake insider information based on falsified credentials, has been made known, it must not be overlooked who actively promoted this fraud.  Here is a screenshot of the May 24, 2013 The Hagmann & Hagmann Report which was reprinted on has been documented on the false bonafides of V-the Guerrilla Economist at and can be noted in letters of complaint of fraud written to the Orange County, New York District Attorney.

When the day has arrived when the guile of self-appointed anointed Watchmen of God requires the bringing in of those who enforce criminal codes against fraud,  every Christian ought to be concerned. Many Christians have remained silent about such fraud, or actively promoted “Christian” radio and TV shysters. It is time for Christians to reflect on their own participation in the sins of  their leaders.  As Isaiah 28:17 begins, Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet…



The Sudden Identity Crisis of the New York Connection

One month ago, on November 20, 2016, Michael Erevna of published an expose entitled, Unmasking “V” the Guerrilla EconomistThis was followed by two more articles:   Alternative Media “Christian” Crooks and the Golden FLEECE! on December 4, 2016, and Abracadabra:  “V” the “Guerrilla Economist” (Viji Varghese) Vanishes Resume Credentials! on December 11, 2016.

Viji Varghese AKA V-the Guerrilla Economist

Viji Varghese AKA V-the Guerrilla Economist

Due to the revelation of the exact identification of the man who hid behind the mask of V,  I am  reviewing the 2015 records I kept on this rogue guerrilla economist.  One of the articles I wrote on this subject was entitled, To V or Not To V:  The Implausible Deniability of Steve Quayle which was posted on October 13, 2015.  The other article dated November 18, 2015, I called The Gold Rush.  I had been aware for some time of V’s real name because it had been revealed in internet comments back in 2015.  However, there are numerous persons with the same name in the state of New York, so at that time I was not able to pin down the address and true resume of the Viji Varghese who had posed as V-the Guerrilla Economist.

It was on March 12, 2012, that V sent the first of his 89 pages of emails to Steve Quayle. In my opinion, it is doubtful that Viji Varghese could have succeeded in his fraud on his own. The pulling off of the V fraud had at its foundation three factors.  The first factor is the promotion of the credibility of V’s bonafides by Steve Quayle, which he was able to accomplish because so many Christians trusted Quayle’s vetting of so-called Insiders.  The second factor is the Blogtalk radio platform of the Hagmann & Hagmann radio broadcast now known as The Hagmann Report, which purportedly receives a “B”  Alexa rating, reflecting a listener base of some 60-70 million persons in the United States and dozens of foreign countries.  The third factor is the mentoring by another probable fraud known as W the Intelligence Insider, who was exposed as being Wayne Willot, who has worked closely alongside V in his radio appearances. Doug Hagmann promoted W as a man we could all trust.

Here is what Doug Hagmann said on his January 28, 2014 show about his good friend W the Intelligence Insider: I am not going to-I’m not going to tell you his name.  He is, as far as I am concerned, he would be the real American James Bond.  If I could, if I could equate him with any type of figure it would be an American style James Bond.  Folks, you will have to trust me on this.  This is a guy, who I trustI trust explicitly.  I trust this man, and in fact I say that I would take a bullet for this guy.  And there you are, you know, maybe there’s a handful of people I could say that for, ah, about.  And I trust him.  Look, if he called me up and said, ‘Look there is an alien invasion on the White House lawn, I wouldn’t even have to turn on my TV.’  I’d believe him.  That’s the level of trust that I have got with this gentleman.  With that I will address him by his first initial “W”,- come on, Sir, welcome. To this W responds, Well, that was quite an introduction there, gosh.  And Doug Hagmann then says, Well, I tell you-you deserve it.

Now back on January 11, 2013, Doug and Joe Hagmann, along with Steve Quayle, introduced V to millions of listeners of the Hagmann & Hagmann radio show.  Steve says, Tonight is a special treat because we have got one of the most accurate financial insiders I have ever had the privilege to know a lot of people.  Doug has been listening to him by the way of his email and reading of his emails but listening to the news that V has so appropriately warned everybody ahead of time that just to fill you in on his bona fides without obviously causing too much of a shock, he is probably one of the most well known commodities traders in strategic metals.  He has worked for major PM (ie. precious metals?) firms also worked for the largest bank in the world, and if you know anything about the largest banks you don’t get to be the head of trading desks and all this stuff unless you know what you are doing.  His accuracy is prescient.  He’s timely and is important and he basically agreed to come on because he felt really it is time to warn the people because we are in the throws of a major cataclysmic financial group of events that are going to take place….

When I was writing a post on Jon Robberson and discussing the fact that at the beginning he was promoted by Doug Hagmann as the anonymous Hollywood Insider, I also made this comment on V-the Guerrilla Economist.  I had written, Now after V-the Guerrilla Economist was invented, and heavily promoted by Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann, there was a point when he was “disfavored” and left the inner circle of trust.  Because his bona fides cannot be substantiated, he remained anonymous and created his own website and radio show.

It was a topic of discussion in 2015 that at some point, both V and W were mysteriously  never featured again as guests on the Hagmann & Hagmann radio show.  When V went on to do his own radio broadcast, W the Intelligence Insider stayed at his side and has been his constant radio broadcast companion.  This separation of these two “Insiders” from their promoters caused rumors to suggest that there had been a falling out between them and  Hagmann and Quayle.  Despite V’s and W’s departure from the inner circle of Hagmann and Quayle, these two promoters of V never exposed the fraud of V-the Guerrilla Economist to their listeners.

In reading the articles written in the past month by Michael Erevna for his website, one of the interesting quotations of V to Michael Erevna was the mention of revenues of $6,000,000.  Whether this was an accumulation of income over a several year period, or that of one year, it is an incredible sum of monies. As an ex-banking auditor, I began to wonder under what business name such sums were reported to the IRS, or whether these monies were ever reported at all.

While many small businesses retain the sole proprietor model and file a schedule C to the IRS, as soon as revenues become appreciable, most persons then become concerned about potential liability and taxes, so they then take on a corporate or LLC form of business.  I could not find anything under the New York State business entity search for Rogue Money, and other “titles” which V has used such as V-Guerrilla Consulting. But I observed that on V’s podcast page, under Rogue Money Radio it says “by Rogue Media, LLC“.

Below is a screenshot of the registration of that LLC.  Note that the Rogue Media LLC dissolved on April 27, 2016, but is still noted this month on the podcast page.  Interestingly, this LLC had originally been filed on September 28, 2007, several years before V became famous on the Hagmann and Hagmann show.rogue-media-llc-3573926This nearly dead end search prompted me to ask Michael Erevna if he was aware of the name of a registered business entity which V was currently using.  Now anyone who has followed V over the years, is familiar with his drama queen persona as he declares his many warnings of the imminent financial demise of America. So to my surprise, (and thanks V for the humor!)  his current registered business name is called Remain Calm LLC.  The filing date was October 26, 2016 which was a few weeks before Michael Erevna posted his expose.  One has to wonder why this nervous wreck suddenly decided to try to change his image to that of a calm man.rogue-money-remain-calm-llc

I have noted in this post that those persons who endorsed the genuineness of the credentials of that New York based fraud Viji Varghese AKA V-the Guerrilla Economist was first of all Steve Quayle of, the owner of Renaissance Precious Metals of Bozeman, Montana. Secondly, his partner in this promotion of V as someone we should trust, based on his financial insider knowledge and analytical skills, was the radio host Doug Hagmann of the Hagmann and Hagmann show on Blog Talk Radio.  Hagmann can be linked here.

At the Hagmann Report website can be found information on the business entity which Doug Hagmann uses to report his radio broadcast donations for his research and investigative works.  See below screenshot taken 12/20/2016.hagman-report-donation-address-1220-2016Note that the business entity is Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc.,  which is a longstanding registered business entity used by Doug Hagmann as a private investigator and operative for the FBI and the New York police.   A screenshot of a Linked In page reveals that Hagmann was licensed not only in Pennsylvania, but also in New York.hagmann-investigative-services-linked-inA February 2013 bio done in connection with a YouTube Pete Santilli show also reveals that Doug Hagmann had worked as a private investigator in conjunction with the New York police.hagmann-new-york

In summary,  Hagmann Investigative Services is not only the business entity which represents the private investigative work of Doug Hagmann, but also is the business entity which the Hagmann Report references for donations and related income reportable to the IRS.  It was through this business entity that Doug Hagmann promoted the fraudulent front of Viji Varghese who lives and does business in New York.

So why am I  stressing the New York Connection?

On October 26, 2016, which oddly is the day which Viji Varghese registered his new business entity Remain Calm LLC in New York, Douglas Hagmann, under the false spelling of his legal name as Douglass Hagmann submitted a signed document to a Federal Court which declares in part,  My only connection to New York is that I have been served with this lawsuit. and 7. I hereby declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing statements made by me are true to the best of my knowledge.  Now in response to this declaration, the Plaintiff has given a 68 page detailed argument to the Judge regarding both Stephen Quayle and Douglas Hagmann’s submitting  of declarations signed October 26th, which falsely spelled their legal names and also denied any connections to New York.

I seldom listen to the Hagmann Report radio broadcast anymore unless a reader asks me to review some portion of audio which they found notable.  But in doing so, I have mentioned in prior posts that it appears that Doug Hagmann is purposely covering his tracks of the past few years.  For example he can be found to recently suggest that Rosebud, another Insider with a fake name, was a reliable forecaster of current events, although no proof is given.  Hagmann, in his self righteous rants on his radio broadcast,  also likes to plant false insinuations about all those persons who have tried to hold him accountable for his words and actions.

These Make-Over Artists seem to be very busy at present, and in the case of V-the Guerrilla Economist, he has been glossing up his Rogue Money website.  Gone is the image of a raging rogue guerrilla.  However he forgot to change his present byline, Truth is Currency.  Now that byline is very telling, for that is exactly how a financial fraud treats truth.  It would appear that now V is generously giving away his advice, as I cannot find his previously quoted subscription prices on his website.  But even the magician V cannot make the following screenshot disappear, when once upon a time Hagmann promoted V’s website, and advertised the subscription fees which V charged for his fake advice.rogue-money-subscription-priceAs I slowly prepare the documentation of the evidence I have accumulated on V-the Guerrilla Economist for a complaint of fraud letter which I shall soon submit to the Orange County, New York DA’s office, I  will also include the hype which V invented involving a mysterious 4 star general.  Many comments were made at that time by persons with a military background declaring that they have never seen anyone promoted on the fast track which this 4 star general made claims to.

So if it is illegal to falsify credentials, will V also be held accountable to the Army for promoting such a fraud? If V invented the 4 star general and also invented his words, that makes V not only a promoter of a fraud, but Viji Varghese would also be personally liable for creating yet another set of false credentials.

V is still promoting his Rogue Report forecast for 2017 as an ebook for $24.99. I wonder if his looking glass has foretold his own future.  In my next post, I am going to review some online information on wire fraud.  It is no wonder that so many “Christian” Alternative Media News promoters of V-the Guerrilla Economist are now denying what I call The New York Connection.



The Claws of A Great Bear and the Conscience of a Man laid in the Balances in the Sight of God

And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear…..Revelation 13:2aursa-major

Many have wondered about the portrayal of the constellation of Ursa Major as a Great Bear with a long tail, which is typical of a leopard or a lion. In occult literature, this constellation represents the Luciferian Priesthood, and depending on the time of observation, this bear can be seen on all four legs lumbering slowly around a central point, or standing upon its back legs as a sign of retribution.

On page 291 of the book Expendable Elite: One Soldier’s Journey Into Covert Warfare, written by Lieutenant Colonel USASF (Ret.) Daniel Marvin,(published by Trine Day 2003/2006), this comment is made: The CIA.  They are like a beast with many claws.  They have many secret operations and many ways to destroy a man.”

I reviewed one aspect of the story narrated in the Expendable Elite on Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2016 in a post called, A President’s Fantasy Is A Soldier’s Curse.  As a Christian reader, this is a fascinating story both historically and morally as a study of the conscience of one man.  Two different periods of time in the life of the author are represented.  The first section tells of the workings of the conscience of an unsaved but honorable man who served in the sixties in Vietnam as the commander of a Special Forces A team. The second section details the publication of this book after the author became a Christian resulting in him becoming a defendant in a defamation lawsuit filed by the Special Forces Association and his own men.  In both time periods, the shadow adversary of the author was the CIA and their retributive justice served out generously to those who are at cross purposes with them.expendable-elite-book-cover

In considering how the role of the CIA played out with regard to a Special Forces man, I was somewhat astounded when I read on page 1 of the book, that a the break in the line of accountability occurred when the author took on a secret mission for Special Forces.  Marvin was told by his superior,  “…if you take command of A-424 and accept this TOP SECRET mission, you’ll be on your own.  When you leave this room, it will be as if we never met.  We can’t and won’t stand behind you if you are caught doing what I am about to tell you to do.  Got it, Captain?”

I have never been in the military, and as an outsider, I have always had the general impression that lines of authority are very rigidly upheld in this realm, even more so than in the corporate world, which guards its lines of authority very jealously.  So who silently filled the gap?  Well later, the CIA shows up to give Daniel Marvin and his A Team another covert mission, which is to override the work and the alliances which were established in his first mission.  The fact that Daniel Marvin does not reject the CIA mission at the start, but rather conditions his acceptance on the meeting of one condition, would seem to imply that the broken line of command which was covertly filled by the CIA, was not an abnormal event.

In the introductory page xv, this chilling comment is made to journalist and editor, Jacqueline K. Powers, “We don’t fear the enemy we are trained to defeat,” he told me, “We fear what may happen to us should those in power decide that our nation would be better served if we were no longer available for question or comment.”  Dan then told me without any outward manifestation or trepidation “other volunteers, trained and dedicated as we were would be asked to ‘dispose’ of us.  It was as simple as that.”

The book Expendable Elite was published after the author, Daniel Marvin, comes to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, a fact which he explains took away any fears he might have had of the repercussions of telling the truth of how the CIA attempted to dispose of his company of men when he aborted their mission assignment. On page 406 where the CIA is referred to as the Company, it is explained how the crosshairs of the CIA were centered on Marvin because he refused to obey illegal demands. Page 414 notes that “the lawsuit was a ‘steam roller’ operation- which is spook slang for an attempt to cover up history, deny questionable activities, and flatten opposition to the official story”.

The question is asked on page xi, “Why would the Special Forces Association, nominally a fraternal organization, go to this extent?  The answer is that they wanted to hide the facts of what Special Forces are really involved with in their day-to-day- operations as counter-insurgents, terrorists, assassins and saboteurs”.  If you are interested in the details of the two lawsuits filed in Federal court against Daniel Marvin and his publisher, Trine Day, there are many documents posted on the internet at

At the heart of Daniel Marvin’s actions concerning the lawsuits (one resulting in a mistrial, the other involved the jury absolving the defendants of the defamation charges) is his desire to have what a Christian would refer to as a guaranteed right to a Daysman.  In the Bible,  Job was in a manner “put on trial” by his friends, as also Marvin was formally put on trial by his Special Forces men.  Job desired a Daysman between him and God, whom he regarded as the source of his plight. Unaware of the discussion of his righteousness which had taken place between God and Satan, Job was correct in acknowledging that the Final Authority in all matters is God, and not Satan.

That trials are a means of refining men as gold, is a difficult fact of life. But as Paul in Romans 11:33-36 says, and he knew such trials personally, “O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!  how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!  For who hath known the mind of the Lord?  or who hath been his counselor?  Or who hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again?  For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things”  to whom be glory for ever. Amen”.

Daniel Marvin says on page 406, “If, by circumstances evolving when engaged in covert or independent missions, most of which are within a ‘compartmentalized’ frame of reference (i.e. sealed-off, and therefore deniable), our warriors find themselves in the crosshairs of the CIA because they refused to obey illegal demands upon them, they must then be assured proper legal representation, even the right to demand that related TOP SECRET documents be made available to their attorneys.”

To my knowledge, Daniel Marvin was never able to get a law into effect that would allow such a Daysman for a military man who has illegal or unconscionable demands placed on him in the line of duty where covert operations have been established.  He adds on page 407, “…we who wore the Green Berets owed our loyalty first and foremost to Special Forces.  We were taught that we were expected to automatically follow orders from our superiors, without question or hesitation.  Should any truth represent a threat to who we are, what we now do, have done in the past, or may be asked to do in the future, that truth may be obliterated, or surrounded by the constructed walls of secrecy that create plausible deniability for the official channels while leaving the men out in the cold.”

As an American citizen desiring that America live up to her ideal of Justice in law and in practice, there should not be any situation where military personnel in this nation who are faced with obeying illegal or unconscionable demands, cannot have their concerns reviewed by an official third party. It is a dangerous authority when any man is officially granted the power to  kill the conscience of another person, and if that cannot be accomplished,  to be allowed to assassinate that man without a trial.

As an aside, The Epilogue Part Five on pages 414-415 of Expendable Elite reveals that there are still many professional journalists with integrity in the Main Stream Media, despite the continuous derogatory comments of the “Christian” Alternative Media radio hosts, who themselves are guilty of contributing a steady flow of disinformation to the American public. Kris Milligan, the publisher of this book, stood by the author, when he could have backed off.  Both men paid a steep financial cost for their stand.  The following comments were excerpted from an opinion piece of February 2006 published in the Eugene Register-Guard and reprinted in Daniel Marvin’s book.

The lawsuit was a “steam roller” operation- which is spook slang for an attempt to cover up history, deny questionable activities, and flatten opposition to the official story.  The Special Forces Association, a fraternal organization of retired and active Special Forces personnel, obtained the lawyers, financed the lawsuit, and even paid the plaintiffs’ out of pocket expenses.

The association has carried the ball on similar steamroller operations, operations in which our true history is covered up by official denials, obfuscations, and political lies.  Let’s review a few of them.

“Special Forces don’t talk to reporters, and reporters don’t talk to Special Forces.”  That was the direct message delivered to a member of a CNN news crew that reported a covert U. S. Military operation in Laos during the Vietnam “police action”.  The story was part of a broadcast on the secret warfare activities of the Studies and Observations Group, an elite commando unit of the Army’s Special Forces.

CNN Producers April Oliver, Jack Smith, and their news crew had spent eight months on the story, lining up interviews ranging from the grunts on the ground all  the way up to Adm. Thomas Mooer, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time.  Interference to suppress a news story included pressure on CNN board members by Henry Kissinger, a threatened boycott of CNN by veteran groups, and an alleged threat to freeze out CNN from Department of Defense background briefings.

After being fired from CNN, members of that news team have won judgments arising out of the litigation surrounding the affair…and stand by their story today.

Further down page 415, the author notes that during that period, “The Bush administration is currently removing thousands of historical National Archives documents from the public-some of which have been on college library shelves for years- and reclassifying them.”  We must ask why?

We all recognize the need for secret, covert military operations.  But the Bible pronounces a warning to certain persons, saying in Isaiah 29:15, “Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?”  Presently the church is being destroyed by these type of persons, as Jude noted in verse 4, “certain men crept in unawares” and Peter in his second epistle, also marks those false prophets and false teachers, “who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them,…”.

I recommend  Expendable Elite: One Soldier’s Journey Into Covert Warfare, especially to Christian readers,  as it focuses on one man’s dealings with his own conscience which underwent a trial by fire during his military service 50 years ago.  At the very same time which he was trying to uphold high ideals in the compromising world of war which involved real guns, real bullets, real wounds, and the face of Death, another war was going on with the sixties generation.  That war involved a major PSY-OP on the youth of this nation which continues on today.  The Assassination of JFK, the rock and roll, the sex and fornication, the drugs……….and almost 40 years after, the 911 demolishing of the Twin Trade Towers in New York City. Someone altered the mass psychology of this great nation, and it has been in a downward spiral since then.

And where was, and  is the church, the salt and light, in all of this?  Well, throughout all these time periods, there have always been those who by words and deeds have been the voice of conscience and wisdom. But sadly, the church which should represent the highest ideals has become lovers of themselves, rather than lovers of the words of God.

It was a sad day for Daniel Marvin, who had high regard for his men in Vietnam to have to ask after they allowed themselves to be plaintiffs in a CIA based lawsuit, “Would each of these once brave souls be sworn in and then sit in the witness chair and perjure themselves?”  The Claws of a Great Bear might be fearful, but as Hebrews 10:31 points out, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God”. And there is a day when all of us must give account to God the Judge.

A President’s Fantasy Is A Soldier’s Curse

The heading of today’s post is taken from the title of Chapter 15 of the book Expendable Elite:  One Soldier’s Journey Into Covert Warfare, the expanded Victory Edition, 2003/2006, written by Lieutenant Colonel United States Army Special Forces (Ret.) Daniel Marvin and published by TrineDay of Walterville, Oregon.

Today is Veterans’ Day in America. Election Day, this past Tuesday,  has resulted in a new President who will be inaugurated in January as our nation’s leader, and as the new Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces.  Therefore, I thought it fitting to remember those Veterans who served with loyalty and distinction; and especially those who tried to maintain high ethics in that twilight zone of political unrealities which are pitted against the backdrop of combat realities.

The author of Expendable Elite, Daniel Marvin, began his military career in June of 1952.  In the latter days of the Korean War, he had served as a combat engineer Lieutenant.  Because of this combat experience, after he received training as a Green Beret, he was given  command over an A Team in Vietnam, near the border of Cambodia, where the Bassac River flows through.

The bold italic words of Chapter 1:Secret Orders summarizes the nature of this assignment with this quote: Lieutenant Colonel Tuttle, the commander of all Special Forces in the IV Tactical Corps of South Vietnam, spoke in a whisper, “Dan, if you take command of A-424 and accept this TOP SECRET mission, you’ll be on your own.  When you leave this room, it will be as if we never met.  We can’t and won’t stand behind you if you are caught doing what I am about to tell you to do.  Got it, Captain?”

Daniel Marvin’s narrative then takes us on a personal journey of the who, what, where, and when of the seven months from December 1965 to August 2, 1966 when he served in the An Phu District of South Vietnam.  This is very interesting reading, and we learn of the close working relation which he developed with ARVN Lieutenant Colonel Phoi Van Le, the Hoa Haos Buddhists who occupied the rural areas, and in the final scene, the heroic decision of ARVN Lieutenant General Quang Van Dang who rescued Dan Marvin and those related to his Green Beret/ Special Forces operation, from the retribution of the CIA.  “What?”, you ask. “The retribution of the CIA against a Special Forces A Team? What is the back story on that?”

In the first chapters of this book, Marvin gives a detailed overview of the work of his A Team in gaining the confidence of the Hoa Haos Buddhists, and the Vietnamese through several civic works.  But what is telling about the primary mission of the Green Berets, is what Marvin discloses to his wife Kate, who knew little of his career other than what he was allowed to disclose to her.  On page 3, Marvin says, “…it would be twenty years after I earned the Green Beret before I shared with her what I’d actually experienced of an unconventional nature. I hadn’t considered the negative mental effect telling the truth would have on her, thinking she would be happy to at last be aware of what being a Green Beret truly meant in all aspects of its secret, unconventional nature.  After learning of the dark side of guerrilla warfare, special demolitions, interrogation methods and operations that ignored, even defied the International Law of Land Warfare, particularly assassination and terrorism, Kate was emotionally blown away.  One day in the Spring of 1984 she blurted out, “You are not the man I married!” and she had never been so right.  This way of life, though foreign and distasteful to most, was what made my adrenaline flow as nothing else could.”  This confession is interesting, because what we are impressed with in the initial narrative is the integrity of the author, who appears to always consider the higher ethical framework as a part of his daily command.

In the Dedication page of this book, Marvin notes at the end, “This book of truth was begun in 1984, the year I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Personal Saviour”.  This piece of information is the most interesting slant on the narrative given by Dan Marvin, for this confession of faith was made 18 years after the incident with the CIA which almost got him and his men assassinated, when he aborted one of their missions.  It is intriguing that the entire story which he relates from memory and interviews and written documentation was done by a man, now a Christian, looking backward to those days when he tried to maintain high ethics, while not having a higher authority than his own conscience and his loyalty to the Special Forces organization of which he was a key part.

Marvin, who by virtue of believing in Jesus Christ, who sits in heavenly places, has a changed perspective of what is required of man.  For he later notes, that after becoming a Christian he started to view the men he worked with in the past with higher expectations than he would have done in fact, when he was an unsaved Special Forces leader of an A Team.  And therein lies a quandary of every Christian trying to understand his former way of thinking; what standards does God actually apply to the reality of the motives and understanding of truth of that version of us in the past?

On page 411, Dan Marvin says, “I had kept silent about “questionable” activities I was involved in, and, in particular, the facts  surrounding the time in early June of 1966 when the CIA decided to kill me and my men, as well as the time Master Sergeant J. H. and I met with the Mafia don in the vicinity of Boston, and were offered a job to work for him as a “hit team”.  “You won’t have to kill any cop,” he told us.  Sadly, thinking back to that day in 1964, I know now that if I had not been married, I would have seriously considered his job offer.  After all, I rationalized, it’s all right to do it for Uncle Sam, why not the Mafia, which, to my understanding, Uncle uses for jobs here in the States?  My mentality at the time was geared toward doing what was necessary to achieve victory-right or wrong, legal or illegal.  Thank God I no longer feel that way.”

He then describes how his daughter Danilee was instrumental in leading him to the Lord on January 29, 1984.  He adds, “That very day I no longer feared “them” sending anyone –  anyone like me –  to kill me for not holding my silence.  I would fear only the Lord from that day to this.”  Many a man has his wife and children to thank, for being the restraining force in his life from going deeper into darkness, and for being the means which God uses to turn their heart towards God.

So let us get back to the title of this post, A President’s Fantasy Is A Soldier’s Curse.  The central point around which Expendable Elite:  One Soldier’s Journey Into Covert Warfare turns is summed up in the following words on page 307, and elsewhere in this book.  I quote in part, “The yellow represents known VC sanctuaries.”….General Johnson, in an angry tone, interrupted again, “Remove them from the map, Colonel, the President of the United States has told the American People that Cambodia does not permit its territory to be used by the enemy.”

So here we had the situation of our United States military men during the Vietnam conflict, who operated in dangerous combat conditions, being told that their maps were not to reflect the actual reality of enemy strongholds. On page 310, we read, “When General Johnson departed, not a one of us offered to shake his hand or so much as said a word of farewell to him.  In my mind, General Johnson was a living example of a lack of integrity and courage within the military hierarchy from General Westmoreland all the way to the White House.  The extent to which subterfuge was and would yet be used to satisfy immoral political purpose was an obvious evil perpetrated by those in power at the pleasure of our President. American Embassy and CIA leadership would steer that course with full knowledge it would lead to the killing and maiming of South Vietnamese combatants and innocent civilians alike.  Americans and other allies too would be sacrificed in this, a global farce and a tragedy.”

He follows this with, In his book, “A Soldier’s Reports” General Westmoreland wrote, “The enemy’s obvious use of Cambodia as a sanctuary and refusal of Washington authorities to allow me to do anything about it was frustrating.”  Why then, knowing the facts, didn’t General Westmoreland resign and tell the American people the truth rather than be a part of the power structure that knowingly aided and abetted the enemy?  Pure and simple:  No honor, no guts!

So who was placed in the position of conscience to reprove this fantasy of the Commander-in-Chief, President Johnson, who was endangering our troops and assisting the enemy?  As history would reveal, it was Daniel Marvin, as commander of a Green Beret A team on the border of Vietnam and Cambodia, in the heart of dangerous territory, who would speak the needed words.  He was given the assignment to assassinate the Crown Prince of Cambodia, and to make it appear that the Viet Cong were responsible.

Note that Marvin did not turn down the assignment; he agreed to this mission on one condition.  This is summarized on page 259, at the start of Chapter 12: Mission:  Assassinate A Prince, saying, As I turned to exit the command bunker, with Major Le close behind me, I looked CIA agent Walter Mackem in the eyes and told him, “You can tell your ‘highest authority” just what I told you.  If President Johnson insists the enemy be permitted to have their sanctuaries inside Cambodia, I refuse to send my people to risk their lives to kill Prince Sihanouk.”  Major Le smiled.  Mackem glowered at me, turned and went down the stairs in front of us to join Lieutenant Strait who would escort the agent to his waiting helicopter.  Before he had gone two paces toward the chopper with John, he turned, and glared and shouted out to me, “You can’t fight the system, Captain, because you know you can’t win.”

This one condition was not met, and on page 302, Marvin comments on the aftermath of his decision to abort a CIA mission.  He says, “I kept hoping for a miraculous change of military strategy that would allow my people to remain here with Major Le and his people for the duration.  I naively figured that at some point in time the higher command would wake up and discover that what we were doing here worked and should be copied throughout South Vietnam, not erased.  I wanted so much for my low regard for CIA covert operations to be wrong and I yearned to learn that the CIA had nothing to do with that ARVN Regiment breathing death down our necks.  But, I knew in my heart that what we’d lived through right here in An Phu was an example of the terrible reality of high level CIA, Embassy and White House skullduggery.  It was not, as the ‘company’ would want to pass it off, a crazed CIA renegade’s one time foray into international assassinations and subterfuge that could send a 1,500 man ARVN Regiment with orders to attack and take an US Army Special Forces Camp as an act of retribution.”

Marvin’s on page 297, says,  “It was that very moment, the time we were rescued by a South Vietnamese General from the wrath of our own government, that I knew what it meant to be a part of “the expendable elite.”  It is no wonder that we lost the war!”  This short post, remembering an event which occurred fifty years ago, was brought to remembrance on this Veteran’s Day because truly, A President’s Fantasy Is A Soldier’s Curse.

The Expendable Elite:  One Soldier’s Journey Into Covert Warfare” by Lieutenant Colonel USASF (Ret.) is a 502 page book which has 3 forewords, one introduction, fifteen chapters, an Epilogue with 5 parts, a publisher’s afterword, maps, appendices, photographs, an addendum and a postscript.  In this fascinating narrative, there are many levels on which this book can be reviewed.  In my next post, I am going to tackle the “steam roller” operation of the CIA which involved a lawsuit against the author and the publisher of this book.

Happy Veterans Day to all those who served honorably in the military, and especially those who attempted to do extremely difficult missions which had aspects which were troubling to them as individuals with a conscience.


Disinformation, Black Ops, Two-faced Bloggers and the Art of the Illogical Argument

In the past few months, I have taken a journey through the lesser known parts of the Alternative Media, and the Facebook groups which constantly feed into the American psyche an unexamined flood of constant postings of imminent danger, accompanied by mostly banal comments and a sampling of uncensored vile language, histrionics, and porn. Every once in awhile, sound counsel and information is given, but that seems to be the exception to the rule.

So last week, my oldest daughter and her husband and children made a trip from Scotland, where they presently reside, to the US to visit family and friends. When they were staying at my house, we ended up discussing the American Alternative News Media.  My son-in-law who is a Baptist Minister, observed that the fear mindset that is being propagated here in this nation is a uniquely American thing, whereas the European common man takes a calmer approach to current events. Of course, throughout history, on both continents, we can find examples of the populace being shepherded by  political and religious leaders into unprofitable wars. So succumbing to propaganda is nothing new on the human scene.

One of the questions I wonder about is:  Why, in a free country, does an adult Christian blindly accept the opinions of total strangers and fail to examine, and to weigh, the actual facts of his own situation when making decisions which affect the welfare of his own soul, the present and future good of his own family, and his accountability to God?  I ask this question, not only because of what I have observed about the Christian Alternative Media influence on public opinion, but also because of a recent comment from a Hagmann/Quayle fan, who seems to think that I am a Disinformation Agent, rather than a Christian who simply desires that listeners and readers of the Alternative News Media improve their critical thinking skills.

Of late, I have been examining my own use of the time which God has granted me, to reflect on the words spoken and recorded by the Holy Spirit in the Bible, and to reading  how other, mostly unknown, persons have spent their days on this earth.  Why waste one’s time reading shallow Facebook posts, when deeper reflections on real life can be found at little or no cost?  The main library here in Hattiesburg has for some months been clearing out their shelves of unread books and selling them for 25 cents and under.  I now own several interesting public library books that appear to have never been read, and yet they are very well written, factual, thought-provoking books.  I just finished one on the true stories of a whaling captain who brought his wife aboard his ship of uncouth men for a journey from New England to the Pacific Ocean during the Civil War era.

Here is another book which I find highly interesting called A History of Smoky Valley Nevada, written by Robert D. McCracken, a descendant of three generations of hardrock miners, who helped operate mines, yet also obtained a Ph.D in cultural anthropology. He begins the Preface to his book with a quote from James Burke, If you don’t know how you got somewhere, you don’t know where you are.  If you don’t know where you are, you don’t know where you’re going.

Robert McCracken then says, “The usual reason given for the study of history is that knowledge of the past will spare a person or society from repeating mistakes.  This justification is no doubt true, but I believe there is another persuasive reason to study history:  It has to do with self-knowledge and identity.  Each of us is a synthesized sum of individual experiences.  Each moment of our lives results in an iteration:  New experiences are incorporated into a baseline consisting of a synthesis or pattern of all past experiences.  In a sense, each of us is the past made manifest in the present; and at each instant each of us is pregnant with future identity.  Take away our pasts and we are amnesiacs, lost in time and space with no identity. I believe much the same can be said of society…..”

What he is discussing is the ability of mankind to be self-reflective and analytical.  But I ask, if what a person mentally ingests daily is false, both evidentially and analytically, what is the end result to that man and to the society he is a part of?

Today I am going to make a few observations on a 12 minute portion of an audio of Doug Hagmann  discussing an analogy he is trying to make, in order to insinuate that the source of those individuals who disagree with his on-air discourses, are really agents of the CIA working as disinformation, black ops, two faced bloggers. In this audio he is conversing with both his listeners and with his son, Joe Hagmann, on the October 13, 2016 Hagmann Report show broadcast.  Hagmann brings up Kevin Shipp’s book, From the Company of Shadows, printed on October 16, 2012, as a point of reference in his argument.

For those unfamiliar with Kevin Shipp, according to a lawsuit filing in which Shipp was a plaintiff, he declares this about himself:   “Mr. Shipp is a former Central Intelligence Agency officer and antiterrorism expert, having held several high level positions in the CIA.  He was assigned to be a protective agent for the Director of Central Intelligence, a counterintelligence investigator, a Counterterrorism Center officer, a team leader protecting sensitive CIA assets from assassination, a manager of high-risk protective operations, a lead instructor for members of allied governments, an internal staff security investigator, and a polygraph examiner.  He was tasked with protecting the CIA from foreign agent penetration and the chief of training for the CIA federal police force.  Mr. Shipp functioned as program manager for the Department of State, Diplomatic Security, and Anti-Terrorism Assistance global police-training program.  He is the recipient of two CIA Meritorious Unit Citations, three Exceptional Performance Awards, and a Medallion for overseas covert operations.  He is the author of the book, From The Company of Shadows-CIA Operations and the War on Terrorism, Ascent Pub., 2012.”

So with this in mind, we begin at about the 35 minute mark into the broadcast to hear the following: (Note: I have placed some words in bold in order to draw attention to them in my own commentary on this audio.  Also note that I have given links to articles on the internet to explain some of the topics mentioned, if you are unfamiliar with what is being discussed).

Doug Hagmann:…..  I want to give you some numbers.  Kevin Shipp was a, a, he was a CIA analyst and officer, wrote a book  From The Company of Shadows. Fact we, we got the, when he first wrote that book,  we were the first radio interview that he did.  And of course there was a code within that book, some of the long time listeners will remember that interview, to circumvent the CIA censors, and it’s really interesting but uh this coming a little bit from um Kevin Shipp’s and some of this information coming from Kevin Shipp in a recent talk he gave, uh but these numbers I assembled these numbers specifically for this program tonight.  Listen to this, alright?  We talk about the shadow government, we talk about the deep government, the deep state government, the shadow government, we talk about the Luciferian global elite, but who are they?  What is that?  Really, what is that?  Is it just tin foil hat conspiracy crap nonsense…is that what it is?  Well, listen to this. As of today, right now, there are 1,271 government agencies involved in um, secret programs, alright.  1,271 government agencies involved in black ops programs.  Let that sink in for a second.  1,271 government agencies involved in black ops programs.

Joe Hagmann:  I did not even know we had that many government agencies.

Doug Hagmann:   It’s phenomenal. As I mean, mind blowing. 1,931 private companies involved in the same, alright?  Nearly 2,000 private companies have been enlisted in our involvement in Black Op- black operations or “off-the-book operations”.  And these are NGO’s, these are companies that are under the secrecy clause circumventing essentially the Constitution.  Inside the United States, and this might blow your mind, there are 10,000 secret intelligence locations inside the United States and when I say secret intelligence locations they could be think tanks, they could be operational bases whatever they might be, but 10,000 located in the United States and may I remind everyone that when we’re dealing with this and specially with the CIA, and the CIA, their mandate, their ah, charter is non-domestic.  What are we doing with 10,000 locations here in the United States?  Think about that number.  That’s a lot of uh secret intelligence locations.  How about this?  Number of Americans holding and  I’ll ask, I’m going to toss this question out to you, Joe.  How many Americans do you think, and if you’re off, I’m not going to, I mean,  I had no clue, but how many people do you think, how many Americans do you think hold security clearances issued by the government?  How many Americans are bound by the secrecy agreement, that hold secret security clearances, secret designations, security clearances in the United States?  How many do you..

JH:  I’d say 2 million, maybe.

DH:  It’s closer to five.  4.8million that we know of, alright, and, and..

JH:  We have all the private contracting companies now working with  military institutions and intelligence agencies,so..

DH:  yeah

JH:  … that probably is what lead to somewhat of an increase in that number.

DH:  Well,  I thought that number, the 4.8 million, how many hold top secret security clearances?  And there are obviously clearances well above that. But there’s 854,000 right now give or take, that currently hold top secret security clearances for the US government.  You think we’re a little bit top heavy on the secrecy here?  You talk about the JFK speech on secrecy as morally repugnant, well here it is, and I found this extremely interesting.  The agencies some of the agencies involved in issuing these security clearances involved in black ops and also um binding their workers, some of their workers, employees and contractors to the giving up their rights under the Constitution to their black ops operations including of course the CIA, the FBI, and NSA, but also included in this the National Weather Service and NOAA.  Think about that.  That goes back to Dane Wigington and GEO engineering.

JH:  GEO engineering…

DH:  So you gotta know that there is something going on.  I’m, I’m headed, there’s a place I’m going with this, and I really, I’ve hinted at this before.  I’ve made some statements before, but I really want to drive this home now.  Now do you see the scope of this?  The CIA has got something called In-Q-Tel.  I don’t know how many people are familiar with that.  You’re familiar with that, Joe.  In-Q-Tel.  In-Q-Tel is a basket I suppose of, I don’t even know how would you describe In-Q-Tel?  I guess they recruit companies that could be as large as Google for example, or as small as some Mom and Pop operation, but In-Q-Tel uh collects the businesses and, and they co-opt them and they work for the, essentially work for the CIA, alright.  In this post-Constitutional government in which we live today.  Now here’s why I bring this up.  Because concurrent with the email releases, and I think some people might, the Podesta Email release, this is one thing that may surprise many people because um there is a website, it’s a known Conservative website based in the UK, this according to the Podesta email release, Heat Street, uh founder, do you know of the Heat Street?

JH:  Yeah, that’s been a website that has seen a huge rise in traffic during this election cycle.

DH:  Right, and it’s supposedly conservative UK based conservative, alright.  Well one thing it you…

JH:  I wondered where that just popped up from.

DH:  Well, OK.  But the Podesta Emails of here lately um revealed that the Heat Street founder conservative based   Heat Street UK website founder Louise Mensch is an advisor for the Hillary Clinton campaign, as close to Hillary Clinton.  Now, folks, again think about this. Think about what I’ve been saying here for the last couple of, several weeks, months, maybe, about the infiltration and about how people on our side have been co-opted in which you think you know to be true is not true at all.

Now I’m not saying this, the Podesta Emails revealed that the Heat Street founder, this conservative UK based conservative website Louise Mensch is working for Hillary Clinton, the campaign.  This according to the Podesta Email  uh disclosure.  I will say this-this is not confirmed but this is based on my investigation-I personally believe, it’s my professional opinion, that the, all of the anti-Trump material that has been released, has been released by Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment that includes the Bush family and that includes the current Republican Senators and Congressmen.

Now think about that.  The reason I mentioned, I’m going to go back one step, and the reason I mention about Heat Street is because of course Louise Mensch is an author of books that are supposedly, and an author of articles that are supposedly taking Hillary Clinton to task.  But on the flip side of that you’ve got this supposedly conservative allegedly conservative person that’s working for Hillary Clinton.  But you wouldn’t know it because she is coming out and writing articles to the contrary.

We see this here, directed at  the Alternative News Media, and this is extremely important what we’re seeing take place right now against Hagmann and Hagmann Report, against myself personally and others, including people like Dave Hodges, Alex Jones, Rick Wiles, Steve Quayle.  We have the same problem. Or we are experiencing the same blowback here.  You would think OK, you may come across on the internet people saying, “Oh, well, they’re really, the big thing is they’re not Christians, they are, they’re bad Christians, oh they’re just ah, they’re Fear Porn people.  They are whatever, this or that”, and you look at who’s lobbing the accusations and, and, it would appear that they could be legitimate Christians or legitimate Conservatives having legitimate complaints. 

Well, the very playbook that I just gave you, the fact that, that the Podesta Emails ripped open, laid out, that Louise Mensch as the founder of Heat Street website is actually working on behalf of Hillary Clinton is the exact, and I mean the exact architecture behind the attacks that we face.  So the reason I brought this up is all of us in the Alternative Media which has now been branded Alt Right.  Folks, we are now um on the hog list, the short list, for censorship which is a good thing in my view because now we’ve, I don’t want to say we’ve made it to the big leagues, but we’re making a difference because you’re not going to get fired at, unless you’re over the target.  So I think we are accomplishing our mission of information and sharing information analysis.

But we are fighting this Leviathan, as I mentioned before, we’re fighting this Leviathan of Black Operations of 1,271 government agencies involved in those secret black ops, and 1,931 private corporations and over 10,000 secret intelligence locations located here in the United States, and 4.8 million people in this country holding security clearances; many of whom are involved in the black ops and the 854,000 plus holding top security clearances and this, the…

JH: Think of the money that it takes to fund these Black Ops operations….(47.25 mark)


Within the body of this dialogue, Doug Hagmann tells his listeners that he has a goal in mind, a place where he is headed with his background information on the CIA and the Podesta Emails released by WikiLeaks, and the two faced behavior of the founder of Heat Street, who at the same time as appearing as a conservative critical of Hillary Clinton, is in truth helping with her Presidential campaign.

What he lays out in terms of CIA based disinformation, black ops, and a two faced UK blogger, he later refers to as a playbook, or an architecture behind the attacks he is personally facing. Taking this larger scenario which he has painted, he transfers this  analogy to his own personal situation,  in the form of an illogical argument that the internet attacks against him, and his Alternative Media friends, which appear to be legitimate complaints from legitimate Christians and Conservatives, are suspect, and connected to a Leviathan of Black Ops.  Doug Hagmann does not name the names of the greatest adversaries he faces on the internet; therefore  his listeners cannot judge for themselves the soundness of his argument.  Just in case one of his listeners runs across one of his critics on the internet, he trivializes those bloggers as being whiny complainers who make accusations of fear porn and pose questions about the genuineness of the Christian salvation of Alternative Media radio hosts and writers.

The first part of Hagmann’s narrative sets up broad based apriori statements consisting of certain perceptions of the CIA held by the American public. As everyone knows, the CIA does not have a good public image because of the clandestine operations in which it has been involved over the years, particularly where it served questionable political goals in Vietnam, or South America and other places.  So using this natural aversion to the CIA which the average American feels, Hagmann  then sets up a strategy where he relies on the authority of a former CIA officer, Kevin Shipp, who experienced problems involving CIA censorship of his publication(s). Thus a former CIA insider becomes an instant free speech hero after retirement, by fighting the censorship efforts of the ClA who suddenly becomes the bad guy to Shipp, after he has faithfully cashed his years of paychecks from them with no moral qualms.

Hagmann quotes numerous statistics from an uncited Kevin Shipp speech, so that the listener is unsure of where these numbers were derived. But the net effect of Hagmann’s statistics is to induce in the listener the impression that the CIA, who has a non-domestic mandate, has in fact positioned itself in the United States to co-opt American citizens and private companies through security clearances and black operations, which Hagmann defines as “off-the books” operations. Hagmann uses the terms infiltration, referring to the co-opting of people on “our side” who seemed to be ones that could be trusted, but proved later to be untrustworthy.

As an example, Doug Hagmann brings up a recent revelation from the Podesta Emails which WikiLeaks published on October 7, 2016.  Joe Hagmann makes a statement about the sudden mysterious rise of the UK website Heat Street during the US Presidential campaign, but what they both fail to mention is that the Heat Street founder Louise Mensch had been a Conservative Party member of Parliament, and English and American definitions of words are not necessarily equivalent, especially when discussing politics.

Rupert Murdoch is the financial backer of Heat Street, which would have pushed this website to top readership within a short time period, so the mystery of a quick rise to prominence is solved there.  But the point which Hagmann wants to make is that Mensch represents a two faced Conservative/Liberal agenda designed to undermine public opinion, at will.  Now why Hagmann ever trusted Louise Mensch in the first place, I have no real clue; perhaps it has to do with her Roman Catholic background, her low cut blouses, the fact that she suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or some other factor which has “Truth which can be trusted” written all over it.

So from this Large Distorted Picasso Painting of the CIA overstepping its mandate with local black operations co-opting American citizens and businesses via security clearances and presumably monetary backing, and the example of a two faced blogger involved with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Doug Hagmann claims that the same playbook, the same architecture is present in internet attacks on the Alternative News Media in the US, and especially on him personally. Now we are discovering the true motive behind this illogical analogy which we are to believe.

Now concurrent with this audio, is the fact that for some mysterious reason Doug Hagmann removed his article published February 10, 2015 from his website, which had been titled, Setting the Record Straight:  Joint Response Addressing the Character Assassinations Underway.  One of the targeted individuals in that piece, later filed a defamation lawsuit against the authors, Douglas Hagmann and Stephen Quayle.  That lawsuit mentioned several instances of defamation as well as citing that particular article which was recently removed.  I am not privy to the backstory behind the removal of that article; an article which had been available for public viewing,  some 600 days or so.

As a disinterested observer, I would like to point out that the use of one example of a two faced Conservative  British blogger who is helping with Hillary Clinton’s campaign is a revelation which just came out this month on with the WikiLeaks Podesta emails. But this is not the first time that Doug Hagmann has aired a similar type of grievance in connection with an author who has written about the Clintons. For example, five months ago, Doug Hagmann attacked some anonymous target, with some rather strange words at about the 1.52 mark of his April 26, 2016 broadcast,  The Bundy Women; followed by Stan Deyo on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

In that broadcast, Doug Hagmann had been stating his opinion that Clinton is a Communist sympathizer and Bernie Sanders is a Socialist, and then he declares, “But Hillary Clinton should be in jail, should be in prison.  And uh, it amazes me and this is something I’ve found out folks and please hear me well on this because there are books about Hillary Clinton.  Listen to me carefully about this.  I never knew this, but there are many books about Clinton by certain authors who will, who will appear to be anti-Hillary or anti-Bill or Anti-Clinton.  Uhhh!! No, they are not! They’re working for ’em!  They’re working for them, I have pictures in their apartments, yeah.  CONFIRMED. Confirmed.  We know who you are.  Yeah, Did you hear me?  It’s a game.  It’s a game…”

When I first heard this accusation, I went to to see how many books there are on the Clintons.  There are so many, one cannot easily pinpoint who Hagmann is referencing.  Are there really several authors who are two faced, and have pictures on their walls proving their duplicity?   I am aware of one author who has done investigative journalism on the Clintons and who was publically attacked by name by Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle.   Hagmann sneers at his target, taunting them with “Did you hear me?  It’s a game.  It’s a game…”. Now what is the average listener to the Hagmann Report supposed to learn from such ill defined innuendos and threats?

Continuing on, the  October 13, 2016 broadcast  followed two weeks after the removal of a controversial post which Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle wrote in 2015, which resulted in a defamation lawsuit being filed against them.  A reader of my blog emailed me in reference to the October 13th show,  thinking that I was being referenced in this accusation.  I wrote back that in all probability, Hagmann was referring to two other bloggers, or maybe even  to some political writer I know nothing about.  After all, I have never written a post against Alex Jones, although I may have  referenced his name in a sentence or two.

But soon after, on October 17th,  I received a comment shown below in connection with the Night of the Betrayers/ Dirt Communion post I did on Steve Quayle and the Hagmanns. meroz-blog-comment-1017-2016-2The comment stated among several complaints,  that I sound like a disinformation agent. Personally I thought that the comment was better suited to be attached to the Rosebud article  I wrote.  But reflecting on these accusations,  this comment should have been posted as a complaint against Hagmann under the April 26, 2016 Youtube video of the Hagmann Report, where Doug Hagmann, the infamous PI is claiming to know what pictures are hung in someone’s house.  Talk about following someone around, and trying to discredit them. So who really are the agents of Disinformation, Black Ops, Two Faced Bloggers, and The Art of The Illogical Argument?  Personally, the Hagmann Report deserves a five star rating for their steadfast contribution of disinformation to the American public via the Alternative News Media.






Michael Erevna of Revelation Now comments on the removal of the February 10, 2015 Hagmann and Quayle article against Erevna and Peschmann

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