Denise Matteau Wilfully Misidentifies a University of Houston Law Professor as the Author of Tracking the Leopard Meroz

On November 17, 2020, Denise Matteau published a 2 hour video, Schoenberger’s Insane Attempt to Blackmail Texas A. G. Paxtonon her Truth Convoy YouTube Channel.

In this video rant against a number of persons who Denise Matteau claims are connected to Thomas Schoenberger, Shadowbox Strategies, Inc., the Lincoln Group and the Lincoln Project, etc., Matteau tells her audience at the 25 minute mark to “Google all the names.”

At the 26.19 mark, Matteau mentions the Iraqex group as connected to Schoenberger, Joseph Burkett, Brian Birmingham, the Sweigerts and Professor Jacqueline Weaver in Houston, yeah I’m going to get to her.”

Around the 52.19 mark, Denise Matteau goes into more detail, stating “Jacquelyn Weaver was a name that I thought was a  pseudonym.”

At the one hour mark, she moves to her computer to bring up the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog. Matteau declares, “…But this is a trash blog that’s put together by a central Houston law professor.  Umm, she’s promoting the fake law crap, the counterfeit websites.  SHE PROMOTED the article that was put up before.  This is the one who published Sweigert’s article that was also published in his blog 48 HOURS before Nueces…not Nueces, Port Neches was blown up, NAMING THE TCP company that owned those tanks…”

Matteau remarks, “Jacquelyn Weaver, I’m going to pull her, her file up very quickly.”

What Denise Matteau proceeds to do is pull up an internet post on Jacqueline Weaver, Professor Emerita, at the University of Houston Law Center.  She then continues her slander against both Jacquelyn Weaver, author of the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog as well as against a completely unrelated innocent person who has a similar name, but with a different spelling!

Note that Jacquelyn Weaver is my legal name, and I have lived in Mississippi for 9 years.  I have never lived in Houston, Texas, and my name has never been spelled Jacqueline. In numerous articles discussing legal concepts, I have stated that I am NOT an attorney, but rather that my career was in banking.

Although I am flattered to be regarded on an equal level with a lovely woman who obtained her B. A. in Economics at Harvard, and her J. D. at the University of Houston, I AM NOT THAT PERSON.

It is highly objectionable that Denise Matteau should recklessly include in her lying rants, an innocent person who has nothing to do with her continuing defamation against various individuals.  In a past video, Matteau has called me a terrorist, and in her usual manner, provides no evidence to substantiate her allegations.

Jacqueline Weaver of the University of Houston, and the General Counsel of that university have been contacted by another person slandered by Denise Matteau.

I will also be contacting these same parties in regard to Denise Matteau’s unwarranted defamation against the respected law professor.

2 thoughts on “Denise Matteau Wilfully Misidentifies a University of Houston Law Professor as the Author of Tracking the Leopard Meroz

  1. I’m glad you’re getting a laugh out of the whole thing, as I did, when shoved into the deadly international gang, because of relationships which exist only in her own mind. Let’s hope the other Ms. Weaver (or one of them, since there’s a third Weaver now been listed as a relative, and in the stalking gang, as of this morning) has as good a sense of humour, and is as understanding of what’s going on, as you. Law types can be quite serious, sometime.

  2. Reblogged this on The Power of No Blog and commented:
    A reblog of a trackingtheleopardmeroz post, where Ms. Weaver plots out the tangled machinations of the mind of Truth Convoy, as she adds yet more members, erroreously, to the international stalking gang. Let’s get warmed up with this morning’s epic rant, speaking in tongues, or in ectasy, a la Teresa of Avila. A doozy, and the quality of content we’ve come to expect.

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