Gauthier vs Schoenberger: 2015 Deposition of Thomas Schoenberger and Original Complaint

On November 24, 2014, Isabelle Gauthier vs. Thomas Schoenberger (case no. BC564759) was filed in the Superior Court of California, for the County of Los Angeles.  The Original Complaint was for Breach of Contract, Breach of Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Fraud by Concealment, Conversion, and Breach of Fiduciary Duty.

Note:  The following public court documents do not represent the entirety of the documents filed in this lawsuit. 

Deposition of Thomas Schoenberger December 1, 2015

Gauthier v Schoenberger 1201 2015 Deposition

Original Complaint and other court documents

Gauthier v. Schoenberger, Case BC564759 November 24, 2014 ORIGINAL 

gauthier vs schoenberger 127 2015

gauthier vs schoenberger 505 2015

gauthier vs schoenberger 211 2016

7 thoughts on “Gauthier vs Schoenberger: 2015 Deposition of Thomas Schoenberger and Original Complaint

  1. Posting a court document from 2014 makes you look even more desperate than before. Weaver = Hoffman. Seriously you have zero credibility. What you have written, the lies on others and myself I think they have a special place in hell for people like you. Liar, Slanderous, B grade blogger. You should be ashamed of yourself lying about me. It’s disgraceful. And now 2014 court documents. You’re clearly grasping at straws. You also have particularly shady people in your court. That speaks volumes of what you’re clearly paid to write.

  2. Yes, Wyatt, you would understand what false statements are considering the heinous lies you have Tweeted about me based on Schoenberger’s slander only. Don’t worry. I’ll be putting his sworn Testimony side by side to the actual Documents proving he lied under oath for weeks, if not months. Piece by piece. Anything you say cannot be taken seriously in view of the fact you have claimed the photos of 3 different women as your own.

  3. I am honestly perplexed by the accusation that Ms. Weaver “lied” about Rebecca Morgan. Where? When?

    “Weaver = Hoffman?” Really? Is that not a slander? Where is the proof of that? Ms. Weaver has too much integrity to do anything at the behest of Hoffman. Posting legal documents which are in the legal domain, not under seal, is a public service. Maybe Rebecca Morgan should follow suit, rather than trash-talking.

    Nobody pays Ms. Weaver a dime to write anything. Publishing the Deposition of Thomas Schoenberger is a public service, as the monster needs to be illuminated and exposed if only to ensure that he never again defrauds a victim like Ms. Gauthier of any sum of money, much less $400,000.

    Indeed, his other victims need to be addressed, and his criminal career confronted by facts. He specializes in victimizing women of a certain age, and Ms. Gauthier was not his first. The story of Ms. Linda Barrett, for example, deserves to be told. Ms. Brenda Davis. Ms. Linda Vivani. Ms. Julie Ross. Ms. Paula Davis. There are others. Many others.

    It is a wonder, in fact, that Rebecca Morgan dares present herself here to defend Schoenberger. Simply reading the Deposition illustrates how corrupt and indefensible he is. It illuminates how compromised that she is. It is remarkable that any allies remain to this man. Ms. Morgan may soon defect, she may soon conclude that she can no longer defend him, just like Ms. Julianne Burke did.

    Rebecca Morgan threatened my life in a Twitter DM. She claimed that I discussed her children, which is not only untrue, but potentially felonious. I never did any such thing, and she knows it. Saying that she is the mother of five children is a neutral observation, and I was not, in fact, even the author of that innocuous statement.

    That observation is embedded deep in Rebecca Morgan’s page on, a site which exists to facilitate investigations by law enforcement, a site which is the product of multiple hands, as is her page.

    Ms. Morgan can gnash her teeth and threaten me with “visits” by associates of her husband in Bangkok all that she likes. It will not change a word on her page on that site. Nor will it even influence the updates that will be posted there soon. That is not my site, nor my page. In fact, *SHE* wrote the majority of the text on that page. She compromises herself in her own words on that page.

    Will Rebecca Morgan excite the interest of law enforcement? I suspect not. But it is not my business to engage in such speculation. Nor is it my business to wonder whether she will be sued for defamation and hate speech. Like anyone else, I can shrug and say, “maybe,” but what I can do is work to ensure that she is exposed as a card-carrying co-conspirator in the Schoenberger Crew.

    It will be up to law enforcement officials to determine whether she merits closer scrutiny.

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