The Day of Diminishing Capacity: Thomas Schoenberger Threatens and Marcus Conte Makes False Allegations

And he said unto them, Take heed what ye hear:  with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you:  and unto you that hear shall more be given.  For he that hath, to him shall be given:  and he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hath.  Mark 4:24-25

The following is a quick commentary on the threats Thomas Schoenberger made against me and my family, as well as the false allegations of Marcus Conte.  Both men have a history of defaming others with reckless abandon, and this is just another example. Both men seem unaware of the spiritual implications of their words and actions.

On May 8th, I noticed on my blog stats page a referral link to Marcus  And then hours later, I saw that Thomas Schoenberger had posted a video.  Both commentaries share the commonality of incoherence, a sign that the authors lacked understanding of their topic.

Marcus Conte titled his article, Conspiracy Brothers George Webb Dave Acton are Schizophrenic by Nature.  Thomas Schoenberger’s Corona Virus Updates video is called, Exposing Jackie Weaver and her CIA tainted “Leopard Meroz” blog.

Let’s take a look at both, as an example of the day of diminishing capacity; the silent judgment which comes upon those who fail to heed the seriousness of truth.

Marcus Conte

Marcus Conte’s article attempts to charge two brothers with schizophrenia, and to characterize the words and actions of two independent men as being equivalent in motive. He fails.  Then he attempts to bring in four unrelated individuals into his allegations that all are part of a network of “stalkers”, and to claim that they share the same mental disability and criminal motives as the two brothers.  Again he fails to prove his assertions, and particularly in regard to the author of Tracking the Leopard Meroz, displays an inability to read and understand simple English and basic moral principles.

I am going to refrain from commenting on most of the article because Dave Sweigert generally deals with such allegations through litigation.

Marcus Conte’s last paragraphs say this:

I have no idea what Marus Conte thinks a Christian extremist is.  I assume he is attempting to falsely label my writings in order to cause others to think that I should be placed on the FBI’s ten most wanted list of domestic terrorists. The facts of my life stand in silent witness against this accusation.  I do not belong to any Christian identity, sovereign citizen, white Nazi, or any other such groups that use violent rhetoric under a Christian pretense.  I do not have a criminal record.  I say what I believe, but I always provide the basis for my commentary and display evidence.

Last year a number of persons were referring to Marcus Conte as a whistleblower, which is how he wants others to perceive him.  So on July 4, 2019, I wrote an article called Marcus Conte;  Clueless in New Yuck City.  That article was used by Thomas Schoenberger, who I have written against, in his war of words with Marcus Conte.  Marcus Conte in turn promoted a vile anonymous YouTube channel called Dopey Dave.  I protested the content of that video channel in a December 3, 2019, article, Dopey Dave’s WHEEL of MISS FORTUNE.

Other articles which I have written in respect to Marcus Conte included the September 14, 2019 post, Crowdsource the Court Jester Marcus Conte:  Too Lazy to Sue Dave Sweigert, He Attempts to Intervene In a Lawsuit Unrelated to Him!  And also the  December 3, 2019 article, Talebearers Denise Matteau and Marcus Conte “Ignited and United” Campaign to Bring to Justice Their Mythical Monsters.

It is clear in all of my articles why I felt compelled to critique the words and actions of Marcus Conte.  It is also clear, if one reads my articles on Schoenberger, Cromer, Outtrim, and Webb,  that I am not in league with any of these men.  When it comes to Dave Sweigert, I have been supportive of his efforts to deal with the ongoing defamation which he has suffered, at the hands of several YouTube channel operators over the past three years.

I have published the court documents for D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman on an ongoing basis. This was a natural outcome of following the Port of Charleston dirty bomb incident on June 14, 2017.  Subsequent to that event I began to publish the court documents, as a courtesy to my readers, of the Robert David Steele and Earth Intelligence Network vs. Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron, and Queen Tut aka Susan Lutkze Holmes.  I also have published other lawsuits that involve defamation or criminal cases of sovereign citizen or anti-government persons.

Thomas Schoenberger

I do not have a Twitter account, do not comment on YouTube videos and do not have any anonymous social media accounts, whatsoever.  Thomas Schoenberger uses numerous anonymous names and accounts to deflect responsibility for his actions. He has had several YouTube channels struck because of defamation complaints.

On May 8, 2020, Thomas Schoenberger published a blackened video of an audio recording he did called Exposing Jackie Weaver and her CIA tainted “Leopard Meroz” blog.  I have shown below a partial transcript produced by YouTube, leaving out his comments on Jimmys’ llama.

Schoenberger makes several baseless speculations, that he has also stated on Twitter.

These include the following lies:   (1) that my family’s local weekly newspaper was connected with the CIA Operation Mockingbird project.  He alleges that my blog is also connected to the CIA.  No one in my family, including me, has ever worked for the CIA.

(2). He speculates that English was my major.  Not true.

(3) Schoenberger says that in all probability I am a paid operative of “you know Palm Beach area of Florida.”  He is referring to Gabe Hoffman who had filed a defamation lawsuit against him on October 28, 2019 which has yet to be served because Schoenberger is in hiding.  I do not work for Gabe Hoffman, and he has never offered to pay me for anything that I have published on this blog that references his various lawsuits.  It is an insult to suggest that Gabe Hoffman needs to pay anyone to provide commentary on issues which affect him. His defamation complaints stand on their own, and he openly provides his own commentary on his Twitter accounts, and through interviews, audios and comments on other internet platforms.

It is an insult to me to falsely allege that I have ever received payment from anyone for the commentary and documents I post on my blog. My blog is a free WordPress blog and I have never asked for or received donations. In my personal life, I have done years of volunteer work for which I never received any compensation.  I was a volunteer receptionist for 7 years at a food pantry, was a Texas volunteer ombudsman for a large nursing home, and volunteered at church and school activities.  It is an offense to suggest that the profit motive is high on my list of priorities.

(4)  I find it bizarre that Schoenberger talks about my obsession with Seth Rich, when it was a story I never followed, and only knew the bare essentials of.  In the first blog post I did regarding Schoenberger, it was his own video that centered on Seth Rich.  See June 26, 2019, In The Company of SHADOWBOXers.

There was nothing bizarre about my interest in the two civil defamation lawsuits against Jason Goodman after the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax incident on June 14, 2017.  The issues that were raised after that centered on free speech and the responsibility of  internet journalism.

(5)  I have not invaded the privacy of Thomas Schoenberger.  He first contacted me in 2018, and in 2019 started obsessively sending me emails.  My commentary which mentions his name deals with defamation and threats made against Manuel Chavez III, and similar issues concerning persons which he routinely lies about on YouTube and through various anonymous Twitter accounts.  All of those statements are being preserved by several parties who await the ability to serve legal papers on Schoenberger.

(6)  I have never had any psychological problems and threatening to contact my family is out of bounds.  If anyone has a problem with my blog commentary, they can address me directly to complain about specific comments and facts.  Should anyone contact any members of my family or friends, I will file a criminal complaint for harassment.  Thomas Schoenberger likes to use intimidation tactics.  In fact, his Delaware corporation Shadowbox Strategies was formed as a reputation defense business, employing similar intimidation tactics.

[The following are excerpts from the video using the automated transcription page of YouTube.  It is in need of editing for punctuation, etc. and I have left it rough for the time being.]

Thomas Schoenberger:  “Some of the things many people like Jackie Weaver, Jackie’s a blogger she’s got a little bit of a legal background and she knows how to turn a fancy phrase you know I would assume that English was her major and in her world she’s there with Wordsworth and Keith’s and Coleridge but what she puts out its garbage.   I’m gonna leave a link to tracking the leopard mislead which is an article by Steve Outtrim that basically exposes Jackie and I think she’s in all probability and operative getting paid maybe from you know Palm Beach area of Florida that has not escaped me everything about her obsessiveness with the Seth rich and Jason given and you know all of it it just seems strange and then which talks about me she’ll make up things out of whole cloth she seems to protect the video he puts out false emails and she’s deliberately not catching it I’m pretty you know as far as Jackie well they know a bit about her there may be some people reaching out to her family saying why they have session and can you weigh in on any issues she may have had psychologically in her past so I think once your violation of privacy is proven to be through animus you know that once you find that the people violating your privacy are doing it for malfeasance reasons then you are allowed to find out as much about who this person is and if you need to contact other family members are theirs to say what’s the deal well you can do it you can’t do it if your privacy is not being eviscerated but once you’re a target and once your privacy is being thrown to the Wolves deliberately then by all means fight back so where the jungle.”




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