D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman Documents 120-126

On December 4-6, and 9th of 2019, Documents 120-126 were filed with the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Note:  The plaintiff, D. George Sweigert, had complained to the Court that pages from his document filed in regard to Marcus Conte were missing from the court record.  As seen in Document 120, these missing exhibits have been added to the record.  See also Document 118 on adding Marcus Conte to the lawsuit as a co-defendant, where pages were recorded upside down by the Court Clerk.   sweigert v goodman doc 118 1206 2019

As seen from viewing the docket, the documents are out of sequence.

Document 120 (28 pages of exhibits) regarding Marcus Conte

sweigert v goodman doc 120 1204 2019

Document 121 (17 pages) Plaintiff’s First Documents Request

sweigert v goodman doc 121 1204 2019

Document 122 (144 pages) Counter Claim Verified Complaint (Jason Goodman)

sweigert v goodman doc 122 1205 2019

Document 123 (14 pages) Third Party Claim Verified Complaint

sweigert v goodman doc 123 1204 2019

Document 124 (3 pages)  At end of document shows Endorsement by Magistrate Judge regarding “Plaintiff’s Letter Motion for Leave of Court to File Motion to Name Marcus Conte as Co-Defendant”

sweigert v goodman doc 124 1209 2019

Document 125 (4 pages) Plaintiff’s Letter Motion for an Extension of Deadline to file Amended Motion in Opposition

sweigert v goodman doc 125 1205 2019

Document 126 (4 pages  )  Plaintiff’s Letter Motion for an Extension of Deadline to Respond to Defendant’s “Counter Claim Verified Complaint”

sweigert v goodman doc 126 1209 2019



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