D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman Documents 99-101: Judge Denies Goodman Extension of Time to Respond

On November 12 and 13, 2019, documents 99, and 100/101 were filed, respectively, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman lawsuit.

Document 99 (4 pages) Motion for Leave to Extend Time to Respond to Second Amended Complaint by Jason Goodman

sweigert v goodman doc 99 1112 2019

Document 100 (4 pages) Order from Judge regarding Document 99

(note:  The Judge has stated his Order on the bottom of the 4th page of document 99.)

sweigert v goodman doc 100 1113 2019

Steve Outtrim’s letter to Judge on November 7, 2019 requesting to intervene in lawsuit

sweigert v goodman outtrim letter to intervene 1107 2019

Document 101 (1 page) ORDER

sweigert v goodman doc 101 1113 2019

Jason Goodman clarifies his request to the Judge in regard to his need for an extension of time to respond to the Second Amended Complaint

For an “easier to read” copy of the email below, see link here to Checkmatek2.net

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