How Much Does A Phantom Bomb Sniffing Dog Handler Get Paid for a Fake Cover Story? Maybe Psychic Marcus Knows.

Marcus Conte advertising what he is willing to do for $3,000/month

On August 21, 2019, Marcus Conte published a YouTube video, Frivolous LARP Lawsuit Implodes on Dave Acton; Goodman, Webb, Steele, Outrim, Schoenberger, Quinn.

The first thing to note in this title,  aside from the misspelling of Steve Outtrim’s name, is that Conte seems to think that Dave Acton had filed a lawsuit against Jason Goodman.

Not true.  If Conte had read the court document, he ought to know that the plaintiff of this lawsuit is D.(Dave) George Sweigert.

After all, when Marcus Conte filed his lawsuit against the NY Department of Sanitation, he filed it under his legal name Marc Conte, and not his favorite Psychic fake name, Marcus Goodwin.  This was explained in my July 4, 2019, article Marcus Conte:  Clueless in New Yuck City.

At the 1.52 mark of this August 21st video, Marcus Conte explains in his usual stuttering, round about manner, what his going price is for telling custom made lies.   He explains his lack of conscience about the work which a professional liar agrees to do,  saying, “Here’s the deal, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t, I want to talk about Dave Acton who lost his case, a fake, a frivolous lawsuit against Jason Goodman.  I wanna talk about that, but I don’t, I don’t, uhh, criticize or hold against anybody for what they do to make a living.”

“If someone wants to promote fake news, if someone says, here is $3,000 a month, promote my stupid stories, and you say OK to that, I have no problem with that because that’s the essence of news right now.  That’s what CNN, they pay you $6 million to read off the teleprompter.  It’s no different right.  There’s no higher conspiracy on this one’s working with that one and it’s a, it’s a criminal ring of espionage.  It’s all bullshit.  It’s just people.  It’s opportunists, people that set out to tell the truth, and then are faced with a financial hardship and then they dive into the ugly side of lying for a living.”

That last sentence justifying his own kind, shows his ignorance of genuine honest persons. People that set out to tell the truth don’t sell their soul just because  financial hardship hits.  In my previous article, which focused on Kristina Borjesson’s investigation of  the TWA 800 disaster for CBS, we saw that there were those who sold  their souls to provide a false alibi, while others lost their jobs to preserve the integrity of their investigations.

David E. Hendrix, Journalist for The Press-Enterprise

Today I am going to mention another article that was printed in Into the Buzzsaw:  Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press. Reporter and editor, David E. Hendrix wrote a chapter titled Coal Mine Canaries.  At the time of the publication of this book in 2002 by Prometheus books, (edited by Kristina Borjesson), Hendrix had already 35 years of experience in print journalism.

David Hendrix

In 2002, Hendrix was an award winning journalist and assistant metro editor for The Press-Enterprise in Riverside, California, covering investigative stories of national and international importance.  He also had appeared as “an expert witness in county superior court and before the U. S. Senate and provided evidence to U. S. Congressional sources.”

On page 151, Hendrix begins his article, Coal Mine Canaries, complaining, “Used.  That’s exactly how I felt:  used…my rush trip from California to Washington D. C., was supposed to be about the TWA flight 800 disaster and investigation…”

He then relates how “We of The Press-Enterprise uncovered unimpeachable government evidence in late August that, contrary to public statements, U. S. military training zones were active when Flight 800 went down.  On October 4, we printed the information and a graphic disclosing which zones were activated, including one a few miles from the disaster.  We weren’t reporting that U. S. military or other agencies did shoot down the jetliner, but we were disclosing the lies we had discovered.”

On page 160 he continues, “We ran our story Friday, October 4, complete with a map-graphic and the responses Knut [ i. e. Knut Royce of Newsday] got for us.  Our lead:  On the night TWA 800 Flight 800 exploded in midair, nearby military training areas covering thousands of square miles were assigned to exercises deemed potentially dangerous to civilian aircraft, Navy and federal aviation records reveal.  Solid clues as to what caused the July 17 disaster continue to elude investigators.  Officials say a missile, bomb, or mechanical failure caused the crash.  And unsubstantiated rumors persist that the plane was brought down by ‘friendly fire’. ”

“Details of what was happening in the active military training areas remain an official secret more than two months after the nation’s second worst air crash killed 230 people.  But government records contradict weeks of official denials that any significant amount of military activity was scheduled the night of July 17.”

On page 162, Hendrix writes, “In early 1997, I got another call from Jim Sanders.  A major source within the investigation had supplied him with documents showing how Flight 800 debris landed in the ocean.  Jim used a computer spreadsheet to collate the information and found the plane had unraveled right to left behind the wing front.  An NTSB metallurgy study suggested that the plane was falling apart before the center fuel tank exploded.  Critical pieces inside the tank seemed to be burned after the plane began disintegrating, not before.”

“I sent a copy of the metallurgy study, with its graphics, to a longtime source who is an aviation expert and crash investigator.  I asked him to read the report and tell me what he thought.  He said that the information told him that the plane was falling apart before the fuel tank exploded….The FAA had told the White House hours after the explosion that radar seemed to indicate a high-speed object was closing on Flight 800 seconds before the disaster;  NTSB officials wanted the FAA to recant but FAA officials refused.”

The Bomb-Detection Exercise Alibi that defied common sense

On page 167, David Hendrix mentions that “The chapter I wrote for Jim’s book (i.e.Jim Sanders) dealt with the bomb-detection exercise the St. Louis Airport Police and the FAA said was conducted June 10, 1996, aboard Boeing 747 No. 17119, which a few weeks later became the ill-fated TWA Flight 800 aircraft.”

“Early in the crash investigation, the FBI used that alleged June 10 exercise to explain away the trace amounts of PETN and RDX that crash field tests found inside and outside 17119’s debris.  PETN and RDX are compounds found within explosives.  PETN is more common, while RDX, at the time of the crash, was manufactured only for the U. S. military.”

“The FBI, in a letter to Rep. James Traficant (D-Ohio), gave its account of the police officer’s bomb-detection exercise, with his dog, aboard 17119.  The officer hid several types of explosives aboard the airplane and asked his dog to find the samples, which it did.  The exercise aboard the empty plane ended at noon, the FBI said.  The police officer did not follow usual protocol by having a training officer observe and didn’t log the tail number of the airplane because he wasn’t required to, the FBI said.”

“That story had more holes than Swiss cheese.”

Hendrix compares the FBI story with the TWA pilots’ version of that day

“Company records reveal that the plane backed away from the terminal at 12:35 P. M., late on its trip to Hawaii with more than four hundred passengers.  With the help of Kay Pennington, an invaluable researcher for many of my stories, I traced the pilot and copilot of 17119 plane on June 10.  I talked to them.  They said there’s no way the plane could have been empty and available at least an hour before takeoff, if not earlier.  Passengers begin boarding at least forty-five minutes before scheduled take-off, which was 11:45 A.M.  Never, in their twenty-plus year careers, did a bomb-detection exercise ever delay the pilot or copilot of plane 17119, and they had never interrupted such an exercise in progress, the two told me.”

So based on a report about an impossible inspection, the FBI explained away evidence of explosive residue found inside and outside Flight 800.

David Hendrix’s 20 page report of his investigation into the TWA 800 Flight disaster not only documents some of his important findings, but also his reflection on official sources that disseminate false information.  Of interest to us here is the problem when government authorities override the checks and balances which serve to restrain  corrupt actions.  So what Hendrix says towards the end of his article is disquieting.

Hendrix states, “In the American system, when judges like the NTSB or FBI are granted the authority to also serve as jurors, they decide whether some type of evidence is insufficient or not.  It therefore becomes officially insufficient, no matter how much information is generated to the contrary.  An official pronouncement of insufficiency does not mean it actually is so, but the edict remains official and is repeated as gospel for decades, maybe forever.”

Marcus Conte had stated at one time that he thought the Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax was comedy.  And now, as he addresses the status of the civil RICO lawsuit, D. George Sweigert vs. Jason Goodman, he declares his approval of those who make a living from disseminating fake news.  I have to assume he mentions this because that is what his line of work is.

But as we have seen, there are many examples of journalists and investigators who have been willing to stand for what is right, despite the consequences.  And their actions have served to restrain evil for a time, and are an example of what it means to be an honorable person.

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