Pillow Talk “Mind War Comedian” Leppo Sets Forth Serious Allegations Against Defango; but is he credible or engaging in reckless speech?

Thomas Schoenberger is alleging that Defango and Eliahi Priest have made threats against him, which he considers to be credible.   But why has he presented these allegations on a Comedy channel?  These are serious accusations, and if unfounded, would seem to be actionable in a civil court of law as defamation.

Thomas Schoenberger

Today I am reviewing a video that was published July 28, 2019, on the Pillow Talk YouTube channel as  Defango’s Darkest Secret Exposed, Part 01.

According to Pillow Talk ‘s video description,  “Defango claims he is just a You Tube Content Creator.  We investigated these claims and reached out to investigators in Oz.  This is Part I in our 6 part Elusive Teenage FBI investigation video series.  In addition, we are also reaching out to American police and FBI on the subject of Defango and his questionable shadowy ties to intelligence groups such as Black Cube.”

The owner of the Pillow Talk and Teenage FBI Live You Tube channels calls himself  Leppo,(VaporBat Records Productions) and he has categorized his channels as comedy.  His  subscriber numbers are set on private and therefore Socialblade.com does not offer a statistical analysis history of these two channels.  As a new platform dating from June 7, 2019, it has already accumulated nearly 15,000 views.  One of Leppo’s guests has been Thomas Schoenberger, who has been featured with Frank Bacon, who writes a crypto Sci-Fi novel on Steemit.

The video under review today appears to be a collaboration between Pillow Talk, an anonymous woman presenting herself as an Australian “Inspector” and Thomas Schoenberger, in a joint effort to raise criminal allegations against Defango.

Schoenberger is  known for contacting others, including this blog, Tracking the Leopard Meroz, in an effort to gain sympathy for his version of the personal dispute he has with Manuel Chavez, III aka Defango. Although I have listened to that one-sided version of events, I have declined an invitation to write about that long and tedious internet exchange between these two men.  Based on what I viewed of yesterday’s publication of Defango’s Darkest Secret Exposed, Part 01,  I want to document why I find  that  video to be highly irresponsible in its presentation.

Pillow Talk Owner Leppo

Business Associates

Formerly, Manuel Chavez, III had been briefly involved with Thomas Schoenberger’s company called Shadowbox Strategies, which I discussed in a June 26, 2019 Tracking the Leopard Meroz article called, In The Company of SHADOWBOXers.

In that previous article, I noted some concerning aspects of that former business arrangement, based on my knowledge as a former bank auditor.

Last month, prior to sending some documents requested by the attorneys for the Aaron Rich defamation lawsuit, Defango published images of various Shadowbox documents on his YouTube channel, Defango TV. Like others, I reviewed the contents of those documents and had noted that Shadowbox’s first month fee for its reputation repair services was $40,000. This was a highly expensive service, and for the price, a client would expect to see noticeable results by the end of 30 days.

If this reputation repair business could not produce results in that first month, I noted that situation would raise a red flag in the mind of an auditor, prompting further investigation.  Why would that raise a concern?  Well, if a client does not receive what he has paid for, one has to ask if this is a legitimate business enterprise, especially when the cost is so steep.  Was the client defrauded?  Or was the exorbitant fee for services not delivered just a cover for a money laundering business?  These are questions which auditors routinely ask, and follow through on.

An Anomaly

Thomas Schoenberger created a high priced reputation repair business, and although it is reported to have been a short lived operation,  I have to assume that as the CEO, he considered himself capable of delivering his high priced product to his clientele.  So why would Schoenberger subsequently be asking others for assistance in the “reputation repair” of his own name?

I have suggested to him that he establish a stand-alone blog under his own name, in order to lay out his own story with complete documentation and a timeline which is accurate and comprehensive.  It appears he has not done so; thus it leaves me wondering if Schoenberger prefers to place others in a potential liability position by using their platforms for his story, rather than shouldering that risk by himself.

Does Pillow Talk even comprehend the legal risks he is taking when he produces defamatory content on his own platform, by not adequately backing up his allegations with credible evidence?

A Fair and Balanced Treatment of Internet Issues

By bringing up these questions, I am not siding with Defango, who plays fast and loose with his own video content.  The point I am addressing is the fair treatment of others in the public domain.

I oftentimes  publish links to Steve Outtrim’s Burners.me blog and his CryptoBeast  YouTube channel, in order to provide another viewpoint of the issues which I comment on. Regular readers of this blog know that I disagree with Outtrim’s views on certain topics, and I expect them to weigh all matters by their proper value.

The same goes with regard to Dave Sweigert’s published opinions.  My relationship to him solely rests on the fact that in 2017 I began to post PACER court documents on the Robert David Steele lawsuit.  Since that time, Sweigert has filed documents to the court in that case, and in June of 2018, he filed his own RICO lawsuit, and I have posted the court documents in both cases, as a public service.

Here is a Twitter message which Steve Outtim made on July 28, 2019 referencing the Pillow Talk video Defango’s Darkest Secret Exposed, Part 01.  

So let’s take a look at Defango’s Darkest Secret Exposed, Part I, published July 28, 2019.

The beginning image is presented in silence and we read:

These first words are highly prejudicial and not supported by the short video clip which follows, which is lacking a reference to its context. No explanation is provided which leads the viewer to understand why Defango’s words would represent a real blackmail/extortion threat.

In this 22 second undated and un-sourced video clip, Defango is viewed saying, “Dude, you’re done.  Can I expect that thousand bucks in my bank account?–in my PayPal–by the end of today, and if that thousand bucks is not in the bank and my PayPal at the end of the day, more information will be released.  This time it’s going to be the stuff that shows you doing nasty things to melons and things.”

We are left to wonder if Defango’s words were said in jest, or to be taken seriously.  From what others have explained, the backstory involved some kind of bet between Montagraph and Defango, and the melons reference deals with  a video Montagraph had made years ago.  Recently Montagraph had sued Jake Morphonios for making references to Montagraph’s online reputation, and in reply, Morphonios discussed those past videos.

What follows are several screen shots of Twitter and video comments.  For example, Fin@Solus777 (Thomas Schoenberger) replies to LadyStephC @vaporbatrecords and 10 others, saying:  “As I have maintained repeatedly since May 2018, Defango attempted to extort me and attempted to silence me from exposing that he was working with Ed to illegally wiretap the Rich family.  He said if I did not comply, and pay him, he would “ruin my life”.  His day is coming. (image of scales of justice shown).”

The Pillow Talk video does not show proof to back up this allegation of extortion; nor does it show that Schoenberger had filed a police report.

One of several allegations made against Defango, but posed as a question

The next image is a comment by the anonymous handle jcsgodmother.  She explains, “After the way Defango pointed the finger at TS minutes after the news that Kappy supposedly committed suicide was published, it is hard to regard TS (and gang) as the instigator.  After the way Defango turned on Acton and warmed up to Jason 2 days after that and now Defango is doxing Girltown for no good reason; it seems Defango is the one causing it all.  Defango looks like the instigator.  If you get a protective order against someone, you are not supposed to initiate hostilities against him.  After Defango broadcast his accusations which are difficult (if not impossible) to prove against TS, a judge may refuse to enforce the protective order.”

Jcsgodmother makes some good points, and it appears she has been attempting to follow this ongoing dispute between Schoenberger and Defango.

But here is the difficulty which an impartial observer to this dispute encounters:  in any long running dispute of words, one has to go back to the beginning and see how this all developed.  The context of any particular exchange of words may actually be an extended period of time, and a sample exchange of words will probably not fairly represent the heart of the matter.  My own opinion is that these two men both have serious character faults, and it would have been better for all if both had just avoided contact with each other in the first place, and moved on in life.

At the 1.03 mark, this image is displayed.A male voice, which I believe is that of Leppo, the channel operator, says, “We are joined tonight by a member of a 12-person investigative team looking into Defango or Fandango, and his network and his ties to the DNC, Crowdstrike, David Brock, and Israeli disinfo agents.  Because this investigation includes current and former law enforcement, we have kept their identities private.”

He adds, “Also we are told multiple agencies are involved in investigating Manuel Chavez for gang-stalking, criminal extortion, threats and RICO violations.  Here at VaporBat Records we’ve reached out to local police and FBI field offices.  We did not get responses from those folks, so we reached out to the Wikileaks community and we were put in touch with a task force that includes law enforcement investigators and a journalist, a particular journalist, and tonight we are joined by an Inspector, Victoria, and I know her time is limited so it’s our honor here at VaporBat Records to have this Inspector with us tonight to share information about a Manny Chavez aka Fandango.”

Point No. 1:  Are you serious, Leppo?  Why should we regard your statements as credible when you regard yourself as a Mind War Comedian of PsyOp Parody, and show an icon of a clown face alongside your name. You have classified this show as a comedy.

Point No. 2:  You have listed a number of “ties” which you claim Defango has to different organizations.  Do you know what the post hoc ergo propter hoc logical fallacy is? (“after this, therefore because of this“).  The cartoon below conveys that fallacy in a humorous way to  demonstrate the rule that “correlation does not imply causation“.

If this video does not properly document what it has promised to deliver in Leppo’s  introductory words, then it’s mere “correlation of associations” does not necessarily lead to the conclusion that Defango has engaged in legal misconduct.

If the FBI and other law enforcement and local police have ignored you, perhaps it is because your accusations of gang-stalking, criminal extortion, threats and RICO were unsupported by proof.  And when others claim that these agencies are “looking” at Defango, it does not mean that they can verify that is the actual case or that law enforcement investigators would come to your desired conclusions. In my own experience, federal law enforcement agencies do not disclose their investigations until after an indictment has been formally requested.

Point No. 3:  Let me make my readers absolutely clear on one point.  The journalist which Leppo claims is helping him is NOT me. I don’t know who it is, and why their name is being withheld.  And a task force connected to the Wikileaks community…is a bunch of anonymous law enforcement investigators?  So called “Inspector” Victoria had better be credible, because an impersonation of a law enforcement officer is illegal.

At the 2.35 minute mark, this image is displayed, and “Inspector” Victoria begins speaking.

“Inspector” Victoria:  “Fandango was sending out disinformation on Julian Assange on purpose so we started looking into him.  He was being paid in crypto and in PayPal by various proxies.  Our contacts are numerous.  He now works for Israeli players who think he works for peanuts, OK.  So let me prove my street cred by giving you something NOBODY KNOWS.  Jason Goodman reported Defango to Manhattan FBI.  They sat on it until Aaron Rich’s attorneys started making noise.  Now they are investigating Defango and Maga Coalition along with a hedge fund manager with ties to Alan Dershowitz.”

[That proves your credentials?] 

Leppo: (3.19)  “Well, our Intel gathering here at Vaporbat Records, as everyone knows, is clean as a penny whistle and we’ve learned that Fandango has been involved with Black Cube, through a man named Eliahi Priest, and he seems to have connections to CIA, possibly MI6.  Another frequent guest of this program, Thomas Schoenberger has reported being threatened by Defango and Priest and we’ve noticed growing suspicions that Priest and Defango may have been involved with Kappy’s murder.  We heard from Vegan Mikey that Kappy disliked Fandango and feared Priest and even said, ‘If anything happens to him, look at Priest and others so can you walk us through this scenario who is Priest?  And did Fandango introduce Kappy to his murderer?”

[If your comedy site “Pillow Talk” intel gathering has a reputation for being “clean”, it is now being muddied by your efforts to press your conclusions into the minds of your viewers, in an effort to override the glaring reality that you do not provide any supporting evidence for your allegations, nor the credentials of your so-called law enforcement Inspector. 

By the way, do you have proof or a set of credible facts that supports your theory that Isaac Kappy was murdered?  Despite some persons’ attempts to paint Kappy as some sort of a hero as a “pedophilia investigator”, the sad truth about this man is that he had no self control;  for example, his choking assault of Michael Jackson’s daughter at a party. Kappy also liked to broadcast conclusory allegations against others, without providing the requisite proof.

What kind of witness is an anonymous handle named Vegan Mikey?  Was he under oath when he quoted a man who is now dead and cannot speak for himself?]

As a side note to my regular readers, Victoria’s familiarity with Fiona Barnett is interesting.  That was a name I came across, when I looked into Robert David Steele’s sovereign citizen-styled International Tribunal for Natural Justice group, where he holds the title of “Chief Counsel” for the mock inquiries they conduct into child sex trafficking.  Fiona Barnett is one who gave a “witness” statement to the ITNJ,  and because it was a litany of allegations with little substance, she does not show herself to be a credible witness.  As the ITNJ has dispensed with standard legal rules of evidence, so any statements presented to them are not challenged in regard to their authenticity.

I have transcribed the entire interview for my records, yet I have only covered a sample of the entire video in this post, in order to demonstrate my concerns. I encourage my readers to watch this video in its entirety, to form their own opinions.

In closing, Pillow Talk has placed its audience in a quandary. Are we to consider that unsupported allegations of criminal offenses against Defango are to be laughed off as mere comedy?

Rather, this video is a representation of reckless speech.  As such, it detracts considerably from any credibility which Leppo, Thomas Schoenberger, and “Inspector” Victoria might have earned, had they displayed credible evidence to prove their  conclusions.

8 thoughts on “Pillow Talk “Mind War Comedian” Leppo Sets Forth Serious Allegations Against Defango; but is he credible or engaging in reckless speech?

  1. Thank you Jacquelyn for your willingness to analyze this video and for sharing your observations about it, it was very helpful. Frankly, after having viewed it myself (and the followup Part 2 episode) I have to compliment you for spending your time on such an amateurish effort by “Pillow Talk”. It was such a poorly acted episode that only the most gullible and undiscerning members of the YouTube community would believe any part of it, thus it’s no surprise that the “authorities” they claim to have contacted didn’t bother to give them the time of day, let alone honor them with a response.

    More likely the entire story is made up out of whole cloth, thus in order to show any evidence they would first need to manufacture it, and given how bad this effort was, I’m sure any such “evidence” would be so poorly constructed that it would collapse under its own weight. Obviously, such a statement by me should provoke a response, but if it doesn’t produce anything worthy of being characterized as genuine evidence, we know there is none to offer.

    It’s really quite pathetic that this sort of thing exists in the YouTube community. In fact, this is such an egregious example that it should not be characterized as “Comedy”, it is nothing but a smear job and a disgusting effort to ruin another person’s life. This is especially troubling when these same people supposedly lament the loss of Isaac Kappy. If their sense of loss in his death is genuine, why would they produce such filth as this video represents? Have they learned nothing? Evidently not.

  2. Leave Leppo alone!!!! He is a great researcher and clean as a penny whistle!

    I sense you are working with Defannngo by the slant of this preposterous article. How much is he paying you to take the heat off him? Ive got news for you, its too late for that. The scales of justice are tipping. 😉

  3. Defango also believes that FBI agent Custer is fake. . Furthermore, Shadowbox did not take in $46,000 in its first month of operation .Defango is not “reckless” in his words. He is a criminal gang stalker. This is just a blog. I understand you feel compelled to play judge here and anyone with a wordpress can do so. The reason you failed in your analysis, in my opinion Jackie, is that you present things as facts without bothering to question both sides. Did you even ask if Leppo and his co host were physically threatened by Manuel Chavez? Please next time, do some better research. Your work is usually quite good. However this opinion piece is rushed,includes spurious reasoning and has a number of its “facts” wrong. With all due respect,


  4. Dear Madam,

    Defango publicly wished for my murder. I sense from the tone of your article, you are unaware of the extent of Defango’s violent threats, You treat him like he is a chubby failure who said some nasty things, rather than an internet terrorist, which is what he really is.
    He has threatened many people, including friends of mine. He has sent his fans after people I love. Your article left me feeling like you are laughing at the victims and believe its all to be treated as ill humor.Madam, you are simply way off mark here. A little prudent investigative work would have benefitted. There are real victims here and your treatement of their actual pain and suffering comes off rather cold.
    Sincerely, Scott Bibler

  5. You seem to be coddling Defango. He made a direct threat of violence against me. I am an Aussie and we normally do not take to such rude behavior. There are numerous instances of Manuel Chavez making dire threats at people on his monetized social media platforms. You seem to think Manuel is simply a harmless fool.

    Did you know he has done traumatic damage to many people? Its clear you are in cahoots with Manny, or you have some sort of motherly attachment to him. I hope you wake up. You seem intelligent. However intelligent people can be fooled and Defango appears to have fooled you.

  6. Really jumped the shark here, didn’t you. Ms. Meroz, I think we all respect and pay homage to the yeoman’s work that you have done so far in chronicling these online psyops, but I could not read past the complete horseshit of your introductory question before being compelled to bitch-slap you with a gauntlet.

    However well-researched you may be in other instances, you, Miss, have no clue what the heck you are talking about here and are completely out of line. I am so incensed that you snottily doubt the horrific stalking and death threats from people like Defango and Eliahi Priest that Thomas has had to endure – and myself, by proxy, as de facto family, having to watch and listen and hang in anticipation for months that the axe could fall at any minute – that I’m in the process of throwing out the proof to the world, all because you just had to be the final straw.

    You doubt that Thomas has been seriously threatened and lived in jeopardy because of Priest and Defango? Well, lady, I heard one of Eliahi’s Priest’s threats to Thomas live – guess what? There’s a witness. More than one, actually, but I’m the one who is going to pick a fight with Eliahi Priest and ignorant, reckless commentators like yourself, Jackie. I am going to prove you ignorant. If you don’t have the grace to feel bad and retract, I’m going to prove you a liar.

    I just put some fighting words out there to the world on Leppo’s channel, and I hope he runs with it. I propose to give Inspector Victoria and any law enforcement official from any country that asks every single word I have ever written about Eliahi Priest, in private email to Thomas and in social media comments – original, forensically verifiable emails of all of that – along with my phone records that document the exact call I got to hear Eliahi make live, making death threats to Thomas, right after Kappy was announced as being dead. It’s kinda hard to argue with the phone record, and the private emails right after, and then the comments to the world, in which I have consistently said the same thing. And I’ll do you one better. I’m going to put all this out there publicly too. Because you had to re-victimize. Because you had to compromise your integrity by engaging in the smear campaign like a useful idiot. Maybe this is all a substitute for Days of Our Lives for you, while you curl up with your cat on the couch, but this is some people’s lives, and it really is serious as the grave.

    You can find my proposition to Leppo and Inspector Victoria below, in the replies to his comment “Part 02/06:

  7. Dear Miss Meroz,

    Philosophers have always pointed out that truth can be revealed through comedy. The implication that we are fabricating the threats Defango has made is simply not valid.

    I have been threatened with both doxxing and physical violence by Manuel Chavez aka Defango. In addition, Janon has also been targeted with threats of “real life” violence from Mr. Chavez.

    It appears that Thomas is an avid reader of your blog. And you should know that he really is a Renaissance man.

    Here at VaporBatRecords, we aim to please. So, we would be happy to challenge you to a “thumb war” to settle this once and for all. May the best digit win! – Leppo

  8. Hi everyone. To LM’s credit, she has allowed opposing views to be aired. This shows me she is honest. I have thick enough skin to handle this.I am not interested in anyone defending me. LM did state I should create a document so I could control the narrative. I have had sever pneumonia for 3 weeks, so it has hampered my output.I am not at war with LM. I actually quite enjoy her work and style. I do feel that she must see that Defango has made horrible threats and when LM explore the Kappy and Twyman situation, it is hoped she will understand why I have not marched off to file defamation suits.Its far more serious than that.. Cheers.


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