The Slothful Man’s Religious Creed

The slothful man saith, There is a lion in the way; a lion is in the streets.  As the door turneth upon his hinges, so doth the slothful upon his bed. (Proverbs 26:13-14)

Only 6 months left to prepare for International Sloth Day (October 20)  Who knows what will be on the court docket by then?

I am referring of course to Jason Goodman’s request for a delay in responding to a Court Order in the Robert David Steele lawsuit.  That document can be read in full in the previous post.

Readers of Document 100 have reacted in universal disbelief regarding the justifications stated by Goodman, to explain the need for an unidentified extension of time.

But first, let’s go back to the nine days prior to Goodman drafting his excuses to the Court. The screenshot below was taken from the comments to the April 12, 2019, video Agent Serco Presents Irrefutable Evidence of Cyberstalking, Harassment and Fraud to the Washington Post. It is a prime example of how one of Jason Goodman’s most loyal followers encourages him to take legal action. That creep is a reference to Kevin Alan Marsden, who had been documenting the oft repeated lies of David Hawkins of Reverse Engineering the CSI Storyboards.

Thomas Spanne apparently thinks very highly of Jason Goodman’s and David Hawkins’ unrelenting slanderous assertions against various persons, because his suggestion is that Kevin Marsden be sued into oblivion, via Larry Klayman, for merely documenting facts and evidence which refute Goodman’s and Hawkins’ allegations.

So on April 21, 2019, Jason Goodman filed Document 100 with the Federal Court in the Robert David Steele defamation lawsuit, asking for an unidentified extension of time to respond to Dave Sweigert’s Second Amended Motion to Intervene. rds doc 100

Document 100 begins, “Intervenor Applicant and an array of coordinated on-line ‘cyber confederates’ including non-party Kevin Alan Marsden (MARSDEN) have collectively publicly referred to Defendant Goodman as a ‘money changer’ and a ‘rat’ well known stereotypical disparagement for people, like Defendant, of the Jewish faith.” Goodman claims that “the most recent of Intervenor Applicant’s repeated amendments to his factually illegitimate applications to intervene now comes in precise coordination with one of the most sacrosanct holidays in the Jewish faith and one of the only that the Defendant observes with family and friends, the 8 days of Pesach.”

As I recall, since last month I had filed a Declaration to the Court to counter the false accusations of Jason Goodman’s March 8, 2019, Document 78Goodman had already laid out in writing a legal strategy to counter the Intervenor Motion.  That strategy involved naming as blameworthy, various third party co-conspirators who were not party to the lawsuit. 

In that manner, Goodman avoided directly opposing the facts and evidence submitted by Dave Sweigert to the Court. And now we see in Document 100 that the slothful Jason Goodman has employed the same strategy of avoidance, by crying There is a lion in the way; a lion is in the street!!!!! 

Here is a comment today by Steve Outtrim on his Twitter account, which I think is most generous, given that I calculated fewer work hours for the week of April 19-27.It should be noted that most men approaching age 50, as Jason Goodman is, are at the peak of their careers and they work 40-60 hours per week. Jason Goodman believes that he has the right to own a business that gets a paying viewership based on stories fabricated upon false accusations. And if you complain about defamation, his argument is that the complainant is trying to destroy his business.

I will keep this post short, as possibly tomorrow we shall be reading even more interesting court documents in the Robert David Steele lawsuit.

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