Is Ethical Slacker Jason Goodman Ensuring that David Hawkins Drinks from the Same Cup of Judgment?

It is difficult these days to come up with a snappy retort to the muddling mannerisms of David Hawkins, whose mind loop seems to be getting shorter and shorter, despite Jason Goodman’s attempt to introduce a new concept into his titles.  Yesterday’s video was titled Is Ethical Hacker Sweigert a Weatherman & Cornfield Cruiser Abuser?

The description explains, “The Weather Underground always remained dedicated to destroying the United States of America.  With Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers on faculty at Northwestern and UIC it seems likely that they remain active in their pursuits.  Did disgruntled ex-USAF “ethical hacker” and miscreant cyber mob leader Sweigert use his skills to aid in efforts?  David joins me to explore this and other topics.”

The ever alert Crowdsource the Troofers who had assembled in the live chatroom marveled that there were so many thumbs down votes given at the very start of the program.  And it was not long into the show when David Hawkins was seen drinking the last drop from his cup of judgment, as no doubt he is contemplating how to explain to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia his promotion of  “fact less” illogical theories with co-conspirator, Jason Goodman.

April 3, 2019  David Hawkins slurping from the cup of judgment of 94 downvotes.  Bottoms Up!

We have heard all of these false allegations and strange theories before, and at the 11:41 mark, Jason Goodman interrupts David Hawkins to discuss his analysis of Dave Sweigert, saying, “…can I address what you’re saying about veterans for a moment because that is a recurring theme and what they like to say about you and I, I don’t know, I’ve revealed this before but my own father is a veteran and of course I love him and respect the work that he did in the Navy.”

It appears that Jason Goodman had anticipated making his comment about his father’s Navy background, for in the lower right corner of his photo collage he displays the word NAVY as part of David Hawkins’ hallucinations alleging that Dave Sweigert is somehow connected to alleged terrorist Weathermen connections to the 9/11 attacks. All of this is the product of the vain imaginations of Goodman and Hawkins, as no evidence has been provided to back their allegations, whatsoever.Jason Goodman adds, “We’ve got other veterans who appear on the show, Scott Bennett.  It’s quite interesting how Scott is attacked by this same group but we don’t accuse them of hating veterans and we’ve heard quite a lot from Mr. Sweigert and how he considers himself a whistleblower.  Scott Bennett is also a whistleblower again being attacked.”

“Mr. Sweigert has sued the CIA, which I don’t know, perhaps that’s you know, going against the government, but he’s also sued the Department of the Army.  Now his lawsuit against the CIA was dismissed and the Department of Justice in their pleadings said that his claims had no basis, he had no standing and it was dismissed so I wonder is it possible that Mr. Sweigert is a disgruntled veteran.”  [Sweigert has explained that he sued the CIA to get documents for his whistleblower case, which resulted in the recovery of $1.2 million.]

“He’s told us about how he was captured by the Sandinistas and when I asked him if that meant that he was involved in Iran-Contra, certainly criminal activity executed by members of the military, he got angry about that.  I wonder how long he was in that room with the boa constrictor that the Contras tortured him with, according to his own words.”

“I have no knowledge beyond what he’s publicly told us and certainly if you had experienced the types of that, Mr. Sweigert had, his veteran father locking him in the basement to sleep on newspapers with dog excrement, being rejected by his own father.  He’s told us about how his brother George was favored as a basketball star.”

“Perhaps he joined the military to get some degree of acceptance and I wonder how long he was in that Sandinista prison with the snake and I wonder how that might make you feel about an Air Force that failed to rescue you, and then caused you to sue the United States government, to sue the Department of the Army.  Perhaps Mr. Sweigert has been turned to a person who hates the US government and wants to destroy it in the way that Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers have dedicated their lives…”  (14.21)

What Jason Goodman has stated above is his construction of a collage of fact and fiction on Dave Sweigert, to divert attention from the questions people have been asking about Goodman’s involvement in the Port of Charleston dirty bomb incident on June 14, 2017.  If you are new to Crowdsource the Truth, and had not followed the ins and outs of that story over the past two years ago, allow me to backtrack a bit.

When the Port of Charleston story broke, the only name I had heard of, connected with that event was George Webb, who I recalled had been discussed in a Hagmann Report interview with Rebekah Roth. In that interview, Rebekah Roth, the airline stewardess who wrote 3 fictional books espousing her 9/11 theories, was extolling the research abilities of George Webb. Months later, she sent her three books to Defango, and encouraged him to be the last man standing.  That advice was rather strange, especially coming from someone who claimed to have access to government insider information.  It was because I did not know much about the persons involved in the Port of Charleston incident, that I began looking closely at Crowdsource the Truth and the subsequent federal lawsuits that involved Jason Goodman as a defendant.

Just prior to the Port of Charleston incident, Nathan Stolpman of the Lift the Veil YouTube channel had raised the question as to whether the person behind the  pseudonym Dave Acton was also George Webb.  So when the Port of Charleston incident occurred involving George Webb Sweigert, his brother David George Sweigert aka Dave Acton stepped into the public light to apologize on behalf of his family for George’s involvement in that costly port shutdown. Months later, Dave Sweigert was still attempting to deal with the aftermath of all the social media gossip surrounding his brother George Webb and related matters. That gossip got out of hand, particularly as Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth added gasoline to the fire when he tried to cover over his involvement in the Port of Charleston incident.

Much of what Jason Goodman related in the transcribed portion of  yesterday’s April 3, 2019 video, involves documentation found in Document 51 which was filed May 22, 2018 as the Declaration of D. George Sweigert in the Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman defamation lawsuit.  That document and the related exhibits can be viewed in full here:  rds doc 51 and rds doc 51 1.

The question needs to be asked:  Why is Jason Goodman continuing to perpetuate his false accusations regarding Dave Sweigert and Iran-Contra, when this was refuted almost a year ago in Document 51?

For example, we find Document 51 explaining:

Declaration made under penalty of perjury by D. George Sweigert May 22, 2018

Dave Sweigert has stated on air that the forced landing he was involved in happened in 1981 when Jimmy Carter was President. Thus the events which Goodman discusses regarding Iran-Contra occurred when Sweigert was attending college in Texas, and show that Goodman has a reckless regard for both historical and personal timelines.

Another screenshot of a portion of Document 51-1 Exhibits what Jason Goodman had been stating a year ago:And finally, here is a screenshot of another portion of the Document 51-1 Exhibits:Jason Goodman repeatedly fails to take responsibility for his reckless allegations. And his YouTube boast of finishing fights has entered the legal arena in two federal court cases, where as a defendant in a defamation lawsuit as well as a RICO lawsuit,  his arguments will be examined using the federal civil procedures for evidence, and under the penalties of perjury.

That same scrutiny may soon apply to David Hawkins’ words and actions as well, if the Judge in the Robert David Steele lawsuit allows Sweigert’s Motion to Intervene in that case.




2 thoughts on “Is Ethical Slacker Jason Goodman Ensuring that David Hawkins Drinks from the Same Cup of Judgment?

  1. As a Pro Se defendant, Jason Goodman really should consider reading the documents filed in his cases. So far he seems very disrespectful to the court, not to mention his current and (potentially) future plaintiffs.

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