Jacquelyn Weaver, Author of Tracking the Leopard Meroz, Responds to Jason Goodman’s False Accusations of a Co-Conspiracy

On March 15, 2019, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division docket for Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman posted Document 79, 79-1, and 79-2 as the Declaration of Jacquelyn Weaver with two Exhibits.

These documents represent Jacquelyn Weaver’s response to Jason Goodman’s allegations in Document 78 that he is being harassed by a campaign of co-conspirators who have committed felony crimes in conjunction with the Plaintiff, Robert David Steele and  Intervenor Applicant, D. George Sweigert.

Document 78 Defendant’s Opposition to the Motion to Intervene filed 3/8/2019 describes the conspiracy   rds doc 78   (If you want to read Document 78 including the exhibits, the entire documents are posted here.)

The following documents represent Jacquelyn Weaver’s response to Document 78 allegations:

Document 79 Declaration of Jacquelyn Weaver   rds doc 79 3 15 2019

Document 79-1  Exhibit A  rds doc 79-1 3 15 2019

Document 79-2  Exhibit B  rds doc 79-2 3 15 2019

3 thoughts on “Jacquelyn Weaver, Author of Tracking the Leopard Meroz, Responds to Jason Goodman’s False Accusations of a Co-Conspiracy

  1. Sorry, Jaqueline. I feel like I drew you into this. It really wasn’t your area, but my interest and comments may have piqued yours. Not my intention. I don’t see how a blog that existed completely outside of this arena, and years before the CSTT channel came to anybody’s knowledge, could draw this sort of attack. I admire your strength in standing your ground. For now, I continue to support you, and yet also assert that Jason Goodman, while having some good qualities and talents, finds that anyone who criticizes him needs to be hammered. I wish he would just stop. His downfall may very well be his arrogance and pride.

    • Karl – Yes, I am outside of my original area of covering the Christian Alternative Media. However, when the Port of Charleston incident occurred, a number of persons were concerned how this might affect free speech on the internet, given that the instigators were internet broadcast journalists. That is another area of interest of mine, but as it turns out, the greatest threat to the free speech of Americans does not appear to be from the government, but rather from internet cons who think that rules are for other people, not them. The tidal wave of defamation which Jason Goodman has produced against a multitude of individuals is very damaging to those persons, as well as to the fragile bonds of trust which hold a society together. So I am fine, and I will “stand and withstand” in the evil day, as needed. But it helps if persons like yourself provide comments on these sites, which point out what is really going on with these attacks. A lot of people wish Goodman would just stop, as we have our own lives to live, and do not need his malicious diversions to entertain us.

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