The Ouroboros Effect: JASON GOODMAN of Crowdsource the Truth with DAVID HAWKINS of Reverse Engineered CSI Storyboards

The words of a wise man’s mouth are gracious; but the lips of a fool will swallow up himself.  Ecclesiastes 10:12

In the occult world there is a symbol that correlates with King Solomon’s  pronouncement that the lips of a fool will swallow up himself. As seen in this Wikipedia image of the Ouroboros as a snake or serpent swallowing its tail, we also find a similar image in the infinity loop snake used by the NSA to represent its GHIDRA  reverse engineering hacker tool.

Ouroboros Judaic styled symbol on the door of a Budapest Theosophical Society.

An Ouroboros as an Infinity Loop to represent a reverse engineering NSA hacker tool

GHIDRA is an open source tool released last week at the RSA security conference, representing an advanced hacking tool that is a Reverse-Engineering Platform used to take “compiled”, deployed software and “decompile” it.  In other words this tool can take a program’s binary coding, and turn it back into a “human-readable structure, logic, and set of commands”. According to WIRED, in a March 5, 2019 article, The NSA Makes Ghidra, A Powerful Cybersecurity Tool, Open Source, “Reverse engineering is a crucial process for malware analysts and threat intelligence researchers, because it allows them to work backward from software they discover in the wild–like malware being used to carry out attacks–to understand how it works….”.

Today we are going to consider how Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth is swallowing his tail, or perhaps we should say, the Tale of Reverse Crime Scene Investigator David Hawkins.

The description of their March 6, 2019 video asks, “Why were Lockheed Martin security procedures stood down in both the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey and the explosions at the Pentagon on 9/11?” If you believe the assumptions on which that question is asked, you will like the question posed in the title of their video, “Did a Lockheed Bit Spread Hit Squad Take Out Jonbenet & The Pentagon The Same Way?”  Welcome to the nonsensical questions of two men who find themselves fascinating in their vainglorious attempts to avoid accountability for their words and deeds.

March 6, 2019

Jason Goodman begins this show, saying, “David, our show today promises to be one of the most fascinating, most in-depth that you and I have done yet…”. To which David Hawkins replies, “…I’m fascinated to see where this ends up, we always discover on the fly, right?”

The first four plus minutes consists of advertising their wares, but Jason says at the 2.42 mark, “… so what you and I have attempted to do here David, is to create a new form of investigative journalism and rather than finance that through the traditional means of advertiser driven sponsorship by gigantic corporate owned new entities which are beholden to wealthy individuals and wealthy corporations in a way that you and I are not, this is an entirely new approach to investigation and dissemination of news where we invite people to participate and we certainly want them to do that by joining us on CSI Storyboards and the Truth.”

Pay to participate? Is this Karaoke Night? Nah…this is more exciting, like a Safari Club. If you want to join these two vigilantes who are hunting down  dangerous criminals, there are membership dues.

The Making of a Hunter’s Blind

This photographic collage, or as Goodman calls it, his “political cartoon”, is a HUNTER’S BLIND by which Goodman and Hawkins pretend to crowdsource an investigation as their cover for sighting Dave Sweigert “in the crosshairs”.  Notice the exploitation of a murdered child,  Jonbenet Ramsey for this purpose, as Hawkins and Goodman compare an unrelated serial murderer’s MO with the shocking manner of death of this child.

“All is One” Alchemy

At the 4.35 mark, Jason Goodman adds, “…there’s nothing wrong with you and I speculating about possible motives, methods, perpetrators who would be involved in this murder (i.e. JonBenet Ramsey)…”

Alchemical symbol “The All is One”

Continuing at the 6.37 mark, Jason Goodman introduces a Canadian serial killer who was a military man, saying, “…fascinating as we delve into the mind of a serial killer and I want people to understand the differences between a mass murderer and serial killers.  Now again this is all going back to the use of open source tools, certainly David, myself and you, we haven’t been trained as crime-scene investigators…”. And then Goodman justifies the use of amateur crime scene investigators by which their unique talents can be utilized to observe “open source publicly available tools that allow a crowdsource investigation into this type of thing to have such tremendous power that it can’t be overlooked...”.The man chosen as their serial killer model just so happens to have been an Air Force Colonel for Canada who is totally unrelated to the Jonbenet Ramsey murder. As seen in the screenshot below, the purpose of this choice is to produce a psychological transference of the crimes committed by one Air Force murderer onto their most recent prey who is an Air Force veteran, who is totally unrelated to all of the facts of the crime scene storyboard which Hawkins is inventing.

Jason Goodman is referring to Dave Sweigert, who is that “certain other Air Force veteran”, while the image shows the Canadian military Air Force serial killer dressed in women’s skimpy apparel.

At the 9.24 mark, Jason Goodman says, “the other thing I want to point out David, is that there are a number of military veterans who have taken to criticizing you ( i. e. besides Dave Sweigert, there is  Kevin Alan Marsden, who is investigating the credentials of Hawkins), criticizing me, seizing on individual’s statements in a way that’s intended to disparage us or discourage people from participating in these Crowdsource investigations or the financing of them by becoming subscribers on CSI Storyboards or the Truth.”

“But I  want to reiterate my personal opinion that the simple fact of being a military veteran does not afford someone an automatic pass, it does not earn them respect automatically because it is a fact that there are psychopathic killers who join the military and even when they are veterans may have evil tendencies, so we must scrutinize each person equally and that is with the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, but of course Russell Williams’ confession to multiple rapes, torture, and brutal murder certainly supersede any accolades he would have earned as a distinguished member of the Canadian forces.”

“So I want to talk a bit about this today David, and there is a certain other Air Force veteran who may be disappointed that we have not included his, uh, well his likeness, let’s leave it at that in today’s image but quite frankly I’ve become bored with this individual in his persistent attempts to shut us down so I just want to point out a few things in the confession of Russell Williams and then I’ll turn it over to you and stop talking,  David.”

Jason Goodman is confessing that he replaced his usual mocking image of Dave Sweigert in his photographic collage, with a cross dressing Canadian Air Force serial murderer.

Jason Goodman continues his discussion later on, and at the 13.09 mark says, “…and of course David, you have speculated, I would underscore that a lot of our investigations begin with speculation based on technological signatures at the crime scene, evidence at the crime scene connecting that to methods, things, individuals that would have access to this technology etc. and there are remarkable connections between Russell Williams and the way in which the Jonbenet Ramsey murder was perpetuated.”

Not all of the accused are corrupt, but just vulnerable to hackers

At the 20.25 mark, David Hawkins is looking at the collage image of four of the largest defense contractors in the world, and he remarks, “…just to clarify it, I’m not saying that the Lockheed Martin Directors are corrupt, or the Boeing directors are corrupt, I will say they are vulnerable to the kind of man-in-the-middle attack or hacking attack allegedly executed by people such as the ethical hacker, Mr. Sweigert.”

Cause and Effect of The Port of Charleston dirty bomb incident

Jason Goodman at the 33.15 mark says, “These are all extremely valid questions David and it seems that the more you and I ask these questions, the more we come under fire so that’s a curious set of circumstances in and of itself.  You’ve referenced this contact that’s been made to the Coast Guard.” (the screen shows a partial return address of Sweigert with the date February 22, 2019).

“I don’t know if people are fully aware of this.  I think we’ve spoken about it in previous shows, but of course there’s an individual out there who’s taken it upon himself to contact Captain Jason Tama of the United States Coast Guard Sector, New York, with a rather alarming letter indicating to the Captain, (reads from letter) “As you may be aware, the true target of a dirty bomb hoax appears to be the Port of New York, in New York and in New Jersey.”Continuing to read from the Sweigert letter to the Coast Guard, Jason Goodman relates, “New evidence available via open sourced intelligence (in social media) provides indicators about the true intended target of dirty bomb hoax of June 14, 2017…”.  Goodman stops reading in mid-sentence, but the screen shot of the letter shows the sentence is finished with was not the Port of Charleston, South Carolina.  The apparent terrorist-style controllers of the event (alleged to be Jason David Goodman and George Webb Sweigert) were misinformed about the position of the MEMPHIS MAERSK container ship and executed their “cyber-attack” a day late.  Based on the totality of newer OSINT evidence it appears Goodman/Sweigert learned that the MEMPHIS MAERSK was underway to the Port of Charleston, that port became the new target of opportunity.  Therefore it may be prudent to reopen the investigation by the U. S. Coast Guard, which…(the rest of the letter is not shown).

The use of the legal phrase “limited purpose public figures” as it relates to defamation liability

Jason Goodman continues to say, “And I think everybody knows the author of this letter is a certain individual who we have depicted in previous shows in a rather comedic political cartoon.  I definitely consider my photographic collages to be political cartoons and when people inject themselves into public discourse that we’re having here, they may be inadvertently be making themselves into limited purpose public figures and when they make certain statements whether that be that it’s their belief that NASA has a colony of slave children on Mars (Goodman is referring to Robert David Steele who has a federal civil defamation lawsuit against him), or commentary on the investigations that you and I are doing, those individuals become defacto limited purpose public figures, not to mention the very act of sending such an alarming letter to the Captain of the Coast Guard here in New York alerting him to a potential bomb hoax threatening his area of command.  I’ve been instructed by the Coast Guard Counterintelligence here in New York that of course a letter like this would automatically trigger an investigation..”

In a similar manner to casually equating Air Force veteran Dave Sweigert with the Canadian Air Force serial killer, Jason Goodman conflates two different men who have filed separate federal civil lawsuits against him.  Without distinguishing by name, he discusses Dave Sweigert and then inserts a remark about a Robert David Steele interview on Infowars, as if they are the acts of the same person.

Goodman adds, “Certainly I knew nothing about,  until Mr. David Sweigert wrote this letter which in and of itself seems like evidence that he has planned this alleged bomb hoax much in the same way I suspect he had something to do with the planning of the alleged dirty bomb hoax on June 14, 2017.… (36.22)  I certainly had nothing to do with the planning of that.  This was information brought to me by a guest on Crowdsource the Truth.  That guest’s being David Sweigert’s brother George-George Webb Sweigert, and George’s associate who is now known to be a former contract FBI informant named Okey Marshall Richards.  Curiously, Mr. Richard’s identity was revealed to us by David Sweigert, so there’s a bizarre connection between all of these individuals sharing this information with me that they now attempt to attribute to me, but of course David, any guest who appears on Crowdsource the Truth and shares their evidence or information, I don’t necessarily agree with them or support them…”.

We do not know the entirety of the Sweigert letter to the Coast Guard, as it was not shown in this video. Based on documents Sweigert has submitted to federal courts, I have to believe that he has exhibits to back his statements. If Sweigert had been involved in the planning of the dirty bomb hoax, why has not Jason Goodman documented the evidence of that connection?  After all, Goodman is the one claiming there IS a connection.

The problem Goodman has is that when George Webb came on CSTT on June 14, 2017, Jason Goodman supported this “live-in” regular co-host/guest’s storyline by actively encouraging his viewers to flood the Coast Guard Twitter account with a dirty bomb warning. Goodman’s warning is reported to have been retweeted 8,000 times. He cannot now backtrack and say he doesn’t necessarily agree with his guest’s opinions, when he actively participated in the dirty bomb hoax by allowing CSTT to publicize this hoax and spread it on the internet via social media. 

In a recent CryptoBeast interview with Queen Tut, she disclosed that she is the source of the discovery of the identity of Deep Uranium.  Thus Dave Sweigert was not the source, but someone who passed along this information in his report on the Port of Charleston incident.

Spoliation of Evidence:  Has Jason Goodman ever sent a “preservation of evidence” letter request to Dave Sweigert?

Near the end of this video (1.03.10), Jason Goodman comments, “…but against this is how we are conducting our investigation; this is crowdsource investigative journalism.  We ask questions, and the vast knowledge of the thousands of people who view our videos helped us get to answers, so it causes me to question the motives David, of people who would seek to stop us from doing that, you’ve spoken quite a bit about Spoliation of Evidence and how it affords us a, what is the word that you use, a presumption of guilt?

David Hawkins responds, (1.03.42)  “An aggressive inference of guilt you see, and, and again I mean this clown Mr. Sweigert, I hope I don’t seem disrespectful, I’m sure he’s got other talents, I just don’t see a lot of them, but why would you put an email address, Spoliation-Notice @ and then send messages to the Coast Guard there’s a hoax when your email address that you’re probably spoliating evidence of a hoax that has been generated by your brother?  Over to you.”

What does Jason Goodman’s commentary on Dave Sweigert’s videos prove?

Jason Goodman in response to David Hawkins:  (1.04.08)  “Or himself.  We don’t know who’s generated the hoax but certainly there is a lot of  evidence that points to him.  One last note on the  spoliation of evidence, David, and I apologize, you, you won’t be able to see this but Mr. Sweigert has also been aggressively spoliating evidence from his own YouTube channel.”

This seems to be Jason Goodman’s Bitchute account where he preserves video evidence on “Crazy Dave”

“He made a video at the Mesa, Arizona post office on December 1, 2018, where it’s my understanding that he presented himself to, with the cooperation of the owner of P. O. Box 152 in that post office- he added himself officially as a recipient of mail at that post office and he’s used that address as his official address of record with the United States District Court in the Southern District of New York, where he’s brought a frivolous lawsuit against me in what I believe is an effort to stop Crowdsource the Truth from moving forward with these types of investigations.”

“So again it raises the question of why does Mr. Sweigert delete this video.  You Tube certainly does not charge to store videos…(1.05.27)  Unless it is some sort of attempt to send a message and then remove it from the internet so that I cannot refer to it in answers to his lawsuits indicating that he is present at the post office on December 1st when I allege he met with the owner of the post office box and conspired with that owner to add himself to the box, which I believe is a furtherance of a fraud on the court…”.

If Jason Goodman presents his opinions without proof, then indeed it will be up to the court to judge whether there is a fraud on the court being committed. I am unable to understand Goodman’s reasoning here without reference to the law which he thinks applies to his accusation.

Back Doors, and all that

David Hawkins, discussing Dave Sweigert as an ethical hacker:  (1.08.31) “…so how do we know that ‘not as smart as he thinks he is’, left a back door into the continuity of government on 911…?

Again Hawkins asks leading questions without having a factual foundation to even hypothesize such a situation.

Speaking of the GHIDRA hacker tool just released to the public, NSA cybersecurity adviser Rob Joyce said, as quoted in the WIRED article, “There’s no backdoor in Ghidra,” he said.  “Come on, no backdoor.  On the record. Scout’s honor.”

Perhaps David Hawkins should investigate the connection between Dave Sweigert and the Boy Scouts…wasn’t he one of those, too?  What kind of badges did he get that led to the 9/11 disaster or the shutdown of the Port of Charleston?  It ought to be easy for Hawkins to get Goodman to swallow THAT TALE, since it is all just part of Crowdsource the Truth investigative journalism.



5 thoughts on “The Ouroboros Effect: JASON GOODMAN of Crowdsource the Truth with DAVID HAWKINS of Reverse Engineered CSI Storyboards

  1. It’s interesting to go back to evaluate how CSTT has changed over the last 12 months. As near as I can tell, nothing has really changed, other than the guests that are invited onto the program. I still believe there is no investigative work occurring; instead they are just re-running old stories, trying to dredge up people from the “crowd” who might be knowledgeable about some of the more recent stories in the news. If you want a good example of how it’s done, read my commentary on Jacquelyn’s June 6, 2018 article involving Okey Marshall Richards Jr. Richards is a known FBI snitch who Jason continued to feature on his program after the Port of Charleston incident. Now, a good question for the CSTT crowd to ask would be: Why would Jason continue to use a known FBI snitch on his program? Could it be that is the real thrust of the program?

    I believe that is the case, but unfortunately for Jason, his repertoire of accommodating guests is getting rather bleak. People may be willing to go on the program, but not to scam the Crowd. They go on thinking Jason’s program is legitimate, believing he is seeking genuine information, but the more astute and honest ones realize there is something inauthentic about the program. So what is he left with? Well, people like David Hawkins and Charles Ortel, quite an eclectic pair, wouldn’t you say?

    Ortel does have real credentials, but his 100+ programs on CSTT have essentially produced nothing of importance. Oh, it may be of some entertainment value because people like to hear how the evil Clintons have gotten away with a lifetime of crime, but beyond that, has anything been passed on to any official investigative authority? I don’t really know, but I kind of doubt it because then the programs would have to come to a halt.

    Now Hawkins is another matter altogether. It’s too bad the open source GHIDRA tool cannot be used to reverse engineer Mr. Hawkins’ pattern of thinking because it might be helpful to see how his mind functions, or more precisely, how it dysfunctions. There clearly are some broken connections along the way, that is quite evident if you’ve ever tried to follow his conversation. But his role on CSTT is not to make sense, no it’s to do the exact opposite because that will result in Dave Sweigert wasting his time trying to respond to Hawkins’ lunacy.

    Well, there’s little reason to continue on this path. I’m convinced that CSTT is a psyop, it’s designed to ferret out people who might know something about various topics that is not yet public information. Who’s behind it? I really don’t know, all I know is that it is sophisticated enough to make me believe it’s beyond Jason Goodman’s skills. He’s just not that capable, nor that naturally inquisitive (like a genuine investigative reporter would be) to do this on his own. It’s an operation of some sort, but it’s quickly running out of gas. I expect it will be running out of material soon, at least for anyone still thinking in the crowd, of which I would say few remain. I’m not trying to insult anyone who watches, I just want them to find out who is really behind the show because it’s not the host of the program.

    Lastly, I like to compare CSTT to a vermin infestation. You know what it is and what it’s doing and so you want to take corrective action to rid yourself of it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there’s no way to do that quickly; the only real means of dealing with it is the federal court system. But its day is coming and when it does, it will be eradicated, just like any other unwanted pest.

    • Okey Marshall Richards ceased to appear on CSTT long before he was exposed as an FBI informant so you are either grossly mistaken or deliberately lying. Furthermore, I interviewed Ray Looker as soon as he became known to me in order to reveal more evidence with regard to Richards and what he has done. There is strong evidence to suggest George Webb and other members of the alleged conspiracy (which included Richards) deliberately introduced Richards to CSTT with the express intent of revealing his true identity later in a ploy to damage my credibility. Your evaluation of me and the program I produce is incorrect. You may merely be ignorant of facts or you may be one of many who have attempted to dissuade people from watching because the crowdsource investigative journalism model is extremely powerful irrespective of who is leading it or if people like or dislike of me. Your conclusions are based on assumptions not fact, and you are categorically incorrect in what you say here. If you believe the biased propaganda presented on this blog, you might ask yourself why Weaver has refrained from editorializing her latest post regarding docket entry 78. She has merely presented the court documents without her usual grossly slanted commentary, which is coincidentally continually lauding the very individuals behind the alleged conspiracy to create a harassment for pay operation. I would suggest, that may be due to the fact that the evidence I’ve presented stands on its own and Weaver has realized that any further comments she makes, may in fact, not be helpful to her in defending her actions should the court find my conclusions in this matter to be correct. Feel free to contact me directly if you’d like to discuss your fallacious conclusions. Otherwise, stop filling this echo chamber with lies.

      • Don Iverson’s Comments are Spot ON! Steve Outtrim’s Comments are also very correct. Jason Goodman is the hottest thing on the Internet right now. I patiently watch and eat popcorn as this Ridiculous RAT FINK of an individual goes around making more enemies out of the people he shares livestreams with.

        EVIDENCE Jason? Tell me… WHERE IS YOUR WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION TO USE MY DISCUSSION WITH YOU ON YOUR FOR PROFIT YOUTUBE CHANNEL? Because you did NOT have permission to use MY CONVERSATION the way that you did means YOU are breaking the LAW… and this is one example.

        YOU are also responsible for The Bomb Treat that shut down a Port! YOU ARE!

        Jason Goodman is also responsible for Joining Suzy-Q in a Defamation campaign against RDS (probably because he yelled at Jason for the bomb hoax) and G-Man’s MANY videos of Defamation are the reason for the Federally filed Suit.

        Jason is now SPAMMING said lawsuit with every conceivable paranoid fantasy he can think of to use to distract from the fact that HE is a VERY GUILTY MAN with so many enemies now that he can’t possibly trust anyone to help him out of this mess.

        Because J G-Man continues to attack me and Others THE EXACT SAME WAY he claims to be attacked, I will be looking to council to assist me with written testimony to add to the Lawsuits against him and I will be STRIKING his pathetic YouTube Channel (the cover story for actual malicious activities) with legal action.

        On a Side note… ALLLLLL of the idiotic Hit pieces the G-man did against the SteemIt platform have actually done me a lot of good and if there was anything I could ask of him it would be to continue making Hit Pieces about SteemIt for me. Please!

        ~Frank Bacon
        -The Cryptographic Novel- On Steem.

      • I find it more than interesting that the description attached to your own video Hudson Revealed provides the following information:

        “With over 40 years of military, intelligence and clandestine experience, confidential Crowdsource operative codename: HUDSON steps forward after months in the shadows.

        While operating in the background, Mr. Hudson has provided guidance and information assisting George and Jason daily for the past several months.

        Pressure mounts as the real possibility of a coup d’etat in America grows each day.

        Hudson has chosen to accelerate the transfer of information to the Crowdsource community and encourage others in the IC, law enforcement and military to step up and do the right thing.”

        You claim in your response to my commentary that you did not know “Mr. Hudson” was a FBI informant at the time this video was created, yet the description you placed on it just drips with the descriptive wording of a paid informant. It readily appears to me that you already knew “Mr. Hudson’s” role when you wrote that video introduction, but even more importantly, the manner in which you and he played off each other in the video leaves no doubt as to your intent, just as I have already described in my commentary on Jacquelyn Weaver’s June 6, 2018 article.

        As Jacquelyn writes so well and convincingly in her blog, it is quite telling when a person’s own words expose his deceit, and Mr. Goodman, your descriptive language reveals what you knew about “Mr. Hudson” long before you attempted to perform damage control with Ray Looker. After all, in your own words, how could you and George not know who he was and what he was about when he provided guidance and information to the two of you daily for several months?

        I’m sorry, but your feeble response is not at all convincing. In fact, it is contradicted by your own video description and performance, which to my way of thinking is very strong evidence against your denial as written above. Oh, I will admit it may have fooled the less discerning members in your crowd of followers (supporting your own self-delusions), but not to those who are fully awake.

  2. Anyone who questions gets blocked. This is a cult not a crowdsourced investigation. You have shows about homemade microwave weapons, internets made out of particle accelerators, underground cities beneath Burning Man and child torture done with digital certificates. This is all just nonsense. There is no crowd sourcing going on at your channel except for donations from the gullible sucker audience you stole from George Webb. Take responsibility for the consequences of your poor research, poor guest vetting, poor choice of co-hosts, poor instructions to your crowd, poor choice of title, that led to the 8th busiest port in the US being shut down for an Internet LARP. You are not a journalist Jason, but you portray yourself as one to your audience. This happened on YOUR channel, nobody else has ever done anything like this EVER. Actions have consequences, own up to yours.

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