The WALLET Bible of “Son of Man Prophet” Anthony Troy Williams: Thou Shalt Not Steal UNLESS you are a Card Carrying Private Attorney General with Diplomatic Immunity

Anthony Troy Williams, a sovereign American National, and no longer a U. S. citizen

About a month ago, Rudy Davis’ prison ministry at (aka I Hate the and the LoneStar1776 YouTube channel, added Anthony Troy Williams to his roster of American Political Prisoners. Anthony Williams is a 48 year old man, divorced twice with four children, who says he sold insurance, and served in the United States Army for 4 years with an honorable discharge as an E3 Private, First Class.

In a 2015 Competency Evaluation, Williams stated that as an adult he had been arrested for Driving with a Suspended License, Aggravated Rape, Child Molestation and Fraudulent Check.  In a separate indictment regarding a mortgage rescue scheme involving 200 properties/victims, we find other felony convictions noted in an Order Denying Motion For Disqualification of Judge Leslie Kobayashi.   Given that Rudy Davis is promoting Anthony Troy Williams as an American Political Prisoner, I decided to view the March 1, 2019, Rudy Davis video titled, State’s INSANELY SATANIC Motion in Limine for Political Prisoner, Anthony Troy Williams.  Davis begins by saying, “This is a letter which arrived in our P. O. Box today.  It’s from Anthony Troy Williams, who is a political prisoner.  He’s being targeted because he was standing up to the FBI and the bankers, specifically Bank of America, and other banks which were participating in mortgage fraud…”.

Whoa, Rudy! It was not the banks that were participating in mortgage fraud. Anthony Williams is incarcerated at the Federal Detention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii  because HE WAS INDICTED ON 30 COUNTS OF WIRE AND MAIL FRAUD INVOLVING MORTGAGE FRAUD.

The Grand Jury Indictment filed February 15, 2017 in the United States District Court (District of Hawaii) as United States of America vs. Anthony T. Williams and Anabel Cabebe provides some interesting facts about this case.  [anthony williams indictment Hawaii].    It seems that Williams had registered his Mortgage Enterprise Investments (MEI) business in 2013 in Hawaii; however, his other business The Common Law Office of America (CLOA) was not registered in the State of Hawaii.  This latter business offered services that included mortgage reduction, foreclosure assistance, UCC filings, document writing, and Power of Attorney.

What saith the Wallet Bible about thieving con artists?  Make sure you carry the right ID!

The Indictment, page 2, states, “Defendant, Anthony T. Williams, would identify himself as a Private Attorney General.  He carried an identification card identifying himself as a Private Attorney General, from the United States Office of the Private Attorney General, citing  42 USC 1988The identification also claimed that the holder had diplomatic immunity and stated, ‘Do Not Detain-Do Not Arrest’.”

Paragraph 5 adds that Williams was identified as an attorney in fact on informational materials for CLOA, although “Anthony T. Williams was not a licensed attorney in the State of Hawaii, who was permitted to practice law and provide legal advice to clients”.  The Indictment, paragraph 9 notes, “MEI and CLOA did business in Hawaii, Texas, Florida, and other states, at the direction and under the control of Anthony T. Williams”.

The Scheme and Artifice to Defraud charges include telling clients that Williams could cut their mortgage balances, their monthly mortgage payments, and their mortgage loan pay-off terms by ONE HALF. Paragraph 12 of the Indictment states, “In truth and fact, MEI and Anthony T. Williams, did not hold the licenses or have the ability, to provide a new mortgage, service a pre-existing mortgage, or provide loan modification services to the homeowners.”  What Williams did was convert the money paid by homeowners to his own use.  None of it was used to pay the mortgage on the homeowner’s property.

The Florida Motion In Limine:  [anthony williams limine state motion 2019]

Rudy Davis gives one of his usual rants against the FBI and the Department of Justice in his March 1, 2019 video; however, as we shall see, the prosecution’s use of a motion in limine in the Florida case against Anthony Williams was entirely reasonable.  Davis did not inform his viewers of the back story of State of Florida vs. Anthony Williams.  And I observed that Davis read the Motion in Limine almost in its entirety, leaving out one important detail when he arrives at the last paragraph.  He read, “I hereby certify that a true copy hereof has been furnished Electronically this 22nd day of February blah blah blah.”

Did the court document say BLAH, BLAH, BLAH? The dictionary defines “Blah” as something that is without meaningful content. The Court Document stated “2016”, not “blah, blah, blah”. Why did Rudy Davis not reveal the year of this Motion in Limine? I have to presume it was because Rudy Davis did not want his viewing audience to question why he was so wound up about a three year old court document from 2016.

3/1/2019 Lonestar 1776 video

2016 was a busy year for Anthony Williams, as I find that on May 17, 2016, he was Re-arrested in Florida for practicing law without a license due to a 5012 warrant violation of community control.  And then 3 weeks later on June 7, 2016, a U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Fort Lauderdale case was filed as Williams vs. Williams.  Anthony Williams decided to sue HIMSELF as seen in this docket report. However, this case was dismissed for lack of prosecution as his mail was undeliverable. For some reason he failed to leave a correct forwarding address.  Was he fleeing from himself, so that he could not serve himself notice of his lawsuit?

Rudy Davis and Anthony Williams are like two prisoners in a pod in their view of lawful authority.  I note that the website displays an email dated February 24, 2019 from Anthony Troy Williams that represents a “Notice to the Court” for his case in  Hawaii. The Notice to the Court has the rather unconventional case title, United States of America (Lucifer’s Enemy Kingdom)-LEK vs Anthony Williams (Son of Man Prophet).

In this notice, Williams writes a one page paragraph citing Psalms 94:12-23, addressed to “the satanic agents of the government” and an “unjust demonic ruling”.  Williams refers to himself as a Private Attorney General, Counsel to the Poor (Psalms 14.6), and Common Law Counsel (28 USC 1654, First Judiciary Act of 1789, section 35).  Williams declares that “Yahweh has been my defense (that’s why I don’t need a satanic attorney bar member), and my Elohim the rock of my refuge…”.

Trouble in TWO Paradises: Sitting in a jail cell, when one could be walking along the beautiful beaches of Florida and Hawaii

As we noted, the State’s Motion in Limine read by Rudy Davis is dated February 22, 2016 regarding the State of Florida vs. Anthony Williams, in the Circuit Court of the Court of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit in and for Broward County, Florida. Or, “Blah, blah, blah”, as Rudy would say.  [anthony williams limine state motion 2019]

There are 6 items listed which the State Attorney requests of the Court,  that the “Defendant refrain from making any direct or indirect mention whatsoever at trial before the jury…without first obtaining permission from the Court outside the presence of the jury, on the grounds that said matters are incompetent, irrelevant, or immaterial to the issues involved herein, and will serve only to unfairly prejudice the jurors against the State.”

The items listed are those irrelevant issues used by sovereign citizen pro se defendants to waste the court’s time with their nonsensical “legal” arguments.  In addition, quoting from the Bible and using lofty sounding religious titles to divert from the relevant issues at hand is also listed.  These irrelevancies arose because of the past court room conduct of Anthony Williams who has filed numerous frivolous motions in the past.  I have read numerous of these documents which can be found at the forum, and the courts have given him due consideration of his Constitutional rights.

Rudy Davis is familiar with what a Motion in Limine is, as I had discussed this topic in a previous article written on July 19, 2018 called Lonestar 1776:  The Meet and Greet Club for THE OXYMORONS.  See excerpts from this article below where Rudy Davis is named in a U. S. District Court of Nevada document.

If Diplomatic Immunity does not work, declare yourself a Jailhouse Lawyer

Just one day prior to the February 15, 2017 Indictment filed in the United States District Court, District of Hawaii, in United States vs. Anthony T. Williams and Anabel Cabebe, Anthony Williams filed a document he wrote on February 10, 2017, in the Circuit Court of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit in Broward County, Florida.  He titled this document, Demand for Recognition as Sovereign, Freeworld and Jailhouse Lawyer.

Williams begins, “Defendant, through his undersigned Common Law Counsel, who is a servant of the Most High Yahweh Elohim and Yashua the Messiah Demand for Recognition as Sovereign, Freeworld and Jailhouse Lawyer…”.  He then describes Sovereign in 4 points, and his two points on the Freeworld Lawyer begin, “The 6th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution which guarantees the right of the accused to the ‘assistance of counsel’ was written in 1791 and the term counsel did not mean an attorney at law or member of the Bar Association which wasn’t created until 1879 in Indiana by the Rothschild banking family.  Therefore counsel meant anyone who gave lawful advice…”.

The problem here is that when Williams had been practicing law without a license, he was giving UNLAWFUL advice.  But he denies those facts, and in point 2 under Freeworld Lawyer, he states, “It has been the business of the undersigned common law counsel for the past 15 years to give lawful and legal advice and therefore because of the above facts the undersigned common law counsel demands to be recognized on the record by this court as a freeworld lawyer without licensing or being a member of any bar association to compel one to be associated violates international law Article 20 (2).”

And then Williams provides 6 points to argue that he should be recognized as a jailhouse lawyer, stating that “The undersigned Common Law Counsel have given lawful advice to numerous inmates which has resulted in many of his jail clients winning at trial or getting the case dismissed”.  No examples are given, and so Anthony Williams’s final paragraph is IV.  Notice to the Court Upon Denial of this Demand. In this final demand, he claims that if the court does not provide reasons of all decisions overturning the authorities he has cited, then “failure to do so is silent acquiescence that the foregoing is true and correct and this court has recognized the undersigned common law counsel as a sovereign, freeworld and jailhouse lawyer…”.

Let’s move on to this next court filing by Anthony Williams.

Opposition to Motion for Judicial Determination of the Mental Competency of the Accused

In Document 270-2 (Exhibt A) filed in the Hawaii federal court case 1:17-cr-00101-LEK on June 8, 2018, Anthony Williams filed an Opposition to Motion for Judicial Determination of the Mental Competency of the Accused.  He began, “Comes now, defendant, by and through the undersigned Common Law Counsel, Private Attorney Williams, who is a servant of the Most High Yahweh Elohim and Yashua the Mahshyah”.  Then Williams objects to the prosecution’s request for a mental competency examination in his Hawaii case, as he had already undergone such an evaluation in 2015 during his Florida trial, and had been found competent to proceed.

Included in Exhibit A is a 4 page handwritten Declaration of Anthony Williams, as a “Private Attorney General”, claiming that the purpose of a new competency evaluation is to delay trial, because the prosecutor “feels insufficient, inadequate and intellectually incapable of opposing the declarant in a court battle and is terrified what his colleagues will say when he loses miserably to the declarant at trial.”

Williams “maintains that the court lacks jurisdiction because there was no crime of mail or wire fraud committed…Your declarant is in fact a sovereign American National and not a U. S. citizen as of 2011 when a Declaration of Expatriation was notarized and filed and published in the newspaper for 4 weeks”. Also, Williams has invited CNN, Dateline NBC and 60 minutes to record and publicize his future trial.

Anthony Williams also references his Motion for Exposition of Spiritual Warfare which he filed on April , 2018.  He “defends and reiterates that there is a Divine Nine Alphanumerical (DNA) code that has been revealed to the undersigned which expose Lucifer, his demons and all unrighteousness and reveal who Yahweh Elohim and Yahshva is, the son of man and those who are righteous.  The DNA code is unerring, beyond manipulation and cannot be refuted and the DNA code did reveal that the United States of America has the same numerical value as ‘Lucifer’s Host Kingdom’ and ‘Lucifer’s Enemy Kingdom’ and declarants name Anthony Williams has the same numerical value as ‘Son of Man Prophet’.  All these were mathematically proven in that Motion for Exposition of Spiritual Warfare.”

“Your declarant did in fact expose that Timothy Rodriguez and Ronald Johnson’s names according to the DNA code had the same numerical value as ‘That’s Satans Lawyer’ for Timothy Rodrigues and ‘Satans A Lawyer’ , ‘Profane Lawyer’, ‘Racist’s Swine’, ‘Racists Demon’ and ‘True Enemy’ for Ronald Johnson.  Those numerical values weren’t manipulated and are a true and correct correlation to their names numerically.The numerical value for the USA according to the DNA code is in fact 666 as proven by the Chart supplied with the Motion for the Exposition of Spiritual Warfare. The DNA code in fact reveals that the declarants name Anthony Williams has the same numerical value as ‘son of man prophet’ and ‘I’m Yahshua Messyah’ and yes the whole world will get to witness me with my father Yahweh when we are revealed from heaven.”  [anthony williams mental state]

There’s more…there is always more when it comes to Anthony Troy Williams.  And most of it is irrelevant to the charges filed against him.  That is why a Motion for Limine was filed in Broward County, Florida. And because of the voluminous irrelevant paperwork submitted by Anthony Troy Williams to the court in Hawaii, it is taking a long time to move his case to the trial stage.  Now that Anthony Williams is one of Rudy Davis’ American Political Prisoner Boys, will we see Rudy Davis named in a future  Motion In Limine in the Hawaii case?


12 thoughts on “The WALLET Bible of “Son of Man Prophet” Anthony Troy Williams: Thou Shalt Not Steal UNLESS you are a Card Carrying Private Attorney General with Diplomatic Immunity

  1. Another fine article Ms. Weaver, I am always impressed with your research into topics. Something to mention about competency evaluations is that SovCits like Williams, and the Canadian Crazy Cat Lady Sue Holland, is that they refuse to cooperate with the eval, and hence that default diagnosis will be to competent. Also something you may not know, since his original indictment, the fed added another co-defendant, his mother Barbara Williams, who he roped into his scam as well. Although Williams will spend the better part of his remaining life in prison, whatever she get will essentially result in a life sentence, and where I in his position, I would fall on my sword to protect my mother from that fate and agree to anything the AUSA asked of me.

  2. It is my fault that his mother became involved with the federal side. I shared information given to me by Anthony. If I knew the result was an arrest maybe I wouldn’t have. It’s hard to say because I was angry about reading about people who lost money and homes. The charges of rape and aggravated assault were never committed by Anthony nor his son. Yes Anthony has an issue but it’s with people that take advantage of others. I’ve spoken and got to know him on a personal level. As for his competence he is all there. It doesnt make a person crazy because the laws are written and interpreted by someone. I personally think it is an excellent point who decided to start making a license for law, what did people do for court before that point? As for his Spiritual service it is real and he freely follows the will of YAH. You wrote a lot in this article but I’m curious why are you so concerned with his life?

    • Yahsayah, thank you for your comment. I wrote on Anthony Williams primarily because of his relationship with Rudy Davis of Lonestar1776. Awhile back I had written an article concerning a sovereign citizen styled felon that Davis promotes as innocent. Rudy disagreed with my article and he challenged me to look at his other “political prisoners” that were not sovcits, and so as time allowed I wrote on the SilkRoad dark web federal prisoner who has a life sentence. And then Anthony Williams came up on the Lonestar 1776 broadcast, and I thought it was an interesting story. Rudy Davis claims the prisoners he assists are innocent, so this challenges one to look at the court records and see what the backstory is. While there are persons imprisoned falsely, and incarcerated for years before they are proven innocent, most felons in
      America are guilty as charged. It does them no service to pretend that such persons are innocent, when a genuine confession of guilt on their part would benefit them spiritually in their relationship with God and men. I used to correspond with political prisoners in Cuba and Vietnam, and I know a little about real political prisoners. Thus I have an “issue” with Rudy Davis’ prison ministry. Again, thanks for your personal observations.

      • I would like to add that I was one of those innocent people that were incarcerated in Hawaii. It does happen and the states witness was the one that was breaking the law. She was a convicted felon for theft and drugs. She is caught prostituting to an undercover police officer. I was at home 30 miles away with my fiance. Her boyfriend was on the balcony. Both were interviewed and then let go for a testimony against me. I was arrested a month later with tickets and bags packed for Las Vegas to get married. I sat in that jail 9 months with multiple constitutional rights being violated so it does happen.

        • Small problem there chuckles, Williams has been scamming people with his mortgage scam in 8 different states for 15 years, until it caught up with him in Florida, and now with the Feds in Hawaii. It is he that takes advantage of others, scamming them when they’re at their most desperate times, you should be ashamed of supporting such. As for the time before a BAR, those that were retained as lawyers still had gone to law school, and really knew the law, unlike Williams, who knows jack about it. If your mother is Cabebe, you encourage her to cut a deal and testify against Williams, if your mother is Williams, tell you brother to fall on his sword and save her.

        • I made my reply, will get a Parsons comment when I can

          On Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 9:49 PM Tracking The Leopard Meroz wrote:

          > yahsayah commented: “I would like to add that I was one of those innocent > people that were incarcerated in Hawaii. It does happen and the states > witness was the one that was breaking the law. She was a convicted felon > for theft and drugs. She is caught prostituting to an u” >

  3. That does make a lot of sense. To add to Anthony’s backstory about the mortgage representations is a really interesting one because for the majority of time he was in Hawaii he was incarcerated waiting extradition to Georgia for the rape and aggravated assault charges. A lot of the things that happened to his business or funds collected happened without his knowledge and totally out of his control. The feds attacked him because it was registered to him and people initially met him but were unaware of his arrest. What took place in Florida isn’t so much he is innocent, he was trying to represent people there. If you poke at people in the justice system and call them incompetent and tell them how superior you are to them they will get upset. I asked him to walk away but he enjoys pushing and it resulted in them convicting and giving an insane sentence. While incarcerated for that conviction these other charges came about that involved mortgage fraud and theft. The amazing thing is I’m sure he was again punished for things that took place while he was again incarcerated. Anthony has a good heart. If you asked him to talk about YAH the LORD that is his interest. I know because things he shared did help me in my Spiritual walk to the point that I saw YAH with my own eyes. We all have our faults and I personally believe Anthony’s is his high IQ and arrogance. I wish he would tone it down and focus on those that are lost but we all have to work on ourselves. Thank you for taking the time to respond

    • No when you hold yourself out to be a lawyer and are not one you get punished, simple, he encouraged these minions to do his bidding when he was is jail. In Florida he was convicted for actions he did when out or jail, simple as that. He knows jack about the law, and that’s why he get’s slammed, he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room when in truth he’s the dumbest, and that’s why he’ll be spend the better time of his life in prison.

    • I cannot believe the length of Anthony Williams’ record; it just goes on and on and on! Thanks for putting out the hard facts on Williams and others. I first came to read your research, because of Virgo Triad’s channel. These sovereign citizen styled scams are difficult to understand because of the convoluted pseudo legal “reasoning” involved. It takes a brave soul to delve into these groups.

      I seem to recall that I first heard of Deborah Tavares on the Hagmann Report and Dave Hodges’ channel. It is difficult for the ordinary person to comprehend how far off base these persons are. So thanks for your steadfast and patient work on documenting and explaining these scams.

  4. You are very welcome. We are kindred spirits. Please contact me any time at

    Below is my collection at present. Enjoy!

    For the hoaxes of ROD CLASS, Google “Rod Class And His Many Hoaxes”, or click here.

    For the hoaxes of ANTHONY WILLIAMS, Google “The Anthony Williams Hoax”, or click here.

    For the hoaxes of CARL MILLER, Google “Carl Miller / Richard Champion”, or click here.

    For the hoaxes of EDDIE CRAIG, Google “Eddie Craig And The Former Deputy Sheriff Hoax”, or click here.

    For the hoaxes of DEBRA JONES, Google “The Debra Jones Hoax”, or click here.;

    For the hoaxes of DEBORAH TAVARES, Google “The Hoaxes OF Deborah Tavares”, or click here.

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