Merry Christmas to Jason Goodman! Plaintiff D. George Sweigert Files his Reply to Order to Show Cause

For awhile I thought the Grinch was the cause of a glitch which occurred at the United States District Court Southern District of New York, when I went to take a peek at Document 72 entered December 18, 2018 for Plaintiff’s Reply to Order to Show Cause.  What a surprise when the document displayed was a court filing by an incarcerated Murder for Hire felon! How did that happen?

The Grinch trying to steal Jason Goodman’s Christmas gift!

Well, the Court Clerk interceded to exchange gifts, and now Jason Goodman can unwrap the Plaintiff’s legal arguments in reply to the Judge’s Order To Show Cause.

If you want to see Document 72 unwrapped, go to this link:  sweigert show cause response dec 2018


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to Jason Goodman! Plaintiff D. George Sweigert Files his Reply to Order to Show Cause

  1. What’s your take on the RICO suit over the “bomb hoax” from a journalistic integrity and First Amendment perspective? I was just looking more into this and found clarify in a blog that called what Goodman and company were doing as a “LARP”. They took the same methodology used by DARPA and Stratfor to identify “super-forecasters” among civilian populations. It becomes problematic when you have the power to convince amateur forecasters that there’s a grand conspiracy. If anything, Goodman’s methodology would be a good example of prideful anti-intellectualism in Western nations masquerading as elegant super sleuthing.

  2. Tomb, I probably will comment in mid-January on the LARP angle in an article. My family from Scotland will be returning about then, and I will have time to give my opinion at that time. In the meantime, perhaps we will find out if the RICO lawsuit will be proceeding through the court system, and I am hoping there will be some action on the RDS defamation lawsuit as well. All of this is inter-related.

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