D. George Sweigert v. Jason Goodman: Documents 66 & 67

The same day that Judge Valerie E. Caproni entered an Order to Show Cause in this lawsuit, the following documents were filed on the November 16, 2018 docket.

Document 66: (22 pages) Plaintiff’s Sixteenth Request for Judicial Notice

It would appear that this is in fact the Plaintiff’s 17th RJN, as RJN 16 has already been entered as Document 53 on October 29, 2018. Eight Public Artifacts are introduced which involve various persons, including Dr. Corsi, Kevin Shipp, John B. Wells’ Operation Classified conference and fundraiser for Gen. Flynn, Scott Allen Bennett, and the Mueller Investigation.

sweigert doc 66 11 16 2018


Document 67: (6 pages) Letter from D. George Sweigert to Jason Goodman dated 11/11/2018

sweigert doc 67



1 thought on “D. George Sweigert v. Jason Goodman: Documents 66 & 67

  1. your blogs constantly remind me of how deep the rot in alt media is. although it’s not of direct interest to you, the intelligence & analysis outlet South Front has many of the hallmarks of a crowdfunded but state supported propaganda operation. the crew is simply too skilled to make the mistakes of bias that they do unless required to toe certain lines to gain or maintain employment.

    Goodman strikes me as someone trained to be manipulative in interviews, although he could have easily taught himself to do this. His effeminate tone of voice on Crowd Source videos is very disconcerting to me. It’s something I associate with manipulation training or transexualism,

    On another note of purely speculative value, I was recently listening to a podcast about a recently published fiction book by a retired CIA employee. The author and host were commenting how how bizarre the CIA censorship process is. The process often censors completely benign claims but lets through things most observers would assume are operationally sensitive. In this case, the surprise was that the CIA allowed publication of a statement that the CIA widely sends agents to Hollywood for professional training in acting. However, the same show also mentioned how happy the CIA was when Tom Clancy toured a CIA operations facility and agreed to add to one of his (fiction) novels that satellites of the 1980s-90s era were capable of reading license plates. In the case of Clancy, this was disinformation for anti-Soviet lulz.

    Regarding Shipp, you might like to know that he’s currently running a Patreon with soon to be released courses in counter-intelligence techniques at the $400/mo tier. Honestly, if I was in the CI field i’d probably consider this a good value as nobody refutes Shipp’s SME in this domain.

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