Sweigert vs. Goodman: Documents 62-64

Documents filed recently in the D. George Sweigert v. Jason Goodman RICO lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Foley Square):

Document 62: filed November 8, 2018  (40 pages) Plaintiff’s Amended Reply to Defendant’s “Counter-claim”

sweigert doc 62 amended reply to counterclaim


Document 63: filed November 9, 2018 (33 pages)  Plaintiff’s Reply In Opposition to “Motion for Ruling To Show Cause For Defendant’s Conduct of Providing False Address and Persistent Efforts to Avoid Service”

sweigert doc 63 reply-brief-to-goodmans-mail-fraud-complaint


Document 64: filed November 14, 2018 (4 pages)  Motion for Enlargement of Time to Respond to Plaintiff/ Counter Defendant’s Motion for Gag Order

sweigert doc 64



4 thoughts on “Sweigert vs. Goodman: Documents 62-64

  1. More ‘false narratives’ from Dave Acton? You are promoting Dave Acton’s latest links to his lawsuit? Guess… Davy didn’t tell you that QT’s work is documented in his lawsuit….a lot of it. The FBI informant was not located by DA. So…if you accuse QT of ‘false narratives’…then Dave Acton’s RICO lawsuit must be a ‘false narrative.’ I pointed that out the other day….but no moral outrage from you. Hey…just ask DA for the truth…he’s a good Christian…I heard Hudson was a good Christian too.

  2. In China…there’s a lot of speculation that the Meroz lady is Deep NSA. That might explain the strange connection between Dave Acton and this blog. Deep NSA…Deep NSA…Deep NSA. This is a great mantra for enlightenment….the hidden knowledge cloaked in a Mama Cass form.

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